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An eloquent discourse uy the
rev. a. b. kinsolv1ng.
Hiiililrcti "Tim Debt to Coenar mid to
(Soil"?AVo Muitt Not IVniilt ll>v
H "ilujo Muclilna" to Kmi
Over Our Souls.
H SiM m on 1 ,i" '
vinjr, rcctor of Christ Clr.i/cii, Clinton
fetreet, Brooklyn, pre-ielied tiiere
f morning in St. Andrew's y)une Church.
JH His subject \vns "Our Debt to Caesar and
I Our Debt to (Jod." His text was chosen
^^^^roni St. Matthew xxii:21: "lJemJor tin ! /-.
unto Caesar the,> tilings which are
; and unto CJWd the tilings which
arc God's." Dr~. Kirisolving said:
Were ever words more palpably just and
, fair? Could any statement he more calmly
J I self-evidenoing? Could any disentanglef
1 rnent of tlie provinces of God and Caesar
H I he more distinct, or any declaration of our
1 A respective <luty he more lucid? M"n have
always hcen confusing these two 11?i11?s ?m
their debt to Caesar and their debt to God
--mixing up in some clumsy fashion the <in<;
(W with the other, fancying that when they
have discharged one they have <lone the
other also, finding the one to conflict with
the other through some misunderstanding
of the dignity and weight of the respectiv
And not only in private life, but in tli^
history of peoples and States what cnii'iision,
what blundering has there lieen'
Look how the cruel Roman empire tried
throua' years to crush out the life of tin?
fl t'hrisf an martyrs for simply doing their
dutj( io God, and tin n in turn, when the
H empire had he ii conquered hv .he ehuicli
^8 and the papacy was seated upon its throne
and had Greeted its palatial Vatican amid
H the ruins of the old order, see how the
haughty earthly embodiment oi tlie heavenly
autocracy sought to brim: low and
make subservient the things of Caesar!
You are familiar, doubtless, with the way
the saying was brought ahout. A party <>i
vr vouug Pharisics?I he ohl hacks ii id recently
retired in confusion- had joined with
some Herod inns or Jewish nationalists to
put to Jcsiis a catch <|iiestion to ensnare
"Him. '"Master," said tlie.v with feigned
earnestness, "\Ve know that Thou art true,
and teachcst the way of (Sod in truth,
neither earest Thou for any man, for Thou
reganlest not the person of men. Tell lis,
therefore: What thickest Thou? Is is
lawful to pay this distasteful Roman poll
tax or no?" |
If lie had answered Ves" Tie would
have been at once disercd'.tcd as tiie I
sinh ? King of Israel. If "n>>" it would
have been treason and rebellion against
Rome. So instead of falling into the trap
sot for 11 i i)i, with a complete, a divine
grasp of the whole situation, lie declares :i
principle which is the kev to this wnole
.......:i.. 1:r i
vwin|riv.Mi\ 111 iiu: wiifi'i'vcr 11 may posstti.y
occur. "\Vliy tcmpst Me, yc hypocrites.'
Show Mo (lie tribute money. Who-e ima^e
is this stamped on your current coin?
Caesar's. Very well, 'l'lien what i-t < "aefair's
jjivc hack to C'ac.?ar, aiul what is
God's to God.''
The impression it produced at the mo |Kenr
was profound. "When ih<*y had
HUthesc words tlicy marveled and '< !
I went their way." lie ha I lilted
H>lo controversy out ot 111irmu
pa into
^Hrt' larg< st and \\ idest -talesman-hi;>.
^9 the centuries ot human hi.- ory ?h it
^^mlkd by >ince have not exhausted its
Render therefore unto Cac?ar the thin;/
that are N is. it deal
time, I take i;. needs to he spent in enforcing
this hell'St. It ln.llks the sanitv.
I he wholcsoiiicness of Chrisl's relk'ioit. It
s no star-gazing cult. *l"ln> charge aea'tist
t ui' inveterate olltt r wordlim -- 1 a libel.
Jhristianity lias always taught m. .1 t > <1 >
lobi.v, patiently, heroically hi* full duty lo
.he State, to rulers, to society. We are part
?f a Koeial system which has aln ..<!v taken
diapc. W e arc in debt to ii in many ways.
'We pa--- ; < coins freely; we cn.iov its enlowinents."
If*, i-nau'e ml sniper-- t ij.t i.ei
ire on lis We belong < ' i i>| ?. > our a.,-;
jiir era of civilization, our nation. State,
iiy, community. All that is .mum.! us is
lutt t^he providential sitting and environ
ment of our live-. It is never perlect.
rhere i-'. and for n great whiie to come is
likely t" be a vast deal thai i- fr.iltv about
it. l'.ut we have no charter from < hrist !>
he hopelessly sour in our attribute- toward
it. W e are to trust., yau ami I. t he upward
erowih, (he slow and painful <\<>!ui:oii < ;'
Iranian civilization. W e are lo believe that
i:t tiv heart of t'i moM ineiit there arc
dcap hidden, interior principles v. hi '?. ill
co-operation with leo.-e -| ?? 1 and i >wcrfill
iicenlivcs whi<di <.'o| brin - ; I e...
from above, are steadi'v h'. in :i:e. tin kin
iloin of (,'aevar t > - >me iu t!< i- in! iimetit
A( .! ...<> -J . LI
I. >. it-- i. .-! in' ii, o\o:i v. : i 11 we
IliiniM in the nation, t)it> municipality, the
neighborhood, .'!) U'luiij.; ovi'ii \v11? i? v.
hco tyranny and corruption mil nlm- v.c
nil' not [ii ri.nl 'I ti> (lll n . '\ i:i it . ii
n: i 1 f i :. \\V have ii < i.iil ; yt.md
aioni ::i i. our Ii.iii !> wm:i ! in* i 'anon
?tte< 1 l.y any onlac! w ith it. I<!.itv w
t.? in hr.ivelv u> niil try t't < i i - * i our
*1 litv to tin- rivil mil -n!; powers, i
HDOcliiijj tin- iiioi il woith of iIk- tiiiii.'-i of
< 'aesar, ami eoiilidcu: !v tin-' i;r t: ; "!i ami
< til .i.ul humamtv t<u tli" dawirnu i I
* brighter ihy. We t - ( .il.-t. K-not
to l.uiM a <1 i;v.lin^ \ .-:! !?? cinitvi; i :
fjoil upon i'if minx .it tin- ilyr isi - :
j'ovrrninent* of eallli. a? \v;k i!ii 'p.1 t'\
tin* medieval i?o| < -< and doctor-. No. 'out
ratlin* is our ho !< to in:'u>e into organized
hum.hi ,-oi u ty the liraltliful rit >! ; he
1cin _'?!?>*i> of Ip<ii.s ('In <t, ;i. 1 m inwii ' .
as ( hi nt's word* In ii- ' Viir'.v tea h u>, to
keep tilO two Jiphorc-i dl<t nei.
Ami on tlie iiiii" pi icip pre 1
think o\'.e Lord would ha\? u-> ! i' with
entire honesty with tin- fa - of i n c
To ]. e?uine to n o religious autlmntv t >
deny tin; ascertained ami verified c* mc'iiinoi'
o| a genuine scier.ei wax done,
for instance, in the ( t-? of I'alilco, and hr>
often been urtred funic. ii to i real; * ! :
command. Natural iCtice inu-l pro ed
nloiiit its own distinct and siparati 11:.
, It cannot ifo out of its sphere to leach tin
World religion. It* function i-- to -< <: <
.Kit and interpret material facts. I'.ai m
it-; own proper ?p!ierc we lllllst resp t il.
We II the ti'ilnilc of Oltr Miicei
We inu'-t I'-nder to ( a< - r t!.e :h - th
fll-O 1 'aiwv'd ... i ii.?. ii '
. in 1 > >? I II ' < III I I I I
1K-?U 1<> us ii we 41 ! lit pains at tin- ; mo ]
t" ''reii lor t?? Clod the thinps tli.it arc I
lint is it in the point tlint i have been
urging that most men fail nowaday?? Is
it here that wo ii(cd (' throw our e:rii>!insis
on this "l{orid<".' to < arsai Arc iii> re
riot certain forces in the i> iSt?i of (.'.>?> uwhich
of thcmscl\( s e\a< c the payment of
what i- due there? J)ocs not (h..s tribute
fret itself paid in as !<> the Slate taxts 1 >y
a -ovt of self-acting |<i ko that it a
rough way it has to lie fo th?:c?:niiijk? Is
not the real trouble now that wo .ire in
so many cases snirrcmb nut! to < ac ar move
and more of the things which belong to
vi(Hi ;
"It tower* over us." some o-ie ha^ f ii?!.
"this world movement of modi-in civi.i/alion,
with its immense volume and wci'/iit
of human interests, human growth*. human
sLi!l ami art ami industry. It malua
i^^fc it sell more and more felt as the one overWgr
powering, ruling faet. It tills the scene.
\\ here is there any room for the things of
God? Where can the *pirit move and
breathe? Where has the soul fled?" 15coause
of the pressure upon tlu-ir lives of
the world of Caisar, because ol the strong
currents that sweep them alortv', soul ami
bodv, our debt* to God too ot'tcn iro unpaid.
Von know how it is without my attempting
to describe it in detail. Industry, with
its iron necessities, grips a man; he fliiifrs
bin. self with good American pluck and pur
pose into the tiling before liini, ami u?
and l>y tlie very headway of sucee-s, tlie
very stress of com if, ,1 ion, is found to he
using up all his strength. .Soon his prayers
j;et thinner ami poorer; he li;ts scarce time
for them and ueis less and icss need for
Ihem. When his >l.-y. ..on liichUs at i he
olliee are through with, lie recuperates his
lired energies a, tiie club, where he <au
still with the waning nerve power ta'lc
over the course of the market?or e!>e he
goes out of town to gel the relaxa'ion
whieh will enable him to keep hi* place in
Caesar's kini'ilmn
He does not n;; an at (ir-t to renounce
his obligation to Hod. For sonic time he
pays it in tlie worthies.* currency <>; ^<>0(1
intentions and good-huriiotTd apologies. 15,v
and by even these are omitted, and tic anil
his friends ben in to j-.tstify tlie dereliction
to (!od on the fiii i' oi the increasing
claims of Caesar. This laxity on the part,
ot men and women ( day i.i giving l>acl{
to Cod the thinv's tiiat arc CI <?i i" c is simply
rupalling in view of Cod's unrivalled gifts
and blessings to us. It it he true that "to
whom much is given of him shall much be
required." and that judgment will i ver liegin
at the hoi:-" oi o>d with the privileged.
what is to he said when we all >iaiul,
as stand we >hall, before the Son of .M m?
"Ve cannot serve <;.h1 and mammon.''
Christ .It- us does not olodv I he way of
our paying our just debt to (Vtesar, hut
lie does warn lis with the utmost plainness
not to give Caesar everything.
If we allow "the huvre mundane machine"
to run over our sou.s, iiko some ear of
Juggernaut, crushing out our religious freedom
ami initiative, we shall be horr.biy
flattened in our manhoo l, our .sympathies,
our ideals, our eonecjitions oi life. I lie
results may not appear tullv for a while,
but in the end there will 1>.? experienced
an imp iverishment. an atr. phy, a sinister,
maime<l and crippled gi>Alh which will
make us unfit tor our citizenship in the
higher kingdom here or there. St. l'aul.
in beginning his Kpistle to ihe lloma'>s ?
that is, io the people who then lived at
the (.ipital city of Caesar's realm -a?coants
ill the following words for the sin and
,,,; 11... r..:i ... i i - > > -
I? , tin 1*1 mi i c ?i ii > i ui i .mi'lK'C <)I lit .tillcmloin:
Jlc tells them that "ulicn tiny
knew t!od, they glnriiied linn not a* (jo<!,
neither were thankful. l'io;<-<ing themselves
to he \vi > e, they became fooU. '1 hey
changed lli-i i rut ii into a lie, ami worshiped
and served th: creature more than
tin- Creator, w ho is blessed forever."' J t
was in awful blunder. No great'-i could he
made by any man or pcop.e. They made
the world they lived in their g' <!, their
only god, and wor-iiiped and served it
with their who'e heart.*. Tin y worshiped
power, knowledge. pleasure, wealth, force,
pa--ioit. art. i in v lived lor tie -e tiling*
until tiny fancied that these were the
only tilings to live fur. W e know the result.
As they rejected Him. so (Jud rejected
them. As a punishment He gave
thcin over to moral corruption, to an
abandoned nnml. to a festering decadence.
"And min <i ?<Ie?l around and strove
for place and i >1. and the strong beat
down the weak, ami the rich were gorged
and the pour wore sent empty away, ami
strife and cruelty filhd the earth with
violence."' That was hamieiiiiie ;;t tin
very moment ( lui^t -;i !. tin >>. tremendous
word : "l!i lull r t < id 11 tilings
which arc Ilii- is tlx- .-ort of
heatheni-in which in.-is everywhere on
this earth win n' it is not j i? i -1 -11 1111 y
kept down l>y tin- spirit <>t u.- < i11 i.- *.
"In (io:l tin' liiin.- that arc < I" ' "To
fjtxl the things tin! ac ?in 1-!" I.ft that
cry hiiint you until u c??ni|'!s yon i<> jay
\ our ?!elit. * ..vi' ill" coin.i i- i > look on
the one hand at \. ha: y.in an , .v,u^ to the
world represented l>y ('iu-.tr. ami on the
other nt what you are actually (jiving to
(Soil. I- (So.I missile Hi- r.-_*lus? Is your
duty to 11itn i'ureal neil !>v the power
and ;.'>iii;> oithi- ni; c.rth? Ah! then
lie all the initio < . n nil li.ai \ war uel.t to
he.'vrii i> |i;iid. Ily the ! id o! tin- ("rucil!eil.
give i .uk to Cod v.!: it really la-long*
;<> I'iin! "N"i>tii ' , vi.ar h irt. your convictions,
your tpiriliiai reality, your eternal
Itciiiv all illCFf tO (.'o.l. l'ov they are llis.
Itclicve 11 mi when He i..'s vuti that all
el- III.I: we mi* . :!11 i is hilt a -h id'. W
niiii |iiis>u(ii iiway. .Aye, trust llim wlicn
11 pleiLi y* >11 III- ii. . ' wiiciK \ i : vnii
incei !'.y v ml t<> ! >i w llim. an<l promise;
iii ver id leave v.?u ; > ttMiji-j'le on liy
youi .s '11". I in - uul> liim wiio ? n i< -v -mi. 1< > 1
I<? make IIm i11>: :. in ..iir iicarts, \.'no by
llis spirit "lie,petIi our uiiiruiii i< If. in
in.'ileu such <?;V. r:njr to i ' I a- \ t we ran.
'Ii\'?? (Joil, ii mi. i .1 ?sii-i ( hnst, vour
Saviour. Iit>l i.l \ I?- . t". II.- wili .:<
eept nothing III ti.1 , 1 111 1,1.1, |)o not
ellltiil I lit* pill t 'II l..lt t'.liletll to
you auiI txv t ? iir.e Hum a'.l to v.iiu-alf
I ! I ~ ....... I i i - 1. "
iu'rtr tl".' I'".r. !r i - voice or co ilifl face J
hilt v. Ii.iti \. r \.'.i ! > lifiVn from Mini,
whether hiore oi' less, try to onjov it an a
rhild hi vuiir I* 11:i v ii i-,. ii!i<h i ilni
<M*-t:iut Iiii !. :id:i ?>: II.- r.ii'.f. In tlio
i.i. of tin- t icmeh'lo.is |.;<--u;e of cart It,
win -Ii in.!;-' (!<iwn ? 1.1 tvi,\ upon <\>iv
- >ii!. ivso!sc lu .ri! n v t: ii y<>u will not
y.ril; lll.it I lie jllt.it a ii. I 'i,-: << nil 11 : 11 I
litOiK <>. ( hri.-it. "TSiOil love the Luril
thy <!o.'.' tiliij'l he kepu "Kondor unto
('sumhv tin' tilings that a Co ('< - u-, and
llllto (Jo I tilt! tilings HIT lioi,
< ( 11 * (if Tlioirjlit.
T'ere i* u in )i:. which !u- n*?t
it.-- l''.--oii u)k- i!-. i- it? :t 1?:i- . :i
< Mv.it - i - i i?vv. \ i: i i in; a
I :nii', i<in>r!i - !y, i.-.' : i ii - ii t
were silo.I with ivn:il.- Minus .V. (J irfielil.
< >od 11 nl- ' in r.i ?r i . i - in <1 . )>;.i \ is.
What we |me hrM, wliid we covet most,
111(1; ;:ivis tii'?i y o.;r ii<\ut-. T. L.
('liy !i :.
'I lie p<iod *ii;11v- tlir>.* we have misled
in iIn-; w i: I > , i,. - ii. k" u- .nl: I>i:i.
I! ie sail t liiiiv:* 11 11 we it-ive m: ? -iI r-linuld
in.ii '.iti' our :imv md u'p.e us a >jiirit
nl ai.-i'. I niti ii I'ic-I \ lei'i in.
On, tin- in - of tin- live* tlint wo
aio living! < )ii. t.." v. ' v in which we fail
Iicti'I, (! nv to i'1::-' \< - l lie i <>1 lli.it
ihniX wliteli it to I i iii.in. to in; a
ciiild hi (Joii! I'!i . - 1 i i > 1; .
A religion i li.u s' i. - ih t ' Itv.i !- is of
n?i u'? to at?> 1 iv. must be
?!< lilliU', !>!; ; I ,i i ii.?;
oi ?laii.v !ii' >.' i -i' it i- mileii .i iiini'k
rv tin- i' S ! j?i,n it \Viicm 1 of the !)uiltl>
hial. rlli'.ll!(!p ill.I Yuan.; l'fopjo.
The I'nwit <if n I rile I.Hi-.
What I wanted. j-. til what I have la-rn
i'ui!<mvuii:i^ lu a?I; ;<>r tin* < ? a. i an,
lias i n\ tli" pootl ^ "I < In i?'i.nis,
< * i ; siin LiVm-.-' !!(. 1 M'.'Iit me imiug
those lour months I v..-- Witli him. I;i '.sTS
1 went t'? 11i111 J ti'juil ' i(I a< tin- I'llten'si
atheist in l.nndfii. I v\as tin re
mvuy from a worldly world. ! ...w tlii.s
solitary i>.il mail theri'. and asked myself,
"Why mi i .nth d H - "[> lie: -:
I'lir 111?1111lis iiilet' te.et, I tniir.il ir.v.sell'
listenin ; to him and wondering ti?e
i>.<i innii ;i11>i cai i yir.; > m .11 1 in 1 was s.uit
hi t In* Bible1. Lilt It* i v little hi*
tiiies tor other* h.-eame comnii .1^. .Mine
was aroused. Seeing Ins piety, It is gentleness,
his /1.1), liis 1 arne.-1ui'x. .ind how
quietly lie \\ 1 111 al<?tu' in- lui-iiic.--. I was
< <nn ( rtoil by linn, although lu- had not
tried to do it.?Henry M. Mauley.
Tim \< ? I of timl.
'Die t? 1 o 11 111 < ! (ind, the ?eii?-e of an immediate
relation iti ilie spirit ? i man 1 > ihe
Internal and tId- lulinite, are >..->!v ?1 isplaeed
froin mciH min-ls oy undue admiration
for the ;v hicverneiits of a culture
based on material progress. and supplyim;
< Very need 01 human nature exo pt the
very deepest -tlie need of Clod.?.J. Skin*
Wh.tn Small Tlilngf* Hreomn (iron).
The smallest things become great when
God requires them of us; they are Htnall
only in themselves: they are always great
when they are done for (Sod, a.-.! when
they serve to unite us with iliin eternally.
neapolis, Minn., tells how woman's
monthly suffering racy
be permanently relieved by Lydia
EiPinkham'sVegetableGom pound
"Dear Mrs. I'iskham :?1 have
never before given my endorsement
for rjny medicine, but Lydia. 12.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
has added (>o much to my life and
happiness that I feci like making r.u
exception in this case. For two years
I every month 1 would have two days of
' Bevere pain, and could find no relief, but
! one day when visitir.fr a *riend 1 ran
across Lydia E. Pimcham's VeffOtable
Compound, ? she hud used
it with the bost reKulls and advisvd
mo to t -y it. 1 found that it worked
wonder with me. ; I now experience
no pain, and only had to use* a fort
bottles to bring about this wonderful
! change. I use it occasionally now
when 1 am exceptionally tired or worn
out."? Miss Ai.ick m. Smith. 8ivt Third
i Ave., South Minneapolis, Minn.. Chairman
Executive Committee, Minneapolis
Study (dub. ?$5000 forfeit If or -inul of atcve
letter proving rjonuuiennsj cor,not ba produced.
Lydia II. Pinklmiu's Vegetable
Compound carries women sal'clv
through tiio various natural
crises and is the sal'o-^uard of
tiiiiiiiiii > lieu I i II.
The truth aixuit this great
medicine is t<?l<l in th<> letters
from woiwu Wmmpt published in
I this ?? >? '
IiOiiiKvillo and Naslivlllr Itailmnil.
If you nr<> t > ttio World's Fair y >u
want tho best route. 'I'll') I.. N. lit tho j
shortest, quii'ki-Ht ami l">Ht lis;". Three
trains daily. TliroiiKh 1'iillintiu SJ?,o|-i;i-^ |
Cars find Dining Cars. I,nw Itntn Tickets |
pold daily, (Jut rates from your kvnl iik'Ti'
and ask for tickets sla I.. .V N. Ktoi-hvimi
Ai.i,owm at >tAMMOTII CAVH.
All kinds of information furniMiM on np- j
plication to J. O. HOI.LENiiKCK,
l?i.st. I ass. Ayi'iit, Atlanta, (<? ..
I i^Lonuiy:
The voice t.f t.hr> preacher sank to
n horrified whisper.
"An eternity of torment.!" ho repeat-Mi.
"Do y.;u bethink you what
eternity is? 1 te'.l you it is as lon^
as it would seem to you if you wore
going to ttu* theatre and \v< r<? waiting
for your wif ? to yet ready, and sho
had viight or ninu heads instead of
I one!"
Here several nu n rose, lw?Rgard,
and tottered forward to tho anxious
scat.? Pue'k.
Odors of i'itspirn f ion
Itomovod at from ti.o armpits. f' ?-t.
etc., L>y Royai Fmir Wash. Stops CimNni;.
Curos Sweating, 1'iirtiiiivr. Swollen. Tir.-.l
Foot. 25" i lit I >riiKj;ists, <>r p"-tpuil from
I Eaton I'nni Co., Atlanta. (In. Money
: If not satisfied. Mamplo (or 'Jo stamp.
Measure a Body's Fall.
A "Rravonietvr" is what II. S.
Chamberlain calls an instrument he
has < nslructcd for d>ierrn;:ii:it: the
acc? deration of Kravitaii. il. The invon;or,
who is an instructor in physj
ic* at Indianapolis* Manual Training
School, believes that he can attain
very nearly p 'l'ln t results with
this instrument, the variations from
C?fi/W ?WW,?. Iw.i. ?r (I 1 . -
ou ? t Uv I iliUV ,1 II on l 11?I I 1 I (Ml
cent. The nravomot? r Is an okctrieal
device by which (he recor.l of 'hi'
falling body is in a do on a tape by a
In the month of M.ir< h 4>U vofscN
pastii'il the Siiv (ana!.
riflo'* C?r<> cannot !? ? ti"> highly s|>'?k"n *>'
fig ft cough euro. -J. \\. oliuiKN, ;i'JU Tliir.l
Avenue, N. Minn" u Minn., Jun.0,1 *.?<> >
A parrot in Storkimi. Cal., is .so
liiut it, enjoys a hlundoi <>i a jnlu1.
j "Yon." remarked thn bald ?: \ido<i i
1 man, "my wife io president ofa socr? t <
1 society." i
"Nonsen.-;o" r Joint <1 the fnssv old J
bachelor. "The idea uf wonn:? hav- <
ln? anything to do with secret s-o- ^
cieties." 4
; "Hut," explained ho of the ah- 4
pone hair," "ihls i a s doty of which ^
tho membnrs cxchanyo . . crut;;."-?Chi- <
cayo News, ^
Mr?. Forth' \Vhiit> I was cleaning j
out the attic today I for.iul thi ohl
wiro hustle. Isn't it oldfashioiud:
Mr. Forth?Vos, hut koop it. It |
will eomo in handy noxt An.rnst.
Mru. Fortio?Why, thos<> things will
never oomo in stylo apraln.
Mr. Fortie?Hut it will make a .
sphndld muzzle fur Rover in the dog "
<la^s.? rhiladolphia I'ros-.i. v
1 To cure, or moi
Diamond Had to Be Broken Before It
Could Be Marketed.
In jewelers' circles great Interest
has been awakened by tho announce
inont that cutting operations have
been commenced on tho groat .lagorsfonteln
Kxcvisior, the largest and
lin .st diamond in ti. world, :>;.;?!> the
South American. Tho stone was held
for tcu years before its owner could
rnako satisfactory arrangements for
its cutting, which has now been undertaken
by a lirm in Amsterdam,
Holland. It was transported from
London to Amsterdam under special
police protection and a carpeted rojui
with a specially made safe has b< n
provided for it.; care during tho process
of cutting and polishing. The.* ,
responsibility of handling and guarding
so precious a st no may bo gathered
from the f'let that its value may
be almost anything. When discovercd
it was estimated to bo worth $ 1
000,000, biu in i:s finished statu it
will command a fabulous price.
The story of the discovery if this
wonderful gem is uf no little it!' : f t.
It was found 011 June "?o. ISHo, iit
Jagersfonteiu, in the Orun.ne Kfc
State, South Africa. The stone ?as
picked up by u native whi!<> he v as
loading a truck, and, although a while
overseer was standing near him, ho
managed to secrete it and keep it <in
his person for some time. In this
case, however, it did not appear tiiat 1
he proposed sU alius the gem. b r
only wished to deliver it p r.-tonally to
the manager. This he did, and as a
bonus he received $7.">0 and a Inuve.
saddle, and bridle. Tli diamond
weighed in tin* rough exactly '.?7i : 1
carats, or about 7 minces nvi irdnpols.
It is of a beautiful b!;i:sh-v hit"
color and shaped like the broken 1'
end of an ie:ele. The diamondil' r us
moiister measures ; inches in length.
1 1-1! inches in greatest and 1 1 -'.I
inches in lea.t breadth. The Iixcel
cn.i iiti^ now i? v';i uriiK'Mi into six'oen
pieces; tin- largest thr e arc
lr.S, 1 ?7 and 1II' carats, respectively.
The se individual gems, in lhe:m;i iv? s
of extraordinary si/.<\ will bo, when
fully cut and polished, among the
finest in tlio world, and the value of
the original stone will thu.i bo multiplied.
Arsenic in Conirr.on Articles.
Sweden prohibits the importation of
nrticles containing arsenic. The law
particularly aft' ct* the importation f
wall paper, carpets, dry y. >ods and !
textiles. W'liil<^ It 1;; admi:tod tiiat ]
nnilino dyes, oiie r colors and man- !
L'anes-A oxide may contain traces of
nr-i nir vol till ? ;? *?'. fin r* f' f
fearing injurious effects "'"refroiu. j
riTS normnnenMy cnre'I. No flt?nrnervousi
.?* lifter llr-t iliiv's us" of 1 >r. Kline's (treat
^ervcllivt ir?T,r 'Jt ri:tl 1 Vt le nu<l: rent ise t ny
1 r. I!. H. Km v h. I.I "t., '131 Ar"!i St.. t'liila., I'.i.
Cherries wire ? moxvii in \>:.i f.?r l>acl;
r.s the sevciil' eiilli century.
I'tf AHen'fl I'ttrtf- 1 'inc.
I: !<< tlie <nlveur? for Swolli-n, Srr.::rtin- !
" ireil. Act i intf, U'.t.^wentii.:; 1 .< !,( or:.- I
r.niiions. A-I; I' *r A lien's Foot -1 "use. n pov.">l< .
to lie shaken into t lie shoo*. < lires Willie y. I ,
walk. At all Dru^-flsts flint Shoe Stores,i.V. I
Ilon'l ae'ept any suits!Itute. Sanj'le sent
1 iu:i:. AMf", Allen S. Oln ! I,el;, v, N.V J
_ j
One til !, . i ;i!i tlcrlis timing last \v.liter J
were from |>tn lenotiin, ?
iMaiiie'n > Ialehmen. '
It is many years slneo Malno I::is
cl:;lii^eil its Uep:vs(>iit;ilives in Cue :l
fires-, except \\ !e u SpenUiT Keed re M
s.jriMMi or (lentil lias iuier\ened. All i
1 Hir of tho present ?!? ! nation have
irst heou i; iiiiina!? 'l for !' 'election l?y ; ]
llie Ki piihlieaiis of their d -dri.
1 i
Sta i i". i r Ohio, f'n v ok Tot i.i.o, i
l.l . AS ClM'N ! v. I
I'UANK .1. < lli'.NIV :?U ' '>!lla t'lftt 1 < I- t
1 r.i'>r ; :irtn<-r < ( t !ir:n of I . .1. Cnr.XKV .'? |
i . i|' ait? I'lisiiiVKs iii tin. City ??f T-i \
t ii.: > iii! Mil' - ?r r - JI i. I ;.!|<1 tlin! - u ! '
; nn will |>ny t'i<- sum "f on i: hi s; iiki> i i - [
I ?.!; < r -'l II' 111 ivcrv eilse of I ATM I
ilial diiiiik : l>o cured I v the um* Of Mai
Ca l A It nil ( I III . I'll AN I. .1. < III.M v.
.Sivohi to before me nnd sui'scribed in my I
, - - | r'-si-ie-o, ilii- Oth day of l<e<>e:n>
>i u . ' I'l'i , A. I, lsso A.NN . (11 i
Xotftiy rut,a.'. ;
11 ii 11': Cnliirrh ( ore is liikou iuti-raali> 11 m < I ;
nets diri i>tly oil the I I '! nnd mucous
f:t of t!:?' system, Koinl f->r testimonials, ;
l! < ?. I'. .1. Ciii.m:\ A ( Toledo, O.
I nil Drii^r^ i-. 13e. I <
lukf Hall's I nrniiv 1'ill- lor <?' nMij.uti ?:i. .
(. ?<?<! A <1 \ ico.
All advertiser proposed to reveal for
rents tin (-si>y way lor nnj yoiin^
lady to Keep Iter hands niee find soft
A linddinjr damsel in Sturgeon. >! >.
sent H i- ea>!i. and reeeived tlii> advier
"Soak your hands in dishwater throe
times a day. while mother rests."
; nop botanic f
t ij.D.U.BLOOD balm
> 1'he Gre.it Tested Remedy for the - r i ? i
^ and permanent < ire I rofulu, H)k ?
V !i ?tn, C.atarrIi. I'Ucr , I / r-.u. ,Si tc . i t
} ii i?., Weakness, Nervousness, and til
11 i- by fjr llip lir st In ii.!. i.1> I ., I T
v Mood Purifier ever oTer it I ? I ?
k i . rs !i I ' i !, i n- ii I fnf?. : v, ^
kl ni.- v, ana i ess r J
> <{ \,r*i i i; jno^crti". Write fur Bor'? o! Won J
,3 cl:/lul O'jres. son! froo on npplic&tion. X
aj I' t kt|.t by > ur I M uci i t. lenil Y
^3 I r .1 Uri;<" I'Mile,. r i <> ( i ix Imtllr |T
J uinl i.fo.cinc will I e ? .it, freight | at.], by JT
jj BLOOD LALM CO., Atlanta, Ga. |?
V > t"
r t . i.?. i 1 j 1 .i' 1 ; f. - : u I i 1 I
> irni-lf lat* i.ii * ;??h mill nt-un lant li ; iiui ! i _
I.ils %rv uiu<junll* J Ki?? :n*icr* K.ven i
j>*i. it ?'hii!itN Hospital with '* ' l*"?I.* fill 1 I
> ] alien:* am null\ spt olal Instrn< ti??n |h
I \ ! i .ill;, at tl?<* I t ?|y i?t<- : tl .? n K I ! rn xl
' * I'-ri ln'tflliw (?ct'?li('r 1 ! ?*'4 l'??r ? ataK?K?i'' j
ii i in'oiiJ.a'i-ii i'.'M? on** S I' ('II All.l-L, I
I l> pen11. I' O I m iiw? . 1 ,\. w Oilo?uiv I n j \
ney refunded by your mei
Km w
* j vel
I'/mit sti ml > of ifonifii s'i,fJ r /'/ <
iicrndisiii'ss (i 11 I dm'! l.-iim- I'. I/' in
t(l l>! n .1 I >1'. II 1 rt m 111's I' rn n 1. I 11
llm1 a ml 1111 ifimriiri/iiiiH nil I h res to
<is it 1 rttl 1111 mcd i 01 rl i/11111-ria t <' ii<mr
mmmmrre wiri?n?^?ini i i*wi i?ij^imimn>Minnffjiiiinryj
free allsl,r
l i B vwrn'c H iv
i ? ? ? I i i :m,I\ j u> i
If you nr? 1 iitcrt'stt* '. '. ! iililntnl
f.?r fr<<?> ciiliilii^in' hi full liiiiri;
*roi<t?. DR S W FOSTER, Dean, 100 NOR
I ^81^
ij Th* t.sl plact in th# world to spind ... nuhu' >
tj Purr Air, [loatliin, HMiInn, 1 5-'
v? Ciolf, J \rr \ tliln<) to Amusr, I n ~ ., *f r% ? r> i
js (jouci tfowelb, Low U<it< .s. jj RvJUltLJ Mil
2 N'.ac x i: j;. C.'c r4inn B jv, T1 ? Coarh I
B Soo, Huror.a h'jv*. It A x T ucsii t.
jC l>if^joc p. M . <!ri <. < ; I? .? .5 a t
jfl C. ast'llr; rtf I - -i r Mich- A:' '
3? i|ta:. i? a k vi * . :.. I > ii jy w J ' ' : s*
jS Krvrr, Asthn.4 a'd kir.Wrild j*. l-'r? i*
9 gladly call. \\me ( i Uv* kin * Thj on* Mrs h
ij and Inlotmation. nur ttic f?tr Cioi"
& D. O. EDWARDS, Passcnoer in
Absoiutefv CurpR
I NKII.I >1 IIIN, < \ i v i:i: II. nii i; \ i
.IV, U III .1 \\ V I I S M, IIIIMII) I'dl.MlN
i :.it V< .1. I' !.n? i '-.'i f .1
IT WIS.I. CI Ri: VOll !
II.. , !!.; It-C fr. c
Malsby <& Co.
41 South Forsjtb St.. Atlanta, fia.
Portable nml 8i nt lonarr
Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills
Complst? Ii>f carried in Hock for
IMMEblA TF. thipnun!.
He?t MacIiIi.?rj. I I'rt. fB and !!? ? l#rnn
Write us (??r catalogue, prices,
ftc.. before buying.
Give the name of this paper vvhen
writing to advertisers?A131-04)
vr.?Klr.\ccVVHil; Thompson's Fyo Water
chant, so why not try it":
t l~",
1 A.
iA tlcaut'l'iit Younor Socictv ]]
Woman's Letter.
ST. I'ai'I., M,ii!i. I
521 \\ - li.i - f i]
' Dr. 11.1 i t maii, (.'oluinbiH, ' j
j Dear Sir: j
[ " I took I'rrunu lux! sti m- 1
j nii'r i eh fn I if Kit all run j
| 'Irncu .ft lul hud u Ii rutin ell' j
' uwl bnrkurh< ,uml nn urn- 2 u
Ui/inn. jul' ui/'/fli iii o. / nun ||
t'crl ns well us I t rrr tlid . !j
in. till mi/ Hf'r, nut/ till j
'hunk s i < due to ifnurcx- j| j
'cUcni J'crutiu/Irss F. j
Hon! if. |
I 2.0 syinptoim < inn; r < j
'urr:i aiv ?juilc un':l;? i!i!Vcrcn! '!
< ivcs, !,h( the most i'iniim:i ones
nc ii !.is?:'.ndc, j ' i v? I i! . j
lirffl ?nt, u?e?l-tip. r ui-'l i-.\ ii f'j j
m;:-, < .mb;:icii wi'ti :iior? or i?s~ -f fi
I: nvv. stupid. i!*tU'?s, tnonl.i! 1 $
<<:i<i "; in. itolish : i f< > ! ami ,1 U
' lie ability to <!->t fnoii -< cms j' jj
I, i... |(.. ; j j|
Skin ? ! .pt c<n.-. s-i' ow < < i;>"* x- ;j
on. bili"iiMii'ss. < at '1 tiiMffiw in I
! Ii'ful. iric^ular sleep. >! , to '
complete tin' I ' ',:! c wh. : is s> I I! I
common nt t -i- i? i. 8 |
i I'oruna s i \ : in- -j! a'.j ; jj I
kV .. ?ou of t ' . < Voav in ftr i $ I
.v ::n| i" !>!? ? it !
Po-iu-na Contains iio M.ic tics.
(i;ic U .S.m IVniiij lias
foil:i'i |i nr.iii'.i'nl mm* in mi many
MOI1-- I- I i. 1 " IT r!l< I l. ll'( <>:
: ?if ,:iy k .n 1 IVnin.i i.- fi' :
iVrtiy har!ii. It <>iii be uscil (
u? i . :* '' it w tli ml a?r I
(Illicit^ tlie ilruj; h-1:>.t.
in /trlrir cihtrrh u ii I en In rrlinl
i i /' :'! /'</ /, ./ nil1, h ii! i lit nnrf
:'l rrllrr iimr r it tt rrh it I <i/]lirIV
I 11> it I'll 11 lif/ II lull tic (l>~ til. /,
iarantee.1 to Cure
;h and ttesiilting Disorders.
spepsia ReS!"
< .?*. f.?.\ 1.::i. i>?*|?i < . \l i.am a.ca
3'j*Mnavakvc?. .*?v?x y-zxx. vjoe- -xrA
i iiji ii l.-ii;: ! cci .cm lot;, w 11;?
it-1 tun.
ih cutler street, at| uta oeokgia.
Wi- I
i'r >""?" Tl.? C II ,v 1) nun S
tin .ujtli I ijt*.' '.'!iicap> -JB
in n itto C"nncriiti - ( ht rc with km
!I I?AI do r' 1 k i"r ti i fai'H ' gj|
urslons W i.v:: Ki-soris. also Hi
I liuibOiiy's f Y<-;. .wsi ;ie 1* a r k . 1
t?p n- . u? C?.:ur:ido ftti-I Che I
? >> 'i 4 Irs'-: trery Week 03/
aving a Gallon \ ROUNJ THIP RATES |
ifflc Mnnaurr, Clurlrtnirfl, Ohio
' i M* . ? .V ?r < f ? r? . . ' TI . ' . *
\ - . *>u!Vr*r 'r : ; ut .i? * b
f : ' ..? t r < . - " . ' k i i. .
t'ifi- .? ! ; i?-?r ?;r..K- .* tii r'-i * ' > :
f- u ?. ..* i . II- - ar- ik
ft. * ' r ft V .1
? r r! ! t ' ?:
till. /L . v.- " ' ' '
IU. I'fc
est for
The Bowr. >
l? *.??Ant. PaIafflMe I ' ' * ' 1
? - - . K^r- ik*M r - 4 ) : v i
in IhiJk T: ' u,# ' i C.
<i ..irfii'.tci-rt t euro * r \ r in \ ui'k
Sterling Krmcdy C. Chun : : N V '/>
y' i- erti a P
\ I di -?.* : "ft? ii 'IMI l
as or' /|k ?* ? ' ' : ??
(fT^i (iv iiitic Mm nVft.crer
WfiS&ft'tzi' ?' ' ' " t'r.?: l>. < cec's Sen*.
' ' Sp(cl)li<s, 1 o\ B /1iar u. lev
^rr-v. ' r.,.v?T*'"*T.i>*ro? ?" ' v>
I At.
/c>>4 ..tut . I. . l!
\(fipk?6V$2' ' iTBmMP
>h\c'. w *.'? -nl!*. k . H'ilrf
v ' n (* r *t mffnitr .. Tin r ' ? tp.? 1. ?-n< ij? U
(? -!? . < i lifiur.V Ai. i: i/Ki ' - 11 ' .
MN |1( OUHIS WHlfU All USt. IAlib. gj
lydpfepfey^ryia |fe
* Price 50c.

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