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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 22, 1904, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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VT,:*"vvi11 i ? "
;Aq Sentinel-Jour*19
Thompson k "
I 'V f.
p\ I Every
J ' public wo]
- . article in 1
We Co
t-ioris of tli
, . lings of th
the mar 4 POSltlVel^
i? r
I^An official of the ^
forts that malaria baa almo* aooi
cured from tluv territory n< Jt is a Hif>ht o uir
wit. famous waterway. and nt 8U
'J pIlCPH. At Ul.8 SO.IHO
HL< result to tho efiergstdon't usually havo an
' havo been mark/in t1- *V'Tii'1-lH "u'(^ ollt <
E ^?r '^T'TTi lx' ieduced, nnd wo
EWyW V>6ught to proV' ou!o,'t? ro<Juce it <|iii
inoj to tlie mosquito lip ~ ?
' - 1 r
country, unci u??.i. .
)the Panama canal zone
healthy by clearing it rpi ^
innoctft., ? J JlG X3
Hjdi xnrk and Sweden are^Ol\ J 1
strengthening their _
I / In ovident anticipation y(
H ILnn uggreseion. Thoy have noted Mrs.
Finland. and ]> >n=?il?ly four lospin,
back tof the wovo of bou )i
Vj-Hion : the Far r'ast Mr.
' is sin >/ ar I ne.Yv j
! were
' I tK'fi
I improve-1
.. . I not
!iiit in onand
*o oxU-rtui- .
. . wool
ami van
, not
noil upon
ja ^
the nioFiHoctH
have ^
r.. *
iU1 Ubert ;;
lico^oMERY I
^ ft 0 p'l,?r,o? N. Hirlo
nmo.^ .,
. y"H' i n i > ???'
0 v.' An.1
over to Ireland.
-/O cross by ton
Vlin t must I do wSien I
"* f'y'onse," hiiId kind
court Mon. "but im host
o olil y* Hhortly ami let
u r or n '?M 1,1,1 s to
?> "niiriM! n i:ch mai.^,, n(1 M
kuiiH"x - ljiw
f.'HHioruil (serviced inoio jn
mill) in charged for HiinihiV t
Thf "4 held lltftl "tlic yAiir.
Wj the 8er?VFUSft)P88 o
' / the skill nnd time vifepiv
/ o i cruH rendu d" nm]M5Ll
lorcd id arriving iitwjji
I the charge to l>o
L' Jlo size of tlx- pationt'HvV*
W Li (?uld not be coiiHidored. 'f[S
r "V'f.jrt wnfl of tin- ( pinion t'*
?'/ hot. ?ld ho chnrgcd ul;'
'op Ah u legal |
lf!MV*fho all ri^lit to say * I:al
W? should liO equal in iTTo <;
doctor, yet the fact remains '
the custom of the medical f?
lg? land of the lepjal fraternity t
/ require n rich man to pay
. to hiH moans rather than ac
\hin eiiHc and the results soi^\\
J Was it, an n(Teeti(>riuliY\^Vv^V
/lie bride or simply ciirO^^\YvV\
the ViUole population t^
Wi in the icinity of Way I
b ii i> i ahmkj> to iiim. i
Ak the 1 nns/lvanm
Philadelphia, to ""l
ncsn ftu<* ftond th,x,t\iey'm-ia\v, tln>l
K\ "Wholan, Qtahilatiei ' I
iw "f v-.
i ? two x to ,,1h ad-B
WTaeed?V- Jnrch
j^U one ^ ml O j nn, ROrrvB
>,A crowd | nmlly. mVI
< * int" ' ,t,m? I
^o pres. z.t
? wanl
H^r. It
Commences a
$25,000 su
article in the store
aderful op | >ort u niti
she store with the e
in't Put the Store in
is sale is quite usel<
e money saving op
' no Goods Sent out on ,
cL Anybody who wants
g Silk Skirt will have an
L . ? a buy it at about tho b \i
fl I nnn rush mere.
This Bn'le^/cei
- r.? Yard wide Black Ti
3i^ -P3 lar prico $1.25. Hi) cents
|j 27 inch wide in bent
H"" m " ' an(i 09 cents values, tii
H 27 incli Coided Wi
m o u> kind, thi* bale 25
A. F. O. Oinghams in
this Bale e<Jr cents.
. ?? n ol< T^ur-cu Cord jd Madras and
,\ . IUthoo hams, full width this t
Staple Dry Ooods ai
trvel nti all these Prices. You all know
ch wondtrful low and A merican Prints (
u i>f the year you today fiJ cents per j
i opportunity like Five cases to Ik- sold a
)f the ordinary run One lot of Calicoes,
nt the Ktock must terns. 27 inches wide,
have cut deep in hum we have marked
' r. it ,
Ck. | yuru. U trill HI1VI u v
,rst customer in oui
lis morning we gav
3u cannot attend this sale write loi
i-en notjQ D Q | I
piedmont, u Q J*
's Mother, Mr
y, Mr. VA:toi\
\ e some ol thtj
! c 11;11, lor yoi.
issued ami l>nci
on Wednesday
irot hero until Moi ,
i .. uei >' ' s she wrote, .?
they k" i- ( ur dear child, j
k again, or at leas' | v
reached this oWveeks after hln wife's II
, \y to me to prepare a deed,
n Ul< ' i they draw them/ he said, h
r<>J>3 aro?'ruis whole property, a clear 1<
a)o a year, and a beautiful house f
unit irrnilluU tn hfvi iliuif/lihir rnuart'liiif n
only a inodcrato yearly allowance from tJ
his wife's personal property for him- t!
self. 'I cannot trust myself, Warm- n
Ington,' ho kii i?l, 'that's the truth of It. e
If I have money, 1 must splatter It.' h
You mny be sore the deed was as li
stringent as tin lawyers could make It, 11
j and ho slgi.ed It without v.'r.kiag. , 11
"Then, I .suppose from loneliness, the a
! Bohemian broke loose In him again, j o
j In an evil hour?one of the small hours [ h
; In the morning, most likely?lie f? ! 1 In Li
i with Miss Tiixle Mordant, the liveliest
an<l at the name time the cutest young n
lady that graces the boards of the Kin- I t'
pi re. a
"Well, I needn't tell you, when a man II
, of sixty falls In love ho comes a crop- II
i per. The cunning llttlo baggage quick- j c
ly coaxed him Into uu olTer of mar- li
rlnge and then stood out for handsome I c
settlements. She put 1 er eye on the p
property, but he thought he had no p
power to touch It, and I didn't en- tl
lighten him on the subject, you may be e
"He was wild with himself for bin r
'folly' In having assigned It to hid o
daughter. Hut Miss Trlxle consulted c
lawyers on her own account, Sharkey
& Hnippit, Hhar)' fellows as you'll meet a
with In tlie city. (j
"They were not long putting my pre- o
clous brotlier-ln law up to his legal o
rights. As the law now Htands under li
an old statute of Queen Elizabeth, If '1
the property Is granted to Miss Trlxle
In consideration of her marriage with n
the grantor, the deed to poor little g
Florence Is not worth the parchment
It's written on. Sharkey & Snlpplt are ij
now, I have reason tQ know, preparing H
marriage settlements and making over
; the whole property to Miss Trlxle, who r
Is In a seaside village In the west of
Ireland." t
"We have Introduced a quiet little bill li
: In the house of lords which will repeal t
the old act of Queen Kll*al>oth, which t]
allows a man to defeat* lijfv?wn grant,
and will make voluntary conveyances t
absolute agalnstAvhat we call In law d
a 'purchaser wltTftiotlee.' The bill Is <1
halfway through the lords. The lord
chancellor has promised the royal as- 1]
Sent by deputy, of course the day ?
offer the bill passes the third reading t
I ill till* UUIfl IIIUI1H."
"It'H a race, thou, lictwocu your blU
end their <lo?ul Tor a live thousand A
year utako?" I
"Exactly." 11
"Hut I don't see where 1 come In."
"I want y?>u to run over to Mount K&- I
gle, where MIms Trlxle Iiuiikh out, and s
keep a Hintrp eye on her till the bust- c
iiorh Ih through. Sharkey & Snlpplt t
are an Hliarp as HclsMorn and Hliut as li
tight. They are in constant communl- c
location wW.h MIkh Trlxle. If jou go to I
Wrclnnd you u ,y bO able to tap th<? t
Hvlro at that end. MIhh Trlxle Ih as
nnd lively iih they are close."
^Kll go. I'd like to do the llttlo girl A a
i^ytirii If I can.
kfeie Mordant AUt particularly /
|^^rr vriMRnry exile In 111
l L I _i_ _JU"- 'ft. ..
>ck Mult I
3 will be sold at a
es to buy Spring
xcoptviou of spool
i the Paper, The
ass, IT CAN'T BI
portunities of till;
approval or Exchange
blunt lengths, moa
SILK SALE. yard a in piece, tlie
Better Uinghami
a black ialleta cents.
i oppoi tunity to Yard wide Sea I
mo cent aa a coin- ? cents, thn' sale 5
Good lioavy Cotl
feta, regular price letter grade Cot
ntr, 20 cents Nuns
itFeta, our regu- this is an unusual
black, white and ji
r in the salo 10 cents
A 50 cents k-adei
it if ul patterns, 00 in nil the new sin
is sale 31) cents. that have been wi
tiah Silks, the 50 sale ol) cents.
cents. Yard wide Voil
i striped pat ten s, goods are all cotto
tell them from w
Red Seal (iing- patterns are the ve
mle 5 and G cente. sale tho price 19 co
t Less Than Mill 10 pieces or mor
' what Si>i paon's O*fords, beautiful
?re, the mill price at 31) cents.
,ard and freight All25and 3~? cen
,t 5 cents. this sale 15) cents.
3 cents. Nice pat- 25 eents White
to make this salo cents, these goods
them 3 cents per cents, five ditfere
sent Ginghams in during this sale at
; store after the C
e away a handsoi
r samples ot ap,fH- * J
eenville's (
no tfi talk to--(lint was Ifor trouble.
"If I only had somebody to laugh
b'lth ine at these yokels I could stand
t," she muttered disconsolately.
Then her eye wandered from the sen
ii front to the tennis ground on the
i?ft, and at a glance she know that
ate had been kind and her prayer was
nswered. A young man dressed In
be extreme of fashion lounged across
tie ground carelessly swinging a tenIs
racket. Ills blazer bla/.ed hot
rlnison and yellow In the hot snnhlne.
MIsS Trixie's heart warmed to
im at once as a kindred spirit. In
vc minutes she, too, strolled out on
uO ground. She was quite flustered
t first when slie found a young man
n the ground and glanced at him?oh,
u bashfully!?from under her long
ishes when he dared to speak to her.
Hut In two minutes they were in the
ildst of a lively single of tennis; In
wo hours they were "Trlx" and "Jer,"
s if they'd known each other all their
Ives, it was the dtxy after when the
Ivcly young lady was planning a blcyle
expedition that a waiter brought
er :i telegram. A monosyllable esnped
her as she read It. Then she
etttshly tore the pink paper Into
leces and tiling the fragments Into
lie "turf bucket" that stood by the
mpty fireplace.
"Now what have I done?" she cried
epentantly the next moment. "And
1(1 Sharkey specially warned me to be
areful. I'lck up the bits for me, Jer."
,i?t iiiKianiiy milieu muiseir noun
nil shoulder# In the turf bucket. lie
uletly slipped nn old telegram of ids
wn from Ills pocket und, under cover
f the bucket, tore It to pieces before
10 rescued the fragments of Miss
She took the bits he gave herr lit n
nntch and burnt theui in the empty
Half an hour afterward .lor, In his
ledroom, with the door locked, madw
puzzle map of bits of pink paper on
lis dressing table, and this Is what he
cad there: .
"Just discovered child's friends putIn#
bill through parliament to secure
icr In property. Hope to put spoke lu
heir wheel yet. Must hurry up with
leed. Is old man willing? Sharkey." j
As he finished reading he saw with
he confer of his eye through the win
low Miss Trlxle ou her wheel, Hailing
low 11 the lawn In front of the hotel. I
In a moment he was out ntul ofter
ler, making his hike fly. He drew
breast about a quarter of a tulle from
he poHtolilce.
"On for a apln?" lie said. |
"When I've sent a wire."
Hhe slipped off dexterously behind
ler wheel at the postotllce and stepped
ip to the telegraph counter.
Jer stood at the open door dutifully
loldlng the wheels. The telegraph Intruinent
In the otlloe wiih uiie of the
ild fashioned affairs that eonsclenlously
tap out'their messages. Among
ds manifold accomplishments In anther
condition of IIfo Mr. Jerome
Mood-Bmlth had learned to Interpret
hege taps. Thin In what they told him:
'"j'o Sharkey & Hnlpplt, Ix>ndon.
loud deed at once. Old man haw conented
to execute. Mordant."
Ah they went down the Rlope together
in A-lr wheels Jer suddenly remem/u*
"By Jovo," he said, "F. wont to
Mfllihi wire, Joo, If you don't mind.
1'lt be with you In 4
^ K R
he Reduce
and Summer goods
cottov vill be sold
attempt to comple
3 DONE. The bps
s sale by holdi ng u
sd During this Sale. Y
t of them liavo 5
yard 3 cents.
? in stock 4, G and 0
aland, worth at millH
cents per yard. V*)
ton Checks, 4 cents.
ton Checks, fie. ^flrfULfor
Veiling for ]0 cents,
vaiue. in inu?3, greeu, / : ! i ,WI,i.
>ink, while they hist v^liMflPlV
r in Voiln at .19 cents, \1|| IffiljP
ninif>r shades, goods '15 'ir^li
nners for us for this
e sit 19 cen?s, these V^i.|lil':
n, but you can hardly Vy |ji|||M;
ool, the weaves and fcij ijlljji'l
ry latest through this V i lli '
e for 50 cents, White Kij jj|
patterns mercerized, ||j|l |j
t s Oxfords and Piijucs, , l |i ||
! dotted Swiss at 1"? i
are good vt.lucs at '25 *
nt patterns to Ik' sold
15 cents.
ity Clock stsikes n
lie Silk Parasol an<
U. Vv c-.ia. v- s?t'. ?nd wi? 1>(; K
Cheapest an
He wheeled sharp round on the face
of the slope and flew back to the poutofllce.
He scribbled Ave words to
"IJlll blown on. I,ook alive."
Next morning Mlsa Trlxle was up
early ami restless. She wus at the .
telegraph ottice before It opened, with
tho Inevitable Jer, of course, dancing
attendance. This Is the message that
was ticked out as ho stood holding the
wheels at the door: |
"All serene. 1(111 bloeked last night.
Snlpplt starts by tho morning mall for
llatheool with deed engrossed for execution.
"Hooray!" shouted Miss Trlxlo, hut
when she went to the door she caught
a back view of Mr. Itlood-Smlth's
well over the hamlle of his wheel, fly*
Ing up the hill back to the hotel.
"My eye!" she exclaimed lu utuuzoment.
"What's come to Jer? I)ld a
wasp sting my pet. Just aB I w?ie In
humor to tllrt with him too? Fife
thousand a year and a castle, ail to iny
own cheek. 1 must have u downhill
scorch all hy my own little self to
work It otT or I'll bust!"
.11 en11wiiiio moon fsmmi whm h(range ,
ly occupied In his locked bed room t :
There wan a timetable open beside <
him, and n big railway map of Ireland J
was spread out on the quilt of hi* bod,
at which he wuh busy with a pair of j
compasses a??i! a blue pencil.
"A little over a hundred," he muttered.
"There Is time enough to do It. .
Hut It'H deuced risky work and dead
against the law. Well, I've helped the
law so often that It must make allow- ,
ances this once. So here goed,"
He fished out a strong bloycle boR,
ntte<l with Mtriips to ho carried on th*
handle bar and packed lu a very sin*
gular fashion. The t<vo cups which
held the oil for Ills lamp and lubricating
oil for the beurings were his sole
baggage on his projected expedition.
flVft iri'/inuv i uiuu iwifli ? at I # A #??ll
ho wrapped lip carefully In a couple of
large silk handkerchiefs and stuffed
Into the hagQuletly
and quickly the hag woh flttivl
to the hara, and lUood-Sinlth
I (dipped Into the Huddle ?t the hotel
| door and was o(T at a good*. Hteudy
1 twelve miles an hour. All day long on ,
his high geuretl wheel ho pushed on at
the Hainc steady, unchanging pace.
I Evening M'gan to clone In. Ill? cyclometer
marked eighty-four miles ali
ready covered. "In good tl.UK'." he mut'
tered and alackcueu speed a little. At
last! lie could Jusl ^lst|nK?lsh the
I steep tdooe as the roaii rose nhi-untlr
| and lea|xiI off the railway, lie dru|>0<Hl,
off at the foot, llft?*?l wheel over;
tlx; wooden ralllogH and Htood It carefully
In the tdiadow of the bridge wull.
1 lie took tlie bag from the handle ban*
and walked with It doWn to the ralla.
A few start* allowed tremulomdy
through the hnxc. A faint metallic*
gleam came from the rallH thaw
btretched, two threadu of light, away^ 1
Into the darkueHH.
i He took <jne of the Hllk handke^-'
chlefH from the bag and ahook oqt the
foldw. He drew the eork of one of the
oil CHUN with IiIm teeth, soaked the ulllc
| an full ax It could liold, ami then, bendI
Ing down over the near rail, he began
(uncaring the jimooth metal thickly
with tho ol)c be worked ttoadll?
and Hwlftly'.for o<er a hundred yard*
I down tho nt? * i> gradient until one can
I of oil WAf^cxhnufctqd. He crowed the
lino an<l.(wme up moyplrv^md daub_
IHl ' I
v"m\1 ' wr ?*' - ~~~~ '
son uo;
id in the N<
This sale will 1
; at less than VI an
at a big sacrifice.
tely, or even fairh
t/ ' .
t we can hope to t
p an item hero an<
out Must Have the CAi
Your SjK-cial Attention
this 1 t of India Linen, th
Bale uh lonjj as they but, to
YHlllfB hikucii WW pi'lCi'S v
think of the time when
cents the pound.
[fir\ 50 pieces assorted Hint
cents to 535 cents, this Br
'itvvl cents, 10 cent*-, 12$ cents a
' VctlA Toomuny Shoisfo. the 1
MjrMji the whole necrtt of t his Ut
iwjj I,!| We have more shoes thai
ought to have, and we ha'
MVy let them go. So- bo on 1
morning and every day w
ji2v j lasts and take advantage <
Crtshells $0.00 Oxfords :
I ' 4.0)
f ? ii.ro
2 50
Tulane 5,00 "
iDf ; . " 4.oo
?The above liiu'8 ar?> the
I ville and uro nil thin i
I Mer h Patent Culf Oxfort
| not to break, roguli-r price
> K F IC R =
ine every mornin
;1 a pair of Orossot
i i i r. __ i
i:v i u> v""'uii samples.
O. - "Bl
d Fastest G
?? ?
nig mo (itnor ran rrom the other can-hi
the same plentiful fashion. Then In;
took his stand right l>etween tin; rails
ut the head of the gradient under the
"I hope I um safe here," \he muttered,
"right In the track of/the mail
train. We'll soon see'."
Almost a? he spoke therefenine right
before hliii a steady, white star, distant
and low. The star stfl the time
grew bigger and brighter. Then e^me
u curlouu vibration In the# air and the
roar and rattle of the 1101/1 train. Low
at first. It grew and grew like a strong
tide of sound forcing itself against tho
wind. Under n full head of steam
the engine of tlie Llgntning Express,
with a long train.trailing behind In the
darkness, camu thundering up the Incline,
slacking wj>ee?l u little, like a
horse out of hronth, as It cllnihed toward
the top. Then all of a sudden the
wheels struck oil. There was an Instant
change in the roar of the train.
Tho rough Jar and rattle died out of it.
But the acquired momentum atlll
forced the huge weight forward, tlie
wheels wilding like (i horHe'H hoofa on a
slimy pavement and taking no grip on
the greased metal, 'i'lie engine came on
slowly and more slowly, until It was
wlttiln twenty yards of whore Mr.
j{l<MH|-Kmlth stood at the end of the
greased slope, It, wavered, stood still
for one second and then began silently
and Hlowly at first to Hllp back down
the slope, g,lining himmxI as It went.
Far away d>wn at the foot of tho
gradient tfcft, train en me at last to a
dead halt. Then he knew the train win
Safe for the night. Ho he drew his
wheel frost Its shelter with an ?asy
mind and with the wind at bU hack
^-ent Hailing away swiftly uud smoothly
along the road he came.
Next day at half past Jl o'clock, while
Jir. Bnlpplt. wjth the deed,In his blacjt
calfskin h . ttdll a' long live
inlleji f|o'iu fl|\t'hcobl. a tery ei?rloi
per<yf#muc# y as 1,1 P?"0?r98? I*1 ^
house lord chancel I.
S*" "V scarlet w?>
Ck!^K\ t besldo !
? Busy Bee
ext 13 Day
asfc j ust 15 days, a
utacturers Cost.
yr mirror, the mer<
lo is to a'iveyou 11
1 there Ironi ever;
^ 1 B i tl w
sn to Buy uootis nert
VLK Mens Kunsett Oxfords
if. railed to an'J $^ 't'l.JH, Mei
nt will been 1,1 NullilUus, Special a
look at l)u?u Positively every pair <
. ill make you h(mHe XV1" K'> "? t'?? ?"
cotton was 5 , ..V ''uiilo nothing hut
Think of what you savi
l", valors, 10 All Ladies and Childr
do, 5 cents 8 to Cost and Lins.
nd 15 cents. Nl1 l,lK'? Cuts at a Hi
i... , , . Mene Oxfords Cut to
tl',li z:. will iim.vo tlurm, Eve,
i, ?. think we < " 1,1
... .idii.m.i (,i '"K t'lORsetls, (illation
*? r well Known ami etmiuu
mud Tuesday
'liilo llio sale
if theHv) gr< at
g will "be given a
t 'c d 1^ c?
u u '111,/LiO. .
rowing S t o
al it'llt majesty of ICukIiiikI. A short
mail wurt milling a list of bills which
hail niism'tl thrniiL'li itlu> dtni'inu nf Inrilo
aiul (oininonrt and were now sailing
peacefully Into port*
"Tin* voluntary conveyance bill,"
road the sh?v*t innii.
"I.a lteinc le vent." Jerked out u tall
In tbnt Kccond the bill was an act
and an integral part of tbe law of the
land, and the rlghtH of little MIhh
Florence Burton were secure.
All tbnt afternoon at Mount En>;lc
MIh.s Trlxlc Mordant and Mr. Mood
Hmlth waited eagerly loxpectnnt of tel
egntitu*. It wa? wellf'on In tbe evening
when two arrived together at last.
There waH but ufie word in eneli
Her word wan "Ix)Ht" ? and bin
Chamberlain's Stomach and I,Ivor Tablets
lie!tor than a Doctor's
I'rescrlitl inn.
Mr. .1. W. Tnrnor, of Tulmrt, Vh., Bay?
< lu*ml>orl'iin*h Htomaoh aud Ijiv. i
Tubl->ta liavo dom* him morn good than
any tiling ho could got from the doctor,
If any jdnaoan in thin country waHiib'c
t ? compound a medicine that would pio
duco Hncl) gratifying results in eases ol
utoinach trmiblun t iliouHticHP or conHtifmtion,
liin wholo time would l?o uned in
preparing this one modi<'iuo. For sale by
Piokeim Drug Co., Pickens, and T. N.
Hunter, Liberty.
Over-Work Weakens
*/ui muilV^3i
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
fThe kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they filter
out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
' their work.
Pains, achesandrheumatism
come from excess
of uric acid In the
blood, due to ncglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble caur.es quick or unsteady
heart beats, ?nd makes one feel as though
thay had heart trouble, because the hear? is
over-working In pumping thick, kidneypoisoned
blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urirv-/
troubles were to be traced to the kidnfys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their bei,''0"
ring In kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mis.1!"
oy nrst doctoring your kidneys. The i-it**.
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilrr , ly
Swamp-Roof, the great kidney remed1
soon realized. It stands the highest fo\ V (
wonderful cures of the most distressing c ^ ^
and 13 sold on Its merits ' .
by all druggists In fiftycent
and one-dollar slz- . \,\l
es. You may have a*'
sample bottle by mall nome or r.wMnp
free, also pamphlet t^MIng you how V. \
out If you have k\fl y or bladder tr-^5'
Mention this paper when wrUl'ig Drnj\\UV^
& Co., Blnghamton. \\sio
Don't make 0 r . t ..-o
Iho ?.rr- " ,V.n;) V,u
v\*> ^ ,
?VV -xV\ Mr
- V - ?
^atPST* Ban hm
Hive Today.
? $25,000
,nd it oilers to the t
Nothing reserved,
cliandise and price
lodeiately suggest i \
y section of the s1 oi
Nothing Charged to Ai
l-SS'XS Specials in Men's
t $1.24.
uf SlioiH in tlio m ? u ...
lo at u Cut Price. nM?"" 1 >1 P ?
ltulinhle Shoes. " wer8, knit bottom. p<
h. worth regular 00 ctw. |> lir
ens Oxfords Cut Me,,? Nainsook Urn we
the coolest Under wear
g Hacrafico. regular price 110 cents, t!
the prices that ,)r^ns F uo>1 n?ll,,:i
V man's Oxfords .??? !"* ?J cts- vslluo 11
this sale, includ m?'
ml several other , ens S>l??rta an.
shod makes. colors and sizes, good \
heeii great leaders wit
priced this sale 15 cents
'^*2s??whi 1 | , >.m.i;,,JAijale of nu ns f
P, I ?V*u11 i?
/ / j prico 515 iin<l 40 c*?*ntf?,1
I'i* Moiih all wool Cukm
f^/ strip !S, pliiids ami 8?l
prize jwell woitli
r e.
in aipci
Is it true you want to look old ? Th
then use Hall's Hair Renewer, ar
of early life restored to your hi
: Tobacco Tags
A little tiling to fool with, Mill some |i
K?!.V1Io1?1h' tUgH, MWlll JtK I'roWllH JVIllll', S<'ll
2 tagu buys yen a box of matches, 100 to b
n tags buys a bar of {rood hiumiry n> ap. 1
! equal value. l!ring me your Sags, if inatel
tnale them for noiiiciliing else.
I5v a luvky puiol uhu T run oiler you n
, :$0c in 10 gal. lots. Thorn1 am fully oh gooi
have n No. 1, n il syrup at '2.r>o in 10 gill, hi
My priciHoii Toharco in h-nt nd. hold
A few old f-tonk ('ottoti Horn elieaper I
or a Hhort tune 1 wiil m?*1 I M< ;in and ^
v KM N E H
/Yt 1 Oii h pair profit. Co mo and foo ahont
I am el< hiii# out a few lino Cheese for
ISin: prices paid for Chickens?CuhIi or
T. D. I
Rich, Tasiuli
c i r \ r 1/1 i > \ \ r a i > i j
i n i L v r it vv .a u ii
.1)1 A VI ON I )S,
Itoii't fall to ??>?> o
. < J < 1
J. F. BP"64^
1\ N"w IN EVER
\YV* v>-A, c The Suit or Ov
(ftSA\y. v\?^\V perfectly aiul
'}2jSS?V position you st;
,r \\ yV ve0
V' Our clothing is
.UNV^.A \
fl>N \SvV' ?
. /
' 11 aegggjgag /
! !
radio g / I
attrac- V
re ink- vK-k e.
x '
h, olaHtic scaiii
lurl button*. etc,
t Ino lu !iU i>(u
i VIII*' iiiw" vvui
18. elastic seam, i
011 the luarket, i ,
liis sale 39 cents.
gan Shirt utui
i Greenville for
1 Drawers in all
nine*at S5 cent.
hrs priced ouliL
It is Bale 25 yents.
id?*rs that have
h us at 25 cents,
our-in-hanil Tics,
1 all si'k, rcgulai ^mjjgi
iSis^ centH, .jr^m
iner Suits ViP!i'V4?t* *
id colors, regular
' Innncl hiiita2 and
$3.rj0, goio^ this
? 3i
?-Vl- /:y -
noFTTRTT. siniTTwl
HaifRenewer ~
icn keep your gray htlr. If lot,
id have all the dark, rich color
tir. " - V? "H j
; Wanted!....
ie< pin snvn them. For most of R. J.
nnppH, Early Bird, Sweep SlakeH, etc.,
ox. :& tugs buyn a Imr of Caatilo soap.
ted Meat ami liberty Hell tnga have
iea and h up is not what you want,
Hum Molawoa at 3 gal. for $1,00,sor
I und bright ah home-made Horglium. I J
pood for a while longer,
lutn I can buy tliem now.
kVoium a
' 1 1 ( \ IT* k! . .
i I I V/.L!ik' .
lliitH ?Money in it f?>r yo>.r'.
wlint tlioy wiM living. \
(JodiIh. CaTI alwuyH wnut Produoo.
I P.YP.lllSlfRI J
15 JUilUlUUl f U I m
s. c.
>v ^WKmm
crcoat y<|H
looks wV
uul or sitfl
niade tojfl
jht be. jM

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