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Decisive Battles Fin
Victory fc
Eastern Army Flanked on
Both Sides and Center
Crushed? Vladivostok
Fleet Returns
An Associated Press dispatch from
Toklo says: General Kuroki ha3 administered
a severe defeat to the Rus
elan forces which defended the Russian
right flang at Liao Yang, winning separate
actions at Yuohuiikzu and
Yangse Pass. These two places arc
twenty-six miles apart, but the two
actions wore fought at the same time. I
The Russians held strong positions.
Tho thermometer registered over 110
degrees Fahrenheit and the soldiers j
suffered from heat exhaustion.
.At Yushullkshu the Russians hi.l
? ' two divisions of Infantry an 1 some
cavalry, with which they vicorouslv
resisted the JtKpan98-> assaults.
Both attacks wore begun at ''awn
on Sunday, July SI. At Yusirullkshii
the Japanese carried Hie Russian right ,
and left winga, but on account of tho j
strength of the main Russian position i
they were unable to pro33 the attack, i
Tno two arnile.i roste.l Sunday night, j
0*hh,. facing each other.
At dawn Monday the Japanese re-j
sumed the attack anj by noon they i
had dislodged the on amy and driven
them four miles to Laohling.
At Y ingse Pass also tho Japanese
were Fucceaaful. Their artiiiory opened
fire on the enemy end the Infantry
moved forward from Mnkumeza. Tho
attack on this place was made at 1
o'clock StinJayHifternoon, and by nlgii'
fall tho Japane-o wore in possession
of a majority of the Russian positions,'
although the enemy hirl resisted with
determination. The Japanese forces'
passed the night In the battle fornta- i
tfon and ?s auk was made on
fttt eft By 9 o'clock Mon(MMnorning,
Yangse Pass and the
.^i^WrtMiding heights had been raptured.
General Kuroki explains tho
slowness of these actions by aaying
that the difficult topography of the
battlefields made it impossible to secure
good artillery positions, anil that
the great, heat fatigued his troop--.
The Russian force at Yangse Pass
was estimated at two and one-half divisions,
ami four batteries of art! * ry.
TIiq enemy retreated toward Tanstioyen.
General Kuroki reports tho nntnro
of some field guns. but tho number i.>
not given. Tlio Vxpaneso casualties
. aro beincr investigated
Closing In cri Port Arthur.
It Is reported In Toklo that, after
^ three days of desperate fighting. thw
Japanoso have captured Shant aihow,
one of the Important defenses of Port
Shantnikow Is situated on the railroad
leading from Port Arthur to Kin
Chow .and 1b between the Inger.'zi bay '
nnd Victoria bay. but closer to the former
than to the latter. Roughly
ttlimrVlniy -I 1
ui/u??imQi uimniMinuw 1.1 Ulllll'.l IBIl
miles from the actual fortress at Port :
It la a position of groat natural
< strength, commanding a broad vlr?In
leading to Wuchlitun, another strong
position on the hills about four milea
from the fortress.
Tho Vladh / .)k cruiser division ro-!
j turned to port r.t 1 o'clock Monday
afternoon, says an Associated Press
dispatch from that port. The era I.:era
were in per fort condition.
Thoy captured during their cruise
tho Ktoamer Arabia and destroyed
eorae schooners, a small Japanese
steamer, one German stoamer ami one
British eteamer.
The last mentioned two worn carryIng
contraband material and h id near- i
ly reached their destination?Yokoha-1
ma Hllf Wftt'o ol?r?rvjf " * 1 '
It was therefore Impossible to sent!
them to Vladivostok
The cruisers stemmed UD and down !
1!n frost-of tho Japanese rnpltal, but j
saw nothing of the enemy's warships.
Although tho Russian vessels had only
Executive Committee Divided Between 1
Naw Vorl< ar.d Chicago.
I | Chairman Oeorge Ht Cortelyou, of
| tho republican national committee, has
selected tho men who arc to serve on
tho executive committee during tho;
coining campaign. Tho oommltteo is ,1!- i
vlded equally Wotween Chicago and i
. New York, four members beinir allot '
ted to each headquarters,
! i
ii ituooimiu
ally Result in Great
>r the Japs.
j three doors through which to get home
I ?tho atraita of Korea, LaPerouso
, strait and Tsurgaru straits, which apj
parently could easily have been bar
j rail by Admiral Kamlmura's vessels,
I bad luck pursued tho Japanese admiral
and the Russian cruisers had no
difllcuKy In eluding him.
A St. Petersburg dispatch says: In
a lengthy telegram to the emperor,
Vice Admiral Skrydloff relates the doings
of tho Vladivostok squadron under
Rear Admiral Jessen. With tho cruisers
Ro3sia, Ciromobol and Rurilt, Adm'1
ral Jewsen left Vladivostok July 20. After
sinking a small Japanese vessel tho
cruisers held up tho British steamer
Camara, but as she had no cargo, "and
was not caught in the act of carrying
contraband of war, we were compelled
to let her go," says tho dispatch.
A Japanese coasting steamer was
was regarded os a lng9l prize and her
now wa3 t:l;en off and the vessel
sunk owing to the impossibility ot
bringing hor to Russian port "
The Russian squadron suffered no
In of men and no <] ?m3ge. and there
was no 1osa of life on the vessels
snnk cr taken.
Negroes Charged by Coroner's Jury
Witn Murder of Hodges Family.
The coroner's jury wa? in Session
vJ. SUuosboro Tuesday and brought
in their v<rdict charging Will Cato
and l'aui Reid with the murder of
Henry R. Hodges and his family.
Many witnesses were sworn during
the investigation, but no now facts
were broucht f nnr> tim
submitted all pointed to Cato and
Raid as the guilty parties. Many bol'evo
that there are other negroes who
knew inethinj about the crime and
Its co umission, but there is no evl
(ience >. bind any one.
T.*e wife cf Paul Reid. of Statesboro,
nfeased that WHS Cato and
Paul R-!d, who are now u. jail in Savannah
murdered the family r?nd
burned the house. Their motive was
robbery. They killed 1 lodges with
an iron oraee after he had caught
them digging up a pot of money in
tho yard. They (hen killed Y?*Hodges
and little Kittle by striking
her in the head w!*h a lamp. The
baby was killed before tho house was
Mianisoippi State Election Commission
to Make a Radical Change.
A special from J iclison, Miss., says:
The state election commission, which
is composed of the governor, score- j
tary of state ami attorney general.will
si it* next meeting use a different i
method of choosing county electors.
Heretofore it has been customary to
place a negro on the commission in
some of the delta counties where
th~re arc no white republicans, as the
1 iw requires that the republican party
be represented, but the stato commission
has decided this year to have
no negroes on any county commission.
They will continue the custom of having
one republican and two demo -rats
and the negro will not be selected for
the place. Some timo ago thp commission
decided to do away with having
negroes on petit Juries.
A New Counterfeit Ten.
Chief Wilkle, of the secret servico.
announces (he discovery of a new
counterfeit $10 national bank nore. ft
is on the National Hank of Commerce,
in New York, aoriea 18S2. Bruce, register;
Wyman, treasurer. It Is a poorly
executed photograph.
Of National Comocratlc Committee Is
Current Rumor.
The rumor that George Foster Peabody,
of Brooklyn, would be treasurer
of tho national committee, was the
only important political topic nttract*
Ins much attention at Eaopus Tuesday.
Judge Parker refused to commont In 1
any way upon the report, but It Is be- 1
Moved to be woll founded.
Gloomy Outlook Caused by 3trike c.* J
IYliner8 in Alabama?War to tho |
Death Against Unions.
The striko situation in tho Birmingham,
Ala., district is becoming painfulIv
mnnn*nnn*n on I in i r.f 5 <\?.?
sensors worn women we determined to
re!ea:e her."
Than Admiral Je38en fell in in quick
succession with the British steamers
Arabia and Knight Commander. Oi'
the Arabia he says nothing new.
"The Knight Commander only stopped
alter the fourth shot," the admiral
report . Her cargo being railroad
material, "undoubtedly contraband for
the inllgerent party and not being
able to bring her to the nearest Russinn
port fowing to her not having
enough coal) without manifest danger
of the squadron, we sank the
Knight Commander cftcr taking off ail
her crew and removing her piper?."
July 2 4 the Thoa. a German vessel,
"with a full cargo of fish from America.
tn VnVrvhnnn vi-o _ 1
one of the mo3t observant merchants |
in Birmingham, who has been through
four strikes in the district, gives a
gloomy outlook to tho situation. Business
is beginning to feel the effects of
it, notwithstanding the roseate view3
expressed by many that the strike
woud soon bo (jver. This merchant i3
not so hopeful, and expressed the belief
that the end of it would not bo
seen before the end of the year.
Eight thousand men in the district
aro out" of employment, who have been
earning from $2 to $3 par day, and
spending it in the cUy, he contends,
is honn 1 tn hrlnc hmvl tiinr?a tr? tho
merchants of the district. There are
now employed by the commercial coal
men about 4,000 miners, whose output
is used for commercial purposes only,
not a pound of which can be used by
the furnace men, under the agreement.
Only two-thirds of the United Mine
Workers have employment, besides a
larga number of helpers in and. about !
the mines, who arc not members of
the un'on. Birmingham is largely delendent
on this trasle of the miners.
There is very ii tie agricultural trade
in the immediate section, and the good
crops of Hip country cannot be looked
o to fill up the vacancy in trade caused
by the strike.
That both s! * >s to the trouble are
determined to fight to a finish there is
no doubt, an 1 the question at is-^ie is
whether unionism will bo rt -*nized
or disrupted. IJoth sides to the controversy
keep in good humor, apparently,
and no disturbance i:; expected.
Atlanta Policeman Fired <or Making
Untruthful Charge^ Against Superior.
Ciptain Z. 13. Moon, of the All'inta
police force, was found guilty by the
city police board Thursday nij;ht
on two < huryo.s and was sentenced t;>
thirty days' suspension and a reprimand
by the mayor.
Bicycle Policom .:n Samitci T. Tibhi
W9a fnnn I iriitltv r.f nun (>!i.ii"'r> on t
tired from the force.
Moon was found guilty of ordering
his men not to make an arrest called
for on the books, and not allowing an
ofilcer to enter a case againsft a man
for carrying a concealed pistol.
Tibbs was found guilty of making an j
affidavit about Moon which was found
to be untrue. The affid-tvlt in question !
was to the cffect that Moon curse.1
in the :-titlon house an 1 said ho had
four commissioners on his side an I
ho would do as he pleased.
A number of o'her charges against
both officers were dismissed. Off and
on th-? trial has lasted for several
Delegation of Prominent Democratic
Leaders at Esor>us.
Almost all of Judge Parker's \ i^itor.-*
at Esopus, N. Y., Thursday, were from
routh of Mason and Dixon's lino. United
States Senator Joseph W. Bailey,
of Texas, was one of the first to arris
e. Ma was accompanied by Mrs
Hiiley and their son. and left
mount with expressions of the most
cordial admiration for Judge Parker,
and of hopefulness a; to th<> outcome
of the campaign.
Governor A. J. Montague, of Virginia,
came down from Uike Goergo,
where for several days he has boon
visiting George Foster Pea body, the
nowly appointed treasurer of the national
committee. National Committor
man 11. I). Clayton, Colonel K. L.
Uussell. with his daughter, and M.
Hatcher, of Alabama, constituted the
remainder of tho southern delegation.
To Notify Watson in Gotham.
Tin populist national committee Ins
decided to have ti n formal notification
of their party can-lidHes for president
and vice president at Cooper Union.
New York, August 1S.
Annexation cf Islands Ha3 Not Paid,
Say3 Governor Carter.
In an Interview at Sncnmonto, C'al .
Thursday, Governor G. C. Carte, of
the Hawaiian islands, said: ,
"The annexation of tin islands to
the Unite I States has not he?n a ^oinmercinl
success, so far ,n the island*
are concerned. Since we have been
taken Into United States territory v.e 1
have not made great progress. One >
reason for this is because t ,e law s
by which we are Koveniod nro not 1
suited to tlie country."
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Must Make Hasty Flight or j
Surrender to Ja.)s,
Czar's Force of 75,OCO Mon is Surrounded
on Threj Side3 by
200,000 Dauntle33 Japs.
Fighting Conimuco.
An Associated Prois dispatch from
Niuchwang says: A detachment oJ
twenty thousand Japanese, with large
supply trains, is leaving here for Hat
Cheng, where the greatest battle of
the war is expactoi to occur.
General Kuroki, with o.ie hundred
thousand men is uow behind the 'Russian
forces; General Oku, with an army
of fifty thousand men, is on their
front, while flanking them on the left
Is General Nor/.u, wii/i his division o'
fifty thousand nun,
If General Kurjjutkin in defeated in
this battle, he must either move westward
or surrender. The foreign military
attaches are with the secon 1 army
en route for th? front to witnos.-;
the battle.
The result of the battle prognosticated
in the above dispatch, is g'ven
in ;i later dispanh from Tokio, which
is as follows: "The Ja;iano c, victors
at the battle of Simou-Chcng. have advanced
and occupied Hai Cheng."
A special front St. Petersburg, under
date of Augiist 4. sjsys: A rumor
is current that a battle is in
progress north of ii il-Cheng.
General Sakliaroff reports that
twenty-nine officers ;<nd over a thousand
men were Uille.l or waun led in
the engagement of July 30 uid Inly
31. and that six guns wore abandoned.
The f >et that, (iennral Kuropat kin's
revent disnatrhes mit mpntiniwvl
General StaUolljprg or GonerH Zaronhi
off. ioids to tho supposition i.11
their forces to tho southward may
have had their rnmirt:;i!ra'ions out. by
General N'odzu's army.
A dispatch to a I.'jk Ion news ns^ncy
from Anshanshin f.iys tho Japmo.se
attack is being conducted with sjroai
enersv against tin* southern forces.
The Russian miln fcrre continue tnoir
retirement northward, but the oav
airy has chocked the Japanese throat
en'.ng flank movement.
Georgia Stat,, Scnator-EI?ct Arrested
and Gives Bond at Savannah.
John K Foye, state se:iat::r-eloet: J.
IT. Roach, both of Egypt., (in., f.nd Henry
Jackson, n ne.;ro, wore nrr??sie.l
Thursday morning and carried to Savannah
on warrants charging tlicm
with peonage. Judgo Frank Tarvor,
of tho county court of Effingham. was
suhponacd as a witness, but tho dofondants
waived a preliminary hearing
and gave bond.
The cape grows oir of the conviction
of negroes in Effingham county,
who were first employed to work for
tho Foyo Manufacturing Company and
later trie I before Judge Tarvor on a
misdemeanor charge and sentenced to
pay a fine or serve six months.
Thr. tri.ll I* I
. ...... ..1 ?? mix- I" <-II
held In a stockade at tho Foye company's
works whore lhoy were afterwards
put to work. The negroes alleged
to have boon held in peonage are
In jail at Savannah.
Habeas corpm proco?dings are expected
to determine whether th'\v are
to 1) > releo-ed or returned to the chaingang.
Georgia Houre Passes Bill to Keep Out
Enemy of Cotton.
The Georgia Iiomso of representatives.
Thursday, passed tho boll \vf>r>
vii diii ijv a vote or ;ii) t > J7. provi Mns
for an appropriation of $1.">.P00 to the
state department of entomology, or
$10,000 in a 1 (1 it inn to what the do.
parttnent is already eettinii. to enable
it to fl?ht the entrance of tlipost into
Georgia, and to keep down other riant
and fruit posts. The matter is now
up to the senate.
Two Million Feet Wanted Immediately
by the Canal Commission.
A hurry call for 2,000,000 feet of
lumber, mostly Cyprus, was received
by Secretary Murray, of the Panama
fan a I commission, at Washington,
from the isthmus. Upsides the lumber.
40,000 pletoa of piling also was
as'.<e:l for.
T*l. 5t - *t. "
mn is t n?> aucm: i uraiT *ior Mini?or
for tho canal. Tho purchasing n;,-ont '
r>f lho commission is now in Now Or 1
loans supervising tho sMsments of s
1,500.000 feet of yellow jTno to the 1
Isthmus. 1
Former Mayor of Minneapolis An- '
nounce3 as Republican Candidate.
Dr. A. A. Amo3, formar mayor of
Minneapolis, and convicted in district t
;ourt of accepting a bribe, t' e vase i
laving been aont back for a now trial 1
:>n appeal, filed notice Thu relay of (
lis intention to run for congress on
iho republican tlrkot. j
Plants Ar? Running with Greatly Increased
Forccs and Almost a Full
Quota of Liv^ Stock.
Declaring the t,tr!ke broken an;! that
the working force hail been recrr.i'.?d
by more than 1.C00 men and wjmcn,
many of whom had deserted the union
cause, the Chicago packers Monday
began the week'3 operation with tiio
largest receipts of live stock that
have reached the stock yards since
July 12, when the strike began. Thee
were 915 cars carrying 25,000 cattle,
JJb.OUO Hogs and 17,000 sheep in tho
day's shipment from tho west, and
with thla supply tho killing gangs !n
the big plants were busily occupied.
Assertion that the strike is broken
were scouted by tho strikers as being
manifestly absurd.
Swift & Co. declared that nearly all
their old millwrights and car workers
had returned to work, anil further asserted
that the thin never intends <o
take back striking teamsters or burn
men, the claim being made that 'ho
packers had learned to do without wagons.
All shipments to Chicago
branches will be made by railroad.
Retailers will take their wagons to
the branches for purchases.
Among the toilers who reached the
stock vards dnrini? tlm Jnv ivn > nv>
negro women who were taken to l,il>
by, McNeil & Libby's plant, where
they will do scrub work in the plac:>
of the charwomen who went on strike.
A session of the Allied Trades held
Monday morning resulted in a <*oeision
to delay appealing to President
Roosevelt till all other resources have
been exhausted. The decision was
reached nn the ad vie .> of Homer D.
Call, who, as a republican, declared
he was averse to ? mbarrassing the
president at the present time or rill
other means had failed. There wis
much discussion on this subject, it is
said, seceral delegates declaring Mint
they did not care who was embarrassed
so long tin- stri! r? w.t brought
to a desirable termination.
"I don't think it right or advisable "
said Mr. Call, "to bring the president
into this fight at tlu- present time.
Ho has troubles enough and too mnv
people are trying to put a heavy burden
upon him than any hum on be'ns
ran carry It is not his fault ir.at
this striko was forced upon us. Mr.
Donnelly brought the resolution to mo
asking tho president to stop in, and I
have thought it over long and thoroughly,
but. i am convinced wo should
wait. Wo must be patient if ?e
would win."
Kansas City Plants Busy.
With heavy receipts at the yards j
Monday all tho five packing plants -it
Kansas City resumed operations on an
increased scalo.
The strike presented no new foaturo
Monday. The strikers remain-Mi
away from the plants in most < ases
and everything was quiet.
Several hundred strikers, by far iho
greatest number that has yet applied
for their old positions, presented themselves
nt thi> <1 i ffnrnti t nlntito Mr.....
v?v ..... voi. j/um.io, .ii an r
were discouraged because of he nonarrival
of strike benefits from Ch'cako.
It is estimated that between two
and three hundred of the applicants |
were re-employed.
Ballot Reform in Georgia to Rest With
the Various Counties.
The Australian ballot, bill was na?.s
nrl ?lir> '? ---
..J .... av-n.m- .111111(1 ty
morning with an amendment which
leaves the question of adopting ihe
law to each county in the state. If
at the next general election the various
counties in the stale, by a tnnijM-ity
vote adopted the Australian
system of elections for that county,
then that syRtom shall be used in tint
county, hut if the county should 'ote
ngainst the adoption of such a mos'.ire,
tho county can use whatever el ection
system it sees tit.
It is understood that the measure
will he adopted by the house as
amended by the senate. If the house
passes the bill with the amendment,
it will forever settle tin? Australian
ballot, system of elections in Georgia
for then it will be just like the whisky
law, entirely local option.
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement that a
ireventive of suicide had been discovered
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x-Preaident Inviterl to Take the
Stump for Judge Parker. '
An invimtlon was forwarded 'Ye.!icsday
by western leraoorntlc l.'ndetv !
o ex President Grover Clovelaml to '
alio {lie stump for Judge Parker In '
llinois in the coming presidential '
ampaign. It is understood Mr. Clove- 1
and will take the matter timler con- 1
ilderatlon In conference with Judge
^arker Tt an early date.
The Russian Contention as to
Food is Farfetched.
England and Germany Hold With
United States and Czar Will C>
Forced to Back Down from
His Position.
A Washington special says: Tho
state department is in telegraphic
communication with its agencies
abroad respecting the Russian seizures
and destruction of 'American
goods, !?ut it is not yet ready to define
precisely its position as to the whole
subject of seizures. Those exchanges
are not confined to St. Petersburg and
Washington, but are intended to develop
the purpose of the governmants
of other nations, and particularly of
Great Britain an I Uenmuiy. whoso
shipping has suffered more th .n that
of any < User. The loss of a part of a
cargo is in point of int trnationsl law
j:'i issue of less magnitude than the dos-truction
of a ship, and so far the
British and Germans have lost their
cargo. This fact is believed to justify
the state department in proceeding
mere leisurely than otherwi > would
1) tho case, leaving i' to tir> ;tirger
sufferers to establish their own policies
respecting seizures.
it is siid in V?"ashii!; on that the
precedent already established in tho
Spanish and Boer war.-:, as well as in
the opi rations in China dttrin.; the
1 boxer nnrli-in'r linvi> w.rK-i.il .- > ?:iti
! fjirtorily and have roroivod stvh nnij
vorsal approval that nndor no cirpum'
stnm os \ri!l Amc.ia no v rot edo from
tho doctrlnv * :hnt food smfi's r-.x' ?1 irop'ly
into:i?!od f >r i;sp of .1 bolliujoront
army or navy o Mir. h > rogarde 1 as
contraband. W" ii 1?' !his contention is
dirc-etly at varian >viih 1 h,- > Russian
decree on th<> si:'>j :,t, i?. view of tho
fact that 1? is bi\!< ?. < :! to h> the Ger1
man position, ni l is certainly tint of
tho Ur'tisli, tho .- . to ili'iwr'm lit is
Fttro of :stifli("im: support to oblige tho
Russia 1 government to abandon its
1 contention and to .. sis: from further
seizures of American fool stilus eonsignod
not only to China, hut oven to
individuals in Japan, ttnlos* it pan
] ho oloarly shown l).v the Russians that
the food is destined for :lie Japanosa
I army or navy.
There is no disposition to make an
i?sn,> further of th<> Ardova case.
The vessel was seized hy one of the
volunteer Russian crai.-? in in th'- Red
| ?ea an 1 sent to Suez, where she was
released and resumed her journey.
| She had aboard a quantity of supplies
! Tor the Philippine sovrrnm^nl. The
| American government is willing to
[ concede the right of stopping and
search to a reasonable de.sro. and has
! decided to make no issue on this
point. Hut the mails on Hi > vessel
were ransacked and delayed.
Ambassador McPormi'd: bas cabled
the stato department from St. Petersburg
that in reply to his Inquiries relative
to the seizure of tlm iimi'inrjr.
American steamer Arabia, by the Vladivostok
squadron with a cargo of
American goods which was representoil
by the agents to include contraban.l,
the Russian minister for foreign
affairs has paid:
"In conformity with the rules of
conduct published by *lio imperial government
some time ago, a detachment
of Russian war vessels seized on the
22nd of July, the steamship Arabia
which was taken t > Vladivostok and
the case of her seizure was laid before
the local court. T'pon the Incision
of this court wj!l rest the question
as tn whether the Arabia is to be released
or treated as a pHz?."
There have been no further representations
to the *ta!e department respecting
the American earsro sunk in
the Knight Commander, and it >s believed
that some difficulty 's l>e<*i.? e\-.
perienced bv the agent- in "st^bl'sh*
insr the American owner-hip of the
roods destroyed, owing to the ecculim
ai'oinm " ? '
I'lirtimnii 'in piwniljnj;
in Asiatic (rule.
Sick Headache.
"For several years my wife was
troubled with what physicians called
sick headache of a very severe character.
She doctored with several eminent
physicians and at a great expense.
only to grow worse until she
was unable to do any Wind of work.
About a year ago she began taking
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets and today weighs more than
she ever did before and is real well."
says Mr. George I"'. Wright, of New
London, New York. For sale by Pickns
Drug Co. tf
"Two physicians had a long and
*tuhborn fight with an abscess on my
right lung." writes J. P. Hugh 's, of
DuPont, (la., "and gave; me up. Everybody
thought my time had como.
As a last resort I tried Dr. King's New
Discovery f<>r Consumption. The benefit
1 received was striking and I was
>n my feet in a few days. Now I've
entirely regained my health." It conquers
all Coughs, Colds and Throat
ind Lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Co. Price, ,r>0e and $1.00.
Frial bottles free. tf
? I

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