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A big International row was created
by the kidnaping of Ion Perdlcarls, an
American citizen, and Cromwell Varley,
his English stepson, by lluisonll,
the Moroccan brigand. Warships were
sent to Tangier, and all kinds of press
ure was exerted to compel the Sultan
to obtain the release of the captives,
.who were held, under threats of death,
unless a heavy ransom be paid and
other demands be compiled with. That
the kidnaping is likely to lead to a
crisis in the affairs of Morocco Is very
generally believed. The present situation
is a demonstration of the Instability
of the present government, and Is
expected to spur European governr
- MRmmmm
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ments to action. Morocco lias a popwlation
estimated by some at O.'lUO.ODO.
Nv The Sultan of Morocco claims to be
thlrtr.clvtli in irntn ItNilSimih
the daughter of the prophet. His authority
is absolute ami not modified,
as in Turkey, by the opinions of the
learned. The area of Morocco can only
be vaguely estimated, as the southern
frontiers to\rurd the Sahara Desert
ore unsettled, hut it probably contains
800,000 square miles.
There is one English newspaper, two
French and three Spanish published in
Tangier. The army of Morocco is estimated
at 80.000, Including the militia.
It is trained and commanded by
English, French and Italian officers.
Nothing has been done to develop the
country by either opening roads or
\ rallwnrs It i* (inn of Hi<? most nocr
leeted spots in tlio world. Agriculture
Is very greatly neglected. The people
only cultivate their land from dire necessity.
In 1902 tlio chief exports were
almonds, beans, pens, oxen, eggs and
ekins. Its chief imports are cotton
poods and sugar. There are representatives
of fourteen nations at Tangier.
The British envoy is Sir Arthur Nicoleon,
Bart., K. O. B.
There is perhaps no portion of the
AttorWy -General of tao United Stn
^ Northern Securities case lias won him
United StateB Senator from I'onnsylvn
civilized world about wblch European |
information Is so defective. "there bns
been no survey of the country, and tbo ^
maps have been druwu up largely by
Qrttmt Men'* Mother*. I
A recent isgue of a monthly publloa- t
tlon entirely devoted to htoraturo con- t
tains tiie portraits of three famous
mothers, that Is, of three women made
famous by their sons. These are Mrs.
Carlyle, Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Spencer.
It Is curious, says the Ladles' Pictorial,
that there Is alwoys more Interest ottnehlng
to the mothers of men of distinction
than to their sires, even If
they have boon men of some mark. It
is said that most men who achieve
greatness inherit their ability from
their mothers, and it is noteworthy
that nearly nil distinguished men have
been greatly attached to their mothers.
One can never forget the Poet Gray's
exquisite epitaph on his mother, or Mr.
J. M. Bnrrle's tender and beautiful
tribute to his mother's memory.
.. . . < -' ;
' - ' ; !
* > 1 .. \"'.
? . - * . V v ,
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. x . .
" ' J J
Clilncite Humor. (i
"Chinamen have a lino sense of humor,"
said the young playwright, Rieharil
Carle. "In their quiet, dry way
the Chinese say innumerable good
"1 once knew in San Antonio a bachelor
banker. This man decided that
he would employ a Chinese butler. Aceonlinirlv.
his iirrmiciMni'iils \vi?ri?
made anil in due time the Chinese butler
appeared, lie served his tirst dinner,
"After it the hanker said to him.
" "I think yon will do well here. Wlnu
is yonr name?'
" 'My name is Yot I.ee C'hwnng Toy,'
the Chinaman answered.
"'Oh,' sniil the banker, 'I can't remember
all that. I'll just call you
"'AH light,' said the new butler.
"At breakfast the next morning the
Chinaman smiled at his employer
pleasantly, 1
"'What's your name?' lie said.
" 'Pierpont Morgan Jones,' my friend f
| " 'Mo no moniblo all tliat,' paid the '
Chinaman. 'Mo lust cull you Tom- '
tos, wlioso vigorous prosecution of I lie
fa mo. Ho lias been recently appointed
inia to succeed the late Senator Quay.
Will Catch a Person on the
Track as if in a Trap*
The grout dllllculty csperleiu.-ed with
nany of the safety cor fenders Is that
hey do not do what they nre supposed
o do. Some of them have actually
J <
j I
.,i the spoodinn troii?.v ?.?? |J
imininK or killing unfortunates who k
lay got in its way consists of (lie orInary
fonder, to tho upper ontl of
rhlch is attached a duplicate of the
)\ver part, tho concave sides of the
wo portions facing each other, as is
h^wn in the picture. A man, woman I
r child falling upon tho fender is imlediately
seized from above by tho uper
part, which automatically closes in
n him and holds him securely until <
ho car stops and he is liberated. lie |
* thus prevented from being dragged
long the ground or falling at one side 1
f the fender and meeting disaster uii- ,
er the wheels.
This church, which, happily, 1ms not
teen dostrcycd, as was recontly re>orted,
is one of the oldest of the
Ktavokirke" of Noi way. The bulking
is situated to the oast of So?nc
'lord. The church dates back to the
levonth century. It is very small,
>ut most curious aiul In forest in#. It
s built entirely of wood, and to preserve
it the exterior is continually
minted with pitch. The church that
las boon destroyed is that of the vilago
of Hornuud, on the road between
\alesund and Soholt, a church stated
o have the tinost rerodos in Norway.
This curiotib trick Juu wa sold at a
ecent I.ondon auction sal*'. From the
ncturo it appears to be the same type
is those sometimes seen in our shops,
irwl from which it iminucllil..
Irink without k no winy the secret.
Such juys arc perforated about tha
>i c^vc Tu, y
yf a ion.t'4 LL "Wu 1
r^u (dho\f^ 4fltj tfyuA a' A
V' ov $r?u jxy
brim, and fan only lie emptied by
sucking through the spoilt while covering
with the tlngi'i" air vent in tin*
handle. Til handle is hollow and
serves as ; tube through which the liquid
can bo drawn when the air vent
i# closed.
KiiiIIni; of Honeymoon**
The late Mrs. John IMdgeway, of
I'aris, was noted for her ready wit.
At one of her receptions, apropos of
marriage, Guy de Maupassant said:
"Tln> honeymoon ends when the wlf
first asks the husband for money."
"No," Mrs. Kidgeway retorted: "!
ends when the husband ceases to as!
the wife how mtieli lie can have tin
pleasure of giving her."
There aro 13,000 to 15,000 street
caaualties which call o.- the use of
an ambulance in Load every year.
\ ' V
Thousands Have Kidney -xrouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Oat.
Fill a bottle or common glas3 with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
, , , sediment or setJmrNM
*"nK Indicates an
??c i iC<i'>crzol'ullllcallny concurrrfl
f tlon Of the kid\WA'Irt^Ty
, 1 Y ncys; If it stains
your linen It Is
?vidence ?' kldjfn\
/ jff tzJJpL ney troublo; too
=?T\W/y r>V(A frequent desire to
?r. Jpass It or pain In
* ?ssJ?- ??? tho back Is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and bladder
are out of order.
What to Do.
There Is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's SwampRoot,
the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish In curing rheumatism, pain In the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects Inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
It, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity 01 Deing compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extrajrdinary
effect of Swamp-Root i3 soon
realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
?est. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$l. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery lf^/VT*i
md a booje^that tel 1 s
Address Dr. Kilmer & Homo of Rwamp-noo*.
Zo., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing menion
reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
lie name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
5wamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
Y., on every bottle.
Bill in Georgia Legislature Would Kill
Off All Parallel Lines.
With a view to protecting the
Western and Atlantic railroad against
competing lines which would have a
tendency to destroy its value, there
was introduced in the Georgia house
Thursday a bill which prohibits the
secretary of state from issuing a charter
to any line except an electric trolley
line proposing to parallel the
State road.
Rut the most startling feature ot
this measure is that il" proposes to revoke
the charter of any lines which
propose to parallel the Western and
Atlantic, unless such lines are already-built
and in operation.
ft will be seen that this latter section
is aimed at the Louisville and
Nashville railroad, which is now preparing
to enter Atlanta, as many suppose,
by the construction of its own
line from Marieta as a continuation
i\f 1 ho Atlimtn KnnvvHlo nrwl V/irili. i
Brutally Tortured.
A case came to light that for persistent
and unmerciful torture has perhaps
never been equaled. Joe Golobick,
of Colusa. Calif., writes: "For
15 years I endured insufferable i>ain
from Rheumatism and nothing relieved
mo, tl ough ' tried everything
known. I came across Rlectric Bitters
and it's the greatest mcdlcino
on enrth for that trouble. A few bottles
of it completely relieved and
cured me." Just as good for IJvor and
Kidney troubles and general -defaHlty.
Only fiOc. Satisfaction guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Company. tl
Mor? Information as to Negro Problem
at Fair le Wanted.
The war department has receive.! a
report from Lieutenant Halght, who
resignod as military aide to President
Francis, of the St. Iannis exposition,
as an outgrowth of his request to a
colored regiment assigned to the exposition
10 occupy a camp outside
the military reservation there. Lieutenant
Haight has be* n asked to mnko
a more complete report, pendin ;
which 10 action will bo taker..
No Pity Shown.
"For years fate was after me continuously,"
writes F. A. Gulledge,Verbena,
Ala. "I had a terrible case of
Piles causing 2-1 tumors. When all fail
c<i mictions Arnica Salvo euro,! mo."
lOqually good for Hums and all achos
and pains. Only 2f>c at Pickens Drug
Company. tf
Judge Emory Speer's Ruling ls No
Accepted as Final.
According to Judgo ICraory Spool
Who decided at Mount Airy tlint stivi
car lines could not ho laid in S?
vannah by resolution of tho cottnc
thoro are many tracks down in tli
city without authority. Many of thoi
have boon laid with no other authorlt
tho car company will appeal to in
court ofl nppoa!?.
Disease takes no summer
If you need flesh and
p strength use
1 Scott's Emulsion
summer as in winter.
Rend for free sample.
SCOTT ft noWNK, ChemUts,
400-415 J'eirl Street, New York.
50c. and ?1.00; alt druggist*.
w^'*' ''rfr' '
-?-*? -, r '. " ' -f >-"in ! ,i
Seizure of Neutral Ships by Russian
Officials Arouses England and Germany
to Emphatloally Protest...
Leaders of tho democratic party
gathered In New York Monday to dls
cubs campaign plana, a long conference
wag held Monday night in the
rooms of Former Senator Hill, at the
Hoffman house. At the close a statement
wag given out to the effect that
the chairmanship of the national committee
had not been discussed. Privately
It was said the judgment of all
present was that the interests of the
party would be best conserved by
leaving the committee absolutely free
to elect itg chairman. Judge Parker
was said to favor this courge. The
conferpnce resulted in an agreement lo
call a taeoting of the national committee,
to bo hold at the Hoffman hoube
July 26. The question of fixing the
time and place for the notification of
the candidates for president and vice
president was left to the candidates
Present at tho conference were the
leaders who brought about tho nomi
Ration of Parker. There wag also present
S&nu?or Howling, of New Yoik,
who looked aftb" fhe Tammany interests.
Kveryono deelai-C^ tfc^t harmony
had been the watchword throughout.
The conferees were FY?rmer Senators
D. B. HIM, of New York; James
Smith, Jr., of New Jersey; Henry (?.
Davis, of West Virginia, candidate for
vice president; Edward Murphy, jr.,
of New York; Senator Gorman, of
Maryland; William F. Sheehan, of New
xorit; tora Meyer, cnairman 01 me
New York state committee; John \V.
Kern, of Indiana; Colonel James M.
Gnffey, of Pennsylvania; Senator P. If.
McCarren, of Brooklyn; James M.
Head, of Tennessee; Norman E. Mack,
of Buffalo; Perry Belmont and August
Belmont, of New York; Thomas P.
Ryan, of Virginia; Senator J. K. P.
Hale, of Virginia, and John It. MoLoan,
of Ohio.
Colonel J. M. Guffey presided. The
gentlemen met primarily for the purpose
of meeting Senator Davis, of
West Virginia, candidate for vice president.
An exchange of views followed
and the question as to when the
national committee should be called
together for organization was discussed,
and it was agreed to recommend
that the committee be called to moo*
In New York city at. the Hoffman
house at 12 o'clock noon on July 2G.
The question of fixing a date for the
notification of the candidates was
talked over and finally referred to the
candidates to fix the date and place
of notification.
There was also a general discussion
as to the favorable prospects of the
party in the coming campaign.
There was no discussion whatever
concerning the selection of a chairman
of the national committee.
Mr. Davis engaged in the discussion
of all topics before the conference, but
in no more personal vein than others
In attendance. His most significant
statement wa? In relation to the uniting
of all interests. The gathering of
so manv strontr men. renresent inir fac
tlons which had not always pulled together,
he said, was Indicative of a
strong campaign.
Tho meeting gave a number of those
present the first opportunity they lihve
had of congratulating Mr. Davis since
his nomination, and the reception accorded
him was hearty.
Tho discussion of prospects in the
coming campaign was general in char
acter. I ne opinion was expressed by
several that western democrats would
Kive earnest support to the tielcot nnd
i that no fear of factional opposition
need be entertained.
Makes Formal Offer of Fifty Cents on
? - -T? ~ * A '
wtak, aching back tells of flick
kidneys, It aches when you work. It
achss when you try to rest. It throbs
In changeable
. 40L weather.. Urinary
j?fWW troubles add to
\JBSr your misery. No
rest, 90 comfort.
Bob, until the kidneys
ar* Trol1- Cure
them with Doan's
Kidney Pills.
/ Mrs. W. M.
M Dauscher, of 25
Vk Water SL, BradJ
|T\ ford. Pa., says: **I
/Mft. had an almost conftv\\v
tlnnons pain In the
small of tb? back.
My ankles, fact, hands and almost my
whole body wore bloated. I was languid
and the kidney secretions were
profuse. Physicians told me I had t>
diabetes In ita.worst form, and I feared
1 would never recover. Doan's Kldnoy
Pills curcd me in 1800, and I bave bean
well ever since."
A FREE} TRIAL of this great kldnoy
medicine which cured Mrs.
Dauscher will bo mailed to any part
of the United States. Address FosterMllburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Sold by
all dealers, price 50 cents per box.
Enthusiastic Visitor?If you'll come
down into the country with mo I'll
Bhow you whero you can just hoar the
corn grow:
Unemotional Cltylt?? Humph! If
you'll como with me over to the board
of trade I'll show you Whore you can
see it grow.?Chicago Tribune.
Odor* of Porsplrntlon
Removed at onco from tho armpits, feet,
eta., by Rotai. Foot Wash. Stops Chafing,
Cures Sweating, Burning, Swollen, Tirod
Feet. 25c at Druggists, or postpaid from
Eaton Dnoo Co., Atlanta, Os. Monoy back
If not satisfied. Sample for 2o stamp.
The Mistress?Do you know anything
about the lady who need to occupy
this house?
Tho Maid?Nothing to her credit,
madam. I am told that she 'nad no
maid to auperintond her dress. Sho
was what you call a self-made woman.?Chicago
DUeniii Germs Cauifl Slckneii.
They aro In the air wo braathe, the water
wo drink and the food we oat. Any disorder
of tho blood, stomaoh or bow?ls, puts theso
Sorms to work and slokness and pain follow,
ing's Royal Gormotuor romovos the oause
Oermotuer Medical Co., Dept. 0., Barnesvillo,
O a.
"Mrs. X.'b new suit carno hom? this
morning and ahe's afraid to show the
bill to her husband."
"Why, l-? It eo large?"
"No, it's $10 smaller than usual, and
Bhe thinks he'll cut her allowance If
Bho doesn't keep It up "to the usual
high figure."?Detroit Free Press.
Or. Biggers' Huckleberry Cordial
The Great Southern Remedy, cure* all
itomach and bowel troubles, children
teething. Made from
The Little Huckleberry
that grows alongside our hills and mountains
contains an active principle that has
a happy effect on the stomach and bowels.
it eaters largely In Dr. Rlsrrnrn'
Knckksberry Cordial, the great stomach
and bowel remedy for Dysentery, Diarrhoea
and Bloody Flux.
Sold by all druggists, 25 and 50o bottle.
Judge O. E. Lochrane, of Georgia, In a
letter to Dr. Biggers, states that he
never suffers himself to be without a bottle
of Or. Biggers' Huckleberry Cordial
during the summer time, for the relief
of all stomach and bowel troubles, Dysentery,
Diarrhoea, Flux, etc.
6old by all d"ugglsts, 23 and 60o bottles.
Proprietors, Atlanta, Oa.
Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet
Gum and Mullein will cur* Coughs. Croup
and Consumption. Price 25cand$l a bottle.
Cotton Gin
lillll'l I 11'1
We make tho moat complete Um 01 ujr
conoern in the world. We alao make
v o Mil everyUung needed about a Cotton Gl*.
Write for Illustrated Catalogue.
Continental Gin Co.,
Birmingham, Ala.
WAIM.fltU VA1T) f nlTffl
?w o ' <> i i? ??* an/vivi
tiOuiHTilln and NaHliTiltn Railroad.
If you aro going to the World's Fair you
want the bfst routo. Tho L. A N. Is the
shortest, quickest and best line. Vhree
trains daily. Through Pullman Sleeping
Cars and Dining Oars. Low Rate Ticket*
old dally. Oet ratos from your local agent
and ask for tickets via L. A N. Stotovib
Allowed at MAMMOTH OAVK.
All kinds of Information furnished on application
Mat. Pw>. Agoat, Atlanta, Oft.

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