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Train Crashes Thr
rying Scores C
Thre2 Coaches Plunge Into
Raging Waters of a
Deep Gorge on the .
Denver and Rio
Grande Road.
A speelnl from Pueblo, Colored >,
says: One of the moat terrible cat.is
trophes of the Arkansas Valley happened
at an early hour Sunday nigiit
wht-n train No. 11 of the Missouri
Pacific, known i>s the "Yvorld's Fair
Flyer," which runs over the Denver
tcvd Rio Grande tracl<3 b t'.veon Pueblo
and Denver, rrjshcd through a
bridge over an arroyo or (try creek,
noar Eden, about eight miles irotn
It is estimated '.hat of the 125 passengers
on board the ill-fated train,
between 80 and 100 lost their lives,
either under the waters of the raging
torrent, or beneath the wreckage.
Upon the c vs reaching Pueblo. :i
special train bearing all the available
surgeons and the l'l I o Grande and Missouri
Pacific officials lift for the
Horror Indescribable.
The wreck proves to "novo boon 11:10
of the greatest railroul disaster:* In
tho history of tho country. Two
crowded passenger cars and a baggage
car wore engulfed in tiio torrent,
' and ho far as known onlv three 'if the
occupants of the-o ears esciped death.
Fortunately two s'.ceplnj; cars an i a
diner, completing the train, remained
on the track at tho edg? of the
abyss, and none of their occupants
were killed or injured.
The exnet. number of victims probably
never will b? definitely ascertained,
for tho tre ichorous snnli are drifting
over the bodies. Searching for
the dead was begun about midnight
on an extensive s<5a!o. All corpses
found were removed to Pueblo and
placed in four morgues.
At right o'clock Monday night seventy-six
borlios had bean recovers 1.
and of theso fifty had been identified
During the dr?y bodies wore recover d
all the way along Fountain riwr (into
j\.. which the waters of Dry C rook enter-!
ed).t from the scone of the wreck n
Puoolo. raoro thin eight miles from
tlie point whore,the dis.istor occurred,
and it ia probable that some may bo
recovered oven further down stream.
Hovv Disaster Occurred.
Two carloads of human freight
plunged into the raging torrent 11* !*
destroyed thn trestle ovor the usually
dry nrroyo, known as Stools IIcllow.
Two sleeping cars and the dining far
fltopp* d at tlio brink < " the hungry
chasm. filled with a boiling, seething
current that qu!? Uly snnfied out probably
100 live.-;. So quietly had the catastrophe
been enaeted that the occupants
of the*three earn remaining on
the track did not realize that an acddent
nad occurred until they alighted
from the train.
Then they wore utterly powerless
to render assistance tf? the victims
who had disappeared in the rushing
waters. On the IookoiU for H ingor,
* warned by the squally clouds an I
heavy rains to the north, Engineer
Charles Hlndman wa? running cautiously
about 15 miles an hour as he
approached the rtrroyo, which was
spanned by a bridge ninety-six f<et in
length. The condition of the bridge
was not known untfl the locomotive
one of tlie monster passenger typ**,
had nearly crossed. Fireman Frank
Mayflold, with a torch that the engineer
and fireman had ourping to ase?r
tain Uio condition of the track, was
In the R?i*jj;vsny
Roosevelt Refuses to Interfero in Cose of
Negro Sentenced to the Gallows.
President Hooitevolt lias declined to
Interfere in the cant- of John W. Hurley,
a m?gro confined in the Jail of the
District of ColumbTi inder pcntence
of death for the crime of criminal 03*1
saiilt, the victim having been a little
Klri four yeuiv old.
An application wan made to the
president to commute the sentence of
Burley to iniprlsonmc nt f.;r lifo. it being
alleged that t.h<? prisoner wan of
mind ho weak aa to b'j Irresponsible
lor his crimo.
The Hussion Minister <it Washington is
I?>I?J of Imnondinq T o bin.
Socretary May bluntly told Cheklbi
fLp* , ' Bey, the Turkish minister at Washington,xthnt
the paticiue of the Amerl'
can government is well nigh exhausted.
The charge iH expected to communicate
this Information to his
home government speedily.
Choklb Bey had no Instructions from
the porte when he called at the state
department Monday.
'rv ? ? n? U - -
uuij^n ui IU^C war)own
to Death.
Whoa Engineer Hlndman felt the
tremor In the great machinery and
caught a glimmer on the water, ho
shouted hl.s last words, "Put out thai
torch," evidently thinking that in tha
accident ho felt certain was coming
tho tlamos would servo to spread Are.
But before Maytteld could oboy,
while the words wore still on the lips
pf tho doomed man, and hia hand
slotting tho mechanism controlling
the air brakes, the bridge gavo way
as thought, it had been a stack of
kindling wood* and tho locomotive
i dropped with the hissing of steam 30
; l'eet. to tho bottom of tho arroyo, ctobs!
wiao to thi? 1 rnoii
Tho baggage car, smoking car and
I chair car followed the locomotive iuto
| tho stroaru auj were swept away. All
I tho occupants of these cars except
; three men purisliod, and had not tho
| rtx>f of the car burst asunder none
' would have eaoaped. The fireman, as
j the locomotive went over, was thrown
out and, managing to gnsp a piece ot
wreckage from the bridge, f.oated with
that to a curve made by tho ravin*
I bank and crept out of the water. Ho
i ran toward E!en, meeting on the way
i Operator 1\ M. Jones and his wife,
I who had heard the screams ol' victims
| and had already started up the track.
"Notify Pueblo," came tho voice of
running mm, "the train's yone down
m\i[ everybody is killed."
Relief (rains with physicians and
wreck and pl!o driving outfits and
t/i wuruiueu wi'i'o nurnou irom
! Pueblo. The rtrsfc train from tho
' wreck cimo in shortly after midnight
I with J. M. K'.Men, of Pueb'o; H. 8
Gilbert, Tony Fisher and Fireman
1 MayfioM. These woro four men in
I mit'.at of the wreck who escaped.
When (!uvn came the wonder grew
; that f;;ur had been permitted to
pnii rge from the raging torrent with
breath stii! in their bo,lies.
The eud of the Pullmin car Wyuta
extended four feet over ihe brink,
while broken timbers and twisted rails
i brng atiil further over. The gorge had
be n widened to more than a hundred
feet at the point where the bridge had
been. The water tore a zigzag course
! across the prairie to a depth, of thirty
fe"t in several places. There was lie|
tie left of thn biggage car, a few Iron
rods, a truck or so, dimly seen in the
; muddy water, and a half burled iron
j rafe. The great locomotive, the boiler
fr?'o of the trucks, the cab and tank
gone, 1 lr*s whore It fell.
A quarter of a mile to the east,
j where tho gorse of death debouched
into Fountain crck, lay thr> chair car.
win lows ptotj ?. three-fourts filled with
rr.ud c.nd sand. A hundred feet farf
* ?'??* rn U'.i a tho a ro a!/n f /\r??
pp'inst a sand bar. /4 hundred and
(li'fy ff>ot farther on. in tho bed >>f
tho Fountain was th?? roil tondor of
tho omrino on I from t\)at point, or for
four or f'vo Riijra.vo tlges of tho vonchtho
online and tondor stuck up
frou tho bed of tho stream or lay
p'ons; tho shorn or on tho islands. Tied
j?l*?sh fionts of tWo srnokor were ptrewn
ri'l alone: tho stroam. Brass rails from
n>n rmoho* worn found in tho sand a
half mile from tho bridge. and plocea
of tV? baggage car s'uok out of the
w'Jter in several place.?. Bits of clothins;,
coats. skirts and women's huts
were found In the. brush alonn the
sl'dV", and the searchers scanned the
fnl'aze for bodies. Mas.iM of earth
had caved in from !he high sides of
the river at many places and searchors
passed these with fear that bodies
were buried under them which they
were hoi pi' ss to reach.
Five hundred men scanned every
hvvh of the river and its surroundings
a few hours after daylight. They
waded in the stream and carried out
mud-begrimed bodies which were
found at widely separated points,
some of them inllo* from the sccnc
j of the accident,
Now Chief lnocutivo of Colombin Assume*
OutievCabinot Solected.
Goneral Rafael Reyes assumed office
a: Ho sola an president of Colombia,
succeeding Seno:* Marroquln. The
cabinet is as follows:
Secretary <sf State?Bonifacio Valez.
Secretary of War?Diego Castro.
Secretary Finance?Jorge Holbein.
8fcret2ry "treasury?Lucas tCaboli
Secretary Public Instruction Carlos
Secretary Foreign Affair3?Enrique
| Cortes.
Rpp>rt* Siiicido of Genorol Stoosnel and
Ihot Port Arthur is ? Morque.
According lo tho correspondent of
Tho London Morning Post at Shanghai.
it is reported tlint there aro 10,I
t)00 siclt and wounded persons at Port
Arthur, and that the Russians aro negotiating
with the Japanese to send a
! hospital ship away full of fiick.
, It is alao reported that Goncrai
, Stoesael has committed suicide, and
j panic prevails at Port Arthur.
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
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I Sensational Report Sent Cut Ironi Bogota
Proves to Pe o t.'kr.
The correspondent of A s soda; e l j
| Press nl Panama Ins r>< viv< d the fol- j
I lowing dispute h :
"I)oj5ota, Colombia. Aniens? S.? The j
I reported -ittack on the Ann rii an ton- I
| relate hero is mme. The consul,
I charge d'affaires and other American 1
i 'H/imu nn inl* oil iVu* titf.i., '?*
............ ....J.,.. ...
Colombia. where complete pojoe
"Two physicians had a ions and
stubborn fight with an abscess on my i
right lung." writes .J. F. Hugh's, of
' l)iiPont. Ga., "and gave tne up. Ev- j
erybody thought my time had come.
, As a last resort I tried Dr. King's NewDisco
very for Consumption. The ben11
lit i received was striking and 1 was
j on my feet in a few days, .now I'vej
entirely regained my health." it conI
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' and Lung troubles. Guaranteed by
Pickens Drug Co. Price. f>ne and $1.00. j
Trial bottles free. U'
I Wu Ting Tang, for Many Years Representative
at Washington, Quits Politics.
Wu Ting Fang, for many years ihe |
Chinese cjlnister at Washington, ?c- j
cardiag to his son, Wu Chao Chu, who
has ba:;n attending school at Atlantic :
City, i\T. J., has resigned the vice presi- j
dcncy of the foreign board at I'e'.cin j
and is f aid to have permanently re- ,
tlrod fr.>ni politico.
Wu Chao Chu said that his father
has determined to load a quiet life, and
h -s 'milt him a country homo n-var 1
Taken With Cramps.
Win. Kirmse, u member of the j
bridge gang working near i.ittl. port
was taken suddenly ill Thursday night
with cramps and a kind of cholera
llis case was so severo that ! ' bad
to have the members of the -:rew wait
upon him. and Mr. Clifford was nlied i
and consulted. He ioiii them !.< had j
a medicine in tin? form of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Ditvvh iea
Remedy that he thought would help
him out. and accordingly several doses
weiv administered with the result tha'
t:n> fellow was able to be around next I
day. The incident speaJts quite high- !
ly of Mr. Clifford's medicines.?Klka- ;
der, Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never falls. Kefp it
in your home, it may save life. For
salt- I) V Pickens Driicr Store Tflnrln'j
, Drug Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tf
I Movement Started in Boston to Frect
Monument to Inventor of Cotton Gin. j
A movement has been started in [
Hiflton to erect a monument to Kil
"VVhl'.noy, the inventor of the cotton \
pin. tho product of whose g'M'ius made
possiblo the developmont of cotton
1 raising Into tho groat industry that i'
| is In the south today.
An association will bo formed to
lame iuiiiih tor i n?i luoiiiimem ana ill'!
cotton growing states will bo asked u
take a prominent part in tho movo
! ajent.
1 U We like best to call 4
a a food because it stands so em- J
? P1 tically fv>r perfect nutrition. ^ i
$ And yet in the matter of restor- p
i ing appetite, of gi\iu;j new ?
iv strength to the tissues, especially
, k to the nerves, it'> action is that J
I ? of a medicine. 2
I \T Senl for Irer *VHPf>le
I (P SCOTT A KOWN<?, ChamWt*. #
jd 49>4>S Slr^ct, Now York J)
1 J 50c. aad f-i.oo, all dr-j?j{i;;t.s.
They Seize Dismantled Russian
Vessel in Neutral P> rt.
Heavy Bombarc'nunt of Port Arthur
Forces Russian Warships to Sctk
Safer Quarters,
special from Che Foo says: A
boarding party from a Japanese torpedo
destroyer boarded the dismantled
Russian torpedo boat, dnstrnvor
hitelni Thursday morning at 3:30
o'clock. Tho Japanese discharge'l
their small arms and during tho llriny
a Russian was wounded. Daybreak
showed a third Japanese destroy ir
tewing the Relshilelnl out of the harbor
and all disappeared. The Japan
ese consul claims that the Japanese
ships were ignorant of the dismantling
of the Kioshitelni.
Port Arthur Fleet Escapes?
According to the latest information
obtainable the Russian squadron has
not returned to Port Arthur. On the
night of August 5* heavy cannonading
was heard at sea in the direction ;i(
Port Arthur.
Advices from the fortress say that
the Japanese bombarded the town,
placing their batteries in dense kaolin
Tioifia, where thoy were effectually
masked. The shells dropped mainly
In the western basin whore the stpiairon
was anchored. Many of the shell*;
fell upon the battle sh;p Retvb'.an, Ini'
no serious dnntage was done either t<>
the town or the Hen1. I.atcr the tor's
got the rvage of the la panose P *: '
batteries and drove the ni from t4 ,16
shelter. U18
On the morning of August 10,
squadron put to s -a. wht re heavy , it
nonnding was heard for sevi ral ho
The result of the hat lie is tint Vx
and nothing definite has hecn
regard Ins either sqnadr in. t )B
A spc i il from Tokio say*: jje
dently driven to s'a by the tire of'pft.
Japanese land batteries, the Rnssj.,,.
fleet emerged from Port Arthur V?
nesday morning. Admiral Togo roj
mediately closed in and opened a (
vere engagement. which. lasted nj^
nightfall. Afterwards the .1 ii?ar
destroyers and torpslo boat Hot^
delivered a series of attacks. J
Japanese (! <:! withdrew during
111.-111, /MMlill..' I DUO lliis HOT yet
por't-d Mi" results of the nmin.^n^11'
It is thought jluit the Russians L'k"
tempted to csiupi seaward fron
basis which is no longer tenable, u''
that thev again refused to attempt
force Admiral Togo inland. to 1
Short on Ammunition. on
Wednesday is said to have
chosen for the escape < f the Ru-s
warships :it Port Arthur because |ua
Japanese Deft was then pxhauated,||tthe
constant bombardment of the tv<previous
nights. Tukashan mount
n< ir Port Arthur, which wtu inker '
tho Japanese Monday night, was
captured hy tho Russians next da.
Vladivostok Awaits Fleet. 'I(!
A dispatch from Vladivostok snlv'
Preparations ;ir b-ing completed t'1
tho reception of tho Port Artlitr
squadron. Tho departure of tho suuad
ron from Port Arthur is generally interpreted
to indicate that the siege of
the fortns.* is entering on its flnil
stas;e. as the program has repeatedly
been announced by the Assoeiated
I'rrss. :or mo squauron to loavo is
soon is.; iho situation at Port Arthur
becomes desperate.
Mississippi (iovprnor A?j?>in Goes to Rescue
of n Nc?jro Ropist.
Governor Vardaman has saved th>
nook of another black man by ordering
tho sheriff of Panola county "<o
place bini at once in the jail at .Tackson.
Lajt October 1.00 Faulkner, n"gro,
aged HO. made a criminal assault
on tho*17-yoor-old daughter of Captain
J. K. Clary.
first Vessfltj ; f roin Remote Ice rielrit is
Received in Sodtth\
C2en< ral (Jrooley, chief signal officer
of tho United States army now at
Seattle, has receive;! the first telegraphic
message sent direct from
Nome, Alaska.
It marks iho inauguration of the
government wireless lino from Nome,
107 miles, to St. Michaels. The receipt
nf f ho m<winan in/lloof ti/1 f hof llto
wireless lino was working perfectly.
From St. Michaels I hp message came
by the wire lino up the Yukon to
Dawson and thence to Seattle, traveling
3,500 miles altogether.
Macon County, Georgia, Goes Dry Cy a
Majority of 1 wenty-Thrce.
After#consolidating the returns in
the prohibition election held in Oglethorpe,
(Ja., those of Hicks district
were found Illegal and wore thrown
out, making Macon country dry by 23
majority. Ft la rumored there will be
a contest. The county went wet on
the face of the returns by throe majority.
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera- and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a
Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken with
violent attack of diarrhoea and beilieve
1 would have died if I had not
I gitten relief,' says John, J. Patton, a
I leading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
I friend recommended Chamberlain's
[Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
il bought a twenty-five cent bottle and
after taking three doses of it was entirely
cured, i consider it the best
J remedy in t lie world for bowel complaints.
For sale by Pickens Drug
Store, Earle's Drug Store, T. N. Huniter,
froops from Vfadivo^ok Said to Ca
Marching to Scene of Conflicts.
It is reported in military circlryt
St. Petersburg that Lieutenant ( ' al
Linevitch la marching with '
from the direction of Vladivostok |j|
oroate a diversion in the rear of rrrfE
era! Kurokl's army with the obUffjiJ%i
teiieviug General Kucopatkin's ?
Sick Headache. ill
"For several years my wife d(j(
troubled with what physicians c ,
sick headache of a very severe ch.
I tor. She doctored with several CI\
nent physicians and at a greatioil.
pense, only to grow, worse until
was unable to do any kind of \\ j
About a year ago she began ta ^
iitimiM-i iiiiu s omiiia.cn anci i ur> j
Tablets and today weighs more kno^
! she ever did before and is real \v
| says Mr. George H. Wright, of . K
London, Now York. For sale by h
j-" lis Drug Co.
for t
le A
i vlqneri by Secretary Hay and the Mil
of Haiti at NVoshinrjlnn.
Tuosday Set1 rotary lfiv and M?'??
l.egor. tht) Hnitlen minister nt V
' ' A
A ? If
You can buy any Snalor
less than cost, Mas
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out our Stt At
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and Children's Oxf j
hold as long as thc^j.
determined to clostit'acCo.
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New York, Hresik mi in In -m hours. eure
verlsliness, lleiidttehe, Ktoimich troubles, 'i t*?
iiik IMsordci*. and destroy Wurin* At hIJ drs ..v
i;i*ls, 2f>c. Sample mailed I'.UI'.K. Aildretin,
leu S. Olmsted l.ultov N Y n*eriCljO,
Ti'eHspnHM Not leu t ion.
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j Drug Co. tf
Jurf r.s ir.trucM:>n on temprranco
I:: passing a .vay from I'.ie pulpit to tho
' toh:)ol from ? :'.loriation. so inst.nelion
on pat riot b 11 i t parsing front
\;i<- o'at >r's i' ;. ;irn t) th ua lier'a
s hoo!r(;oni, says llarpar's \y. id;ly.
Cholera Infantum.
This disease has lost, its terrors
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
: Diarrhoea Remedy came into general
I Ii.it. I in- lllllllll III nill lTSS WHICH illI
lends the use of itiis renieily in all
[cases of bowel complaints in children
j has made it a favorite wherever its
value has become known. For sale by
j Pickens Drug Store, Marie's Drug
|Store. T N. Hunter, Liberty. tf
TVno.i f>r>!<u>r>1nrr fmni Ti"> scrrfi'li of
j n 'horn on the st>^m cf a rift ro^ mny
i rr ritoil nn t!v? frn*>v i\'~ " i ? -? ^w.
pre .-.so*.] In simplest terms.
Get Your Money's Worth.
You got your money's worth when
I you buy Klliott's Kmulsifhd Oil Lini|
incut. A full half pint hottlo costs hut
'25 oonts, and you got your money hack
[if not satisfied with /osuits. I'sc i*
in your family and on your stock.
I You'll not l>o disappointed. tf
Human stupidity does not off^n
I roncji the point of allowing children
j *n k's- h victim of diuhthorin
I find nothing hotter for liver do'
ranRement and constipation than
j Chamberlain's Stomach nvd Liver
; Tablets, I,. F. Andrews, Dos Moines.
Iowa. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.
Divorce statistics f^r the whol*
j country t show that there are fifteen
' marriages to one divorce.
i Thf?re Ts now no pitchblende, from
*A'?vh radlrm is eytracted, for sale
a'. Austrian mines.
j Legislature Adjourns After Fifty
Days of Strenuous Work.
Some Most Imoortant Lecistatinn W.-ic
j Enac'ed, However, During the
The Georgia legislature adjourne 1
Thursday night, having reached the
limit of fifty days. *
ntls of light summer clothiiiroet
ints Furnishings. fck p.
colored and white lawns, were
se of white lawn, 6c to 2 na.
Buggies and Wagons, Stov deling
with prices always rig 1901
dull months but lively priu^o-ifor
anything you need. Its rvt^wn,
we will do the rest. laU\,l
he Mitchc 11 Wagon | 'j'
>s. Clothing and :irt
xe Shoes. th->
- p or
? A R1T3L?
. failure of the conference commit'.ee to
j r.Mch an *.gr cinent. or where in
agreement was reached by the* failure
of one or the other body to adopt, tho
Irepjrt. Three conference commit tons
I W' re appointi'.i on each of tliese tne?sj
urea, biii <le>pite all the efforts made
I to bring about agreement, both the
i house and the senate held out for
I their respective views on each mea <
jure ami no fin il action was taken.
The closing scones of i7ie house an.!
senate were loss disorderly, perhaps
I than lias he' n the case in years. The. ?
I was tho confusion of conversation and
i general lack of attention to the proceedings,
hut outside of this practically
nothing that exhibited a lack of
I dignity or evinced a taste for horso
| plav.
Numerous matters were actcd nn
i during the < losing day. and it will
j keep the clerks of hoth houses busy
for sevenl days to straighten out'the
| tangle of Ihe last day's work.
iw PotitinnoH tr* UnlnAco
- "=??.? "U"
men From Valdosta (iminqting.
A Msi'on, Cla.. dispatch says: One;
, moiv will .iii'ii;" Spoor ho asked < >
j r'elonse prisoners sontfneed hy a r.v
jo: r Um' to work l ho streets, and this
;1 it will he negro women whom
j ho will ho petitioned to free from >.
municipal onrt sonionco. Judge Not|iin^!inm,
however, doos not figure in
this oa.o, hut ii is M:iyor F 1,. l-'iiu !io:-,
of Fort Valley.
Measure Goes 1 hrnuqli Georgia I ocjisf ituro
?>s OrkjinalK Drawn.
Tiic dlivi-t appropriation to
| sell ioIs of (looj'Kia for the year 1!> ">
; will Ijo $ 1 .t/i)0,OOO, the? senate having
I Riven up its demand for a $|t)ij,000 or.
This action of the s n.ito was by a:i
' ovrwhelming majority and was* tale i
i during tho morning *> -ion Thurs.lay,
J and ' was based on the report of t!-."
s Toid conference commit toe appointosl
oil the general appropriations bill.
Prominent freach State xnan and leade.'
Victim of an Operation.
Former Premier Waldock-Rosseau
died Tuesday afternoon at bis conni
try resilience at Corbell, Franch, IS
! mil*-'? from Paris, from the effects of
; an operation which his medical at'
fondants deemed to he a final necessity.
j An able statesman and leader, ho
distinguished himself as one of the
foremost men of the French republic.
He was also a writer of eminence on
j judiciary mauers. no was one ni
those who favored a revision of (lie
celebrated Dreyfus rase.
Russians unarrrcttd nv war.
Notwithstanding Bad Reports from the
Front They (nqage in fnativities.
Thursday being tho anlnt. day of tho
dowager empress, a general holiday
was obsorved throughout Russia,
j St. Petersburg was gal j deroratcd.
Tho ?troot? were filled with holiday
1 crowds Intent upon pleasure, and tho
tragic events reported from tho ?oat
of war seemed temporarily to bo fcrgotteu.

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