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I "W*'
' Pickens .Sealinel-JoumaL
. I , ?? ?
HapDHinss ol a Local and Personal Nature.
?Mr: lieego Bo wen spent Tuesday
iu town. >
?Tho longest pole gets the per.
sinunon on the 30th.
?Prof. John E. Hooil, of Viueloud
spout Saturday iu Piokens
?J n in oh P. Caroy, Esq., is spendr
ing a few days at Tftte Springd.
|| an(^ Mrs. J. F. Banister, I
j\r, . & Hpont Sunday at Mr. It. A. Bowen's. I
?Miss Vivian Folgor, of Eueley,
is visiting tho Misses Folgor this
weok. i
\ ?Yon cAn got Coat's thread at 50
cents per dozen spools at Carter's,
?Earlo Lewis, of Greenville, spent
Sunday with tho family of his father,
Maj. J. J. Lewis.
?Ambler Gilreath, of Greenville,
is on a visit to Pickens. Ho camo
over in his automobile. <
tj1-- /ii ni
? x-ui omu *jueu|) -1 wo second
hand gius, ami otio preflK; nil in good i
order. J5. E. Grandy.
?Walter W. Griflin, of Greenvillo
is spending a brief vacation iti Pickens
with his mother, MrH. Flora
?Tho young prople of the (own
had an enjoyablo dance iMonday even
iujj iu mo mm over roiger & Tiiornley's
?The county campaign will come
* to a close next Friday ftt Pickens.
The largest crowd and the best time
gonerally is oxpected.
?llev. O. 3VI. Abney preached an
interesting sermon to a largo and appreciative
congregation at the Methodist
church yunday morning.
?Prosident Mell, of Clemson College,
announces that the management
cannot enroll any more students, ns
every room in the barracks is assigned.
?Tho hardoat rain of the summer
(oil lere Monday afternoon. It was
accompanied with some wind and
hail, but not enough to do serious
?A. chango is being made in the
public roftd loading from J. H. Newton's
to tlio Kirksev farm. The new
road is ft great, improvement on the
orooked old road.
1 !
? 1'iokonn Graded School will open I
V4 / tn/1n?r ai\I n Ii^i fil> .?. a. J I
iiiuuMuj) kjupvf v. i lieu ytJiir uiitiur
the pnme managomeut. The past
year was the moHt HiiccoBaful since
the graded Bchool haw boon eatab
liahed. Parents aro urgod to ate
that thoir children enter on the opening
?Wanted at once a man who is
fconeet and sober and furnish ??ood
recommendations, to sell tins New
Improved Singer Sewing Machine.
Kxpoiience unnecessary. Li bora I
coutract. Ad Irona Tim ttingnr Sow
ing Machine Ktoie, 2*20 Main St.,
Greenville, 8. ('.
?There will he an all day Hinging
at Tw Ivi) Milt cln roll the fourth
Honda; in August. Lot, everyIxn1\
'W * coined '-tying n < w?11 fi'led basket*
and 8o| f b< ok', and lei uh have singing
t'ifac will w ke theeohoe< of the
gran I, a niUtir ing h< nga that wool
up fn in J 01? i t 11 o j oad old "oamp
meetii g dayp,"
" -.; Y\:fSX-xC ": J A^f w, * VV~?V'Y':/ .''
J{ ;:l;, gPgPJp " f
?Jobn I/. Vattey, of Yorkville,
has beou oli..rt visit to friends in
Piokens. ^
?Fok Sale ?A good miloh cow.
Apply to If. M. Hoster, U. F. D. No.
2, Piokens, 8. C.
?You cnn fmd a real nice assort
ment of Corbitt aud Hummer bug
gies aud surreys at Carter's, Liberty
?Mrs. N. D. Lesosne and children ,
of Allendale, are spending a portion i
of the heatud term with Mrs. D, R. (,
?Miaa Mary McGowan, who has
been visiting the Misses Folger, re- i
turned to her homo in Spartanburg 1
Saturday. . I
?AH persons interested are re- 1
quested to meet at Bothlohcm on 1
Tuesday, August 23rd, to cloan off 1
tho grave yard. (
?Quite a large party from Daous- ,
villo section spent Boveral days at (
Tablo lfock last week. They reported (
a most onjoyable time. ,
?Rov. D. \V. Hiott preached one i
oi hi^ characteristic able sermons to ]
mi ?. ii-restod congregation at the
B?j>!i't church Sunday evening.
? .V . Charlie Bowen, of Atlantn, '
is spei diuga brief vacation in Pickens.
His friends aro pleased to hear
i good reports of him in tho Gate City.
?A large party consisting of about
twenty livo young peoplo from Pickens,
spent two du.ys at Caesar's Head
I tho past week. Several of thel young i
j ladies folly intended to kiss old Cao!
war, but failed to find bin bead. Ono
j of the young men planted both foot
I ft i fhn nrnniiim nf Hrtficinf nn/1 J4
vr - vuv , (?UU lb HWO
audibly hoard to crack.
?Addie Gravley, aged eight years,
died nt the homo of her father, W.
I). Gravley, at Reedy River, S. C.,
Sunday tho 14th inst., of malaria
fover. Sho was buried at Porter's
Chapel, Tuesday following. The funeral
services wero conducted by
Rev. O. M. Abney. Tho parents
have our sympathy in their soro boreavement.
?Mrs. James Boroughs, of the
Prater'H sectiou, died at her home
Monday night. She had been in declining
health for some time and had
been seriously iii for several weeks.
Doatli litis removed one of tho lovliest
Christian characters of the coinmunity
in which she lived. She leaves
a large family of children, all of
whom are grown, to mourn her death
' ]
?A camp of the Woodmen of the
World wfiH organized here Satorday
night. The organization was perfected
by the election and installation
of officers by/District Organizer, J.
W. Callahan}, of Gretmvill?, anniHtod
by C. H. Storoy, of Eanley. The
now camp/iH to bo knOwn as I'iekona
Camp, Wj O. W. (so. 229. '1 hero
aro twonty charted members. The
followiOR/otlioera jiVore duly installed:
Ivy M. Maulcliu/ C. Commander; J.
L. O. TJionipHon, A. Lf.; W. E. Dendy,
Escort; Lf. W. Fair, liaukert F.
E. Cojt, Clork; llev. O. M. Abney,
Watchman/ Kev. I). VV. Hictt, Itov.
O. L. MoC^ain tiorf H. B. IiyeiH, ManfttTor?;
Ew. E. 1*. Webb, J. I<. Bolt
and Ij./O. Manldin, Examining Physician/
The now oamp starts off
auspiciously, and in mire to increase
rapidly in ranmln rship. The iiianr
aneo feature ol tl c or.lor is one of it?
beHt attractions, as ontv the best of
risks are taken by the order and titrates
are exceedingly low.
V'M'iUv " ' V ^ '
?It is hardly any wonder that
people on the streets Saturday afternoon
stood with arms akimbo find
beheld with astomshmeut au altogether
novel sight? Mrs. Ann Griffin,
the "Mother of Pickens," ag?d
90, flying through tliu streets iu an
automobile. After it was til over,
ahe was surprised ut herself. Her
grand nephew, Ambler Gilreath, wan
chaffuer and made a safo trip. Mrs.
Qriflin says that au far back as hor
jhildhood days it wan customary for
people to walk all ordinary distance.
Wagons and buggios wore almost
unknown 75 years ago, They woro
rarities and ownod only by the best
to do people. It was not uncommon
for women to ride 30 to 40 miles a
day on horseback. The prouont generation
cannot stand ho much violent
exercise, for on the whole the race is
degenerating. Mrs. Griffin ha3 witnessed
the different methods of locomotion
from horseback to wagons
und buggies, from thoso to railway
trains, and now takes a spin in an
automobile. She is satisfied that
people will bo "flyiug" before tho
passing of Iho present generation.
Mrs. Griffin is 05 years old and can
still boo to read without her glasses.
A Correction.
In our report of Mr. Laban Mauldin's
speech at Easley last wook tho
following ovorsight was made:
Wo reported that Mr. V auldin
favors $2 commutation tax and two
mill urODOrtV tax. Hih reul nnsi
tion is, he favors $1 commutation
tax and one mill property tux, and
more if necessary, to have good
roads. Ho thinks the burden of
roads should rest equally upon lu
bor and capital.
It was not the intention of the
reporter to misrepresent Mr. Mauldin,
and we gladly make tho above
A Card.
I wish tho pooplo of Pickens
county to know Jtliat sickness, and
not indifference lifts prevented 1110
from canvassing the county this
summer. I hope all will understand
this and that no one will blame me
for my failure to visit over tho county.
S. A. MoAlisior.
tlio 3rd day of Bept. 1904 jit 10
o'clock, I will lot the building of a
now road near Sylas Williams in Dacusville
township. A. J. Welborn.
Aug. 15, 1004. Co. Com.
Summons For Helicl'.
Complaint not Served.
State of South Carolina, l
Pickens Goiluty, j
Court of Common Ploas.
B. H. Williams aud John M. Williams
in their own right ami as administrators
of the estates of John I. Williams
anil Elizabeth Williams de- I
ceased, and Mary Moon, Mnlimla
Smith, Vrances Looper and Medio
Boweu Plaintiffs,
J. H. Whitmire, B. II. Whitmire, E. INI.
Whitmire, Banister Whitmiro, Essie
Whitmire Artlmr Whitmire Elorouce
Whitmire, Emma Williams,
J. D. Williams John Williams Willie
Williams, Wade William*, Dartlmhi
Ainobl nnrf linrnoff. Willinnio
To tho Defendants nbovo named:
Yon ure hereby Hammoned and required
to answer the complaint in this
netion which is tiled in the oflice of tho
Clerk of Court, and to serve a copy of
your answer to tho said oomplaint on
the subscriber *t his oflice at Pickens, S.
0., within twenty da.vs after the servicer
hereof, oxolusive of tho day of such service;
and if you tail to answer the complaint
within tho time aforesaid, the
Plaiutiffs in this action will apply to the
Court, tor tho relief demanded in the
Dated August -1th, A. I)., l'JOI.
J. M, Stewart,
Deputy O. 0. P. -jSE W/
I )
C. E. Robinson,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the Defendants E, IS!. YVhitmiro,
Runic NVhitmiro, Arthur Whitmire, Klorauee
Whitmire, S, W. Williams, and J.
J>. Williams, non rosidontH, tako notieo,
that (ho SummoiiH, of whioh tho forego
i?g is a copy, and the Complaint in the
ihove entitled notion was fllpd in the of
:ioo of the Clerk of the Court for Raid
ionnty and ?Stato on tlio 4tn day of Aujust,
19<)t. C. E. Robinson,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
\My //oTrj
"I had a'very severe sickncss
that took off all niv hair. I purchased
a bottle of Ayer's Hair
Vigor and it brought all my hair
back again."
W. I). Quinn, Marseilles, III.
One thing is certain,?
Ayer's Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow. This is
because it is a hair food.
It feeds the hair and the
hairgrows, that's all there
is to it. It stops falling
of the hair, too, and always
restores color to
gray hair.
11.44 a Will*. All 4raf|liU.
If your drnggUt cannot auuply you,
a*net ua on# dollar anil wo will expr?ea
you a bottle. aura and *!? tha name
of your neareat expreaa offline. Addreaa,
J. C. AYKR <X>? I-owtl, Maaa.
Liberty Items.
Miss Mamio Jetfc, of Atlanta. is
the guest of Mrs. A. F McCord.
Jiminio McCord, who has been
visiting his sistor, Mrs. J. VV. Strickland,
in Atlanta, returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Robinson, of
Glemson College, are the gueblK of
muir Hinior, mis. >v. vj- l^eil.
Mrs. Banister, who has been very
sick, is much bottor.
Miss Nottio Parsons, who his been
vi?i t.i !?(? friend* and icl/.tives it)
Carnesvillo and Lavonia, Ga., returned
bomo Friday and ban boen
very nick since her arrival. We are
glad to note she in better at this
Mr. Worry Griffin and bis bride,
f?'om Birmingham, Ala., aro visiting
tho homo of Mr. Smith Griffin this
Verona Cron shaw, tbo little 7-year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Crenshaw, of Atlanta, died with dipthoria
last Friday night and was
brought horo Saturday evoning and I
laid to rest in the Liberty comotarj'.
Only a few weeks past sinco little
Yerena visited her grandparents here,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wakelin.
A very heavy rain foil here Salur
(lay night ami Sunday.
Mrs. IT. Abercrombie is very sick
this week.
W. II. Chancy, depot agent, bus
resigned, and Mr. Buob, from Law-1
[ rence, S. C., has taken his place.
MisB Otis O'Dell, of Roanoke it
visiting her sister, Airs. J. A. Algood, I
this week. \V. S. P. |
The wot weather tiprings aro be-1
giniyjig to come now, as many have
been wishing for. 1
Messrs. Clifford and Martin Ganttj
are visiting in Spartanburg this week. '
In the absence of Rev. D. \V.!
Hiott, Rev./YV. A. Christopher filled '
his appointment' at the Baptist
ehurchjSupdivy, Mr. Christopher is
one of South Carolina's moat promising
young ministers.
Miss 'Stella Garvin, of Easley, ie
visiting Miss Lula Gary.
i'rof. McL). Weams closed a Hour
ishiog singing school last Fridaj
night at Ruhamah. L'rof. Weams is
I mi export teacher in vocal music.. He
I will begin another school at Alt. Tabor
today. Qui/, attended the siuging
school and was greatly beueiitteu
and enjoyed tho concert, which Prof.
Wearns knew well how to arrange
The songs that were sung are too
numerous to mention. ltcc:tatious
were recited by Misses Florence Davis
and Ethel Boggs, Prof. Garrett
gave a short talk on music.
Grey Eyed Girl you haven't soul
in any items in some time- 1 am getting
uneasy about that frieuil oi
yours, for I believe he is taking ull
your time.
Sunshine, I haven't, been goin?? to
see many pretty girls, but it yon
have no objection I will come to set
Shorty, how do you like the idea
of taking two girls to ride at tin
ounjc- niiiw, iim yon wus wist wcdue^-I
dny afternoon?
Bridge to Let.
Wo will let the building of the
luces bridge across Twelve Mile liver,
2 miles north of Calhoun, on 9th
of Sept., 190-1, at 10 o'clock, to the
lowest responsible bidder. lJlatis and
specifications to be made known on
lay of letting. L. D. Stephens,
Co. Super.
I) out Out Footsore! (Sri Allen's I''iii)l*Kniie
A wonderllit powder that euros lirotl, aching,
swpiuini? 1'?_ < t awl makes new or IikIii shoes '
eas\ \*k to-day tor Allen's Knot Ua-e. Aeee|>t 1
no >ulistitute Trial package KKKK. Address
A s Olmsted. I.eltoy, N. N.
\sk Your Dealer Tii'm Foot-Kane
A powdor foi the feet. It euros Swollen
Sore, Hot, (Jnllons, Aching, Sweating
Feei, Cor 11 h and liunions. At all Druggists
and shoe stores, 25c. Ask today.
iVViss Irene Clar
On Monday Night, August 1
At 8:30 <
Druiiilwllt vh < \mccrt Wall/. (< !ninposo<l b;
I'leute Do Wtih/. (CI. \V. ])n
Morning Prayer (L. St re
'unsy Waltz (K. Mac
In (In; ('Imrcli (I<. K. Orthop. IS,
Duoro WhIzcv?Duct (Vmi Joseph I a
Shower of l'f>?i'H Will'/. (I(. .Siren
Tho H.e March (C5. (i. M
>n:ket (M. H. Cochrai
Spring Time ftieetiiiir M
Twilight Kolioe? (Frederick .1
Holiday March (F. It. Kin
Fire My (M. II. C ichrar
"M> First Piece"?Dint (L. E. Ortli. op.
vVlv n You Love, Lov.-, I ovc! (Pan! Tiet
Mv Ma's Waltz (E. Mac:
On so, Andnlouse? (Jupr'ce de 0 no;?i'
F ewell (ioodniglit iN<
Prof. J. E. PareonH will roniler govern
, and Comet,
" " unit
jf Prices n
All kinds of. Summer Goods for Ji
cool if you would be comfortable. ]
suits if you want to enjoy '-The Goc
Strousel Ja
Br?s' i
High j
Wo arc well supplied with all kinds
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats miuI Gents
T nv;f rproiv/'d n Ki? lnf nf
J v?./w ? V>V.V>1 T v.v* IV 1/1^ 1VI V 1 W.UIVJ
gandies and dimities. Solid case ol
Hardware of every description. Bu
and Furniture, anything everything
July and August are usually the dull
make lively months, call on us for ai
to you to make your wants known, \
Sole Agents for the IV
Strouse & Bros. C
Battle Axe S
A. K. Pi
You can buy any Summer
for less than cost. Some
MENS SHIRTS reduced t
Closing out our Straw Hat
You can get 25 per centdi
and Children's Oxfords tie
K ?1.1 1.
iiuiu ai? tuny ar? uu: JJUUV.I>
determined to close, them c
A is
/A. IV.
Ory Goods Store, End
Tliiii)- Clilldrrn arr Mi kl) .
Mother Gray'* Sweet Powders fur Children. ,
usei! t?y Mother Gray,a nurse In Children's home \kT
New York, llreak up Colds in :j-| hours, cure l?'e- WW
vcrislniess, Headache, Stomach troubles, 'I'ecth- *" 1
inn Hlsordcrs, and destroy Worms At alJ drUK.
t;ists, &* . Sample mulled I'.UKK. Address, A I
11*11 ."V WIIIIXU'M l.l'KOV ^
'ri'?M?i>BBH Notice I P- J
All persons are hereby warneij not to . UU1L
hunt, fish, cut timber or in any way j
tressspat-s on auy of our lands Any ,
violation of this notice will bo prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law. j
E. H. Richardson. L. O.Rogga, [
I- (?. Hoggs. T, G, Hoggs.
W. I,. Hoggs. W. W. Smith.
J. T. Hoggs, J. J. Wakelin, Agt. ;
J. V. Griffin, H. J. Rohineou, j jA
8. D. Stewart. W, J, Hoggs. JP
Ij. H. Hoggs. S. G. Hoggs. ' Bh
E. E. Doris, I). II, Doris.
Betra th? st Tto Kind You Hava Always Bought
(%?r I
. I rmJ&
k's Music Class,
r? ?
'V. S. c. a
22nd, Beginning Promptly of
y Charles 1 trumhellor) Minn Irene Clark.
irkee) Mi8?< I$e?(?e Parxoim.
iililio^) Mi?? ()(i? O'Oell
k) Mr. Willie Hunt.
No. 3.) Mitw Olive Belle Crane,
ihitakjr) Uis-xeA Clarke uml Paraoiis.
hhog. lHfl.) Miss Carrie Hutchinn. Oill .<
iller) Mihh Meria Hunt.
Ill Nfiw f"?ri U???l.:r.v
laid win) Mihh Je.snie ParnoriH. ',oUrfl
ewoll) Mips Mai tie l'arson ?.
i bull) U isH H lit tie Boggs
i) Mian Zola liutchiiiH. >i?
18. No. 1.) Mi?a C arke and McCravey.
jt n?. Sonjc) Misaiw Clark and Parsons. A''
k.) Mins Annie BokK^- '
(J. Asher. op 80.) Miss Clark**. I,,(>8'r
wrse) Cltorus l?v nia"" !>ayn?'
of his tinea t selections on the Violin pa{""
A" if,
-< ' V"V\. v * "**
r -mw II ! I I I m m i ,
\ 1 Ml
ily and August. Keep
Buy one of our Two-piece
>d Old Summer Time,"
k. :
pi) ; FITS.
of light summer clothing,
irecl and white lawns, orf
white lawn, 6c to 25c.
\\t o_
cllltl VVil^UIlS, OtOVCS
with prices always right,
months but lively prices
nything you need. Its up
ve will do the rest.
Iitchell Wagon
lothing and
4 lH?7"JO
iim o,
s. c.
goods we liavtf
big bargains in
luni LU 4UC
s at Yi price.
scount on Ladies
:s. The prices
; last. We are
GroeHville, S. C.
To get your Buggy Tire
Sot with the
1 Tire Setter Machine^
"It Does it Right1
the /91,18 Kind You Have Always Bought
th? 1 yflto Kind You Haw Always Boi^
i-* i i rrr t rrr
<n'or Nimmons Store, 1> >vle
Building *
5) a. hi, to 1 p. hi. ? 5j p. m. to
6 p in.
?tlce to Debtor* mul Credit.*m
pernoiirt having claim* against ihe
?>f R. II. Cureton, deceased, vs I
it. the Rftirie, duly attested, ;or
jnt hy the 1st day ol Ootohor, ?h xt.
iiidt;! ted to said t'Htato will i> nko
nut to >'ury B. Cure.oa.
{. 4, 1901. ^Administratrix,

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