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'Pickens Sentinel-Journal.
I ? - 1 "VL 1 . , L . ?
Happenings ol a Local and Personal Nature.
? ?
?Iiontl R. C. Cftft^rs add ft bout
bis great removal mile.
?Tho politost and most aoeablo
Jfltt^theso days i? tho cantlidalo.
on the 4th (nst., to Mr.
^ AUmiiwlni' o Oim
^K>urt convonos hero uext Monday
we will bo glad to havo you call
and seo us.
?Hevoral of our advertisers have
changed thoir ads this week. Don't
fail to read them.
?O, It. Parsons of Flowery Branch,
Gn., visited bis fatlu r, Coroner 13.
F. Parsons, last week.
? A child of Marion ltigdou, who
lives at tho Poo Mill, was buried
Sunday at Griffin church.
?Tho Hagood school, in district
No. 38, will opon next Monday with
Miss Lyda ltaukin as teacher.
??wl XT MM A T> XT T.I 1
?it ml, uuu jjaio. a, xv. ir*. rui^oi,
of Gaffney, visited tho family of
Judge J. 13. Newberry last week.
?John Fields and Frank M. Garrison
pnBsed tho successful examination
for entrance at Cleinsou collego.
?'Squire W. C. Bramlett has
moved to town, lie lias a daily mail
route from Fickeus to Table Moantain.
?Tho country watormelon and
tho county campaign will bo opened
al about one and tho same time this
?Rev. D. W. Hiott preachod an
oxcollont sermon Sunday night in the
Pickens Baptist church to a good audience.
?Tho thirteen-months-old child of
Mr. and Mrs. W. Clayton DickBon,
died laBt Thursday and was buried '
on Friday at Enon.
?Harry Harris, citv editor of the
Greenville Daily News, spent Monday
in Pickens, the guest of his friond
T. Qhristie ltobiuson.
Prof. Wm. E. Dundv left \VedIhcaday
for llock Hill to attend the
Sir.to Teacher's Association, which
ia now in so&sion at that placo.
?Androw Bramlett, professor of
mathematics in tho Georgia Technological
college, is spending his vaca
tion with his parents in Pickens.
?Now is tho tirne for merchants |
who havo anything which will boar
advertising to advertise. Tho duller
tbo tildes, tho xnoro printor'n ink you
/ . need.
-U ?
rr-When a girl is 1G she wants to
appear older Whou sho is older slio
wants to appear 10. 13ut what of it?
Tho opposite sex is guilty of tho
same thing.
?The residents of tho town should
use limo freely about their premises,
? ~ -i Ai. - : MI - * ?
uuu muy >vm navo uo ironojo wun
tho benlth oilicor when ho calls on
his inspeotion tour.
?A citizen of Pickons county
brought a two-horse load of chicken8
to this city Inst Friday and disposed
of thorn in ft very short while.?Anderson
?Despite tho extremely hot woathor
wo are experiencing in this section,
there is very little sickness
among our people, and the physicians
are having au easy tinio.
?County 8upt. of Education It. T.
Hftllum will not bo in his oflico Saturday,
on account of being in attomljiiico
upon tho State Teachers' Asso
I cintion, wiiich is in session at ltocl<
The contract for the ereclion of
tlio Graded School building was let
Monday eveniup: to B. E. Grundy.
The building will probably bo located
on the T. D. Harris lot nenr court
?The field crops of the county are I
said to bo looking an well now us
they have for yoar.s at the namo timo
of the year, and there are only a few
inHtauccB whore they have not beon
woll \yorked.
-^JL'ho Rev. Mr. Matheson who haH >
l)tfen elected pastor, will preach in '
the PickotiB i'resbvUrian church
next Snbbath morning and night at
tho usual hours. A 'f>rpe con.^rogntion
should greet him at both soi viceH.!
? Mirried, on Wednesday after
noon, Juno 29th, 1904, at the home
of tho bride'a father, Kev. H. W.
Jiurta, nour Honoa Path, by Rev. W.
B. McCuen, Mr A. G. Wood, of WilliamBton,
and MiaH Olivia Burts.?
Anderson Intelligencer.
?Saturday thore appeared boforo
tho county board of education the
largest number of competitor for tho
? scholarship* in tho various inatitu
K ^ ' lions of tho State in tho hiatory of
' J JHh>'county, 'ifhero were 28 applicants I
? 17 young ladies and 11 young men
from overy flection of the county.
?Judge Geo. W. Gage, of Clicstu-,
linn boon granted leavo of absence "
from the State by Gov. Hey yard in
order to try to recuperate liin failing
health. Ho will go to Scotland for
several months. Judge Gago would
havo been the presiding judge at tlio
fall term of court for Pickens county.
> r
Call on It. C. Carter at tho
Brown Building.
?Mrs. J. RI. Clement, who has
beon'quite sick, is nblo to bo up again.
- Look in our show window and
sen what time it is. Pickens Drug
? Wanted a school by experienced
teacher; reference; apply to "H." box
2, Pickens, S. C.
?Mrs. W. E. Doucly roturned
homo Tuesday evoning from a visit to
relatives nt Yorkville.
?Col. F, A. Lewis is very anxious to
know what has becoiuo of tbo littlo
bugs that travel tbo highways backward.
?Rev. O. M. Abnoy preached an
excellent sermon Sunday in the Pickens
Methodist church on "Motherhood."
? Clerk of Court A. J. Uoar/m. who
is confined to his room with fovor, is
improviug, to tho joy of his ninny
?II. Jl. Webb and wife left Monday
for Andrews, N. C., whoro they
will spend some timo with their son,
Dr. lien Webb.
?Mrs. J. M. Childress, who has
heen sick with fevor, is improving.
Hor son, who recently fell and broko
hia arm, is doing nicely.
?All persons i tores ted in tho
^rave yard at Enon church will moot
thero July '21st, for tho purposo of
cleaning oft' Mm ?>v?vo vnvri
o t>k,,,v j'uv"
?All interested iu cleaning oil' the
grave yard at Griiliin church aro roquested
to meet there eurly P riduy
morning the 22nd in3t. with bu itablo
?If you are hunting bargains in
pummor goods, read carefully the
ndvertifo nouts in The Sontinel-Journal
nod you will know where to got
?Homer, son ot J. W. Sutherland,
Vho a short time atro foil off <>f n
mule and broke his leg, and who 1ms
sinco had a spell of fovor, is now improving
?The committee of tho grand jury
appointed to examine the books of
tho county officers, met Tuesday for
that put pose and found, we suppose,
everything o. k.
? To all the people who owo me
for beef I liopo you will pay up at) ?>f-1
ten as once a week. That helps mo
along. Your friend,
J. D. Monro.
jf-4? John Ellis Day, tho littlo son of
W. T. Day, of tho Maynard section,
has somewhat of a curiousity in a
bantam hen that litis never layod an
egg, but has set twice and is now
carrying a brood of chickens. "John
Ellis" would put her on a nest and
kept working with her until alio sot
on a litter of oggs and hatched them
? On Tuesday evoning of court
week the Pickens chapter, U. D. C.,
will give a lawn party at the court
house to which tho public is most
cordially invited. ltofroBhmonts will
bo served, and tho proceeds applied
to tho building of tho Hampton monument.
Those ?vho dosire it can got
ieo croam, cako, etc., at and after six ,
?L. (1. Burgess a brother to J. .1.
Burgess, of this county, died at his
home near Piercetown, in Anderson
county, on the 7th instant, a<*ed
years. Besides a wifo and four child
ron no leaves a father, mother and
fivo brothers to mourn his (loath.
His remains were laid to rest tho day
following his death at Six and-Twont\
church yard.
Don't forget to call on It. C. Carter
at tho Brown IIouso building.
?Every school hoy knows that a
kite would not fly unless it had a
string tying it down. It is just so in
lifo. The man who is tied down by
half a dozen blooming responsibilities
and their mother, will malco a highor
and stronger fi^lit that tho bachelor,
who having nothing to keep him
steady is awlways floundering in the
mud. If you want to ascend in tho
world, tie yourself to somebody.
/ - During the past month negotiations
between Oconoo and I'iokoiiH
counties and Mrs. Salena Kavonel for
the purchase of Itavruel's Bridge
ovor Seneca Hiver wore closed and
tiio bridge Lecame tho proporty oi
the two counties. Tho price was
$l,r>()0, which was fixed by tho Inst]
Legislature, the action of that body
making it mandatory for tho two I
counties to own tbo bridge. As it is
now public property tlioro will bo no
toll in tho futuro.
? (}. W. Proflit of the firm of
Maul din ami Proflit of Pickens, who
are fust class blacksmiths, and wood
... i ?i ?j-i?
nuinmuii mm jiuiuiorH nnvo j 11st. over
hauled the paooonger conch of the
Piekcna Railroad and bavo done a
mighty flno job f painting. The
coach lmH l>een petitioned off, a flection
built in for a baggnge room, the
hi*tith repaired and enamelled, the
coach repainted inside and out, and
lettered. It lookH liko a brand new
one juflt from the factory. Thny will
Boon ovorhaul tlio combination coach.
If you want Roma ftrat olauu painting
done givo tho job to Mauldin and
\s Goodwin-Richey.
On the 4th of July, 1904, Mist
Olga liichey, of Pickens, wns happily
married to Mr. H. Ernmott Cood
win, ut the residedce of tbo officiating
minister, ltov. J. B. Pavrott, Clin
ton, S. C. Immediately after tli<
ceremony tbo happy couplo boarded
ono of the Atlantic Coast Line
trains for their futuro homo in Charleston.
Tho bride is well known t<
the peoplo of this community ns u
young lady of rare attainments and
charming personality, wlmso friende
are legion. She is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. II. A. Jiichcy, of Pickens,
and durinf? the Vflflra c\f
o j v"
womanhood in this community, wiu
conspicuous in every eflbrt of church
and society that had for its purpose
tho promotion of some good end, inul
hor leaving is u distinct Joss to Pickens.
Mr. Goodwin is a prosperous
young business man of Charleston,
whose fortune in securing so great n
prize is beyond estimate. Tho best
wishos of a host of friends attend
tliem as they begin their united journey
through life. M.
Mr. Boggs Makes Address.
The connty8uminerschool closed Saturday.
Tho school has been well at.
tended and satisfactory work has
boon accomplished. lion. Julius
E. i3oggs delivered an interesting
lecture before the teachers Saturday
morning in his characteristic force
ful manner. Mr. 13ogtrs enjoined
upon tho teachers tho importance ol
training tho moral sentiment that
exists in oveiy child, lie was in :i
position to see tho wooful neglect of
such training.
"That a teacher," ho said, "who
works for salary alono, no matter how
largo it may bo, is poorly paid indeed.
Tho greatest reward of tho teacher is
developing tho intellect and training
in the child for future usefulness.
Verily tho reward of such teachers is
never fully paid in this transitory
life, but there is treasure in heaven."
The County Singing Convention.
Tlin P;?lr,..,o
,vi>kuo kuuaiy Hinging convention
will moot with tho Cross
Koads Baptist church, on Saturday
before tho second Sunday in August
next, at 10 o'clock a. in. Wo hope to
have a full delegation from all tho
churches, singing choirs and Sundoy
schools in tho county,
Laban Mauldin,
Chtn. Ex. Com.
Pickens County Democratic Executive
Tho County Democratic Executive
Committee of Pickens county, is
called to meet at the court lionsn <m
tho 15th day of .July, to transact
business ol' import unco. This committeo
is composed of one from each
club, unci it full attendonce is requested.
C. K. Robinson,
Liberty Items
The annual family reunion of the
dnscondants of T. J. Boggs, Sr., is set
for Saturday beforo tho second Sunday
in August. Addresses will ho
expected by Rev. Kov. W. L. Hoggs
and Solicitor J. ID. Boggs. The reunion
will ho held in the grove just
west of tho old homestead. All bring
well filled baskets, as diuner will bo
served on tho ground.
Miss Willio Parsons, who has been
visiting her brothers in Koine, Ga.
and Cedartown, Ga., has returned to
her homo again.
C. H. Stribling, of Dallas, Texas,
accompanied by his sisters, Mrs. M.
Li T .. 1 * *
o. UUU118101), ot Sacramento, (Jul., and
Mrs. S. A. Tcrroll, of Greensbvire,
Ark., aro the guosts of their sistor,
Mrs. W. 8. ParMons.
Mr. Tnnice \V. I'm sons mado a
short visit here among his relatives
last week. We are always glad to
see T. W.
Mrs. J.H. Brown visited her sister,
Mrs. J. W. Strickland, in Atlanta,
last week.
Mrs. Kufus Lawrence, of Central,
visited friends hero last week.
Dr. Burgess, of Seneca, was hero
Monday doing some dental work for
patients of the town and community.
Mr. and Mrs. It C. Carter are
visiting their parents in Gainesville
(la., this week.
Mr. C. lv. Parse.is, of Flowery
Branch, visited relative and friends
here last week.
Road to Let.
Bids will bo received by tho under
signed for tho grading and building
ft new roft(I trom nonr J. II. Newton'
to noftr the Into W. S' Kirksoy'tf, ?
dislfttico of about 11alf it mile, up to
12 o'clock ou 15th July 1001.
L. D. Stephens, HuperviHer.
A. li. TftlloVi Co. Commissioner.
OnntOet PootHoroI (Jot Alien' n Foot-Kimo
A wonclcrfu' powder Hint euros tir?-*I. iichiiix,
HwcntliiK fi'i" anil makes now or UkIU shoes
ensy, Ask to-day for Alton's l-'ool I'ase. Aoocpt
no substitute Trial paekaKo I'KIX. Address
A, 8. Olmsted, l.ckoy, N. Y.
TUf 1 * n.-pfii
luauAum Co rroiilll,
PickoiiM, S. C\
IMackemithin^ and Woodwork,
Bugglos Repainted and striped sume
hh now.
All Work Guaranteed.
S Where 1 am 1
turners than e
of Shoes at cos
Make my s
s , s s s / / f / ' / / / /./ f j /, y J, y ^ '
s VVc Have a (;nll Stock of \ j
v. N
the Well Known
? S
; ..AND.. $
,'Q v
Prices Right.
Catalog on Request.
V $
Columbia, S. C.
/ S / S/ s / / > ' / / / '/ s V V 'rs
H. Snider,
(W) cfc
fcTJT1 ^ ^ ^ ^
Old Postoffice Building,
I landles a lull line ol Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry. Repair
work receives prompt attention.*,
v.\ v.\
*47" TEW * ovv i? a rt r*
YY . n. /idniriuKr,
To got your Buggy Tiro
Set with the
Co'd Tire Setter ^aaiine]
"It Does it Right"
better prepared to
ver. J am also clo
t to make room to:
;tore your lioadqvu
M Prices m
All kinds of Summer Goods fo
cool if you would be comfortabl
suits if you want to enjoy '- The
Strouse J
High >1
Art 2B
Clothing Cffl
Wo arc well supplied with all k
Dry Goods, Shoes, Mats nndGi
Just received a big lot ol
gandies and dimities. Solid ca
1 lardware ol every description,
and Furniture, anything everytl
July and August are usually the
make lively months, call on us I
to you to make your wants kno>
I T* / \ I O r
Sole Agents for t
Strousc & Hrc
Battle A
\\ line is almo:
IV 4^M) especially 0111
)J |4r/ ily and Fount
(/ I/ Mi will interest )
js A good i4a
\\ Syringe for
I/ A good Fc
\\ tain Syring
u Pickens Dru
J) ?^?Drugs & S
V\ N. 13.?Our aim is
// want and to
: .1 m
serve my cus- I
>si.n?; out a lot 1
r a new stock. %
U'ters when in J
Liberty, S.C ^
i I Mill
r July and August. Keep
c. Buy one of our Two-piece
Good Old Summer Time,"
i Is the
JSl'afc. r
gv>ll^ KIND
inds of light summer clothing,
ents Furnishings.
* colored and white lawns, or,se
of white lawn, 6c to 25c.
Buggies and Wagons, Stoves
ling with prices always right,
dull months but lively prices
for anything you need. Its up
,vn, we will do the rest.
1 1 1 V 7 l\ i\ 1^1 I ;
he Mitchell Wagon
>s. Clothing and
xe Shoes.
;f rnmnli'tr>
r line of I;am- I\
:ain Syringes V V /)
mily gQC * ^ ^ ^
en' 1.00 |
g Company, u
>tationery.~H~-^~ Zr
. to have what you j)
sell it to you right. rf

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