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Wo trend n hotter earth to-day
Thau that tho fathers know;
A broader sky lino round* away
To realms of deottor blue.
Moro ample in the human right.
More truo the human ken:
Tho law ol' God has been a light
To lead the lives of men.
He led our generation on
In mist of smoldering lire:
To more than all the cc?uturh*8 gone
The marching years aspire.
Across the onward sweep of timo
Wo strain our vision dim.
And all tho ages roll and eiiinb
To lose themselves in Him.
Mr. Martin hail just come In to ten.
It was one of those sultry summer
evenings when the leaves hang stirstorm.
lessly on the trees, and dull electric
llres blaze along the east, foroboders
of a storm.
It had been very hot all day, the
farm-hands had lagged at their work
on the lowland meadow, and all the
world's wheels seemed to revolve as if
they were weighted. Mr. Martin was
very tired, and withal, a little cross.
Perhaps Mrs. Martin was tired, too.
She, poor soul, had been up sinc e four
o'clock in the morning. She had
washed, taken care of four cows' bilk,
pretmrvu niree meats ior tne nungry
ia"mhands, been up in the quarry
woods to search for a family of adventurous
young turkey-chicks, soothed
the sorrows of a teething baby,
and mended up the suit of clothes
which Betsey LJlim, the tailoress, had
declared "not worth a needleful o'
thread!" because Thomas, her husband,
had said that, "willful waste was
woeful want," and that there was a
deal of wear in the suit yet. if only
that was a stitch taken here and there.
But her checks were pink and her
eyes sparkling when Thomas came in,
for all the heaviness of her heart and
the dull pain in her back, for little
Esther had come home from boarding
Esther, the youngest sister of all,
the darling of the family-circle from
which Mrs. M;irtin came, the pet for
whom they all had scraucd and ninch
ed so that she, at. least, might have a
"Boston education."
And Esther sat in the window-seat,"
grown into a blooming young woman,
with bronze-brown hair lying in
fluffy masses over her fair forehead,
porcelain-blue eyes, an 1 a dress all
trimmed with ribbon bows.
"Look, Thomas!" cried Mrs. .Martin,
excitedly, "it's Essie! Essie come home
two days before we expected her!"
"Yes, i sco," said lit-. Martin, in the
cold, measured tone; which always
dampened his wife's enthusiasm like
so many drops of freezing water.
"IIow c!o y<on do, EsShor? Rutli, what
are yon putting cold chicken on the
table for? Corned-beef is plenty I
am blire. You had a great deal better
save the chickcn for the men's
breakfast. Working folks have hearty
"Esther is fond of cold chicken,"
whispered Mrs. Martin.
"No ono net d want anything better
than good corned-beef," judicially pronounced
Mr. Martin. "Put the chicken
back into the pantry, and the apple
jelly with it. Good stewed gooseberries
are relish enough for anybody.
We must economize in little things as
well as large ones if we don't want
to end our days in the poor-house."
And Mrs. Martin sorrowfully obeyed,
while Essie watched her brother-inlaw
with large, grave eyes betokening
inward surprise.
( At the-end of a week, Mr. Martin
addressed iii>; sister-in-law with serious
"Weil, Esther," said fei, "you've
been here a week now."
"Yes," said Essie, "I've^becn here a
"A week is a good long visit," remarked
Mr. Martin.
"It's long enough for some things,"
said Essie.
"Mrs. Martin thinks she would like
to have you stay." went, on Mr. Martion,
after a puzzled glance at the blue,
shining eyes. "And although, of
course overv one ndilK to l lie evi>f>nse
iii a family !iko this, I've no objection
to giving you a home, provided you
are willing to mm it by hard work."
"Stop!" cried lls-de. jumping up. "I
haven't asked you for ?'i home yet.
And I don't mean to. And you are
only making mo the offer because?
Doctor Dorian says ltuili will break
down unless : he has a strong maidservant
to help her with the hoi::.work.
But there is no money that
would hire nie to mak( my. ell such a
drudge poor Iluth is."
"Hoity-toity!" said .Mr. Martin,
"Young woman, you don't. consider
whom you are talking to."
\ es, l do, said bsslP, will) emphasis.
"To a liluehcard. lo a stor I.
n stone, a man who is grinding hi*
wife's life out on the pitiless wheel ol
money-making. No, i wouldn't live
a? Ruth does, not it' you would put m<
in a palace!"
"Humph!" said he. "Fine ider.'i yon
have not at tlivs fashionable hoarding
school of yours. Well, if you don'l
like my offer, you're not obliged to accept
it. Be a fine lady, if you please
and see where it will land you."
By way of answer. TCsie marched oul
of the room with i II the dignity of r
royal princess. S.io only stopped ir
the' kitchen long < rtough to kiss Ruth
who was in the mid.;? of a baking.
"Poor dariing," paid she, "how 1
wish I cr,ild carry you off with me
For stay, I won't!"
Wo naze upon the a-ous past?
A blind and tumbling surge,
And slowly, from tlio weltering vnst
behold ti low emerge.
The water ?eem? to lieavo and sway
In chaos nndenied,
Yet not a foam Hake goes astray,
For IIo wni wind and tide.
Oh, Purpose of the stumbling years,
Oh, Wistfnl Need and Hope.
Whereby in all the woven spheres
Tim atoms yearn mid grope;
Flow through I ho wandering will of rniin
A tide of slow decree,
And merge our strivings in tlio jilnu
That draws the world to Thee.
?Chicago Standard.
"Life is hard work, Essie, said Mrs.
Martin, beginning to cry, In spile ol'
herself; "and it's a woman's duty to
help her husband."
"And I mean to help mine?when 1
nave one," said Essie, blushing brightly.
"But. not by wearing myself out."
Mr. Martin shook his head.
"If Stephen Smith is foolish enough
to marry that saucy gipsy, she'll lead
him a pretty life," said he. "1 wonder
if she expects to sit on a satin sofa
all her days, with a rose in her hand,
and her hair frizzled, in that preposterous
fashion, all over her eyes? But
I warn 'em, they need never come to
me for help! Esther has treated me
with too much insolence for me ever
to receive her again."
"I am sure she did not mean anything,"
said Mrs. Martin, apologetically.
"Well, then, her words belied her
meaning," remarked Thomas Martin,
grimly compressing his lips.
But Stephen Smith was apparently
undaunted by the possibilities of ruin
predicted by Farmer Martin, for he
married Esther and went to the city
10 live, within, three months.
"I'll give 'em a year to come back
here and eat humble pie," said Martin
. i.mn u ? vij .
"Oh, Thomas, don't talk so!" said
his wife. "One would think you would
be glad to havo some evil befall
"And so I should," said Martin,
viciously grinding his teeth together.
"That girl needs a lot of humbling,
and 1 hope she'll get it."
Three years afterward there came
one of those terrible droughts that undo
a farmer's life-work in a season,
and swept away his prospects as an
autumn wind sweeps a sere forest.
| The cattle died, a pestilence broke out
i among the flock of sheep, which Thos.
1 Martin had just brought a high wind
I)lcw his best barn over, and diaster
stared him in the faeo on every side.
"It's no use talking," he said. "I
can't meet this year's interest on tl?e
j mortgage. The place will have to go."
"Oh, Thomas!" groaned Mrs. Martin,
who, poor soul, now lay all day
on a hard wooden lounge, and groaned
to see how woefully she was needed at
the helni.
"I can't help it," said Martin.
"Everything is against me."
"It's only five hundred dollars," said
Mrs. Martin. "Von miglit borrow it."
"Who'd lend to me, I'd like to
know?" said Martin, remembering
with a sigh how Ik had hardened his
I iure KxnuiKi every nuuime suppliant m
! the golden days of liis prosperity.
"There's lather's htishuml," SUKl
Rested Ruth, "i've Heard that he is
| doing well in Hcston. And, after all,
Esther's my own sister."
Mr. .Martin's features contracted into
a hideous grimace. Of all the hitter
cups which circumstances had held
to his lips of late tliis was the bitterest.
Hut it had to he swallowed. There
j was no nelp for it.
"I didn't suppose Smith's folks lived
: as genteel as this," said ho to himself,
I as a neat maid led liiin across an o<
iagonal vestibule, floored with blackami
-red marble, and fragrant with
{lowers. under the golden fringe of an
u:it lotto pcrt!?.:<, into n large, tajtefully-furnlshc
1 room, win re the singing
birds, the open ; iano, the low satin
sr fa all betokened no laek of
Vt . ?Mr. fniit;; \\a.i nt home. lie
bad not yet tone ">o the st< re. and
presently he cine in, waving w? b-outings
to the man who had married l*st
ii< r's sister.
"Lend y< ,i :i thousand dollar;-;?" aid
lie. "Of cm!r.-e we ean lend you a
thousand dollar:' \yiiat is money for
If not t?? help ea? h other wilh. < ii,
yes. We've a snug little sum laid
i p in the ban! , and we live very (onij
foi'tnbly. My :.;?:d:i?.s.<? Yes. it's to!(
rnl.le, but it n; vrr got us all theso
! things." fiar. ;ag at the soft arabes<!
i .4 of tie carpet, t! < graceful folds
j of the crimson silk eurtaiuR, and the
j c.sol Hi led with proof engravings.
| is mv wife's doing."
| "j-Ii?" said Mr. Martin, staring
, around him.
\ | "Vi aid i-:itli. with a eci'tnin,
r quiet : ati.'faf lion, "l'ssie Ik :in ar*
list, you know--a designer. She ili:
vents j;a(t' rns for t!i paper-hangei-H
I and upho! '< ' r. . Tiiey are glad to
i i.; > her ( !!. dollars a week."
; "Fifty dollars a week!" exclaimed
Thomas Martin. "Why that's more- ?
iifty dollars is, I mean?than poor
, Hutii mode by all her poultry for a
year. Well, i never!"
t In all his life ho had never respocti
ed Essie as her respected her now.
i "She has money laid up," raid Ste,
phen Smith. "And if she's the woman
i think she is, she won't grudge it to
I j l?elp her s-ister's husband in a pinch."
. j (.all and bitterness?rail and bitterl
n**>s! But, thought poor Martin, wit>
a sigh, how was Stephen to Unow all
that had como and gone?
Essie's light step, 011 \he passage- j
way, sounded at this instant; and she j
came in, dressed in a picturesque
brown linen bloHse; her hair still
shading her forehead, like a fringe of
floss silk, after tho old, graceful fashion.
"Yes," she said, brightly, when her 1
brother-in-law's errand was stated to :
her; "of course you shall have it. I j
uw? you us mucn as mat, i mini;, :
Thomas, were it only to craso from
your memory that last scene of our
parting. How defiant and insolent it
was to bo sure!" and she laughed the
sweetest of mellow laughter. "But I
insist upon it, still, that my theory was ;
correct; a woman can work, without j
becoming a drudge."
"Perhaps she can," slowly and unwillingly
admitted Thomas Martin?
"perhaps she can! But it didn't use to
be so, in my mother's clays."
And he sighed to think of poor Ruth,
broken down in the meridian of her
days, by the cruel necessities that drive
the wife of an American farmer to her
doom. Was it his own fault? Perhaps
it was.
Essie's thousand dollar loan was the
straw wllicll fcJIVO/l Mm ffnm <lorn,.a_ '
tive drowning. Ho paid the interest, !
bought a new flock of merino sheep,
and weathered the storm.
And the next year when Essie came '
to the farm to assist her sister, for
the lir3t time she found Ruth sitting
on the piazza, and watching the little
lambs play in the sunshine with listless.
heavy eyes.
"Yes," said Ruth, "I can't work any
more. But Thomas is very kind, lie
don't grudge the hired girl's wages,
and he is always saying he wished he
had taken more t are of mo in the old
times. But it's too lale now. You .
were right, Essie, when you said you
wouldn't stay?on here, and help with
( Kzv 1
lUU Iiv/IIDC? Ul IV.
"Yes," said Essie, fondling the thin
hand which lay nn the arm of the
rooking-chair, "I think 1 was right."
, ?New York Weekly.
The propellers of the fast auto boats
revolve 1250 times a minute, giving a
<pec I of 23 miles an hour.
Of all the money transactions in the
country, J>7 percent are carried through
by < heck; only 3 percent by notes or
Every fire station in Berlin is equippe?'
with an oxygen apparatus for reviving
persons overcumo by smolio
, l. , 4 I
Radium is the most remarkable substance
011 earth. The energy that a
gram will give on before it is entirely
dissipated would raise 500 tons cue
mile high.
Of the 12.Ton newspapers and peri
uuiv Hi."> |iiiuiiMicii i!i iivi fiimiy, jnurt?
ihr.n 27 percent are in other languages
Hum Herman, 'J percent being in ISnglij-.h
Austin Smith <?t' Clinton. N. Y., is
the oldest living college graduate in
this country. He eclehrated his 100th
birthday recently and was graduated
from Hamilton college in I82(J.
A German statistician states that every
year the dentists use about $500,j
000 worth of gold and that the richest
I gold mine s in a few centuries will bo
graveyards ami cemeteries.
There arc upward of 80,000 inhab:
itants on llu! slopes ami skirts of
Vesuvius. If it wore not for the fertilizing
effect, of the volcanic products
not move than one-tenth of that number
would be able to find means of
subsistence there.
Walnut is only employed In France
I m cabinet and carpenter's work. In
1002 the Imports of walnut wi re 21">2
' tons and exports tons. During
! the last, four years the imports have
I steadily declined, while exports have
j increased from SG'Jl' tons in 1S90 (o
, 502H tons in 1902.
El Cafelal,a coffee trade journal pub*
| lished in New York, i.< authority lor
j the statement that the quantity of cof|
foe yearly bought and sold in tho
I world's trade is worth $2.r>.ri,000,000,
j which probably corresponds to a net
| yield from < or l,8nu,000,000 cofi'eo
i trees in full bearing.
A jeweler in Turin has made a tiny
boat of a single pearl. The hull is
finely shaded, and might serve as a
model for n racing slcop, the sail is
of hen ten jjold, studded with diamonds,
and tho t?innacle light is a perfect
j ruby. An emerald rerves as its rudder
{ and its stand is a slab of ivory. Its
weight is I< f/? than an ounce, and it is
said to havo cost
It is diflkult in CScrmany for a
professional rogue to enter a family
u.s ;t iidiiichik: (iorvaiii. mere every
servant lias a character hook, in which
the mistr< ss must enter the dates of
the coming anil leaving of the servant,
with her character while in the s rvice.
This the girl is obliged to take to
I the nearest police station and have it
j dated with the ofllcial stamp, thus preventing
the manufacture of bogus recommendr.t
Echind the Mark.
"So you're going to send his letters
back, are you?" asked the blonde.
"Yes," replied ihr.* brunette, with I
tears in her eyes. ' Hut not until 1
have copied them all. They will makn
a splendid book, ?nd I have a lovelv
title for them already?"The Letters
of a Lazy I.over."?Cincinnati TimesS'-ar.
As Candidate for President
at Convention of Populists.
All Candidates Withdrew in Favor of
Georgian, Who Waa Nominated
by Acclamation ? Meeting
Held in Springfield, III.
Thomas E. Watson, of Georgia, for
president, and Thomas H. Tlbblos, of
Nebraska, for vice president, was tho
ticket nominated by acclamation Tuesday
by the populist national convontlon
in session at Springfield, 111.
Tho names of William V. Allen, of Nebraska,
and of Samuel W. Williams, of
Indiana, were placed before the convention
for president, but before tho
list of states had been completed in
the roll call tlielr names wore withdrawn
and Watson was nominated by
Whether Watson will aecept tho
nomination no one in the convention
seemed to know, and all efforts to secure
somo definite information from
Watson's friends failed. Watson was
quoted as saying that if tho democrats
at St. I>ouis nominated William R.
Hearst he would support Hearst for
3id Platform Reaffirmed.
The platform ns adopted reaffirms
former platforms and demands the issue
of money by the government m
such quantities as shall maintain stability
in prices, tho establishment of
postal savings banks, abolition of child
labor, the eight-hour day, and tho initiative"
?it <1 rofpvonitnm
by injunction is denounced. The monopoly
plank reads:
"To prevent unjust discrimination
and monopoly the government should
own aii'l control tho railroads and
those public utilities- which in their
nature a?<> monopolistic. To perfect
the postal service the government
should he immediately withdrawn.
Corporations being the creatures of
government should be subjected to
such government regulations and control
as will adequately protect the
public . Wo demand the taxation of
monopoly privileges, v.'hilo they remain
in private hands, to tho oxtent
of the value of privileges granted.
"We demand that congress shall enact.
a general law uniformly regulating
the p'>\ver and duties of all Inoorported
companies doing interstate business."
Democratic Sub-Committee Renders
n ? r? t ^
rvcpui i un o^rioanoricii ^oniesi.
A St. Louis special says: The subcommittee
of the national democratic
committee which on Monday and Monday
night heard the evidence of the
fourteen con teats in the state of Illinois
reported Tuesday to the national
committee that it was tho unanimous
opinion of tho sub-committee
that the Hopkins delegates be allowed
to retain their seats. Tho report
wa concurred in, and the Hopkins
people will hold their seats, unless
ousted by the action of the committe;>
on credentials.
Tho decision of the sub-commltteo
was based on the ground that tho
state convention was supreme; that
tho fights in tho district caucuses are
not proper matters for adjustment by
the national committee, and that it
is not the business of the national
committee to go behind the record
of the convention as submitted to
The fight should, in the opinion of
tho committee, have been made In
the slate convention before the complrtlon
of tho record of tho convention.
The victory of tho Hopkins faction
was also a defeat for W. J. IJryan,
who has made the fight almost a personal
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local application?., a?: they cannot
roach the diseased portion of the
ear. There is only one way to cure
deafiK'3s, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflame:)
condition of the mucous lining
of tlie KiiStachian Tube. When this
tube is inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing, and when
it is entirely closed, Deafn'ss is the
result, and unless the inflammation
can lie taken out and this tube p'st.or
<'(i io us normal condition, licarlin;
will he destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which !s nothing hut an Inflamed condition
of t!ie inn con 8 surfaces.
W'v will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars freo
P. J. C1HSNEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 7oc.
Take Hall's Family Tills for constipation.
When bilious take Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. For t-ale
by I IckeiiR Drug Store, ijarlc's Drug
{ Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty. ?f
i I ?
[ ?ifmyjmw I -|
I (Tm~ ~
| AVegetablePreparntionforAs- %
\ similating the Food andRegula'
ting ihc Stomachs and Bowels of >y
" * ?^
Promotes Digcstion.CheerfuFi\ess
and Rest.Contains neither
Onium.Mornliino nor'NtiiuMvil ^
Punv.k 'ui Sc**t~
ytlx.Sniml *
/fe'Attl* Smlit ? , .Jttj
Slaitr Snrtf f ' :,j <
/ i
Hlfffi Sfti Cln/ifird
Sugar tm .
HfoAny/wv* rTatvr. A
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipn ife I
Hon,Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea $ I
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- $ I
ncss and Loss of Sleep. ? \
i FacSinulc Signnlure of
' yEW yoRK fj
|V?> -J? '
Mrs. Onie Tanner Makcs Unusual Appeal
to Courts. .
Through her attorneys, Mrs. On in
Tanner, of Cllnchem district, Hall
county, Ga., lias filed her petition 10
I the superior court of the county ask|
ing that her maiden name, Onie Dun*
can, be restored. She sets forth as
sufficient cause for the petition that
; shortly after her marriage to Wiley
Tanner his death occurred under un*
I usual circumstances and tha; the fatii;
er and ether relatives of 1i<t lale husband
prosecuted her bitterly t.n a
] charge of murdering him. On account
I of this relentless prosecution she does
not wish to hear the name of Tanner,
hut desires the court to allowed her
to resume her father's name.
The ense is an unusual one. Frequently
divorced w'ves are given their
| niai.len names back after Final legal
I separation. Very rarely persons have
their names changed by the <-ourt or
| by special act of the leginlature. Hut
j the petition of a widow for the restoration
of her maiden name is of very
infrequent occurrcnee.
No Pity Shewn.
I "K:>r years fate was after me con.
tinuously," writes F." A~ '(Full edgi\Vci
; bena, Ala. "I had a terrible ease of
i'iles rau.-ing 24 tumors. When all fail1
ed Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured me."
r>t]iiauy lor UlirilS HIKI fill nC'IlCSl
land pains. Only 2oc at Pickens Drug
: Company. ti
, Objectci to Paying Two Farec for One
Continuous Ride.
A Nov/ York dispatch says: Defying
i the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company
to collect a second fare between Brooki
lyn and Coney Island, nearly 1,000 pas|
sensors were ejected during Sunday
! when ihe c ars reached Neck Road,
! where the second nickel Ik taken. A
| number of fights occurred. A recent
' court dochion hearing on the question
! was to the offset that * passengers
were entitled to ride ail the way foi
flvo cents
| Want your moustachc or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
Cut I Ms cut and return to ut IniW^ of iMrly ?!iys and njr
end Set Witch h ru!s? mfl / ? n; r.i. nl. I r>r (* /< art- rra"fe (f I
H guarantee and wlil *rjr . lifrt i r Hie movement i*. one rf th?
BH Clock Atfclr. hut instead will compare with any $j\ to watch,
pi v heiher > i ? deilre the dust pfool < r i idlfi1 (i Genti' HuA(ii>|
I Dlckena Chain. Orw Intaglio Charm. One Pair laxrr Sleeve Ui
Pearl flack Cellar Huttm* On* Topu OiamonJ 5tud. (ill the
Teeapoona. AM the aI ove 5en? I'ree provided you allow t?* to r<
H f 4 '/S We are willing to shlf? the entire outfit as deunhed C.C
H| la not the tifjeii bargain you ever received from any firm, the (
83 cent If you will remit $4 gt with order we will forward a'l the
H Present coniLMlnj d One Hollow (Iround F.ifra I In* $2 SO Ke?<
H en offer to Introduce their Cigars, and remember If you are not f
m Incorporated Capital, $26,000.00. CLICK-RIKI
For Infants and Children.
hfi Kind Ymi. * *
T, - -Tvlise p
Always BougsA
Bears the / \ &
Signature / ,M |)
i IB
y For Over
Thirty Years
ma i uniH
'-<> nF?
Vnfc. aIwiiV" r I! i'.iI :\sk Dfifr.r:;'! foi
i iirrtiK-iTHHM r.i tint ??,o.
(icli! iiir\.il.r tj.iv>, KOnk'il \vu!i liluc 1 fctKi'l.
I it'i'" IM> otll'-r. ilfftiwc kinr.ltI
.iilftilitun. isuy*>i'yourOpiKKiM.
i1 r ' 'lit! t<-. n: -:: 11;; - I r k'xik-l Tvf.tl
mi* ?inli< i:i"l " Itclli'L' liu* hi Itll r,
l > Kuii, io.ortl TeMiniuitluls. hole b.V
:.! I.NII'vims.
c:".c:iE8"r.H chemical oo.
'!?'? 3<ni1!iK)n t'llllj.t . V tk.
%7*-nll?:n ihl*
~~~~~PARKER:S "1
hair uals/vwi
^ Olear,*rs fitul 1 hi'Kiitiliel the heir. I
ft luxuriant |f:owth. {'.
.t>lX\fTr -ttioNever Foll^ to Rcstoro Or.wl
vaJjWii TS&i?l Hnir 1o lit-Y>#iithful Colo 1 J
Vv iV9 JEKHCans * 1 h hair tnllir.A }
1> iVti.i. [
:j KGLLtks COUCH i
o?rs vmej.unosl
lv|T? Wr KiiBfr'a
L?Zl 0 15 ct< A ? ? wj^ TK?
i I'lfaXM! \
' aVJoVir W
/Consumption r?i^
: 4-' j4 Q 0U3HG r.n'J 5?c:<f:.05
| " ^OLDS Hroo [rial. [
1 times:, ?\!h. Uuiciif.'^c Cu;o ir fill '
.'< THROAT and 'ISOKG TR?UB- t
1)} LE3, or MONEY BACK.
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leased, we stand ready to refund your mtney

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