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Kurppatkin's Formi<
Yang are B
OWN IS bVflUUflltU
"1 -y
Retreat is Reported as Being
in Progress?Greatest C011lliet
in World's History
- in Point of Numbers
Thursday's news from tho seat cf
war closed with tho receipt of two
dispatcher, giving Infonnatloa of a
-??'" ? it a httarintt
mo&l Hlgllllicaui Vimiuvw. _
011 the domination of Manchuria at tho
close of tho present campaign.
Tho first came from the Associated
Press correspondent at St. Petersburg,
filed thoro at 10:10 p. m., and
said that General Kuropatkin had
withdrawn his whole army to the
north bank of the Taitse river, so as
to 'meet OenqraJ KuroUJ'a Clinking
movement. Tho Inference drawn from
this dispatch was that I/.ao-Yang had
been evacuated, that city lying on the
left or south bank of the river. Noth
iiig to vonilrni tniB waa ret?ivuu uum
several hours later, when a dispatch
from tho Associated Press correspondent
at St. Petersburg, date 1 September
2. and timed nt l:2f> a. m., Friday
morning, said "that the news of the
evacuation of l.iao-Yang and the witndrawal
of the Ru?sia army to the right
bank of the T.iltso rivor had caused
.intense exeitemont."
I^ite Thursday night tho St. Peters
OUrf? COrlO IK.IlCM.iil ui ins AVsuciaimi
Pres.; obtained an opinion from the
war office tint the withdrawal to t!:e
right, bank of the Taltse river became
necessary so that the Puiaaians would
he able to repel a blow in that direction
and thai. General KuVopal kin's
movement was the carrying out of a
well-defined idtju, rather than a retreat.
The tame di.'patch points out
without comment that the Japanese
took advantage of General Kuropatkin's
withdrawal to occupy the city
ol' Liao-Yang.
( The second dispatch which nriy
;Uav^^ ^^njflcant bearing on the campu^fn
is:that filed at Mukden at 1):27
p. m. Thursday, saying that the train
service uoiwton MUKtien and i.iaoS(\
Yang was interruyied and It may
\v -nman the cutting of railroad communloatlon
which would deprive General
i f Kuropatkin of a ready opportunity to
Jt rotreat. to his more northern base at
// Mukden. As pointed out in the S:.
i Petersburg dispatch the Mukdon correspondent
docs not mention w luv
the telegraphic communications arc
The News at Washington.
The Japanese minister at Washington
received tlie following dispatch
from To^iio Thursday night: "According
to telegraphic advices received nt
headquarters this afterno/ji our army
corps <? nthe loft. by flnrce and rop-itod
assaults, took possession of the
llfiMltS V.-hif'l i immii'o
u.., w ??-/ VUbUl/ O I if,ill
cupled. Thereupon all the enemy
south of Lino-Yung be.;an retreat. T'r.o
J ipanese army Is nov/ pursuing.
Kuropat'on Isolated.
A dispatch sont out from Mr, !*(! n
date;! at 9:27 p. m. Thursday, \v:is ps
follows: "Tho train service between
Mukden J>.n:l Llao-Yang Is Interrupts !.
Tho roads are Impassable.
A laler dlspitcfc la as follows: T e
Japanese left b^gsn pressing L isslins
toward Tatzsho nt dawn tills
(Fri;lay) morning. T!i > Japanese rUtbt
li engage.l In the ndghberhoyl ?.jT
The Japanese ep.s''alMe<< plnee A'tpust
20, are officially estimated at ten
Otton Mills in Augusta Tarritory File
Suit Against Railroads,
^uit has been commenced boforo
tltf interstate commerce commission
bjfill the cotton mills of the section
nrsnd Augusta, Ga.( against the
Scfthorn railway, the Atlantic Coast
I jit. Seaboard Air I-Inn
Gflgia, Clydo Steamship Company,
OI&Domlnlon Steamship Company
avAjeenn Steamship Company for a
rrxftflon of tho present, rate on cottonloods
shipped out of the Augusta
cotm mill territory and for tho rncovw
of excess rates that have boon
cliakd during tho last, ton years.
. Nonliion Miner? at Coal Creek Lay
J J Down Picks and Shovels.
I U< .A> t loO non-union minors, em\J^V
ploy by tho Coal Creok Company, !n
its l<jorvllle and Thldtlo mlnos, went
t a^riko Thursday morning. Qoo.
V superintendent of tho mines, noi
\vfteo 'ho men that tho sc ?lo of wages
"e re'Jucefl- lho miners refitse4
tdaccopt tho proper reduction.
i \
dable Lines at Liaoadly
Excitement in St. Petersburg.
Tho news of the occupation of IviaoYang
and tho withdrawal of tho Russian
array to the right bank of tho
Taltso river reached only a small section
of the people of St. Petersburg at
a late hour Thursday night and caused
intense excitement and disappointment.
Tho majority of the Inhabitants
retired to rest, believing that Russian
arms had again been successful and
that the Japanese attacks had been repelled.
Ugly suspicions, however, had
boen rife during the day, owing to tho
absence of press telegrams from I^laoYang,
leading to tho bellof that the
communications had been cut by GenI
oral Kuroki.
The following statement was obtainj
ctl by the Assocated Press from the
war office at 10 o'clock p. m.:
"General Kurokl'a army crossed in
force to the right bank of the Taitse
river and it, therefore, became necossary
for the Russian:* to be in a posi|
tion to repel a blow in this direction.
| "In view of this development in tne
i operations General Kuropatkin decided
to abandon his positions on the left
bank and to concantrate his whole army
on the other side of the river. This
position is the strongest, both in character
and in site. The great issue will
be finally decided there.
"Ry withdrawing to this position the
Russian array avoids the danger of being
divided by the river and enjoys
the advantage of compactness.
"General Ivuropatkln's move, there*
fore, is not to be considered as a re
I treat, but rather as the carrying out
of a well-defined Idea."
The News from Tokio.
A Tokio dispatch of Thursday night
says: At daybreak the Japanese army
j un the left delivered a fierce and successful
assault against the heights to
| the west of Hsinlingtun and the high
i ground to the west of Shushanpao. It
pitrr-ed the Russian lines and later
forced the, retirement, of the Russian
! troops from their position on the right
! and center. MarquTs Oyama telegraphs
that his losses in these as1
saults were he ivy. It believed that
v.c.nciiii rturopatiiin lias been sweepI
ingiy defeated.
Jap3 Caught in Pitfalls.
The battle Wednesday was of the
j meat desperate character. It raged
continuously from dawn until mid|
night and the slaughter must have
been imraon jo.
At 8 in the evening, after holding
his out* r pojlticns all day in the
fic:> of the mo--t d.-sperate charges,
General Kuropaticln gav<- the order to
retreat upon the main works about
mw city, i no Japanese assaults dur!/!.;
tho day had hef n directed prinei,pai!y
against tho Russian renter a little
cas.t of Mnieiun * hill, near tho railI
road and thr<-e miles southwest of
Liao-Yang. Nothing approaching tho
severity of the Infantry and artillery
tiro had b en heretofore experienced in
Ah soon as the Japanese found that
! tho Russian < were retiring from their
outer p-j.-lti .ns southward, they resume
1 the r.ttaek titers,'although it was
than quite dark. Thus pressed, the
'Kusshru arreste.! their movement ft)
1 tho rear and a?ih> faced the Japanese,
i Wl'h a view of eventual retirement
twin ihi;:r i.-.iier positions, me Kua*
a'-ns had dug .1 large nunioor of pits
: with stakes tonnalo'l In their hot*
' vuns. Tho pit j wore fully concealed
among tho high Chinfse corn. When
t::?> Jnpan^fo charged after, the Russians
they foil into tho pit3 in hun<'.re
Is m l were engulfed an I impaled
cn Ihe stakes and tnelr lines were
I'.irown in'o confusion. When tho Rusdins
faced about and returned to
th :lr oid positions they found theso
.(loath trips flilod with doad and dying.
Georgia Bank3 Refute Report of Comptroller
of the Currency.
Reports from nil parts (f Georgia
nro to the effect that the banks
throughout tho state were never in
! hotter condition to meet any coming
, demand.* for moving crops, than they
, nro at tho present time, notwithstanding
the roport of Comptroller of t)i?
; Currency Ridgely to the contrary.
More tiian thia, the iiank officials in
nil parts of the state say that tho doi
mand this year will not bo nearly as
great as last year because tho farm
. .uiiu nuvo considerable
r>ady money.
Captain Will Not Accompany Troops
to Manassas Maneuvers.
Captain 11. M. Hitch, of the Ogle*
j thorpo Light Infantry, will not go lo
M.tnasaas for the maneuvers.
Captain Hitch announced to his company
that on account of Tils duties in
|cono?ctlon with the court of Inquiry
that It would ho Impossible for him
J lo go with the company to Manassas.
Desultory Attacks at Port Arthur Proving
Costly Pastime to Troops of
tho Mikado.
The Port Arthur Nov! Krai, la Its
issue of August 26, speaking qf tho
! Incidents of tho siege occurring ?e|
tween August 22 and 26. make no men*
lion of any general assault during that
period, but records several desperate
attacks on the Russian position. Thu
Russian consul at Chafoo says tno
Novo Krai relates only facts, but col
ors them with tho intention of inspiring
the garrison an 1 the troops to tho
emulation of heroic deeds.
Following a grand three days' assault
upon the defenses of Port Arthur,
th?j Japanese rested during tho
day time of August 23. At 11 o'clock
that night they concentrated a strong
force to attack Zardodoul fort, which
j Is a strong position on the Rusian
! right flank. The Japanese made clevi
er u.so of the available cover, creeping
1 forward in Indian fashion for mi<>
j hour, in spite of the Russian tiro. Mid,
night found them properly formed
I within striking distance of the fort I{
lications. They then made a powerful
| rush, hut were mowed down in all
but one quarter. Here a body of Japanese
succeeded in entering the fort,
over the dead 'bodies of their comrades.
but nearly all were bayonetted
inside the fort. The remainder retreated,
losing heavily as they fle-l.
After repulsing the enemy the Russian
troops cheered.
The Japanese searchlights showed
ghastly heaps of dead, like magic lan|
tern pictures.
The Japanese were soon reinforced
; and recommenced the attack furiously,
but again were repulsed. The Novl
i Krai soberly asserts that, the Japanese
troops were forced forward by
their own shrapnel (ire, the gens having
been placed behind them to pre
vont a rotreat.
Result cf Democratic Pi imary Elcc
tion3 in South Carolina.
iJeinot ratic primary elections wore
through South Carolina Tuesday
lor .state tad cauuty oftlccrs and mom
hers of congress. Success in this pr:
Imary eastms success in tho general
election in November, a the repnnii:
cans make no nominations except possibly
in some districts for congress.
1 Thrt sfa!r? Ilftlcm-O lliilillint.ul
opposition were:
For governor, D. C. Hey ward; 1 ?< ntenant
governor, John T. Sloan; sec#
s rotary of state, J. T. (Santt; attorney
general, U. X. Gunter, Jr; state trea^I
tirer, It. H. Jennings; comptroller gen
oral, A. W. Jones; si:i>erint< ndent ol
education, O. 13. Marshall; adjutant
general, J. D. Forrest.
It is impossible to toil yet which
of the six candidates for state railroad
commissioner has neon nominated.
The returns are incomplete, hut the
rcnominatioil of Cimercxsmnn IJnnrn-n
S. I.e^ure, of the (list; Wyatt Aiken,
of the third; Joseph T. Johnson, oi
the fourth; 1). T. Finloy, of the filth
and A. ! '. I.ever, of the seventh (lis
trkis, is announced.
A second primary will probably b?
held in the second and sixth congressional
Former Alleged Crazy Sultan of Turkey
Dies in Prison Coll.
A special from Constantinople says:
Former Sultan Murad V., died in prison
Monday of diabetes, from which
be bad long suffered.
Murad V. was born in 1840, and ascended
the throne after the niur
der of the Sultan Abdul Aziz, May,
1S7<>. In July of that year Murad V.
was placed on the throne, and on August
151st ho was dethroned for alleged
insanity and replaced by bis
brother, Abdul Hamld, the present
nimuii. i<no r'-ai iikmh in tne rase,
however, will probably never ho
known, but it baa been claimed that
Murad was a good deal more sane
than bin brother.
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, dizziness, dullness
and drowsiness, coated tongue, slimy
teeth, bad breath. Rydale's Liver
Tablets will relieve any of these symptoms
in a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. They act upon the
liver, bile, bladder and duct, intestines
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic.
Thos-ro who use these tablets find their
action perfect and results satisfactory.
Fifty chocolate coated tablets in eaci
box. Price, 2fi cents. tf
Alabaam Adopts New Plan of Apportioning
In an opinion rendered by Attorney
General Massey Wilson, at Montgomery,
Ala., tho wholo plan of xpportinlng
school money was changed,
i Tho now plan will bo to certify to
oach county board how much that
county Is entitled to and that board
distributes It in such way as to make
tho schools in all districts of counties
of oqual duration as nearly as possible.
Assemble in State Convention
at Capitol in Atlanta.
Candidate of Party for President Received
Witn Rousing Cheers.
A State Electoral Ticket
is Nominated.
A state electoral ticket was nominated
and the presidential candidacy
of Hon. Thomas 15. Watson indorsed
by the populists: of Georgia at tne
state convention of that party held
Thursday afternoon in the hall of the
house of representatives at Atlanta.
There was a large attendance at the
convention and tho assemblage was
enthusiastic, cheering the name of
Watson whenever H was mentioned,
and cheering Judge J. K. Hfnesf, of Atlanta.
who presided as permanent
chairman of tho convention.
jt>vaiuoa liiu uiu.ii.urs oeioro tnentlonod
tho only business of importance
transacted by tho convention was the
selection of a state executive committee.
A gubernatorial candidate was
casually suggested, but no attempt
was mado t<> nominate state, county or
congressional tickets.
The electoral ticked named is as
From the State at Large?\V. S.
Wler, of Fulton, and John H. Sibley, of
, Talbot electors, and Dr. W. C. San ii|
ford, of Burke, and \Y. Y. Carter, of
| Hart, alternates.
First I/leirict?R. l^oe Moore, of
I Milton, elector, and A. i?. Lamar, of
! Jackson, alternate.
Second District?Jesse Ward, of
j Thomas, oioctor, and G. W. Craj>ps, of
I Clay, alternate.
Third District?C. Montgomery, of
Tfrrell, elector, and H. M. Searcy, of
Taylor, alternate.
Fourth District ? IMon Williams, of
Merriwether, elector, and A. J. Unrnett,
of Carroll, alternate.
; Fifth District?W. T. McDanioi, of
Rockdale, elector, and G. F. Taliaferro,
, of Fulton, alternate.
Sixth District?Dr. W. I'. Glover, of
Jones, elector, and C. S. Barrett, of
I Upson, alternate.
Eighth District ? If. \V. Nally, of
i Baldwin, elector, an.l \V. R. llutclioson,
of Haaalson, alternate.
Ninth district?J. P. Brooke, of
j Milton, elector, and A. (I. I.amar, of
j Jackson, alternate.
Tenth E4strlet?Ij. I). McGregor, of
Warren, elector, and W. .T. Hennine, of
Richmond, alternate.
hTeventh District?D. R. Johnson, of
; Wayne, elector, and J. B. Howard, of
Johnson alternate.
Speech of Watson.
Hundreds of men and women
I thronged the hall of the house of
j representatives Thursday night *o
hear tho initial campaign speech of
1 Hon. Thomas 13. Watson.
The speech was regarded as a mastor
piece of political oratory, and -'t
frequent intervals fne speaker was
Interrupted by cheering that all but
shook the thick walls of the capitol
building. Mr. Watson consumed exactly
two hours.
There were seats for only about half
of those pro/.ont, tho remainder standing
in denso groups arountl the walls
' and overflowing through the doorways.
When Judge """ ie* arose to intro|
(luce the dls(T.7',?iT!s7;ed s^aner, the
gr< .it cencouYSo of people in th<> ball
broke into vociferous applause, llu's
went into tho air and the whole audience
joined in the cheering. Judge
Mines' Introductory remarks were
j very brief. merely spoke of Mr.
Watson as ono of (Jcorgia's groatest
sons an.) ;? patriot now championing
tho priniiT/o principles or democracy.
Then .Mr. Watson .stood up befoie
his m agni flout* ( audience to deliver
the first speech of his campaign for
pr^siuent of the I'nite 1 Stives.
The crowd was attentive, though
noisy at intervals. At times tho
speaker was applauded. At times lie
was interrupted by questions from the
crowd. One man cried out:
"Ho'w do you si and en the gold
And I ho speaker shouted back:
"Where the democratic party has
stood for the past, eight years."
i noro were cneers and shouts of
"Watson" mingled with scouts of
1 "Parker.'
'i ho wholo speo< T. was like that,
sallies by I lie speaker at rnon and
platform, questions nTid cries from the
j crowd and now and then a burst of
general applause. Hut when It was all
over every one present, democrat,
' populist and what not, gtvo Thomas E.
j Watson fue credit of having delivered
I an able and masterful address.
Blaze in Balti.-noro Entail3 Property
Loss cf $125,000.
The largo p.tcklug plant of Street
! & Corkran in Baltimore was totally
destroyed by flr-> Wednesday, the lor?being
estimated nt $123,Or ). The
buildings, a large stock of meat < and
180 livo hogs, were entirely con sum
I ed. The hogs had boen recoived at
I the plant only an hour or so before
Second Round in Conflict at Liao-Yan
Under Way?First Acsault in
Favor of Czar's Troops.
The news silence regarding the ba
tie of Lino-Yang?perhaps regarded i
the most sanguinary in the history :
warfare?which began with .lispatent
to l ho. Assopintnrl frni
tho battlefield lato on Tuesday idyl
was broken by Asiociatod Press ii
pmtchf.3 received Wednesday .^ayui
that fighting had been resume 1 5
dawn that morning and that the II fin
extemled along the en re line soni
seven mllea ia extent.
A dispatch from Liao-Yang receive
lato in the afternoon told of repeat):
bayonet advances on the road dtr<;<3
ly south of Llao-Yang whero the R'i
stans shelled the Japanese posrior
until 4 o'clock in the afternoon, win1
tho engagement, which was gejicn
throughout the south and southeatf
narrowed to the main line. The ca:
iiuiuiuiiig I'uiuiniiRU until evening vi"
out advantage on either side.
The Fuddui termination of direct li
patches gave rise to the belief l.hi
communication had Itcen cut north ;
Liao-Yang was incorrect.
A Liao-Yang dispatch filed at 5::
p. m. Wednesday said that the .Jap;.i
ese were getting around tho Russia
1-ft flank, \\??;e a later dispatch stile
that the Russians had effected an at
vance along the railroad to the sout!
ward from which direction the Ru
sions retreated before the battle i
Liao-Yang was begun.
Reports reaching St. Petersburg ai
to the effect that after lighting t\vel\
hours, Tuesday, the Japanese wei
driven back by tho Russians, the tic!
of battle turning in favor of the Ru
sians ai 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
The Russians claim to have retake
several forts in tho nf!r>rnnrm nhi/
had been occupied earlier in the ds
by the Japanese.
The dispatches cultivated the Ja
ane.se force at about 240,000 men ai
tho Russians at from 170,000 to 2i>(
000 men wit a from six hundred
one thousand guns engaged on oac
The highest military authorities
St. Petersburg consider that tho mo
critical stage of the battle has m
yet boon reached, and they belies
that the fight may continue for son
time before either side acknowledge
ucieai. Tnis is an important eonsi
oration by the light of which to i
Jerpret. any immediate news.
It is thought ilint, in view of tl
Ejum'uers engaged, tlio desperateness <
the assaults and the length of ;1
l lines, about seven miles, the lossi
> in the two days' fighting can not fa
j i.hort of 10,000 on each side. Ho
fiiaes are sirain:ng every nerve, iv?
j/.ing tint the fortune* of ?var for
whole year are in the scale and m
tlier side Is in the mood uor tho pos
tion to spare men in the effort
achieve a final victory.
The battle of Mao-Yang will pron
bly rank as one of the great singui
ary battles t?f history, it is estimate
by the general staff that tiie Japane:
armies engaged number seventeen (
visions of ]f?,Oi)i> men each, or, alio'
ing for inefficients, -^bout 240,000 me
Each division has ihirty-six guns, ai
there are two independent artille
brigades of one hundred gnns eae
making a total of about 800 gutis.
In the preliminary lighting of Mo
day the Russians captured 200 priso
ors, who have already arrived
Harbin, and report persists that tlx
raptured over forty Japanese guns <
Big Battle Between Japs and Russiar
Will Be Decisive.
A HI Petersburg dispatch says: Wii
the knowledge that the Russian ar
Japanese armies about Liao-Yang n
locked in a. death struggle, the i ^;<
in St. Petersburg Wednesday nbjht w
strained to the u most. It was lie!!c
ed tliero that the fight could not ;!<
short of I ho crushing defeat ol o;
side or tho other.
Sick Headache.
"For several years my wife wn
troubled with what physicians nil 1 o
sick headache of a very severe charar
ter. She doctored with several emi
nent physicians and at a great e:
pense, only to grow worse until sh
was unable to do any kind of worl
Auom u year ago sne began takin
Chamberlain's Stomach and Live
Tablets and today weighs more thai
she ever did before and is real well,
says Mr. George K. Wright, of Ne\
London, New York. For sale by IMel*
ens Drug Co. tf
Get Your Money's Worth.
You get your money's worth whei
you buy lOlliott's Emulsified Oil Linl
ment. A full half pint bottle costs l>?
25 cents, and you get your money oacl
if not satisfied with results. Use I
in your family and on your stock
You'll not he disappointed. tf
I find nothing better for llvor do
rangement and constipation thai
('hambcrlaln's Stomach mui Live
TahletR.?T,. F. Andrews, TVs Moines
Iowa. For sale by Pickens Drug C<
Law is Invoked Against an
t. Alleged Conspiracy.
' Charge MacAs that Association Exists
to "Freeze Out" All Ma?.
c j ter Plumbers Who Fail to
it '
Join the Combine.
One of the most important injunc,j
tions, frcln a commercial standpoint,
d that has ever been in the courts of
r-* Georgia, was granted by Judge J. H.
| Lumpkin, of the Fulton county supeis
! rior court at Atlanta Monday morning,
il i when he restrained tho Association of
t, | Master Plumbers, of Atlanta, and their
ll" j agents, officers and employees, from
| seeking to prevent supply houses from
s ' dealing with M. C. Vandlver, the plainj
tiff in action. The temporal* yinjunc*
j tion was granted until September 24,
j when the rase was set down for a
:i i final hearing.
i:- ! The injunction is national in intern
esi, as the Master Plumbers' Associu>.1
| tion has state and national branches.
l1- j It seems from the petition of the plain
.i- | mi uiuv i Lit' nasurimiuu til ividSier
.? j Plumbers lias as ono of its objects the
I "freezing out" of all plumbers and
' contractors who do not. belong to tho
e 1 association, and that supply dealers
e ! are not allowed to sell to outside
-e plumbers, under the penalty of having
[e ail trade of members of the associas
tion withdrawn.
M. C. Vandiver, in his petition, asks
h ] tliat tiie following parties bo enjoined
>h 1 from operating against him through
iy I the supply houses: The Association
i of Master Plumbers of Atlanta; the
p. j State Association of Master Plumbers
id ! of Georgia, D. A. Karrell, of Fulton
VI county, being president thereof, and
t<> | against the National Association ot
h Master Plumbers cf the United States
and against I). A. Farre!l, the vice
in president, thereof, and against the
st General Supply Company, with offices
Lit in Atlanta. The plaintiff states:
,o "Your petitioner, was engaged in the
1Q general plumbing business for the
s ] I'uuiic hi mo cuy 01 Atlanta, and had
(j. established a well-paying business urtn.
| til the Association or' Master Plumbers
I of Atlanta, composing nearly the en*
10 ! tiro plumbing trade there, formed a
Df conspiracy or ill<gi*; combination,
known as the Association of .Master
Plumbers, of Atlanta, on or r.bout July
,11 | t>, 1902, the purpose being thereby to
rij destroy your petitioner's business an l
1 the business of any other plumber not
.? 1 a mcnibor (lf snirl imn/ilotlim 'IM,,.
>i. ! purpose of said conspiracy was, by
,j. I destroying the business of your pottt(1
| tioncr and a few other plumbers enj
gaged in the business in Atlanta t;i
a. t thereby cut off competition and mono*
n. I poiize the trade in order t?> raise and
! control prices and make extortionate
j charges to the public tor plumb;:: ;
lj. work."
kV. In section (I of hi.s petition, tho
? I plaintiff says:
vi "The principal means used by do*
,.y fondants in their conspiracy to d<
h stroy petitioner's business wis It
threaten to withdraw their patronago
n. from the wholesale and general supply
n. houses who handle tho plumbing ma*
,lt tcrlals in the city of Atlanta and tin
,v state of Georgia and other states of
,n the union, unless said houses or tlrnii
refused to sell petitioner, or any oth r
plumber not a member of said association.
It. is further alleged by th > netitioa*
ig or that he is at present doing plumbing
work on a hotel in Louisville an. I
I, tho contract is worth 3i'?.?:c?. an.! th:;
l(j after lie be^an the work he was
rr I fused material because of the action
>;i of the Na-ticnal Association <>i .Mas-,Plumbers.
He exhibits a letter fr ?:.)
v. a supply compiny, in which h.? is t >! |
that ho could avoid ail further ttor!?!e
l0 by joining tho Association of M is: r
Plumbers, of l^ouisviite.
Suicide Prevented.
s The startling anno,inc< inent that a
(1 preventive of suicide had been dis'
covered will interest many. A run
down system, oi despondency invariav
bly precede suicide and something has
. be, n found that will prevent that con
j, dition which makes suicide likely. At
r the first thought of self destruction,
take lOlectrie Hitters. It being a great
> tonic and nervine, will alrem'thon n,,.
v nerves and build up the system. It's
also a great Stomach, Liver and Kidney
regulator. Only 50c. Satisfaction
guaranteed by lMckens Drug Co.
i ~
< Two Car Loads from Georgia Towns
En Route to Packing Centers.
Two car loads of negroes gathered
from various points in Georgia, passe i
' through Chattanooga Monday night on
11 i routo co Chicago, where thoy will work
! In the packing houses. They were
>. gathered from small towns by agentsi

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