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. J Eutoreil April'23,1U03 nt PickouB, 9. C., na soooml olaiw mnttor, uuder not of Congrons of Mimih 3,1879.
-:j, 1 '
Heal Estal
tfow is the time t.o invent ii
' it go<
' 277 acrea within 3 miles of ?
^balance in original forest. Fin*
plenty of Water. Torms to suit
(50 acres good farm land on
known as the John Eads place.
One acre lot with good fi
Pickens. This is a regular ana]
gets it.
Offloo at Depot. *
v..^. *.tM President
% By Careful and const
W Bank largely increases <
W We solicit your busir
every reasonable accon
| Discou
M For the next thirty d;
... wt the regular price the
i ? One hundred and -eU
. c
Worsted and Chevio
. \ ,i (( leans. Sizes 34 to 4
.j Sixty-eight young 111
years. Two hundred
j 7) ? pants, suits sizes 8 to
/, // ^ Sixty childrens suits,
^ il All Straw hats at hall
Jl and all Panamas at $
w These goods are froi
m and one-third off the
A clothing buyers very
W No alterations paid f<
B suits, and the terms c
// ^mitn A
Vw Greer
i Spring o
I am now r?ady with u com
Goode, Notions, Men's and Worn
I tmuu my boat judgment and
gowlH, getting the very fowes
gi'tf rnv customer* the bent-lil ol
MJf/odj) at the
...Lowest L
My Drees GoodH Stock is th
BlaekH, in a range of pjicea from
ono of the nicest lllw^r GooiIh fr
?i/in cents.
I ain williiiR^ir you to i
$1.25 with any $1.60 Silk on thi
- In Colorod Wash GoocIh, I)n
deacribo thorn. Can ihow you a
ne inch pricoB an auch goodn can
Htock i? full with all floods nn
Linens, Ribbons and Luces in ab
ho yon can f?ct what you want at v
fettk/.' S^ORS. Don tj^ive me6u(
oeMon a hie good . Seo tfs when
Dry Goods Store, Wost End
ib For Sale.
i Pickens real estate. Buy before
is too hitfh.
Six Mile church, 70 acres in cultivation
> timber. Frame tenant dwellings ana
Southwest side of Six Mile mountain,
Price $700.
room house on Easley street, town of
Come at onqe before some one elBe
Piokens, B. 0.
J. Mel). BRUCE, %
Cashier, m
e:ns, s. c. 1
$ 20,500.00 #
11,000.00 |
- 105,000.00 #
st on time deposits \
ant work the business of this W
every year. W
less and will extenu to you ^
lodation. J
~m4. C ~
ML Z5ZLte i ?
lys at one third less than v*
following is offered by us: l)
dity men's suits in Fancy
ts cut in regular stouts and ^
en's suits, age 16 to 20
I and eighteen boys knee jk
>16 years. ^
age 3 l.o 8 years. ^
price, except Panamas, ft
5, these were $6. and $8. M
n the best manufactures m
market price means to m
cheap ^oods. m
M' by lis on these cut price 5
>n them is strictly cash. m
Yours truly %
c Bristow,?
t Summer
line of Spring aud Hummer Dry
yii's Underwear, Hosiery and Shoes,
yonra of experience in buying these
t price possible, niul now I propose to
my experience and sell them Dry
iving Prices...
e boat I have ever shown in Colors and
10 cents to #2 a vard. I am phow'.iur
>r Hummer w?spr in tho market for 50
sompare my J yard wide Black Silk at
h market. It will boa Having to yojr
initios, Organdies, Lawns, ?fcc., wo can't
big lin? of tbom and at as low prices
bo bought anywhee. White Good*,
d prices. Bomo Big Valuos in Table
uiidance and will bo kept all Bum me.
my time,
on Shoes. Btock always Complete with
you come to Greenville.
Ureonvillo, 8. 0.
Fin&f^resontment of Grand Jury.
State of South Carolina,)'
County of Pickens. J
To His Honor, D. A, Townsend,
Presiding Judge:
Wo, the GraYid* Jury, beg to
make this our final presentment at
this term of the Court: .
1st. We have passed on all
the bills handed to us by the solicitor
except three, and have rendered
such findings thereon aB in
our judgment the facts justified;
the three bills not passed upon
were returned to solicitor at' his
2nd. W6 recommend and urge
the members of the legislature
from this county to endeavor to
have such laws enacted as will afford
protection to the public against
the dftnirer fr/-?rr? nnlr. I
?O? -v.wM.vi.ig aavsu* wu
mobiles traveling the public highways
in a reckless manner. Many
accidents have recently b?en
brought to our attention which resulted
from this evil.
8rd. We have accepted and endorsed
the report of the special
committee appointed to look into
the various county offices and recommend
that their recomiuenda*
tion be strictly complied with.
4th. We further recommend that
the County Supervisor have erected
a better house at the poor farm
for the stewart of said poor farm.
We hereto append the report of
tlio special committee.
We dosire to return our thanks
to his honor, the presiding judge,
the solicitor and other court officers
for the assistance rendered us and
tho courtesies shown us.
Respectfully submitted,
W* T. Boweu,
State of South Carolina, '(
County of Pickens. \
To the gentlemen of the Grand
We, tho undersigned committee,
appointed by your body fco look
especially into the affairs of the various
officers ?bf the county and
such other matters as might have
been brought to our attention, beg
to report aB follows:
let. We have made as thorough
examination as practicable Within
three days allowed by law.
2nd. Wo have examined all
the puclic offices of tho county and
so for as our examination went the
books seemed to be kept in a buni-*
ness-liko manner and the officers
soem to bo doing their duty.
3rd. We have carefully chocked
the books of the county dispenser,
the Clerk of Court and the
County Supervisor with those of
the County Treasurer, and we find
the Treasurer to lie properly
charged with all monies coming to
| his hands from these officers.
tiu. we una mat tne Uounty
Superintendent of Education has
in his oflioe several charts which
nro new and supposed to have been
left there by some agents or publishers.
These charts have boen
in his ollicc for several years, and
the Superir.tondont has made dili?
gent search to find their owner,
but has been unable to do bo, and
we recommend that the County
Supervioor be authorized and di*
rected to sell these charts for storage
and turn the money into the
general county fund.
5th. Wo roport tho outstanding
debts of the county at this time
to be us follows, to-wit:
Sinking fund note (interest paid
to May, 1901.) $15,716.26
Aaron ftoggs note (int.
paid to Jan. 15, 1904) 2,000.00
Aaron Hoggs note (int.
paid to Jan. 15, 1904.) 2,000.00
A nrnn Il/iwnii unta /;? ?
paid to Jan. 15, 100$.) 3,573 09
It. F. Smith note (int.
paid to J.ine 28, 1904.) 640.00
Total due on notes
without interest $'23,929.85
To got tho exact- indehtenesB of
the County at this time we must
add to this the outstanding claims
on tho books and it is estimated
by the Clerk of the County Board
of Commissioners that there is not
over Ton Thousand Dollars of
the claims.
rutting this to the amount of the
notes above stated you will observo
that tho total outstanding debt of
the county vll approximate 133,
929 35.
0th. Wo have examined the
nublic buildings of the county and
report that for sanitary reasons a
well should be dug; at the Couuty
Jail 011 the North aide of that jail
JaB we are fearful that the present
' well has been the cause of some ol
the fever heretofore existing in the
jailor's family and we believe that
a well on the North side whore it
will be free from drainage and
trom contamination with the sewerage
system will afford an abundance
of pure water. We note
also that there are some leaks in
the roof of the jail which wo recommend
be mended as tpeedily as
7th. Iu thin examination wo
have called /n"*" o < -*< *-? ?"? T.?.*
M. "
encd upon, ami I cuu
candidates for that honorable position
to perform that service.
First, an amendment to the constitution
to have biennial sessions
J * -
lumtmu UI HUHUHl B8BB10D8 Ot tQe
legislature, is to be voted on at the
general election in November. This
is an important matter and concerns
every taxpayer in the State,
and if adopted will Bave at least
$50,000 evfry other year. This
matter should Ik; explaiued and
the people fully informed so thai
they may kijow how to vote intelligently.
Another amendment proposed
to the constitution is to give the
legislature the right to enact "local
or special laws concerning tht
laying ortt, opening, altering 01
working roads or highways, and
concerning the providing for the
ago at Which citizous should be
subject to road duty, and concerning
drainage." This proposed
amendment is equally it not more
important to the people than the
other and should have the earnest
thought of the candidates.
Another act of the legislature
which should bo ventilated is that
one which provides for the establishing
and removal of dispensaries.
Thia act provides that dis<
pensaries can be established in an>
county bv a majority of the votof
aud can be removed in tho name
way, but it prcviileB that if the
people vote it out a tax of one half
mill annually shall be levied on all
the taxable property of the county
for the purpose of defraying the
expenses of the enforcement ol
the dispensary law in such county,
Every candidate for the legislature
should olearly define his position
with reference to this law, and 1
call upon oach one to say on the
stump whether ho is in favor of it
or not. If the biennial session*
Amendment is adopted, then tin
next legislature should further
amend the constitution by making
the terms of all officers four yean
and have oloctlons every foui
years, The candidates should ex
press themselves on this subjeci
also. A Votor.
County of Pickens. J
Ity J. II. Nowbery, Esquire., Probata
J ndge.
Whereas, B. U. ami J. M, Williami
made Hint to me to grunt them Ltet
tern of Admiuistralion, of tho Eh tot
ami effVots of Elizabeth Williams, d<
coased, and also upou the estate of Join
I. Wiliiums with will aunexed.
These are therefore to oite and admon
ihIi all aud singular tho kindred ant
creditors of the said Elizabeth Wil
limns aud John I. Williams, deoeased
that they appear before me, in th
Court of Probate, to bo held at Pick
ons Court House, H. C., on the 4th da;
of August, 1904, after publication herooi
at 11 o'clook in the forenoon, to shei
cause, if any the.y have, why tho sail
Administration should not be grautod.
GIVEN under my hand and seal, thi
18th day of. July 1904, in tho 128 yearc
our lodopendeuoe.
< H K AL V Judge of Probate,
(t*') Pickens county, B,l
1 Agricolist on Biennial $essions?
|1 Mr. Editor: I wish io call the
, people's attention to an important
, matter to be voted on the 8th of
- next November; that is to amend
1 the constitution bo as to have biennial
sessions of the legislature,
, instead of annual sessions. I think
WA 1/1 1 ? ? ? "
nv wi'm live iwu years unoer any
law they would pass and save some
1 $50,000 annually. Mahy States
have this provision in their constitution.
Virginia has it in her
titution, adopted sotae three
ra ago.
suppose thero is no hope tor a
ngo in the dispensary law.
utomobiles should be barred
to prevent the people from
ing to do it by wrecking them
shooting the people off them
j J and ? inch rifles, which I
3ve they will do.
hy do so many of the news
..^jrs still abuse Bryan? If the
people could vote directly for president
he would
? 0-w v t v_> in n
than Roosevelt and Parker both^
( or any other two mon. Rev. Sam
Jones says: "but all iu all Bryan
is the strongest and greatest por(
sonality in Amorica. II he is dead,
he is the biggest, finest, strongest,
sassiest corpse that ever laid be.
fore the eyes of man."
t II ho and his friends wore kicked
[ out of the Democratic party, as
. some papers wanted done, there
would not bo enough left to make
a complete skeleton. In my opinion
this hatred of good and smart
men is begotten by envy, knowing
1 that if they once got started up
ward they will reach the top to
, stay. We have a oase in our
, State that illustrates this.
? Notice to Old Soldiers*
( The surviving soldiers and sailor*
t of the State or Confederate States iu
, 1'ickens county, are requested to
meet in each townsnip tbe second ,
1 Saturday in August, 1904, for tbe
! purpose of elooting a representative
to meet at the court bouse the tirnt
Monday in September, next, to elect
a County Board of Pensioners for
5 tbe year 1005.
; Tbe placo and timo of meeting in
. each township shall be at 4 o'clock p.
m. at tbe following named places.
.uasley township, ttasley.
Liberty township, Liberty.
r Central township, Central,
i l'ickena township, Pickens.
Hurricane township, Mile Creek
1 Eastatoe township. Antioch church.
Pumpkintown township, SulherI
land's store.
Dacusvillo township, Looper's gin.
When assembled they shall organ'
ize by elocting a chairman and secre1
ary, aud shall then elect by ballot
, an ex-Confederate soldier, not a hold,
er of nor applicant for a pennion as
tho representatives of the veterans of
1 said township. J. B. Newbory,
Aug. 4, 1904. Pension Com
' H. Snider,
i 7
rr X-J
* Old Postoffice Building,
J Handles a full line of Watches,
. Clocks and Jewelry. Repair
l work receives prompt atten*
tion.v.v.w. ]
r DR. J. M. BURQC55,
<* HENECA, - 8. C.
1 Otflco oyer Nimmons Store, Doyle
hoars U a. m, to 1 p. m. ? S p. m. to
6 p.m.
Hazel Happening*.
Dear Bonfcinel-Journal. I will
try to give you a few sketches
from this part of the county.
We were visited by a light
shower of rain Thursday evening,
which was the first we have had ia
several weeks. Crops began to
look like they were parohed in the
heat of the day before the rain fell.
I notice some report rain last Saturday,
but it never come this way,
Children's day services at Antioch
tho second Sunday was a success.
The little fellows spoke well,
and that spoke well for both child- - ,
ren aud parents. It showed that'
they had the proper training. The
candle lecture by the Supt. Mr. W.
W. Aiken, was grand, and the addroBses
given by Revs. B. E. Grandy
and A. J. Manly, Hon. C. E.
Robinson and Maj. Q. M. Lynch
were very impressive, noble and
aoul uplifting. Evorybody seemed
to be deeply interested by their
Speeches. We extend to thom our
heartfelt thanks for their speeches,
and extend to thom a hearty welcome
to meet with us again. The
good ladies had all that heart
could wiBh to satisfy the innerman
at noon. The musio wag in charge
of the secretary of the Suuday
school, and Profs. E. M. and R. M.
Bolding and Prof. J. L. Murphiee.
Everybody seemed to enjoy themA.U~
/ A
ooitod iu i/iiu niiiwai eiicni, \
Prof. J, L Murphree, H. A.
Townee, A. T. Winchester and W.
J, Baker made a brief trip to Littlo
Iiivor Baptist church in Oconee
county, last Buuday and report a
good time. The professor had an
appointment to sing at that placo
on Sunday morning, and they
made him Up a music school before
he loft the church. Those
people know a good tiling when
they gee it. Wo congratulate you
Little Iliver folks* in securing such
? good teacher. I know whereof I
Bpeak. Any community needing
a music school can not do better
than to employ the professor.
Mrs. Washington Galloway, of
Toxaway, N. 0., returned last
Tuesday from a short visit to hor
daughter, Mrs. J. L. Murphreo.
Mrs. James McKee of Toxaway,
N. C., made a short trip over to
see his father, who lives in the Six
Mile section, recently.
ir- j ir /1 *? ?
mr. hhq ottb. o. i'? uuiespie are
od a visit to see the latter's parents,
Dr. Whit Brooks at Toxaway,
N. C., and other relatives
and friends on the Oolenoy side.
Antioch school opened up last
Monday, ISth, with Willie Chastain
as teacher. He seems to be
managing the children well, and
they all liko him so far, and e\ery?
thing is working very smoothly.
Success to you, "Little Willie."
Farmers are resting a bit from
their labors.
Host wishes to The SentinolJournal.
Mountain Sprout.
Itlauy are Nlvkly.
Mother Oray'ii Sweet I'owderx for Children,
UHt-tl by Mother Gray,a nurncInChlMleD'Hhome
New York, llreak ui> C'oldn In hpurn, cure KorerlvhneHH,
Heiulaolif, Stomach troufilex, Teething
Disorder*, and dentrov Worm* At All drug
kImIm, 2&c. Sample mailed KHEI-;. Address, A 1
len S. < Minuted Leltov N. Y
Aalc Vuiir lltaltr fu'a Koot-Kniie
A powder lot tl?e root. It oared Swollen
Sore, Hot, Oallotifl, Aoliing, Sweating
F?mh, Cory* ami Buuioun. At all f)ntggitita
aud shoo utores, *25o. Auk today.
I)?d m?t Vo*t?oril <l?t Alln'i
A wonderful powdtr (hat cureN tired, aching,
sweating feet ami makes new or Unlit shoe*
easy, A?k to-day for Allen's Foot-Kane, Accept
no substitute Trial package KKKK. Address
A. S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. V.
Mauldin 4 Proffitt,
Pick?n?, M. C.
Blaokamithing and Woodwoik,
Baggie i Kepainted and striped same
aH new.
A" VVork Gu.r.u**.,

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