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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, September 14, 1904, Image 2

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f J . i. ... , ; , .
is nr you?
Some ne's se'tvvh. sorr.p one's lazy;
I c *s " vw"*t t
i^wmu uui- s MJiwe ui rigni is nuty;
* Is it you?
4 Some one liven a life of enae,
i Doing largely an he please - '
*1 Drifting idly with the breeze;
Is it vou?
, Some on.-? hopes success will fun' him;
Ik it you?
Some one proudly looks behind him;
I Is it you?
Some one lull ot good advice
>1 Seems to think it rather nice
? Jn a has-been's paradise?
Is it you? '
Some one trusts to luck for winning;
; Is it you?
Some one craves a new beginning;
j, Is it you?
j Some one says: "J never had
? >Such a chnnee as . I ones' lad.v
? Some one's likewise quite a end?
, Is it you?
' Some one's terribly mistaken;
I, Is it you?
4 Some or.e sadly will awaken:
Is it you?
. Some one's workup on the plan
That n masterful "I can"
- IXx'Sn'l 11 a 11 > f <> tli^> min ?
; Is it you?
' Some one yet may "inulec a kilting;"
i And it's you.
- Some one needs but. to !>i* wi'.lim,,
And it's you.
' Some one better ?e! hi*
CVase to be a man of straw, ?
'Jet. some snnd into his ei.ov?s
And it's you.
?Baltimore American.*
HE mc.-<scnKor hoy waited
^ __ ^ while Jack Powers wrote
O ' P o l'is answer 10 her note.
^ She niiylit have tele*
wow graphed, hut ii was her
iwa.v lo send messenger.- with her niit?ives.
"Very well. Kathleen.'' wrote Jaek:
"I'll he there. You say for tin* las!
lime. I wonder why';"
He sent the hoy wiih this no: > mni
an order 01: a Horist l'or a bojf of violets
as the message's accompaniment,
and lln'n ho turned to his work again.
Hut his ey< s failed to do more than
Ktaro at the ligures before him. His
brain eould not grasp their meaning.
Kathleen's face persisted in dancing
about the inkwell, in a twostep that I
played havoc ivitli business,
"I'm a beastly < ad." cogitated Jack,
"and that's what. Hut i! must be
done. For the last titnv. she said, l'cishe's
heard. Ii -..i.itii iw.m ?>:
"" I
x lot if siic had. '
Ho looked l.iedila(ivcl.v :: photo-j
?l':ipli which In- lishcd limn ;; diti'k ;
jtij;iMtiiln)!c in his desk.
a luijclit>" nice little tiling,"
lie said ro hiin^i ll'. "inii
And t ii n lie tool; anoilr'r pho ; .?i>1: \
fro'ii an iniuv porkid of hi- coat, a;;ii ;
kissi'd It 11 idi'i \y.
"VIoIols!" ,
Ka(h!.tii lmritd lirr n*v. rP!.rou^>
In (ln? purph* I'r.i^mif v itiid Miifn.!
[With s.'itisf.u-i i.in.
".lack always st-nds violets,'' vli'' ,
.' id. ti> no nr in p.i1 T.lar. ihoiiifli
lli>r mis ii' ' > ? 1
... ..... .-I'll INK MIIIII' nice
oil I lie dinner fm.-L hoi1 ni-ire-< hail
. liuilo her );i.v oui fiir her in wc.ir.
Kathleen Jij? !i? ?I j.'Iinr.iiily iipuj! :i lull ,
vas. ill' Ion;; ? ten ntc:i American beauties
that "-tfii.il oi! tii:- f:t 1 ?i<*.
"Tlltlt's the <!ifi'ercn< e in men. i.awrcnoe
semis 1 li.uf Idealities. Iieeaiisf iliey
< ?>-.i inui!f,\. :i!nl .lite!. m-iiiIs violets lieI'niisc
il. my faunke tiowcr. I'oor
Jack! I low iMii I hrcai; hi* heart for
I Mippose il will? 'Vmi say for the
last liine. I wonder why'.' Mcijrho!
,We ihii-1 tali- our medicine. Marie.
J'eeauso I pretY-r millions to love in a
?*oltn;;e that's wijy. I fnrr.v with tin*
waist. .Marie. 1 urn t not lie laic with
tny Isist din Dor \\ iili .1 :i < U.
' .No, I *1 idii*t thiol. ? io-ci'-'U a ?-i?; j j
Won to-night. .lurk." ^
"Wli.v not lo iij^litV'
'Him'siijm!. Well
" is 100 short lo qimnvl. *
j l.il'o is too short ( si^h '
"I'll li?U you l?> jiihI l?v, .lark sif\<-r i
1h<- Iis11. porhnps." |
"I. too, hiiVK something lo f< JI yon, !
jf.h hi ifii niiniuo, wiulc j
the 'jfareon placed lite soup before
Ihoin. .lack felt unconiioriable. Kvet'y- ,
body bale.1 10 attack a disagreeable
Inly. When (lie duly involves a pret
t.v woman, it is doubly distasteful. i
However, lie look a surreptitious peep)
:iI the photograph in bis breast pocket |
flml il nerved him lo his la.sk. Nov- |
erjlioless, there was ih> hurry about
"Isn'l il absurd, Jack, lo say that j
love makes ihe world k<> round?" asked j
In her diplomatic feminine wuy, .she
bud wished to lead up to the subject j
jhIio had come lo discuss.
"Of course il is." he answered. |
"when champagne il one has enough
*ji h win <10 1110 Kami* thing."
J" I icy hot It toughed, and then hoth
flltnckcd their glnssox will: attuned
"Salmon oli, .hick, do von lonieinhor
lion- wo trolled Tor valnioif at Del
Monto last ..minor'{"
Did lio remember? lie hail to pat the
photograph in his pocket to forgot.
"I rend tlio other ila.v," Katliloon was
*iiying. "that a girl who couldn't,
tuako up lier mind between two lovers
Hasn't h mind worth making up "
She looked :i( him from lh<- corners
mf her ej'es.
, Jack's face liKhted up. .She 1. un.w,
then, 1liat was the meaning of her
desire for a farewell dinner. IXow easy
it would l>e now to explain.
Rut Kathleen wa3 not. waiting for
an answer.
"They say (hero's no skill in winning
a game whore oue holds all the trumps.
.run in tuc xttuic 01 ueuris, .hick, sup'
pose one hold just two? Don't you
think it would be hard lo know which
to discard?"
P.ruvo! thought Jiiek. What a clever
little diplomat Kathleen Is!
Hut she veered to the other side.
"Isn't it nice, Jack, just we two sitting
here like this?" oh, so tenderly.
"Isn't it like old times?"
lie really couldn't help it -one little
kiss was nothing:.
! There Wits it pause of some luluutcs,
anil (lieu Kathleen sprang to her l'eet.
: "Don't, .Tack, or I won't i>e able to
brace myself to the ordeal. Don't
j look like that."
He put bis hand in his eoat pocket
j Yes. the photograph wa.< there. Ilad
ho boon untrue to her'/"'
"I'm engaged- engaged, jack." said
Kathleen, excitedly. ' I'm going to
marry I/awreneo Smith, the million'
aire. Oh. Jack, I never really thought
you eartnl?why uldn't you ask me
years ago?when I was a bud? It's
too Into, now?too late. It's going to
be a grand church wedding. Ho want*
ed it to bo a quiet affair, i)tit I "
"Thought it would he the lust quiet
i day he'd have, no doubt,"
"Why, .Tack. I never knew you t >
make such a wretched joke before.
High noon?at St. Lnkc'f?.Tune JS?li.
You'll bo there?"'
' I'm afraid 110'. Kathleen?I "
"Oh, wo can still he friends. This is
tho twentieth century, you know, su.d
jealousy is out of date."
j "I know, but "
"Oh, say wo can still bo friends still,
Jack. I never could boar those stuffy
iittle apartments, the modern love i.1
a cottage. It's 1 inch better this way,
I dear."
\ "I know. Kathleen. I'.nl '
, "oh. don"l think i mount nnythi
I horriil. I'm not kin 1 of a woman,
i .lark. lint Lawrence likes yon?I
think* he wants yon to '.>< 1?ost 1 icn.
Will yon?"
Tin awfi.lly sorry, but I couldn't,
Tile! tension. drawn so ii>;lit :i moinent
since, was ready to snap. lla<l it
tlono so. tho man would Imvo laughed,
tho robot' was so groat, lint his ilntv
w.-.s still undone. ami doubly rojni^n;tlit
aftov her confession.
"Oh. you must," pleaded Kathleen,
"else you know what people will .say."
I Sho looked at her watch.
I "I must iro now." sho ssiid fnr ? .?
arc going to a Imll to-night. I'roinisu
tno. Jack, that if Lnwrimeo asks you.
you will bo hi.- Ix *t man :ii our wo !
?li 1?u". Do it for inc. dear. won't you?"
She gave It ill) a gooddiy kiss, to
make hi'!* pica more profound.
oh. the mischiof, 1 can't Kathleen."
lie said. squeezing her little hands
wavinly. "I would ii I could, hut it's
"Why, dear';"
The words were warm, lxi 1 the tone
was cold.
"Well. I'll tell you I've tried to Jell
you : 11 the evi nil!-, but you didn't '
Vivo nic a chance. I'm ?ij?yt to ho
ma ried myself thai kmihc day."- Sarah
Williamson, ia Sni, Francisco Town
Itn'iitii V't-siKsinlk in ? Nph -!?:?? Toni'im'iil
The .-oiisciv:! ; i v ? spirit of the Ililii.ll*
wuini ii is never more elearly slmw u
than in the doinx hi laundry worl:.
flic clothes are ?i't in in>l ?> ? cold water.
no matter which. Kadi piece is
N". I'lUli; mil of (lie water :t t?I piled mi
miu side. When tin' tc.'i i*-- empty 11:?
washboard is laid lint ncro-s tlit* top
Mini each pit ? soaped in lurh. mid
Kneaded as bread is kneaded. Wlioii
each pieeu lias passed llll'on^li this pro<
ss :iil ate put iri tin- tub, ringed,
and hung In dry at tin- eonveliicnct*
tin* washer, in the room <>r out" of
doors, as tlie east* iray In-. IScfore his
sla/;e is renehed tour or live days may
ham- elapsed. If a piece of Hothin,; is
needed it is sorted mil of the pile ot
eolured and while, eoitmi and woolen,
and dried hy tlx* stove. Often ejieh
step is taken at iiiclil after sewing ini
nwui.-v ?u Hiwir i?n ihhi^i'in or
rooking ninl ntr'unr for a family of
I'liiUlrcii; (lie floor -.pace i* larger then,
it nil the worker lias more room to move.
Si ii rolling results in ? !??? Ii?? -? tli.it i r*rk
l?\ and only Marched dot lies are ironed.
A little Ifalii.n j;lrl in wlilio
dress .1 n?t petticoats i? for ?
hours an object of pity. She . hi no.",
walk, stand or sit in comfort. The
little hoys in starched shirt waists :?i-?rebels
until the stiffness is gone. l-'Jour
is used instead of starch in hiumlrr'.n^.
Lillian 1 Setts, In Harper".- ISa/.ai.
II ieb-Kill ii tin' Strip.
The lii^li-falilt in* style may l?e fa*l
ioiuihle, .says London Truth, hut i; i?
not always informing. Miss I'.va
| ' II, iH-tMli.ig before ii Irtdio' i-liiss u)>
j ">n vornlisni. d<*<-lavi*d: "if yon r<rall;
j want to silitf. .inst upon yonr month
| .Did lot tlio mdi: tinft >'*nj;inK soul williin
yon iitit-l '?tmr if forth," adding: ' If
yon sin# of a dowdrop yon innst
mcntftUy tin' glistoni!.'.; brads of in*
meadow; if of j skylark. imagine yourself
a bird.'* At this point :?n iminir*
iug dainsol caused Ilectfre to rol.
Inj>S(? l?,v jnno<u?nt).v askirj; about ili?'
"Hoiiey&iU'kli* and Mir Her." Was slip
to iniaxiin* herself a flower or mm in
net V
Alum I ii ii in lt<il?l>|ii*.
' ii in entirely probable that tin* n??
of wood in tin- iiiMiinfachiro of bobbin*
will be abandoned and aluminum ?uh*
stitntrd. dobbins of this material
tvJli revolve in any tom|?oruture itud
Miy dcprpp of humidity uixl represent
n weight of Icrm than liiiif. Tito metal
hotihin* bnve been adopted experimentally
by si few Kn^li-di linns nuri
are said t? he eiuiucutfr successful.
i W C
I _________
, Negro Wounds Man and Woman.
At Cold Point, nc-ar I ..aureus. John
I Chappeli, colored, went to the house
of John W. Mooro, ft white farmer
j 40 years old, and finding his wife
i l)ol!y Chappoll within, 11 red upon both,
woundinp; the woman quite seriously.
I while Moor?-escaped with alight, flesh
1 wounds. The negro fled.
Million Dollars for Charleston.
A Washington dispatch says: Re!
porls from the navy yard at Charlesi
ton have been received at the navy
for improvement there (luring the next
' y(?f eul! for appropriations in the
neighborhood of $1,(100,000. Paving
ihe streets in the yard. building
wharves ami improving the water distribution
are among the main items.
* *
Thought to Be Snyder.
Tin* soldier whose body was found
' near Kayettevilie, N. is thought to
i bo K. S. Snyder, a member of company
O, of Hamborg. Me v;as in the bag/ JJI*
il l*i 111 * I t>" if to c* ?wl uiwl Jo
supposed to Imvc lost his balance,
railing out of the baggage oar door.
' One man in the baggage car says that
, ho saw a man lose his hold and fall
! from the oar when near Kayettevillc.
t Snyder was not missed until tne soldiers
arrivod at the Manassas camp
Young Man Shoots Himself.
| A Columbia news item say?: In
the country near Swansea "Pluck"
llildebrand. L'O years old. shot himself
; nvor the heart and is likely to die.
The young man. it is Bald, asked a
! young woman to go to church with
! him. She refused or pleaded a previous
engagement. When Hildebrand
later saw her with another man he
went to his room and fired (lie shot
Irotn which lie is now in a eriti< il
c.ondit ion.
* *
Senator Latimer in Wrong Pew.
A Xew York dispatch says: I'nited
States Senator Latimer, of South Ca?-.
i olina, made a mistake lie didn't relish
i when lie got into a republican meeting.
| The senate.r thought that he was
j among democrats, and hegan to <nloJ
size Marker and Davis.
Some of his auditors knew the senator.
and Immured llie ?iiii?flor> Uv
hr< alcing into roars of laughter. The
senator quieUly realized his mistake
nm i !s< immediately retiree!, followed
by iii? laiijrlil?-r of the r? pnhlieans.
* *
Farmers Engage in Duel.
Torn Clu eh and Will I trow n, tanners
of the Iviioree scetlou, had a quarrel
while rv'nrn'ng from 1.aureus in a
wagon. Later, whil" Itrown an- 1 :
wife were unloading the wagon in
! their yard, ('heel; fired on them wish
a shotgun. Itrown < seuped with a
>nmo w (iiiimi, mi' ! i'venii sum mi .Mrs. j
Drown, one penetralia,*.; her ri?;ln eye,
necessitating iis extraetion. Hit condition
is regarded it-; critical.
Chprycd With Taking Money.
fins (lilnu-r. tiie '*' ><*ni*-<?1 tl sun of a
widow nt (taiYnry (*t?? :*<?i<?'? county,
is in jitil tliore on the ehjtrne of mi
appropriating S:;ni from tin- Southern
Kxpr< sk Coin pan*, while r< rent.ly in its
< mptoy. The mnn< whs < xpresKetl to
ii parly in (iatTin -. mi (I was not i
iivered. A IrHoer \as sent out mid
Mtliseqnenlly Gilmer was arrested ,.t
tl... I- ll.- I.
i.i' nirtinin ' ?/i in* \ II . i; j
is stated that the boy in jail rffus-iin
<-?ii or tirink.
* ?
Child Cruched Under Wheels.
A distressing accident occurred
[ abo.it three niilfs west of Anderson a
I fi-w days a^o by which ttic little sixyear-old
daughter of Air. I.. 10. Alter
eromhie lost her 1HY
Mi-. Ahr-rcromliie was bringing the
little ^ii'l, together with a number of
!ii>, neighbors' children, lo the neighhnritfHwl
v.cli(wil Jtn/1 in :? i i? i? tl
'hi Id if ii in alight lie lost control of
! li;s mules ami tin* wagon v. jich was
heavily loaded, paused over I lie body
'if iiie child, causing internal injuries
from which *1*' died within a few min,
Detective Called In.
K. f\ \1lmaio. Jr., aaaifiiant auperin,
i?*iidei)i of Pinkerton's detective agenry
in Philadelphia, arrived in Columbia
.se\eral days ago at the summons
I of Mayor T. 11. Oibb* and will al once
io lo work in the effort to unrava!
thi: mystery of the murder of the
{ woman known as Maud Allen in thai
i ell v two wa*Ws ago Information haw
j been received thai Chief \V. A Boyle,
' of the ('h?rle*loii nollei' i?; in uiiatftw
I Hion of a clu?, and that h*? It ft k com!
iiiuntcated with <"I>I? f Daly. c?) Coltim
liia <m the subject. Ii may lie thai
since the release of Butler Holt, in
Newberry, that this cine will be taken
Big Bond Issue Ratified.
There ?oh a meeting of the stoclN
bolder* of the Spartan Intra; Rleetrle
Railway Company recently, at which
a bond issue of $400,000 maximum
amount wan passed upon and ratified.
The resolution which was adopted is
as followa: "That the Spartanburg
Railway, Gas and Electric Company
shall issue bonds in the aggregate not
to exceed $400/000, and bearing interest
at 5 per cent, secured by first mortgage
on all the property and franchise f
or said company, and also that there
he issued bonds in the aggregate not
to exceed $100,000, hearing Interest
at the rate of 5 per cent, secured by
second mortgage bonds upon all property
and frauchisos of the Corporation."
The proceeds of theso bonds
Mil! go partly Into the treasur^ and
partly to cover the value of iho pro
jiM'ty at the present time.
o t
Ancnt 'Squire Dailcs.
A dispatch from Raleigh nays:
'Knnir^ Kdil^u f lm fnmnncj moolutvftJo
| vj . . . ? rxaivri ??.?- (UWf^lOVI niV I
<:r notary public of South Carolina. I
whose house Ik in IIihI state, but whose j
postofflee is in Plneville, N. C.. cuts j
no small figure in the South Carolina i
primaries. A petition was Bent to Gov- |
ernor Hevward to remove Bailes from !
ofDee on the ground that Tfis conduct I
in marrying runaway couple* and in j
advertising himself at> a professional j
"nuptialifit" was cutrugeuux and a die- |
grace to the st*H*.
Governor Hey ward refused to move j
Halles. The latt< r has been in office I
about hc\ < i) yearn and in that time has !
inarrcid nearly li.t't'O couples. He has
Hooded several states with his adver- j
>is< men's. H<' niurrles c< ;iples at hiu '
hoi.u . where he has a livery stable
with f;tst teams*, which meet eloper*. I
ii uesireu.
Around thf section where Hnilen
lives Hey ward was heavily scratched .
in I lie pi imury.
* *
Cotton tV.illc File Suit. I
Snit. has been 'commenced beforo tho :
interstate commerce commission by all
the cotton mills <?i the Augusta. Ga., j
section jikainst (lie Southern railway. !
ll>e Atiantie't'of.si Ij'.ik*. tlx* Seaboard j
Air Line, the Central Su-amshrip Com- |
pan j. tie- Old Dominion Steamship!
Company and tin- Ocean Steamship !
Company lor a reduction of the pres-i
<nt rate on cotton floods shipped out
! of Alltriista cotton mill ini'pfltniM. o.%.i
tor the I'l'CdM ry of ? :;<h s rates thai
11;t\? Im'?>d charged during tli?* las,* ten
The mills i nt< "inn the snil arc the
Warren :in<i (Jraniteville, in the territory
udjaeont to AuKiutn in this state,
and i li<- Kiilerpriso. Sihley. Augusta
and Kii'ii. of Augusta.
Ii if allrKed in th<- petition that
{ i?-it: facti>rs in the ineivasing of these
I r.ii< havo l>e< ? ?,\c?*s.sive terminal
!(hi)iv< :<i CharifMon. Savannah and
! . !???? iT-r wmi I'Mwsnc i?rej
?.15 ifor m:.r?n< Insurance for which
; > ;t? **|i.:??i rfimMorat ion wa? given. I
I nil i i,..c ... - > -?
... ' v? ? I > .11111 ill
i < uti necessary charges. were flgur.*'!
i Mfr- rales charged tkp
j nil! \
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a
Life Saved.
"A short time a?;o I was taken with
it violent attack ol diarrhoea and hij
livvo I would have died it" ! had not
j^itti n relief,' Kiiys John .1. I'atton. a
hading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
friend r? commended ('liainhcrluin's
Colic, ('hob ?!i and Diarrhoea Remedy.
I bought a twenty-live cent bottle and
j after taking throe doses of it was entin
)\ cured. I consider it the beat
i". inedy in the world for bowel complaints.
for sale by Pickens Drny
Store, Marie's llru.uf Store. T. N, linn
jter. Liberty.
S \ M'S DM Milt It IMSIKI'S III Bnv.
i '.nliicdli Man is Icll .ill Alone and lili'S
Suit lor Div orte.
n.svii! V.. riounmy. a prominent,
' . minis: on .1:111.cr and soeiity mail of
".1. 1 an. Ky.. lias lilcil suit for ill
voire .trains Mrs. I,auia Flournoy,
ilies-11 v abandonment The defendant
a |?r..'tty \o(iitk ilaiiBhler of Rev
'..1111 Jones. 1 In* evaiiRcllHi of Carters
.i<>. (la. Slie aii.1 Mr. Flournoy met
inrinp a revival held by Hev. Mr.
Jones, and it was 11 <ahe of love at
Hut sinli . They- lived together but
h few week A
} '.rraignment o( White Men lor Killing Negro
Near Sl?te?l??ro tjjos Over.
The ease against Pcrrv and Honrv
i'.Hrnes ,:nd \V?*I? > Walsh, eharsed
wish (he murder "T Ilio n'Xio. MeItride,
,t few days hi;o, war. coiulntu.'d
at S'a'i?slior<? Tuesday until September
22, i?i> aceuimt of the illnebH of
MiTtrido.'s wife, v. ho is a material
/ t
triclr,t to carry (he weakened and
J ftarvtd systun along until it can find
S (irm support in ordinary food.
Stlid for (rev !<>ni|il8.
SCO'lT ft IIONVN Iv, CtwmUla,..
jo*.fend#1.001 !! dniggUtt?
!' ^'JIA
Colombia and Panama Threaten to Clash
Over Division ot territory.
A Washington dispatch says: Tho
itate department is watching with interest
developments on \he isthmus
I Jonnecte.1 with the establishment o*
an eastern boundary between Panama
and Colombia.
. It appears that while the geographers
have drawn an arbitrary line beginning
at Cape Tiburon, oh tiie Gulf
:>l Darleu, a? a matter oi fact no survey
has evei been made.
There is-' ample room for controversy
between Panama and Colombia
is lo (.he exact location of this boundiry,
an.J reports reaching Washington
to tlie effect uifit one side <?r the other
had Invaded tiio disputed territory
have given rise to some apprehension
af seriois friction.
Tills was one of the subject*
which Secretary I fay charged Minister
Barrett with the attempt to adjust,
as Jar a.s lie could by sound advice,
bast,! on such inquiry an ho
ioul<r niaKt.
It is mere difficult to address !
lie Colombian government, owing to
he pr.r*!.-il 'absence of diplomatic reinllnou
? > ? -- "
liwiio ? Hu mm r?.'iijiik \ , tin(i i in * or# |
:iaU in Vaahlngton feel that if then |
should l,i i.ny genuine friction, bo: h j
coti 11 tries would he glad to listen to j
'American advices.
Taken With Crampc.
Win. Klrmso, a member of the '
bridge gang working near Littleport '
was taken suddenly ill Thur?.lav nitrht !
with cramps and a kind of cholera, j
His case was so severe that ' <y had 1
to have the members of the 'jrew wait j
upon him, and Mr. (Jifford \v:>.-s cilu d j
and consulted. He tohl them he had
h medicine in th?> form of ("ha.nher- |
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Oit-.-rlsoesi
Remedy thai li?x thought would help i
him out, and accordingly several do.s?*x
wen- administered with the result th: 1
the fellow was aide to be around ner.l I
day. Th? incident speaks quite highly
of .Mr. Clifford's medicines.--filkadcr,
Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never fails. Ke< ?i it
in your home, it may save lit'*'. For
rale by IMckens Drug Store, Karle's
[ UriiK Store, T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tl
atlieC WitneHRS lliu Accident ?nd Viciou*ly
Atiiic.Ks ll.ipli'ss Motorman.
At Saw p. IK! h. Wednesday morning,
in sigh; it his fttther and mother,
I Henry 1 *.< ^itui?.ivi 111. ih?- .'tear-old son
'of Mr. and M.s. .'oe ItoHenhauni. was
| run do v.i by ji West Knd cur of th?'
Sat ami in Knci,-'c ('onipnn\, on
1 Bnmgh'o:) 1 . . As tin- lit (!<' hov
disappeared tunic:' she <-itr th< father
of the < hfld l< ?p"d up in the motor
man and I.eat him h?\ with brakes1
Net, stared horror-strif Len and oblivious
to the oil be: of th<* bereaved
Seeing that the niotorman would
probably he seriously banned by Hos*
ubaniii, who. with one iiand twisted
in hi?; :i;<ir. bent him with the oil.'r,
the < i? 1 lunnr oi' i he car jumped f<>r
the i tir .md "tied to separate them.
11 is v IV ?i' s \\<re Ineffectual and it re
iuii< I :I , efforts of others before the
tnad(!( lie I fa the;* could he separated
fnmi ih victim of his wrath.
SIKII.! IS M OilSt; St Mil Mi M.
Mo\?* lor Peace Mode <it t h'td(|o, 'Mi c ii
Mu> Be Sti(.( "sstui
As a i'< nil ot Ihe (ouf? reure he'd
In C'.'iie;iK> Moii.la. hetweu: r. p;e: ete
tativ; s ii tin union* invulvui] in th:
packiuK louse stiiho and of the uwt:erK
ot me plants. the uliil of the Ioiij
Inhor Ki iir^Io !s net for the middle
cji JII?' \M-IK. An miners'anniiiK WRv
arrlved *, bj which the ni??? vili meei
and vo'.r o?i t>: ym?3llv>n of calling oft
the Kini.e
M.itesbcru Guards Deny Ail Reftpunaibili*
ly in Lynching Affair.
A meellng of the Statesboro Plnards
wnF held Thursday night, and if was
determined to auk for the disband'
nifciif of the company, unless it should
exonerated by the Investigation inr
governor is expected to order. The
company holds (hat it was not re-jjon
Slide fr the svicce?? of tbe mob.
uiiNinvit itu ?>Ki> RKOXFS.
Morula V>?> B?;iiU'r !>.?. Ih? World'*
I t* r in M. I mn*
\?l ;i t< miaiM < r? ronln of tho l.onisi
mini f'lirrltasf i\|n)>,:tioii wcro broken
Monday wlW ii J?i.. <1 iieiboris parsed
(IiioiikIi i ! < J-'fl" VjfUini < iiouflftnil
j int'inhcrs of in".!Mmr> i i'fcMiizat Ions, fhe
, >Vf?n?JriU'ii. I.iiiiiIm rrn<-u mm! <>fli*?r
<i on ;ho fair xrouodfc
art iinl incluilrti in Hit' above flKuie.s.
The Death Penalty.
A III III- lliiiiK somfttiniCK r?ssuli? in
death. Thus a mere scratch, innlfini(leant
ruts or puny Ik?Hk have paid the
1 death penalty. It in wine to hav?Hucklcn'K
Arnica Salvo ever handy.
It's the bent Salve on earth and will
| prevent fatality, when Hurnft, SoreK.
j Ulcers and I'llen threaten. Only 2fie
j at Plckeofi Drug Co. if
I ^ ': V\s.;' - >
Subject: IsrnrX Itrprovril, Anion v., 4-15
-tiolilfii Teat, Amos v., O-Mntnorr
VeritM, 4-0?Commentary on the Mnjr'K
Introduction.?TIic book of A mo* xvas
the earliest written of all the prophecies.
It h naturally divided into tlir?v part*:
Introductory (chaps. 1, 2). The prophecies
against Damascus, Pnilifttid, Tyre,
Kdom, Amnion and Monh?the *>x enemies
of the chosen pcopli??rtrtd finally against
dudah (chap. 2: 4, A), are preparatory im
a full description of the sins of Israel. 'J.
Israel'* sins and the impending rnin
(eliai)H. 3-fl). A strii* nf fiv#? v??irtn?
(chaps. 7-5?); interrupted (chap. 7: 10-17) r&'
l?y an account of tlie altercation between
Amos ami Amaziah. Amos was an uneducated
man. but he had t'nnt culture and
training which comes from living close to
<iod. and his prophecy shows that, lie was
thoroughly acquainted with th?N books oi
Commentary. 1. A lamentation for I?rael
(vs. l-.'l). IJecuuse Israel continues to
show no signs iki' repentance, Amos sc.'s
that certain and speedy destruction will
come upon the nation. He accordingly
proceeds to sinjt a funeral div^e. Jotncl
was spiritually dead; like a fallen virion,
she had debased hcr.seii and lost her imi
il.v. She was prostrate on I he ground. unable
to vine, having none to sissis--1 her. '1 he
prophet also declares that the strength of
the nation wao to ho reduced to one-ten' it
of what it then >viw. "Such ati art noun rime
lit as thin, irir.de in the height of the
prosperity scoured S?v .Jeroboam II., would
naturally be a stnyuinc one to those who
'jeard it."
II. An exhortation to seek God (vt. 4fi).
4. "$eck yc Me." Ce?isa> youv vcIk-Iliors
against me; return to M<' with all
your heart, and though coiifiiftued to
death, ye shall be rescued and live. Deplorable
as yout ease is, it m not utter.y
desperate "Shall live." Shall ov&pc t he
threatened destruction. .*/. "Seek not
llethel." At Jtel.hel w.h ont >n the golden
calve* Jeroboam had se; tip. At ibis
time it wm the tnosi popular sanctuary"
of the northern kingdom, and \va< pat rot*
i.'.cii u. i !? 'Miij; i i; i.f i. iijigil '.
This <\a- i.u important church ccpise
mibiit nine miles northwest of K? the!,
line, nw \w ;i as at Mvthel, was ^ s.-iiool
oi (lie proMlu't*. At wort c.irvr>l
iiungcv. "' Tii t; S'tnalcd i;i
t ii" ? ; i?in? -o.uii' ; :i part o: furiah. 'I ins
city hail c\ nil ::5?)? ? >nic A CCutM?
iiinl \ ; ): ! ivniiU' tiiem
; k..'ii- i.xivix-;. it y. I'-. tii/r. ' Into captivity.''
I'm" liMiTtlt " vn'i'.i in Til tilht all
Impt: :\>a> i' i<io.n ' ? i'llalf iv,r?.
i.yl. ail'] 1 t ? ! a 11 < i h<\l'.f
i n <Jci!it > i v.ninvt ? 1 in -i' "Ho.isf*
Mi .l(i?vpi> " ill.'. !)? I 'i *rili"s or
liiil'liiciM I - 11 ^ i :. i; - . I iHrltKu
I W."S I'll.- a li. C.>. II.1 Oi two II t'ljr ?: 11 :*?/
tfl. l.-l'.ic tli t!> > iMii'l on (u, 7l:!i.
iii!-.: ..uupiiti'-:'. J-: . - i* i> >i
!s rwifl?>c[. ?j; i i\ i 1 ji< i* * ji; s c? vmn
o' tin- Jiiiii!. "Wnilnv :i
i>.:ti<y. niiititif> 1 ?it?1' |>*. i11. 1 in tiiwavs
iiM-d as a - vmn'ii i?: ,i Ji.*,:; ?i . i.r r: isci
<>ii- ami de.-.iruct ivc. l.l liioi: < . vi! ni;iri*
liriiic win' tafi.-ii (v. iti!, r .:hto<>U?>ie>-.
: w.: - "<*a>t lloWll" i I!. \ J to lire IMrtll. tnd
j iii?liM?l <)i ln-iuuin-j; vciii'i" to t'ic opprcv-'-d,
; i licy Ifrou(.la !i ::i-i ?ir*- > ;;:i?i tri .t'c:- Op;
predion. f
s \ i-i'if S !i a:v intended to i in piv-s
?!: !-iMiii?c.M with tin* jiowc' and
, maji'-.t* ni' loliov.ih, tin- i-n-ator n<I rai- !
i-i ? Slit- ii"ivf! sc. Tisey .ire introduced
ab ..| . :: < in'.cr; ir.t ttic connections
11- tween voices 7 and lit. "Tbc -< ve.i
( i iiv." 'I lic I'iciiu'.t'.i. ,i giicm Di st;u - hi
1 lir : i?u ion IASSCU
iv liir vc:i stnr-i. "Orion." A const''!lat
ion noted 10. ii-' tlmv li'.'igV. Stai n n
.1 >t?-.*ittn linr. "Turin-:li. inakotlt." Tlmi
] is. iv.;:v rn.ini) iolioW lii^lil and
I?i i 11 v.- trio dav i ) .hi i-'id in riyrr. \ 'flu*
I U I) i'alist"* i|i>:ivilli' Jehovah a? : i'J- .111:
tin':- ui i In- v?'gii!;ir viiavion ot flay,ami
ni-J... "thai i-iiili-.!'," etc. My ? vapin -V'NV
iit > ;> "tin- \viUci>'' nn* rolk-rt^d into l
? mill linn .iv immcdiu'.'.-ly poured
ni'i in sIikwi!-.- up.ill tin- far: o' :V l arili.
i ! . "That slrPiigtiM-lX'ih.*' ''to. >' ! } ;. \'.
Willi (in- I? I ? I l>) till- pfio and on;
jivt'?M-il !i^;iin-t tin- oppressor. Siu'k!' i. ct?-'
>4rni-iion i-oi'irii upon the lnljrlr.y. mi llvit
von t!ioii -I i-.jn/i i'.irlirsi'O": i-?.:ii:-h -i-.o
, tllOU).
In. "Hat-- Siii.i." 'I'ho 51-. " p ra il
t il;i < tu> tii:- .-niijoci under n-.i-id.-va. ii.n
hi icm- 7. Tlicy O'onot lir.tr i\ . tin; >t
! illustrate. and will net li.iv*. i.i-n \'s
law* t-xtfciui'd. "In 1 Ik- . '' .it ;?!,> e
where "'In- elder-." mi m.iyjst:-at?-^ y it .'id
where .in-tii f v..i> . dmmmtrivd (v. 1'.' .
M. ""I roaduijf.'' Tii poor v?t :.? < >!? ?
"" I I :i<>; w in *:t II". n i'io
ini i'd M ii? I.ikon front tip' pom1 ns t inprion
fit jn-iiot. "Sit.il) nor.' I'lic ii n.lily
for Mi'-I* yi-?;-s iti.iti>tioo ? In rr an|
IIOillU' <1 12. "I kll'f.v." Ti.l'V llll."! I'll).It
l<lio\.()i is .mt, tiui I'i Know*
llioir i.i;iiiv smaller olVriw-. ?? woli .is
I lit i " 111 i u I) I \ .-ins." lim ? o; :iif r :>ti
i' -in- are iiK'itl ion'*)!: I AHu'i.'aj; ; .to
i ij'.hlton?. 2. 'l .ikiiu. brilie-. -o that . .?.uim*nt
\v.;s porveiu-t). Hri'n-.lit t< itc.vi'
I Ik* onu-e of lite poor w lio Ii.kI n.> ro\v;.v<l
. I.> oiler. I;;. '"K? ?. > silence. ' i:> an "e\ il
time," sin-li a- ihe prophet ha- <h>s : iwl,
I when it I- ?m:1o.-k attempt ti> oli. a ill jus*
tire. ^viso mm aro si'ont.
I\ M< :< > ufVero?l (vs. 1*. lo). 1!. "Sco'c
nond.'' .a 41 in tlto prophet nr^es thorn in
i... .: . i...: i / - .< .. i
w? - iimi ,mi> aiiu iic*'11 lu vifKl. Miiy
livt/' Kvcn yet, there i< hope. (?'odV d<
kt olTVriuvj mercy is absolute ivi unlimited
to the one who will repent. " \nd
mV etc. iJoratwe or their prosperity thev
i imagined and tuid (see 1{. \*.) that (im|
wa* with them. lint they wore deeeivd.
i Now Anion tells them what to do hi order
i t<? actually have his presenee. 15. "Mult;
the evil." 1 11.- exhortation 01 vm-? '1 i*
repeated in slronft'M" language: Hair
love good, ('.stanlisl: judgment. 1. may
lie." This should not he under.-: . ?
cX|>l essilig doubt. Hod will have ir-v.y
11 p:m >ih;1i a- iic.i-d the in oplvi V tvnor;
t K)i?. "J'emiMiit o': Joseph."' 'l'n<: t< n
t; il?.-s.
V. The t'ay oi the Lord (vs. lfi-20)?
A mo* see* that hi* exhortation will lie
unheeded, an<l again dr.iwa a dark picture
oi the future. In their blindness they de!
Hired "the day of the Isord," the day
j wh'-n, as they supposed, <5&d would conJer
ooinr great honoi upon Hi* people; but
Amos warn* them .uat in their iireAcnt
uiotal condition the day of the l^ori 1 would
1)i> a day of lamentation, wailing and da: k,
ni!*.* with "no briirhtne** in it."
Vi. Hypocritical service rejected (v?.
i 21 27). Feasts -and sacrifieen could not
I tkvoct (he threatened judgments. Do you
think to win Jehnvnh'n lavor by vouc
ligiou0 service* and ecremoninl obM-. vnncn?
What He demands Is not nacrilie#
or the noise of Bong* on your instruments
uf inti?ic, hut justice,and righteous
new. And lie de?iret these to "roll on."
Cholera Infantum.
TIiIh disease has lost it? terrors
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy came into general
us?\ The nniform success which ftfau.
tends th?? use ot this remedy ii^n> ^ jjk i
cases of bowel complaints in children
has made it a favorite wherever Its
value has become known. For sale by
Pickenn DriiK Store, Korle'a
store, T N. Hunter, Liberty tr
' I

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