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Pickffjs'- Seatinsl-Jcui
puhmshed eve11y wedne8day mo
The Sentinel-Journal Comp;
Thompson & Ricuey, Pnors
j. l,. o. thompson. euitob.
Snbscriotiou 81.00 Per Auuuiu,
Advertising Rutes Ream
Entered at Pickens l'ostofllce as Seeoi
Mali Matter
Wednesday, July 27, 15)04
And \>ows iidt fo ifPFPal,'
Go onward though your path may lie
Through calumny and (dime.
The way will brighten l>y and l>y.
I.Jo on and bide your time.
'And when the fight at last is o'er,
The toil at last, is done;
When standing <jn life's farther shore,
licncath Iter setting sun;
Beyond the future's unharred gate,
The bells of heaven chime;
And justice, love, and glory wait
For him who bides his time.
h ?Denver News.
HE big cliuni wasn't Ions in
^ getting the hang or things.
O | p Ho was a Rood shot to begin
with, ninl kept us fairly
well supplied with game
and kangaroo tail soup.
Jackson, our boss, had fixed the name
of Cropper on the newcomer, probably
because somehow it f> 11 to his lot to
get all the "buck-junipers" to ride.
He had been thrown so often that lie
was getting saddle-shy. lie couldn't
understand why it was that the other
fellows' horses gave them no trouble,
while bis own were shooting him into
space nt most unexpected times.
"You soo, it's like this, Cropper." the
boss would explain to him: "the horses
know you're new. anil they're just having
fun with you."
l.arncs, on the other haml warned
him that all tlie horses were only half
broken in, that they needed constant
watching, and couldn't he trusted for
n minute; hut he doubted that. To
convince him Barnes rode alongside of
Cropper and swung his stock whip lash
suddenly under the tail ol' the new
chum's mount.
The horse clamped Liis tail down upon
It like, a vise, dropped his nose to the
ground, doubled up like a cat in a hackfence
concert,nnd hacked for a 11 it was
worth. Ton stone ten of New Chum
went bouncing a way from him like n
rubber ball, and struck the* ground
none too gently. Cropper picked himself
up painfully and remarked to
"A little of tliis will go a long way
with me."
It did. It went a long way toward
making il impossible for a horse ever
again to catch him unawares.
There was one man in the parly to
whom Cropper didn't cotton. That
was Johnson, the one-eyed cook. It
was a case of mutual dislike. Johnson
had begun by trying to rough Cropper,
and was promptly called down hard at
the muzzle of a gun. lie weakened at
once, hut he got some satisfaction out
of tollincc tho others what terrible
things lie would do one of these lino
flnys. The Now Chum Know lie wasn't
scared l>y tho ffun, lie said, and ho rcferrcd
to tho act us a cowardly Muff.
That pavo Barnes an Idea.
"I.ook hero, Johnson, why didn't yon
call him out?" ho asked. "Call him
out. Toll him you want to settle the
thing?. There are the two Martini
rifles In your woenn, say you're willing
to moot him and tiv'lit with them. It
ho weakens, you'vtv, pot him. If hi
agrees, we'll doctor the cartridges so
as you won't hurt one another."
ino cook s one eye sparkled at tin
"I'll cull him out. nil right." lie said
when ho had digested the Idon. "I'll
cnll 111m out. nil right, and you needn't
doctor the cartridges, either. You'll
see. Tf ho doesn't get frightened, why
I'll make a sieve of him ;it a hundred
yn rds."
"Hundred grandmothers!" llarnc;
Raid In disgust. "i?o you think \vo'r<
going'to waste nil the ammunition ii
tlie wagon? You'll meet at ten yards
nnd you enn hnvo the ammunltioi
faked or not, just ns you please."
The cook hesitated. "I don't want t<
mangle him." he said. Anally. "If w<
meet at ten yards maybe maybe yon't
better fake the bullets."
'"flint's settled, then." Harnes do
"I'll second Cropper. If be won*
come to time I will. I'll be beliim
"Hold on there." the cook exclaimed
excitedly. "We haven't had an;
irounio you ami mo. We've got in
on 11 to tight."
"This end of tlio 'wo' doos nnd will.'
Bnrnos said, grimly. "unless this l>?ini
noss is settled at onep. Is it to 1>
faked or not?"
"Why or faked." of oourso," sail
the oook. ' I don't know as I roall,
want to liurt lilni. A fright will d
him a hit of good, though."
Thou Mr. Johnson had anotho
? "Of oourso. ho won't know it's to 1>
n fnko. There's no need to toll liii
f v. . . ' ' . ' >
\ * ' .
\ From Mica.
iHull ^armers are beginuing to
want to eee *omo rain, as overy? .
ihni.su. lhinK 'H filing dry with uh, aud !
while our crops huve not Buffered ,
much for rain up to this time,
vet a few more dave of <lrv weath
or and they will.
Allen K. Edens, of Knob, was
in this section laBt week looking
after soino of his real 6atftle. Mr.
omiblr- Edens reported eropB as good in his
mi clash Since wo began this, the much
hoped for rain lias cotne and the
wind canio with it, blowing down
j the corn pretty bad in eome places.
i It seems that the correspondents
Joko. are lagging behind, but I gueBs
,"!11' thor ere like us, haven't had lime
iMinlli J
ton ; to write. We hope they wili all
hoise fail i11to lino and give ue the news
We iiotic) that there w*?re some
what, on tho jury this timo that haven't
I don*been on before in ton jears, while
there are probably some on it thin
..Yaj,tini? that were never on the jury
eoiuc-lin their lives before and may never (
Hariioft)e again. Wo have known good
satistk'111^ intelligent men to live to a
that's "ipe old age and die in this county
wiih. without ever having been drawn on
11S ??? i..?? o ?,.'u J..,..,
"(Ml ' ?/ f uiucno u nao ?uiivuv? ? ,|Wij
red wior on a case befoie a magistrate,
Kick iwhero ho never received a penny
;!!J.<) tor his services. Sometimes llie
lions same man will appear on tlio petit
son vjury twice in the year, again he
witii' will be on at one term of court in ,
Jncithe year. Wo would like to know
oat Hi why thi8 is the case, when one man
"Xotii ifl 118 mU(Jh entitled to be on the
lie s.ii'jury as am ther, as every one of us
have to hear our part of the taxes. (
Now, we repeat the question, why
tnko ado not those who attend to the
' '"' drawing of the jury arrange it. so i
l>riiifijaB to not have almost the samo 1
JiuUmen on Hih jury every time, but
imMiMftuko 'dillorent ones each time, so i
pini? t'^a^ after awhile all of us would
Hat sl.be represented on tlie jury. This
camo 'would only be ' equal rights to all,
liedfjoi . , ... '
i.?oi..,.8Decial privileges to none. 7 Wo <
could di8like to be called chronic grum t
K?od t|J]or jJUf we cannot refrain from
tlioro .
ho,i o^I)0a'{,n& about this question just J
botrfre.now. Tanta Bogus. '
npnrt. Six Mile. !
Again this beaut ful summer 1
rlflo. morning I will lot the dear readers
"FI hear the news from our little burg. <
, Al L have been so bu?y with General i
(ho i J
Harm Green I didn't have the tiino t<>
iho ( ( write, ho I am done work and ready '
!()I^'1!' 10 make inv leap year visit. Hay, ;
Han,, Miss M., ciro you going with me?
I 1 1 ir ..iii. . iL- ..
ii.urn. jitjuuii ih very gwm tit linn
111'V/' writing.
i lu
white Mi88 Jumna Holcombo, a popular \
young lady of Easloy, spent sev" ]
"S:< eral days last week with her broth,ll|
l'or, Ii. II. Iloluomhe. <
Sfllllc ' ?
I t Ilobt. Man Id in, who bus been
iln> C'V(;ry bick for gevoral days, is nblu J
be out again.
. luion Mn?n;a vri
Mil \ ( i?ii nn * iiiuwii viniuru
| l,0her sister, Mrs. Lulu Arnold, of \
s.,(I I Kings, last week.
Up Crops are looking fine ei'ce so
,{o,h many pood rains,
out' , Kov. G? Ti. Nalley began his pro- i
<:uiiitract?;d meeting last Friday night 1
:-'at Mt. Olivo. 1
i 'j ||( li. Mauidiu is very sick at th:H >
<livip| writing. J
lt'W*r pAllUnri Unrrtru /\f rin1lir>iut mn n
ivvuudi " 'r>nn vmuwuii ?uo
\ y.i)p','in our burg last Sunday.
1 iiifiit Miss Kntha Willimon visited her
! ( n,',! friend, Minn Ida Finley, of Stewart
"Nov. Monday.
1 , insta L. I'. Willimon killed a cfaik*
. ' "u 11 that ineanired >even feet from tip
SpffM .
j ,.Sj to tip.
1 ;iv,:n Mm, Ln'a Arnold of King wan
j the guest of her father, R. W.
: ,,,Willimon, last week.
1 i. j. Mis. Eli/, i Trotter is ill at this
, ti w. imig. We hopo for her a speedy
i i,.u'rt r? e >v? ry.
: i r ( J
i ]. Mr. and Mr-. W. 15. Norria
, 'Ik- made a brief visit to Heneca last
i Monday; Old Itiddle.
Im. I
: sniif
i) ^ Warning Notice, <
;|lMl All pel Rons ii- ?? hereby warned not i
liirc, InnIxir, or in ?nv way receive
I,in, ?nl<> ciiHtody my mm, Wylie Norris.
Tim s iid Wylio Nome is under
j twenty one years of ajje mid but loft r
' j( nm wit limit |>? rniissiuu Any one don
i,.)!>.airing l>in nervices can secure them
i-oln by I hi viiiL; li in legally bound under
r c liiiiterniH that me suitublri to inc.
! did] .Mih. M. A. Children*, e
wif, July 11, 1004. DacuHville, 8. C\ ^
n i niiij
1 niou
Announcement!) for Congressman for tin
I'lilrd Concessional District and for Solloltoi
rroin tho hlxhth Judicial Circuit, and for a
bounty oflicea will bo inserted,under this head
111k trom now until the t'rtmary Klectldn forth
sum of KIVK DOLLARS, Cash, at tho time h
notice 1* handed In. No deviation from th
rulo will be made.
Kor Oonureii Third District'
We aro authorized to annouuco Hon. WYAT1
AIK UN a candidate for ie-electlon to Cougres
from tho Third District, subject to the actloi
of the Democratic party in the primary olectlon
I hereby announce myself a candidate fo
Congress from the Third Congressional Distrlc
of South Carolina, subject to the action of th
Democratic voters In the prlnary election.
For UttllroMd Commissioner
1 hereby anuouce myself as a candidate fo
the oilice of Railroad Commissioner, subject I
the State Democratic primary,
Vn> If ,.f If I ..?
I hereby announce myself a candidate for Hi
House of Representatives, Pickens county, sut
Ject to (lie action of the Democratic party at th
approaching primary election.
T. .1. M A I,' 1,1)1N.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for r<
election to the House of Representatives, sul
Ject to the action of the Democratic party In th
primary election. J. ASlt.MOKK HINTON.
I respectful I v announce myself a candldat
for House of Representatives from I'leken
county, and pledge myself to abide the resuj
and support the nominees of the Democrat!
I hereby announce myself a candtilate for th
House of hcprcHMntutivcs from Pickens count]
subject to the action of the Democratic party l
the primary election. JOSKI'll It. iMNDLtiY.
I respectfully announce myself as a eatid
date for the House of ltepresentatives of I'lel
ens count, and pledge myself to abide the ri
suit, and to support the nominees of the Den
ocratlc party. I,A It A N MAl'LDIN.
For Hlierlir.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for Hi
olllce of Sheriff of IMc kens county, subject t
the action of the Democratic party In the I'r
mary election. K. KltANK LOOPKH
The many friends of A. JKKK \VKL1IOR>
respectfully announce him as a candidate fo
Sheriff of I'lckcns county, subject to the actio:
.if I hit i..
i hereby announce myself 11 candidate for tli
oilicc of Sheriff of Pickens county, subject t
the nction of the Democratic party in the i>t
inarv electioh. .1. O JI-.NMNGS.
I hereby announce myself a camliilate for th
oflice of SherilV of Pickens county, subject t<
the action of the Democratic primary election.
lil'N ! ' PARSONS.
At the solicitation of many friends I bereb
announce myself a candidate for Sberlll' o
Pickens county, subject to the action of th
action of the Democratic primary.
1*. II. HOOUS.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for tin
oflice of Sheriff for Pickens ounly, subject ti
the action of the Democratic party in the prl
inary election. DAN1K1, ! '. SI'TllKltl.AN D
I hereby announce myself a candidate fo
Sheriff of Pickens county, su <ijcct to the act lot
i>f the Democratic party at the approaching
[irlinary, RORKRT It. ItOAItK
For Clerk of Cour'.
I hereby announce myself for re-election t<
Ihe ottiee of Clerk of Court. I'lekens county
subject to the action of tlie Democratic vot.-r>
U the approaching piimary. A., loll X nouns
For TreiiHiirur.
At the Holicltatlou of a few friends, hut mon
:o my own notion, and in accordance with inj
)Wlt desire, I autio'uice myself a candidate fo*
I'reasurer of I'iekecs County, subject to the ac
Ion of the Democratic primarv election.
.1. 1). MOOUI:.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for re
ilectl.xi to the oilice of Treasurer of I'lckew
tounty. subject td tho action of ihe voters In tin
:?rlmary election. IIKXKY \V. KAKlt.
The many friends of .IOIIX T KKNNKLI
lerehy announce him a candidate for Treasure!
)f I'lekens county, subject to (lie action of tlx
Democratic party at the approaching primary.
For Supervisor,
I hereby announce myself a candidate for re
election to the olllce of t'ounty Supervisor o
I'lekens county, subject to the action ol tin
Democratic ptrty in the priinars election.
I i > <*ei.'in11." v ..
Tho many friend* of M AT'l'll I'.W IIKNDIUtIO
respectfully announce 11iiit a candidate for tin
dlice of County Supervisor of I'ickons county
ubjcct to tlu* action of the Democratic priman
The uiHity friends'of W. W.AIKI'.N res poet
rnlly announce him a candidate for (lie olliee o
supervisor of Pickens county. Huhject to the no
ion of the Democratic primary.
The many friend* of \V11.1,1 AM l{ OATS re
ipoetfullv announce him as a candidate tor tlx
iHice of Supervisor of Pickens county, subjec
o the action of tlie Democratic party lit the |>ri
nary election.
We hereby aunouilce ItOlil'.ItT SThWAHTi
-andidate for the olliee of Supervisor of I'iek
.mis county, Hiihjcct to the act ion of tlie Demo
ratio primary election. Voter*.
The friends of MaJ. <. M. I.YNt'll lioroh;
tlinouuce liim as a candidate lor the olliee o
'ouuty Supervisor of Pickens county, xiihjee
lo tho action of the Democratic parly in tin
primary election.
Subject to tho action of the Democratic volcri
in the primary election. I hereby announce my
self as a candidate for Sunervisor of Plckci.
unity, iliul pledge iiiy-'flf. If Horn*!, luriiu
tUct H clemi, holiest Hllllllllistriltloil.
11 ? : N If V II II KN lilflt'Ks.
For County Commissioner.
The iiimiy friendsof N. It MOtiltK, respect
'ully announce him n ciucliilaU' fur the olliet
>( Commissioner of I'lekeos roiiuty, subject (?
he action of the voters In the Democratic l,r'
miiry election.
At the request of niHiiy friends I hereby nu
inunce myself n candidate for the olllee o
'ounty Commissioner of I'lckcns county, sub
|eet to the art ion of the Democratic primary.
.Kill X l\ SMITH
I hereby announce myself a candidate for tin
itllce of t 'utility < 'oniMiissioner for I'ickcn
:ounty, subject to the action of the Deuiocratli
mrty in the primary ilecilnn. ( , \\. HOW KX.
The many friends of (l. I'. Ili'.I.D respectful
y announce liiui a cau<li<latc for Hie olllee o
'ounty t 'ouimlssloiicr of I'lckcns county, sub
eel tu the action ot the Democratic party in tin
>rlmary election.
At the solicitation of my friends, I aiinounci
njself a caiKlidate for the ollico of Count)
Jominlssloiicr of I'lckens county, subject to tin
ictlon of the Democratic party in the primary
lection. It, W. niCK.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
lllee of i'ounty Commissioner of IMekeiu
'nunty, subject to the action ol the Democratic
dirty In the primary election
SAM I,. IK>(>(iS'
I hereby announce myself a candidate foi
'ounty t'eininlssloner, I'lckens county, si/bjeel
o the action ol the Democratic primary.
The many frlemlsof AM.I'.N l< STKWAHT
lereby announce him a candidate for the office
>f ('until) ConimUninner, I'iekf lis County, sub
ee.ttothe action of the Democratic voters hi
lie aiiproachim; nrimai v.
I hereby iininniiii'e inyxrlf a I'liiiilitlntc fin
e election in the olliie of ( oiuily tNnnnilKKloiiet
if I'iitkfiiN riiiiuty. Miilijent Cu Hie nclii.n nf tin
HMiUMTHtii' jmity in the priinnry election.
I hereby niiuntinee myself a I'liiitlMtxti' fm
'mi,I) Coiiun|iiHli>ii(ir of I'li'kfiiH county. suit
i'? l to |he iirilnii ill |lie litunoonilii! voter* In
he H|iproii< liiiu |irlmnry election.
\\ M . M. OA NTT.
Kor uilltor.
I hen by mini mice myself n eniullilnte for
e eleriii 11 t tin* Hire of fount)' Auditor for
'I ken* futility. ?i.l?Jert to the votera of the
r.nmry eleit'iou *"<?r f'lckein* cotiiily.
Kur Miipt, of I'lilnriitloni
I herel y A inomiee iuy*elf n e? ml Mate for re
lection iiitheoHleeol fount)' ii|>erinteuilciit
f Kilucnt o i of I'iekcn* county subject to the
Iion of ti e Ucinocralic |iiimur\.
I!. T, IIA I. liC M
]We Need the 1
we have a store full of d
don't care to keep any souv<
' goods and prices will talk fc
"We have Irom 300 to 5C
>? consisting ot Childrens, Lad
sold at a price. You can bti
; don t give a written guaran
: CLOTHING--You can't ree
? buy yourself a suit until yo
; STRAW HATS at halt
i; $1 00 ones for 50c, 50c ones :
:: and so on Give us a chanc*
have tor you. Last, month
? f."h r> mnnHi r?F .1 nl v In qq n
j' UJLX W XXI VXJL til V/ 1 .J t'V/ k/ CVkJ
;, able to take our rest next ir
Hobbs-Henderson Co is the
I ...The Busy Bt
. SPRING and
f\i nf
Are you ready for your Spring Suit.
[ we are showing a nice line made of "Milton
will pay you to see this line. : :
I White Seal Cloth
The White Seal Clothing is famous in
larger towns for its seperiority in style anc
K..* *.,:i
^iiu luiuiy. i^uuc uul uii; uuiuir> ?uc: t:iiij
making this clothing and each garment is
by an expert. We are showilg a variety
come and let us show you through.
s We are looking for a big shipment of
the rise and we can save you money. Call a
! Heath-Bruce-Mo
Vttr Coroner The ninny friend* of .1011:
onunce bins a candidate f<
I herein announce uiyHolf a candidate for tlie county, Mubject to the actio
oilict- of Coroner of pickets county, Kutdeot to votors in the approaching i
the nrtlon of the Democratic party III tilt Jul
ninry election. I?. C, L'A UTHB. . . #
At the MolicltHtion of mi
Hiinoiiiiee invxelf u candid
Ity the HolieltAilon ol many frieniiH, I hereby Coroner, Pickett* eonnty,
announce uty*e!f a candidate for the ottlco of of the Democratic party
<'oroner of I'jckeiiH eonnty, aubjeot to Hie *?: primary.
Hon of the Democratic voter* at the approachInn
|>iimrr) election. . 1 hereby announce my*
Very respectfully. Coroner, I'ickeiiM county, >
W. A. MltK. >f the Democratic voter*
primary. V
| \i the solicitation or many friend* I hereby i hereby announce myae
I ?i111it iinee m\><eir us a candidate tor the ottice Coronet, rlektn* county mi
of Coroner of I'icken* county, mihjevt to the of the Detnociatlc voter*
action or the DcmiH-rotic party in the approach- primary
| Iiik primary Election. J. L.KVI 8A N OKItS.
At the KolldtiitIoii of my friend* i hrrIii minoiiiirc
11?> he 1 f h<*mml|<l?%to fortlieoatceof t'oroi
nor of I'li-keiiN county, ami pledge nty?e)f to ? __
nM?le the result of the Uemoctatfc prinmrv, r "***? *
I. J. OR AN DliK.ft. \i ijrtj Mriiiiii Mollcltntlo
IMckon* towti'lilp, I hereh
\Vi*, the friemlH of M.VI.NKV U I'OHtfiK W- candidate for re-election tc
Hpectiully announce him a oniiiiiliite for the trute for snM towiiMhlp, miiIj
ollice of t.'t rouer of l'u-?eiih conn v, tiubject to ttie voter* in the coining I
the Mellon if the Ihio )'intfn prlui try election, election. I rim inoxt re*pei
Voter*. ent icrvant.
id the Goods.
esirable merchandise auil
anirs. So we mean
>r themselves.
>0 pair of Low Cut Shoes,
ies and Mens, all to be
Ly one pair for 50c but we
tee with them.
tlize how cheap you can
u get our prices.
price $2 00 ones for $1 00
for 25c, 25c ones for 13c
e to show you what we
was so lively we waht
,ood and it so we will be
lonth Don't forget Uh/ti
place to tiud goods chet, ixD
)e Hive...
i v A STRSrr flpnwT\r/i qtadv
11 ^fck.
Two piece Suits are all the rage atwT
Cloth." Every suit vjuaranteecl.f* 'Itl. *
^ all the "<l! ^
Hour this week that was bought before
ntl get our prices.
now Company.
< JULIAN hereby hii t hereby announce myself a candidate for the
nr Coroner, Hokenv* oMce of MaKlxtrate, l'l;ken? towu*hlp, aublrct
?o' ?he Democratic ti, the action of the Dejnocratlo primary 'elec>riinary.
tlon. \V. UJKNKISS.
my frlondn I hereby
Mto for the oltice of
MUbject to the action ?"or Gotto a Weigh**.
at the approaching i hereby announce myself a candidate for cotI).
A. rAHHOT'r. ton weigher for Plckwni townnhlp, anbject to
... , tlic uctlon of the yoIcth In the electlonon] Auelf
a candidate for K?Ht 13th. J. FI.KM KELLV.Y.
nihjrct lo the action
v'1C'UR*\'l! LKV-T"* I heretiy announce ntyaclf a candidate for cotton
WelRher 1'JrkeiiH t >wn?lilp, Nubloct to the
If a candidate for votera at the el?st Ion ot. Aunit??
il ject to ihe action ALBX OANNON
an the approaching
J. T. KOK. ,
| For YOUNG w6?MKN, RoanoV'V*. ?
M,e* opena Kept. 2fl it 04. one of ibcJHtdlng
ii if m* frlenl. in Heboola for Youiik L.*dle? Ii? the HouUm ti#m
v ?i nounce mvi tlr > building, piano* sinrt equipment. <anp*7 4?u
> lh\ omI?e o?5??BlH Or*nd mountain aceuerrln % ?&**?
lei t o the ?riio i nf Virginia, f*mvti for health. huropean and
l>eiiio< Mtla nrlm irv American leachera. Full courae. Coneetvatopf
I'lfulh Toufob?i7 Hclvantagaa in Art, Km alp and Klooutton. Caritruii),
?our obeil- tlflcatcaVellaalnr. Htudenta from JO State*,
??. ?. MAKKIS. Kor catalogue addnaw J
MATTIK IMIAKKI8, I'rmWent, Roauakg, Vs.

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