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Fickoas Soatinel-Journal.
The Sentinel*Journal Company.
Thompson & Ricuby, l'nors.
^ J. L. O. THOMPSONi Kditok.
Subscription $1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising Kutes lleaaouiible.
Kutored at Ptckena l'oitoflics hh Second Class
Mail Matter
Wednesday. AIM J. 8, 1004.
(p* Tho Prime Minister of Russia wns
blown up the othor day with ft bootu.
There will be some toll blowing in
Pickens county until about August
30, Jbut it is to l>e hoped nobody
will get hurt. It is expcctod that
the high gale that is now blowing
will bo reduced to a plensnnt breeze
on the afternoon of August 30.
i ii i
A committee of 125 leading lveJMmk
publicans gently broke the news to
*f- i> n t ? 'in ?a
H iUI. IVUUHUVVll JltOl i.IlUiOVI(?J tIt kHIf;- I
amoro Hill that he had boon nominated
as the standard bearer of the ,
Republican party. Whilo it must
have come as a great surprise, it is
authoritatively roported that ho '
n smiled.
Santos Dumont had his air ship
V* cut to pieces by^yotne vandal at St.
Louis the ojthjwr'day. If he can only
b pat/aUit sufficiently to hold air, Pickous
county candidates will furnish
W enough hot air in the next thirty
' days to carry him to the uttermost
parts of tho earth. <
There was a Breese-j time in Charv
lotte tho past week. ,
/ From Mica.
The health of this community is i
improving Borne. 1
Miss Dina Hopkins lias been
very nick for the past lew weeks.
School commenced at Mica last
Monday with Will Jones teacher.
Mr. and Mrs. Med Finley spent
/last Sunday at S. M. Looper's.
( J. L. Hendricks and wife visited (
/ at Mr. Edwaid Hendricks last Sun*
I> K. Hendrix and sister, Evie,
made Miss Lena Looper a visit
Mis. Anna Looper raised a beoti '
this year that weighed five pounds '
and measured 20 inches around. |
Who can boat that? <
Tauta Bogus, birda of a feather 1
floek togethor; fools lind fools, but J
we, as a wiser class, atill curry on
our Sunday School. I really can't
understand you, fop you don't attend
Sunday school over here. Who 1
givos you all the news'!* . J
HIue KyoK.
Dalton Dots.
\ I will try again to give a few
dots from our thriving country.
We are having plenty of rain
Misses Nora and Lucia Dalton i
have returned hom? after several 1
(lays viuit to their Uncle's, L. II.
Rev, J. K, Foster began a aeries
of moetings at Mile Croek Friday
night, the 22nd, and will continue
until tho Hist. God being a help->
or in all good things, we l'eol mire
that sauch and lasting good will
t>e done at this place. May God
^rant such blessings us w<5 neod.
Miss .logic Karlo oponed her
school at Milo Creek tlio 18th inst.
Bhe certainly is a fine teacher.
Charles Dalton ami Sammy Curtis
left Tuesday for Wulhalla,
where they expect to hoo their best
Mrs. Mary Kerr and children,
trom Alabama, are visiting Mrn.
Kerr'w father, S. K. Cur ia.
Bad Hoy.
Notice of Election
Pursuant. to hii art of the General !
Assembly providing for Cotton weigher J
for Pick ena C. H. Township notice in.
hereby given ut an election for Mich
Cotton weigher will l?e held on Saturday,
August 80th. 1904. at Pickens, C. j
H,. to bo heid in the Court House build- j
ing. Polls will oi>rn at 10 a. m. ami
close at ft p. m. The following will act
as managers of Bai(l election: J. K Cox,
K. A. Ilowen, J. L. Thornley.
This, Aug. 2, 1904. W. T. MoFall,
Fnulnurf I (let Alien'* K?oI?Kh??
A wonderful powder tliat cores tired, nHilntr,
nwemliiK feet und initkex new or tlKlit Mhoex
Auk to-day for Allen'* Foot K?*e. Accept
no NUbntttiite Trlnl pftrktiKe h'itKK Addro.se
A. S. OlniHted, URoy, N. V.
Financial Condition of the County.
When I camo iuto oftico January
1001 after paying out nil Iho money
collected from tuxes of 15)00 the county
still owed $0,303 25. We had to
borrow money to pay the salaries of
the oflicers and such other expenses
as bad to be met.
The followiug is a correct statement
of the indebtedness of the
county 21st of July, 1904, as the
books will show:
Claims of 1901 unpaid $ 204.20
Claims of 1902 unpaid 2.021.97
Claims of 1903 unpaid 0,001.20
uiaima oi I'jua unpaid
July 22, 5003.97
Due Sinking Fund 1571(5.2G
Aaron Boggs, 3 notes, 7,373.05)
11. F. Smith, 1 note, (540.00
Total debt, $37,500.71
The bridges that were washed
away last your cost to replace them
between $8,000 and $10,000.
From tho $20,000 borrowed from
the State in 1002 wo paid back a
loan of $4,223.55 which had been
made to our predecessor, then wo
paid out for claims on the books up
to that time $6,000 to $10,000, for
tho jail $4,000, aud tho balance was
used to pay current expenses.
Tho levy at no time sinco we have
boon in oflico has been sufliciont to
meet tho expenses, and an indebtedness
has accumulated every year in
consequence thereof. The bridges
and lumbor items during our tevm
of oflico has been exceedingly heavy.
But some of tho things which can
ha ufnftwl f r\ ultnur f/\?? tltiu in.
Sebtedness is:
The Sinking Fund 8 4223.55
Unpaid Claims 6000.00
Jail 4000.0H
Bridges aud Lumber 10,000.00
13 mules 1300.00
3 road machines 750.00
Stockade, tools, etc. 400.00
Hogs 100.00
Other expenses for 3 years 9,000.67
Cash on hand 1,770.49
Total $37,500.71
These items aro all approximated
except the lirst and two or three
others, but tire accurate generally.
The Auditor has furnished me
with a statement estimating the
amount we will collect from the levy
this fall as follows:
Ordinary county $ 9,129.82
Past indebtedness 3,049 93
Rebuild bridges 2433.28
Sinking fund 3049.93
Support of convicts 3041.GO
Total $21,903 G2
If all this is collected and ptiid out
:>n the debts we will still bo owing
?15,657.09, most of which will be to
l.rt .....
l-uu ^lunui^ I UIHI, UUb IHMU )Ul
;he expenses for the balance of thiu
pear to meet and we do not know
^vhat they will be until the year ends.
And again, we cannot apply all of
.ho levy of ordinary county to tho
payment of debts contracted this
,'ear if they amount to that much,
bccause the lnw requires the bularies
>f all the county oflicors to bo paid
nonthly, and this should be hel<l
onck out of this year's taxes to pay
:iext year's salaries.
L. I>. Stephens,
A J. Welborn.
T if! H.nt tlio oli/.vn utntotnonl I
tin to the indebtedness of the county
ind the amount which will be collected
from tuxes this yenr is correct,
as I made a personal examination of
the books in the Supervisor's office.
C. E. Robinson.
Maj. -J M. Stewart killed a medium
gized lattlesnake last Thursday about
two miles from town. Late in the
iftornoon a man came through town
exhibiting the stuffed skin of the
snake. Soon a large group of men
gathered around to view his snakeship.
The rattler was i$ feet <? inches
long and H inches in circumference,
iind had three rattles. The sight of
11 snake of any kind in a crowd al
wa\ s sets men to telling snake stories.
It soon developed that there was
not a man in the cr nvd of about 25
who had not killed a rattler twice
the size of the stuffed snake. The
man with the stuffed snake" drove
away in disgust, feeling that he only
had the skin of a baby rattler.
During this* spirited talk about
snakes two men in the crowd testified
about a monster snake tnat roams on
a hillside and a branch a mile and a
half from town, this side of the Lyt*
tie place. The snake is many years
old and has his den in a rocky glen
on a small branch. This den is
known as "Wolf 1'it From all accounts
this snake would be a valuable
addition to Rarnum & Bailey's or
Hingling's circuses.
About thiH juncture tlio crowd betcau
to scatter and several felt that
thev iniyht need an antidote for
snake bites' before getting home, so
they went by the dispensary and had
Dr. Baker to till a prescription that
ainy give viniona of snakes, I ut is a
dead shot euro for snake bites.
Nutke to l)rhtiir? ami Creditor*.
All |x ruons having claims against (lift
esta'?! ??f R. H. I'nreton, deceased, w 1
pres-nt <lie sa ??*?, duly attested, 't)t
payment by the 1st day < I October. ue <t,
Those licit bted to said estate will w'ako
payment t< Mary 1$. ('uretf-h.
Au^. 4, 001. Administratrix.
Announcement)) for Congressman for the
Third Congressional District and fur Sollcitoe
from the KiKhtli Judicial Circuit. and lor itl
County oIIIcck will bo Inserted umler tills head
Iiik from now until the 1'rlnmry Klectlon forth
turn of KIVi: DOM.Alts, Cash". at the time h
notice is handed in. No deviation from thi
rule will be made.
For CoDKr?>>i Third District'
We are authorized to announce Hon. WYATT
A IK K.N a candidate for re-election to Con Kress
from the Third District, subject to the action
of tiie Democratic parly in the primary election.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for
CoiiKress from the Third Concessional District
of South Carolina, subject to the action of the
Democratic voters in the prlnary election.
for lCnllrond CoiumiMsioiiur
! hereby annouce myself a* a candidate for
tin; ottlce <if Kail/owl Commissioner, subject to
the State Democratic primary,
.loll N II. I-: A It I<K.
For House of UepreHoutntlyen.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
Mouse of Representatives, I'ickcus county, subject
to the action of Hie lieinocr ttie party'at the
approaching primary election.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate lor reelection
"to the Motive of Uepreseutat Ives, subject
to the action of the Democratic party in the
primary election. J. ASIIMOKi: IIINTOX.
I respectfullv aniinuuee myself a candidate
for Mouse of Representatives from Pickens
county, ami pledge myself to abide the result
and support the nominees of the Democratic
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
Mouse of Representatives from Pickens couutv,
subject to the action of tli.? Democratic party in
the primary election. .lo^l.l'll M. KIXDI.KY.
I respectfully announce myself us w candidate
for the Mouse of Representative.-' of Pickens
count, an.I pledge myself to abide the result,
and to support the nominees of the lleinocr.nic
party--' I, Alt AX MA II. DIN.
For Hlierlll.
, I hereby announce myseif a candidate for the
tilllee of sherilf of Pit kens county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party in the Primary
election. I-:. KltANK IjOOI'KK
The many friends of A. .IKKP wKI.KOHN,
respectfully announce him a-- a candidate for
Mieritl* of l'ickens county, subject to the action
of thetapproachiiiK Democratic primary.
; hereby announce myself a candidate for the
ollice of Sherilf of Pickens county, subject to
the action <d the Democrat'.!' party in the prl
marv election. .1. (' .IIINNINGS, j
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the ,
itllipo i if v:)ii>rltV nf l'it'L'i>iiv i-itiitifv t.>
the action of tlio Democratic prlmarv cle< (ion.
HKN I'. I'Al{s<INs.
At the solicitation of inaiiv fritn?lh ! hereby
announce myself a ctiMdidatc for Shciiil o'f
Pickens county, subject to the action ot the
action of the Democratic primary.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate tor the
ollice of Sheriff for I'iekcns ounty. subject to
the action of the Democratic |>artv in the | ri
uiarv election. DAN 1Kb 1*'. SI'TIIl-'.ltl.A N 1>
I hereby announce myself a candidate tor
SheritV of Pickens connty. xuwjcet t > the action
of the Democratic party at the approaching
primary, K<)ItKItT |{. liOAItK.
Fur t:|?rk of Cour'.
I hereby announce myself for re-election to
the ollice of Clerk of Court. Pickens county,
subject to the ai tion of the Democratic voter*
at the HppruachiiiK primary. A. .loll X I!()(.(;s.
For Treitaurer.
At the solicitation of a few friends, but more
to my own notion, ami in accordance with my
Treasurer of I'ickees t'ouiity, subject to the aeHon
of the Democratic |>ri 1?mrv election
.1. 1). MOOItl-:.
1 hereby announce myself a caiiilUlatc for reelection
to the otlice ? f Treasurer of Pickens
rounty, subject to tli.i net ion hi the voters in the
primary election. III'.NUY \V. l-*.\It|{.
The many frietiils of . I??11 N T. P'KNNIII.I.
hereby announce liim a caiuiiiiatc for Treasurer
of IMckeiis county, suliject to the aetion ot i lit*
Democratic party nt tlie approachiiiK primal) .
For Super visor.
1 hereby aiiuounce myself a can<ll<laie for rc
election to the ollice of County super visnrol
IMckeiis county, subject to the actum u| tinDemocratic
pr.rtv in the priuiars election.
I. D. ST I: I'll HNS.
The many friends of \l AT'l'll I'.W M I'.N I lit It 'KS
respectfully aimoinice him a camliiliite for I he '
Dice of t'oiinty Supervisor of Pickens ciiunly,
suhjeet to the action ni (lie Democratic primary
The iiianv fricnils of \\ W \1KI'.N respectfully
announce liiai a cuniliiiiite loi (lie ulliee of
Supervisor of Pickens county, miMci t to the action
ot the Democratic prilniir.v
The many I rieiuls <>l WILLIAM I! DATs re
SpeetlllllV announce li I III lis || cil I It 1 i* III t C till the
oilice of Supervisor??l I'li-kftis touniy. sui>Je? t
to (lie notion ol' tin- Democratic |>u rl > in I In- | i i iiniry
\\ e horeh) n 111 n 111< 1 e lt< HtMIST S'l'l.W VIST a
caiuliilate lor the oilice ol Supervisor ol I'iekens
rollnty, siilijici to the action ol? the Ileumeratie
|?rlmarv election. Voter*.
The frlenils of Maj (. M LYNCH hereLy
announce liiiu hsh caiiilidnte for the oillee of
County Su|iervi*nr <>| I'ikeiis eoiinty, Mihject
to the action of llic Democratic |inrty in the
primary election.
Subject to the iirtionof the Democratic voters
in thu i>riiiiury election. I hereby announce my
?elf as a CHiiiliiliite lor Supervisor of I'lekeii"
county, ami plC'ltfc inysell.it elected, to eon
liict a clean, lioni'st ailiiiliiistration
111: N It Y l> II MX liltlCKS.
A t the Milii ilMlInn of many frieixls I lirrehy
nntioiinee myseli a eniulliliite lor Supervisor,
I'lckens count) sulijcct to the action oi the
Democratic voter* hi the ?|*| i<> '111 x |>iiiniiiv.
s. a m. \ lis'i i:u*
I hereby announce myself 11 <1111<li<Imtfur ihr
oilier of Sn|>?rvii<ir of i'ickeu* rouiily, Milije?M
lo the Hellon of the Dciiioi ralic |?arty in the
prlumro election I MAT SK IlLiHN
For County Com 01 i m h I oner.
The liinny friemls of N I!. MOOItl-'. ies|>t'e|
fully HiiiiDtiuee lilin n cuiiiliilalc loi the oiiiee
oi < oiuiuissioiier of I'ickcus county, subject lo
the notion of ihe voters in the Democratic |>ri
mnry eleellon.
At the roi|iieM of liinny friemls | herehy nil
liouncc myself h citiiillilalc loi Ihe o!ii< < ol
('utility i 'oininissloiier ol I'ickens county, suit
Jeet lo the action of the Di'inocrulic |irlniiir\
.Mill N IV SMl i ll
I herehy announce myself a ciiiKlMate for the
oillec of Coniiiy <'oiiiiiiiMsiouer for I'ickens
County, subject lo the action of the Dcmo"ratl<
party in the primary election t., \\ now |-:\
The many f ricin I m of <> r I 111.I) respnei i n I
ly announce hiin a cnmlliluto for I lie ollice of
Comity roiiimiMiioiier of I'ickcus eounly. suh
Ject to the action ot the Di'inocrulic |iariy in the
primary election,
At the volleltiitloii ol my IrlcinU | announce
myself a ciiiiillilate loi the ollh-c of < oiility
Commissioner of I'ickciiN county , subject to the
action of tin- Democratic parlv in the I rl111ar\
election. ' It \\ . Itlci:. '
I herehy annoiiiice myxell a cainliilate for Ihe
oiiiee of t'oiilily t oiuiiilssioner of I'ickfii*
county, subject to till' Mellon or the Democratic
party in (tic primary clcclion.
s \ M I,. lllHiliSI
hereby niuimincp myself h candidate for
County Ceiiiiiilssionor, Pickens county, subject
to the ticttoll nl llii' Democratic | rii ini v
.1 Wlls M. III l.|)l!i;ss
'I'lic 11 h11y friends of A 1.1.I N U s | |;\\ \HT
hcrcliy announce hi in 11 ciiih I Ida I c fur the off he
ot County Commissioner, Plelit tin I oiiiuv . siili
JePltollie Hi'tlun of the Democratic voters at
the hpproaehIiik primary.
I hereby announce myself m candidate fin
rcelfction to the nlVn-c of l 'oiinty < 'omiuissloiie i
of PickeiiK county. Mlhjccl to the action of (lie
Democratic piirlv In the priunirv election.
A II. TAl.LKV, .115
I hereby announce myself u candidate for
< ?11111> i'oniinissioner ot Pickens county, mil)
ject to the Mellon of the Democratic voter* ill
tin- appioiichiiu priimirv clcclion
\\ M. M (i.\ NTT
Kor .1 mlIIor.
I hereby Announce myself a candidate for
re oleciion to tlie otlice of County Auditor for
il'ickeiiH County. Milijrci to the voters of the
primnry elePtlon for 1'lckeus county.
We Need
we have a stoi
don't care to keep
goods and pi'ices a
We have iron
consisting ot (Jh.il'
sold at a price. \
don't give a writ!
buy yourself a su
$1.00 ones tor r>()c
and so on Give i
have tor yon. La
the month of J ulj
able to take our r<
1 T ^ 1, 1 ii n -
An; you ready for y<
we an; showing a nice line
will nav von to see this lin<
i J J
White Sea
The. White Seal Cloth
larger towns for its seperic
(lurihility. None but the 1)'
making this clothing anil e
hv :111 fxnert. We nr#? qIhi
J I ~
come and let us show you I
We arc looking lor
the rise and wo can save y<
I'nr sii|>! r i:<l iidiiI l?n .
I liorH.y iiiiikiiil i e tnvitclf a iiimtiilule lor !<
t-ltrlion in tin-nilicc ni < 'utility siipf rinti'iiilriit
of I it mill Inn hi I'lrki'iiM ruiiiity. milijei'i In tinucllmi
ni Hie |)oiiHitiratii' |iriiiiHty.
R. 'I'. IIA I,M M
Knr t'oronrr
I lii rcliv itnnoiimr myself n t'niiilMitlt' fur the
oilirc ni t'oroiier uf I'li'tfiiM c(nimy. snlijcct tn
(In* union oi ilit' lit'iiKicriill'' piiriy in tin. |n i
linn y rk'ftlon I' I'. CAIlTHK.
Ity tin- Millflliitioii nl many frlvuilN, I lieroliy
ii ti noil lift' myself it t'ttiitl iiliitt1 for tin* olllft! nl
< nroiier ol I'ii kt iiK f'litinty, Htilijert to tin* ne11
o 11 oi thi' iH'inorntlti' voters ut Ihi* it |i| rt in -11 ini;
iniini'ry Dlet-ilon
Very rex|H*rtfull>\
W. A. I.Jtlilv. I
\t tlif Mi'li'ltiittitii ol iiihiiv friemU I liereliy
it1111o1111<<- myself hn u fiimtliluU' lor thti olliee I
of i ilium i of I'lukonM con illy, uubjeut to ibo
Hi'tion of tlo" I >eiiioerotie | 11rt> in itif,ik|>|iroMt'h
iiiK primary Klertioit .1. I,i;\'l s\Nl?KI!S.
At tlit' mi i Ii* 11 it t loti of my frielitl" 1 iixhIii nil- j
nolilli'o myself it i'iiiiiIMhIc for I lit- othee of ('urn ;
ncr ol 1'irkens i'onnty, mill |ile<lKV myself to ;
iiliiilf (lie rt'MiIt of lIn- Di'litorriitlt- prliniirv. I
I. .1 rilANDI.klt.
\V?, lite friends of IIAHNKY I! I'OUTKIl re-lici'tl
1111 y ttiilioiint'C Ii I in it ctwniitliilc for the
ollit't' of t 'oroiifr of I'!? k? iin rtm nlv, stil.Joet to
tIn- tt< lion ol tlif Democrat It- primary election. ]
the Moiu
?u Need th
i'e full of desirable r
any souvenirs. >Sc
vill talk for tliemse
i 800 to 500 pair of
drens, Ladies and >
rou can buy one pa
en guarantee with
u can't realize how
it until you get oui
]\S at half price $'2 <
, 50con.es for 25c, 2
is a chance to sho\
st month was so
r to be as good and
3st next month I)
\ (1o is the place to
he Busy Bee Hive...
i H 1 I
:>ur Spring Suit. Two piece. Suit
made of "Milton Cloth." Kvc
I Clothing
in^ is famous in all the
rity in style and lit and
est tailors arc employed in
ach garment is inspected
wilg a variety of styles
a big shipment of llour this week
mi money. Call and ^et our pric
lice-Morrow (
v j\ j\ j\ A A A 2 A A A A A A A
Tile iiimii v I ri -nilv nf .loll N .11' I,I \ ,\ lieri-li\ mi. '
oiniiii c li I in ii '(iixlliluto f.ir orniiiT, I'iikcii" i
iiiiit>, mi i>jrn in i In* m l Inn of the I>? 11wu-nit i ' I
vuiorh in the >i iipruiu liiiiK primary. ^ I
At tlu? volri tHl inn nl inn ii \ 11 It'ii' I * I Ihti'Ii)
Miiiiiiinn e . v> t'll n I'limliiliili' I'm I III' olllre <if
Coronri, l'l'tk"iiH county, niiIiJcim to the iirtinn
of tin- Dmiiix riidr party ni tin- approitcliiiut i
prlionrj . l>. A . r.\ Hl?>TT. t
I licn'li\ iiriiioiini'C my^lf ii en11<Il?l>il< for
'ovolii-i, I iiktMh fill lily. Mil.Jroi |i> I lie nrlioii
I ilir IH' aiorriitic voters ut tin* x |> | >r< >i<< - Ii lite 1
primary. \\ . (J. It It A .M I.KI'.T. >
I licrol)) finnoiiiii'i' myM-ll a ramliilaU' for
<'oronor, I' ii ki'ii- i'oiiiiIy. miIiJi rt toilie nrtlon
il tin* lie iiorralic voter* as tin- approaching 1
primary. _ .1 t. i:i>i: J
hir M a \i 1*1 r ill'.
VI iIi.* onr-ia i mlii itaiIon i f my frleii'l* in
I'lckcn* town*!. ip, I hereby anil mnce in>Ki?lf a
I'Hinliil it.- fur r? election to I In* oillcc of MiikU<
irnti' I a snlit lov 11*>!ii|>. i iil.Jt'i l to tin- in-Hon of 1
the v itiT> in in. comimr Deiiiocaiilio primary
election. ' am itioM respectfully, your olu'ili- |
out it rv Miit J- I''- HARMS j
, - \
le Goods. I
nerclifind.ise and
> wo it Lean to sell
Ives. v ^
Low Cut Shoes,
lens, all to be
ir for 50c but we
cheap yoix can i
00 ones for $1 00 I
5c ones for 13c
v you what we
lively we want
it so we will be
'on't forget that
find goods cheap
riMER ^
s an; all the raj^e and Q
ry suit guaranteed. It
: : '*4
that was bought be lure
I licrci.v ni t >111)?-<' r j M'lf ii ciiiiilldale for tliB
Illirr nl M 4|{i>trillO, I'lrkoim lilWIISllIp, fclll)jt<'t '
H iin* lu iion i>i tlie I>? iihmTiitl* primary ele.1.- j
For Cotton W?l|lier,
I licrotiy announce myself n candidate for cot
mi weigher for I'lckciiH township, subject to
tic action of ilii' votcra In the election on Aujiist
.'Otli .1. PL KM KKLLKY
I licri'liv announce myself a candidate forfcoton
Wclk'iicr I'lckclis township, Hulijri't to till1
iilorv til lli<> iilnnl iiin iin V it im ut >??it I.
I ln-r?*li> HiiiioniM f injhelf a candidate for cot*
mi welirher for I'irkcii*, (II, Townahip, stihI'd
to the nctliin of Ihf vol em in the election,
? UT? 0*'
Railroad Fara Paid. 500
^ " VIIBK Courses Offerod. '
HB8HHB0 Beard at Cost. Write Quick |

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