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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, August 10, 1904, Image 4

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PiSliiSftiS Sentinel-Journal,.'
pun. i-ju;i? 1:vkkv nvudnksuay mokni.no. |
Tho Sentinel-Journal Company.
Thomvkok & IIkmihy, Paul's.
J. 1. <>. THOMI'SON. Kmrou.
Subscription 1.()(> iVr Annum.
Advertising Kites liiusonnbU j
I'.ntorcil Rt I'ostotUce its Second Ulass I
Mail M,.tl?r I
I'H'KKNS, S. ('. :
Wednesday, U'li. 10, 11)04.
Anderson hlis ur^suiizijil a County .
l'\iir Association tin* past week. A
number ot the best nun in t in* oouti
tv arc at the head of the enterprise
and il is an assured Mticeosv,.
Win can I I'ickc! s comity havo i
C nnty Kin ' Tin- locai fair does
morn for tin agricultural advance
mend.fa community than any sin
.1 : ...i
I J ?I I Ul 1WII,
1' i* true t>i;? \ntei leans as a !)?'ini
have we uied of World's Fairs
<>1* K\j> '.sitions il ih not surprising'
f 11 I I lie milliliters of the j^refit St.
L mis I'',xposition mo complaining oT
tin- small attendance. Those who
arc able to attend such mammoth ex
bibitions have been sutislieil in a
largo measure. Such is a iiatn.ul
eons< qnence from tin* fact that tli rc j
have been several great. fairs in cl se 1
The County Fair is no altoget, cr
different kind <>t institution I is
loeal. It \vi! 1 always ho new. Ttaiid
is to specially exhibit the ji;;ri
cultural interests <>f the eountv.
\r.Ul.lAn .....1
)i f;rmiPira ...... ... ... tv? .m.i= ... ?in
their nature perishable and each
comity fair will lie a yearly display
ol such products fresh from the pr is
pi*rous farms of Ih<1 county. For
this reason tho exhibits will always
be new. Tho interchange ?>f ideas
about improved methods of larmin<r
would b- thoroughly rehearsed at
such \early gatherings.
The ntcck and poultry exhibits
would create more interest and en
tbi)8i;Kin tli-in iinv < iher feature of
tlie fsiiv. As ii consequence, such in
<iustri* h would hti vastly improved
Mr A and Mr 1?. would derive
u vast <hal of satisfaction over win
Iling a led or blue ribbon or a little
coin at. the fair. Tin greatest satis
faction would ho derived, however,
from seeing his own exhibit admired
by the attendants at tin: lair
Til" social feature of such an annual
gathering at tho county seat
cannot be overestimated.
1'ickenn ei.unty citizens, think
about the comity fair and express i
yourselves through our columns.;
Pickens lias more lo ?.*xIti 1 ?it thaiij
nny othei conn I v in the Stale, ami.
the I iir would be a revelation in n io
those living in the county.
In Kentucky when a tailoi lakes!
your incisure lor a pair of pnut*, he
politely inquires if it is a pints or a
quart in your nip ooelot In Smith j
(Carolina he im|uii'-8 if it ip a US or 11
II revolver.
Theodore UooKevih, <)r ami little
brother, Kriinit, have h< < n jjiven <x
clusivi eoulrol of a bi^j St Louis lm
Hi! lor a lew flays. knowing me n.
cliiwitii.ii an! lahLo (if tlicir put'ri'iil
JUlCCSt.')!", it IH lfnsoiiri ' I < to suppose
l.lio clp iccst rooms will Ik- reserved
for li i '! in?f c<lon.y.
j 44 1 was given up to ii.o with
j quick consumption. I then ho'?nn
, to use Aycr' . Cherry I'ectorai. I
I improved .it once, runl .nil : o\V i'i ,
j perfect health." Chas. I.. SI art- ji
rman, Ciihhstown, N. V. jj
It's too risky, playing 'j
with your cough. >
The first thing yc u 'J
\r ? ..... i ; 11 ,,
II\ 1 I KJ VV I l Will I > U U W VI I I ft
deep in your Iunqs and 1
the play will he over. He- ii
}/i n early w I; U Ayer's .,
Cherry Pectoral and stop k
;lio cough. |j
Three sliet: 25c., 50c., SI All tlrucNI* p
I'mmttlt your doctor. M lio hp i < inko n. H
IIhmi it i ii? ho says. If li? till Ik y i not n
to tnkit it. tIk*ii ilolt't ink)- it |l,i icoowt. H
I.uuvu It with Itlnt. VV> m i' wllUttv
L. .
Now xnlly, ia the Earth <'rving up?
Klitor <>f (Iroenville News will j
ait.-\v< i' in one column effusion.
Hazel Happenings.
Dciir Sentinel-Journal: Since I
last wmtu you we Iihvh been vinitod
by plenty of big washing rums. It
rained *>.i (he three liret (log days,
and, according to the old time
piophuey, wo will have plenty of
rrin as long as dog days last. Crops
are looking fine since the rain set
II nvnis liko nearly all of my
communications are laid over a
week for some cause or other, I
know not what.
Visiting is the order of the dayMr.
and Mrs. C. I?. Gillespie
have just returned from a visit to
r datives and friends at Toxaway
and Brevard, N. C.
Mrs. lCli/.ibeth Gillespie has re
liirr-e 1 from a two week's visit, to
her brother, Maj. G. M. Lyneh.
and other relatives and friends on
Oolenoy side.
V rs. A. '1' Winelnster and
children v- : (| her parents, Mr.
and Mis. .1 L. Thomas at Pickens
lust woek
Miss Belle Aiken, ol Piedmont,
is on a visit to ther uncle, (\ I'.
Gillespie, ami other relatives and
John A. Wilson and wife, of
Salem, Ocuiieo county, aro on 11
vieii t< the latter's mother, Mrs
l)ani''l Winehester.
Two of \\ . W. Aiken's childien
arc 1111<! i the enro of Dr. II Ivnlc<(
v. \\*< hope for their speedy re(v?very.
I.Vv. ('. L. McCuin will begin a
series of nmotin^s at KriendHhip
church on the 7th inst. at I 1 o'.
clonk, ?ui(l continue until (In? lliih,
an?l Prof. 10. A. Ward, of Flat
lb ck, N. (will eonduet a music,
class at i lie s.un<< place, beginning
on tlic I "ilk. or lii?ri< 1 of August.
I heard some fellow pay the other
day that he wished koiuo <?l (he
good rn??n that are running lor Supervisor
would change and run for
County Commissioner so he could
vote lor them.
Watermelons are fine since the
rain. Come on candidates and we
will divide with you and vote for
who we please.
Road working is the most dreaded
thing these hot days, and they
began needing the work in places
before they got it. The ground
was so hard before the rain that it j
was impossible to do much towards j
working the roads.
There is ponirj etVort being made j
Inkjet ;i iii'\v until t'<?ut"'OHtnlilishod
Irom Ifa/.ol t<> Tuxnway, N <,
with thr.>n ollicow, fstablinlKul on
ill.- lino, vi/: Reedy (Iiivc, Itocky j
Hottom and Littlo Cano Crook.!
\\'r Iiojhj tin) route will l?o ostab*1
I s'.t tl i without any opposition,
an I wo will be glad to see the day
1 In r:i 11 I o?wl will ti<? nvh.inlnd
" w i
f!'?11? I'icki'iis, (). II. tn ToXiiWny,
N. (Monntam Sprout, i
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
' R?> to v>ur I ami and your crop I !
i will be |?ou<J. I'lcnty of
i Potash
ir. iti-f'riilizor .pellsquality |
I " V 'i" ''l ir
jj money winning
I ^
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
DiintOt I'iiiiIhui* ! (.<'1 Allrn'x I'ciol - Iuh?i
\ WnlldiTl ill powder ItuM <Miri'S tired, itihilll.'.
swcutlii'j fl'lM ?tlid inilkf III w or tiKllt "Iiiii"
| ^ \mic to-*ln> ii" Allen'* Hum, Ac ?pt
in iiliKlllnto Triiit pm-kiiKr I- 1CI I. Addri'sy
\ s oluihted. I.iilloy, N V.
Announcements for CoiiKreKsmau for the
Third CollgreKslonal District mill lor Solicitoo
from the KiRhth Judicial Circuit, unci for til
County otliees will be inserted umler this head /
in# from now until the I'rimary Election for th
sum of K1VI-: i)()M,A Its, Cash. at the time h
notice is handed in. No deviation ft out thi
rule will l>e made.
For Conxion* Third IJlstrlotWe
nro authorl/.ed to announce lion. \V V ATT
AllvKN u candidate for re-election to Congress
from the Third District, subject to the action '
of the Democratic party in the primary election.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
Connrcssfrom the Third Congressional District
of South I 'uroliua, subject to the action of the
Democratic voters iu the priuary election.
For H:?llioml Commissioner I
I hereby nnnouee myself as a candidate for
tin1 ollice of Railroad t'ommissloiier, subjcct to
the State Democratic primary.
JOIIN ii. I:.\I:I,I:.
For II o u mo of Itr prenen t I yen
1 hereby announce myself it candidate for the
Mouse of Representatives, I'iekens county, subject
to the action of the Dcinocr ilic party at the
approaching i>rimt?ry election.
T.J. >1AI I. I?IN.
I hereliy antioitnce myself n candidate for reelection
to the House oi Representatives, subject
to the action of the Democratic party in the
primary election. .1 ASHMOllK IIINTON.
I respei-tfnllv iitmoutice myself a candidate
lor House of Kepreseiitutives from I'iekens
county, and pledge myself to abide the resti|l
and support the nominees of the l>cinocratic
party. I'liKD WILLIAMS
I hereby announce myself ii candldnte for the
House of Keprescntiiti-'cv frotn I'iekens counts,
subject to the action ol tiu- uiocratie party in
the prlmaty'election. .lOSKI'll II. l-'l N DI.KY.
I respectfully inuonucc myself as a eatali
date for the House of Mcprcseutalivcs of I'ick"
ens con tit, and pledge myself to abide the re"
suit, and to support the nominees of the Deniocr.itic
party. I..MIAN MAI I.DIN
for .SlierIIV.
I lieteby announce layseif a candidate for the
oiliee of sberilV ol I'hkctis county, subject to
the action of the Democratic patty in the Primary
election. I'.. FRANK I .< >< > l> i: It
The many friends of A. .IKIT \\ I'.I.IK >RN.
respectfully announce liini as a candidate lor
sherill'of I'iekens county, subject to the aetioti
ol the,ap|>r<iachitiK Democratic primary.
. hereby announce myself n candidate lor the
olliee of Sherill of I'iekcns < olinty.Mii.jeel to !
tile nutioii of tlie Democratic parlv in the pri j
ntnrv clcction. .1.0 .IKNNINGS.
I hereby uniionnee myself n candidate for the I
olliee of SherltV of I'iekcns county, subject In
the nrtioii of the Democratic prima'n election.
Hl'.N I'. I'AUSONS. ;
At the solicitation of manv frit mis I hereby
announce myself h candidate for sherill' of
I'lekens county, Mibjecl to the action ot the
iicttoit of the I(cmocratic prlmarx
I'. II ll?>t;t.s
I hereby announce myself a candidate lor the
olliee of Sherill' for I'iekens otiuty. subject to
the action of the Democratic |>a11\ in (lit- |>ri
marv election. DA N I Kl. ! '. sf'i'tl Id! I. A N D
I hetcby announce myself a candidal'' loi
sherill" of I'ii'kcn-county, st:.>jcct to the action
of the Democratic party at the approaching 1
primary, ItOltKKT H. IK >A UK |
For C)?mI< of Cour I
I hereby announce myself I??r re-election to i
llic oilice ?>f Clerk of Court. I'ickcns couiitv. ' '
subject to thi'in lion of iln> Democratic voters '
at the approaching |>iimniy. A .loll N lioi.i.s., [
I'or Treimurei
At tin' solicitation of a fi'\v frieinls, lull inorc
to my own notion, ami in acconlance with my
own ile.sire. I announce myself a camlidatc for
Treasurer of I'ickei'.s County, sulijei't to the action
of the Democratic primary election.
".I. D. M< ?OKK
I hereby announce myself a candidate for reelection
to the oilice of Treasurer of I'ickcns
count y, mi lijeet to 111.) action > I I lie voters in t lie
primary election. Ill-INKY W. h'AKK.
The many frlemls of .IOIIN T KIINMIM,
hereby announce liim ? cainll<lale for Treasurer 1
of I'lckens county. Milijeci to the actinn of the
Democratic party at the approaching primary.
For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself a camliilatc lot t-election
to the oilice ol omit) Mipcrvisoi ?.i
I'ickcns county. suhjo l to ilir action ol the
Democratic pn t v in I lie prima rs eleei ion.
I. D. STKI'll KN.s
The many friends of M ATTII K\V III:N I>l( ICKS
respectfully announce liim a camlidatc for ih
oilice of Count} supervisor ot I'ickcns coiiuiv.
Milijei i to llie action ol |lie Demo' iatic pi i maty
Tin* iiiiiiiv frit'tulv'lit \v. W . \ IK I.N li'>|in 1
fully n niioiinrt' li i in ii < n< I i< I a l < tin tin' oil i >(
su|n'i\ Ivor hi l'ii*ki*us i'iiiilily. Mil*jr< t in ili?- u
lion ol' the lli'iiioi'rnlie | rIui> I v.
Tlir ii i it 11 > I r ii*iii I - ill H I I.I.I \ M l? OATs <
s|ici'lliillv iiiilioiiiii'c It I in as ii i'iiiii I iiliilc uu ihr
oitiri* of Su|?i rvisi11 <>t I'li-Ki u? ruiiiiiy. s11! j? i
in the in*I Inn nl i lie I>1*1111 rikt ! ' |m rt\ in I in- |>11
iiiiiry clci iinn
\\> Iwirliy ii1111<>u<IItOltlKT sTr.U \ l{T u
<*n ml ii In 11* for llir.oilii'c of Mi|n*rvi? >r ol !'nk
imi- iMMinly, viiliji"'! in tlir ai'luiii nl tlir I 111
* rut ii* iiriiiiuiv Hi-i'tinu. \ oior?.
Tin' frii'hils of Maj ' M LYNCH lu*n*liy
till IK ill lll'l' 11 i III II I il III11< IMI ? III! till' nllllV nl ,
i'onnty supi-rrivor oi I'irkoiiv I'ouiny. miIiJiti ;
in Uu- in*! ii hi of the Dciuncriilir |uir!y hi tlip '
! r i in ii i'> I'lcrlloii.
Suliji'i'l In lilt' ili'l loll of I lit* lie: in H* in tlr Vnlrlv |
ill tlir |>riliuiry iilcrtinii. I hrrvliy iiiiiiihiih .' my
self lis a nun!iilntc for stiprrvivoi ol I'ickri iniiiiiv.
mill |iI?'iIk?" myi'lf n Iti
iIm*t a ?-1 ?'ii 11. honest ii'liiiiinst rut urn
VI I 111 V I 11 il i I III 111! . 11 f 11 1. li ? f i i 11 < 1 I V I I......
iiiiiiiiii ni'c myx'll ii minii<Iii(< inr MiiyiviMU .
I'il'kl'IIK fOlllitJ Nlllijcrl till- in lion nC the '
Dt'llliir mill' voter- nl I lie m|>|i|inirliill.' liiinoii.
S. A. Ml- \ l.ls i I;i;' |
I lieroliy iiiiiihiiih c inx.srlf h iiiiiiliilntr lm tiniillu'i'ol
Nil|u'ivi>ur ill i'irki'ii* ?ti-1
In I hi' in (Inn ol I li?? lli'iiiu i ait it.* (uiliv ill tin' j
|iriiniiio oli'i'liuii i M Ai >Kl.l.!oN
I'm County Comm ixxioiwr.
'I 11 <* i mi 11 > frU'inKof N i: Miinlli:. rope i 1
iiil!y Millionnrc liini ii riiii-li liilc li.r lln- u .
ill i iiinini^-iiHirr ol I'ii 1 rn -iw:. -uliti'ii i .
the lU'l li.ii ol l In- voicis in lln Ill-nun nil i' j > *
iiniry election
At tin* in|iieM ol m>iit\ rtlillnl- I lii'li'li) ii:
iioiiiii'c iny-ell ii i'iiiiili'lnt< tor i: e i>i|i m
i on 111\ i 'oiiimi?Mi>iici nt I'ii ki*n~ imulls -nil
jiti in i in- in'imil <m i in' i " iiHn-riiiii |>r linni \
.IOIIN iv SM ifii
1 I lioroliy aiiiuiuhi < in.VM-if h a-nI> ItiI< im tinoilier
of i oinily t oiiini i^ionet Im |'i i;. :
I (,'on ill v. >>ii lijoc I to I lie in t ion nt ilic I leui< ii i H i ji
party III (lie prlillnry I'li'i'lion. (. \\ IIOWIA
*1" 11 ? in ii 11 \ I riciiil> ol it r I I i:i.i> ri?sj?i*? 11
I > ii 1111< hi i <-<* Ii i in ii i ii ml l< I ii 11 I'm l In1 oliii i- iii
t oniily ?'oiiilir siom i of I'irkcn* < uuI> i.1
Jiji't lo llic ili'lfon ol ihi' Di'iuoi riili' |>it11\ in the
l>rimilry Hri'llon.
At tl)i> nollciliiliou of liiy frU'inl"- I it 111K il 111 <-<
ItlJM'lf II fit III I i?l il (f loi till' ollic III i o'l'ily
('olllllliHsiotllT of I'il'kt'M* roil IIIy , > 'i )! < lo I Inaction
of tIn* IHMiiorrniii |nirn in do' im h\
( lection C. \\ KH T,
! Iiereliy announce myself ii eanli la!e l .r i
nlliec of i'utility i 'oiiniii>fltiiK'i hi I ii ki coiintv.
Hiilijci i io tin- ai iinii oi tin' lii'inoi inii |
luiri v in tin' primary ciceilnii
s \ \l I. IK a.i.n I "
I Iiereliy aiiiioiiiK i! in\^<*1 f *h aiuliilatc i..('utility
('I'liiiiitsxioniT. I'ii ken> i'1111111\. -ulijii i |
to 111 c action ol tin- Democratic |iriinai\
l.\ Mils M i ll I l.filil.s- : t
The many frieml* of \ l.l.i N l; s ri.w \ i; 11
In-1 I'll) IIIIIIOII HIT Iii III a III I III Mil 11' fill I III office |
of l oil nly ('onuni-Mniicr. I'K'kt 11 > < 'im ii I > - r 11. a
!? < t lo the arllon of tin- lleilinr tal ic \ uln - ill | i
I In- ii11|>n acliliiK (iriniaf y , i
I Iiereliy announce mv>olf a 11<Ii?lni< for '
re election to I lie nllice of ('oilIII > <oini|;i-sioncr
of PlrUi'li* i illltily. siiliji'i1! lo tIn- in lion ol (In
iM'liiot ruiir hi mi' | 11111iir\ < ii'i iimi.
\ I! T \ I.I.KV .11; ?
I hcrcliy iiiiimiiiicc in)-1 1 11 ii 1 Ii 11m11 - 1 .t h
t 'niiily < 111111 iv, 11111 rr ut I'li-ki'ii- < < 111M> . -11?. n
j(m't In I Ik* iK'IIoii of 11n- l>i-inoriutl< volci- in
tin* h|i|iroHi'iii 11/ |izluiiit \ i li'rliiiii
u M. M. (, \ N I T ;;
For Ainlllor.
1 hereby Hiiiiouiico m>>? If" 11 r*n 11<Ij<In11 for x|
rc> ulcclitin lit Ihc ollirc nf I'ouiiIn \ 11<Ii11 r <r o
IMikcns ('< >1| lit y, Mll-jcrl to I In- 1' 11on of II u II
primary olcclloii. K. K. KEITH
^ Ono 5nlirl P
!One Solid Cc
and other mere]
to get my price
you money,
ters when in to
S The Piano
fi Don't foiy^c
f for 1 am selling
J n i nj>-'k I Mano," w
1 er made by A n
I lilted all ovei
w makes it the V\l
J ever sold.
I R. C. C
i Henion
c ir^k TTk a tv r *
j KJ i> I
Arc yon ready lor yo
wo are showing a nice line i
| will pay yon to see this line.
,..wt AKt inowi
Whitft Sfial
* a a u ? i
The White Seal Clolhii
11II ^ < 1 11 ? \Y I 1 r> lv M I l ^ < I j? I II M
duribility. None but the be
making this clothing aiuJ e;
by an expert. We art sin .\
come and let us show you tl
We are looking lor ;
the rise and we can save yo
11 cat h-1 >i i
lp v Iff y w y yy tfw <y
|'"of viipi fif Kit non<| >ii.
|i-i inn in i :k- nl'.i i t ('niiiil y : i|i : ii- mli ir,
I l.c I lll'rt I lull in I'likon-- o units ' n ji*i t In Ihl
Clin!! Ill 111 (' lll'llll' mli" I f i III II > \
ir l IIA l.l.f M
I nr I nrniii-r
I Ii ri' 11V *> II11< 11111' i" in;.-oil' II IIIIII lull lul I i<illii
i nl I'lirniii i 'if I'li krii"- i ai(|ii|\ , : i,,
III1 iillnll nl 111? IX'llUHTllll'- pull y i.i I; i |.|
mil j election I' <i \ IM | ,|.
IJy iht' miiIIi'IIii I inn i ' i mi 11 > Irieui'v I I..
lilli ill 11 ill) M' I ii illi,| .lull' Inr 1111- i < 111 r of
'nrillllT Of I'll kill- i unity. Mllijl','1 In till* in"
loll "I till' lll'iniirnitii' Vntors ill I III' III ) 111 ill < -11 flK
I'11nil* I V I'll ! I lull
\ i'iv reMpci'ifully.
W \. I. \ UK
\1 Ilu' solii'llutinll nl Ii I ii li y frli'i I I lirfcln
IIIIIIIIIH'O lll)>' If us II I'll till III nl ii tor III!' I liii'i' ' |
I i i.rmiiT nl I'lokcn* iiiiliil). i ji" I In ihi'
o.tlnn of tlir lieiiuierotle |nirty In tin- i|>|Huu'li
iik (>f I inn ty I ;ii-i don. .i. I, I v I s.\ N 111. its
vt the siilli'itiUl.iii nl III) Irlclitl* I MiCiil.'i mi
<111111 0 Illy-cll II I'll III 11| III I ( fur tlK'oilier if I Urn
i i nl I'K'kcir county, mi<l pii- ;<. to
lil'li' tli?' H'Milt of I lie Dcinocrnt ic 11111 ii n \
I. .1 i II Will,kl( | ,
\\ r. the frii'iul* of i: \ icn i: n i: roiM i:it
Hull) niliii>11 iii <' Iiiin u i-ntuli<I/i11- lor tin'
III i ! ol t'o roller of l'i< ken- run lit \ mi I Jo i in j
lie iii'l lull of Hie Dciiiocrnlic |irl 111ti I yelf lion
ar Load Thornhil
ir Load Mowers c
3, SU 1 i I 115 YS, HA
landi so arriving ds
is before you buy,*
Make my store yc
i?Iower is 1
3t ii ie when, you n
the up-to-date a:
rhich is the st/rongc
11? I I UfcU I h l\ I I 1 a I 1 U V
i' with Brans 1 >11;
>'htes1 running, str
ibcr At Brown Built
j and 5LJ
*\TL1 H ?
^ i n 11
nr Spring Suit. I wo piecr Suit
naik* of "Milton Cloth." Iwc
m t\ BIQ LI HE...
"AMOUS jl|
! Clothing
H; is famous in .ill the
"ity in stylo and lit and
si tailors aro employed in '
uh garment is inspected |
vil^ .1 variety of styles !
i Ml;" shipment of Hour this week
u inoin-y. Call and our pri<
.!<i(l-M01T0\V I
! lie Mi., in 11 ,i ! - .'< >| i \ .11' 1,1 \ N In'if i> in '
<> in IIHI i imill: iiii? i M coroniM I'.' i ' n : i
i ill!.. miIi] -I In Hi hi '(tun d! till' III null mill' | I
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I'irkrn- limiiM|il|> I licn-liy nniirniiK-c myviOl u
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mil' i.pi haI<I lownxlilp. Miibjet'l i<> iin- notion wf '
In- vtilfrs In 1 lit- I'liiniin' I ?t>iii<><nii I !< | i i 111: i r y
.I' M"! i am inoM rcHpcoifully, your ohcili* I
hi M-rviint, .) r. il.\ u It is , j
I Wagons, t
arid Rakes. I |
'' A" ' ' :
i_j- > i xx ^ JL i \j ? l n -l i ~ n
jst, host mow- %
/orkmanship; 1
sh i n g, wlvi ch #
oncost mower 1
1 I
B r r%.
Liberty, S. C 1
[lino* m
art; all the. rage and ' >
:ry suit guaranteed. It 11
< 11 r
t ~
that was bought before
I *
Jonipaiiy. A':
* ) (?
I lu-rol'V iiinioiiiii'c 111y.-? If n i>t.ndlilnle tij' i t-v
i i < ! .ii \l h^Im 111 It1, I'ii'krns township, /{
in iin* ic'IIiiii nt ihc Iioiiwi'intlc |irliiinrngy){
lion W. I, .IKN'Kl .
For Cotton Wtiinlnir.
I licri Kv aiiiKiniicc myHcIf a oftiKliduto -?),
0,1 wi'l?lu'r for I'ickoiiH (owiihIiIii, nii J?J
in hi-I i<>11 of till' Votrrx III the i'liM'lloi _ ,
Kiist oil.. .1. KLKM K14 . 0,1
I |'?,r..l.v ....If.., n....fc % . CP
oil \V('i)!illT I'il kC'iih township, BlllilCt^ . .rT' b *1
'<>li rs iii the fleet ion on AiikiiM .'Oili Inilof (U
\i,r.x c.\ ..
were ir*7 ,in
I licioby iniiiouwr myself 11 eiiiiilltln i||0(101?J
on wi-iuln-r for I'lrki'im, II, Town T ;il li 8
cri lo tin; iii'IIoii of tlir votcrH iii tin; JIoIIiho I c*
, - y. _ - - s ,OU?R?NKE.?
\J Rallrond Far# Paid. 500
7 FIIKK Courxis Offered.
HBHBHHHBII Board a I Coil. Wrlta Quick

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