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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, August 17, 1904, Image 8

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j-.^^untcd WA?hli.(fton'? ** * ' |
*he bumboftt vroman, is i
the. title applied to an odd creature
who hfufe been haunting the
tSVoahingtoti navy yard for the
I; past 40 veai'8. says the Washing
oil Post. Her name is Kate
Koyal, ami as far hack and further
than the oldest mail connected
with the yard eao remember, Kate
has been making her daily trip*
with her basket of candy, fruit
and notioiiB to sell to the sailor#
who'visit Washington on Uncle
fern's boats. Knfy has a speaking
acquaintance with all the great
men of the army and navy. She
has letters and jprcftents from
most of them, including <).inirals
Dewey, Sampson and Sohiey.
Kate made her llrst visit to the
yard during the civil war. She
was a young woman in those days,
and her bright Irish ways made,
her a great favorite. In later
years, whet) ago began to creep:
upon her, she began to form an
opinion tha< she was an active
and indispensable part of the
navy. She considered herself an
enlisted person ami becnine as devoted
to the cause as the most
loyal man. It is just *10 vears since
? %. |
Kate began to consider herself u>
She has had ten red enlistment
stripes, representing four years'
each, placed upon a field <?f blue
cloth, and this she wort? to cole
brate the anniversary.
Kate in a picturesque elmrae-{
ter. Iler form is bowed benealli
the weight of 7ft years, and her j
face is seauu'd with the marks of
time. Only her eyes still retain
the brilliancy of youth, and they
sparkle with the .aii.e Irish ' !
mor and good' nature t hi; t !
gleamed from them 40 years .igo. j
Kate has no regular hours of
business. She is on hand with the i
rising sun, and the late hours of1
the evening find her still on duty, j
She irntliera ln>r liifin >\t >
trade around her under ihr forecastle
of out* of llir I'liiicd *
boats lying up at the yard, and
with the sailor hoys lying around
her on the floor ah'6 will toll thorn
tales of hor youth or crone Irish
melodies fori hem until tln'Hignal
for lights out is passorl around.
Hiid (he sailors sool.- their swing
ing hammocks, and u.Ur shoul
der? her basket of goods and wan ;
ders home.
J&wnarkH Th?roon by a Disillusioned
Girl? Ho Had F&ocd Doivth
at 8?nti??o.
"I UBC'd < > ho tfivOJI to hero
worship," sni<) ?f??* tfirl with
the KiiHsinri Hiltle mulT lo
hor companion of tin* Ioijj\ i:ii K
oyolaahog, arronlm^ to 111<> ,'u'vs
York Sun. "liut, <)t*ar, lian^c,
<lo wo not? I yon riM-ail how I
?>j?ent the lasI of 111v |iii money to
attend n reception hat the eluh
f>?i- a certain hero?
"\V(lll, the '.'i f ' before !jw-' I
. wait ooniinjj ii[i from ti?i h
On (lu- i I'll ti w';i-. .! iii'i'ii v, lio .it.ii
withstood a <io/.i.n 11< ?k ! i it tin-sat '
Santiago. Ilr had a toothache, a
Him; ilc little t ootha --In*, a i < I lie bel
lowi d like a calf. I I lioauht of tin*
live teeth that I had pulled out in
one afternoon without l'M* and
asked myself it 11. - man was real
,I\ brave ! <'< < : led ihai a hero
m ist have toothache such as
the ordinary mortal never
dreamed of.
{id \ a * i
win- in inc tram Hands who
sympathized with the hero said:
Tin1 lx*Ht tiling for ;i tootliaehe is
whisky. If 1 had one I'd fill up'tnd
ho (lid I mean my hero, that
, was, did. Don't talk to mo in fu
ture of hero worship. Facing
death ma\ he ot.i thing, hut I'd
rather face death than he afraid
of n toothncln'. I lave a bon hon?"
"Radium Sirup."
'A practical joke, now common
among Parisians, is to go into a
drug store ami ;ik,l? for three cents'
worth of radium. At tir.ni the
Iifiiustfl to. l< ,t ^jood iiatur mJIy,
hut 1;11 f? rIy it hits become quite n
iiuinance. < >im chcmint in the
Hue <!< Hivoli lias jiihI hit upon a
way of Ketlin^ even with the
would-ho jokers lie linn made a
concoction which he callw "radium
Hiruj?," and when the practical
joker arrive* j<ravtdy hand* out a
small quantity, charging au extra
two CeiltH for the hot
gome Seen by Frof. Vou jogglob
from HU Study Window?^7
. Backyard Scenes, > V.' *
"I know when spring is a
hand," said Prof, von Joggleb;
according to the New York Sui
"by the thing# I Bee in the ran?
of backyards in view from in
study window.
"In the sheltered corner of som
of these yards, where it is pr<
tected from the cold winds an
whore it gets not only the direc
but from the sheltering fence:
the reflected rays of the advaw
ing season's warmer sun, th
grass begins to grow green whil
ret there may be in other parts t
the yard patches of snow and (c<
The eager grass responds to tL
nrst can 01 spring.
"And so do the dwellers in tli
houses to w hleh these yards are a
tached. On thut same day in soni
of these yards there were peopl
out raking up the winter's debrii
the scraps and pieces of pape
and he twigs und the sticks, lei
on the ground after the meltin
away of its winter covering. The
hod sensed the approach of sprin
and they were ('loaning up; and o
the first occasion, anyway, the
wore moved no doubt not bo muc
by a dosire for neatness and trin
noss in their several yards as b
an inward prompting to get bac
m mem one? more; 10 uiuiut
"It doesn't matter to me whfl
the ground hog may say, or ho1
many other indications ma
point, I always know when sprin
if at hand by these two signs, b
the coming preen of the tufts (
grass in the sheltered corners c
my back yard, and by the appea
jmce of my neighbors at wor
cleaning up."
Buieii neon Dy visitors at uoiumDi
Not the One in Which H?c
Crew Won at Henl?jr.
Columbia utudentB and gradi
nii-H will be disappointed to lear
1 hat the old shell hung in the un
vernit.v trophy room on Morninj
?i(!?> llcightB i? not the origin?
boat in which the Columbia ct?*
won the Visitors' Challenge cu
at Henley in 1878. The shell, sa}
(!.< >.Vw York Sun, occupies tli
most prominent position in tli
mom ami has been pointed out (
ever.y visitor UK the only America
boat inanne?l by a college orew t
win at Henley.
The first doubt as to thenuthei
tieitv of the hoat was expresse
several months ago by Franci
Sedgwick llanos, a trustee of tli
university, who has always bin;
prominent in Columbia's rowin
u.ti-nsts. Subsequent invefltigi
lions have shown that on the dn
he ore tin* Henley crew Hailed fc
A I it-: i? a ( apt. (loodwin sold th
two shells which Columbia ha
taken to Kn^land to ('uiubrid^
uni versit v, where they won? use
til a very few years a^o, who
i h?'y were broken up.
T!i(-ie sonic conjointion f<
t !n- < "oiuirilea men in the fact thu
I':.- on: k used bv her crew in t hi
i?u hich are also on view in th
11 ophv loom, are the real om
brought back by the crew and unl
sc?jMcntly presented to the tin
The Summer Season.
When one reflects ui>on tli
(Irlij^til fill went her which j>r
vailed s<? generally in Oetohe
K.t\.s Four Track News, and tl]
\ cm more perfect weather in Ni
w-mher, it naturally chIIh forth tl
Iui rv, "why do we call 'the huii
iner Heauon' from .luly 1 to 8e;
leinher 1?" It iu ahaurd! Jun
j.iid Kepteinheiv?even Octohc
i i:<I often November tfiveu n? inoi
<) lijjhtfiil weather than July an
.Va^ust. I, for one, vote tinan
moush for a longer summer se;
son, for a fuller period in whit
lo enjoy the beauties of nntlir
for nature if* so varied in In
moods. and so lavish with ht
charms that she deaerves more <
i ur at tention. and t he more at It]
lion we bestow I he more we lear
ii? admire her every phase an
I.lie v. and the more we admii
the better olT we are, for every i
|!in?nee which nature exerts in f(
t lie ^ood.
Morioy and Hnppinesii.
Monet doesn't always brii
happiness, but the average man
willing to take his chances aloi
with the money.?Chicago Dai
i: p;||SR/OA4.J
y si lvitrwa he;
> i. diamonds, .
? out (il
I, . ? ? ^
c* .. ....... t
11 iron I in: i kihim' niir in
1 .1 * DON'T n
i- If you want s<
2 Best Bargains You Ev<
TVn/\?r lini il
I J IWIIl mm 11 i L i i
it to close out our line
mer dress goods, for tv
y don't want to carry t
K. money locked up in the
^ 2nd. Our store is
^ over with goods, and v
r I have the room, as fall
jj begun to come in.
For the above re
made prices that will
talk and sctll a few p;
1#l made prices that will cl
and do it quickly. 5
^ choice, come at once
money bring chickens
11* X r
Yours m earncs
1 I ~ "
8 f i i i i
O . ?
'H These aro <-ssoiui.il to <^00
that money can buy and as chr
n Al.l. <>! Ot'K ?T< ?
Wo. 1 ?iiv in small enough
I J c-?
y I fresh. Anything we sell can b(
>r is behiiul every sale. Come to s
k? '
,1 General flerchandise and
?| Your patronage is solicited,
ciated. We strive to please, and
j fled customer. Yours for Iuij
: )) Discoun
> (f l;or the next thirty clays :
ie }) the regular price the lolh
11' a One hundred and eighty
a Worsted and Cheviots ci
m leans. Sizes 34 to 42.
e % Sixty-eight young men's
<1 jb years. Two hundred am
j. f pants, suits sizes 8 to 16
ii- ^ Sixty childrens suits, a<^t*.
h ft All Straw hats at hall |>r
*' n and all Panamas at th
r B I lu'sf (minis ;m; Iroin ti
^ ? and one-third off the inn
I( clothing buyers very ( her
JJ No alterations paid lor 1>;
?] ? suits, and the t<-rins on t)
| Smith 6k I
1h /> IjKA !> I NO ( I
Vx Greenvilh
, E si (
.ASH. 1
~ ?? .. ... . n
i'.' of Art Pottery. f
S,The Jeweler,
)ine of the . t
ir Got in Your Life
August i st we want
of spri tig and sumyo
reasons: ist, We
hem over and have
Mil that will not turn.
; small and running
;e are compelled to
goods have already
asons we have not
create just a little
itterns, but we have
ean up every piece,
>o if you want first
If you have no
, ei?i(s or bee's wax.
t, ]
V One-Price Cash Store. ,
Ji) <
d trading. We e^et the best
ap & they can be purchased.
quantity to always have them
: relied on, and our guarantee
ee ns, we handle a nice line of
buy Country produce.
and your trade will hi; apprevou
leave our store: a satisI
^ _ |
t Sale!| 1
it one third less than V\
nving is offered by us: j) 1
men's suits in Fancy jfc
it in regular stouts and \
suits, age 16 to 20 &
I eighteen boys knee j
years. W
3 lo ?S years. 3
ice, except Panamas, m
esc were ?6. and #8. M
lie best manufactures m
irket price means to ^
ip goods. M
y us on these cut price a
lem is strictly cash.
ours truly \
Br i stow, I
,0T1IIKKS. ))
* ; vV *-y.
Don't fail to see me when you
)ry Qds ? i . 1 . ; PUo/*l/t>
Done C if 4
VIIWVI\i7t A ClllClf Vi/u ^
Also a lot of fruit jars, extra cai
33ar?ain F
lie right price, and a thousand otliei
nd on the farm at prices that will ii
rom now until September ist, 1.90J.
F. H All J
Pickens, 5*
A O AA /vn A ? 441
t\ Dargaisi
A splendid ri?**? ;i< ui whole grains, Home a lit
i fortunate pur<ylins. o'i?ble< i.ie to ? > i . it 5 c
>r $!5.75 for a 100 lb. Mick.
jt. fruit jars 05c 4 gnl. ?i H5 cer.tft llust* an; in
;elain lined tops extra rubber* .j eenls h drz. a I
I and 4. menu brogan* best made all nir,?s wlu
ihcea at $1.20. Mens Viol, perfectly solid, all I
ner or Silver Leaf Soda 25 . Bdot Compound
Drowns Mulo Tobacco $.2.75 per box tfplu^;
o niove'tbe goods out. Produce an I Tobacco
r nnsi mm
[1 UUU l^ U^lUi
C>-. WE want to dispose of i
7a to move them quickly will
f- AT O
All of our lino of Crockery
Pitchers. : : : :
$1.50 Bowl and Pitcher to go ?
\te reduction all through these linee
Come early before goods are [
selection. : : : :
The best of everything and eve
r*v?-> ur/t K n \ if- 1 ' C nil d.**"
.711 tin- IIKU I\WL 1ICI> II. VIUI V^c
Mrs. K.
The Suit or Overcc
perfectly ^ntl lool<
position you stand
Our clothinjj is ma<
not as they might 1
we alter it until it t'
Everything latest ii
fabrics and tailored
i 11 \ \' i' \i/\\'ri\ \ w c"
I 11A \ i: ?MV M VAf M 1 D
Rack to tin; Cary building. 1 have
lats and caps to dose out cheap. 1
My Meat
I don't have much time to ^et ;
\ long time I've heard
There is luck in leisure,
And 1 hope I'll meet that luck]
Andlc Treasurer.
A !>i; VAT
i v.isu'j jl v i
ol' t.lie big crowd
At Cowt
All MKNS, LAI) I ICS and (Mlll-DK'I
ar?? certainly lowoHt cv?'r known. And
I )ricle & I
>11 jades, Cuffs,
ollars, Gent's Shirts.
>ps and rubbers at $ ^
nothing better made, at
r thirjg.4 useful irl thehousj^*^]' fi
uterest the trading public v '
. ;*
> V.
in Rice
t ie brUkev, not enough to hurt, a
x.jtn in siiihII lots. 25 lb. for $1,00
ijimm s iioM machine made jars porl?tig
it lot of woniens shoes sizes
>k> st ick $1.10 ft gocd solid Sunday
leailu r, $1.40. 7 lLs Arm & HamLard
in original packages fljo.
a for 28c. Theat ouught to move
Tngn wanted.
1 -V. M. J/~
't* '!?
:ertain lines of j^oods, and
, Glassware and Bowls and
it $1.00, and a proportion>icked
over and make your
. : .
:rytiling die best. "If it is
irly and often at
L. Cureton's. I
>at you buy here fits you
cs well ro matter in what
or sit.
ile to f t fli.-n as they are,
H-. II it docs not lit at first
I /' *
IOCS lit.
i style, of the most worthy
in the most perfect mannerj
S. C. |
IOC Iv ()[; GOODS !
some dry goods, shoes and
I want to make room for
Mci rket
;K mi-;
;iro Hid to see the boys, but,'
/ streak,
thats l)iLying
R I )tt
Sale ,
ONtt Low CutH rrmst go. Pricfg
Siwb to fit everybody.

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