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Eutoreil April 28,1905) at Pickcus, S. C., ns R&cnml olnpfi matter, rtruler net of CougresR of Mnroh 3, 1879.
t ^eal Estal
Now iH tho timo to invest in
it goo
277 acres within 3 miles of S
balftnc!e*in original forest. Fine
plenty of water. Terms to suit
00 ncres * good farm land on !
known ?b tfie John Kads j)lace.
One ftcre lot with good 5
Pickens. This is a regular snay
gets it.
Office nt Depot,
}W. T. McFALL,
,y^ " ' PICKI
Py Careful and const?
Bank largely increases t
We solicit your busin
every reasonable acconi
V ^ oiiMJ*wU* A ?ftl
'?^jt '^*<ty*'l^-,'-""Vl \S>^t\S<>
?jj L,rof'the next thirty da
JW the regular price the
;C One hundred and eig
Worsted and Cheviot
U leans. Sizes 34 to 4;
4^n Sixty-eight young nu
. j years. Two hundred
**.* pants, r.uits sizes <S to
jb Sixty childrens suits, ;
? All Straw luits :\t half
I and all Panamas at $5
These goods are. Iron
and one-third off the
clothing buyers very <
No alterations paid fc
suits, and the terms o
Smith &
pring <X
T\TV\7" i
I?mil *
I am now ready with a com
)o<lfl, Notion*, Men's and Worn
used my host judgment and
od&, getting tho very lowesl
my customers tho benefit ol
)0(1? at, the
.Lowest Li
My Drees Goods Stock is tin
Iw-ks, in a range of prices from
k>oftbe nicest Klnck (foods to
ptS. I am willing for you to t
25 with any $1.50 Silk on thh
In Colored Wash Goods, Dii
poribo them. Can ibow yon a
[such pricot as such goods can
|>ok is full with all goods an<
rail, Ribbons and Laces in ahi
IZ\iV \}iin ct wiiat you wftiit nt n
8KOE8. Don't uive mo out
nonable gooclH. Huong when j
y Goods Stose, WoBt Knl
e Foil Sale.
Pickens real eat'tte. Buy before
8 too high.
ix Mile church, 70 acres in cultivatiOD
timber. Frame tenant dwellings ant.
9outbwe?t si?le of Six Mile mountain,
Price $700.
room houio on Easley street, town of
?. Come at once before some one <?lse
.DER & CO. 1
PioltoiiH. 8. C.
J. Mi l), imuce, 4
iNS, S. C. A
$20,500.00 #
11,000.00 1 |
- 105,000.00 I
mt work the business of this
ess and will extenu to you ^
nt Sale if
ys at one third less than >X
following is offered by us: // i
hty men's suits in Fancy J) 1
s cut in regular stouts and J)
in's suits, age 16 to 20
and eighteen boys knee ^
16 years. ^
\ge 3 to 8 years. ^ 1
price, except Panamas, &
i, these were $6. and $8. M
11 the best manufactures u
market price means to ?
cheap goods. fci
>r by us 011 these cut price M
11 them is strictly cash. $/
Yours truly %
< Oristow, I
ville, S. C. \\
i, !
i Summer
r\i /~\ * v /-vj -
iUODS!--- !
ploto line of Spring and Hummer Dry
en's I'ndorwear, Homcry and fcshot'H.J
years of experience in buying these
t price possible, mul now I propose toj
my expariencc and sell them Dry
iving Prices...
2 best I have ever ehown in (\i1ov? mwl
10 cents to $2 a yard. I am showing!
r Summer w???r in the market for AO
iompnre niy 1 yard wido Black Silk at
i market. It will boa waving to your
nities, OrgnndieB, Lawnfl, Ac., wo can't
big lino of tbem and at as low prices
be bought auywhee. White Good*.
1 prices. Homo Big Values in Table
indance ami will l>o kept all Summo.
ny time,
on Sheen. Stock alwayB completo witl?
pou come to Greenville.
Greenville, S. C.
j V
Fallow Happenings.
Ah I haven't seen anything in a
the Sentinel-Journal from thin f
auction, I will try nn-.l givo a few t|
Hi'silth is very good at this writ- Z(
>i>g- ii
Everybody around l?er?? are done
laying by. Crops are looking line. n
Wheat was vory good in this ^
BOC-t ion.
Mrs. L. V. Lnoper and son, of c
lCaaley, visited the family of her |,
hioihnr, Mr. John Watson, la?t
Thursday. ,
J. T. Sk.-H^)ii lost, a i\i)d mu'e j,
last Friday. /Ho >>!?o a linn w
horsn a t imo^MRo, Ittisidft* { ,
lightning struck ^fiia house one |,
night this/suinmor, touring flown (]
mi.o of l|iri cJnmneyH and injured \
the hoi/so /to eoiiie extent. 11 (?
went tly'rojigh tho room and struck }]
the con\/r posts, tearing thoni tip :
at the K*'ad ot two beds wlnne the 1 j
family was sleeping. It did not
kill any out', but nhoclu:d Mrs |
Skelton right badly. Thin is bud s
luck lor Mr. fr-kelton, a 11 in one j
year. We hope his luck will [
change. ,,
Mrs. li. Y. I,oo) er and aon.ofjs
Easley, and Mir. .Jack I.ooper ami iv
hod, <1 boopor, visited at the ho.no A
of Mr. and Mrs. Jun e* Clements j
ono evonii g last week. i
A party consisting of .1. T. Skel- si
ion and Will Hendricks, of this H
I y
place, and Jamts Masi'ingalo and 1
two sons, of below PickeiiH, to;?k a.
trip up to Table Itock one day and
night lust week. Thov killed never,il
squirrels and Caught nearly a 1'
half bushel of fish. !,
is. \j lienor.oka treated hirasolf
to a now buggy recently. i
School is in a flourishing condi
lion at Ambler, with Kev. A.J.
Manly t- tie her.
Miss Nimi and Ctirey Hayes and
Marindu Wnison tpuut Saturday
night with Miss Dora Jones.
Mr. and Mih. Will liet.jtuoin, of
Pickens, visited the bitter's sister, j
Mrs. .1. T. Bkoltoii, 24th ult.
Miss Dora Joiihh visited Miss |
Marinda Watson Sunday, I
- ? ?*
On last Saturday seventeen boys
lud girls of tlys section took a
>lensuie trip up on Tablp Rock,
'hey reported an enjoyable time.
Several weJIs and springs have
;ono dry in this section, bnt maybe
hoy will como to lifd since the
;ood rain.
I will cli-sn for tliis time, and if
hia CBCiipes the waste basket, I
/ill writo again. M.
Hughes Happenings.
As my last communication was
telayed in getting to the prose, I
/ill ornlfinvnr t.o iriuo \>r?n ? (<n?>
w~ p,-*~ **
iinre dots.
The health of this community
as not been bo good for the past
ew weeks.
Crops are looking very well alhough
they are needing rain
G. N. Gairelt is constructing
linieelf a commodious dwelling
ouse, or rather building an addlion
and remodelimollis old one.
Born unto/Nfiv^and Mrs. M. B,
rairet, on tU^Sd nit., a daughter.
J. T. Fennell was in this section
"riday looking after his interestH.
Mrs, G. N. Garrett is very sick
t this writing
The Praters school is progress
ug nicely with INI i Ha Gil strap as
ri.icipal and Miss'llaunah Bright
stsi'! taut.
Mr. an-1 Mrf. Helton Dillard
isiied at I ho homo of \V. U. Gar?tt
Friday tiinlit.
Well, I puppoee 1 had better
1<?ho f<>r thin time, for fear t)iin
uda tli** \viih(h i-nsUot, but if it
oea escavo it., \ou'll hear from
le apnin. keadcr.
From Six Mile. 4
As the Btarrn is over T will come
gain with a fow words for our
litf 1 School, ae it seems it is not
)ad ynt. if scran havo been trying
. i,,n i ? ? -
i_> mil IV. X mill l. BHM HOW it C11 I 3ti
horn could (Jo or say anything
giunal tlio High School. It looks
:> ino liko \vh- n they <1 ?> that tl ey
re lighting tin ir uwii country mid
lu) welfare of their own children.
Crops are looking fairly wpII,
nusid?-i'ing the dry weather. We
uve not had a season for corn
hiu yet, hut cotton is looking alijjhl,
and A. i>. Mann i? prepur11(4
for an up to duio ginnery at
i.\ iMile. of course h? hopes for
i e cotton erot.H lieie 111im vhur mill
eaCMl'ier, so he ?-ayn he is going I"
irtpiiru to do the ginning rignt.
1 r. i\In11ii hit8 been ginning long
noiigh io know how, and when
io get* prepared it will be n gre t
tjivt nieuee lor Dim p . pi.) around
IjOI-'h not fmgt tin* high K'hool,
mt puah ihe matter < n now. Why
hoiild wo he ho Blow about, ii?
)o?'t stay ! t, h'pftjjp and ??ty "Oh
hey won't do anything. *' Let it
lot hi> 'thov?M lot it he "wo," and
av w?? will have it, and of course
re will it' we go to worl; at. it ilitit
vav. One mu?t m- t NfJjjid back
tud wait for the other,''tout *11
jik>? it on tlvrnt-elven to go abend,
s not that the way to aucoiuplmh
mytlung \ou want done. Let?
mm how inn 11 v *want the tch ol,
iVf can to I by ihcw?y they move.
A. B.
Ifutlfe to l>< btor* hiii! Creditor*,
Ml pfrn >i s having elainiH againH I'll'
h if*? of John I William* a i'I Ehzabfl'.h
iV 11 in in". 'h'Ct'BB < I will pros lit t u*
a iit? duly JitUMied for | ayment l?y t >e
h day of OrfobtT, ii? xt. '' In h? inlo
ted tii mi<l tH'ftU* tniiH mile pijnp
it to K 11. WilliairiM,
J. M. William*,
\< m'n<lra'or?,
Am?. II. 11)04. ^'iih \%i|l annexed.
nr uminrn
8 SNECJA, - H. O. *
Offl f ?>v?'i Nimnions Store, Hojlo
iMiii * ft a in. U> 1 p. in. ? 2 p. in. t<
H |> in.
Notice to Managers.
Several days a?o I niailod Io
each malinger in I lie approaching ,
primary election a copy of the con- |
atitution and rulos of the Demu* (
oratic party. \ hope each niana- i
g-r will rend them carefully and
strictly enforce the requirement*, j
I call especial attention to the (
requirement of oligibility to voto. (
No person can vole unless he is:,
j registered and his name on the
jo'ub roll of his voting precinct at
iloast live days hotore the election. v
J Tho managers are requested to t-Cr) (
I that. this is conit)!ii <! rh, Ono
I manager at o< >: equated (
to call on t!.?'he !ntiiiy oi his ckib j
live days before tho election : nd !
get tho eluli rulI aiid keep ',
HimiM until after 1.1:?* election. Allow
nt) name to l.c entered <>n th > j ,
jclub roll li vo dav* b.'fore the elec ,
tion nor on t lie day uf tli?? election.
Allow no man to vote whoso name ^
is not on tho club roll. t
Tho managers will use two boxei:
one for State othcers aud one ,
for county oflieers, Any kind of
box can be used, but must be j
closed and not opened until after ]
the hour (or closing. A ticket |
votod for county oflieers in the
State box cannot he counted, and j
vice versa. All such tickets and | (
any others that challenged will be I
planed in an envelope, marked aid jH
j8cnt up with I ho return* lo the j
County Executive Committee.
The tickets for State and comity v
loflicers will be supplied ly me, j
[and one ol the mu lingers is reqimstod
to cull ut Pickens on SuiUi<h>y, j
'27Hi or Monday, lii'lh ol August r
and get them. ,
C. E. Rob! moii,
Ch. Ex. Com. c
Pickens Railroad Company *
Supersedes Time Tii'ntv No :i
I'.ITeetlveAilK. I" I1KII
Kei.d Kowi. Ilend I'p
No l:.' No 10 STATIONS Noll No H (
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
-4;-10 put in. 10 tun Iv Pickens nr 2:55pm fl:J50 |>ii i
I:4-> |iin ID l.'tnin KerxiMon 1">t<iu i! gun
I:55 jiin 1(1:55 am "Parson's X!::W>j>in : 15 inn il
5:110 |i in 11 in? hiii ?.\rinil's 2:'.'5pm II: 10 |>n.
: in )>iii P :()."> am *Maulditi 2: .'0piii <1.05 pn,
f>: 15 inn II :1ft urn ar Kaslev Iv ii;r?j m tl:U0 pin
KIhk Stations ^
All I rains dnlly except Sunday
No. Ill connects with Southern Hallway No :M
No II''minccls with S nitheru Uailwav" No 12
No. 12 conneolM wit l> Southern Kail way No ii
No II con in rl? with Southern itailwny N o l(>
l*T I'orauy information apply to
.1 T TAYI.OK, CJen Milliliter
H. Snider, ,
I Old Postoffice BuHJir.-j,,
EA3.LEY, 3. C.
I Iandles a full line of W.Ucms. j
II Clocks aiul Jewelry. Repair I'
j work receives prompt attention.
\ v. v.v.
Noticc of Election
I'll Hiiant to hii ? ot of t ie Genernl
Asi'tnl.ly pri?\ i IitiK for CotLon weighoi
for 1'ickeii* . 11. ' o ?'n?-hi|> notice in
hereby givi-n li lit n | lor im for such
I (1 ill i ii I Wi'lulwi.' will ci--*
?- IM-I'i "II i-?lllllld
iv, August 2 nil. 10 J t. at ('isIiodh, ('.
II.. to In' hcl<l in tin* OiUrt limine buililini;.
I'oIIh will n en at. 10 a. jn. aui!
clo?e at 5 p. in. 'J I e following >vill net
an iiuina<<<trt of h i'cI emotion: .1. 10. Cox.
11. A. Ilownn. .1 Tj. T ioi nley.
ThiH, Aiijr. 2, 1104. W. T. McFall,
I ntomlent.
. it ii l lift I- <n>l ?? > . ! (ii I Allni'h I'oiil-I'.anc
A woiiilcrful pdwilur th.it cure* tlreit, netting,
NwcailiiK feel Hint miikes new or tluht kIio(*>
Ank today for Allen's Koot-Kiis.i. Aeeepl
no ^ntistltiitu Trlnl |?ii'knKu KHKK. Add rem
A. S O.Mated, Ultoy, .V V.
Be?ra th? ^ 1 ha Kind You Have Always Bought
. MLs?
Liberty, ft. F. D. No. 3. \
Our section lino Ix cn f .'.vorortxl
vitli recent showers, and erojn nro
ooking line, while gartlnnH have
iulleru<l considerably for lack of
Prootractotl services begun h"
Ftiirviuw the second Sunday' .>n>'
vuitinued until Wednesday hfter.
)liu Clayton and rti^ter, Mi>s Ivw,
/idiUd relatives and fn.-nds .?
\uderson county last week.
MisbCrf David, of Sp'irtiwiburu,
/i6ited their Aunt, Mr*. .1.11 Clay
,on, a low days ago.
There wan a pr.tver tn< lii
ii ?viM11 lafl '.wild.;> ? . Ti 111 i"<
:>rw. Hrissu)
Mis. Dr. Und? r\%uod, .if (Jarius .
,mIio. Cm., vi- 1 .1 l.ei ?.i> ,\ r
\ i t. i tsoiij and <? c .
,-v . I .. ,!
I! , I (id llOIDe i'l ' H(
foHf|dl Smith, wijV itul d-u.gls
er visiItivl relatives in Anderson
lounty lust week.
Protruded meeting will c<?n\neiic.)
at Golden tho lilth Sunday.
Thtro was quite a crowd disap?
>ointed at Roanoke school Iidiihh
ngt Suuday, us Rev. W. C. Sua lorn
? id nut. lit! In- aopjii;t.nw nt
Misi';.s Iu:tit? C'itrku a id ?
'arsons, u( Libert) , vixitwd VV.T
) !) *11's la in i 1 v last Sunday
Prof. Will P.,rt?r is ic ( li 11^ a
lining adinn! ut Kairvi-'W. lie
iaa a very good claps.
Mr. and Mi's. Kol>ert Ptownrt
'it-iii (i imh IiiI'IMM .? IU?? !1hV ili
' I k OlIM ill - t sill :i ! 'l;i \.
'?!? A,!a i> ai ('?<!si
do.tuijiiii I r a IVw dayr. lie.
nemliH' this i- K'jip y^jtr unci
naku nood Uaii of your opportunity.
.1. T. Madden, of (Mimuhou, vihit- '
id hi* nu** v, Tli. s. (i:i8Paway, last
Luwiei'CC 5Sinil.li of AtidorBon,
rmil? <1 hocit folkn laai Sunday.
1011 jo 1L We Imni j^ave Id* I>ph1
[il l a call l<iht Monday afternoon.
.MtssiH. L' lvdj Chi niherlain, Johi|ili
Smith and dolin and Cliariic
iHiitt went t"> l\(!nwi:c river, veiling,
lat-t. TliurMiaj . They onu^lit
is many fiidt hh ili?-y could ?-ut.
1 ! . i !
II rsc.lpHH lllli WjiStijJijiKkel I
.vill vvntu again.
(J fey K v?*. 1 fiii 1.
Knob Dots.
The In altli ot this commut.ity in
rery good.
We are having plenty of rain.
md crops arn looking well in this
loot ion.
A. 1/ KdenA m. hal ping t>nil ' a t
hurch hoiittnxfn IvtHtalot'
M i a f- < s ?nali8Ba, Eula and l.illw
EdeiiH, ot Ati'lfison county, s. :/isiting
Mr. and Mrs A ]j. .< '' 1
his week.
A party oonsiHling of tin- ft Howng
young men and hidien
lust Saturday on Tulin KMih
Kiln.tt Ijii. ! i i i
Kdfiis ! >< ! it ii-t i i i, . > > .
Willie, Joliiinio ami l?uils?! ("fi
lain, 11 <ji I t?i I .1 n , i! In '
. 11<-)S M is-<i0ii i. ')
i ;:<1 .\i i! I.-- i I.'I i...
I Ml"*, M 1II It i'. i .i / ;: . t
'Jliiislalli itlii) .Y. A |.
L'Uny iilI report?;?l a lint- tun.-.
lt??t \vihI)on to StiilinelJo
rnal. (\ .1.
Mauldin 4 Profiu,
i*ici ;m .
Iliaoaaini(.'i)iii^ and WmoiKmi: lc,
Bi KK1"-'* l^fjmjntwl and nil i|iC(l .suno
?? now.
All Work ClnnrAnt- <;<l
VIRGINIA Cr- V/ *~4 -1 -i V- a
For YOUNG YvUjH23.Ni Hon io!; . Va
op'im .: v.. y;?. > r < i nliu
ScIIIIUIM .I I V< I.. |,.,?( . i ,'ti . . I .
bin ..<iii, iilaiKH i ? ? . :!! .ti
hi* (f- -r tin ii . l i . < i i . y
V. . iii, J?. i < .. ' . . . . ii ,
Am I'-.iii ...
U.K. .-.I I .. % .. 1 1
lii N ' % * * 1 i<im ,gt'. . < ;
tinJAlOH N. 0flMlli ,AJ \t.\ (
IMIi* ? i.ia><?HUe l?(.? riffrM
MATTIKI*. I1<!KKJS, IVl'Sldon'., Ro.l>> k . . .t

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