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! ' ' LA--' (y.
Eutoreil April 2'.\, 11)03 nt Pickens, S. O., as second elass matter, under not of Congress of March .'J, 187'J.
1 W. T. McFALL,
M President
^ By Careful and cons
W Hank largely increase^
j We solicit your busi
^ every reasonable acco
1 The Smart
H Offered I
y) The smartest tailgrs onVnrth
m that furnish this At.oiv with a
M luliitin* U r..
C there is no difference in the i
the smart suits we offer?exe<
M pared to convince you of thin
l'...rSR5FRIHQ a
M' than at any previous time. '
K reached?Perfection in the nr
new garments that now eoni|
^ here about Banter time, so ad
<n . -*Jy your new spring and Rumtnet
Vk our time in fitting you. It is
\i leave the store until ho is pleii
((Smith 6
m iuwii ui 1111 . > |P
I N. D-"
Will be in town and 1
k perfect LIFE LIKE PI I
y i:vkry \
s^y 'iss / /.s.///,// /// s
^ -jV-For the FARM, H
t' } J f 1/HOMEjj^L
? f r? icjfi ti'i.j C
Ijour-S trul^, ?,m?
?NS, S, C. I
$ 20,500.oo S
11 nnn on to
- I I jV Waw ^ 13
- 105,000.00 I
:st (>N i )KPosrrs \
tant work the: business of this f
ness ancl will cxtcnu to you Ck
modation. Ja
est Clothing |
iere 5n Years. 3
arc tnpldvoil in the csiahlishmcnl* K.
|)|>:ircl. Tins <itn? reason <it our tlourr
we have demonstrated to you that
nadf-io-iueasnie kind of dothcs and
rtjit tin* juice. Anil we arc hctter prefact
in rs
II if; ' li% ,[ iil i il !i
' PEW 5UIT5 fi
22 SWiriER WRflR., |
? n? v? > |? iiwc. ii \?l m?nilll llii^ lli't'll Jry
t of tailoring has been attained in the Eg
irisc our stock. There will (he a rush B
vise you to come thin week ami choose \n
suit or top coat. We want to take (7
our way wf iloin^ things to let noiuan S\
ised in (it rial style in every particular.
* Bristow, I,
mvillc, S. C. yj
S-S-S- J'f S / / / / / > f s ////// . '' //'/ / /J
apcr and sec \\ !iat days
>ring your folks and ha.\*c*. sonic. v
O TOG RAP! IS made;.
v i:dm:sda y.
^^/^/.////// / '//////// y
oJ ". '.l^ j
* H w* '
-Xv"^^ Fui r fi<inlrc.
Vi POWER St CI , u'sfnlu
norifOcOt Lh iCii<|4>. III
Please send nic, i
lluilratcil C.'t(lloijiic aiiJ prices
^v-^^tl>r Ouljitj ifi.l ica t'e<l K u an X :
Jlomcslit V\M?r dm I I- ' ,1,1 hanl
__ GaSolint finijilt Je? Pumping
. f.r Sn wi/iq Wood
? ; vS prrttjio 'i Ti oej>
I ut jit _Wiri<l mil) - T unk Town*
- -I
The Southern's Double Tracks.
At the present timo the Southern
railway is using exaotly 5<
miles ol its dcublo track bctwcoi
Alexandria and Orange, Va.
In a very few days the distanct
from A lexandrisi to ()ranfje, whiel:
is about SO miles, will have boor
double tracked and trains will be
running over the new track regu
The big st'-cl bridgos over tin
1? II lllil n 11 Mini 4 lw> I >n
? " ? "' iv'i'iitt.iciiuivi/n
l'ivors, are Hearing coin pletion
and as soon as these are turnoc
over 1 ?y the contractors trains wil
begin running over them.
The big bridge that Hpans the
Potomac at Washington is als*
Hearing completion. In less thai
:?() days trains will be going ovei
on this immense stnu'turc.
Tlio location of this bridge i:
just below the present one. It ii
owned by the Pennsylvania llail
road and is considered as ono oi
the host ])ieces of woi kmanship ii
the country.
The Southern liailwuy, the Hal
timore iV Ohio and the C'lionapcak*
iV Ohio, will all use this bridge ii
going in and out <>t Washington
Tim present force of workmen 01
the Southern's double track nov
numbers about 1,500 umn. ()
this number about 2,000 work 01
the <biy shift mill about 2,000 01
the night shift. All possible hash
is being made to complete this pi
p.Mitic undertaking. The South
eras management is very anxiuu
that the systom be double tracko<
as far South as Charlotte by l>>
cember, HHm. At the present rati
this will I>o accomplished. \\\>r!
?>u mo uoiiDio tracK 111 isortii uar
olina will n->t iuntil nox
year. It is now thought that tent
will he pitchcil ;it Danville ant
Iteidsvillo about 'ho lirst of Jami
ftry. Tlio stretch of - I miles be
tween Ii i?1 sv111 ami Danville wil
be the lirst work dono in Nortl
Pleasant Hill Dots.
Mr. Kditor: I will give vnu i
low <lots.
Wo have ua?i good rains am
crops an- looking lino.
Horn unto Mr. and Mrs. T. 1'
Kfllcy on the lMii ult.,a line hoy
Horn unto Mr. and Mra. Iru Hoi
liday on tho 1st ult. , it lino f^iil.
Tho writer did not Imvo tin
jiloasure '1 attending tli ? all daj
(-infill<4 at I'lcnsan t 11 ill, so Hinders
pli'tisc oxcuse nm for not writing
sooner, as 1 was waiting to lind oil
how tho program was arranged
which was as follows: Tho class
was arranged in the morning l>j
I'rol. Wad Garrett, who siiii^' mi
til tho arrival <>l I'rol'. Wimiiis
who thou took cliargo ol tho olasi
and sang awhile, then adjournnt
an hour lor dinnor. At't<r ilinno:
tho class was load hy l'rols. Gar
r?*11, Hudson, ('nine and ('artoo
h the ahove is 111>t corrm t 1 liuvi
heun wrongly informed.
Old UiddU, have y??u t|uit work
ing tin; toads' <"(i\v Hoy.
Winthrop College
Scholarships <5: I intranet
i in- < a?( 1111h i<urn mi in award o
vacant s in Wmllirop ('olleg
ami for (lie admission of new student
will In- IkIiI at I lie < 'onnt v ('otirt I lotion
Friday, Jnlv Hli, at!) A. M. A|
jlicants niii-i nol l,(> |e.-.s than llftcei
years of n^e. When m; liolarsliips at
va< alt'il after .Inly 8. 111? \ will he award
ed to tlfse making 11?? highest average
at this examination
Sr|iolai.-.l>i|W are worth ."jiinii and fre
tuition. The next sen-won will ojiei
September '21, UHH. For further in
formation and catalogue address
Pres. I?. It. Johnson, l{o'k Hill. S. <'.
Roftra tho /) Kind Vnu Hnva Always Bougf,
Biennial Session Question.
Wo have suid several times re>
contly thai there wcro no issues 1>di
foro llie people of thin State, and
in eonsequeneo it could not l>o ex>
poctod that voters would turn out
i iu large numbers simply to have
i stimulates tsiiK about their por-|
) sonal qualifications to fill tho of-1
lices to which they aspired. Political
issues there aro none, but
tliero is to be u constitutional
: amendment to ho voted on in rof,
erenco to biennial sossions. At
i the mooting# already hold we do
I not roost 11 that iv single candidate
has mentioned this matter, yet it
) 19 a most important ono to tho peo?
plo of tho State, and unless the
i newspapers take up tin* subject
i" and agitate it we must foai that its
importance will bo overlooked. We
*i|mve Komi si Htatement published
> that tho proposed amendment
would probably bo dofoatetl, but it
f the pooplo will consider the quesi
tion from a financial standpoint a*
| \\ I'II <ia u mil <l rtiaiiupoin 1 <)! J'U i 1110 |
- policy we think tlio amendment
31 will 1 ?ci ovorwholmingly adopted,
i Thore is no necessity lor annual
. sessions of tliH legislature. While
i there may l>o Home amendinontH or
^changes needed in our general
I | statutes, annual soKsions do not
i j seem to l>ring thorn al?onl, and as
i is well known two-thirds ol' the
) time of a legislative sension is talc
; V.II ?l |' III U< MinilltJI'lIlg [JlU'Uiy 10C111
- hills hii(1 sorantimos thoy arc of ft
a -trivial r.liuraotci, and ol'tuii am in11
troducoH pimply t<> make political
.j capital lor tlu> author. 'I'llin costs
11li?? State ol South Carolina a groat
; 'deal of money and brings them 110
- material or moral advantage. The
; :b(;1itiou of uniuial sessions would
s save the St a to many thousands of
1 , dollars-.
It is hoped that the newspapers
-lot' the Statu will agitate this inati
tor and keep it. prominuntly before
jltho pooplc. II took lonj; and hard
: work io i'oreo tho Legislature to
' i1 von submit tho ?| mist ion to tho
pt'oplo, and now that it in Imforo
> thorn it is to 1)0 hoped that they
will not neglect t'? give the rpics1
tion that caroful consideration
tli.it it demands.?Columbia Ree.
Hughes Hapncnings.
I'll venture again and give you
, what little news I know.
. Tho farmers have all al>??ut In id
l>v their corn and it is look in r well.
, Rov. \V. <Soaborn filled his
reciilnr urn .i>! nt hk.>> <? l>....
I - o 1 " -> "'>
4 Miss V'cda Childress of Thomas/
villo, visited the family of J. M.
Chiulross last week.
W'lioat is about till the.slied in
H this s(??;tiou and turned out well,
j Hagjod, the little hoii of .J, M.
. Childress, while playing hint Tuesday,
fell and broke liis arm. Dr.
Webb, of I'ickens, dressed the
t, 'wound, :imi at present the littlo
(ellow is doing well.
__ I Wo had a good rain Tuesday,
! which did a a gn:at ileal ^ood l>y
rul'i'OMliing the ^rowin^ <T<>pn.
A Header.
Fov YOUNG WOMEN, Roanok;-, Va.
I iipi'ii" St'pl. I'.Mil I Hie <i| llir ll'ililiriK
j'I >i'Iiih>|s fin Yninu: I .m lies in 11 - smith Ni-u
| I>11iI 11Hix. piiunis mill < <111 i|>mct'i <'?i111 11- d-ii
''iii ' (;iiiinl Humtiliiln srciii i j in \ nll('\ <>i
H \ it: iiiin, Iniiuii fur lii'iillli 1.11r< pi'tlli mill
I., \inci iciiii li'in lirrs. l ull coiirsi < 'iiiim'i vulnrv
Mitviilitiil'i'N in \it, Mimic i? iii I II<1<11I1<111 ici
llliralcs WOllolcy SIihIciiI* from :l"i Mil rv
i I or i nuilni'' i- inlilie
M \ II 11: I'll A Kit Is I'm -idrnl. Kniniok.' \ n
; DR. J. H. BURQE55,
Ollid1 over Nirniuons 8tor?',
' Ik.iiin U a in, to 1 |>. in. p. m. to
I) p, lit.
Camp Meeting Notice.
Tlio annual camp meeting of the '
South Carolina Conference of tin*
We.-doyan Mothodist church will
convene nt Central. 8. August |
.'><1 and continue until August 15th
11)01. The tout will be located on
the Holinoss school grounds, about
hull" inilo from the incorporate
limits ol town.
All the preachers "I the conference
are urgently requested to bo
present on the first day.
Oar ministerial brethren of nth- |
or denominations are coidially in- i
vited t<? In; with us. A general}
invitation is given t<> nil who may
It'l l disposed t<? meet with iim ;it
this annual gathering Kverv one
b<>th preachers and others, will he
expected to bring blankets, shoots
aikI pillows.
A restaurant will bo ?n i the
grounds. All the pronehors and
regular workers will be entert.lined ,
free of charge. The restaurant will
furnish mesih- to all others at reasonable
rates. Then; arc hotels
and boarding house;- in town where
more ample aecommodations can
bo had by thoso not desiring to
stay on the grounds over night.
Parties desirim* In m il I'.iMes
ami religious papers will l>o expoctod
to cohler with the camp meeting
Lot nil who can, bring their
cloth tents and covered wngoiia
and stay on the grounds. An effort
will I"- made to secure pastura;:t'
for ^tock in tho neighborhood.
Tho object i.l this meeting is tho
conversion of sinners and tho en.
tire sanctilicution r>l" believers.
Prominent ministers of other conferences
will ho invited. I.i t all i
JI he min'sters and workers roiae nj
to this annual feast with I'entocost
in thoir souls, ready i'oi service
or sacrifice, expecting great
^ th mgs of our <Sod.
Brethren, we want an old t'ashj
ioncd camp meet ing, with old lath-1
ioned results, when Miners,
have Pentecostal conviction,
making them willing to quit
, tlioir siii.s and make restitution
I wlion necessary; a meeting where
I the shouts of now born souls arc,
heard at every service unci nil
about I tin encampment. A moot-i
ing where believers, nftoi ,i coin- j
pleto consecration and a real crucifixion
of tli?' "old man" and by a
simple trusting faith i:i the prom
: ?r .... f i. .. i .r... r .1 11. ; .1.
Ul Will \ JUV1, lail 1t; IJ I lllf llll.'llj
tv tiros of Pentecost HWci'pii,^r
jthrough tlinir souls and bodies
burning out the remains <>l carnal:ily
and :? >din?^ their souls-1 with
' |> jrfoci love. Anion.
I/ . (1. Cluvton,
<\ I?. Sin it !i,
II. I,. rml?ntt,
y / , r.iiaRAN.
AAA deposit
vT5v3'9?>\/*Lr K-.-.lr <1 Far.M ai l. .'
1 PHK K C ura< < Wei
yffViflOTBBfefilMft&lfM E> n iatCo..i. WrituQu> >.
>< ? inxfcfcoA. ^i n mi?n. MM|
Cotton Must Have
Potash !
Potash is an essential plant loud
jj whit ii must lie added as a I : tili/er
or the soil will B J
llicni In-- my l.u r % .!;> .1 lor 1I.1 in.
, New Vark -1*1! Nmmiu M r? rl? i?r
\tliiiilii, <??? V?o. Hcdiiil K|.
I g?TTTI l i ^l 11 I I ? WIW?WII
\park Hair
" I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor
for a great many years, and although
1 am past eighty years of
age, yet 1 have not a gray hair in
my head."
Geo. Yellott, Towson, Md. /
H \V/? ..II : l R
u ww 111v.a i ail niai 1 i^ii, a
p dark color your hair used |
jj to have. If it's gray now, |
| no matter; for Aycr's |
!] Hair Vigor always re- 1
fa stores color to gray hair. |
Sometimes it makes the |
% hair grow very heavy and I
| long; and it stops falling |
[jj of the hair, too.
SI.00 ii bottle. All driiztlal*.
\i I! ?lt '' ';M .11m' t Mip)<ly ?
p '-. .ill ii-; i-im- miliar ami \\t> will ixprcss B
jcni ;? in.iUf. lie -in " :<iiiI j;n o tIn* 11:11110 u
|i ;.o;ii ii' ii'M I'Xi'i i?s titlii f. A<lilrrj<s, H
I. ' . A V l.i: ( <J. iwi ll, .Mass. 5
.... ?
Central Township Singing Convention.
The Central township Ringing
association mot with Control liiiptist
chnr<;h tho first Sundny in
.Inly with all of tho otlUtorH proaen
t. Pres. McAlistor appointed
th<> following KiMitli'Mion as :i <*oni?
initlofi lor tlin day: .). 1). Aiken,
J. K. ltalcntinc, \V. A. Arnold.
Program lor tlio morning wna iih
follows: ('onductor .I.e. Garrett
t<? arrango i 1; class nnd sing lil10011
minute*. Profs. .1. K. Lesley,
M< l). W'eams, I'. C. Carton,
\V. A i'ort"r 1 r? minute oncli.
AdI'Miriitid an hour and a half lor
diniior. Program for afternoon:
In the al'scnrn 01' the conductor,
Pro I. .\1c!>. \\'(>nniH was to arrange
in-* class anu sing lit toon minutes.
The following also sang fifteen
minuti-s each: Profs. W. C. Carrot
t i W. A. Porter, T. I>. Owens
an 1 J. 1'. liOHiey.
Mr. Kditor, I would just nay that
the people in and around Central
;tro a cleVei , big hearted kind of
people: they wore liberal with
soim-tl in<f to satisfy the inner man.
I was never treated ho nieo in my
life as it. (' ntral. When you got
to the place where you want to
take a re t and get, something good
t i eat and have a good time in general,
go to Central. Thus closed a
good meeting with bright proHpocts,
to mool with Mt. Tabor l.r. t
?^ll liuajr 111 o?'| I III I ? * I .
I'. C. Carter?,
I iihim(S ui Arl/.onti.
In soutIh'Pm Arizona fin- water of
many rivers ami most of tin? ere<<k*
sinks Im'Iuv/ tin- surface ol' the ki-oiiiuI
during spring and earl.v summer, appeariny;
nj-'nin when tlx- rains lit'irtri In
July and August. The disappearance
of tin- streams would he fatal to many
of tin' Inse t trlhes al'omulimi in that
country hut for tin fart that the in
sects, in tin* form of larva-, follow the
n.tlclnr., in,. ..in.,I ..I..I
aualn. tni^Oitier wiih the cri'i-ks, later
in tin- season
Krlti.HlicrN?hv Time l'u> uii-iit.
It rusts L~> H>s to k?'I nalundlzafloii
papers in Ktiulnnd The VIiIiIIhIktm
have founded a loan oilier to aid tin;
forrl^ii .lew in pour ciivuur tanros l>y
advancing I his sum, w f?i<-li is repaid,
with intrresl, at the rale of Is 2d a
week. %"< 111 du almost ever) I him; on
tin* installment plan in lOiiLiland now,
from hiiyim: a rvrloprdiu rlieap to he<online
a hoy of the hulldotf laved at a
fcrwit reduction
< neon ii ii i tir Mull,
One of the queerest things that over
:iI>p?>ni*?m 1 In tin' 11111 lis In tins country
whs a cornnmit that a I.oiilsville (K>
girl received tlic nthcr day. Il was nut
wrapped up in anj way, and the \\2
cent ; in stamps and ilio address we;??
[>l cftl "ii I'm bare shell In l'urupe
live fow ls and ev< n calves iiiv sent by
post, but in this cnuntry the pustnl
laws discourage the sending of curios.
For Infants ami Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bignaturo o f
V- ' ,

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