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Third District Representative Tells of
His Stewardship.
A Strong and Clear-Cut Contrast of
the Principles of the Republican
and Democratic Parties.
Following is a full report of \he a<L
mirable speech delivered by Congressman
Aiken at the campaign meeting
here on Wednesday:
Mr. Chairman: It is with pleasure
that 1 return to you, mv fellow citizens.
to thank you for the honor con
ferret! upon me. You are the arbiters
of my ofllclal conduct, and it is for
you to say whether or not 1 have
nerved you satisfactorily. That 1
have served you faithfully and conscientiously
I have the answer of an
approving conscience; but it is up to
you to say whether or not this service
has been acceptable, and whether
our compact shall be renewed.
In the language til Dickens. I assure
you "Hakius is willing." 1 wish to
subserve the best interests of my
people in all things, even to the extent
of accepting retiomination. Before
touching on such questions as are liefore
(lie political parties today. I asU
your indulgence while 1 brielly
to my individual work as > it represent
With a republican majority, mainly
from Northern States, which majority
is a unit on all important issues,
ther is little scope for the activity
of a Southern congressman; little
chance for legislation in the interest
of the South. The most that we can
do is to support such general measures
as include the South in their
beneficial efforts, and record our disapproval
of such measures as rob the
many lor the benefit of t lie few.
Eloquence and logic are God-given
endowments which will ever command
respect and admiration, but to swerve
from its purpose an instructed republican
majority, they avail as little as
doe- a breath in turning back the
ocean's waves. National legislation
has become so one-sided. so centralized
that we may hope for little that
is of benefit to I ho South, except in
an occasional Koneral act. I introduced
;i bill to increase the pay of
rural carriers to $f?ou. My hope ot
passing it was based on the belief
that rural carriers all over the I'niieii
States would appeal to their representatives,
and create a general de
inand for tho bill. This proved to l>o
the disc, and while wo did apt get
tin- amount asked lor. we did get
an increase of $720.
Another bill which 1 introduced and
still hope io pass, in case I again ?*epresent
you, provided "or an immigration
bureau on 1011 is Island to he composed
of representatives from the various
states, whose duties it shall he
to select and send to their several
states desirable immigrants. This
was in the interest of thinly populated
Southern States, the wealth of
which might easily be doubled by developing
I heir resources with a competency
of labor. 1 could not hope
by any oratorical effort, even if I bad
the gift of eloquence, to si cure the
passage of this bill; I>ut by showing
in a business way the importance of
building up the producing sections
of our country as a means of increasing
the general wealth, in which all
sections participate, there is a chance
for its passage Our own legislature
recognizing the necessity tor tilling
in the depleted ranks of our white
farmers with desirable white immigrants
er< aled the office of immigra
ion agent looking i<> the very ends
pr oposed in my l?i 11-*.
I have increased tin- R. F. I) routes
211 the <lisirift since my incumbency
from <' !> to I: and hear in mind tho
fact that I succeeded Die most :?? i i v?
congressman on this line in the state;
thai he worked In fallow ground, se
locting such routes as easily mot tho
approval of tho department, while th?
most! dillloiilt have fallen t ? me. i
succeeded in reviving and establishing
several routes which had been
turned down by the department.
Hy reason of my position on the
l> ii -ion commitiee ot the house, I
have scoured numerous pensions for
Spin -It war volunteers, not only in
this district, but in the districts rep
tv nted by Messrs. Finloy, Lever and
John on and other Southern districts.
Tti- . pensions had been turned down
l y it:.' depart im-nt for one reason or
smother and v.? old possibly have died
in tli. committee archives 1ml for the
lie >:inl interest I took in the applicant*.
Mt \':i:en hero I'Id of iiis flight in
t \v .ilhnUa iiostolliee matter: npl>
iitmeni Hi postmnsier at F'endlet
ecnritiK mall on train No. 1) on
t e Southern; Ii. K. I >. and star
i 'Mites, etc . etc.
In recounting these matters I do so
i-i no spirit of linast fulness. hut no her
us rendering an Account to you who
have a rirjit to know I lie <! -t ;i i I s cd' mv
Passing from tliis account of my
steward hip I ask your indulgence
while [ refer briefly t<> such questions
si* are enRa^ing the public'mind at
this time, if I were asked fo express
in few w.'.rds the main poi^ of (llf
Terence between the two national partics
I would say: That republicans
stand for high tariff and extravagance,
while democrats stand for low
tariff and economy. The difference
between the parties on this question !
is a difference in degree; the democrats
advocating a reduction and revision
of present tariff rates, while the
party in power prides itself on
"standing pat' on this issue. We do
not advocate free trade, but a tariff '
for revenge only. Most of the criti- 1
cisin to which the republican party is I
justly subjected is the outgrowth of '
protective tartn. in the beginning of
our manufacturing era we were told
to foster and protect Infant Industries
in order to produce competing plants.
This argument is no longer effective,
since these infants have grown to le
strong and corpulent, and by pooling
their interests lix prices to suit themselves,
while the government holds at
hay their foreign competitor. Under
the protective tariff. American steel
bars sold last November in England
for loss than $20 a ton. American
goods are shipped to Hawaii and
j Porto Kico by trusts and sold there at
I prices which enable the American
'consumer to purchase them there,
1 pay tho cost of shipment both ways,
J and got them at less than they can
I buy them in the homo market.
To protective tariff is due the large
surplus that has accumulated in the
treasury, which is being deposited
J without interest in favored national
i hanks. Now a surplus for an Individ- 1
jual or perhaps a corporation is a very '
desirable thing, l>ut a surplus of over 1
one lutndrt d millions of government *
1 \v drawn and kept from tlv- !
!< s of trade, and inviting extrav- '
agance and fraud in administration. !
is a most dangerous menace to popular
government. It you i?aid this tax 1
| directly as you do to your State and '
county taxes you would feel to J
stin.u of this iniquitous system. As 1
jit is. you pay it in every tool you (
use, in nvery article you wear, at tho '
j rate of ten dollars per capita for 1
I every man, woman and child in I he '
: I 'nited States. Think of this. This 1
j State's proportionate part of this lax '
, would lie about eleven million per
annum, enough to pay for every d
tail of the state government for a
j period of at l< ast 1 years, not i1:j
eluding county expenses, anil a sitniliar
proportion is collected in every
Other State of the union. The reI
publican party protects the trusts by
extorting from their foreign competitors
< xoriiiiani tariff rates, and the
(trusts In their turn protect the republican
party by contributing largely t^>
its villi* :n lisiil i'/i ii ir I'll 11 < I ItiiiiKs lmv- '
. ittg iIk* surplus depositor! with them '
I do not pay tlio government interest, '
i but they pay intorest to the r- pnl>li- '
[can party in campaign contributions. '
I This excels of funds in the treasury '
I encourages extravagance and official f
dishonesty, or tends tiiat way. The '
lust year of Mr. Cleveland's administration
cost this governnv nt $ IIH,!:!!?,while
the last congressional appropriation
of Mr. Roosevelt's administration.
seven years later, reached
; the enormous sum of $7X1.172,:i7"?, or
more than 70 per cent, in excess of
the last year of democratic rule; and I
this amount does not include $".0,000. j
no appropriated to the Panama canal,
j During President Harrison's tenure
of of lice he deplored an accumulating
surplus as dangerous to good govern
mom. ami no was rxcraspii to una a
way to gci rid of it. '
Not so witii the present administra- !
tion. Its imperial policy affords an
opportunity for shoveling it out Ity (
l !io cart load amongst an alien poo- j
pie who pay not a dollar of the tax.
Pets of thf administration are sen! to ! |
Hawaii and the Philippine Islands ^
and paid salaries rivaling that of the
1 president himself. The governor of
the Philippines receives iiOm per
annum, the commissioners
: justices of the supreme court $l2,.*i<>0. j
circuit judges $7,nOM and district ,
In our colonial possessions Stlon.nmi I.
.. 1
writ- spent last year in stamping out |
<4'ol rn, !ind yet in (he Philippines. ! ;
i he centre of the trouble, the revenues >]
are scarcely sufficient to pay munici- ,
pal expenses. 15y a decree of the I,
pnsident, who, hv the way, does his !i
... ' '
??w?i legislating aIk ii it suit^ liini, the
rivil engineer of the i'anama canal <
gets a salary of $2*>.<inn per anniiin. I
I>11 rilive I he last fiscal year 8,11". new !
otlici-s were created at an additional !
c(.st of $r, i::i,n?;r?. most oi them
rlmwalil" to our "Imperial policy." j
ii is e tiinated that we have
paid out to date to get
ami iviaiii control of onr island
possession-;, while the balance of trade
in our favor i> nominal. What obligation,
moral or otherwise, r sts on
its to keep np liii.-i extravaganre? W e
are not related to these people by consanguinity
or admit y. The prospect of
commercial advantages tire not
e von a remote possibility. Then
I lll.V .... I Wnl . c.lf-.'.no.l I i
, guardians? Tho question is asked
; what disposition coll 1(1 we make ol" |
; the Philippines. in answe!.:g thin I
: ft" I very much like exclaiming villi
I he fellow who yoked himself up with
I a wild steer, "Slop us darn fools." ,
j My Mr l plicy toward them would !)"
I to turn them loose, establishing with
' theni such relations as we have with
I Cuba, and taking their obligation for
jsucli amount as they honestly owe us. '
: Tliis would relievo us of further ex
] pense in trying to maintain a government
there and preserve peace on the
islands. If our people as a whole are
wedded to the idea of holding them
at any cost, I would suggest as a
means of remuneration that the doors
there be opened to Chinese immigrants,
an energetic people, who will
build up agricultural and commercial
Interests. Some of the best Informed
men with whom I have talked, men
who have lived there, tell me that
the Chinaman is one of the most inIndustrious,
while the Filipino is
the most indolent and thriftless of onr
Inhabitants there. If, then, it is commercial
greed that is actuating us, wnjr
not make tlie most of it?
Now, as to pensions. This government
paid out during the last fiscal
year $lo8,3G0,700 for pensions, and
this mammoth amount is little more
than a campaign fund. President
Roosevelt, acting in his legislative capacity,
not an uncommon role for him,
lecreed that every federal soldier over
!0 years of aije is entitled to a pension,
his age being accepted as suftlilent
evidence of disability. Acting
uuler this order, inspired by the prescient,
the pension bureau has literati*
looded the doubtful states with petition
money to the liter neglect ct'
laimants from other states.
i am sorry to say, however, that in
he matter of pensions we have little
i hm><> for from i>iflic>r nnrtif T1>">
<outh on the pension question is in
.cry much the same predicament as
ivas an old Virginia farmer during
he war. who had been robbed by
federals and Confederates. Walking
jut one morning atu( looking over (lie
vreek of what was once bis wellequipped
farm, he said: "Well, I
lever took no sides in this here war.
>ut I be gol darned if both sides haint
ook me."
It is one of the bitter decrees of
i ii<ii i iii* inn iui[ni\im irsiii u ooiuu rn
veteran must contribute from the
scanty earnings of his feeble hands to
lie comfort ami ease of his conquer)!*
in his declining years. I'nder domicratic
rule nvc may hope lor an enolomical
and judicious distribution of
lie pension fund, hut little more, sa
much has this appropriation become
i vote subsidizing fund, upon which
>oth parties are dependent in a meastre
tor election.
There was a time in the history of
his government when "a public office
kvas a public trust." Today "a pubic
oiHce is a private snap" in the estimation
of republican officials. The
salaries of republican officials in many
r.stances are so out of portion
with the little work they do thai we
rau readily account for doubled appropriations.
One striking example of
bi.s extravagance may be seen in the
report of the secretary of the treasury,
showing ihat I;?2 custom house
Wlicers employed at salaries and expenses
amounting to $K?l.nOO collected
nit (ton. At Gloucester. Massachusetts,
it costs 9IS.180 to collect $5,1:52;
it Ura/.os. Texas, it costs $:5l,IMl to
collect $4,731. These are only a few
ncidents which mii;ht i>e multiplied
ijiiii ? uu nir i ii * ?? in MI .us i ini'i. wi
ourse, there arc other ports which
i>ay very much in excess of tin cos!
?l collection, hut i! only got s to show
he extravagant methods of protecion
and the crying necessity lor re"orni
in ill. mode of collecting reveille.
The 11? xt great difference between
he national panics is on the (pies
ion >>f subsidies. The repu'dican
larty, not content with making you
ay a tax cf from twenty-live to liftv
>er cciii. in the manulacturer, would
ake an additional toll from you to
ihle the trusts to carry those goods
roin your centers ol trade at a very
ow shipping rat(j to the door of the
ompeting foreign purchaser. 11 is
. petition of the old miller's conduct,
.vho said to one of his hoys: "John,
rou to!l that corn?" "Yes. sir." says
lolin. Turning to another, he said.
'Tom. you toll that corn?" Y
dr." "I believe you are both liars so
'II toll i' myself." A bill providing
1 subsidy of something like t? n milions.
a direct gift to the shipping in
cresls, passed the senate during the
;ist session, and was barely killed m
muse committee by the aid of two re
[Mihiiean votes. The bill will be rei"Wed.
and -i) sure as a republican administration
is elected will pass both
In closing let nie siimninri/.e what
we stand for and upon what we hope
ii? win in the next election. We stand
for a moderate tariff lltat will build
up commercial interests at home, destroy
trusts, and produce only su
much revenue as is necessary for an
economical administration of tin- gov
eminent, a; against a high tariff that
fosters trusts and extravagant administration
of government.
We stand for honesty in olllc a*
against corruption that lias arisen a
a stencli in the nostrils of the Aineri
can people
We would release the Philippines
holding over them protectorate rights
and a claim for such amounts as ihe\
justly owe us, thereby putting an ctu
to further expenditures as against : i
extravagant policy of continuous a?!
ministration there, entailing the cost
of additional hundreds of millions, am
bringim; us no near' r a solution of th
problem. We are for reform compb-l.
and entire, not Hitch as tie- old line
serving minister r< commended to hi
ricli and wayward parishioners wlior
he said: "Brethren, yotl must repoul
a little, as it wore, be converted in i
measure, or you will be damned b
some extent."
Our government, under ropublicai
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
I"hero b a disease prevailing In this
country moat dargeroui? because so deccpr?.
III II |ffltrXV\ vlvc* Many sudden
ll jlltfji doaths are caused by
'l?heart disease,
"vTwW PI1,,urnon'a> heart
IIChP^L JUM fail iro or apoplexy
- I "k ^ V ^ pare often the result
'A \ \c]i ?f kidney disease. If
,. (I ^ pi kldnoy trouble 13 alk^v^\\
IK \ \\ & lowed to advanrn thn
U kidre y-poisoned
"*"** blooc will attack the
vital organs or tho
kidneys themselves break down and waste
away coll by cell.
Bladd.sr troubles most always result from
a derangement of the kidneys and a cure is
obtained quickest by a proper treatment of
the kidneys. H you are fueling badly you
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extraordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
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cures of th's mor.t distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and sold
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this wonderful new discovery
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tolls all about it, both Home of Swamp-Root,
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I reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
j the name. Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
, Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
j N. Y., on every bottle.
I rule, is fast drifting into that condlj
tion which invariably marks the deca
| dence of republican forms of governJ
incut. We are building up an aristocracy
of wealth who know no lini'ts
! in their demands, who even now hold
(the destinies of the republican party
! in their hands and whose arrogance
and presumption dictates to the president
himself. When so-called popu|
lar government is based upon decrees
| issued from the bank vault instead of
J tlu> ballot box, labor will be robbed
and degraded and liberty itself tram|
pled under foot. Such has been the
| history of other republics that exist
now only in history; such is the trend
of events with us."
Taken With Cramps.
Win. Kirinse, a member of the
bridge gang working near ldttleport
was taken suddenly ill Thursday niirht
with cramps and a kind of cholera
I lis case was so severe that ! o had
to have the members ot the row wait
upon him, and Mr. Gifford was called
and consulted, lie told them ho had
a medicine in the form ot* Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera u. .5 O'o rlioea
Remedy that he thought would help
htm out. and accordingly several doses
were administered with the result thot
the fellow was able to bo around ne>:t
day. Tiu? incident speaks quite highly
of Mr. Clifford's medicines.?Klkatier.
Iowa. A runs.
This remedy never tails. Keen it
in your liomc, it may save lite. For
sale by Pickens Drug Store, Marie's
Drui; Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tf
Chairman Taggart Announces Officers
of Democratic National Committee.
At Indianapolis Wednesday 11 lyrlit.
Chairman TaKK?rt announced the following
members of the national executive*
National Committee?Delancey Nfcoil.
vlc<< chairman. .\'< \v York: George
Peabody, treasurer. New YovkAJttotK
Kx-ciitive Committee \V. I'MM
hail, chairman v,...
.. ovopftiiM
Belmont. Now Y< rk; John It. McLean,
| Ohio; ?" 11 it? ? 1 State; Senator Thomas
S. Martin. Seottsvil'o, \'a.; Colonel
.J. M. Cuffey, Pittshurv. Pa.: ox-Cnltod
Stales Senator iaiv.es Smith, Now,
ark. N. .1.; Timothy ! '. ll>an. Wattkosha,
Chairman Taijga-' made the- followj
I;ik statf niont:
*"vri?campaign nxeeut \e commit|
too will have the advico of Senator
I fiornian'i judgment and extern nee in
he campaign. lie r.vnv iny to keep in
; close toneh v. i h t !i management at
all i lmo.4.
"Such o'hor co:;;mi'.teis as are
loomed noee-.-ary will le appointed
laf r.
"The executive committee will meet
it the Hoffman house. New York city,
Monday mornin", \ujpnt 8. at 11
Cholera Infantum.
i This disease lias lost its terror:?
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrho' a Uemedy came into general
Iuse. The uniform success which at.
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Id Car Load Thornl
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servei ?' which is t lie slvronj
eir w.A meiican skill and
palaver with Brass 15
?lightest running, st
ban ks
whore j
l Ion.
ember At Brown Bui
i inatio
! ,?53SS55I5221W
crs fr
| on? o!
i grown In numbers so r.i; idly th\i /n/i'j'
j a thousand angry men wore trying
i to get at the strike breakers. The 'ujj
' crowd was armed with bricks an.l (-*? :<' Sll
| stones, and when the policemen, as- ?lu|
I si.sted by reinforcements, started for- 'Ju(j
ward every man who could find room thug
enough threw a brick. Two brick Ma
I struck two policemen, who dropped
I their tracks. It was found that ot in I
I of the rficn, Patrick Ryan, was SMifer- ttnuou
i Ing from a fractur d skull. The other M"8r': /],
i pollc.:man was not s riously hurt. The j7a
police made another charge an,l fully Ls^var '|-g
fifty of the rioters were beaten to the th? be> '
| pavement by the use of clubs before Mr*. \
i wrltfta \ ^
I they showed any signs of scattering, othor i \
i They then turned their attention to tafee w
i I than It
I thos> who wore 1 yincj on the ground I ?ndyo
and succeeded in arresting twenty*
i eisht. iais, w
L roent
hoi no q
Game at Atlanta Stopa Whesls of Leg- mnnoi
i8iation in the Houso. ?">'
A I 1 ? Bhould
A member of the Georgia houso of
; representatives suggested during the tor
afternoon session Wednesday that it J^nd'rr
would he necessary to go to the baso.
ball park to find a quorum. ?1 !1J
One of the representatives who I UVi
I W '
| nndo a count said there were only aeventy-two
prespnl. It was manifestly
impossible to transact business of any
' consoqupnoe with so small an attendance,
and as a result the consideration
of the 'vi"i/r^
greatp^ou money. Call and tje.t our nric
t ho staj 1
little hj
v.HUC(?-M()IT()W (
A si ^ ^^ 0^ i
' KittPIl I
I . _ .. I ll<' ' ii: M> f riC'.d* ' ' M ' S .11' M A N llcrr iv :ill. !
j t< adHU' i. iiih'c . in n i ;i< 1 - ihi< | if I'orntii'i I" ke n ni
i friend 1 ' ';i>n nt' tin- iii< i t<i
v.ilui- hi Hie ii|i|>r>-.i< liiii;; pllimu'v. 1 11>
Colic, <
' 1 holl^l *1 lli?' ? Ii- t? i ir>ii ??l* mini) friend I In n l>y I
e , i " ' ' ..>"11 ii < iiiidiilii(i' lor ilie <>l)i I i
alter til on<i .I'i i;i'ii> ci ill lit y. HII l>Jt*(*t to Hie neHoii j
tlrf'lv I ' ?" I? !!??>? r?ii i<- t-nri \ ut ttic Mm.roiH'liiii ' in
' |>rliiuiry. I? A. IVMMUM I I |h
remedy j ki
i i, , I ' if >\ hi < t nr,-ell ii famiidfttiiiiSffcfcu..
I..-: inn. ul.jffl lo II' '(gUMM
i Store *' i'fiiK'finii'" Voters nt the up|>i
. |>riinn i \ \\ . ('. lilt A M
tPT, hi: ,
I lnrvtiy >i titi4 > ii in ? ins fir n fundi' IMPROVE!
< oronn . i'i k 11 ^ ?' i m \ . iilijti ( t<? lhrftA
E> i?l i!; - Diiiiiii ititli' voters us Mir itf?|? "
I > r 1111 - r > .1 Tptly. ghir
Bantii "Jr Saws,9
_ " n Governor
Monday uiguv .. ..... . jfcuppHti, 3<
an Illinois Central pasapfn ho. I qL'9 th# twopn
Floesmore and M. nboutj ,siting to adv.n
twenty-flve tnllog fromJI' Rovl
oral of tho passenger ! robbnd, / XL61 Jl-f l, ii
and i? Is ?:ald that r,nn/who rn I Tip
filstod wan r.oriously V by Hi<. I f]:tMt' ""uii Syru<
robbers. The tr.iln spvJaJJ
bou-.id lor St. f.otils v/|s.'on;*j|at I
L [Iwberry, S. C.-W. H. Harris, Chief
f| tpolice of Newberry, i:ays: "I snf- ?>
U for n number of years with
ley complaint. Thoro was a dull (
jig across tlio small of my buck
Iwas worse at night and made mo
miserable all the time. The kidney
tlonw were dark and full cf scdl* jk
h I, and lack of coutrol compelled
k jo rise a number of fines during fl
(lljrlit. Between this nnnovmtp#
the backache It was impossible ? /W
J?e to tfet ni?oh R]epp aud ray L
u was bolus; undermine'!. t tried
. mber of remedies. ;< -'-c noiifiBj 1
j\ i got'Dean's Kidney
^he une of this remedy accordd-o
dlrect.'ons promptly brought
<11 a change for the better. After
two boxes the backache all left
r, ai [lie kidney secretions cleared up
he action of tho kidneys became
?EE TRIAL, of this gr^at kidney
ino which ..ured Obl?f Harris
>e mailed on application to any
:?r tho United State;!. Address
? -Mllburn Co., Buflplo, N. Y.
JJBJi)y all dealers; price, | fifty cents
-thwcrms Muot Have Moisture.
thwcrms cannot llvo without
^ ^ 4,1?' - |? nlan ^Pnondnnt
J ' vv vur?j; iu?u wuu
4> n 'I !t- During droughts they buret
I.J ( J town to moisture, often three or
feet, and It is only after ralntt
,v/k>(ng humid weather, or In damp
Wrr/1 that they may be d"g up Just
?> w |.r ^i,e surface, or ar?> seen reachij,,]-.
"far out of their holes, or even
to J J I.,]nngon the surface to new locall1
'Ol 1 ( Boncra"y at Vegetable /
1 ' <-d often grows upjm pavements, j
worms frequent ; such . plasevs. V 1
iftpy cra^VoporJ the lhard 'aide- I
s and cannot btfvi'fw dolvn again.
' are found In gratest1 nuinhors 1
{I 1^ ever there Is d< aylp.it; vogotaOi
Worms are frle is of man and
3 an Important ecoiu mlc pur.?St.
1 ^RfevAHouiiolJHercsily
^ Pill a SCROFULA,
|| Mh 1 ULCER8,
? O ^Vj ZEJ every (form of f
nant I SKIN
IL ERI "ION. betides/
boi efficacious In
ni iirY.Tj / ton up
' V v v *\Tt ALMy an? ,,oLrina.,h? ??"'
/ 1/ iMLI'V otitutu when impaired
"" ^ from causo. It is a
Lie. and iU almost natural heeling
r KKkvw u, litios iujtifv us in gua aeing a enre of
* J5?followed.
^ IXTL ?rc ?<?"* ov' T^T; rrR,F9\.
FREE *? "? ' ? ?!>?" lnf?ii??tloq. '
. tara
' * ? ---%,Jourses (? ,. <
its arc all the rage and ?
<*ry suit guaranteed. It 1
that was bought before
Joinpaiiy. f\
SS222S s
j{ ' {i
I licroli.x nnnOli:n'(? niyM-lf a c*?;ll?litlnlo It,. & SS
tire oi I'ii'kcn- township,
i ilio action nf ihi' Demo,Till|r primary
.11 \V. I. JKNK/,.
For tl'-- *?*
I im'h'>-ytiiiuoiiiM < inyuolfn <An<lii|Hie
ii idr I'li kciix township m, ? ' 7*1
'S41V """ ii'iii ni'Ji'iLv ''?
0 and Bollera . i - " 'owii 5leR8" J/ ?H
M,"?. Corn fr'HJ H,
^WpTf.eth,Pat*nt.nf k:jJ
B- Full line E_ . j- > V h v ?
""I lor fro, Cafi^u.. S . vV . "J

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