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AwtUu TmU Now Dominate* ths
Otfl of Artistic Product That
la OtaturlM Old.
' "From mi artistic point of view it
flaay Mem absurd, but it Is nevertheless
truo that American taste dominates the
output of Turkish rugs," said a man who
h&l tnmla a alttHw #UIxAAuMfi.l
products of the orient, to a Philadelphia
Record reporter. "Any importer will
bear me out in this. Of course, inasmuch
as the Armenians and Turks who make
these rugs hare no power looms on
which to reproduce exact copies, 11
would Ma?i ridiculous to suppose that
more than one rug of the same pattern
and design could be turned out. But the
American dealer haa learned to know
pretty much what aovt of rug appeal*
to the American buyer, and he says to
hie a#ent on the other side: 'Make me
a lot of rugs that look as much like thi?
as poMlble.' 80 the native weavers, on
their hand looms, do their best to copy
the colors of a special design that is put
before them. This handicaps thorn, for
theee untutored artisans have their own
Ideal*, Just as a painter of pictures has.
and It is galling to be thus restricted. It
la also not very gratifying to realize that
iso rica American, who Is often the par- I
T?nu, with no idea of art, should dictate
the output of an artistic product that is
centuriM old. But the rich American is
the greatest buyer of oriental rugs, and
must b? considered."
11 HkntagM In Brittany Towns Are
(MtbrtM on a CHtwx Dajr
in tk? Yeas.
Rebellion would eoavulse any state
in Amrtei if the law or custom should
order that all marriage* should he
solemnised together ou one particular
4*7 la the year.
Such is the strange rule In that queer
section of Brittany near Bre?t, where
stand the little towns of Plougnstel
Bad Daoulus. Besides, the young worn- '
en of this section know nothlug of the i
Joys and the heartpangs of courtship. I
The inhabitants seem to be either of |
Spanish or Asiatic origin. In each village
Is a matchmaker, called the |
"bastaUlne," who arranges marriages.
He needs only the approval of the parents
of the parties moet interested.
The marriages being arranged, all the
brldei, however unwilling. and aJl the
bridegroom*, howavar unhappy, meet
t the church door, the women flocking
oo one aide, the men on the other.
The brldee and bridegroom* Jo4n each
other before the altar In turn.
After the wholesale wedding there In
a common banquet, which 1,000 guoute
attended thia year, earning from all the
B?df' to Slap a Iaadfvl offttara
flftta Itm ot Xuabande
or Townsts.
' The wobm* oI the commonalty are
roduble and vlxenleh. and ever ready to
alap a handful of elan into the oyes of
A ViighAdrl -Of iiitn thrvaft *\t u HmiH o?\?1
shrinking tourist?should the occasion
arias, says Outing. The women of the
upper class sre rigorouaif excluded
from masculine eyas and a hearty vote
of thanks la due the committee who
fathsrsd thla unwritten law. Thedalnty
little Japanese munniee, teetering along
In aandala or on wooden g?ta, la a genuine
relief to the eye after a view of the
uncomely Corean female, and It la a
pleasing reflection that Nippon Is slowly
but surely spreading her standard
over the hermit realm.
Until Corean boys are married and
acquire the peeudo dignity of the topknot.
their hair ta ?nm trlrl in
twin plait* down their backs. So much J
<lo they resemble girls that It Is sometimes
difficult to determine the sex, and
one Is oftentimes uncommonly surprised
to observe what he Is positive are two
girls sprawling and viciously fighting In i
a Oorwn street.
Hindoo Thieve* Would Hot Steal the
"Doctored" Oil Uaad !n AmtrUnn
The prejudice against blood that in '
a part of the religion of the Hindoo* j
has been made to s?rve a useful purpose.
Whan the American engineers
were building an electric power station
in the Myeore territory In southern
India they found that something
was wrong with the lubrication of the
machinery. The oil disappeared. They
discovered that a Hindoo must, by his
religion, take a periodical bath in oil.
Tie workmen had drained the bearings
for bathing purpoeee.
How to atop the thieving was a pussling
problem until some one solved It.
The Hindoo does not eat meat and
lie will aot touch anytning that has
blood in it Two or three animals
were killed, therefore, and blood was
dripped luto the bearings. There wa? >
no uoore stealing of oil, howover many 1
other things were stolen.
The H*r?roi. |
The Hereroe, now In rebellion against !
Germany, here a pretty fair opinion of !
themselves and of their chief. One of I
their eongs begins: "What Is the king
of England, what Is the king of tier- I
many compared with thee, O Mahereo, J
first among all princes? Hare they ho
man? cattle aa thou? No! Who in so
mighty aa art thou?" The Horeros de- 1
ssplee Europeans. The name for a Kupean
la "otylrumbo"-?"whlte thing."
| Aactenta Had Tina, 7^ 1
' pins hate Hat found among thp
KgyptUr ?-mmles and In lhf- prrhlnfri,
* , '
' '^v 'V
Km*!r Advlee for H?ek?e?cn Who
Am Deiironi of Obtalaiag m
tioud Crop of Hoa?r<
We want to build all bur coloniea of
bewa up strong, for those that are
strong in numbers arc the only ones
we can count on to store a good crop
of surplus. One of ti?e greatest drawback
to successful bee keeping is that
there are so many weak colonies on
hand at the beginning of the honey
flow that it takes them through the
short honey harvest to become strong
enough to store hbney. . Each and
every hive should be overflowing with
bees at the beginning of the principal
honey harvest, for when they are thus
very populous they can be depended
upon to do good work, if the season ia
Too maiiT colonies run short of oro
vision (hiring spring when they ar?
building up, and the result Ik that they
are crippled in force, for they canuot
ronr a brood without plenty of food in
the hive or have daily access to a flow
of honey. Feeding is the only method
that will bring them up to standard
requirements, hence they should bt
liberally fed.
Weak colonies may be brought up
strong very rapidly by giving thum
some brood from the stronger ones,
but we must exercise care in this or |
we will cripple the strongest ones and
be 110 better off than before. Draw
only on extremely strong colonies tc
strengthen weak ones. If we have col
onies that lire in danger of swumiing
before the honey season is properly on
we can draw from them and thus cheek
them from swarming.
It i? always in order to save frame*
of honey over from one season to another
for the purpose of supplying
the bees with honey in spring. Thi?
la the most simple and easiest way of
doing it, beside* the most sure. Kee{
otT nil surplus boxes during spring anc
confine the bees to the brood ahum
ber until near the approach of th<
honey harvest.?A. H. l)uff, in Farmers'
m A?w?|ta?nl Which Afford* H?rfcat
l'ru4??tlon front llsivlu,
Cats and other Thlevri,
In the illustration In ?hmi-n ? ????/
arrangement for protecting halfgrown
chickens from hawks and eat*
The wire netting' is two-inch mesh, unc
the aide find end hoards may reach anj
height. The coop at the end give#
protection at night and during tlx
day from mn and rain. Of couruu it
may ho made of any dimensions to suit
convenience. We have neon such run*
only one foot high unci we have nueii i
them five feet Sueh an arrangement
i* quite routlj, but it giveM |>er
feet protection, and sines all trouhlt
with hirdu flying over.? Farmer it' lieview.
l'owltrr Thrive <?u It lli-onu** It Con>
tals* Uvnrruui I'r uiior t Ion j
of It loli lilnit*.
Bran In excellent for poultry, anil
one i>oint in favor of bran is that
it contain* a much larger proportion
of lime than any other cheap
food derived from grain, and as the
ahull* of eggs are composed of lime
it is essential that food rich in lime
be provided. 11 may he urged that
the use of oyster sheila will provide
lime, hut it will be found that
it is the lime in the food that is
most Hcrviceahle, because it is in a
form that can be better digested and
assimilated than carbonate of lime,
says the American Fancier. I
Clover is also rich in lime; and
when u metis of cut clover and bran
is given the fowls they will need no
oyster shells or other mineral matter
as a source from which to draw
the nupply of lime for the egga. I)<?
not forget that in summer, however,
the line of all kinds of foods should
be lined with judgment. If the hens
have a free range give no food at all
as long as they are laying, but if
they begin to fall olf, let bran be the
lending ingredient of the food allowed.
In winter the lirmi nrnl i>liivur
are even more essential, as the fowl#
cannot then secure green food on the
U?v* l,??rn?d ? l.eaaun.
Those who stick to the old method
of netting hens, and there are many
thousands who do, have learned valuable
lessons from the incubator,
suyu an exchange. First: They have
learnud to ehooKe eggs of uniform
size and of perfect shape, with Hound
shells. Aw incubator chickens do not
have lice, they have learned, secondly,
to dust thoroughly their hens before
setting, and two or three times
during the period of incubation.
Thirdly: They have learned to use
clean nest boxes and clean bedding.
They confine the liens to coops and
take great pains to place proper food
and water before them. Fourthly:
Many test the eggs under hens, fidlowing
the example of the machine
men, and after testing three sittings,
for example, and throwing out the
infertile eggs, place the live eggs under
the two hens and re-get the third,
thus gaining time and compelling
"Ridfiy" to do her full ?biu*e of the
Window Shades
Iron Beds, Woven
Springs, Stoves, Tim
? Lamps, Lanterns, and a
tides about a Home or Far
on us and look through our
cost nothing for you to k
in showing you 01
you buy
or i
\V. T. J
i ii ii
Ml Tasini!
llvfr w a i l l.diamonds,
out <;
Don't full to w<' our
itiiy r\m
4- DON'T 1
11 you want
Best Bargains Yon E
From now unti
to close out our lin
mcr dress goods, for
don't want to carry
money locked up in t
2nd. ()ur store
over with goods, and
have the room, as la!
begun to come in.
For the above
made prices that \vi
talk and sell a lew
made prices that will
and clo it quickly,
choice, come at on<
money bring chickei
Yours in earn
These are essential to
1 that money can buy and as cl
A 1.1. OF OUK S'
We buy in small enough
fresh. Anything we sell can
is behind every sale. Come to
General Tlerchandise at
Your patronage is solicits
ciated. We. strive to please, ai
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1 VV/V/II I.) " liv-li 111 IVM* II, XI
)ok and wc take pleasure
nr goods whether
I, Eicliisiiei
Ii?<? of Art Pottery.
S, The Jeweler,
-?-<o??? ?MM
niss IT *
sonic; of the
Iyer Got in Your Life
I August ist we want
e of spring and sumtwo
reasons: ist, We
them over and have
hem that will not turn,
is small and running
we are compelled to
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So if you want first
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Pick ens,
A Bargain
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a fortunate purchase enable* me to sdl it at I
or $;>.75 l?ir a 1(0 M>. sack.
<1 r. fruit jaiH 0">e |t yi^l. ^,r' <'?1 1st> aie
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:< and 4l hh-iih hrogans best made all si/.i s \\
slices ai $1.20. MensVioi, perfect! / solid, a!
mer or Silver Leaf Soda SWe. Hrfxi Oompoun
lhovvns Mule Tolmeeo pe ln>x !5 pi
to inove'the goods out. I'roduce an I Toba<
T D H/
/C>-, WE want to dispose ol
to move them quickly wil
? AT C
_j^JrAll of our line of Crocke
Pitchers. : : : :
$1.50 Howl and Pitcher to gc
ate reduction all through these lin
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The Suit or Over
perfectly anil lo
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we alter it until it
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M v M eci t
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? n ? irn t
r certain lines of goods, and
11 sell
ry, Glassware and Bowls and
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: : : : V>
picked over and make your
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o* - .wi <Jr.;
i'et,orifPr-r^r .: .i*""
' i i- v* s . \ * rr
?ppjsia if
\ Ark.,
:iCUlAE?fi??f .1
?anwi11 wlk
coat you buy here fits yc|
oks well ro matter in whJ
il or sit. ... ?-i** |
ade to I t iMtn as they a
he. It it does not fit at fi
does fit.
in style, of the most wort
:d in the most perfect mann<
STOCK oi; c;oods
f some dry ooods, shoes and- k
I want to make room ton f
* * .1'
ivia rKet v
\:v. MK I
arc nnul to son the boys, bi
) ; 1
:y streak, ]
i i
( J. D. MOORE. |
U Ui
lljiats buying rt /,
HDS fei
p- *" ^ I flHIll'!
V thH,
t Sale *'4
I ENS Low Out? nuirtt go.
d 8i/os to fit overybody. 'ftJ
;Jatton. jj||

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