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PicL.,5 Senlinsl-i
The Sentinel-Journal C
Thompson & Hichky, 1
j. l. o. tiioml'son, ku
tiub6criptioi) 81.00 Per Ai
Advertising Ritea
Kntored at Plokou* 1'ontofllce h
Mall Matter
Wednesday, July 1)1,
From Cateechee
The far me re will boo
Iny ii ^ by, llio old horsen
turned out to graze. u
weather has out the g.irc
and the blaelt berries w
gone, visiting will then I
Crops are butter than
up to the 8nmo tioie
though they have bi'gui
l'ft i n
The Mis-H"8 Rarksdal
vcn8,i Mips Philpot ol 1
and Miss Bowen of I'ieka
Mrs. T. M. XorriH last \\
Mr. C . C. Wliitmire, <
Oa., visited his brother,
Whit mi re, of this place,
^lav and Sunday.
enough to <y*casion any alarm among:
the l'armf
? *
vy ?
Commits Suicide.
At j Mirg William H. Lowe,
48 y*s)j 'lit watchman at the
Whilr./ 'Ms, committed suicido'
"If through the
^* pistol. No
act. He
nd gone
mid to
ne was
os later
id when
i found
a pistol
son and
urred in
erry line,
The mill had to stop a
t'/\ h u iifofu I < I < i \r u 1 a f'.
Ill, 1U1 OUVUMM V??i;n
ing to the scarcity of ?a
The oldest inhabitanl
unction pay the 'water i
Twelve Mile rivei than i
before. Soveral wells a
Rpi'in^H have gone dry.
going to have a water fai
Ice cream, lemonade, g
otc., are in great dem:
The writer is now enca
the road for ''Un
Outsido of the (lust am
fiin!h it to be. u very cub1
good pasttime. Like th
woo about eating peas m
bo hard, but mighty d ?
Well, Cony, if you 1;
Buffering for medical aid
last sent for us, please do
hard of u?, for we filled si
tion for you at once and
but it inef itn fate 1 ti tin
ofliee. Well, I guefiH tl
knew your weak atom?,
nover tolerate the medici
scribed, and of course 1
want you to grow any vrt
\1r~11 .lni,ran iul.; lo i
C|i| v/i t-'nuou Hiu.v ,
not anything that wo
proved fatal in that pre
yet it was on the miotic
we will guarantee the
that if the prescription
filled and Cony followe
Htructions that lie wo
known a young lady
talked to hor two hours i
without having to n.sk
<*1ho who she wan, alterw
my, what a short rnoniorj
cot lie Iimh been tollinj
ers of ThoSoiitinel-Jour
tiruo about what a good
had to get married, a 1 ?-?i
published that wo wore
our correcting tho mis
Now he nays in his hint
cation that we Imve bee
date for I oth odice nnd r
and never succeeded in <
Now, dear read?r, wha
think of that? "Ho thf
of tho leant is guilty of tl
Cony nays wo wrote h
I \ pby with one exception. Boys, do
JQUrilttii you ^now that one exception
vm??? F ?r 11im own tako we W.?lt out
\\ MOICMNU '10W tlUH'H ',H httll proposed
and l)jt?n dtluutcd. Our reason for
lenving tbat out was Me aim to
lompany. have inscribed on his mouuuient,
[)?(ipa provided wo out live him, the lol
lowing: Born wanting to marry;
noii. spout His liftf trying to marry; died
and never did marry. B.
Reasonable prom CrQW Creek>
K second oiat>K This correspondent had the pleas
ure of attending tho Farmer's In.
stitute at Mile Crock last Friday.
Prof. Rawl, Dr. Brackett, Prof.
11)04. Morrison and Prof. Newman, oaeh
.eoturod on Iho following subjects:
! Prof, llawl, on 'Stock Raising and
n ho <lon< Dairying;" Dr. lJrackett on "Feri
and inu 1ft* tilzers;" Prof. Morrison on ''Innd
a? dn dr.stiial Education;" Prof. NowIons
short, man on "How PlantB Behave.''
ill soon Ik All of these lectures were very
join order instructive and important to tho
they wore farmers. The attendance was
last year.* good, especially l>y the men, and
l to need thoy seemed interested from questions
thoy asked some of tho lec_
e wi ijiiu- turers.
)acusville, The farmers as a rule <lo not
hp, visited avail themselves of the opportunity
'eek. to learn about'their vocation that
of Toccon, they should.' Some of them think
Mr. E. tboy knoSv all about farming, and
last Srttur- (i,,u't attond those institutes. This
jie was is a serious mistake; farming has
unsuccessfj becomo ?, scientific profession at <1
"The^lMio daily making new development*,
tvere taken ,U)<^ the farmer that doesn't read
apod 12; M 8'?mo agricultural journal is certain
4. to he behind. There is more
Nj ."thought given today to agriculture
"I wnii L'lftn e'Ho' ^a'h?un> tlie
lone" writi K1 ea?cst thinker and deepeat mind
of Alexandithat America has ever produced,
got any skdevoted all of his sparo time to
bad that if f\,j8 great subject.
cough frigh * J, ,
when all ot <>;^ yours before Cnnst thero
$1.00 bottiewas u Greek philosopher by the
covery whoname of Thales, that said that wa
o.s pounds.|.er anij m.,isture was the life of
Hronchiti"1 Plant8- ^ llu lm(* a,BO afcated that
Troubles, a deep pulverized soil was one of
bottles lie (,|,e great essentials, ho would have
1)111 y been stating sotno of the basic
principles of farming.
to rele Dr. Brackett in his lecture said
a farmer should be the best edu?
ibout I? p. j cated man in the world. A course
week, ow- 0f aguculture should be given in
ter. the iiee schools of South Carolina,
ts of th:a Many of the states are doing this,
s lower in The lndi 8 of the Mile Creek Beet
ever was tion furnished the ungry men a
nd a few nplendid dinner.
Are we ]{. (j. Gaines of Central, had on
mine? exhibition nn improved in w rand
;inger alo, diBk hnrr w, which attracted tho
ar.d thepe fanners pie ent. Tie farmers in
the North and West keep up a regged
driv* u|ftr monthly mstit" e to relate
do Sam. t|1(i experience of each and discuss
1 heat he uj| jiinttt'rs pertaining to farming
/ jot) and (U)(j stock raising, hence they are
0 prisoner nin,.0 progressive than t!ie Southern
jail: "Not fjimier. They keep in close touch
constant. wi111 the latest improvements in
uive been fanning machinery and tools and
since you |)0W niothoda of farming.
1 not think Hon. Joel Miller gave an intert
prescrip- , Bt:.n<r talk on cheese making as a
sent it in, family industry, and exhibited n
} printing cheese ho made in his dining room
ie Kditor prnV,d this is a profitable
. , . home industry.
11 ( ("rops are being laid by on Crow
ne we pre- (jr(l(,k an(j urfJ veiy good. (J. C.
ie did not ?
sftker. Resolutions.
there wan Pickens, I'., July 7, lUOi.
uld havo WhertnB, Prof. W. M. Dot dy, of
, . .. this plaec, and Mihh Carrie G. Hill,
,sml>tl of (Sr..M,viile, S. C, intttructorN ,n
order and (tf tho County ^iiinmor School
i HHertiou at Pickens, have, by their untiring
had been ollbrth nnd devotion to their wmk,
el ^jU) j rendered incalculable aid and nssis
t i tance to ihft teachers in attendance,
1,1 have (,nd by th?*ir kind and considerate
whon he1 treatment of those under thuii i:?xnd
a half, Blriietiun, have proven their litneHB
Homo one ^,r t,l(! un<' ,'m0 ',ouoro<l position
of teaeh'T.
urns. Oh Thorefoie, io it resolved by the
i t-iinv h/is fooiilini'u n?taiwlinc Hfiid school. now
{ the read-1 in executive session assembled:
nal all the ; Fii'ft. That they sccept the thanks
, i of the teacher pupils for the interest
c lance we H||()W|, efforts i>ut forth for their
ill. it being betterment.
i married,! Second. Thst those in authority
take oto '** n,,(' "ro hereby requested to re'
member them in the lutnre as teachcommuni
(tJ.M WOrthy iJ recognition.
in a candi- And ho it further resolved that a
natrimony copy of these resolutions be presenteither
one. (l' and finnishod the Groen*
. . villo News and Pickens Kentmeb
( o von jounm| for publication.
it is guilty \li?s Mamie Ballentine,
ie whole." j Lenora M. Hendricks,
ie biogra- j?o. E. IIo id.
Announcements Tor Congressman for tin
Third Congressional District mid for Sollctto
froiu the hlghth Judicial Circuit, uiut for 11
County oftlceM \v111 bo inserted mulct this lieml
Ing from now until the Primary Kluetlon forth
sum of KIVK DOLLARS, ChhIi, ivt the time li
notice Is handed In. No deviation fr tun th
rule will be made.
For CouitrflHH Third DistrlctWe
arc authorized to aunouncn Hon. WYA'I"
AIKKK a candidate for re election to Oonnrcs
from the Third District, subject to the actio:
of the Democratic party in the primary elcctioi
I hereby announce myself a candidate f<J
Congress from the Third Congressional I?lstri<
of South Carolina, subject to the action of tli
Democratic voters in the urinary election.
1. 11. McCALLA.
t'ur ItHllroMd CoiiniiirtHionor
1 hereby aunouce myself ana candidate fc
the otilce of Railroad Commissioner, subject t
the State Democratic primary,
For House of HupreieiiUUvca.
1 hereby announce mynelf a candidate for th
llouse of' Representatives, Pickens county, sul
Jecl to the action of the Democratic party at th
approaching primary election.
T. .1. M AIM-DIN.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for n
election to the House of Representatives, sul
Ject to the action of the Democratic party in th
primary election. J. ASIIMORK IIINTON.
1 respectfully announce myself a candidal
for House of Representatives from IMcken
county, and pledge myself to abide the resn
and support the nominees of the Democrati
I hereby announce myself a candidate for th
House of Representatives from Pickens count)
subject to the action of the Democratic party f
the primary election. JOSKI'll H. K1NDLKY.
I respectfully Hiiuoutice myself as a cand
date for the House of Representatives of 1'icl
ens count, and pjedge myself to abide the r
suit, and to support the nominees of the Den
ocr.itlc party, LA11AN MAi.'LDlN.
ror Hlierltr.
I hereby announce myseif ti candidate for tli
ofttvc of SherHV of I'kkenx county, subject t
the HCtiou of the Democratic party In the I'r
mary election. K. FRANK LOOPRR
The many friends of A. .1KFK WI'.ldlORJ
respectfully announce him us a candidate ft
Sheriff of Pickens county, subject to the actio
of thn.approachitiK Democratic primary.
hereby announce myself a can<liilatc for th
olticc of Sheriff of Pickens county, suMcct t
the action of the Democratic party in the pr
marv election. J. C .MANNINGS.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for th
ollice of Sheriff of Pickens county, subject t
the action of the Democratic primary election.
At the solicitation of many friends I hercb
announce myself a candidate. for Sheriff o
Pickens county, subject to the action ol th
action of the Democratic primary.
I hereby Announce myself a candidate for th
otlice of Sheriff for Pickens -utility, subject ti
the action of the Democratic party in the pi I
marv election. DAXIKD I"'. SI TIIKRI.AN l>
I hereby announce myself a candliliite fo
Sheriff of Pickens county, suojvct to the aetloi
of the Democratic party at the approaehini
,.muni}, uvillvin K. KUAKK.
For Clerk of Court.
I hereby announce myself for re-eleetion l<
the olliee of Clerk of Court, Pickens county,
subject to the netiou of the Democratic voters
at the approaching primary- a. john iiouu8
For Tr?murcr.
At the solicitation of a few friends, but niort
to my own notion, and In accordance with n>>
own desire, 1 announce myself a candidate foi
Treasurer of I'lckens County, subject to the ac
lion of the Democratic primary election.
.1. 1). mookk.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for re
election to the olliee of Treasurer of Pfckcm
county, subject to th.? action of t In- voters in tin
primary election. IIKXItY W. KAItli.
The many friends of JiillX T. I-'KN'N Kl.l
hereby announce hlin a candidate for Trcasurci
of IMckeus county, subject to the action of tin
Democratic party at the approaching primary.
For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for re
election to the olliee of County Supervisor oi
Pickens county, subject to the action of tin
Democratic pi rty in the prlmars election.
The many friends of M ATTIIKW II r.NDKICKs
respectfully announce him a candidate tor tin
olliee of County Supervisor of Pickens count}
subject to the action of the Democratic primar)
The many friends'of \V. \V. A IK ICS' respect
fully announce him a candidate tor the olliee oi
Supervisor of I'lckens county, subjcil to I lie ho
tion of the Democratic primary.
The mnny friends of Wl l<l*I AM R. OATS ro
xpectfullv announce liiin as a candidate for (lu
ollice of Supervisor of I'lokenw county, miiijecl
to the iictlou of the Democratic party in the pri
luary election.
We hereby aiitinudce HOItKKT STl'.WAIJT i
candidate for the ollice of Supervisor of i'lck
ens county, suhjeel to the action of the Demo
oratio primary election. Voters.
The frieiuls of MuJ. . M. I.VNCII hereby
Hiiiiounce him as a candidate for the ollice ol
('oilnty Supervisor of I'ickeiiN connly, siibjool
to tho action of the Democratic party in tin
primary election.
Subject to the action ol the Democratic voter#
in the primary election. I hereby announce my
self us a camli'late for supervisor of I'ickeiu
county, ami pledge myself, if cleeted, to con
dud a clean, honest administration.
K?r C.imilv I'. I
The many friends of N. It MOOItK. respectfully
utinounce him a candidate for the olHct
of Commissioner of I'ickens county, subject in
the action of the voters in the Democratic priinary
At the request of many friends I hereby an
nonnce myself a ?'tiu?lt<Imt< for the ollice oi
County < 'omiulsKloner of I'lckcns county, sul?
Jeet to the action of the Democratic priinan
I hereby announce myself a candidate for tlx
ollice of founty Commissioner for 1'ickcm
County, subject to the action of the Dcumcratk
party In the primary election ?;, \v. Itownv
The many friends of o I' I' ll".I,I) respectful
ly Hiinouuce him a candidate for the ollice ol
County Commissioner of I'lckens county. Mil.
Jeet to the action of the Democratic patt) in the
primary election.
At the solicitation of m\ friends. I >>u. >>um< <
m)sell a candidate for the tillicc of County
Commissioner of I'lckens county, subject to tlx
action ol the Democratic party in the primary
election. H W. RICK,
I hereby announce myself a can li.latc for (lie
ollice of County Commissioner of I'lckcns
county, subject to the action of the Democratic
parly in the primary election.
sam l, lto(;<;sI
hereby announce myself a candidate for
County Cemmlssloner, I'lckcns eouiitv, subject
to the action <if the Democratic primary.
.1 \Ml.s M. c'lll,f?lli:ss.
1 III) II)IIII > muilljx III l(. M I', \\ \I(T
hereby announce IiIiii u ch i k 11< I it 1for the office
(if County (,'oiiiiii|?Mouor, I'ii-kniH County. nI>
JcotloiLc action of (lie Democratic voter* til
die HppKiiu'lilii:: )>rfimtry.
I hereby announce inwelf n cnnilMnto foi
re-election to tIk* ollice of t ouiity t'ominlsNloiici
of I'lekenx county, subject to the action of tht
Democratic party in the primary election.
A. It. TAM.KV, .lit
I hereby announce myxelf a camlUlntv foi
County Commissioner ?>f I'icken* county. ?ub
jeet to the action of the Democratic voters ii
(lie approaching |>rlinar> election.
\\ x. M. (J A NTT.
Kor A ml I tor.
I hereby nniiouiice myself a cninlMatc foi
re-election to the ollice of County Auditor foi
I'lc.keu* County uilijtt-t to the voter* of tin
primary election for l'h-ken-< county
I-,. K. K KITH.
fur Mupti of Condition.
I hereby announce myself a camtlilate for re
election to the ofllce i?r County superintended!
of Kducntlnn of I'ickcns county, subject to the
action of Hie Democratic primary.
It. T. HALLl'M.
We Need
' we have a sto
don't care to keep
o goods and prices "
"We have iron
* consisting o? Chil
sold at a price. 1
;; don't give a writt
" buy yourself a su
i: $1 00 ones for 50c
'i and so on Give i
have for yon. La
tho month of Tub
... able to take our r
" Hobbs-1 Eendersoi
! HOI' lis? 11
* ri
C Ml X
r __________
IwM "
Arc you ready for y
; wc arc. showing a nice line
will pay you to see this lin
; White Sea
The White Seal Cloth
larger towns for its seperu
durihility. None but the b
making this clothing and (
by an export. Wo arc she
conic, and let ns show yon
We are looking for
the rise and we can save y<
For CoronerI
herehv nniionnee invnelf ? eaiellilnte for the
Ollice i>l Coroner of I'lcketiH eon lity. subject to
the a.-tion of the Democratic |>aity In tfit pi I uiary
election. I'. t!, CAItTKK.
Ity the Kolleit;.;lon ol ninny frletids, I hereby
announce myself ti canilidate for the ollice of
' Coroner of I'lckens eoufcty, milI to the actIon
of the Democratic voters at the approach|
ink' prlinrry election
Very rcttped fully,
W, A. I/A KK.
Al tin- xollcilrtlion (if mniiv friciut* I hereby
iin11oitimTO inynelf 11* ft ?miihIi?Int?. fur the oll'icc
of Coroner of I'lckoiiK county, Htihjo'jt to the
action of the Monocrotic party In tin- approachiii?
| > r t in ii r \ I'.lcctloii. .1. I?KV I SA NI)KUS.
\ At tho solicitation of my frleiuls 1 again nnunuiicc
myself a ctiiiilMatc for theollieoof Coro.
ner of Pickens county, >ui<t ple'l^o mysolf to
ahhlo tho rOHiilt of the Democratic iirlnntry.
.1. .1 (.'II AN Df.KR.
\V?, tho frlcmlM of It \RNKY Ii. I'ORTKR ret
Hpoetfully announce him ii caixIMnte for IIih
otlioe of Coroner of I 'In Icoiim count v, nuhject to
I the iictloii of the Deiitooritlic primary election.
1 Vote
the Moni
>u Need tl
re full of desirable
i any souvenirs, fc
will talk for thems
a 300 to 500 pair o
cl reus, Ladies and
fou can buy one p
en guarantee with
>u can't realize hov
if. nnfil Arnri rvnf ah
. L W VA i.1. l-L L J W VA yj V A
TS at half price $2
50c ones tor 25c,
as a chance to slio
,st month was so
y to be as good and
est next month I
i <Jo is tlie place tc
'he Busy Jtee Ilivo...
Q and 5(J
our Spring Suit. Two piece Sn
made of "Milton Cloth." Ev
e. : : : :
I Hlnthina
LB VI V\l III 8 ^"3
ing is famous in all the
^rity in style and (it and
est tailors art; employed in
;ach garment is inspected
>vvilg a variety of styles
til rr?i i rrli
a big shipment of Hour this wee
on money. Call and get our pri
I ' " 1
The many f rlemD of .loll N .11 MAN hereby nn?
; omiiifu ltiiit a oniilMate for t'(ironor, I'lcKi'iiH
county, subject (o Hit- lion of the I>? tnocthlie
| votors In the approachliiK primary.
At llu* solicitation of iniuiy friends I hereby
announce myseli n candidate for the oillce of
t'oroitcr. IMckens county, subject to the action
of the Democratic party at the HpnioiiihinK
primary. I>. A. PAltUOTT.
! hereby announce myself a ciinilldate for
t'orouer, I'lckens county, subject to the action
I I the Democratic voters at the approaching
: primary. \V. C. RltAMI.KKT.
I hnrol.v . ...if ..
Coroner, f'iekvuH county, subject to the action
of the l>cmocratlc voti rs a* tlie a]>nrnacliluK
l>rluiary. .1. t. KOI-;.
For Mi<kIhI rale.
At the wiriest Millcltatlon of my frleiuls In
Pickens township, I hoichy announce ni> nclf a
candidate for re election to the oillce of MaKlsI
trute for Haiti township. Htililecl to the action of
| tlin votorH in the c.ouiiitR lienweiiatlo primary
I election. I am most respectfully. your obedient
xcrvant, J. K. HAKIMS,
le Goods.
merchandise and
)0 we mean to sell
f Low Cut Shoes,
Mens, all to be'
air for 50c but we
v cheap you can
.1' prices.
00 ones for $1 00
25c ones for 13c
w you what we
lively we want
il so we will be
)on't forget that
> liud goods cheap
1 11TIL1IV
? /
its are all the rage an d
rery suit guaranteed. It
k that was bought before
I hereby iinnnniicc myself u wtiii<tliltilo for tlio
fitllrc or .M i^ihirate, Pleken* ownshlp, nub loot
l?i llie action of till! Democratic |irimarv election.
For Cotton W?lK''?r.
I hereby announce niyxclf a camllilate for cotton
weltfiicr for I'ickenH township, subject to
tlit- iction of tlio voters In the election on AuX
nsl I3lh. .1. Kl,KM K SLIiEY.
Warning Notice.
Ali persons aro lioroby warned not
to hire, harbor, or in any way recoivo
into custody ray boii, \Vylio NorrU.
Th? snid Wylio Morris in uitfM . >
twonty ono years of ti^'o and liaa
mo without permission Any one doHiiitig
his services can secure them
ny n.'ivinfcj imii icgnuy douihi unuor
termn Unit nro nuitnble to me.
Mrp. M. A. ChildroHH,
July 11, 1004. Dacuoville, S. CJ.

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