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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, August 10, 1904, Image 5

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'""TTutft^ WW\ lbis ,0d
\\ 1m
I * . mDv 119^ !ft
i'l Sora? vAin | CeoUftV NVaS rCh l,rcU
ill v t t G?*ftV,*y' r!1' f**
| ft Bram,olt V"it0'A"F"?.
V ' ti?0 . r.Ch Jrci!,
I oroo,lvi, T V rot s-r!
? J to OoU^'V" xt was
J ?a.'?ft44?wJS?' ?cri
Hi . ^ . w\v .*CJ. Jj. OUlGUMn /?artcb, .conscience, at id of
Greenwood to attend court. '
?Mr. and Mrs. Jouca Fuller, of11, the
Mauley, wero in Pickens Friday. ,vyjs
?W. H. Ambler, of Greenville,
on a brief visit to relatives in Pioken?.;, tho
?Mre. Thou. Bolding is ill witb|l'tl"^
typhoid fever at the homo of 15. F. :rsion
?Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brea ;""t,VJ
z?n!e, of Bolton,jnie visiting rolativeeVnlonin
PickeDB. I c sec?Jamoa
Hadhos una sister, Mistmbera
Annie, of Riebllind, uro visiting thinH>a.r^
family of Maj. Jl J. Lewis. fcccdes
?G. Carl Lhtimor, of Chester, is'. {}x\"(\
on a visit to the family of his brother*mg of
in-law, Prof. W. E. Dendy.
J them
?Willie ClinBttfin, wjio is teaching [j1 L~
tlie summer sessioii^Of tho Antioeb ijhr.rschool,
was in toivur Saturday. It1'1'""
' v l&icrrf,
?The formers of Pickens county if the
would do well to begin to look fur
enough abend to plint u liboral wheati'ier!t:
| ,>erop. | jicvaU
"Is wo
? Misses Marie 1 olger ajjd Tu/^ j?
Hughes 6pent tho 11st weeltdoTight- \ onfully
at the homo of Mr. Theodore lii<0
Smith near Easloy hm>w
Prntracted eeting will begin
fit Pleasant GiLovo Imrcb on Sntur- f<i inday,
August 13th 11 o'clock. The :< ' lcr
public is cordially vited. Hc"
' J (en to
?Mr. and Mrili. A. Hestor and !
duughtors, Edna, carlo and Susie, ttnco,
o??i\ nn /ivfmi/H tiui't #/\ t.n ] 1V ^
(i | v> WII uu VAVVMM . W i UIUUVCK t love
- in Martin and Avu u, Gu., thin week, fixfed,
-Mrs. A. E. >encer and three yJil'iVs
children, of Clinl, havo arrived inrdi 01Vickena
for the e uner. Thov will . |v< ry_
occupy the cott ) of Will Smithsonian
during their stay is to it
(he love
?As a result tho continued ,r
r.iine, cotton is binning to shod to.'.
Home extent, th hot snnshioolul and
however, tlio A^st crop will voryfaill} ' J
quickly form nmjmturo. jKeVi:
?Jnines Chiles is quite ill witl|?^i^J{
I typhoid fever, is wife and dougbt ail' tliy
ter aro also nliid with the ajiiwiindncnt,
I>:- ?? Their iei)'* |VJ.-rf it: Thoii halt
t . .??. . '] rt>v as thyself. On thesotwo
V illy KcjkaiiK all the law and lh?
i thorn an el.. :.F -~V. .:Ani
' / -,-v n h?.. . :.lthat of the
0. ^ ? ?Dr. Oj Alison, ilf there li,nan<i^Uler
of Usl District h?*a\ hl'?cjl iu thia
il male Coi.e^o freonwo'od lC) >'t. id tc thims
. ?eed the late Ditnuel Lam 1? rrveileliar uher.'
t. in ago, in
? J ho i fgul nonthl v his/pistU God i.s
I !"f 1)C'
"t the 1) of t!)o l ''ist tJ the o wo"'
next Friday at o'clock. froii .leru- id' pr
M ' n portaut t|'at Jj.SiWlberxi{^
roniicd hhn/Vtrii
" ' h n If his raiment, wounded him, anq (lit
\im flail dead. Then came one o: the (|.
v )iAcntativi's of the current r?-li??if ''
% ,esl and passed by on the other/. p"t<
' icijtliere camo down a suhordinatl l*Ug|
TtiAtttiTo of the current religion, ' jj '
l.e, and he came and looked and j
I ' [ on the other side. Then came a f ft* r.
religion, an alien m race, ami, -j latta
' on the wounded man, lie wan . v?
I til compassion and dismount j '"C
? und up liia wounds, set the \\1 aiTar
n on his own beast, brought liii/ the
u and took care of linn for the ni/ I
i 1 ' id the charges, leaving money ff J^OI't
J ml charge?, raying to the inn j
II" it costs more I will repay wiierf "?
lin." Ar.d that alien in r;ie? j tlll'oo
' religion, thrf Lord ? \ J large <
i be i;n na the on", \V , ,a'c /, i ,
f ieticftl rel
: f?> v-oi& i*d
,K. vx\. vcv*-n.\\v??x W Uuri.
/ - **: I < :i>
i 1 ' 11 | ];;U? p'.r.ci- ,
fori line the *on
"Wi 11 try ;i. i.
f iv? i? hurncd ?.fT ;i vr. at [ii'!ar ot
* vtt'nt. ! jj ffll it lii()':c in t'.vo, and/tja
ciu s i ,|UK out vn* i n-'i i r < iul !f 'I it.
intry, j ti:?* mountain > dr." . Hoj,
?.r it. i They eiiinl i ! un 2f'l {cqJ/'Qi- r.
4 ' I down and folic! ' h > uv'viil /'/j: Qc
' i I''-"' ' ' "> > '< . '? t> fon 4 frt.
( I?o\v |K , !. (!. jrtp t ier.; w - > r i(*t r
ana , ronwcrati ?ti > a li.'< ? or
r.iii ijc !1 ?,( ii ,t .i: kv> tr '(J
j i,- ?? !- ; Kvory woi .1 *i '.en in ll:?.
/ ! performed in t' iv ' ciik k
;.a<i y ; jipon yen. evwy i-rr* ice vendore
O I ly. lie treasure* and rev-a'ds.
f " ?j,r real ro'.n?ecr?it!om is so r.iar to ('
V, ' ('f:* n'ld brin'.'? to !!:t \ > . y sue'.i ^
Hf y "I" vicca a.s He is wi'.'.ins to reteiv
? O jianty Wlmt t<? I'rv:ie!t
f{ ,t frel Or. Thcc.doro Cuylt r tell
IT,.'/.' ''-, JSy cx. never pivac'.ied n ."cnr.or. in
- rWi ciii- r4ptur? . 1!" jnarhed
t Id hf) th'. i ifcivc s: and tin y j.io
k : irf'y'' v.'as i po?r??r of fJoi unto ga'.v.
y ffisnrcd forly now hooka upon
Ji/ c i lic \ i?rv>."p<>ilitv.-lu-rc- ? ?
t. ' fv . ,:th ik >'!'<"> ' Jcmh < t.M
ijr' i the 1 o-day, and 1'orevtr.
C/)' ' t!ie-e i'-. many tiMitifU'!) a^ ,
. that thinjra to "he ^ii.ikoii
t y is of- tn that theif v.oald
., /ireil main." Wis. v? : i.
" " '/if </,;
"* 4 I
or? <?/ tJroenville, C. l';).
0 \r?l ''iokniB tlio past week tukintf (? < . u
teun ' ^or ',l" drlivory. Mr. J.'.!1;.,'1,1
hue11! Id lias u good patronage in pth i.
cm.'1 ?^ built up bv bis courteoui
w j Hi )6rtlinff ' ,a<1 '
yw? -JVW . . ,S!;.
[AN- Uurnft LovoU, of NNondrufY,
;]J ailing in Piclitns. Ho ia h
>f Mrf J. P. Cany. Mr. AsU,
, * reH in a prosperous section i
500 , .' ?, _ , 1 icWilor
irod. 0 (jQOrglQ, ALU reports Oil I c j?(J
,u'ck it qdndrtions in the Empir.) w,,' Coi
,,0*, |lbe South. lJ|f?'ftud
\ '
lacks the quality of righteousness in that it fun
is n mere kindly Affection and desire t<> do
kind things to tliose who are objeets of our
love, while at tiie same time there id no Lont
recognition of that foundation which' upholds
the whole process of human life, that
fundamental truth wlikh onlv can coufcr
anv lar*e and permanent well being, i N(
Finally, this natural '.ove is oftentimes 'tno\
ungodly. That is to say, it is the rccojantion
in man (the children of (Jod) ol' litis *
or that scintillation of the infinite gi>o:l- ?M'?'
ncsa, while it withholds from Him who with
gathers unto Himself all conceivable excellence8,
alh truth, patience, generosity,
tenderness, temperance, long suffering, all PC?I
purity?while it withholds from Ilim ;he pass
heart's true loyalty. So that this native it r
? 1 > 1 .. .. o.in7W/l
or natural ju>c ui umtn ??v o|.vi.?x ...... x. . .
oftentimes a very faint reflection and image
of the' perfect lov; toward which lattc
Christian :y calls us. And so v/c turn bad; nizc
to tli'" text, end hear the words that S..
Pa'*- taid: "The aim of the comnnmd*
ciit. the whole aim of the Christian in- E
stitution, is love out of a pure heart. urd cust
out of a good conscience and out of faith Jjus
unftijned." ... jiict
First?in this mailer Christianily \vc "
have to do witii such divine forces in their
operation upon human nature as yield Ins!,
hopes of even this great result. It is not (
that we expect ourselves to attain any
such coodness. hut is it not nossiblo that a,e
He who made this thing we call the human lock
soul with all its varied powers of observe- four
lion, reason, imagination. fancy and mem- ? , .
ory, conscience and will, lie who made
this strange, subtle, intangible thing wo >' a
call the human .<-oul, may not Ho i.M.i'i.u say,
the soul, enter into i13 profoundist depths, blac
so reconstruct, irorder and inspire it that .
it lr.ny shine in all '.lie likeness of God? Is s
it not said, "He will do for us far more e\- and
eccdir.giy than we can ask or think?" \\
And that is the warrant in this Christian .
church, and in all tl e<e Christian ehurehc.s
for the high aspiration toward which mad
Christianity points us. hurr
?.vr\ Votwr 'op. sp.'/J.- </l ,?? iF, obrr
that however true it is that most of us ~
wh > profess and call ourselves Christ .in*
come far very far, short of this high ileal rep;;
of character; however true it is that villi 'M
many of us our Christianity is simply, as fj n
it were, an attempt lo secure self-wo!being
iit the long reaching future? alas! ;hat nior
<f is such a narrow form of Christianity an hea
that?however tiuc that may bo, nevoithe- diet
less I take it for granted that portaps
every one pr'^ent has during .?onie tine in
his experience come in contact with e;mi: &bl)
soul, has become intimate i<erha),.? i* 11 und
some life, upon whom the divine truth, the ^ .
divide providence and the divine iiiHyira- .
tion has so operated in transforming li- wer ,K'J(
that the soul sccms to have entered ii<t<# lias
tiie very fellowship of (!od. even lias Ikcome
radiant with divine life, the features
have been chiseled by the soul within, the \
eye has looked tenderly out toward all : cr,:;
men whom it has met, and now and ihen j cr I
the very habitation and habit of stub a |
person bcco nes unspcaUablv ondonrin-.'. b"- 1 .
eaiis-o of this dwelling of the Lord t iirist ' " "
within. i
Second?The aim of Christianity is lovo | am'
riot only out of a pure heart, but also out i
of a good conscience. That is to say ii.s | .. v
aim is not a mere* sentimental overllu1* of |
tears and pity; it shall be a living and ( hili
>ni?lifv encrino within. limlci" I lie uilidillCC rilVi
of God, ng to method. and as to s, ' .
of a widely instructed moral sense, (' iris- ; i> 1
tianity is something beside mere hapnit ess. |
It aims at tlie great soul of life- under the i
guidance and shaping of an inatru ted ( ,,
moral nature. ?
And finally the love at which Christian- I }<"lil
it.V aims is a love out of faith unfeigned. j '|ft
Let faith return. Bring hack your Bible. J '
Behold one living and eternal God. Il<* is '()1
love, and He ha.< loved this poor world so | Cjjj
that lie has effected redemption for man- j \y
kind and lifted them across the heavens. '
Has thrown His arms around man, in or*
der that He might lift him lip hy His Holy chili
- nRRio H) broken iie;I. ted a, j
... ?ornsbwL'tun ?t ',nv T,\ u
? special C(,u, sn f 0,0 ,,0" i/j/(. ; *
OS in tile. Coin,,,!,'- /?(., / /,v'?
?rgeto\vo. 1X 'u'
pyftun, I'ickona t ! wil'' bo
f W'U rot urn to /""d "
1 practice of i,,^ ) ,)s tu c jntinii0 I ? >1
H"1 has hi,;n . ? H,on- Dr.
ui> a splendid Yl^HiVd
btice since his location hero, and
y i r * or soon
la young physician 01 uuusutd
omise. Preac
?11 Snider, of Fas ley, has one of Then
i most attractive jewelry stores in Pivsbvt
ier Carolina. H? haw recently In- August
ad in the former post ollice build- He v. (
, which has been thoroughly over- "i>d will
led and icnkes a good appeara??"? 1 '
Snider h??
x-UIIOgl, I
iccuutly purchased a Ir. Ah
!> lino of up to dato jowolry, tho servic
It makes ti bountiful display as who uttoi
iged by Mr. Snider. Ho invites teriiin's, I)
public to visit 11iin in his now noininatio
ers and inspect his lino of goods, be present
vliss Clarke, who for tho past ,'K"1'
months has been teaching a
la<s in music, will close her ' " ^
f r this burnuier by giving a
tful coneert on August tl:o
All of her pupils will take Court
the entertainuioiit, and their jj u Williai
also will render si-vi-rnl of in tho r o
i selections ou tliii occasion. torn of tin
imiises to bp a rare musical liaius am
all who attend, all .idmiswi- ^! 'ls''!!
1 or 15 cents will be charged i;!'\veii
t expense?-.
H J. 11. Whitmin
\ \v Whitiuiro,
x ' eni'O Whit
.1.1). Willi
. lie Williams,
vV=. v tlmla Ainoli
k t\?AC \
Vvc o vy To tho Defondan
,iN . You ?ro hereby
v ^red to nuswcr. I
v \ ' action whioh is lil
'..x I Clork of Court, i
j '.f'v.v '\.,vVv-- your answer to i
/. iiiDor >' I
,v.- ('., within twenty
hereof, exoluaivo o
kva. vine; anil if you la
plaint wittmi Die
1'laintin'H in thin ac
' "oui't for tlio roll
1 )ate?l Auguat 4*]
J. M, Stewart.
Deputy O. C.
To tho l)ef< mini
Iimue Whituiire, Artl
oner Wliitmiro. S, \\
11 u
that tho Summons, ol
1 , , ? . ? i?K h ft co y, ftinl th
V over fi, h Koot-K?.o ( l)JV(. ontU e(1 ftoUoD
tiiot. It ouros Swollen Hoi <f tho Clerk of
t, h, Aching, Sweatirg , (ounly hi d State on t
iiHuioiiH. At nil Drug |?U-<', 1 01. O.
bIb, 25 j. Ab!< (otlay. Plftii
" " * '
I 9
v hAvTjf T)loro Reunion.
loner# Who pathetic, 8o 8Wfln!, ^ pi
Again Wltif spiriW ju Poacoful
1 n?? ? !
if nnW to / 1 _ "'ISH Jill
^ ,0 - iuuu, Tlio well regulated f
vn " to m ,10t ol,'*v ^ie ^ed rock of A
v hair (H> 1 liberty, but the goal of eartl
./03 it !r?i> piuess. Without its restrain
his own < is uo liberty; without its pre
itU somo there is uo peace; without its
)le tbo ha tioii there is no satisfied knov
lug on,ot without its spur there is no s[i
each the achieve; without its Iif^lit of lovt
it varle^js U() grow(,h in greatness. Tli
t Pecul|jlic school, the college, tho uuiv.
i\ by eM ^j10 shop and tho factory will 1
iher.-i 'J. and rust and crumble and full. ^
a*' 1 ? l..i the light of love goes out in the
?m'n<j oficci.i family tlio dyuaiuo will st
S?onv " * ^lo c'yn,uuo shoots life into
y a centres, strength into their a
v fray rekindle tho tires of l
i-.rk h 1?VU' '-Tlio mnjestic ouU is n
knowi quite so boautiful as just aftor it
s 0{ i withstood the last of many storms
ul ou On tlio Gth of August I went
V: hav miles north of I'ickens to tho qi
m\ t ill homo of my friend Thomas J. Clu
the It is in tho orchard where tho
It il^blossomt*
__ uuvu mllen sultly nroui
ir.cni)i,i, an(| i,is Queen Anne for thir
"four >ears. TLiey wero married tif
v i,l'tbreo years ngt>, and tliey are swoc
?tllihourts yet. There were thir tee
le ? ,childron?eiqht girls, five boys; a
,,ar\ married. Only one vacant ehaii.
l^an Johked: "Whoso?" Mother Aun
stuiled sadly thro her tears as slit
v?1(Hai<:, "Mrs. Ladd'a; her children?11
in North Carolina ?could not oomo
v i Tho rest with their families are hero.
I am glad thoy come. You aro web
!g coiuo too; we all like you. There is
i uot room in the house. It is such a
r pretty, day we will spread the dinner
on the lawn under tho shado of the
trees. Lot us see the girls fix it,
1 they know how to do things."
It was a groat feast, simply, benuti- ,
fully, elegantly served and richly en- ,
joyed by all. There were more than ^
a hundred, all hungry, but enough
good things wero left over to do the 0
crowd another day. I have lmd din- j)(
no is on the limited, dinners in Il(
Charleston, dinners in Now York,
linuers in Boston, hut none so rich
vitit tho fragrance of real enjoyment,
'lit! photographer used his cat: era
n the assembly, but I h?vn "
it'.t Of" ? - - *
<? oocicr
.inu will never fade. J"1
Those prosont were: Mr. and feel
rs. J. \V. i'nct! and eleven children, hall
r. and Mrs. J). S. Porter and ten do
ildren, of Piedmont; Mr. and Mrs. 'lit'}
13. Child and livo children, of U|('swell,
Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. S. S. thinl
Id and ten children, Mr. and Mrs. Rppr
W. Simmons and eleven children; ture
and Mrs. W. F, Hayos and ten ""t i
iron; Mr. and Mrs. A. U. Howard "ial a
ono child; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. tation
in and one child, of A?hevill? w *
un,i M
... ilios. G. OliiUl and
children, of (ireenville, S. C., Has
mid Mrs. .1. F. Childs find two rjj,|,t
on; Mr. ami Mra. .J. C. Child notion
no chi'd, of Greonville; Mr. and V(,t0 ful
lames A. l{o;>i'r and tivo child- willing
is not
and Mrs. Thomas <). Ciiihl arc ?)(l8t, ,,f
70 years of ago. I huve nev- ^)t, m,ui,.
tham quite mo happy. K. IU0 21.
hint) at Presbyterian Church, ^ono"
? will ho preaching in the t0\vn?
crian church, Sunday night. 8ciloo|#1| |
14th beginning at 8 o.clock. 1>roHts eai
Icorge (1. Mays will preach [,<ftV(,r8 lt;S
present the cause of Chicora knn
of Greenvillo S. C. f0r bienni
i\s in very interesting, and l)U^
e will he a pleasure ?"
,,.i XT '
<l" against it.
iv.?i only tl?f Prosby- Tlio otlu
ut our fi i :inls of all tho iliv rj()l)S count
ns ai" coI'lliully invitoil to }|)si(lt?i*til>li
, other ilnties permitting {() j]JO nueti
J. F. Matbeaon, l'aslo \ Space will n
?-< ii,,!:..!' all the eamli
ions lor Kl'llCl. (iocs, but wo
iiilaint not Horveil. pol l lutrr.
Htnto of South Carolina, ^
Pickens County. j Notice t? i
of Common IMo.s. ul OI18 ,
us and John M, Wilhamf (^tato of H< H
avu rifihtauil an iiilminiHtra- prt.Ht.nt tho si
^ ostutfH of John I. Wit- Muynient by the
1 Elizabeth Willium" lie- Viu>so hnlebteil
ul Mary Moon, Mulimla payment l<>
raucea Loopor anil Mollie Au><. 4, 1901.
I?. !?. Whitmiiv, K. M. V n
ij.oiistor Whit in i ro, I'.ssio \_^ V/ *
A? thin- Whitmiro 1'Mormivi:,
Kin inn Williams,
iiiiifi John Williams Wil
, Wiulo Williams DaiI
anil Harnett Williams. 7%/I .
Defendants. I"lLli>?* li
hi nbovo imino.l:
' H'uninoiii'il unit reqni
h?% complaint in this
li-il in tho oil ice of th?
mil to solve .n copy of
tho saitl complaint "ii
ii* oflleo ut Piokons, S. -days
after tho
i' "
- ?<i *iro v/ii /rionday F
>i mo day of such hoi-il
to answer tlio com*
timo nforenud, the ^ in
tio? will ,t? .t,o fc' Ti rw .lV"*""r
of tlonmuilal in the IV^ir
. \ ia mm Pansy Walt/.
1, A. I)., HOI. tj|W (j|?irc|,
i> JuwYti Duoro Wul*er?Hunt
1. -i nl'j \ I i - SllOwi r of I'.OHfH Willi
( ; Tho Urn Mai oh
1',. Robinson, C-ickot
iiintifTs Attorney. Spring Time Oreoting
Ih E. M. Whitmhv, Twilight Kelioea
>ur Whitmiro, Flor- Holiday March
1. WilliiiniH, mnl ,T. Fire-Flv
idnniH, tako noticc, "My Fiist Pioco"?Dm
f which the for? go When You Love, L >v?-,
e Complaint in tho *'U'H Walt/.
waa til <1 in the of ')ant?. Amlaloune?(*a|
the Court foi Hui.l *?wwi?H ??ortn<ght
he 4tn day of AuE.
ltohiiison. Prof. J. K Parson*
utiff-8 Attorney. R,,d
f t*
Campaign Meeting at Ea
easant, so About 400 0f Pickens cou
1 an 1 iu- zouh assembled in the now
*iu?, that Hchool building at Kasley to i
ty to ut- different can (j Makes for count;
timily is diveusH the involved, T
. nerican Tlio meeting was eallod to oi
ily liap Chairman ??, Frank -Smith, v
t there traduced
oa L,T. T. J. M AULDIN
t educa- we 8iiOU|(| have legit
/lodge; ^() 8llj^ pic^eug (lH conditions at
'U't to f010ut 8() fnr n8 roads are conci
9 theio j8 i(, f?V()|. (,f u (>oii8titu|iojid in
o pub* ment, allowing legislation to
orsity, (j10 rofids at the least expense iu
!v'i *'10 8nme time require the negro
when y10 gypsy to bear tlieir pro
i Am- Bii,iro. Objects to the uso of a
?P7" mobiles as they now run on the ]
their |jc roiu]B mid should bo restricted
ruis. no^ u nmnaco to life.
Iilial Wan in favor of legislature pass
evor an act restoring profits of dispeust
18 to free public school funds, and
' order to reach an adjustment and
^vo nal settlement of that matlor let t
issue bo determined by tlio decisii
. of the courts when the matter
i properly brought beforo them. 1
11 the only way to settle it.
it- .Says lie is the first, man to advo
in cato $1.00 commutation tax. lie
I) liovi s cnpital should do its part. Wa.I
first man to advocate all dispensary
e profits being distributed among the
} schools. Favors biennial sessions, as
34 oot of 45 Stat'H
? u.nv navo bien
i.ni sessions. In favor of electing
officers for four yours. Should bo
801U0 restrictions on automobiles.,
In favor of local option for working
public roads, and of letting road
work by coutract system.
Favors biennial sessions of Tjo^islaturo?would
be a saving of $50,1)00
every two yours. Is in favor of ?
est rioting automobiles. In favor of
*>1 00 commutution and tax on prop
rty. In favor of local option law
n roads. In favor of localizing dis
onsarv profits. Favors Latimer's
jod roads bill. |
\1T% *
tvml', former representative tin j ^
aries of officers had been cu
iv11, but had been railed ugaii . k
npod cn State colleges with .both fi
Appropriations could be cut in V\
> and still Stiite institutions could i\
good work. The more motley \
get, the more extravagant they fl
The ollicc is of such institutions If
l{ they must spend every dollar
opriated for them or the h*gMa- ??
would conclude Unit they did \j
need the money. Favors biiii J J
essions Fayors $2.00 commit- //
tax and - mill properly tax? \\
if necessary.
l A ?
*r. XX . IIJLM'ON. | Yl
do no what lit; believed was ll
in every vote cast in t ho last J J
of tlio Legislate e. Dili not If
r ^3.<10 commutation tax. Is \|
to l>o taxed for good roads. It ((
right for tho poor to work
roads. Bo\s ought not to JJ
to work road.') ?wait till thoy
Tho dispensary profits in
i in South Carolina arc gn ^
mlf of dispensarv profits to
I*i i i i, Moiliei <?rn
<. Whilo ho is a friend to Mutii
jo doesn't believe all the v^rmwvi^ n'
i be gotten for the schools, inn oi>?>r>i? i>
striding antomobilos, but ftlii v
w juht how. Did not vote
id sessions; dues not know,
't think ho would vote
All | )msons
r candidates for tho va Jj*!,1'
v ollices also spoke, and violation of i
j ginger was injected in ruled to the
llg at various iutervals. IJ- Kiehaid
ot allow a full report <1 !;, (.'
dates for the differed of- j '|' 15:."^
hope to give a full re ,j. v. (Jritlin.
I S. I). Stewart.
I t;. U. H?VKS,
)< !> ( oi h h mi ( rid i I urn. 'Jl '' '' " ls"
laving claims against tin- ____________
. Curetoti, deceased, will
'line, duly attested, for
< 1st day ol ()etober, next
to naitl estate will make Bears tho /)
Mary M. Cureton. Siguaturo
Administratrix, of
() F
rene Clark's Mu<
flight, August 22nd, Bcgintii
At 8:30 O'Clock.
t Wall/, (('0111)1 setl by (Jinnies l.>mmliel!er
((J. NV. Duikee) M
(b. >k)
(K. Mack)
(L. K. Orthop, H, No. :!.) Miss ?
(Von Just p'i Iwil>ilHl<y) Mis-s t'l
/. (L. .SlreabboR. 1 SO )
(J. <Miller)
(M. II. ('ochrun) M
(J. M. bald win) Mir
(Frederick Jewell) Mim
(F It Kimball) .*1
(M. 11. Cochran) Mis*
t (1<. F. Ortli. <>|>. 18. No 1.) Miss Chukc
, I.ove! (Paul Tieljens. >Son^) Mis es ('h
(E Mack.) Mis
rice do (\1nee1t (J. Atilitn. op. 80.)
(Noiiih) (
will render neveral of Ins finest selections
WM W? 5
J. iIUUl) ?
, unices
iiesday. .
rder by Kinds of Summer Goods
vho in- cool it you would be. comfort,
suits if you want to enjoy 4*T
ilntion I
rri;i:!; Strouse
work j ...AND...
VijA w.
'-j High kt
II Art fiim
5 Clothing Cfjfiip
I We are well supplied with nil M"
1)rv C4 '
.... IX I I 1 C
onoes, Hats niulGent
| Just received a bio- lot of c<
' Randies and dimities. Solid case
Hardware of every description. H
and Furniture, anything everything
July and August are usually the du
make lively months, call on us for i
to you to make your wants known,
Sole Agents lor the I
Strouse ?X: Bros. C I
Battle Axe SI
) jC:, Our RUBBER GC
\ ''nc 's almost com
^ especially ovir line of
! ily and Fountain Syr
If \\ will interest you : : :
- ^ A good Family ?Ti
Syringe for :
A good 1*oun- | A
tain Syringe l?vi
Pickens Drug Con
Drugs & Stationer
N. B.?C)111' aim is to have; w.
want and to sell it toyoi
) Children arc sickly* (
> > sweet I'owdors lor Children
el t i lay,? mi r>e in i liilil r en's liiniie TAT T J
eak up ('nlils in \'l liidir-. cure I V WW
L'H?lin lir. Miiiiiik Ii Iruuiiles,'i'eelli * * '
timl my Worms A) nil ilrni* J
11 pit* innileii i 1:1:1: .\?iilrc*s. 1 i io ifot v
I.elinv N ^ i
I'M'HPpHfcH NollCd m t
arc lu'H'hy waruc" '
r i;
, .... k> <s) WiM I ii b k)
. .i.iiner or in any way
miy of our lands Any .?.
his notiee will he prosefullest
extent of the law. ;
<oli. Ij. (?, Mc>kkmi
W. \V. Smith. |
J .J. Wakflin.
S J. Koliinsoi). , j
nt\ ri
tox^X^v. 1 y .' > i j %
1 ha Kind You Have Always Bought 'i / ,,
! y */
"It Does it
| Anvnno
spihIIiik n Nltcifli nm1
qulrkljr nHflorlliiii <>nr <>|iluti>ii f
: in volit ion is prnluvbly l>'??9>'*"JL1''
Mls-< In net lal'k. ihhih <t ri'*l ly eimllilontlnl. H'wn
lis? IWsie I'jirsnns. ! 1t'"1 ,ron
mi*j^ '*
- iiuoiiov fur norn
. I'ntoiitM lukrit lliroio.li A1 uini
....... \ /i 1 i (> I li'l I. tpfcxil nut Ice, without chnrire, In
.&SBVJS: Scientific Jlmc
,irko ami Parsons. A handsomol? Illnstralo'l weekly.
\liau i 'i,i-1-in I 111 hi enIni niii of iiuy M-lentlfle Journal,
v.... y??r : (our months, f i. Sold by all
i-s Orn Iliitrliins, MUNN & Co.36,Bfo?dw?" l
n .!?'. sio I'ais lis llranch o/Hce. t>26 K St., Washln
s Mm tie P?rs(>m. ss
I la! tio Hh^^h. C A ?3 "X1 O Tl 3
Zola I (utchuiH. Bnari the ^ Ih8 Kind YOU Hail
and M?:< ra\?-y. Signature Z.
irk and Parsons. tf
is Audio hogget.
MisB Clarke.
)lioru3 by Clnwg. OABTOXIX
' -r-aCM*.
Hot lis..
for July and August. Keep
able. Buy one of our Two-piece
lie (iootl Okl Summer Time,"
II Is the
llS^) FITS.
Is of light summer clothing,
s Furnishings.
>lored and white lawns, orof
white lawn, 6c to 25c.
uggies and Wagons, Stoves
; with prices always right.
11 months hut lively prices
uiything you need. Its up
we will do the rest.
itchell Wagon
othing and
_ ?' ^
K)1)S , i\
Fain- X v,
f ((
; *
u I
'rs: ))i ^
'O TO i
i'M* i
*?c Marks
?f 8IGNS
7*'GHTs Ac
finv '?'?,,l"lr,i
lr'"K.r?n ler,u.,ta
iwV. . T,;???;
Vew York
lion. I) , ' n
Bought i
A ,
,Av, / t

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