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Entered April 903 at PiekeuB, S. C., as second class matter, under net of Congress of March 3, 1879.
| nut
f/ yC\ Our Ri:
\>l line is a
V\ ) especially
>) $7 ilyand
11 \ will inter
\ I i A KOCH
(-')1 "'K'
A good
tain Sy
? Pickens D
// ?^Drugs
\\ N. B.?Our ai
(I want aiu
L 0
A Great Opportur
If You Don't take
277 acres within T- inilet* ?l
balance in ori^ianl forest. Fi
pionty 01 water. Terms to sin
00 acres good tarm land o
known as the John Ends place
i Old School House and one a
m town. For n very small am
house. Prica $ 1,000.
Oho aero lot with good
i'i?knns. This is a regular ?n
guts it.
>v j. d. ho
ki:AL I>
Oflloc at 1 >opot.
5W. T. JlcFAMi,
i \L By Careful and con:
\ C largely increase1
\ m! We. solicit your bus
f I
II 1
< I 1
I 1 Window Sh
1 Iron Bods, \V<
Springs, Stoves,
Lamps, Lanterns, a
H j tides about a I Iodic or
Ion ns and look through
1 cost nothing lor you
I \ in showing y
>dm: i
lmost complete, II
r our line <>{'I ;am- f(
oil n tain Syringes ))
est you : ; : \[\\ ((
1 Family ))
1 ((
ringe \i
rug Company, (/
<N: stationery.((
m is to have what you J)
\ to sell it to you right. //
C Tl I
o t ii
illy to Buy Real Estate
AJ! _ e TVTrkiir
: ttuvainage ui, 11 nuw
r Six M i> church, 7" ntres m cultiv.'ilion
n?< tnnlifr. Frame tenant dwellings ant.
t pui'chftscr.
n Southwest side of Six Mile mountain.
Price $700.
.croof land. Host location for dwelling
mint this can be made a jjootl (i-room
rv Iwiiiaa Tj\% 1.??? 4 ? - 1
i uuill UV1IIH' Ull J'nldlf Y ailWI, LOWIl 01
:ip. Come at once before sumo one else
Pickuus, H. C.
I. .'M l'. IIIU I I.,
Cashier, la
<ens, s. c. i
$ 20,500.00 $
,11,000.00 ^
- 105,000.00
<:st ox time deposits \
ins to farmers. c
slant work the business of this f
t every year. ff
iincss and will eNtenu to you
unodation. Vjjf
a ve J w s t
'i in#-*/*
? V.Vl K I IIV/V, iv/t
ades, H<id Lounges,
>ven Wire Cots, Bed
Tin want, Crock cry ware,
likI a lot of other useful ar
Farm, and we invito all to call
our Rooms wl>< 11 in town. It
to look and we take pleasure
du our jjoods whether
ijuy an)thing
or not.
An Act to Which Attention is Called.
It is not geuorally known that
those who every afternoon shoot
i bats, martina and other insect^eatinc
birds are violating fh? Ijivo <->f
J the State and aro subject to n fine
of $10, ono half of which goes to
the informer. Yesterday afternoon
Solicitor Thurmond and J udgo
Pnrdy, while in the suburbs, not.ioi'd
a largo uumbcr of young men
shooting. The attention of other*
wan called to the matter and >\? th? I
practice is general all over the
State there was a request that the
act, which was passed in 1902, be
published ko that those ignorant
ol'the law might know the result of
tlie violation. It is as follows :
"Section 501. It shall net ho
lawful for any parson in this State
to wantonly shoot or entrap lor
the purpose of killing or in any
| other manner destroy any bird
I wiujst- principal iooa j.s insects or I
bo take or destroy tlio eggs or young
of any of the species or varieties of
birds who are protected by the provisions
of thin section, comprising
all the species and varieties of birds
represented by the several families
of huts, whip-poor-wills, tly-catch-'
ors, threshers, warbles, finches,
larks, orioles, nuthatches, woodpeckers,
humming birds, blue birds
I and all ot.hor srn-nino nml vn?!oiin?
- * - J?-. ?-.vo ? anvuur
of land birds, whether great or j
small, <>f every description, regarded
us harmless in their habits, and
whoso flesh ih unfit for food, including
the turkey buzzard, but
excluding the jackdaw, crow, eagle,
hawk and owls, which prey upon
other birds."
The fine is $10 on conviction,:
ono-luilf of which goes to the in-1
! former.?Columbia ivecord.
From Mica.
Tho meeting closed at Mt. Tabor
j last Friday niyht.
The health of this community is:
I improving some.
Mr. (loorgo Williams is making
sorni! improvement# on his house '
\V. ,1. 15. Chapman is r<-modeling i
his dwelling house.
James Jones and filter, Miss
Caniiio, spent awhile last week
with IViends in this section.
Mr. and Mrs. Will I'nee and
rlftllffllfom Miuaoo t ! !/... ....-I
I !-> ? " * " '? I ' *'? "' ?
I Nan.iie, spent Saturday and *u 11I
day at .1. Lucian llendricks'.
Mr. Johnson and M iss Mull sp nt
i Sunday with M isscs Cora uid Mani^ie
| Tiinta l)ogu>>, I have scorched
the scnptnie and can't lind where
I it condemns our oHieers any niurc
| thiin it does the ones that don't
come to Sunday school and are alj
wax s grumbling al out it.
Tho Scribes and Pharisees brought
unto Jesus a woman, and he said '
unto them: 'MR* t lint is without j
Hiii uinotii? you, let hill) first east
a stone at her." And they which
linn I'd it, Vicing convicted by their
i own consnenci', wont out one liy
one. beginning at the eldest, even
unto the last; and Jesus was left
, alone, and the woman standing in
the midst. When Jesus saw none
hut the woman he said unto her,
woman, where arts those thine aceiuorsf
hath no man condemned
thee? She said no man. Lord. And
.IctMH said, ii?iither do I condemn t
thro; and sin no more. He that '
followeth mo shall not walk in
darkness, but shall have the light
i of life.
Tanta Hogus, it not I'mr h.iltor
to put th > piniiorH to work in the
Sun lay school than to cast thorn |
hack and not ltd them ho in the
' Sunday school/ JI<>w do you and
you (Yinnd rno.ui to savr* ninners?
I > in Hiiro you can't nave them by
Atn.ing at home and grumbling
about the way we are trying to load
I h in t?> Christ, Bluo Eyes.
From Cateechee.
Pulling fodder ie now the order
of the day with the male sex, while
the opposite .sex aie busily euaagtd
making pick Hacks preparatory for
gathering the lleecy staple.
Gentlemen, count on about two
third8 the number of bales you ox])cct
to make, for you aro going to
find the crop shorter than you may
think for. However, wo hope the ;
lien man won't got uneasy, for he
is sure of what is made anywny.
Mrs. T. M. Norrin and children
havo returned from :t most pleasant
visit fit. T oilfnim
Mr. and Mrs. Ch.is. Porter visit- I
ed at Piedmont last Saturday and
Misses Lola nn<l Xottio Kelley .
visited at Liberty last week.
The Misses IIufthns, ol Richland,,
S. C., visited their sister, Miss
Mary Ilughts, of the Norris Hotel,
last Friday and Saturday.
Miss Susan Frazier, of Greonville.
is visit ins? her wisfor M r?
J. Prince, of this place.
Mrs. H. Levi, of this place, in
visiting relatives in Greenville.
Revs. Tram moll and Posey have
just closed a successful and soul
stirring mooting at Camp Civek
cnurcn. Tiiere were 18 accessions
to tho church, 115 of whom are to
bo baptised the fourth Sunday in
this mouth at 10 a. m. in Twelve
Mile river near the XorriH bridge,
which is tho bridge on the road
leading to JSix Mile. The public
is cordially invited. There will be
a good view of tho baptizing, and
alter the baptizing the audience
will return to the church, which is
one mile from river, for nrnnchinf*
? - 1 - f~?
ItevH .T. R. Trammel and Thos, Posey
labored very hard in 111 i s meeting,
and wo are sincerely glud to
know that their labor wan not in
vain. We believe that many stars
will bo added to their crowns foi i
the good that was ace nnplished 11<
that meeting.
Rev. Mr. Posey has just returned
a few weeks ago from Kentucky,
where he* has been attending the
Tin ologiciv.1 Seminary foi two ye:.rs. J
.v linn} i)vt*r iwo yoara ago lie
\)it'aolu'(l a few sermons in this
same church which stirred th^
souls ol sinners, and it was with
great joy ami many prayers w? nt
up to thank find th.it Hro. Posoy
hail bot.-n permitted to moot with
u h iiiz.iin .
With the help of (i.itl and tln< |
liberality of tin; IVJople t;)t; niembeis
of Camp Cruek church want to 1
t>uild a new hou.su of worahip, as
they are very near out of dooi>.,
The buildinft committee met .at
that church Sept. Jirtl, and organized
with .1 . II. Vaughn temporary |
chairman, aft?-r which .1. W. Smith 1
was unanimously olcctci! chairman
Thoy decided to huild a clnirch .'5'J
hot wide, IS feet l<>ng with 14 feet
standing. On motion throe men 1
were minointf'il to chiivhuj tlw. I
county (and outside of tho county J
if necessary) to help to raise funds
to build said church. The follow 1
ing brethren compose the h-?1 i< itin^? I
committee: .1. 11. Chapman, 1*
S. Itollins and Thomas Wood.
Now, dear friends, if one <>f thinumber
eomi'H to see you on this
business, don't turn a deaf ear to
him. Tf you can't give much, jjiv<a
little. Five cents given lor thai
purpose may ho a star in your
crown at that groat day. God loves
a clieeifiil giver- Wo believe any- |
thing given freely and willingly
for si charitable purpose will be
doubled two fold. Remember, God
CjfiVR us what we've got, and in the
twinkling ot an eye he can lake up
(mm it or it from us.
Talk about not rtiaing wheat in
Pickong county? 15. I'- Kellny and
rton fowelouly five huslidU on or.
: I
diuary land, us?<tl no manure nor
fertilizer, and made 15WA bushels.
It iK the blue straw wheat. Ho
wan aim) tho last man in thin section
to set <>ut potatoe ?1 ipa. He set
out 9 100 and sold several hundred |
Klip*. Ho can now challenge the
county on lino potatoes, and plenty
of them. lie 1ms a line assortment
order lioni Orangeburg, S. O. Mr
Jv,jiloy liaB rented his machinery to
Mr. I<\ Sheriff of Liberty for live
years, so ho can devote Iris entire j
time to farming and improving his j
IuiHl. Mrs. Kelloy has raised 63 j
I'ekin ducks this Rummer. Boys,
you know where to get a feather
bed when you marry.
Getting back on visiting:
Mr. George Link, Miss Addie
Link, Miss Nannie Moore and Mr.
.lolin Moore, of Anderson county,
vieiled at D. L. Kay's a fow days
The Norris correspond en t. can
rest assured that wo t:ikr no exception
to his puffing our little town,
especinlly when he writes si.ch
worthy eulogies as he did last
week. The Noma correspondent
is an able writer, and we would be
glad to read his writing ot'tener.
Married at Canip Creek church
on last Sunday night. Mr. Tom
Pilgrim to Miss Stella Chapman,1
Kov. Posey officiating The happy
young cjuple have the congratulations
of many friends. I>.
Hughes Happenings.
Here I sun again to toll through
vour columns what littlu I know.
I have been so busy of late that 1
haven't bad time to write any
news from this section.
Fodder pulling is the order of
the <lny among farmers now, aid
it, won't bo lonjc heforo tho little
children will hnvo to bend their
l>.iel<n gathering tho lleecy st.ip'e.
Fiom nil reports cotton is not
going i" oo an good as was one.
thought for.
J. M. ChiMross, wliu hnn boon
si-k for komo titno, wo ;u? s.?; i \
to say, is not improving much.
G. C. Holding is vory Hick at
this writing. Dr. Sheldon of Liberty
is attending him.
Four of W. J. Lewis' children
arc down with typhoid lerer. Dr.
Uob,irt Kirksey is the attending
I?11y oiuin 11
Prof. It. M. Holding |has |unt
(Moaed :i t.?*n days singing school at
Praters that proved to bo a huo
St*\?.*rjiI from around here attend
od t.ljn tent mooting at Picrkons.
Thoro was no preaching at Prateis
the lirst Sunday as was expfcti'l
For some reason or other.
fiiK nri'iii'lwr rliii not U'*.
I ' WW..1V.
suppose the inelomoncy of t It
weather hiit 1 back.
Mr. -< 11?1 Mrs. M. I>. (iarrcM
vihiled relatives Hoar Slahtown
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. I). M. Aberurombio and
children, of (ho Stewart section,
visited relatives uroiind here Tue day.
A goodly number from lhiss?cfl,...
.. ? i,..,.I...i !... ... in..i -
u'ni ni.ii;iiiinu I iiv ill 1 ju?i r
tlio lirst Sunday.
MIhh .Fiiio Bright, of Maynard,
made a Hying trij) to thin section
! o!) the 2nd inst. Miris Hannah,
, h?*r sister, who lias been agisting
in the Pru'ers scliool, returned
j fiomo with hor.
\V. ('. Garrett, who liven near
Praters, is erecting a neat dwelling
hoU?e, which will shortly bo occupiod
by himself and family,
A Reader.
Bridge to Lot.
Wo will lot tho building of tin
Jnull bridgo nero.?w Twelve Mile riv
<>r, 2 nnluN north of Calhoun, on Otl
if Sept., 1004, ut 10 o'clock, to lln
oiv< fit responsible bidder. I'luns and
9pfci(icfttii?riH to bo made known ou
hiy pf letting. L. D. Stephens,
Co. Super.
Let Tho Lint Get Grown.
'J lip wa\ to handle homI cotton
is to have ;i good cotton house
itiid utore the cotton several weeks
before ginning. This will give tho
l;,>? ~
I iiiut uu luiisii growing, uot(ton
lint grows from tlio beed unci
not 1'iODi lh" boll. Tbo growth
of the lint luir^tB tlio boll open
,n<l it ri'([uiroH several days iiftor
the opening l'or the lint to roach
its full growth. This period tlt;peu'ls
very much upon the weather,
if your cotton is left in tbe field.
Picking docs not stop this growth
jOf the lint, but ginning does, hence
I cotton should never be ginned for
several days alter it is picked.
I This linmatuie lint very greatly
damages tho quality of tbe staple.
It also lossens the quantity of the
I lint in proportion to tho seed.
Cotton that is stored in a cotton
house lor n short timo will nuiko a
hotter sample yield more lint for u
liven amount of seod cotton. Tho
{'availing custom of rushing tho
cotton from iho field to the fzin
cnubBF. a great loss in tho yield of
the crop, anil also in tlio quality of
tin staple and consequently in tho
price it brings. As soon as our
'ariners lOtilizo this lact and return
to the g< od old custom of having
cotton houses on our farms the l?etnr
lor th"in. Especially should
the picking ol cracked bolls he
sbsolutoly prohibited. Better give
the lint time t<? get grown befor<>
picking if you can. If you can not
and will not do this, give it time
I to do so IWoro it is ginned. Tl e
practice of picking as fast as it.
opens and of ginning an fast a* it
in picked, may enaMn you To m il a
few pounds of water in a bale, but
it Costa you a groat deal more than
this water brings, to say nothing oi
the hotiosty ,of the traiiHactioii. If
you doubt the truthfulness of the
above reasoning all we ask of you
i is that jon make a fair trial of it.
Pick fifteen hundred pounds and
carry it at once to the gin, and from
, ho ^in to the market. Tako an*
J other fifteen hundred pounds in
(ho namo condition, put in your
-jotton honjo lor three or lour
j weeks, and then gin and market it
and *.<o which ]>ays yon the bettor.
, We havo had a few farmers try this
j 'xperiment and they havo heen
hoth surprised and gratified at tin?
net returns trom the use of the
j cotton liotiso. Southern Cultiva;
Fallow Happenings.
Mr. Arthur Smith, who has lu-en
I confined t<> his lied with typlioi I
i levm* for fomo time, is iniprnvoil.
The little child of Mr. Butler
I wlu> h<?h been very sick with
neumonia lever, is lsnproviiij,'
J. T. Skelton has gone t<> N'm'th
Oaroliiia nil business this w. ck.
Kodder pulling and pei piekinp;
is tun order ot tho oav with most
v?*rv body in our section now.
Mih. Will Benjamin and Mrs.
'/rank Breazealo viait??d th??ir si?ti r,
Mrs. .J. T Skeltoo, recently.
Mrs. Marion Krceiuan and tlireo
diildren visitod her sislor, Mih.
fohi. Whtwon, recently.
; M'M. Lucy I?arnott and four
I hildron and Mrs. Malindn Sioil.li
t near bsnley, "ikiIimI tho torin>r's
l?roilit-r, .1 iiinea Clement last Sat*
i ndav night.
Mrs. Mat Windiosti'r and child.
n, of Iln/.c!, visito<l .). T. SkoU
ron'P family last Monday night.
King Massingale and family, "f
tl)i.s place, moved t? I'ickciu hint
Hiioco Watson visited Grovor
u r \ r _ * 1 .
Iriet'iiiau 01 Mira, recouuy.
Mr. and Mrs. HoIm. Ilarria, ?>t
I 'mlow l'ickeon, visited at John
I VVatgon'H recently.
j Some turnip patches in this ae<:?
) tion aro looking right nieo.
Cornfield beans nr? plentiful
I and news scarce, bo I will close.
I5?jbt< wishes to The Sentimd*
Journal. M.

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