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Catered April 28,1906 nt PickeuB, 8. O., rb necoml olnnH 8, 1879.
. ?
(/ - Our RU
II ^'nc 's
l\ T^M)* especially
)j r/M anc^ ^c
f/ II \\ will i 11 ten
11 L- S> ^r00tl
\i Syringe
// A good
\\ tain Syr
u Pickens Di
If ?Drugs i
yi N. B.?Our air
(I want and
A Great Opportuni
A AT A 1
If You Don't take
277 acroa within 3 milon of
balance iu original forest. Fin
plenty oi water. Terms to suit
00 acres good farm land on
known as the John Kada place.
One acre lot with good i
Pickens. This ia a regular ana
ctckis. C4
y D. HOI
Offloe ftt Depot.
m By Careful and cons
M Hank largely increases
J We solicit your busi
^ every reasonable accot
Window Shr
Iron Beds, Wo
Springs, Stoves,
Lamps, Lanterns, ai
tides about a Home or
on ns and look through <
cost nothing lor you
in showing yc.
you L
V - , ? . -I
1 AI
Imost cpmplete, li
our line of Fam- AM) li
mntain Syri iges 11
ingc"1* 1.00 J
rug Company, ff
Sc Stationery.?-^-- (I
n is to have what you JJ
to sell it to you right. f(
I 1 - 1 - . 1 - . JU J J!?L?_
ity to Buy Real Estate
Advantage o! it NOW
Six Mile church, 70 acrea in cultivation
0 timber. Frame tenant dwelling* ani?
Southwept side of Six Mile mountain,
Price $700.
">.room house on Easley street, town of
p. Come at once before some one else
1 HFP & n
Piokcns, 8. C.
J. Mel). llRUCE, m
Ctixlnor. m
EWS, S. C. I
$ 20,500.00 #
11,000.00 |
- 105,000.00 J
tant work the business of this M
every year. m
ness and will extenci to you ^
nodation. M
i _ 1
II l l l I
I V J list
ed a nice lot
ides, Hed Lounges,
ven Wire; Cots, lied
Tinware. Crock(?rvw;irf*.
_ J ?
nd a lot of other useful arFarm,
and we invite all to call
Din Rooms when in town. It
to look and wc take pleasure
>u our goods whether
my anything
>r not.
Illlll ;
From Cateechee.
It looks this morning (Monday)
uh though there is going to be a
freshet. More wiiter has fallen
since Saturday evening, last, than
had fallen before in twelve months.
CropB are looking well.
The writer had the pleasure<U
attending the Weslcyan camp
meeting near Central yesterday.
The tent is situated about one mile
northeast of Central in a very appropriate
place. The tent covers a
considerable spacu of ground and
will seat several hundred people.
A restaurant is being run nearby
for the accomodation of thosu who
don't care to bring meals with
thorn. Meals are served at the
restaurant at 20 cents. Mr. C. A.
Dun woody, of near Pondleton is
the manager. A refreshing spring
of water is not vory far from the
They have four sermons a dav,
namely: 8 a. m. 11 a. m. 5} p. m.
and 8. p. m. We wero told that it
would go on until the 15th inst.
Rev. Geo. Folder preached yesterday
at 11 a. m. and hia wife at
8 p. m. Rev. Mrs. Folger never
confined herself to any particular
text, but preached from Rnth as n
whole. She held the undivided attention
of the audience lor one
hour, and at the closo of her talk
Rave an invitation to tho mourners
bench. We mnat. tnv wn rlnn't fl.inlr
there was a single dry oyo. The
writer will drive 25 miles to hear
her proach ognin if an opportunity
presents itself.
It is real touching to lioar her
tell what it cost her to become a
christian. She says she wum east
from a Vvealt.hy and refined home
because sho sought Jesus at a little
school house one night whero a revival
was being carried on.
Miss Wilson, of Belton, ih visiting
her sister, Mrs. K. N. Whit
mire, of this place.
Eugene Wright nnd wife, of E.vhley,
are visiting the former's falhor
.Tnl\i? W
Mrs. I). J. Prince has boen confined
to Iht bod in Greenville with
typhoid fever for some time. IT?<r
' husband says she will soon be
able to be brought borne. Dr. Car|
penter 1h attending her.
Mrs. .T. A. C. Teat and children
visited at Central yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jae. Daly, of Atlanta,
is stopping with Mrs. Ilondereon,
of this ])lnco.
.lames Whiten, the clever and
efficient postmaster at Norris, re,
turned from an extended visit to i
[ Atlanta last week. Ilis sister and I
brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Garvin, accompanied him. Mr.
Gurvin is an engineer on the Southern
between Atlanta ami Toccoa.
Miss Mary Hughos, of Richland,
S. C., has a nourishing school .,1
this place. Miss Ballontine is assisting
Mrs. L. H. Vuiighn has heen very
low, but iB reported some better.
Mrs. Noblettj of Greenville, is
visiting her brother, C. A. Cams,
of this place.
Well, wo have always boen
taught never to tell tales out of
school, but as Cony is continuously
running to the teacher with
something tryiiur to get us whipped
we are forced to let little things }
out on (!ony that are sorely against
our will. 1st. Now, as everybody
know*, (it's no secrot) Couy is niul
has been a vowmI candidate for
matrimony for very near 22 years.
Of coui'Ko lie ha? never been elected
ywt, but I am here to tell the
dear readers of this paper tliat it
it> it t l>ecauKe Cony hnsn't made
#ood use of hie franchising power,'
Bleat your soul, we are told that
i he let it < ut to a confidential
friend that he had not only pro?
Pf .
twoen tho Blue Ridge and Soa
Hoard in South Carolina, but ho
had canvassed Atlanta sometime
ago and was equally as unfortunate
there. We understand that he
asked his friend what he must. do.
Now of course it is useless for
us to give Cony any advice, for
like Collins' he has got a head, and
lie lints with it whether he hits
anything or not But when we
a poor fallable being on the wrong
A ...,.1 I iL - - ?
i wuu , iiuti iruuze mm It 18 IIOl I11B
desire to he there if tie could possibly
avoid it, we jusst can't help
catching at his coat taila to null
hitn back.
Now, Cony, our advice is to pull
down your marriage signs, call in
your advertisements for a wife, pull
ofl' those striped eockB and Blipperc,
stewed shirt and fried collar, wrap
your feet in a good homo-knit pair
ol Bocks and brogan shoos, don a
shirt spun from cotton made at
home, go to the field and come
down to it lor two or thrco years,
bo egonohiical, and wo guarantee
the assertion t.iat at the end of
that time you will not have to advertise
for a wife. "A tree is
known by its fruit."
Cony says bin thoughtB havo not
boon metaphorical. .lust exactly
aw wo ox pec ted. It is an awful pity
that an bright and intelligent a
young man as Cony onco wan
would let bis mind become so concentrated
upon marriago as to
blight, bis In st day. Yes, we fnar
it has done dwarfed bin useful life.
We havo nnlv nnn Imnn ff.pnnnv
and that is if Juno Sweetner fails
to put lovo enough to him to save
him ho is euro a gono being. But
just ono word to June Sweetner:
l?o euro and don't put too much
love at a timo right upon the go.:
Owing to Cony's weak condition |
he can't stand much at a timo
He has had ton much put to him 1
now, Timo ie too precious for ub i
to nuiAo Cony any longer, so Juiib'
Sweetnor, save him if you can.
The county candidates will
n|n-iiK ?n ? iitufvwicu on oamniay,
the 27th iust. nt "2 p. tn. Everybody
that, wants to hoar thorn i? invited
to come.
Miss.-8 Noltih an<l Lola Kelloy
visited Mr?. Chas. Hendricks at
Liberty lait week.
Mr. Ktid IIondric,k8 visited at 15.
I*. Kelley's last. week.
Mr. Oliver Holt, ??f Laurena, visited
bin sister, Mrs T. M. Norris,
of tliis place la.st wrnk.
Mr. and Mrs Iloht Child, of!
tfnalot' wl I? I ? r ' lv ; 1.1 I.. I I
ivuoii'j y t i^n v*i u> *. \/ii i iu JUri
Sunday. ,
I'rof. \V. A. I'or tor has just
closed n ten days musical M'.hool
ut Fairview M. E. church. B.
Nollce to l)ul>tor<? mikI Creditor*.
All persons having claims against tinestate
of John I. Williams and KlizuUsh
Williams, dcctas'd will pn s lit tin*
same duly J<?ttes;? <1 for payment hy the
!k' 'lay of October, Hex I* These indebted
to paid I'sMir must make payment
to It. H. Wi'liiimu,
J. M. Wi''iani8,
Vdmin Orators,
Aiik- 11. 11104. With wi" annexed.
Noticc of Election
Ptiisuant to an act of the Genera1
Assembly providing for Cotton neither
for Pickens ('. 11. Tow iship noticc is
hereby Kiveiuh at hp election for ch
Cotton wek'her wi 1 be held on S:i urday,
Anoint 20 h. 10 )1, at Pickens. C.
II.. to he held in the Court Hop e building.
I'olls will <> en at. 10 a. in. and
closrt at *> p. in. Toe following *viJ1 act
f?H nUIII.'ll'IM H (if M- <! Iilncllllll' I I.' I
K. A. liowpn. .1 L Thorniey.
This, Auk. 2, W. T.MoFiiM,
DR. J. H. BURQE55,
H'ONKCA, - S. c.
( fllco over Nim rnons Store, Do e
hou i ! a. in. to 1 p. in. ? 'i p. in, to
U p in.
About the Road Law.
I 1 overlooked the other constituItiouul
amendment and agree with
what A Voter says in his article on
it* It ie a very important matter.
The name road law will not suit
our rough, rocky, mountainous
country an the perfectly level,
sandy, lower country. -I hnve often
hoard members of the lower
counties tell how they dreaded
their journey home, because when
thoy left the railroad they had 30
nr forlv miloo tn mirol ??"?<
J vv/ C*H1J
stop of it through deep sahd, the
hoi'Bo and buggy Kinking deep into
it, bo it was very hard on the horse
to make it in a slow walk. Don't
suppose some of thoBe roadB have
needed work since Gens. Green,
Lee, Sumter ami Marion used
them. That country BtaMs the automobiles.
We might make Home
sand pits to trap them.
P, S. I suppose the cities and
towns will soon be rich enough and
good and liberal enough to give ub
some money.
Ficksns Railroad Company
'I'.Mi; TA 11LK NO ?
Su|iei>c?lesTtiuu ThIiIc Nu !i
I'.it ecuvu.uiK. 10 iivi
Rend Down Head l.'p
No I- No 10 , STATIONS Noll N?? 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4:40 j?m 10:40 am iv Pickens ar 'J:55pin 0:30 |>m
4:?5 pm 10:45 am l'erKUKon 2:4fij>in B:ir> pm
4:66 pm 10:55 am 'Parson's 2:30pin 6:15 pm
5:00 pm 11 :Oo am Arliill'M t!:*i5pm B: 10 pm
5:10 pm 11:0f> nm * Mini Id ill S.'-Mpiu fi:05 pin
6:15 pm II: 15 am ar Kaslcy Iv 2;5p m B:00 pm
Klug Stations
All trains daily except Sunday
No. 10connects with Southern Hallway No :fl)
No 9 connects with Southern Railway No IS
No. 12 connects with Southern Kail way No II
No 11 connects with Southern Railway No 40
fST"Kor any information apply to
J T TAYLOR. Uen Manacicr
H. Snider,
....Watchmaker and Jeweler....
Old Postoffice Building,
Handles a full line of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry. Repair
work receives prompt attention.*,
v.\ v.\
Mauldin 4 Proffitt,
PickeiiM, S. V.
liiuckHinithinK and Woodwork,
BugjjjieH Hepaintnd and striped flame
All Work Guaranteed.
For YOUNU WOMEN, Roauoke, Va
opens Sc|.( .'? Iikh. One of the U'udiug
ScIiooIh forNouiiK I.wlli'* 111 the South. N?w
IiiiIUIIiik. iiittiHiH ami o<|ul|>nici)t. Cimpux ten
ncroH, (irntiil mountain Kceucrvln Valley of
\'itk iii>?. fiiineil for hi'Hllli. Kuropenn unit
American teai-lii-rH. I'llll coiithc. ('onxcivntorv
nilviintiiKCM iii Art, MiikIc hih! Klonitloti Cortillcntcs
WellcHlfy. stiiileiitH from :#> Stale*
l-'or <'HtHl(>Kiie HiltlrehH
M ATT I KP. HARRIS . President, KoauoVe, Vr
I V L J gJ * L J ^J|
?*8MH ~ / l 1 1 J t I |L i|
4h9 at^a 1 4 k I fi
Tnadc Marks
rrvTTv Copyrights Ac.
Anyone tending a n ketch unci detorlption may
quickly aacertnln our opinion fro# whether an
Invention I* prohably patentable. Corainunlcatiling
qtrlctly confidential. HANDBOOK on I'atanU
?ont free. OldOHt nuenny for securingpatent*.
Patents takon through Munn A Co. reeely*
tptelal nolle*, without charge. In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.argeat dr.
ciilatlon of any scientific Journal. Terma,f3 a
roar ; four month*, $1. Hold by all newadealers.
MUNN & Co1?6,Bro,dw-" New York
Branch offlc?. m t Ht., Washington, I>, C.
, Newt From Keowa*.
Hain has been plentiful foi- the
last two weeks in this vicinity.
Crops are very good bo far.
The school at Keowee ia progressing
nicoly with R. E. Miller principle
and Karle Miller assistant.
As it was bo rainy Suuday. Rev.
A. J. Maiily was unable to fill lus
appointment, and it was the dav
to <leci<le when the protracted
meeting would begin. I will just
nay I think I voice tho sentiment
of most of the members in asking
for it to begin Friday night, 19th
hint. So I trust our pastor will
see this and agree with us and also
publish the same*
J. W. Stewart, 'of Piedmont, is
visiting his parents and other
relatives in this section*
Mrs. Annie Allgood is visiting \
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Nimmons, of this section.
W. JW. Stewart is having a nice
dwelling built.
Voters, who do you want to lw
Sherifl"? 1 think the candidates
had betler come this way.
Mies Julia Smith, a charming
young lady of near Eftsloy, is the
guest of Mis* Essie Nimmons.
Hoys, boys, how sweet and good
tho watermelons are.
Well, Mr. Editor, news is pretty
scarce this time, and I am dull on
top of that, ho I will closo.
Nobody's John.
Mica Notes.
We will give a few dots from
this place today, hoping to escape
that much talked of waste basket.
We are having good rnins almost
overy day .now, and the growing
crops look much better than they
did a weok or so ago.
Henry Williams, of Looper, is
having him a nice dwelling orectcd
near his store house, which, wheu
complotod, will add much to his
convenience. J. Q. and K. T.
1.. A. A.~- ?
iiivuriu ??io i-uu conii-ttciurH. nonry
is a good business m?n and we
wish him abundant success.
E. II. Gilliland took his birth
day dinner on the 5th inflt. with
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Williams. He
??ys ho had a good dinner aa well
as a good time. And then on the
7th he visited at Geo. Garreng' and
there trtiey put the beef to him till
he felt it. lie says to tell the
good people that he is getting fat
now alter Having been lean bo long.
P. F. Sutherland was through
shaking hands the other day.
lilue Eyes, Solomon, th? wine
man, says: l'Bo not wise in your
own conceit, but tear the Lord
and depart from evil " Yea, wo
got our unwH from onw of vowr most
prominent member?, one who is a
soldier of Christ, fearing God and
trusting in Iliin, and \ye might Bay
one that we have all reasons to believe
gave uh the truth. Blue Eyes
take your Bible and study it carefully
and s^e if you haven't got officers
in your Sunday school that
are not tho kind the Lord would
have them to be. If you find them
o. k. according to His word, then
we will acknowledge that we are a
fool?a big fool Blue Eyes, we
believe that some of your scholars
are Hooking to advance the chuho
of Christ and His kingdom, but
you have some scholars wh think
that aro not baptized bolievers and
of course they cannot Befve as
teachers in the school, for you can
lint Mnrl ninl mttmmAi* \
ply the tflauhiiiK of hif? word ami
all will l>e well, Tauta IlogiiB.
Notlc* to Debtor* ml Orcdltor*.
All |Hrsons having claims against the
e-tta'e of H. H. Cureton, deceaaed, w.lt
proa-nk the name, duly at ten to I, 'or
payment by the Is? day ol Ootober, n xt.
Thote indi bted to paid estate will n nkj
payment t< Mary B. Cureto.i
An 4. i?) . Administrate x.

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