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Eutered April 2!J, 19013 nt Pickens, S. 0., ns second olnss mutter, under net of Congress of Miireli 1879.
prj "
(I A, Our Rl !
Vl tSp line is all
i/rf ily and Vo
f \\ will intere
.. - ^ A tfood
11 Syringe
LA good
tain Syri
Pickens Di
Drugs ?
N. H.?Our ain
want and
1?" s ^ ^
JU %J i
A Great Opportune
A AT A 1
If You Don't take
277 acres within ii miles of
balance in original forest. Kin
plenty of water. Tonus to en it
00 acres good farm land on
known as the .John Kads placo.
Old School House and oiu* ac
iV^ t'>wu For a very small atne
?v %^otiB<f>. i'rioe $1,000.
i . /\ . \ A- ? ?ll 1
Iv'lie stcro mt wiui goon .
IMckone. This is ;i regular ana
* ... gota it.
J. D. HO
! ltKAIi KS'
OHior lit Depot.
1 \ PICK
jtA By Careful and cons
M Hank largely increases
ff Wc solicit your busi
^ every reasonable aecoi
Window Shi
Springs, Stoves,
Lamps, Lanterns, r.i
ticles about a Home or
on us and look through <
cost nothing for you
in showing y<
you b
PT .R GOODS r ^ l
most complete, If
our lim: of Fam- AmS ((
untain Svrinfes V ?1
st you Jj ((
1* amily gQC ^ - //
1.00 |
-ug Coinpan>, (I
c Stationery.
n is to have what you Jj
to sell it toyou rijjht. ((
ity to Buy Real Estate
Advantage of it NOW
Si v Mil<> clnueli, 70 acres in cultivation
o limber. Frame tenant dwellings ampurchaser.
Southwest side of Six Mile mountain,
Price .$"1)0.
re of laud. Hest location for dwelling
lint tliis cm be made a good (5-room
"> room house on Kasloy street, town of
l>. Come at once before eoine one else
I'ickous, H. O.
J. MH?. linnet:, %
;ens, s. c. 1
$20,500.00 B
11,000.00 p
- 105,000.00 |
tant work tiic Durness ot tins ?
liess and will extenu to you (L
we j ust
ccl a nic<r lot
ides, Bed Lounges,
veil Wire Cots, Heel
Iin ware, Crockery ware,
nd a lot of other useful arFarm,
and we. invit<' all to call
our Rooms when in town. It
to look and we take pleasure
>u our goods whether
>uy anything
>r not.
I \ '
Mallard. Texas.
Pickens Sentinel-Journal : I
will see if 1 can send you a few c
dots from tins part of the Lone Star J
State. My stay here has been l>ut i
a short time, hut I think this is a
line country lor a man that wonts
to farm. It is a broken country
here, but healthy. There is but "
Republican Money Back of the Populist
Though Thomas K. Watson in
his speech accepting tho Populist
nomination for President at Cooper
Union, New York, on August
IS, said that Roosevelt "stands for
those governmental principles
which, in my .judgment, ure hurry-;
ing tins Republic into a sorhid
despotism of weaith," the full
speech is being sent broadcast as a
Republican document*
The New York World states that
the Republicans are Imping by this
means to estrange "the voters of
the Bryan Democrats from the
National Democratic ticket.''
"A. Populist campaign in this
State,'' continue? the World, "is to
be made with a plentiful supply ol
funds, and ? state organization, it
said. It is openly intimated that
there are not a few Republicans
who would subscribe liberally to
the Populist cause for the purpose
of deflecting Bryan votes from
"In this connection it is an
uouncad that Thomas 10. Watson is
to deliver forty speeches in doubtful
state", an<l, strangely enough,
at the procisc points where they
mii/ht ho expoeU'd to do most harm
to the Democratic- ticket. Mr.
Wntson has been in frequent consultation
with a number of men
hereabout his plans. Some of these
men were formerly closely identified
with Bryan."
In connection with the efforts of
Populints to uul Mr. Roosevelt,
Democrats are citing this trenchant
paragraph from M> . Roosevelt's
pamphlet on tlie campaign of 18iMi:
"Thrift, industry, ami business
energy are qualities which are
quite incompatible with true Populistu*
feeling. Payment of debt,
like tlio suppression of riots, is
abhorrent to the Populist mind.
Such conduct strikes the Populist
as immoral.'*
A Second Election Ordered.
In accordance with the rules of
ti e Democratic I'artv in South
Carolina, the 10 x? ntive Com initio
o! Pickens County, met on the' 1st
day of September ami canvafsod
the vote* cast in the primary flection
of August HOth. No one having
I OiMi nominated for Sheriff', Supervisor,
County Commissioners,
Coroner, ami Magistrates in Kasley,
Central and Hurricane Townships,
a second primary election is
hereby ordered to be held on Tues
day, September l.'lth to (ill ?<ud
Ollicfp nut! th? eartdlduten to lut
voted for ;tr?? a* follows:
For SherilT, E. Frank Loop.-r
and J. C. Jennings.
I'or Supervisor, L. I). Stephens
and (i. M. Lynch.
For County Commissioners, J. V.
Bniiih. G. W. Howon, (). P. Field
and A. li. Tallov.
For Coroner, I). A . Parr .tt and
.J. T. Hoe.
For Magistrate, Easley Township,
-J, M. Jamison and Klias Day.
For Magistrate, Contra 1 Township,
C. G. Rowland and T T. Arnold.
For Magistrate, IftirrioanoTo\tnship,
J, ?S. IJowon and W. L. MorKan.
The same Managers will serve.
Tickots will be ready tor distribution
by Saturday, the 10th instant.
and eaii bo had at the I'roc
imbs oflice in Kasloy or from me.
MftnnjjorB are ngftin instructod to
oh| 'ico tho ruloH governing prima*
ry ilections ntnctly in order to
prevent proleats nnd contosts.
(Mi,n. Kx. Com,
B?ar? th? />1,19 Kind You Haw Always Bought
little sickness here. We had Home.
I oanie hero in January, 1904, 1
and rented me a farm. 1 have c
good land to cultivate, hut poor j
accomodations about tho house. I
I havo bought me a farm now,
and will have to make another s
move room, (iooil improved land t
is high here. It is all th.> way 11
from ten dollars to twenty dollar" j \
per ace. The farm 1 bought io on c
what is called Mallard Creek, one '1
mile from a littlo country town v
callod Mallard, a town of two stores,
cotton gin and grist mill and will H
have a drug store noon. I have j
bought as good farm aw thern is in | ;i
Montague county. It eoet me $14
per acre with good improvements, 0
a good six-room house that is well t
finished up outside and inside, with |
a good well of water in the yard, j ]
The nearest railroad town is lit [
miles. The town is St Joe on the t
M. K. T. road. The next near- i
est railroad town is 15 miles, a t
good town on the Fort Worth and t
Denver road. The town is named i
Sunset, and Howie is on the sanio
road, about IS miles. Howie is a
good trading pla?*e; the best cotton
market in the conntv. ?
I have received several letters
from South Carolina inquiring .
about this country, say tlwy would ^
like to come here. All that I can
say to them is to come and look .
1 1 f
for themselves; what would suit/"
| (
me might not suit them. 1 like it [
alright and well enough to make il *'
my home. I will tell you about
how much land we cultivate. This >
year we have acres in corn and
il the chintz bugs had n<>t struck N
it we would have <m>L fifty or sixty
bushels to tln? acre, we wi.l ^*'t 1
forty if not more. Have got eigh- (
.... " ?' -
\ J -I1IU ? ! IIHIDIJ laiVil Ul V'I'I IU1I j | ,
can't toll liow tho cotton will turn 1
ont, I.nt it looks well now. I ^<>t **
on a horso this morning and rode
down in tho cotton. Tho horso in
Hivr.oen hands high and sonu? of '
I the cotton came up to the top of j ?
horse's back. That is in the val- | '
lev; on Hie up land it is from knee "
! \
high to waist high and in as full as'
it can bo. There isn't uny boll,
weevils here. The boll worm mav
eome later on, but don't see uny
n <w. It is owing to the weather
about th'i boll worm. It it rains
much nnd the eutton grows rank, I
! the boll worm will work on it, but i
if it don't ra'n much, they wont I i
bother it much. I will tell >i?u
later about tho cotton.
I miv hi The Sentinel-Journal l
that the champion watermelon
raiser, Isaac SherilV, was ieady to
supply Ins I'liondH. I think I am t
a friend to him; I know I would
be if he would stej^over and fetch ]
me one. If he could see hew they <
prow here he would ouiiie over and
try his luck on them, The Jack
' Rabbits and crows will sample <
11hem for you. I planted a patch in
i March to have forward melons and
tlie calves ate them up till we did
not have many. My second patch
' was line. 1 planted another patch
for fall melons. Mr* Editor, coinu
oyer lifter all (ho melons out there
aro gone and we will have a Rue
time sating tliom. They grow to
perfection here in thi valley*.
I )ia?l better stop for fear this
will tind its wav to the waste basket,
but it it don't you will hour
fi'(?m me again.
i Succphs t<> The Sentinel* Journal.
i). o r.
. . ..
Fortner Items.
No doubt, the renders ot' tho denr'
>1(1 Sentinid-.JouriiHl will he surtrised
on seeing tho above heading
n print ag.un.
Everything in thin vicinity i *
narching along Hinoothly in d
Hro. (). K. ll.ibin.~on oume up
ist second Saturday to start and
(induct our protracted meeting at
Measant Grove until Rev..J. K.
uHier con i?i arrive. Bro. Robinon
is a miigimiccnt lectu:er, and
he energy ho exerted lor God and
he betterment of mankind was '
rory highly appreciated by the 1
hnicl) and iho public at l:*rgn. I
Pho meeting closed Friday night :
nth two candidates for baptism.
I'rof. S. L. llobnifron clost d his :
chool at Pleasant Grnvu lor th?* '
>rotracted meeting, but. opened '
gain Monday with lull attendance.
Mrs. Suiiney M. C Jen 1;ins puss- <
d away into the presence of (Sod :
he 1 -1th nit. Mrs. McJuwkin wub i
our score and seven ytars old, and :
i:id o 1 -e
?. |.iuuo inn ill ijui HI i
Moasant Grove Baptist church for :
welve years. Her remains were
aid to rent at her church ecuintury <
ho UHxt day, Rev. .1 T. Singlclm !
if Greenville, conducting tlio fu- j
leral ijei vices. Homo. \
I 1
Hazel Happenings.
Dear Sentinel-Journal: 1 will i *
;ivo vou a fow sketches of news
. . . ; <
rom tins section.
John A. Kobinhon of Eaeley, was
n this socti.m recently surveying
and. i(
Marion Gla/.encr of Toxawny, '
s. 0., was over on a visit to C. P. 1
iilleepie, recently. Ho says crops '
iro very good in his section.
\li.? p:ii ' '
M'B. uiu.uuuiii VJlUCSpiU lias I'm- f
urnod to hei home 110.11 Brevard,
s'. 0., alter spending the KummerM
villi her son, (,' I'. CJillospic. I
Mr. and Mis. I'. (-'. PhI'Soim vis- il
ted at the hoiiii* of A. T. Win '
he,ter a low days ago. !
Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. (Jilhspit* vis- ]
ted at the home of your M'rihe i
'oaterday. <
Miss I>-?l 1 Aiken of Piedmont, 1
ias returned homo from a v:?it to j
>or unele, C. I1. Gillespio. 11
Prof. E. A Ward of Flat. Rr.i-U 11
C i i? touching a music school 1
it Now Friendship church, with '
A'. 10. Thomas at tliH organ. i
liluo Smith viriit? ?i at Daniel j
iVinehestt'r's last Sunday.
Mountain Sprout. i
Items From Rock.
Dear Seiitinnl .Journal: At? tny
ast items had to tdiare it* t'ato in
[he waste basket, I thought I would
try tiiid write again.
Jason ICntit-kin and sister. J/izf.ic.
HDeiit last Htii'.olid Sxlnrihiv
night ?t T. M. Jones'.
\1 is8 May McClanahan, of Iji 1 ?erly,
in (tarrying on a nourishing
jcho.J sit Oolenoy.
10. I). Hendricka and sister, Janie*
have been visiting relatives ut Dauusville
and Marietta.
l'rof. Loin ('lark has been teaching
ii progressive Kinging school at
Oolenoy the past three weeks.
A crowd of young men from
around here went to Saluda seining
last Saturday. They reported
a fine time.
Several from this part wont to
1*2-1. 1 - * i~
t iciitfiiH mingrnan h tray.
Abner Ferguson (lied tho 23rd
of August. and was buried tho day
following. We extend aincere sympathy
lo tho bereaved family.
Mr. and Mrs. JO. I). Hendricks
spent Irs*. Saturday night at (he
hitter's sister, Mis. o. K. Keith.
Tho election is passed and 1
guofrH there are several Hick he site
people. lioatli'j.
Those Who Were Left?Some Sensible
The folluwiug exhortation t<> the
iiefoated caiulidateH ot tho recniit
primary is wr:tten by Oapt, Chaa.
Petty in tho News and Courier:
A'l m not lost. Friends are loft.
Neighbors will still l>? kind and
Iflpl'iil. The wido world i? before
vou. There ia much mv.nly, honorable
work outside of public offices.
Thorn are clean dollars to
be gained liy individual unaided
,.ir * *
tfiiurm, mm will put you undor
ubligationM to no our. Hold up
your heads, walk I'orlli like free,
independent moil, and win gie.it<>r
lienors and more enlarged succosh
uid attain a higher tiuiiihood in a
l>riva?? station than von could poslibly
have achieved in the oflico
you sought and failed t < > get.
Sometimes the world says to one
apablo of useful work and oven
le dortlnp:
''Hero, caitiff, slave, human machine,
take this oflice, or palaned
ippomt ment; it shall he your living
and undoing. Henceforth toil
it the dictation of others; repress
ill signs ol independent manhood
itid he ready forevor hereafter with
handshake and feigned interest in
others' welfare and fawning and
smiling on voters, to hold your
place. You who were capahlo of
wine manly, vigorous elVort in tlr.i
world's work, ieduce yourself,
your ambitions, vonr nsi.iiiirirmu
to the condition of your type-writer
>r adding machine. Tliut is your
svork and your doom."
One, who had hold public oil ice,
>(T and on in this St a to, vaid as
he shadows b"gau to lengthen: "It
,h a great misfortune for 0110 to
Hold public olhce which gives him
i living for a fe*v years,, Ho never
jets over it."
It is often a great favr.r to a
bright, enorgetic, able young man
.o defeat. him for office and throw
lim on his own resources. Many
i capable man is lowing line 0|>]>< r?
unities, frittering away tlie best
i oars ol lil'o, repressing all nol le
ispirations by slaving in a Gov)rnment
clerkship or a public oflice
that gives him a barn living.
Years ago a young lawyer held :i
slorkwhip in Washington. With
liis salary and a little outside wortlie
managed t) live. IW cliiuu'.o
ulininistration he lost the clerk
snip and was suamuuf. lie ha<l
nianey enough to reach a Wostrrn
Stato, rose in hi* pntics.-i.m, was
aloctod t<> Congress, haw Ihij,'" op?
portunitinu, relaxed to run a serond
lime and wont into l)u> r :?I estate
hll8in?BH and HU"?'L'(!d>d in a wonilerl'ul
way. A pofttoflieo clerk in
Washington, after several years ii tellignnt
woik and umlcivtaiiding
the details ol" tin* derailment, wan
suddenly made to walk the plank
Liko many salaried pi-opln li itinonev
wan spent mm lat-t as it eaxc
111. li'" w ii-i j'lit out in I'ennsylvania
u Veil im' without money
enough to carry him out of thi><lhtriet.
Ho heat hi8 way across tl e
continent, got a place in an outgoing
htoamor, made his way
Japan and through tin; aid <?( the
American ministor iVt Tokin hud
an interview wn'n Government officials
and convinc-d them that
they needed a reform in their postal
system and thnt )io was the
man to give it to tliem. Ho succeeded.
Years afterward ho returned
to the I nife<| States in a
splendid yacht of his own. The
door of opportunity is always open
to a free mail never to n slavo.
I i > > Children urr Mlt-kiy.
Mother Urny> Sw eet Powders for (Miilil/en.
used by Mother (iniy.ii iiurxeiiit'htUtreii'hhoinit
NOW York, Itronk ui> folds in 'Jl hours, euro Ke
vert*hiiesn, lleadtu'lie, Stomach troubles, Teeth
ink IMwonleis, mid (U'sUot Worms m nil >Ituk
Kists, v!(">c sample lUHlltd I l( I I. Address, t I
low S. Olmsted beKov NY

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