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Down on 1113 string-picce perhaps ycu'Il
find hint,
Sturdy ond brave and brown,
Leaving the world and its cares bcliind
Up in the fishing-town;
Over and over his old hooks baiting,
Just for a flounder or two in waiting.
If he's r.ot there, then he's in his glory,
Off in the outer bay.
Paddling about in a patehed-up dory
Half of a summer's day;
Proudest of captains and erewr together,
Gathering cargoes in any weatner.
Out before daylight in every season,
jvuwii 10 me waterside,
Truly forecasting with sailor's reason
Weather, and wind and tide;
Happy, contented and glad sea-rover,
Living the days of his grandsires over.
By William II. Osborne.
^ in a bathtub, ami. after all,
? I O he might li: n tie much
^ worse. Some tliere are
who cannot sleep at all
Some who I'm " iitft .>.,.1 ..... <1...
tlie silken couch ol' euro. Sonic there
arc who would sleep, hut who have no
place wherewith to lay their weary
heads. Isidor Salinsky belonged to
neither class. lie was a sleeper, and
he had a place to sleep, and accordingly,
he slept.
The bathtub in question was a stationary
one, and occupied that portion
of the Salinsky kitchen Just between |
the stove on ihc one hand and the sink i
on the other. Not only was the bath- I
tub a stationary affair, but little I-I- I
dor's bedding, which tilled it, was also
stationary. On no pretext was it disturbed.
The bathtub had not always been on
hand; but the landlord of the tenement,
who had some peculiar ideas about hygiene
and cleanliness, had. out of the
goodness of his heart, furnished each
family with one. And in ail the house
there was no family who hailed the innovation
with such Joy as did the Salinsky
family. Y e llrst night that it
was there the elder Salinsky, fatlu r ot
the younger one, grasped at once its
portent, for the instant he saw it he
stepped to where young Isidor slept
on the lloor and dumped him. neck and
heels, into the tub. It was just the j
proper length.
"A lit! a lit!" cried the elder Salinsky,
who was employed somewhere
in the depths of the ciotliing trade: "a
lovely lit! What would we have done !
Without It?"
And to come down to a line point, to i
i? what better use could the tub be put? '
Otherwise it had been a mer ornament,
a useless luxury to be ileploie.l
rather than admired. But now?it was
Isidore Salinsky livrd in tlio Four- j
teenth Ward. In the Fourteenth Ward '
there was a public* sc hool.
There was one publi<- school in the 1
city where teachers were paid Slii j
more ;i month than at the other
schools. The Fourii-enili Ward was i
that school. It was situated "down j
Js'cek," with all that Inipii- It v.as
0:1 the other side ol' the canai. It had !
a record. The teachers earned their
money. It nii^ht be said that they
were tillers ol' the soil, for in a very
llU'Ko decree their charges were* identified
with that particular article. They
did their work. They took die raw
ninterial out of ti e ^.i:t r. turned
n out :it tin' olid of n few years dean ]
ami white ami beautiful to look upoK |
The record for dirt in tlio KonrU'ent !i
Ward School lrol I?< ! ii 11? ! ! for <01110
fcix mouths h.v youn^ Ah:> Ahramson.
(>u 11 n dirt question 110 one could ap
proaell him and 1.0 <?n<> eared 10. 1 titt
that v as hel't/re Isidor SalinsUy entered
the arena of events. Mi<s Ystn
Steenber;rli. a Kirl in her (*< !.- . had
charge of the ihird y? :;r at the l-'oiirteenlh
Ward School. This is twoyca:'higher
thaii tlio sand-playinir clayniod
iin^ class. Abe Ahramson was
of this class, and it was in: iliis class
that Isidor Salinsky impelled himself.
And tile instant that lie entered the
door Miss Van Steeah-ryl) km w tIts:t I
A lie Ahra mson's reljin wa s over 1
knew that Isidor Sal:!.sky was the
champion of the world.
At the close of 11:?* day siio took I>i- 1
/lor to one side and interviewed him po- I
litely on the subject.
"Isidor," she explained in as delicate (
n manner ns whs possible, "you urn,
oh, so dirly! You must wash your
face and I'.ands and ? yourself
clean. You you. must take a hath. I?
I want you give this nolo to yotir moiher
when you go homo. Will you?"
"Slu> won't take a bath, what do you
think?" remarked I*!dor all in one
breath. Then lie milled: ".My father
says that, maybe next summer, when it j
gets warm sigaifl, maybe I can take a
bntii. I don't know." he chntinued. re-,
flcetivrly, "I don't know if I had one ,
last Hummer or not. I f< rgit."
Miss Van St? enbergh -'ho >!? her head
"I know," she went on. "Hut you |
must take a baili now. Haven't you
a bathtub in your house, or some s.iap. ;
or something'/ You must keep clean. i
or we can't have yon here, you know." i
Isidore looked at lur reproachfully.
"A bathtub!" hp exclaimed. "I stay
in one every niglit! Sure!"
The teacher smiled upon him. "I'll j
toll you wliat to do," she said. "When .
yc.u go home, turn on tho water in tiio
tub. and till it full, and Ret in. It's !
lots of fun?and there are euite a lot
of little hoys who do it. You can
splash around ail you want to. You'll
try It. won't you?"
Ho looked at her aghast. "But my
lied," he protested, "It wouM get Wet*? ^
all wet. I could not sloop.
The teacher suggested tli"o advisability
of taking out the bed just for
tills once.
Ishlor shook his head. "My mamma
would never let me move my bed?she
never takes it out. There It must
stay. I>ut next summer," he added,
doubtfully, "maybe I get a bath."
The teacher's note did some little
good, but Isidor still led the march?
he still wore the laurels he had wrested
so completely from Abe Abramson.
The third year of the Fourteenth
Ward School was co-educational in its j
character, and to this fact is due the |
reclamation and redemption of Isidore !
Salinsky. If Isidore Salinsky was the
dirtiest little boy in the class, it is
quite :is certain that the little girl in
the th^rtl seat was the nicest and clean,
est. ller name was Sadie Mergenthaler.
She had light hair. She sat upon
tlie aisle that separated the little girls
from the little hoys. The nearest boy
to her was Ishlor Salinsky. And as
Isaac of old had looked upon Ilebekah,
and found her pleasing in his sight,
and as Jacob had looked upon llachcl,
so did Isidore Salinsky look wistfully
upon Sadie Mergentlialer. lint unfortunately
for Isidore, it was a far cry
to the converse of the proposition. And
yet Isidore was not a had sort of a
fellow. The girls who sat over in the
coiner, and who could not detect the
rictual cause of the added duskiness |
,u tlio face of Isidore, these girls !
nnvlv III '
She held uloof.
"Ain't you aoing to like nu'V" lie inquired.
at'tor be bad liven there some !
three days.
She did not deign to answer, and this j
cooled his ardor for a while, but as j
time passed he grew bolder.
One memorable day he thrust forth
his good right hand, and thrust it di- i
reetly upon the hand of Sadie Mergeu- ;
thaler as it lay upon Iter desk. She ,
gave a little scream and drew back,
and jumped up from her desk, rnbbi'.g
and rubbing her hand as she did so.
"What's the matter. SadieV" inquired
the teacher.
Sadie Mcrgenthaler made a face. '
"lie touched me with his dirty, dirty ;
hand," siie replied, pointing at Isidore
Saiinsky, "that diriy. dirty boy."
Isidore looked at her blankly. Then
he looked at his hand, and then ho
looked at hers. Hers was as pink and
clean as any hand could lie. And his? i
well. And then he understood, lie saw 1
at once that ho wasn't in her class. j
Ih' ?l ill n't belong. Unit's all.
The next morning a very young man, j
apparently a stranger, entered the |
room, anil stepped up to the teacher. j
"Teaeher," he said, towelling l>er upon !
the arm.
The t "ichor turned to look, and gave
a gasp of surprise and joy. For ii was
Isidore KalinsUy wnh a elean bill of j
health. ! is I :iuti 1 u 1 pink skin shone j
r< splendent. II:- seem d < !. an iroin
head to foot.
"Ti .1 Ik r," i:o confided to her. "1 had |
a bail; a real one in tho tub, with '
real soap, good laundry soap that you
buy. And every morning i shall wash
now." lie started away, and came
back. "Kver.x morning, ' he added, in
a half whisper. '"I shall wash down to |
tiio cold shoulder. 1 told mamma so.*' :
I.ittle Ah.- Abrainson is again 'hanv I
pioii. Th'? leanest, nicst little gir' i
in tli; > calss is still Sadie Mergenthaier. j
The cleanest, nicest little boy is IsU j
(lore Salii.sky. And so they think
themselves'. ? \Von;:in'i> Home <' Jtupanion.
Tnt?* of ;? Ti pcv. rllfi-.
"II< llo! This is t'ie linn that left a j
.. . i.. i .11 ,* w i!i mm r tin u i;; i, ii :iu j
we think you've had it a! oat louy i
enough, At'" von going to buy it
These were the words that were |
'phoned to a eh rk in Allegheny City j
Ilnll recently, and before he .-topped !
to g t his l>rt'i:tli ho yelled back that
the machine wjis not initeii goad any- I
way. and he had deided not to hay it
"Theh we'll ?'lid a man to-night Ic
take it away," came over the wire.
The clerk -aid: "Ail right, emu* a:.?l i
get the old thing."'
Now. the Irutli is. that some of tho I
City Hall Jokers had planm-l s"iii'f
fun, and it was one of theni at another
lo!< piioii" in the sun: building who
called up and pretended he was the
typewrit r a ,"iit. Later in the day the
w:ig >.Md a young fellow, who was a
trae.'j to the clerk, to gc. the laachine.
I'm here r that typewriter," tlu>
caller remarked, as li" had been in
Without he.-itaion the device wan
piaceil in his hands and lie lll^pce;! it
at !o whore (lie Joker* wcro in
w: i -.. Ni \t day nr." oi' tlie yaiilig
iii' n ii ! ;.lu>n" 1 niK".1 more r.ml pre*
t< :nii d I; v.as .lie typewriter salesmai!.
'1 ,e ; ~>i? we have i oi called for
lilt: I i. :.' ' iiio," lie c>.olain< I. "is ho?
au> we have In :i loo busy, hut
we'll take ii aw.;, to-morrow."
I iKyulsii'tf hi- alarm over wlint
ioU ' to hiai iii< a swindle, l!>o clerk
out, "All rijj'iit." and then comli'.ei:
cil to worry. S >me day- later 1??i
-live .Ii11 .!i:y .MeKay was put next to
t!." | :Miik and asked to deliver th"
.. ii prop vly to ti:" eh.-rk and e.\;
'".in to the vi? lim of the joke tliu'
>uii:e youi'.ti f -llow had boon foutw* 1
.lying to !! the typewriter mi thr
Ktre.'t. W hen tl.at clerk r ads thlr
item a co >wel? wiil bavo 1 > 11 clonrei"; I
from lis hi'wilder .\1 brain. i'itsbiirj? i
I /.snatch.
i iip ciiy or (iiasfxow nmk< ; S7r.no i
year pr< iii <?u( of waste papei eoileeiei* j
in llio slieris. Liverpool Iihs now <!e- i
eiflert lo a<!<! to its income in the s.'tino !
manner. i
The passenger engines formerly eost
rr.ore on account of the einbellisiiir.t nt.
Now tli" freight c'liffinoo are more ox* j
pensive because tliey are heavier.
Chcraw Naval Stores Plant Burned
The Cheraw Naval Stores Company
plant has been burned with a loss esti
mated at $12,000, partially insured.
I * *
Carnegie Gives to Negroes.
Benedict College, a negro institution
in Columbia, will have within a few
'months a library building for which
plans have been drawn and which will
rost $5,000, the money having been do
nated by Andrew Carnegie.
Wealthy Farmer Dies,
Hugh Price, a Marion county farmer
died a few days ago, leaving nn es
tate worth $123,000, including $23 00(1
cash in bmk. He began life without
a dollar after the war, and is said to
have been wholly illiterate.
o *
Ancient Charleston Hotel Sold.
The Charleston Hole', one of the
oldest and be?t known houses in the
south, which has been closed for the
past year, was sold a few days ago
under a receivership order of the court
it was bought by local parties, who
will reopen if as a tourist hotel in the
* +
New Industries Reported.
The Chattanooga Tradesman reports
the following new industries in this
state for the past week: Summerton,
$5,000 hardware company; Sumter, cot
ton gin; St. George's, wagon works;
nennottsville, ice factory; Dorchester,
implement works; North, aluminum
mines; Columhia, $51,000? knitting
o *
McDcw Found Ocsd in Bed.
At Charleston. 1 r. T. B. Mellow, who
sixteen years ago shot and killed Captain
F. \\\ Dawson, editor of T!ie
News and Courier, in tlie doctor's office,
and tried to hide the body in an
alley way. was found dead In his bed
one morning recently. There were no
simis <>f disorder, and physicians de
clared that death was due to heart
failure. The house in which he died
was the scent tif the tragedy of sixteen
years ago.
Historic Building Burned,
I'M 10 ,at Camden, a few clays a?;<>.
destroyed 'lie Lafayette hall, a large
and popular commercial hotel. The
building, owned by E. C. Von Tie.-<kow,
was valued at about $10 000, and
was insured for $6,000. Most, of th<'
furniture and furnishings were consumed,
which loss falls heavily upon
Scoit IJrown, the proprietor, who was
only partially covered by insurance,
Lafajette hull, once the hom?
of do Lafayette, of revolutionary fame,
was one of Camden's historic old buildings,
and its destruction is deeply regretted
by the entire community.
* *
Bit Off Opponent's Ear.
An altercation occurred a few days
ago between two well-to-do citizens
of Liberty, in which one man bit tho
other's ear off even with the temple.
It i- siid when tlie men were separated
both were saturated in blood.
As the men grappled on the ground
neither made an outcry until one man,
who lost his ear, cried out: "Let go my
ear." He was too late, for that organ
was in the other's mouth and he was
reaching for the other side ?if the
wounded man's head trying to get hold
of the other ear.
This is the first case of mayhem re
ported in the s-tate net ween white people
in yjars.
t *
Lieutenant Clement Dead.
A dispatch from Trieste, Austria
..ays: Lieutenant .lame Wilkinson
C'lenient. of the United States battleship
Kc irsarge, who was left here in
the hospital when Hear Admiral Barker's
squadron sailed, has died of typhoid
Lieutenant Clement was a native of
South Carolina. II,. was taken ill soon
rtf.wr the arrival of the battleship fleet
at Trieste, and when hif condition bO'
came serious he was r< moved to the lo
eal hospital. If satisfactory arrange
in nts can be made his remains will
be brought to the United States foi
interment. He; had been in the navy
since September, lS't.'i
* ?
Charleston Kicks on Rates.
Tiie recent raise in tne scale ol
I reign 1 rates by the Cly<lo line botweer
Charleston and New York is ca;tRlu?
general dissatisfaction among the mer
chants of Charleston. Tlio freight bti
reau lias (al<en up the matter and ?i
special committee, represent ins tlx
various business interests in Charles
ton. headed by Manager H. K. Jack
son, of the freight bureau, will leave
f ir New York to confer with Genera
Mnmger Kger, of the Clyde Companv
relative to the increase in t!:; occat
rates between the two points.
The increase in freight rate* wa?
made only a short time ago. and it i*
working a hardship on the shippers 01
Charles ton The city has long been r
- sufferer from excessive ratea charged
* by the railroads and now that the
' steamship .company has increased the
' ratea the merchants feel that the bur- ^ ' ~
! den Is more than they can bear and a FteEffi
strong light will be made tor cheaper fc
[ rates.
Two Brothers Acquitted. E tott
The summer term of the criminal | t
court for Laurens county was held dur fc fl
ing the past week with Hon. Frank B. [
Carv. 'of Atilinvllln no or?rL?l??l <?''??
1C*I J uvipjv:, I nww^
presiding. -WjaP^I
Pro hpv"'-- * 1
. tried w
and Li
I known
ship, <
over ii
ease. I
three f
, *!><> j 11
| with l>
j was hi
, | gcring
J tho Iiv
'to tcs:
I t need
i home ;
! respon|!of
I formed
,ioft si
one us
and ft
the tlM
inn lh
it'K Ji
turner j
shoot i
i:iy w
I x- .
! les!
j time;
II issues
: irritatl
lungs t
i from t
j tfoil, hjMoves
, easy.
tlie nit;
| cough.
- it ?ti
the }jc
iand Im
to rosti
size "J ... . v .m > i torni,
The large si;:i holds - 1-2 time v'1 i
trial size. t j
\ 1 i
| death.
Object to Location of United States Meant
Customs Port Near Their City. : death
Si nor Obaldia, the Panama minister, IJuckk
j accompanied by his seeretary of lj.'.a It's tlv
tion, Monday called at the stale ?'e preven
partment and made formal pro'ost l'leers
against the construction given the "a- at Pie
' nal treaty by the executive offlc t.s
of the isthmian canal commission. ANO"
! There is trouble growing out of the o
cation of the postofflce in the canal Mlneri
strip under the commission's orders
but the most serious mailer of disccd The
j between tiie people of Panama and rning
the commission is the hitter's loca worke
tint) of a new misfnma
? ?.. .? w.iio |.~wi i. nuai i :iu lTltO c
! city of Panama. (|av ?j
" tlon k
Symptoms of Liver Disease. operit
Sici; headache, constipation, bilious- jn^
ness, melancholia, dizziness, dullness -Ion <
and drowsiness, coated tongue, slimy |)00n
teeth, bad breath. Rydale's Liver (j,)n (
i Tablets will relieve any of these symp- fitru<0
jtoms in a few hour* and speedily cor- not oj
reel the trouble. They act upon the I
liver, bile, bladder and duct, intestines :
and (towels as a stimulant and tonic. j
Those who use these tablets find their n
action perfect and results satisfactory. ' :l M'MI
Fifty chocolate coated tablets in eacr Lixed
box. I'rice. 25 cents. tf L'^ei
1 it'i? t
' IMIls, i
) Only
Declared by Central cf Georgia for pnig i
Fire* Time Since Reorganization. 1
Tie Central ?1 Georgia railroad, for J
1 first time since i:.s reorganization, B A
j (i l.iri ! ; divifl? n?! o:> the second In I /j|
: (c.sn bond; Tuosdiiy. On the preferred 1]
| i>o!n'.s a dividen 1 of 5 per cent wan |
I eclared nr.d on the s cond?. a dividend ,
l! of 2 per font. Wail
There ni*e i worth of first? H bCQ
' and $7,000,000 worth ef seconds, male
in.- t!io total dividends declared on the hh
lr>nda amount to $.'140,00<?. The dlvi
! (1 nde are payable October 1.
Acid Dy6peps;n .7 Very Common Dir- 00
: I? i: Indicated by sour stomach,
heartburn, tongue ccati'd ami flabby. SH C
] stomach tende r and bowels sometimes II
i loose, sometimes constipated. Person? Ft'
suffering from A<*i?1 Dyspepsia are is; H|^j
; ually thin and bloodless. Sometimes
the sufferer is fleshy, but the flesh Is B""
flabby and unhealthy. A Radical cure I ?
l ot this disease can In* effected in a ||j
short time by taking one or two Ky- H JJ,
i dale Stomach Tablets after each meal H ?
land whenever the stomach Is out of H ?'
'I order. Thev are harmless and can be H <?
f | taken at any time and as often as U H ?
fj necessary to relieve the stomach. '*
i Trial sl/.c 2,r?c. Family size, 50c. tf
7-7 ; , 7,1ijr. 7,; '.7-.^ .1 : vryryyr?
cgetablc Preparation for As- m
Hating thcFoodanclRcgula- *8
the Stomachs and Ltowcls of
motes Digc3lion.Cheer(\tt- ||
s and Rest .Contains neither '
un.Morpninc nor Mineral. 2.
IStvd ' .
titx.Srnntt * 1 :\j;
RocAttt* &Utt- I ,V
AtiLv S?crl * I
?(ffl?Swa.. I $
ItarftSffrl- I
CtnnfieJ Miqar
W.-xttn/rrm flavor. / Jjr! y
erfeel Remedy forConslipa- : f
\, Sour Stoiiuvch, Diarrhoea ' I
ms.Convulsions.Feverish- w I
s and Loss of Sleep. ^
Facsimile Signature of
Virginia Democrats Nair.c Tick- <
-"White Gupren-.acy" Failed.
West Virginia democratic stata
ition. in session u Parkerahurg,
ated State Senator John Cornt;r
governor, ,.nJ In.'.orsvd John
draw for United Suites senator
coed Nathan li. hiolt. The i?ogs
throughout appeared to lie
or.lance with the wishes of 'fenDavis.
the democratic candidate
e president.
e was no question nhout the
ition being almost unanimously
or of the "white mii r m icy'
ition and yet at th? refineo*
vis it was kept oul of the plat*
receiving only S7 votes of 97-1.
Tlic Death Penalty.
ttle thing sometimes results in
im:.1! a mere scratch, insignicuts
or puny bolls have paid the
penally. It is wise to lmvc
n's Arnica Salve ever handy.
best Salve on earth and will
,t. fatality, win n I5urns, Sores,
and Files threaten. (July 25c
kens Drug Co. tf
5 in Pennsylvania Coal Regiais
Have Grievance to Settle.
executive board of the Wyoanfl
I/tckawanna district mine
rs, representing 80,000 men, wont
tension at Scranton, Pa., Mon
board is to decide what no
hall shall be taken to force t >f
ors to observe tlu> check wci ?n>
nd cheek docking "boss" decl
if Carroll I). Wright, and h?c
given the power by a conv.-n
)f district miners to order a
at every colliery where it is
Puts an End to it All.
rievous wail oftimes comes as
It dI unbearable pain from overorgans.
I )iz/iness, backache.
Complaint and Constipation.
hanks to Dr. King's New I-ilc
I hey put an end to it all. They
ntlii, hut thorough. Try them.
25c. Guaranteed hy I'ickenI'o.
Iyer's Pill
it your moustache or beard
utiful brown or rich black? Use
Cvrt thi* out and return fo us i.-iv!.fe* of Ihlfly cay* ar.1 r.ir
id Set Will h h4n<ls<>mely tnv'^ved. The < ?*ea are rnad* of i
larantte and will wr.?r j lifrtlmr Thf movement if COf cf ti
<xk Affair. hut ln'te#ad will tomptre with any fjf < . * jf. h
hether you dfNlfr the duM pr<v>f or ladiec' or (jents* Mur.tinj
kltlflf Chair. Om tnt?|1lo Charm. (>n? Pair Uvtr Meeva II'
tarl flack Collar Muttons One Topai (Hamon I 5tud. (all the
ictpoofia. All the above tent f'rr* provided you aitow us to n
I w We arc willing to ahlp the er.tue Outfit as dewribtd ( <
net the higge?t bargain you evrr received from any firm, the j
nt. If you will remit $4 t,l with order we will forward ?!| the
fWftt (onilftlng cf One Hollow Or?und Cur* fine $2 80 K?e
offer to Introduce thftr Otgart, ar.i rernerr.ter If you are r.ot f
e?r*>'.l?d CtpiUi. $26,000.00. CLICk-IMC
- h?
For Infants and Children.
Fhe Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the ? ?
Signature //u jj
yu SB
For Over
Thirty Years
^e<U' *%%?<>
rc^ M '<(/<?
Oc V"6* /p C<?*:?"< .
.-ihvny* r>'lltit)li>. f.udfon. n?k Drcnitt <hi
V- i 1 i. '"' y-'. MMiUtt with blue r.ttxia
tiilie i??> oilier. U.r.i*,- iliiiiuri'i'iiiih uubtlt'
<iiiloii)4iir;it imitation*. llu.vol > ir I'niciit
i.r wiiil !< , in st!<tups (or S*ni'll<-ulur?,T<"tli
nioiiillls Iinil CtWicf- r.ir Inlrftcr,
tTiiii'ii .Hhi,. ta.ooo Testimonials. K?io tiv
ml l.iuitK'.siH, "3
?i(K) .Uiiillhou ffqilli! *', I'lULA 1"'A
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|?i? CURE the LUWCS?
I W,TH Dr.King's i
! Now Discoverf ....
Sr-?r. /Consumption Price v
IFOR I OUGKG and 50c&$1.00?
| W0LDS Freo Trial. |
Sin-oat and ftuickent Cure lor all fi
I L.ES, or MONEY BACK. f |
*, A!l Kinds und for ull Purports. i
|j "When in !ho MiirKcl far j '
?WRITE TO? jjj,
I W.S1. Glbbcs& Co, lj '
h COLUMBIA, S. C. ;fj
n) Thr Glbbcd Portnblr Shingle Mai hlrr, 5*j
Pills. Ayer's Pills.jj
S Ayer's Pills. Keep sayingl
this over and over attain.I
The best laxative. I
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(M? IUiII Top Collar (lulicn, Or? NkVII< I(nl4?r, Two |M i ?
I t 14*. Ccld Hated 1 At?of?nv/<?tof A Trlpla 5?lver f'Ut.rl H|
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;oods can be returned at our e?f. rise and ye*i wlli noi be out ont IB j
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