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Looking on the failing flowers,
Shabby white and rusty red,
Done with suns and winds and showers;
"That's the way of joy," he said.
Hut she laughed and touched his hand:
"Dear, you do not understand."
"See!" he cried, and took a rose,
Ruinous, but hoping on.
".lust a breath, and so -it goes!
There's a joy of our life gone!"
Vol vt.o liiurlxi.l !?rwl t.,II,I I.;* Iiiinil
"Dear, you do not understand."
obnobsob aag
rfl By HARRY
elever scoundrel. EveryO
j | (i body admitted it, from the
7[ oil Cherry street neighbors,
who remembered?
ami not with pleasure?bis boyish depredations,
to gonial Frank Walker,
who, after four years' faithful service
at police duty, had been promoted by
the decease of old Ned Tyler to the
enntninev of Ktntion I
,t _ Captain Walker was youn.tr, in fact,
^H niily thirty, and perhaps that was tlie
reason he took it so hard.
It was tough, though, that two
mornings after his appointment, he
should wake to lind that the biggest
burglary in ten years' history of the
Kbi Police Department had been committed
the night before. And the worst
B of it was, it had occurred In his own
HL district, and in a section patrolled by
^Kone of his best otHcers, For on the
^Leasbier's desk of the Forbes National
H^Vllank. on that bright October morn^Klng,
when tin1 olllce boy opened the
great doors, lay a brand new kit of
burglars' tools :ui<l a bit of pasteboard.
And the pasteboard was not soiled,
either, as might have been expected. It
was of the conventional size, and <>n
? it. in tho daintiest of engraving, was
the following:
".Mr. Daniel Perry Moynihnn."
^ And beneath it. in clear, clean chirography:
"To the new captain of Station 1.
.with compUmeuts."
It was a challenge.
Captain Walker recognized tlio fact,
p "tnd so did his brother oflicers, who
yere older than be, but who had not
,<01 tlie olllce.
Alone ill his room, with only his pipe
and Dick, tin* police dog?who seemed
to have taken a great fancy to him?
:v for company, the new chief thought
over the matter. lie thought a long
,,tlme, and at last had an idea.
f Any way lie gave orders to the ser<
geant that when Oilicer Lynch, <>n
i whoso beat was the Forbes National
H|y Dank, came, lie wished to see him.
It was 11 o'clock, and to tin members
of the Itecrcatloii Club, down in
Thatcher stwet, the "edge <>f the evening'*
was just on. Mr. Daniel Perry
i>nn iiut.'iii, ? 11 eouejueo. ciever *111<I
rascally, was President of the ? luh. It
was a sumptuously furnished retreat.
Tho members, from the character of
their "occupation," received high
wages, anil could afford to he lavish.
And Moynihnn would have only the
host. Several well executed etchings
r.dornod the walls, a few paintings,
and here and there, at random and in
odd corners, as if somewhat ashamed
of themselves, pictures representing
sporting men and < vcnt.i.
"Ah, Dan, but you're a changeable
boy." said one of the members.
"How's that7"
"Thursday night a burglar's sneaks
and dark lantern, and to night evening
mess ,'iiid diamonds.
"Well, you fellows ought not I > kick:
you get your share, you know." Moyniliiin
answered, laughingly.
"That's right," and a cheery "good
night" followed the chief as he lift
the room.
Moynihan, after a somewhat circuitous
route, reached the street.
Cautiously he looked out. The coast
was clear, and lie stepped down Into
<i dark alley.
As he reached the pavement he almost
fell over a man seated on the
curb with a forlorn* looking bulldog
beside him.
lie was shabbily dressed, aud tl;e
genus seemed very apparent.
. "Hello, tramp!"
k "Well, what If I am: tin r 's no use
rubbing <1 ililu II.
" \V lull's
"Nothing 1 kmow of."
"./lis! NN I dirt.v tramp
wagy and a dirtier buildup," he saal to him
"Are you hungry V"
" Vos."
The metamorphosed burglar was silent
for a moment. "<:u<>-. I'll risk
It." he muttered Ic low his breath.
"Sa , 1 mean, pard! You come
with me and I'll lind you .something to
In live jthlnutes the <Si*> -s suit, the
ilirfv Ir.iinfi iii?l fli<? wni'iT I -1 r
ill the parlor of (lie i: creaiion <"1 uI>.
There wii.s ;iii ominous sll?fi??-o for ;i
moment when they entered, I>;i> Moynilian
remarked: It's nil riyhi, hoys,
fin old friend of mine iit straitened circumstances.*'
And I lie seedy tramp noddi d emphatically.
ilinl doffed liis disn | 11:; 1111 o
old hat. The sail eyed Imlldo;; curled
up on a rut? before Ilie lire.
"Come with me," said the chief, and
the pair passed through a doorway
Into a cozy diniinr room. I'll" eating
room was unoccupied save for a waiter,
and they took seats at one of (lie
little tnhles.
"In a few minutes. Join ' cald Moy.
uihan; "come when I rinu."
A moment later I hey were alone In
>.e room
Half impatient with his love,
Half inclined to draw her nigh.
Once again ho sought to prove
By a bloom that joy must die.
J?ut she laughed and stayed his hand: *
"Dear, you do not understand."
And she caught the rose from hio
Kro the petals fell apart,
Gazed on it with eyes grown dim,
Took it safely to her heart,
Sighed, then laughed and caught his handj
"Dear, now won't von undovstanil
mTyo peck. i
Tlion the chief loaned back In liia
chair, looked at the tramp, and quiet- |
ly said: "(lot my card, Walker, I (
see." 1
The tramp gave a visible start.
' It's no use, Walker; 1 knew yon the
mimttc 1 fell over yon on the curb- I
stone. I've had so much to do with
your profession, that when the danger
Infection is around I'm always one of
the lirst to catch it. Had it rubbed
into me by friction to-nlirht." lie
Xeltlur said anything for several j
minutes. Then A\ alker stretched out ;
a hand from a dirty sleeve, which was !
grasped by the chief. "You're clever."
"Thanks,'* said the chief.
"Well, what are you going to do.
now that you have n:e.' ' queried (
"(Jet you a good dinner, as I promised
you, convince you that a new police
chief is not the mental equal of
a rogue as long in the business as myself.
and then if you choose to give ino
your word as a gentleman that you will
never mention this place or occurrence, <
or i men ore 111 the least with my l'u- ,
lut'o plans, lot you go." I
"Ami as 11 oar as my inferior order of t
intelligence can make it out. 1 get :t '
dinner, h reduction to tho ranks, and (
;i chance to perjure myself as soon as j
I get out of here." | '
"You hypothesis is absolutely oor- j '
rect. You are arguing on two certain- j (
ties and one chance; the hu'. of which j
you will not take, as you are a man s
of honor."'
"Hut suppose I refuse to comply
with your request?"
"Then the newspapers will print
scare heads and the public will have j ,
the pleasure?pardon me?the oppor- | >
tunity of seeing how the mighty press ' v
rewards faithful servants after death." !
"A bit cold blooded, isn't it?"
"Yes, a tritle; but with a man in my ;
position liberty and life are about on a '
par, and it wouldn't do to get caught, j 1
you know. Hut here conies the oys- '
ters; we can continue this later."
At this mir.ute Dick, having missed 1
his master, poked his head in at the (
door, and, walking over to the table. I <
throw himself down with a sigh. ! t
"Nice doir, that." said the chief. l
'"Yes, li a good one, ' was the re- i t
ply. : ,
i?ick pot up, stretched himself and
followed them: after smiling about the
furniture he strolled m;t of an open
door into the kitchen.
"inquisitive/" queried Moynihan, | .
"Hungry, I guess," replied the guest.
"Walker, let me say you did remarkably
W"ll in tracing ine Here. What 1
made you think of this locality as a '
| probable stamping ground?" '
"If y?m examine tin* city records for 1
a year or two you will lind that dur* !
iiiLT that time District S has been ah- f
solutely free from burglarious dMurb. ]
ances of that high tone 1 eliaraeter .
vvhieh has coin- to he your distill- |
gulshing mark."
"Th inks! 1 will make a note of it. j
The sin of omission is a grave one." (
"Ves, it is a leading one." ,
Then for a few minutes there was
sileiiee. Tobacco had wrought its magie
spell, and each was absorbed ill his
own thoughts.
Then Moyuihan roused himself,
tossed the cigar stump into the smouldering
lire and turned to the new cap- *
I tain. "Well. Walker, having reversed |!
t!:e or<!:r o!" tin conventional S' ipienee t
I by having our ph '.-ur lir.-t. it's now <
time f ir husii.->s. Wliat do you pro* <
, p> e to <|?) in the matter:" \
"1 haven't decided yet." ! ,
"l!o\v long do you intend to lake he (
fore doing ItV" sneered Mo.vnlh.-in. I.
"Let i>ick in before he scratch -s the ,
paint all off that door, and I will see !
if some satisfactory conclusion cannot
1 e reached." I '
The chief hastily rose and walked
over to the entrai.ee door, to the other 1
side of which, b.v the serateliiin' liicl
' In 'I sum -liov. apparently wandered. ! I
i 11? ?>! !. 11 il .iimI then staggered i
: hack into llie room. I i
Did; marched .il. ("lose behind liiiii :
(Mini' oiliccr I.yi:cli, with four still- (
wart iioHOi incii.
Tlicn Waikei slowly rose from Ills ;
chair. "As 1 said. Moyniha ;i, I
tlioiiulit some conclusion ini^lit bo
reached wiifii Hick was admitted. '
He drew out I.is card case, abstractcd
a card, mid having scrildih-d mi it i
"with compliments," Handed it to the
chief. Then lie turned to his men:
"(Hiicer l.ynch, arr? xt that man!"
There was no resistance. i ;
Alter the liandciilTs were on the exchieftain
turned to Walker and said:
'Cap. there's just one question I want
to ask you."
"(Jo ahead."
"How long has that dog been in the
"Nine years.''
And the police dog locked up from
I the rip; before the lire with an I'veI
been-t here in fore e.\ pl'essi'.'M but A-C
I s?aid nothing.?New York Nov i
Charleston Hotel Sold.
The Charleston hotel, ono of the
oiuesi aim uesi Known mmsus in mu
south, which has been closed fox* the
past year, was sold a few days ago,
under a receivership order of the
court. It was bought by local parties
who will reopen it as a tourist hotel
in the fall.
* ?
Will Enforce Dog Tax Law.
Newberry city authorities have begun
gun a war upon the "mangy cur," and
all those apparently ownerless members
of the genus canine will he killed.
The authorities have taken this
stop in ordor to facilitate the collection
of the dog tax. Already about
$200 has been collected and only a
few dogs killed.
V *
Charleston Short on Water.
A water famine will bo on in
Charleston unless the section is soon
i-isited by hard rains. Goose Creek,
bo new source of supply, has run
diort of water and the city authorities
ii v ?. a? ij ri HV M w ? v i iin; omm
ion. An official investigation was
microti and City Engineer Dingle an<l
Prof. 1\ E. Chazal went up to Goose
"?rcok to make an examination of the
nipply of wator ami a clu nical analysis.
o *
An Epidemic of Burglaries.
Recently there has heen epiite an
'pidemic of burglaries in Newberry,
r. 1j. I?. Hppa had two suits of clothes
stolon from his residence. The thief
filtered the house in broad daylight.
The house of Mr. James Rhodes at
In- Molloton mills, was entered and a
nmk broken into. A suit of clothes
ind other articles wore taken.
By far the most daring attempt yet
oportod occurred when a thief <nter d
the residence of I... \V. Floyd, on
alhoiin .street and stole a pair of
rousers containing about $10 and a
'old watch. The entrance was made
hrough an open window at the head
?! Mr. Imil
* *
Land Company Holds Meeting.
The Newberry Land and Security
'ompany lias hold its regular annual
neeting. This meeting was called
or the purpose of declaring a diviiond
and electing officers. An annual
iividend ol' seven per cent was doMa
The elect ion of ofilcers resulted as
'ollows: President, O. 15. Mayor; vice
>resident, ('. 15. Summ< r; secretary,
lohn M. Kinurd; attorneys, Hunt,
II lint and Hunter.
Directors- (>. H. Mayer, John M.
\inard, 15. Summer, L. \V. Floyd,
). M. R. Holmes, T. C. Pool, E. 13.
IVilbur, C). Klettner, George H. Croin
* *
Thinks Lynchers are Known.
A Columbia news item states that
Solicitor 1'. T. Hildebrand, upon instructions
from tiovernor llayward
o proc? ed to Eutawville, Berkley
county, tci represent the state of South
'arolina at the coroner's inquest over
he body of Kitt Ilookhardt. a negro
ivho was recently lynched for the most
trivial offense, lias just made a report
<> the governor ??f his investigation.
Tlio coroner's jury was made up of
t<'ii white men and two colored men.
III his report to the governor, Solicitor
ilihlchrand says:
"We did not desire that all the
testimony should he reduced to writing
or publication, because some of the
[]c*taiIs were too horrible to appear in
mi' < imiiiiiiih 111 any ruspucmme newspaper.
We arc satisfied; I think the
ficting coroner is satisfied and indeed
I think tlint every citizen who heard
the testimony ic satisfied ns to the
personnel of the guilty parties. We
think the perpetrators of the crimo
number not exceeding six."
This Accident a Blessing.
Norman S. Cnson. an industrious
nnd prosperous farmer of Abbeville
county who has been almost, totally
blind since childhood, met with a peculiar
and happy accident while in
town a few days ago. Mr. Cason was
sitting in the store of P. Kosenbtirg
Co., nnd attempting to put on his
hat the brim struck him In the eye.
For a moment he was rendered totally
blind, but soon afterwards ho was
able to distinguish friends and objects
never before seen by him. He
said he could see the obstruction to
his vision gradually passing away after
the total blindness came on.
The good fortune of Mr. Cason has
resulted in his confusion to a small
degree. He did not know the personal
appearance of his brothers and friends
and did not recognize them after he
had regained his sight until they spoke
to him. Mr. Cason's sight Improved
rapidly during the afternoon and until
he "left town for his home. Heretofore
he had consulted eminent specialists
about his condition, but none
gave him any relief or hope. His
friends are now congratulating him
on his good fortune.
Magistrate Shoots Son-in-law.
Tonias J. Lyon, magistrate for Yeldell
township, in Greenwo? county,
shot and instantly killed his son-inlaw,
Ed Stevens, in an encounter a
few days ago. Stevens was fchot
through the heart and died instantly.
The fatal shot was fired while the
two men were clinched and scuffling
on the ground. The killing took place
in the public road directly in front
of Stevens' house.
Lyons drove to Greenwood at once
in company with T. W. McMillan,
chief of police of Greenwood, who was
visiting in the neighborhood. He went
to tlio jail and surrendered volunj
The shooting is said to be the culmination
of a long and bitter enmity
against Lyon by his son-in-law and
his son-in-law's father.
Lyon is magistrate and once decided
a case against Stevens senior,
which it is said started the had feeling.
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Figfit Over Reduction of Wages
Begun by Cotton Mill Operatives
on Schedule Time.
The sliikc order issued by the Fall
Itiver, Mass., textile council, calling
for upwards of 30,COO operatives to
remain away from the mills in protest
against a reduction of 12Vfe per '
cent in wages becume effective .Monday.
In tl thirty-seven mills Involved In
the ag-efmfill to reduce wages, it is
estimate 1 that not mor<? than 300 en- '
tered at the gates and hef'ire 8 o'clock
priu-ticilly every mill involved In the
trouble had shut down.
The ci'ly mill having more than a
score oi employee;; re-idy for work was i
the Hovpne, where something over 100
weaves bad gone in.
Tli.. > aniifnef urers ken! I'm fnins
open rr.til 7 o'clock, but save those
who ha 1 pone in at tho usual time,
none >f tho workmen arc opted tho
opportunity, and by 7:30 practically
every mill save the Bourne had shut
down, completely.
Doth Fides admit that this is the beginning
of tho most determined contest
which Fall River has ever seen.
The manufacturers maintain that thev
havo tr e<i every plan which thej
could think of to avoid a reduction
in wag.?*;, an 1 took that llnnl step only
when dt'ven to do so to save t)u ir
j bUBin^SS.
(hi tho other hand, the operatives
] soy Hint the conditions affecting cotton
manufacture at Fall Hlver did not
! warrant such a reduction.
Senator Davis Will Be Notified of Hia
Nomination by Democrats.
Senator Davis informs the Associated
Press that ho had received a telegram
from .Judge Parker saying that
ho would hold his notification meeting
on August In and as lie had plannod
t<? have his notification meeting
| held one w< ok later tlian Mr. Parker.
ho named tho date Monday night and
! sent a t< ! gram to Hon. John Sharp
I Williams, of Mississippi, temporary
chairman of tho St. Louis convention,
tnaf his notification mooing would be
hold at Whte Sulphur Springs, W. Va.,
on Clio 17th of Augu: t.
; Three Russian Craft Are Sent to the
Bottom at Port Arthur.
llusslan refugees who have arrived
| at Che Foo report that the Burukoft
and two other Russian torpedo boat
destroyers wore torpedoed and totally
destroyed by the Japanese on the night
of July 2f>, In the vicinity (if Port
Ice Heaps are Still on the Ground In
Coffee County, Alabama.
Judge Thomas Bradford, of the Alabama
state convict department, has returned
to Montgomery from Coffee
county and tells of the awful destrucI
Hon by bail there last week. lie says
I the storm did at least $100,000 worth
j of damage. Ice is still on the ground
! where it was washed up in drifts.
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In Use For Ov<
Cured of Chronic Diarrhoea After Ton j
Years of Suffering.
"I wish to say a few words in praise
of Chamix rlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy," says Mrs. Mattie
Httrge, <>f Martinsville, Va. "I suffered
from chronic diarrhoea for ton
years and during that time tried various
medicines without obtaining any
permanent relief. Last summer one of
my children was taken with cholera
morbus, and I procured a J.-Mtle of
this ronady. Only two doses were
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One cannot say too much i'i
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Liberty. U
V ccec I Leaves Savannah With 356
Cottages for Porto Rico.
The bark Grace Dot ring sailed irotn
Savannah Thursday for Porto Kieo,,
carrying 350 cottages and a cargo of
other stuff to bo used by the government
at .1 number of posts on the island.
The cottages are "knocked
down." The material has all been cut
to the proper size.?, planed, mortised
and in every other way prepared, s>
tbat nothing v*i!l be needed except
ot lit and fasten together the various
The material includes not only
sashes, doors and blinds, but picket
fences, so that not only will the cott
iges be complete, l>nt also enclosed.
Democratic Leaders Make Informal
Call Upon Presidential Candidate.
After several hours spent. In informal
conference with ihe presidential
nominee of their party, the members
of the democratic national committee
left Msoyus late Wednesday af
ternoon enthusiastic over .ludgs Parker
himself and more confident than
ever of democratic success this year.
The members of tit? committee left
New York shortly after II o'clock and
arrived at the democratic inecca or
the Hudson about two hours later.
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Mother's Friend.
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l>?*t 7 I f%)ur? k I rami even made ?n America. lit no
T he Gent's Open Pace air icrewcsse* and dust proof. Stal#
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pleased, we stand ready to refund your money
:rson company, winston-salcm, m. o. i

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