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?^ ? , ! 1?. ? - - ??
VOL XX " /
V\..;>, ).'. - :, 1 r' ' ' '| | .' r ^ ' ' 1 0
1 W.T. McFALL,
M President,
) picki
c capital .
J Profits
1 deposits
' K
i we pay interes
# make loan
J By Careful and consta
Bank largely increases e
We solicit your busim
^ every reasonable accom<
j l j
Statement of t
4Bank 01
At the Close of Bus
Loanaftiul Discounts. ( 11,194.<
Real Kctttto, Kurnlture A Fixtures . 2,782.'
C*?h In Vault A duo frtt)ft<ItnnkH'... 7,801.1
I, K. B. MORGAN, Oanhler of tho above na
ment Is truo mid o.orrect to tho bom of my kiio
Subscribed and Sworn to before ino tills 61
* j BRiniG
$ Offered He
M Tho -smartest tailors on'earth arc
' m that furniah this atoro with appf
M tailing buaineaa. Season after w
there is no difference in the mat
^ the amart suits we offer?except
M pared to convince you of this fa
| ' FMT <0>P [
1>.PSK 5fWH9 ??
M than at any previous time. The
? reached?Perfection in the art o
new garments that now corapripi
? here about Easter time, bo advis
it your new spring and summer an
Yt our nine in ncung you. It In ou
Icftvo the store until he is plenset
I Smith &
V\ Green\
Spring &
-DRY (
I urn now rpnflv with r rAmn
Goods, Notions, Men'w nnd Wome
T used my beat judgment and ;
goods, getting tho very lowest
give my customers tho benefit of
Goods at the
...Lowest Li
My Dress Goods Stock is the
Blacks, in a range of prices from 1
one of the nicest Blaok Goods for
cents. I am willing for you to co
with any $1.50 Silk on this
In Colored Wash Goods, Dim
describe them. Can ihow yon a.I:
as such prices as such goods can b
Hfcock is fnll with all goods and
liinenB, Ribbons and Laces in abut
so you can eet what you want at an
SIIOJD8. Don't give me out o
seasonable goods. See us whenyc
Dry Qooda Btoro, West End
V' $ '
J. McD. BRUCE, m
:ns, s. c. ' '
S 20.B00.0p #
- 100,000.00 I
nt work the business of this W
very year. 'W
sss and will extena to you ^
odation. J
he Condition of' the
f Central,4i!ness
June 30th, J904. ,
11 Capital Stock paid In 9 14,880.00
74 Undivided I'rollU, 618.24
M Cashier's Chocks 3.00
Deposit*, K 0,297.00
? a 981, <88.90
mod Hank, do solemnly swear that tho above statewledK"
And belief. V. li. MORGAN, Cashier,
h day oY July, 1WM.
v'P. \V. KOLGKR, Not. Pub., 8. C.
si Clothing |
ire In Years. 1
i employed in the entabliahmentB
irel. Thin Ih one reason of our floure
have demonstrated to you that m
if-to-rueaanre hind of cluthee and &
the price. And *re are better pre- ^
Ob lit ff
f^EW 5UITS |
5 sannEK WEAR... \
> top notoh oi goodness has been m
f tailoring hnH been attained in the m
q our stock. There will (be a rush
e you to come this week and ohoQae
lit or top coat. We want to take fir
r way ef doing things to let no man h
I in fit rnd style fn every particular. CC
Bristow, I
CL0T1I1ER8. ff
Mile, S. C. jj
line.of Spring and Summer Dry
u's Underwear, Hosiery and Shoes,
yeara of experience in buying these
price poaHible, and now I propose to
my experience and sell them Dry
ving Prices...
beet I have ever cliown in Color* and
0 cents to $2 a yard. I am nhowing
Summer woer in the market for 50
mpare my 1 yard wide Black Silk at
mantec. u win baa Raving to your
ities, Organdies, Lawns, &o., we can't
>ig lino of them and at as lor prices
o bought ftnywhee. White GFooda.
prices. Some Big Values in Table
idnnce and will be kept all Bumine.
y time,
ii Shoes. Btock always complete with
>u come to QreenviMe.
Greenville, 8. C.
^vrfvi. V:.r"f:"v'
/ -r-?
Constable Jones Shot Dead Before
Making Arrest.
J. 11.1!!... '.- J'J.iJ .in- w. , llll IIW ) IJIMlWt
J - 1 ?
Congressman Aiken Has Secured 24
. New Routes in two Years.
Hon. Wyatt Aiken, Abbeville,
who repioaente the Third die:
? '
Miuu m uuiigjcsB, uas ueen Bpeiuiii)g
several days iu Newberry this
Coogrebsman Aikon is now serving
his first term its the national
house of representatives. Since
he hns been in office he has done
some good and effective work tor
this district. He has been especially
active in the matter of securing
better mail facilities for the
rural districts. When Mr. Aiken
went to congress there were sixtynine
rural free delivery routes in
thie district; today there are ninety-three,
ah increase of twenty
four, socured in t\yo veare by Mr.
Another route is soon to bo started
from Blairs, in Fairfield county,
which, while it starts in the Fiftli 1
district, will serve principally tho
Third district and Newberry county.
Tho route, starting at Blairs,
will take in the Maybintou,
Glymphville and Keitt sections of
this county*?Newberry Herald
and News.
Stewart Dots.
We are having some very hot
weather now, but no doubt you are
all aware of the fact.
Tho farmers nro almost done laying
by, and the crops "are looking
fine. A good rain would be very
refreshing to thorn, tho'.
L, H. Craig, of Greenville, spent
tho fourth with his parents.
\{lo. r a?.ai. -
luioo uuin K7U11 lii f H DOHIUIIUl
young tod of Cateeohee, spout
sovorai days with Miss Lucy Mauldiu,
Robt. C. Lesley, of Bpartanburt?,
visited the family of his father-in-law,
W. B. Mauldin, recently.
Messrs. Jay and Ben Smith, two
popular young man of Easley. were
visitors in this community Friday.
Miss Nora Nimmons is visiting
ner con sin, mihb Mattie Bowen, of
On tho fifth Sunday morning a
seriefl of meetings will begin at
Gap Hill chnreh. Let everybody
who can do so, attend.
{Several from thw side attended
the picnio at High Falls, Monday,
and reported a nice tinae.
Missos Etta fioggs, Jnlia Smith
nnd Sallio Konnemore, ot Easlev.
wore gnests of Miss Essie Nimmoim,
AIoflsrH. R. G. Gaines and .T. T.
Gassaway and families, of Central,
were wolcome visitors in this community
last week. WhiteRose.
Hazel Happenings.
News is nearly like* hen's teeth,
but I. will try and give yon what
there is.
- We are having some verv dry hot
weather now.
Corn crops are looking fine. Some
have co'vmenced to lay by their corn,
hut tho battle with General Greeu in
the cotton will havo to continue a
while longer.
My last communication was laid
aside for u week for some cause or
other I know nob what.
Tbeve will be a children's day
Services held at Antiooh Baptist
Ohnrnh t.hn
Mi*m?nj ii amy.
Tho public in cordially invited to
come with wall filled bnnkete, boxes,
trunkn otc., aud plenty of; good new
flODtf hooka, especially, prowninif D.?y
No. 0., and stay all day and havo n
good time. The inoHt of the afternoon
will be aponl in song service.
Mr. Editor your presence ia dnairod.
Prominent SpenkoiB and Biugera
havo been Invited. Come one coroo
all and enjoy yonraelvcti.
Mountain Sprout.
Rdlro?J F?ro Paid. 600
JR*1 CourieiOffwed,
Board?t Cost. Writ# Oulck
From Dalton.
Health of this community is
very good at this writing.
Crops are looking well for the
time of year in this section.
Rev. J, E. Foster Ailed his regular
appointment at Mile Oreek the
fourth Sunday and. preached a
most intereating and instructive
sermon to a large and attentive
L. H. Dalton has the finest cotton
we have seen anywhere.
The Sundav school at Mile
Creek is progressing fine with Jul*
lus E. Parsons superintendent.
They are anticipating having a
children's day in the near future.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. 8. B.
Dalton, a fine girl.
\V. H. Duncan has moved baok
to his summer residence where he
can get plenty of good water.
R. Jbi. Lumpkin aud family visit- i
?d the family of J, B. Bolding last
Miss May Huuuicutt was the
guest of J* S. Boweu last Sunday.
L. R. Dalton roports cotton
blooms on the 3d of July,
If this esoapes the waste basket
you will hear'from me again.
Bad Boy.
Pleasant Hill Dots.
I will give a few dots from oar
The crops are good.
J. B. Krwin, who is 73 years
of age, has been on the siok list
for some time, but he says he
thinks he is improving now.
The protraoted meeting will begin
at Pleasant Hill on Saturday
ni?ht before the fourth Sunday in
this month at early candle light.
The following ministers are ex
jjouuou. iu uuuuuuii tn? meeting;
Rev. W. .J. Spearman, Rev. W. T.
Ha, ha, Cony is not rjuite dead
yot. That's right, Cony, just back
your cars and come again.
Rev. W. J. Spearman filled Ins
regular, appointment at Pleasant
Hill !a"t first Sunday.
Mountain Girl wanted to know
whether or not the mule got on,
but Cony, couldn't tell her, because
he left about the time the Irishman
hit the ground. Why didn't
you tell her you left, Cony?
W. H. Knight sayu he is going
to work hie crop until August. W.
H., wo did not think you was that
smart. ;
Mr. Fletcher Holllday has bought
the Williams farm near Pleasant
Hill. Fletcher? is going to bring
her home I guess; I mean if sho
will ah, I mean > if he does not
fail, like me. Cow Boy.
Que?r Speculation. *
The sermon of a Hritish1 vicar
charging great immorality in the
pottery towns in Staffordshire-has
caused discussion of life in the
potteries. A curious feature is
speculation on the lives of othersi
The business of the insurance companies
there is largely directed to
norsiifliUnrr nAnnln inun?" * ??
r p |fVvj^Pv vv atlnuiv 111*"
ives of oth"ir? as ft speculation.
vVivoB lire urged to insure their
^unhands, and sons amd daughtern
'o take out a policy on their
parent*" lives. For a penny n
week a girl inHureg lier tfather for
;5. No medical cxfilni motion is repitted,
and it is simply ut gamble
ui death. This was nsnuHingly
ihown by a recent case. A doctor
in one of the pottery, towns was
reported ,to be dying of cancer.
The rumor was faltie, nnd\the doc
? * ?
iv?*, i uiii|?wu'ij nerwr or nis
llm-HH, w.-i* Murprlw&d to learn
that liia charwoman Wad staked
twopence a week oh hiwdeath.
Before and After.
During courtship a girl thinkn
carriage Is a iutvxm of #est in
which she will be free .from all
worry and care. After.;marriage
she ban another think ^? omlng.~
rhicn^o 1 Ne\r&.
"Two years ago my I
falling out badly. I pun
bottle of Ayer's Hair VI
soon my hair stopped comi
Miss Minnie Hoover, P
ff1 . __ . 1 111
Perhaps your r
had thin hair, but t
no reason why you
go through life wit]
starved hair. If yoi
I6ng, thick hair, f
with Ayer's Hair
and make it rich,
and heavy.
$1.?0 a boUlt. All (frottli
If your druggist cannot so
Bend ua ono dollar and wo wli
you u bottle. llcsurpand plvo
ot your nearest express ollloo.
Haa Converted Herself Inl
ful Nation In the Last
, of a Century.
When I visited Yedd
ports of Japan, in t*
1860-61 the coir
upon the mos*
methods, wr
people wt
a heredita
them with? TT^'
were then ITFI II ft
matters co.iij |j||
er. for in
placet) all J July and
accordance Buy one
structed w;ooci old Si
no that the;
yond a few
No one cn
mouB htridcter make c
has made, ti
?he has efTect ^B I p
nation she hay*"1^
into during ^jieducttllon?
century. The retr^ET...,
tion of a power in the ea
that must in futnre U
taken into consideratioi
ern statesmen.
Turkish Beds.
'A recent writer on Tui
i~ -? ?i ?
uruoit'UUB iU't' 1IUI 11K(
Turks. Each room e<
largo cupboard, built
wall, in which the bedui
during the day, and at
slaves come in when sun
make up the beds on
Other bedroom requisit
sha|>e of washstumls,
tables and wardrobes,
pensed with a? Hujterfli
everyday ablutyon there
washing room with a li
floor for the water t
through, and if the bar
wash her hands* and fn
slave brings the ewer
mid nmirn thn wntnr
hands. For 1 nbl
will go cither to her ov
hammani or to the pub
She 'does her linir,* or li
for her, gefttcd crofts-lop
corner of the divan; ni
walnut-wood chests and
her treasure-room suflle
her gaii7.es and brocade*
and embroideries."
The Drum Mnjo
rAa a matter of course
major belongs to the bai
gives one the imprcsHio
band belongs to him. Daily
# The
A' quiet wedding is
Drelude to a noisy divoi
DR. J. 11. BURG
aitofccA-, - a. c
Office over Nimmonn flta
hen-s 9 a. m. to 1 p. i?,
6 p. ni.
fair was
jhosed ?
gor and
n*out.' '
aris, 111.
^llAt j? m9H
I Monti!
L JLUUlllM).,
August. Keep
of our Two-piece
immer Time,"
f%et atlanta.
9jic.y qeorqia.
atlanta. georgia.
a 4r~^^n v"~
e always
a/by went
rkcy savs:
'd by the
>ntnina a
into the
nj* is piled
t the ? > *
nnoned to
the floor.
es. in the
mv ?ii?ioub.
in a small
ioIe in tlie
0 dpcapo
inn woqld
eo only, a
and basin
over lu ?
lltiOIlHHlU' > .
irn private
lie batlis. r
iuh it elo'rift
^< <1 in lior $tk
id tiw old
1 COffel!*
o to StOl?
?. hcrnilkk *' f. * f
, t lie druir
nd, but In
it that th '
- OhicUfj^^
th, M|
pimple*, I
n't mov* B
ether. It I
often ? UklBt R
ur bowels I
'(.'(! to cure or I
i ao4 I
r I
i ..
' *
>ro, Eojio / ^
' '' f

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