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Wh&t is the work 1 have douo today?
IIp.vu 1 let t u mark upou t lit- way?
A kindly word, or u pieasaut uiullo
That has lingered in some heart awhile?
Straightened a path or a erooked road.
Lightened the weight of u weary load;
Into the Shadow oi someone's night
Bent even a tiny ray of light?
Or have 1 loitered upon the way.
And left iny debts for others to pay?
Taking the good that has come to ine.
And careless what ot hers' rights may he.
? Hani s Horn.
S n-> T T T -> T ^ X T T~v 6
I infa\u )
i OF {
The sudden summer shower was
over and two children stood on tho
hotel veranda gazing wistfully at the
glorious bow that spanned the sky.
"I wish we could touch it," the girl
said longingly; "it Is the most beauti- ,
ful thing in all the world."
"Well, ' the boy returned practically,
"I don't care much about touching
it, but I'd be mighty glad to find the
end of thai rainbow."
"Don't ; u know, goosle? There's
a great pot of gold at end, and it
will belong to the pers i. who can find
it. Jiuiiny, but 1 wish 1 had it here
this very minute.
"Let's go and get it."
The boy stared at his tiny companion
in surprise. The feminine mind
was much more daring than his own,
it appeared. Did the girl really mean
that they should go off alone into that
limitless forest when they were never '
even trusted near it unless accompan- j
ied by some older person? Still, he
took another look at the briliant bow, j
This was certainly the chance of a |
lifetime, and, of course, he would not :
refuse to go any place that a girl was
willing to go.
Besides, it was her suggestion, anyway,
not his, and if there were future '
reprimands and scoldings in store he
he could say that it was she who proposed
r,n li ^ i.ntf] I.Vinlrlinrr
out his hand, ami off the two trudged j
toward, the alluring, treacherous bow,
giving no heed to the awful terror
which their absence would surely inspire.
It was nearly twenty-four hours later
that they were found. The boy's father,
heading one of the many search
parties that were* scouring the woods, i
stumbled over them, and his pale lips
sent forth a triumphant shout?for the
children were safe, and in view of that
fact all minor matters sauk into insignificant
Death had hovered too near to leave
1 vJV M11 clliy MIVU I 11 it I *11 urrp*
est thankfulness. There were no
scoldings in store for the culprits,
though hoth were questioned closely
regarding tho escapade.
Tho girl always remeinhered with
fervent gratitude that tho boy never
told any one that it was she who had
proposed seeking the pot of gold.
Tho boy rather wondered at his own
reticence, but tutor all it seemed rather
a mean sort of trick to palm tho
responsibilities of his misdeeds on a
girl! Ho kept n discreet silence on
that point, and by doing so exhibited
considerable more manliness than a
certain ancestor of us all once dis- \
P* Two weeks later the hotel closed for ,
tho season, and the girl and tho boy
went their several ways. Off in her
eastern home tho girl did not quite
rorget tne noy wno nad done nis nest
to comfort hor in the terrible forest,
and who had protected her hy his silence
when they were found.
Off in the west the hoy remembered
with a feeling of pride that the girl
had never cried during that awful experience,
and that she had never reproached
him for allowing her to go
into such peril. Of course, he should
have known better, for was not he a
boy, and the elder too?
The girl had oeen a casual summer
acquaintance and the two were effectually
separated when the brief sum
mer season ended. For several years
the boy hedged his mother each June
to go back to that place, but she had a
shuddering horror of the valley and
the mountains, and nothing would induce
her to return.
So at las! the boy gave up asking,
and the experience was crowded into
i .n ?;?v i\f,n)uun uy a iiuiKiruu ut'W jntercsts
and airrs.
Long yours after, wh? n he was a
man, playing a man's part in the world
the old desire suddenly seized him to
return to tliat place. The hotel was
still there, very modern in every way,
but somehow he felt ifored and missed
Jin intangible 'nothing which he had
imagined he would find. Me stood it
for a week, then the quiet became intolerable.
lie resolved t;i leave t!:e
place. That dav she came.
He knew ii was fait- from the very
first. He was not ordinarily inclined
to he shy, hut he felt like a raw
schoolboy in her presence.
She had many frienda at the hotel,
lint ho managed by sheer p< rsistence
to monopolize a good share of her
He could not toll whether he was
making any headway < r not. She was
friendly but very elusive, and the time
had come when he must go hack to
bis work, for there were obligations
which hi? could not ignore.
He lured h"r out tint morning for a
row. wit'; Hie promise < f a lovely spot
which the had never fomi. He was
unusually silent and she leaned back
In her corner of the boat watching him
with speculative eyes Apparently he i
was searching for some particular
nook. At length his quest appeared
ended, for ho drew the boat carefully
to tho shore and held out his hand to
her. Then they wandered over a
wooded knoll n^ar by. "This is tho
i t n ro ullfo " V* /I enM n * Inot
have Been it often in my dreams, and
here is just where the end rested."
She stared at him in mild wonder.
"No, I am not out of my mind," ho
assured her, "1 wanted to tell you a
story, and I had an unaccountable
fancy for telling it to you in this spot.
Will you hear it?"
''Is it interesting? Does It com;
menco 'Once upon a time?' "
"Of course it does. It would be an
! exceedingly poor story if it ddn't. 1
hope," and tile man's fRce grow very
I earnest, "that you will be interested
in the poor little story?but?I cannot
j be sure?
"Once upon a time' when the world
! was nearly two decades younger than
it is now, a boy and girl started from
the hotel down in that valley to find a
pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?
ot least the boy, who must have been
a very mercenary creature, was thinking
only of the gold, but tho ?irl was
much more pootic, for she cared nothing
at all for the gold. She only wished
to see more closely that wonder of
mist and light which held and enthralled
her fancy. They got lost; of
course, that was a foregone conclusion,
you know, and they were only discov
ercd ami saved by u kindly miraclo of
fate. The girl was a genuine brick,
though, and never taunted the boy
with his rashness and wickedness in
loading her into such peril. The boy
should have known better, you see, for
he was considerably older, but ho was
always a good bit of a fool. He did
not find the end of the rainbow, but
for years he dreamed of it, and in
some mysterious way he came to fancy
that tho treasure was not gold after
all. as his nurse had told him, but that
it was something infinitely more precious
than Kold. Ho was never nuit/?
sure what the mysterious treasure
might be, but ho know that when he
was a man lie must seek it here?juet
on this very spot, for it was here that
the rainbow seemed to end as the children
looked tip to it from the valley
below?just here by this little hill."
There was u silence. Her face was
turned quite away. The man looked
at her keenly and then went on with
his story in a low voice which, perhaps,
shook Jnst a trille.
"And so?and so -ho came here today.
He knows now what the treasure
is at tho ?nd of the rainbow. A woman's
heart and a woman's love. Ho
does not know whether he dare claim
it or not, but it is the gift which he !
most covets from life. And?can I
have it. dear?"
Her face was still turned away. The
man's heart had time to grow very
heavy before she sjx>ke.
"I was always wildly grateful to you
for not telling that it was actually 1 1
who had proposed the expedition?"
mil (urn i im-Hii? ne interrupted j
breathlessly, "that you were?"
"And?and?1 did want to find the
end of the rainbow, too, and it' you
think that we could, perhaps, find?it
Ho was holding her hand in a tight
elasp, and was looking down at her
with eyes full of a reverent, incredulous
joy.? Mabel 'C. Joner. in "Every
Something About Canaries.
There is no much more fascinating
hobby than of bird-keeping, and if
canaries are properly managed and
healthy they seldom fail to do well.
Canary lovers are now nnttinir tin
their birds to nest, that Ik, if thc;y are
wise enough to wait until the cold |
winds are over and Apr'l well on its
way through. The exquisite little
rollers, nature's music boxes, are particularly
well worth breeding, as the
young cocks, if they hear no alien
song, but are kept under the tuitir.n
of a really first-class parent, will probably
reproduce bis beautiful song
fairly well. It is, however, quite useless
to expect the youngsters to inherit
good voices and the desired
tunefulness, unless hens of the proper
strain are used. The common German
country canary is not the same
as the superior roller. Thousair ~ of j
common liens are sent over and sold
iu couples, at very low rate, each socalled
"pair" in a tiny wooden, cage.
These latter are not in any way con- 1
nectcd with the aristocratic rollers,
but f*very reliable dealer who sells a
first-rate cock roller knows where to
put his hand on bens of the same
strains, which are not cheap, but
worth having.
An Istmian Puzzle.
Victor Smith in the New York Press
says: "The Pouatrri canal eornmissU nc
rs are now asking pertinent questions
concerning tin- mo.l important
imlonl . /. fl... .1 i i
I1 c re it; a posi r for all Amoricann
who have not heard it before: 'How
far oast of tho c!tv of Panama, on me
I acific. is tho < ity of Colon, on the
Carrihran? The usual answer is
"About 40 miles," or the length of the
enual, which is j.i t !" miles wrong.
Colon being two miles west <,f Panama
>.s'end of miles east. (question
No. 2: 'What is the general direction
oi the cannl?' The answer will he,
ICast and west,' which is precisely
wiong, as it is north und south."
How He Knew.
The traeher in this case thought
1m r nil pi 1 Very stupid, and finally ask
"Ho you know whether George
Washington was a soldier or Kailor?"
"lie was u sol .Hep," replied he
' How do you know?"
"'Cause I saw a picture of'm crossin'
the Delaware, an' any sailor'd
li;:o*.v o?i?h r.;?t to ? tan 1 in a }>oat."
icskvkvi rsjrsjrsjrvHNjo
Cr. Nccom Gees to Philippines.
Dr. Q. K. Nesora, who Mas beon
chief of the veterinary department of
Clcnnon College, for six years, has resigned
to become assistant chief of Mie
bure:m of agriculture for the Philip
pine I ian:'p with headquarters a! Manila,
and will sail from Sail Francisco,
tlie Inst of August. His resignation
is regretted throughout this state.
Cotton Injured by Rein.
The he'ivy rains or (he past ten
days are beginning to tell on the cotton
crop. The plant is sholcTing ylrjpex
rapidly in gome sections owing to rapid
growth. Planters who predicted a
| record crop two or three weeks ago
now sr.y that they fear excessive moisture
will damiee tho cron to a rotv
sld<rable extent, especially If the hail
streak of weatli keeps up.
Malt Extract Causec Cuit.
In tho magistrates court, a few days
ago, iu Yorkville, John T>. Bowen, a
druggist, recovered judgment for $8.25
against State Dispensary Constable A
Rose for the seizure of thirty-three
bottles of Pahst malt extract, and also
for $25 damages. The constable claimed
that Bowen was selling the extract
as a beverage in violation of the
diepensary law, and that he was justified
in seizing it. The jury thought
Cotton Mill Reorganized.
The reorganization of the Capital
City cotton mill, at Columbia, was
perfected at a recent meeting in which
the new stockholders, formerly creditors,
participated. Of the ?286,700 of
stock outstanding, there was present
in person or by proxy, $260,700.
The following directors were elected:
Lewis W. Parker, of Greenville;
Francis K. Cary, of Baltimore; Robert
P. Herrick, of Boston; William
Elliott, Jr., T. J. Harper, Kdwln W.
Robertson, G. A. Guignard, J, S
Muller and A. Mason Gibbes, of Co
lu m liia.
"Blind Tiger'* Keeper Murdered.
The body of Jacob Kind, the keeper
of an illicit liquor shop, who had
heen missing several days, was found
floating in the cistern on his premises
in Charleston. There was a great
gash in the throat, several stabs in
the breast and the body was 7h u
frightful state of decomposition. His
clerk, Edward Kennedy, anas Gram,
who has been conducting the "blind
tiger" since Kind's disappearance, left
Charleston in the meantime with considerable
money and every effort >s
b^ing mode /> capture him, as circumstantial
evidence points strongly to his
Lightning Bolt Kills Two.
While at work under a tree near
the home of John I*. Clark, at Mauldin,
in Greenville county, a bolt of
lightning instantly killed Mr. Clark
and Charles B. Garrett, and seriously
injured George Thompson, wlio was
standing nearby. Members of the
Clark family, who were in the house,
were shocked and blinded by the flash,
hut none of them was hurt.
\o rain was railing at the time of
(he tragedy, though there were cloud?
Clark and Garrett fell dead instantly.
Tbe> former's body was terribly
burned ftnd bruised in places, and bis
| hair and beard were singed. Garrett's
j body was likewise burnt <1 and both
shoes were torn off. Thompson was
rendered unconscious.
Both Garrett and Clark are prominent
farmers and leave large families.
"Bard of Newberry" a Candidate.
A new method of carrying on a
political campaig? . which has been
iiir wuijjc'cm iur nuM-ri luvorame coin
monl 1r<?m tho pr<?s of the country.
| has originated in Newberry. This plan
i was conceived by Osborn Wells, can
I didntc for supervisor of Newberry
county. Mr. W lis Is one of the old
school of southern gentlemen, who lias
only recently decided to enter the political
arena, and with the aid of his
unique methods, experts to he successful
In this his fust atfrnpt. For
over fifty years he hat lived in the
1 county, nud nt this time has the uncommon
reputation of "knowing and
! being known by everyone in the
j county."
The method used by Mr. Wells in
; this cimpiign is in the >!iapo of ban !
bills, or e.iieuiniH In this respect, it
1 is not tinlike i.>ct!iods used in o'.ln r
campaigns. H it seldom, if ever, hajr.
politician tanned "dodgers" annou& :
ing his candidacy and soliciting
suffrage of hi:-. f< ilow-men in verse, : :i '
W ' n:'YW' ; ' '
? . . the
greater part of the verse of his
own creation. This Is the difference
between the modus opera,idf"Til th."special
candidate and others who i.
the past huve endeavored to Issuo
readable campaign literature. Mr.Welis
lias been dubbed the MBard of Newberry,"
because of his poetic tendencies,
a title well placed.
e *
Resort cn Chain Gnnn
The result of the investIgnCion into
the charges of cruelty alleged to have
been practiced upon chain gang convicts
hv (hose in authority was minouneed
by the grand jury at Newberry.
the past week, in their final-presentments
to the court.
as will be remembered, this investigation
was held at ihe suggestion ol
the grand jtvy several months ago.
The clause in the grand jury's presentment
relative to this investigation
is; as follows:
"Wo have vlrittd and inspected the
conditions and management of the
county chain gang and Vi'l the convicts
healthy and apparently the ob
jeets cf proper management at present.
We nave ai. o closely scrutinized
the report of the invest, g it ion neid by
order of the court by K li. Dominick,
on the itth day of Match, and divers
cays thereafter in regard to t:ie treat
mint of the convicts 0:1 the chain
gang, and whil* wo aro convinced that
pun.sntnent was used i:i txcets of the
i-mount necessary tor the control 01
same by the tcet.moiiy contained, we
aro debarred iron' further proceedings
by eircuins; .nc^s cntirc iy beyond our
centroK At tie suae time, we are
gratified to find that tne institution
of these proceedings has effected an
amelioration of the condition of the
parties mainly concerned.' '
This apparently ends the investigation,
the result of which has been
anxiously awaited by the citizens of
Newberry couuty.
* *
Strange OiEcaee Attacks Cotton.
Cotton plants in fields along the
Augusta road from Greenville almost
as far as Princeton, in Laurens
county, have b* en attacked by some
kind of blight resembling rust, but
which appears to be far more pernicious
and baneful in its effects than
either rust or what is usually known
as blight. None of the planters familiar
with the various diseases to
which the cotton plant in (his section
is subjected has the least idea what
this new enemy can bo. It attacks the
tender leaves and in a few days they
t.irn brown, will and die.
The boll is not attacked, an l the
new scourge is evidently not the dreaded
weevil. First, small spots appear
on the under side of the leaf They
grow thicker rapidly as though innumerable
little insects were feeding
on the surface and soon the entire
leaf is brown and dead. I! is not devoured
by the insects or whatever
the cause of the destruction may be.
but seems rather to be poisoned.
Is Consumption Curable?
Yes! If Kyilale's Klixir is used in
time; before too much of the lung
tissues is involved. This modern,
scientific medicine removes all morbid
irritation and inflammation from the
lungs to tlie surface and expels them
from the system. It aids expectoration,
heals the ulcerated surfaces. i<lieves
the cough and makes breathing
easy. uyuaie s n.iixir does not ?;?y
the mucous surface and thus stop th^
cough. Its action is just the opposite
?it stimulates and soothes. It kills
the serins that cause chronic throat
and lung disease and thus aids nature I
to restore these organs to health. Tria!
size 2r> cents. Large size 50 cent*
The large si.:e holds 2 1-2 times Ibe
trial size. >f
Cull# Sulkv, With Wife and Son, 315 Miles
to World's Iflir nod Wins a Wager.
A St. Louis dispatch says: Hitched
to a sulky cultivator William Hoyt
pulled liis wife and their four-year-old
son front Mollne, III., to the World's
Mr Hoy; covered the diutance of 315
nii'es in ji - t one month, winning a bet
( i ? 1/ 00. which l.ucJ Leon placcd on
'he result.
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, dizziness, dullness
and drowsiness, eoated tongue, slimy
KTtii, imu nreatn. nyoaie s i,tver
Tablets will relieve any of these symptoms
In a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. They act upon the
liver, bile, bladder and duct, intestines
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic.
Those who use these tablets find their
action perfect and results satisfactory.
Fifty chocolate coated tablets in eac.box.
i'rice, 25 cents, tf
r,r. louis tus ( shy blaze.
Bmj I'lnnt of Refrigerator Compfn f)cstroyed
with I o*s of $2.10,01 0
The plant of the American Refrigerator
Transit Company at St. Ixniis
wps almost entirely destroyed by fire
Tuesday, c.'Hailing a total loss of
about $160,(00.
The p'n'.it was valued at about $.">0,000,
til** nv>3i f>(rioux loss being th?
f!r?trn<ttoa of ' '0 refrigerator c.tii"
worth boi;t $i r; ench which w r<
in the ifpi'.r shop? an 1 on the side11ar
J.. in the c'?:upnny'j y:ir.ls.
' r
?| i i li IJ?
7 r
5?. ? & i ii "' *
Tlio Kind You Hnvo Always Bo
iu use for over 30 years, Jiu
^7 - unci has
Allow m
All Counterfeits, Imitations an
Experiments that trifle with ji
Infants and Children?Ex per it
What is CA
- Castoria is a harmless substii
goric, Drops and Soothing Sy
contains neither Opium, Morj
Niibstance, Its ago is its guaiv
and allays Feverislmess. It e
Colic. It relieves Teething' Tr
and Flatulency. It assimilate
Stomach and Bowels, giving ]
The Children's Panacea?The
yj Bears the Si
Tho Find Vaii Uom
jLiiu ivmu iuu 111111
In Use For Ove
MnaIOKN "loiitiu" U* I Hit PASM5.
.jftorqia So Ions Refuse to Go On Record
On an important Question.
The Georgia senate Wednesday (ie
clined to express itself on the question
of whether or not committee
members, viu.iing state institutions,
shall receive moooy for transportation
wken, a* a matt-er of fact, they redf
on free passes.
Acid Dyspepsia a Very Common Disease.
It is indicated l?y sour stomach,
heartburn, tongue coated and flabby,
stomach tender and bowels sometimes
loose, sometimes constipated. Person*,
suffering from Acid Dyspepsia are usually
thin and bloodless. Sometimes
the sufferer is (leshy, but the flesh is
flabby and unhealthy. A Radical cure
of ibis disease can be effected in a
short time by taking one or two Rydale
Stomach Tablets after each mca'.
and whenever the stomach is out of
order. Thev are harmless and can be
taken at any time and as often as
necessary to relieve the stomach.
Trial si/.e 2f>c. Family size, 50c. tf
Chief of Atlanta Police Department Wins
Case Before Supreme Court.
Chief John W. Ball, of the Atlanta
police force, will not go to jail. By an
ODlnion of the Georgia bud re me court
handed down Thursday in the Ba.IOrniond
contempt case, the decision >f
Judge J. H. Lumpkin, of the superior
court, in sustaining a writ of prohibition
and thereby preventing Justice .>1
the Peace Ormond from trying Chief
Ball and sending him to jaii fui con
tempt, was affirmed.
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sometimes results in
death. Thus a mere scratch, insignificant
cuts or puny boils have paid the
death penalty. It is wise to have
Bucklen's Arnica Salve ever handy.
It's the best Salve on earth and will
prevent fatality, when Burns. Sores.
Ulcers and Piles threat<n. Only 25c
at Pickens Drug Co. tf
Hank tollers and bookkeeper* shot.1.1
be good acrobats, as they have to perform
balancing feats daily.
I A high-class preparation for tht
I I glossy and prevents splitting at
j I always restores color to gray t
Cat th!? Out and reii.rn to us ioside of thirty day* tr.J r.ii
I af.d Set Watch taMhcnuiy enfrjvfd Tt?e c?S?? *re rude of
I guarantee and will *f?f i Uffi.TV* fhe ntovement mono of il
IH Clock Affair, tiuf iAMfJ.J will iuM;x?re *1th any f. f, CX? v/j|;h.
whether v?j dfjlre (tie dust pre I or I ad.et* or l?enU' )'<jfttinp
I Okkc.is Chiln, Urn Intaglio Chum, line Pair I rur ? leave II
I l't*tI Back CftlUr Button* On* fop*/ f >i?moflJ itud (ill |hr
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cent If you will remit |l4 0^ ">th order we wilt forward ?i| th<
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id " Just-ns-fyood" are but
iiwl endttiiRcr the health of
;nco against Experiment*
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[>hino nor other Narcotic
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Mother's Friend.
gnature of _
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rr 30 Years.
vv sTMirr, new vork crrv.
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~f " 1
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time*, but many yenrM
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G-I-B-B-E.-S I
Hair Renewer
; hair. Keeps the hair soft and
the ends. Cures dandruff and
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Tf f OOif? O Prt? <?lti If. ?i^ vil: One Rolled 0*14 Plelid I
uliont. One flail Ftp Collar Mutton. One Nc<kti? Holder. Two I
bill 14K Oi MPIi'fJJ Also One 5?l of 6 Triple 5llv?r Plated
er.rt yoj in .-4mr (-"I'ag*. $0 Ml#h Grade IOC. ClUll valued at
L). (>. to eny express r-fdce and allow full fJt imfnation. II 'imr
fcooJs can he retained at eui expense a ?d y?m will noi te out one
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in Cutting Waier f.o ether Turn :n the world evef made &uch?.
n*,?'+A we (tend ready to refund yoor money

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