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Mm SsaM-Jouml.::
S?t? .1 .1*111-:>? kvi'.iiv wi-:i?xi'.?i?AV mojininu.
Tho Ccntinel-Journal Company. |
I llOMl'HON & KieUKY, I'HOI'B.
Bubmu-iptiou $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Butoe Reasonable
Kiiterc*] ?t iMokena 1'ontoaice as Second OlaM ,
Mat! Matter 1
riCKKNS, S. C.: I
; I
Wednesday, September 7, 1004. |
The primary election, just passed, !
was a very quiet one, notwitbstand- ,
ing the vote cast was the largest over (
. polled in tbe county, it being 280^
jih against 23GI in tbe last pritunn-.
In the election for State officers in
this 0'iunty, I ley ward received 2778,
as did all the other candidates who
were unopposeJ.
FVtr fluilrond (liimmisnmnni' (' .
sler received 104; Earle, 501; Evaoh,
178; G'urin, 115; Gignilliat, 140G;
.Ylnblty, 382.
In tbo olcction for magistrates for
the various township*, there waa n
good deal of spirit and opposition,
uud, in several townships, tbe race
will have to be made over.
For Pickens, J. F. Harris received
251; and W. L. Jenkins received 189
For Eusley, J. M? Jameson receiv
ed 353, It. J. Mattison 100, EliotDay
219. Messrs Day aud .Jameson
run over.
For Liberty, W. O. O'Dell was
nominated, tbere being no opposi
For Central, T. T. Arnold received
100, G. G. Rowland 109, It. C. Law
reuce 37. Rowland and Arnold run
For Gateechee, J F. Williams re
ceived 54, J. G. Garrett 11.
For Daousville, J. T. Childress 93,
W. H. Williams 105.
For Fumpkintcwc, J. F. Hindoo received
26, J. F. Keith 70,1. H Siui
. mons 4t.
For Eastatoe, B. O. Bowie received
87f H. J Lewis 37.
For TTnrripono -T H
ccived 70, W. L. Morgan 81, S. M.
March banks 00, David Abercrombie
58. Messrs. Bowen and Morgan run
In the election lor cmuty officers
i'nere will be a second race between
Moasrs. Jennings and Looper fur
Sheriff; Lynch and Stephens for
County Supervisor} Parrott and Roe ,
for Coroner; while Messrs. Talley,
Fiold, Bowen and Smith run for
Commissioners, as there are two to
be olepted.
Those candidates who had no op.
position were eletMed on the first ballot,
and thoy are truly thank ml for
this as well as for having no opposi
Recently valuable deposits of marble
have been found in Oconee county,
not far from Walhalla. The most
valuable; lied SO for discovered in on
tho place of Mr. T. N. Hall.
Mr. C. H. May new, a practical
marble man, hhj'h that within eight
miles of Walhalla there is one of the
largest marble deposits in tho whole
country, and the specimens taken
from it are susceptible of the highest
polish. About the only thing need,
ful is sufficient capital to establish a
quarry aud begin ',o develop the
rnarblo beds.
We have not a shadow of n doubt
but that the roports from Oconee are
true, and we believe too, that similar
beds exist in Pickens. While wo do
not know just what grade of marble
Pickens county offords, we du know
that the amount of" granite in the
county exoeeds any other county in.
At - a - -
hip otaie, ration oi it is sunceptiblu
of the highest polish, and the development
of this portion of our mineral
resources means much for the future
of our county. Tho eirly development
of these natural resources is'
sure to come.
The vote polled on August 30th
reached high water mark?a little1
over 105,000, which is the heaviest
vote ever polled in tlte Htato. Pickens
county polled a little over 2800, i
against 2861 in the last primary.
V'r' ^ i"
\ 1 . ;
, ' "
Cofctott i? ) eginning to opea right
fr?^ly ou red lands. Thin week there
will i;,<ely bo a "first hale." There in
no donbt t>ut that the crop in going
to I>m fomo xhortejr than wax mifioi- 1
pHte?i. Tl>o government, report came
i>ut Nept, 1, hu?1 gave tlt? condition
i t eottou 814 for Aumiat mmiuht ft!
in July. Tht) condition for South '
u'fuoliuit in August was 87.
The Governor of North Carolina J
haw a pretty level head about the ed- '
ucutiou of the uegto. He says the
negro should bo taught manual
braining, and technical work; that it j
is f"Hy to teaoh him the sciences and J
letters. He is of the opinion that a
hound pup can never be taught to ,
poiut birds.
Last Monday there was au organization
among Greenville county farmers
to proteot the sate of eotton. A
similar organization was formed in \
Ocoo *e last week. 1
A Nervy LittU General.
Oencral Esteban Huertas, com- '
rnander in chief ? the army of Pan- 1
ama4 is believed to be the youngest
and smallest general in the world, j
as his country is the youngest, if not J
ll-.i .i 11? t 1
me BiiiHiit'Bi, ox repuDiics. ne is
about twenty-nine years old, has (
been a soldier since he was eight or I
nine and is proud of the fact that 1
be has risen from the lowest ranks.
In one of the revolutions of a few
years ago, when he wait lighting on i
the side of the government, his J
right arm was hit by a shell. It is i
aid that when he found his arm
was nearly severed ho hacked off the t
rest with his own knife, had the ^
short stub bound and resumod his .
work in the field. New, for his
A _ T* "1 * it ?
services 10 jranama aurmg me critical
period of its birth he has been
granted $50,000 to pay tho expensa
of a trip to study the military organizations
of the leading nations.
President Polk In Boston.
Charles J. Bateman, a descendant
of President I'olk, asked to tell of
some anecdote concerning his distinguished
ancestor, told tho following
"It is said that when President
Polk visited Boston ho was impress- \
ively received at Faneuil Hall mar- ,
ket. Tho clerk walked in front of "
him down the length of iut> market, '
Announcing in loud tones: 1
"'Make way, gentlemen, for the
president of the United States! The
president of the United States! Fei- '
low citizens, make room!'
"The chief executive had stepped
into one of tho stalls to look at soma
game when Mr. Rhodes, the secre- 1
tary, turned around suddenly and,
finding himself alone, promptly
changed his tone and exclaimed:
"'My gracious! where has that
confounded idiot got to ?'"?Louis- !
villo Herald.
A CareloM Drstier.
Camille Pelletan, French minister
of marine, has a disregard for ths I
niceties of dress which makes him a
favorite with carioouUia. His white j
hair and beard seem to be absolutely
unacquainted with a comb, his
trousers are nearly alwaya too long, '
and he delights in frock, coats sev- 1
eral sizes too large for him. Hugo
boots, faded necktie and cuffs that
are generally on the verge of fringe
are other parte of his unique makeup.
His friends remonstrate with
htm regarding his carelessness, but
M. Pelletan responds calmly, "What
matter bo long as I am comforta*
blc ?"
Carbolio Add In Warfare.
Among the supplies that are being s
affectcd by the. war ic carbolic acid. '
That popular nerve scarifier is not,
however, in such great demand for j
u..* a? 11.. I
uvu viwoii JJllI J/VOCOj I7UV lUf lilt)
manufacture of explosives. Lyddit#
and melinite are both manufactured
from picric acid, and picric acid in
merely a form of carbolic acid/?
Singapore Straits Times.
w iii i????ii
. I fWfcwidM .4 H>4sdb?fc?fa>?
Half- Sick
" I first used Ayer's Sarsaparilia
in the fall of 1848. Since then I
have taken it every spring as a
, blood - purify i n g and nervestrengthening
S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kans.
If you fee! run down,
are easily tired, if your
nerves are weak and vour
blood is thin, then begin
to take the good old standard
family medicine,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
It's a regular nerve
lifter, a perfect blood
builder. aii*?mm*A#k
your doe tor whM h? think* of Aver'*
BMMMrllU. H? knews *11 boot tv.lt gr?od
old fkrnlljr ntadlrla* FollowEJ?
K?i- K?llro?4 CaiumUNlniic I
I hereby nmiouce mvhOlf rw ti candidate for
tho oftt$e of Railroad CotiimlMilom'r. wubjeot to
the State Democrat):; primary,
, JOHN H. r.AUI.i'.
- '
For 8h?rllT.
t hereby announce myHeif a OHmlldalo for tho
>mco of sheriff of MUMU county, iubiwt'tv
the action of the Democratic party In the I'rlmary
election. K. kkaNk J.OUPHR.
k'. hereby announce myself a candidate for ihe
Mice of Sheriff of IMokenw ?ouiit>%Bulject to
?uf m-uoii oi in? uemocrauo parly in the prl
murv election. J..G JMNNINOS.
= piliumuiuLU:
tfor Huptrvliur. >
1 hereby announce myttelf h camltiiato for rcelection
to the office of County SnporvlKor of
I'lt Ut'iiH county, subject tv tho action of the
Democratic p?ny in tho prflnara election.
L. I). STKl'll I;NS.
, >. . AT.A.The
frlenilM of Mnj. 6. >r. M'Xgil hereby
announce lilin a? h candidate for the olltceof
i?ounty Supervisor of IMckenn county, Biibject
to the action of the Democratic party in the
primary election.
9.. 11,11 l"' r
Knr County Comml?Hlnurr.
At the rcquoHt of many frlen^ If i hereby announce
myaelf a candidate for the ofllue of
L'ounty Commissioner of IMckens couuty, sub|cct
til the act'on of the Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
jnice of County Commissioner for Pickens
bounty, subject to the action of the Democratic,
party in the primary election. (J, \V. UOW'KN.
The ninny frlemW of O P. K1 KM) respectful
ly announce litm a cau<ll<late for the oflee of
'.Jounty Commissioner of l'lckens county. mibIcci
to the motion ol the Democratic party in the
lirlninry election.
I hereby unnounce myself a caiulhlato for
rt-electlon to tho ofHcoof County Commissioner
>f Pickens county, subject to the ac.tioli of the
Democratic patty in the primary election.
A. H. TAI.I.KY, Jit.
For Coroner.
At the solicitation of meny friends I hereby
tiinounoe myself a csnd'jatc for the olllce of
Joroner, Pickens coni'iy, subject to the action
>f tlie Democratic warty at the HpproachliiK
jrlmary. , D. A. I'AltltOTT.
! hereby anuouuce myself a candidate for
,'oroner, >?lcken* county, subject to the action
if the democratic voters hh tho approaching;
irimary J. T. ROti.
DR. J. 11. BURQE55,
8ENE0A, 9. C.
Office over Nim mona Htore, Coj'e
h?ur? 9 a m. *o 1 p. no. ? 2 p. in., to
? p m.
Kutloc to Debtor* *0(1 Creditor*.
All perHona having claima againHt the
state of John I. WillianiH mid Klizal oth
Williamn, docena^l will pretomt the
amc duly Sitteateri for payment, by the
at day ot October, next* Tin hu In?
>ted to said ?H'ate must make payment
to H 11. Williamw,
J. M. William?,
VdmillHl rlLtnrc
Aup.lt. 1004. With will annexe^.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yeu Have Always Bought
AHA bank deposit
Railroad Faro Paid. COO
* PR8E Courses Offered.
I Board at Cost. Write Quick
Mauldin 4 Proffitt,
Plrki'iM, H. V.
Binoksmithiny; and Woodwork,
Buggio* Rupninted mid ?tiipc<l ?.tme
as now.
All Work Gunr..nt* cd.
For YOUNG WOMEN, Ro?.n,ko, Va
Open* Sept tirt 190-1. One of the k-Hdlht?
schools for Youiik l.mlics In tin- South. Naw
iMilldlnn. planON ami im|iil|tiiiuiii. *'iui|iiih ton
icroK, tiriiml in<iun(ntn Hconerv In Valley of
Vliy'iiiin, 1 tiiiint for lienltli. KniopCHn uml
American teuohcm. Kull conrsc. t'onneiVHlory
iVlvuntAKex In Art, MiikIc. ami Klocutlon CorLlHcntCM
wellealey. Student* from :>? SliiteH.
Kor catalogue a<l?lrcn><
MATTIKl'. IIAKUIS, I'roKliliint, ltorm?>k<. Va.
B#ar? tho ^lti8 Kind Ynu Have Always Bought
\A/ A TO LJ M A i/rn
vvz-i i wi 11 v i m r\ t- n
Special Attention Given to Watch and
Jewelry Repairing
? ??,. .
Old Postoffice Building,
EA9LEY, 8. C.
Handles a full line of Watches,
Clocks and Je.velry. Repair
work receives prompt attention/.
(V'T: / ^Vt'
j i J
1 The Piano
C Don't foisg*
1 for X am selling
f riing "'Piano," w
1 or m o r\ n Ktr A -i-v
n vjl VJ J .1 Vil
1 fitted all ovei
K makes it the li?
I ever sold.
J Make my si
1 town.
I R. C. C
a ^
^ Remein
, CLt
, Are vo?i readv for vo
/ rf #
we are showing a nice line r
will pay you to see this line,
White Seal
The White Seal Cloth i
larger towns for its seperioi
'\uribility. None but the be
making this clothing and e?
by an expert. We are sno\
come and let us show you tl
We are looking for a
the rise and we can save yo
Heath. Br i
Picks Railroad Company!
Sin>om^l" Flute Tublc No 3
KffecllveAiiK. 10 ttoi
U?H?I Down Keu<l I'p '
No 12 No 10 STATIONS No II No 0 !
Mlxal Mixed .Mlxfil Mlxert. j
4:4V pm 10:10 mil Iv l*l? kenx nr U:Upm (S:90pm j ?
4: l" pin 10:15 mn KerxiiHon Si;4Apm 6:26 pin *
:S6 jtin I0:5A mn l,arnon'n '.':30pin 9:1ft pm <
5:00 pm 11:00 kiii AflfclJ'ii ditftpni 0:10 pm ( '
5:id prn II:0ft ftm Mnuh'iln ^'jopui ?;05 j.ni | <
5> jft pin lltlNi|iii if Km!.-,'ly "Jifip in U:00 pm i
i *KIhk Htntlon# {
I All train* <Ully except Kii'/iny
No. 10 connect* with Southern Itnllwny No :>ti J
No 9 connect* with Southern Uitllwav No l!i
No. H!ooiinvctii *r|tli Southern Ktillwny No II <
? No II connect* with Southern Rallwuy N040
(|TFof i?iiy Information apply to
J T TAYI.OH.Weii Malinger
' - ' ' k
II'. < t v;*; v ' ' ' ' j J V/.'* >
''' ' ' $?' ' ' >S:;
,/i * rt -1
3t me when you
; the up-to-date i
fhich is the strong
lericati skill and
r with Brass Bv
jhtest running-, st
' ..." .?$
- : ?'
tore your headqvu
' a T"*T^r^ r v
iber At Brown Bui
j AND 5U
* %
j i m
ur Spring Suit. Two piece. Si
nude of "Milton Cloth."
IftQ A BIQ LINE... .
I Clothing
ng is famous in all the
rity in style and fit and
:st tailors are employed in
ich garment is inspected
vilg a variety of styles
i big shipment of llour this wei
u money. Call and get our p
J. D. Moore wa
lot of goods at ?
About 2.00 pair of shoes to
sell to all .1 can fit a lot of N
Sotme Checks at 5c.; Calico, 5?
M..00; a $1.2,$ hat for 85c. I
:< vo boxes of lye for 5c.?now
r ixle grease, . \ boxes for 15c
:heap. You know 1 want roc
me some shce^O mix with n
ri-1 IIT1MI1 III IImil .. , , 1;. n__v .w
HIS tlfK till i"C ^ ??*v? ! ' .r
irt*v\r on!f
T-w j ouit ^uwpauigf M, At "I
. iS
I 4\#? \
;cS | f I ' * -W
7FIWZ ' i
4 v
W^AAAA^wwwsaaaaa/\AA*V W
ek that was bought before of
rices. /
n ii"
Company. L
,?. ?
.nrs to close out a ,
\ low price. : : : : I
?? ?..
go for less than cost I want to ? >i
o. 4 Ladies Shoes at half price. J
j. MATS: I give a $1.50 hat for in
sell soap cheap. I will sell you off
, that's the truth about, the lye. f ,
. ^ A lot of other tftings to g
I 1

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