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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, August 17, 1904, Image 4

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I *' 1 -? 1 "
Picks SiittSai.
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
THOMI'SON & Hiohuv, Pltoi'8.
Snbsmiption 81.00 l'ur Annum.
Ailvertisiug liuteH lU'iinoimhle.
r.ntcrcil at I'ickfcifk I'oBtollUic us Swoinl Clnt-s
Mall Matter
PICKENS, S. <3.:
WcdncMlur, .VU(i. IT, 1004.
I bewail to think that Old lliddh
wan 'lead, luit I s<>? she appeared
in the last issue. Hurrah lor the,
mr respondents,
In regard to'what Blue Kyes
pays about our mothers, wo cannot
bo too good to them. We
should obey our parents above all,
but as- 1 have no mother now to
speak kind words of connolation to
in a T li <1 irn t /I t\ l ? 1 til ltiki* f i \ f . ,
111*7 j nu yq ?* viu?vi tvi v j
who is, except God, my truest
guide, but mother 1 ???>Is the truest
ol all the family. If ho many!
young mon who are in the world '
today that lire ou the road t<> their
doom, had obeyed their dour mother's
kind words they would have
boon in some good society, but every
young man thinks he knows
best and a groat many of them refuse
to obey thoir mothers and go I
on to their dooin in hell by the *
diaobodi* nee ?>I their parents. j
First obey your in >thrts and her
pray.'.rs. Slio weeps maiiv tears j
for her sons and dinighters who are:
unsaved. Some girls think that
jMiMiici 13 mo nam on Jimm, uixi
will j.;o and marry and will prohal)lv
marry some man thai lias never
reformed his life. Isn't it hotter
fo live with ;i <lrar mother than to
live with a demon of the world.
There are many that do not know
what the I?>h:> of ii mother is.' Attoi
a jjjood mother Iimh f^one to r?eeive
her r?-ward you do not hear
her sweet w>ice and aoul-upliltiii}:
prayers for you. While she in liv>
i*u^ do all you can lor her; speak
well it your mother while in life,
xor sii?' ('ajiiioi n ar your voico alter
-h>- is laid btwiouth the sod.
f.iv/i- uiid ^irls, whatever you ?lo (?r
whali'vcr you say, lot it. I e lo tlu>
obt'dioucf of your niotln>r.
Protracted meet ill}; at
Nine Forks Friday uifiht, the '>th,
and will go on till tho H?cond Kundays
Juiie Hw'ent nor.
i hwM/M r 90 years'
Anvonn n *kPlrli unci flp<wrilitfmi nmy
<inlikly A.icorliuii our opinion froo wliolln?r an
invi-iii Ion Ik probnljly putfiilConiiniinlon
ii^niifrlctlj'coiiOdffndal. HANDBOOK <"> I'niciiin
.itnt fri-o. olilOHt iiuoiicy for lo'dirm* imlonl*.
I'atmitx taki 11 tliroutrli Munn A < n. r<*o!v<?
D/itrnit notice, without cIihtko, In tUo
Scientific American.
A hiuidftomoly lllnafrnlwl wnokly. I aruc-! >trrnlallon
of any ><r lontll)n Journal. Tonus. ?.'l i\
four months, f 1. Sold by #11 nowfuloHicr.'.
FJ)UNN & Co.30,Dr"d-"y- New York
If ranch OUloo. ?!2fi K Ht? Washington. 1>. C.
' Pf ' ' |y
From Six Mile.
I will vouture the attempt to write
ami give the iiuwh from our thriving
little town.
The Kpi'ivkiiiK :'t this ,>hw:u Ust
Friday was >. huccpsh, if two of the
speitUcr* wore absent Those who
(lu) spe^ik gave some interesting fuotB
in levari I to educational advanceincut,
which was listened to by a
largo mid attentive crowd. All the
hj eaker's addresses were excellent,
I'lie people tito now gottiug interested
and want a bettor school system.
I want to say to tbo Six Mile petple,
don't ataud back and say yon
are not able, when the Lord has
blessed you with land, money and a
fatni'v of children that you love but
tor than life, and God will hold you
responsible for the way your children
are brought up and trained, and if
vt u expect to raise up your children
in a way that they will bo an honor to
| you and (heir oonutry, you will have
i to make some sacrifices now, while
j yon have the time and opportunity.
Don't wait fill they leave you und go
, off to work at Home cheap profession,
i when now, if jyou will only sacrifice
i a few dollurs and put it into a school
i llintsn J-wvvu mwl rvit?1a i.twJ
; IU uuuumv '" "
i put, them where they will have the
advantage of the business world un<l
can choose their desired profession
and make $2 to $5 a day much easier
Umu they can make 50 cents without
the education. Now consider thorn
: things, parents, and do youi children
justice, as God would have jou, and
build the school, and you will never
regret it.
'J'he farmers say that cotton ha.
more grown bolls lor tue tune 01 the
year than 1ms ever been known on
the ridge, so if nothing happens, we
will soon have plenty of cotton to
The recent rains make the corn
move about. If the seasons continue
tho corn crop will be large.
llenlth is not very good at tills
W it ill"
! I
Con v. :
Knob Dots.
WV- are having plenty of rain.
The lit itltl> of our community is
vory good <it this writing, except
that little B. 0. Edeim lias been
very sick for the pant woek, but in
hotter nt this writing
Mrs. Margaret K den a, aged eigb
ty <>no years, foil and came near
breaking hor arm recently.
A. L. K den h has treated himself
to t i ew top huggy. We certainly
think he .should be a candidate .
John I!. Joll'rieS, of Gall'iiey, is
(' aching ft lloiirifthing school at
John Masters and wife, of Knob,
have been visiting hi.s father, Richard
MastriH, of Daeusville.
S. H. I'Alhns, of Clement, and
Robert Johcfj, of Knot), made a
brief vi iti<) Charleston |a*t woek.
I iiclf,* Villi Jones, who h?m been
very siek tor the pant two months,
its improviny^slowly.
Rev. \V. Seaborn, )?a?tor ol
the ()ol< ii y baptist elnu'cli, is o;tr
i.yuiK "ii -i |?km rncicu tuc.)liiii(. Wo
hopt'llinl much good may bu <Ioiih
throughout tliim mooting.
lit st wisIkm i"i Tho SentinelJi.tiriifi!.
A IvOH(i??r.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
Atniouiii'emeiiM for CongVofcHintkh for the
Third CoiiKreasdonal District and for SoMoltoo
from tho Kixhth Judicial Circuit, unit for at
County ollleex will Imj lunerted uuilvr thl? head
i11X from now until the Primary Klectlon for th
Hum of K1Vl{ DOM.AHS, Cash, at tho tlinc h
notice Ih handed in. No deviation from thl
rule will he made.
For ConnruH* Tilled DistrictWe
are authorised to announce llou. WYAl'T
AIKKN a candidate for rc-clectlon to CoiiRreeit
from the Third District. subject to the action
..r II,.. I >,,,, I.. I l,<. ur I ?,i, rv ,, I a u > t f < , 11
... 1.11, ! ...??? hi iuv|'Mi?ni;
I hereby announce myself u candidate for
Congress from tlic'I'illnl Congressional District
of South Carolina, gubjcct to the action of the
Democratic voters in the urinary election.
For ltntlroHd Commissioner
I hereby annouce myself as a candidate for
tlic otlice of Railroad Commissioner. subject to
the State Democratic primary,
Kor H(iuh? of fte|ir?trioiitntlveM.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the
llous? of Representatives, Pickens i-riutily, sub
Ject to the action of (lie Dcmocrtlic |mrly at the
approaching primary election
I hereby announce myself ? camlklate for reelection
to the House ot Representatives, subtoot
to the action of the Democratic partv in the
primary election. .1 ASII MORR 11INTOX.
I respectfnllv aiinonnce myself a candidate
for House of Representatives from Pickens
county, anil pit-due myself to abide the resup
and support the nominees of the Democratic
party. , I'RKD \V 11,1,1 A M S
I hereby announce myself a ctmilitlnle fur the
House of heprcsentalives from Pickens county,
subject to iht' action of the Democratic party fn
the priuuuy election. .iOSKPII I! I'lNDLKY.
I respectfully announce mysulf us n ctiinli"
(lute for the House of Representatives of Pick'
ens count, ami pledge myself to tiltiile the re'
suit. Hint to support the nominees of the Democratic
party. I-AIIAN MAI 1,DIN.
For Short It'.
I hereby announce myseif a candidate for the
olllec of sheriff of IMckons county, subject to
the action of the Democratic party in the I'rilnnry
election. K. KltAXK I.OOPKlt
The many friends of V. .11'.! '! * WKIiHoRN,
respectfully announce him as a candidate for
Sheriff of Pickens county, subject to the action
of the approaching' Democratic primary.
; hereby announce myself 11 candidate for the
ollice of Sheriff of Pickens county, subject to
the iietlou of the Democratic parly In lite pri
marv election. ,J KNMINUS.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
cilice >f Slicrlll' of Pickens county, subject lo
the action of the Democratic prinnm election.
At the solicitation of many fri(mis I hereby
announce myself a candidate for Slicrlit' of
Pickens county, subject to the action of the;
action of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a cnniliilatc for the
lillicc of Sherlll' for Pickens oiinly, subject lo
the action of the Democratic parlv in the prl
marv election. dam Kl, i . si Til kui.a n d
I hereby announce myself a candidate for
Sherill' of Pickens county, an ?ject lo Hie action
of the Democratic party at the iippioMi'liint;
primary. UOIIKKT |{. HOAUK
Kur Ultirk of Court.
I hereby announce myself lor re-election lo
the ollice of Clerk of Court, I'iekcus county,
subject to the action of the Democratic voters
at the approaching primary. A. JOHN HOGGS./
For Treasurer.
At the solicitation of a few friends, but more
to my own notion, and in accordance with my
own desire, I announce myself a candidate for
Treasurer of Pickecs County, subject to the action
of the Democratic primal v election.
'.i. i). m<>ohk
I heroby nnnoiincc myself a candidate for reflection
to the ollice of 'I'reasurcr of Pickens
rounty, subject to th.> action of the voters in the
primary election. IlKNltV XV. I-'AHU.
The many friends of JOHN T. KKN N 111.I,
hereby announce him a candidate for Treasurer
ill I'lekens county, subject to tin; action of the
Democratic party at the approaching primary.
For SupoivUor,
I hereby Htninunce myself it fiin<li<t>tu- for re
flection to the ollice ill <'ei>Mly Supervisor of
I'iekens roil iny, subject. to . uc action ot the
IK'tuncralie party in tin- primer- election.
Theinnny friends of MAT'I II\V II KN DIMt Ks
respectfully announce hint it cuii<li<lute tor the
ulliee of <'ouiiiy Supervisor of I'iekens eoiinty.
Mibjeet to tlie iictiou ol the Henioernlie primary
[ lection.
1 lit' lllllllY iriOllllsOl >\ . U. AIKI..N lespoet
I ii 11y niilimiliec liiin ii ciiuiliilalc I'm the of
supervisor of I'iokens i ininl) . .?111?j?-< i t<? tin- aclion
of tlii" Dcmncmtic priinaty.
The many frli'liils ill \\ 11,1.1 \M K. O.X'l's rc
-| >o> 11 it 11 v announce liiii) us ii cilinllilnte for the
llii'i' of Siipervisor ol Pickon* county. Mil>Jeot
10 the notion ol' the I?? in?m-in|i. |mirt\ in tin- priHint
v election.
We herelij Aitiioiiilre Uoltl.l.T STi.WAHI'n
I'Miiiliilnlu for I ho ollino of SuporvlHor of Pick*
ens county. Mlhjoct io the in :inn ol the DemoiTntie
firliiittrv election. \'out*.
The I'rienils of Mnj. ( M LYNi'll hereby
it1111<hiiii*1* liiin ns ii I'tiiiiliiliiti* lor the oil.ee o*i
l "onnty MlpervlKor ol Pickens niinily. Mihjcct
to tlii1 nrtioii of the DeiiioiTiitir party in the
priimiry election.
Subject to the net ion of l In- I lentoern lie voters
in the prililiiiy election. I he ohy announce my
sell'us ti tmnliiliite lor supoi Mir of I'iefccnl
oiiiity, mill pleiltfe myself I elciteil. to eon
luet ii dean. honest leliiiiiii-tii lion
MUX UN l> II l-'.N IMflCKs.
At the solicitation of many trieinU I heiohy
11 ii lion nee :ny self ii citmlMu'lc tor Supervisor,
Pickens iiiunlv subject to tin- notion ot the
Donni'Tiitn voters nt the npproiteliintr primary.
hereby ii nnoti ii< e nix -ell ii enniliiliite for I he
oltiee ol mi pot v isor ol I'iekenx 'olllily, subject
to the notion of the Dcumi litlie finriy in the
priiiniro election .1. MAT SKMl.TtiX 1
Far County Commissioner.
The iiiiiny frlomlsof N. I! M()?)Ki; resjie tfully
tuiiinuiice liiin n i nn<I j<Iiit< for tlie ntli ?
<il ('<>111 iiiicsiimer iif l,ickcii> county, sulije< t to
I!>< iu'Iioii ol' llii' voters In tli'.1 Ocinoeriit ic |.riiniiry
At tin* rei|iiesl ol ninny Irieiul> I licnliyun
llolilice myself tl chihIiiiiitc foi the oilicc ol'
County Commissioner ?>I I'iikeiiN county. subject
lo tin; nellon ol tin- Deinncrulif |>riliinrv.
I hcrel>v iinuminic myself it' iiikIIiImIc for (lie
nlllec ol* i'ounly CoiiiiuIhsIoikii for I'ickens
County. kiiIiJci'I lo ilic n< lion of tin* Dcmncrntii
l>tirly in the priuuiry election ti W. ItoW l.N
Tlie lit it 11 >' fl ieiuls ol (l I' I I lli.lt roMjirit I ii I
ly announce Ii 11 n ii riiuil iiliile lor I In* olllce of
?*'(>? lily Commissioner of I'ickcns coiiuly. MilJi'i't
to tin* io-tiaii ol tin* IU'lnoriiitii pnrty in tlie
priiiiiiry election.
A t I lie solicit hi lou of in \ iriciiiN. I announce
in>moIf m chihIIiIiiIc for tiic ollc e of Count)
Commissioner of I'lrki'iis i i.ii111v viil.Wn.i t.i iii??
iirllon <>f the Iiciiiocratic parly In tli<* primary
election. W. W. KICK.
I hereby announce myself h can<li<liite for the
olllce i?l County i'<>iiiiiiissl<mer oi I'ickcns
county. subject I" tin* action i>l the Democratic
l>iuly In ilir [>riiiiiir\ election.
s.\ \l I,. HOfifiS y
I hereby announce myself h cauillilnie for
(Vuiiily Crmmissioncr, I'lckeiiK couutv. subject
lO till- IK* t toll l>l III!' Democratic |iriiniirv
.1 A.Ml IS M. i ll I l.l')lf I'.SS.
The iniiiiy frlcmls of A l.l.l \ I: sTHWAHT
lioreliy iiiiiioiinri' him a I'liiuliiluti ror ilie office
of County Coininl'iiioiit'i, I'lcki iih (ion m y, subject
to the action of the Denioi-1nt! * votcra nt
the approaching (iriuiiir>
I hereby ninioiiiice myself n cm ml hlatc for
re election to the ollicc of t 'ouiity < 'oinnilssioner
nf IMeken* county, subject to the act Ion of the
Democratic parly In the primary election. <
A. is. TA i.u:v, Jit
I hereby announce invself 11 eanili'lato fot
i:ounty i 'otniiiKsloner of I'lcken* eiiunty. sub
I?ct to the action of the Democratic voters in
I he approaching primary election
\V*. M. (i.\ N I T. '
For Auditor,
I hereby announce myself a camlMatc r >i
re c ection to the ofll'-e of County Auilltor of
I'lckeiiH County, kubject to the action or i ic
irliiiary election. V.. K. K Wi ll
f One Solid C
| One Solid C;
/ CI
!?? an(^ 0^')er mere
; J to get my pric<
C y?u money.
J| ters when in tc
\ The Plane
Don't fojsg
f for I am selling
ning "Plano,"^
1 or iriado by A r
i jilted all ove
1 makes it the li;
J ever sold.
I R. C. C
| llemen
I vvvvvvvyvvvvv
Art; you ready lor yc
we arc showing a nice line, i
win pay )uu uu sih. inih inn:
vvmie oud
The White Seal Clothi
larger towns lot* its seperioi
duribility. None but the b<
making this clothing and e;
o ? ^
by an expert. \Ve are sho^
conic and let us show you
We are looking tor r
the rise and we can save yo
I or Sii|>( of Kil "cnII
I licrcliy iitmniliice niyvrlf n t'lUKliiltili' for rp
cIcm lo till' oll'iro of ( 'ollllly Sllpl't llllf llllont
<?f I 'Itlcalioii ol I'ickt'iii'cniinVy, siiliji'Pl to the
in:tlo:i of Hit- lionioi riitlc primary.
n T. ii \ i,i,r.\i.
Km riirnmir
J I lurcliv minor no iiivsflf n Ptitiiliilnit-for tha
f-iillii ! of Coroner of I'lVlfcir-' on iity. Milijoi-l to
'tin; II tioll III lilt* IX'IIHKTlUi'' |IHIty ill till I'll
iiwry i leriion I1, r. i'AICTIvl*;.
Itj tlit* solicitation ol iiiaiiy frit'iii's I hevi-liy
? "i i"> !
i 'oronor ot I'M'Wriis county, subject to ihe imiion
i.i ilic l><'iiio<THll(t voter* nt tin- npproiK'hitiK
|?rlinpry election
Very rtr.-iu'cifully.
W.A.I.AUK. ,
, At the xo!i< itiitlon of tiliiitV irleuil* I heiehy' <
iiliuoillK'C niyxt'lf mn u citiiili'litit' for the othi ?> |
ot t'oronor of I'lcken* connty, Mihjevi to the
lift loll of (he Diiiinirollc piirty in the | i m > ti
IliK |>r i111itry r.lcrtlon .1. M^'l sASi'HHh,
At tin' Millennium or in^ frlnll'l" i mmnouurc
myself ?i ciiii'll'latp fonheoiiiccnf i oi >;
nri of I'feken^ county, mi'l ifi? my <I iofv
iiI? the result oi tliu Democratic t rttnrtry.
.1. .1. CltAN'lJl.KR, ,
\V?, t ho frlonils of IIA UN ICY li. I't > K I I.i: r.
sfii r-ffullj announce him ii ca'dMaic tor tV/ i
ollice of Coroner of Woken-. o..iint\ mh j."'i / | ,
i.i iU'Moii of the Ucinoerutic iniuntr} el<<(|./. )i
\ ott'lh | i
!ar Load Thornhil
ar Load Mowers i
handise arri vi ng d;
3S before you buy,;
Make my store yc
i Mower is 1
et me when you r
3- the up-to-date a
vhioh is the stroma
aeiican skill and v
r with Brass Bu
L>'litest running, str
iber At Brown Bui!
^ ^ a. ^ ^ a ^ a ^ -
mr Spring Suit. Two piece. Sui
made ol' "Milton Cloth." Ev(
I Clothing
no- is famous in all the.
rity in style and lit and
-st tailors arc employed in
u:h garment is inspected
ivilg a variety ol styles
i big shipment of llour this week
n money. Call and get our pri<
ice-Morrow <
The many friend* of ,l( >11 N .11 1,1 A N hereby mi J
otiimie liiin ii riindidiile lor 'Coroner, t'lckcim i
ronnly. suliji'i'i to tin* union of the loiiiorrutfe i
voiorx in thu ii|i|>ron> lilii>( prlmnry.
At ihe 'o tf liiiiion of iihiiiy frit-tut* f liercl.y ;
aiiliouni'i lyscli a I'Hiidfdiiti' for ilii' oiliee o'i '
i'oro:n?i. I' i ken- 'omily, >nh)crl (u (tie m lion
ol I In- Di'i iocntlir imrty mi lie n|?;o uii liiiiu '
l>rlmnr> i>. a. y-.\i
I hereby iitiitoiinee myself h <-1?m!i<Imic* lor
t'oroner, t'if keti.4 i'<nii)'y. Mihjeei to ihcoelion
il tlir l ciik iitit* vot-T- at the n|i|itit:e hin>; '
I'liintirj. w. (;. ISKAMI.I.I;T. , 1
t licieliy nt tiotitiee in e'f n enii'lhlHti' for1
'ormiur, i'irk ?li* v siilijcci tothi! ucti'ui ,
t' Il?t* I>i4iio )alic villi ii" iin* n|i;*ri>iii'!iiiw
rlumrj. ,1. T H<?K. * 1
i '
r'or jMi\?lft I> lie.
M iln' runout no li' tnlSo.i 11! mj frlorut-. In
l*|?-ki-ii township. i I I'ii liy .iiiiiiiinee ui> ( ' a
Miidlil itc for ro-elf* ( >ji to ihi'Mlliti >>(
ale |<if Ki'.iil litwiix'li, , "I Id tin i ! iiiii <if <
in* v<iUtm iii thy i* in liiK !' in'" HHtln |>i*l111 ry
IicIiiiii. I alii inos! , jw < ( * iilly, you <>*>?. tf- i
(III Kcrvnilli ! K. II VHWIS i
II Wagons C
and Rakes. I
RN.LCSS - l?"i
i ly. Be sure 1 J"<
itnd I can save ^
)ii r headquar- \ 1
rhe Best, j
veed a mower, ft
rid light-run- J
3st, best mow- 1
workmanship; j
shing, which g
ongest mower \
Liberty, S. C \ <
< I
ffllM i
is arc; all tile ra^c ancl
;ry suit guarantee It
* * * ! !
: that was bought before
I hereby announce my-elf a candidate for the
of MaKUtrute, I'lckeiiH towiiKhlp, Hiihlcct
to the action of the Democratic primary 'eloclion.
I'?r Cotton Wiilglier,
I hereby announce myself a candidate for cot*
on wolnnor t<>r rii-kena to\vn?hlp, Knbjcct to
if 111' I i I) 11 I >1 ! hl? VflfOPU III lllli olaAtlmt
mis; ::<?tIt'. .1. ThKM K KiXi:V ''
I iicrt'ltv announce inywlf h candidate forjcntnil
Wcikltcr I'lckctlK '.<>? HHhl|>, Hiibje.et to lilt'
rotor* Hi tlic election on AiikiimI With.
I hereby titninuficc iny*elf ti candidate for cot
on woIuIht for I'lckeii*. II, 'rownnhip, mib*
iti lo tin* action of the voters In the election,
\ iiv'list 20 .1. i>. iiou>i:k.
CR'AAA bank deposit
iTPvJtVvr V Railroad Fara Paid. 500
* ' I'llKK Counifl? Offered.
H rd at Cost. Write Quick

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