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The Contest is Finally Called Off
by Butcher Leader,
Men Out Two Months and Lose Fire
Millions in * Wages-Expense to
n. rAA AAA '
rauKcrs J/,:>UU,UUU.
A Chicago special Bays: The stri'io
of tho butcher workmen, which hap
been on for the last two months, was
otilcialiy declared off Thursday night
by President Michael J. Donnelly, of
tho Amalgamated Meat Cutters ana
Butcher workmen of America.
rnursaay morning Mr. Donnelly
mlegraphed the members of the na-.
tional executive committee asking
their consent to an announcement of
the end of the struggle, ami later }u
the day, having received favorable answers
from all, he declared thai the
strike of the members of his organization
would end at midnight.
The strike of the members of tb?%
a 111 Hated unions who quit work in
sympathy with the butchers will also
ofiicially bo callcd off. This was do- I
eidod on at a mooting of the contral
L?ody of the allied trades.
Donnelly Admits Defeat.
Donnelly said his nton wore defeated
an,I that in order to save bis union
from disruption lie would order lia
men to return to work, no matter
what e.ourse might be taken by other
Aa tbo other unions have no sflevancos
of their own. but. bad gone on
- ir.^j iA.j aiu i nv iMiinii i ;>, 1 lI'M'l! WHS
nothing loft for thorn hut to follow
ihe load of Mr. Donnelly, and they,
too. decided to cnll off the strike as j
far as they wore concerned.
When the packers were advised
that it had been decided to end the !
strike, they announced that they j
would ?ive places as far as pos.uole |
to the skilled men, but it was said it
the same time that many of these
men would he unable ;o x.ecttr* t behold
plar.es, as in many casen the work
was being performed iu a s.tti? factory j
manner by men who had be mi secured,!
silli'n Oio /.Mmmnni'dinoiii i.i" th*. I
Unskilled Men L=r.<? Out.
! is ?'xj,x cti'd that tin- majority <>:
tlio unskilled n?t?n will be cnablo to
secure their placet? agnin. !; v.;is the
question of a wage scale for th! < class
(if men that, brought a!i h,i th" strii ?.
The packers refusing lo sign :;n u;r> <
incut with any c lass other than skill
< I workmen.
During the strike approxiinaiely 7,?,. j
ftOO*persons have been in volved in
the struggle, which i.; est:mated ;i: !
x !iriv? c'oat tlio mon ahout ?!?jM"iO mii) in I
wages, a?; against an ejihn.u <! los*
(if $7,K0t).000 to tlie packets in loss of
business and in increased expunse-s
The greatest number of idle men :n
Chicago during the strike was i!?>,t>ori,
and the total in the country out.sido is
estimated to be. about the :;nme.
The original cause of the strike was
a demand oy the Tiutebers' Union that
the packers pay to the unskilled workmen
18 1-2 cents an hour. The pack
i ra ri-filKfwl Jill flPl'i'PniHIlt hill kiYiM'CiI
t i arbitrate I ho question.
Sew York Magistrate Decides (hut Disorder
in Drink Joints is !inf?ossil>t?\
rati1 Pool, at Nmv York, Mh
'aid down an unique .ruiiu.v in rase*
<;! saloon brawls. Two negroes were
brought before h!:n one having
charged the other- with disorderly con
duct and attempting li? <'111 ih<> plain
tiir with .1 razor. Tun fish: occurred*
;u a saloon where tho negroes bad
iioon drinking tego'hcr \\ h n
was made known the magistrate ruled
"A man cannot bo disorderly in a saloon,"
and dlssmiaed tlu< ease.
Sick Headachc,
"For several years my wife was
troubled with what physicians called
>-iok headache of a very severe character.
Who doctored with several eminent
physicians and at a great expense,
only to grow worse until she
was unable to do any kind of work'.
About a year ago she began taking
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
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i*vr in ti j ? ni/?i ai.ni vi f?/tn?
Not a Lino of Information from Any Source
Was Received Thursday.
There was no linmediato news from
the aeat of war either through the medium
of pregg dispatches or from oill
clal wources Thursday.
Kuropatkln reported to St. Peters
uurg, id a. ibicbi uiii w ouursuiiy ovenfng.
that ho did not loso ft slnglo {fun
InHiig retreat and that Kurokt Is on
his right flank and Oku on Itis loft,
Representatives of Many Democratic
Newspapers Visit Nominee of
Party at Rosemouat.
r A special from Bsodiik m y mh'
Md iters of upward of two hundred
democratic newspapers, representing
various parts of the country, visited
Ilosemount Thursday to pay their respects
and to confer with Judge L'arker.
They wore received l>y the candidate
and the visit was made the ocl
casiou of tho llrst political speech ho
; had made in many years, hairing only
j that ia which on August 10 he acc epted
the nomination.
It was a ?ay party which made the
I trip from New York to Roaeinount.
With memories of Wednesday night's
j banquet, a delightful day. and an *rxi
eellent program, including 11? ? meeting
of their candidate, the democratic
editors and their friends, to the number
of 655, were in the mood for a
holiday. Plans of campaign in various
sections of the country were discussed
generally. Beyond this there
were few incidents.
Tho nnrtv \c%ft V ? *??.
... v .vii. tv.n i '7i iv wu ii n;iic-ia
1 train over the New York Central
ami arrived at Hyile Park within t\v?
hours. At Hyde Park the editors
went aboard the steamer St. John.
The Seventh N"< w York regiment hand
played continuously from tan time tho
boat started.
When the steamer reached Rosemoiml
a lino was formed to march 10
Judge Parker's house. Josophus Itoniels,
of Raleigh. X. C., chairman of tho
committee en arrangements; (Charles
\V. Knapp, of St Louis, and Colonel
John I. Martin, sergeant at arms of
the national committee, were in
charge, i.t.l by the band tho delega
iion iiiurcncH 10 nosoiiiount, where
Mr. Daniels spoke briefly:
"There are i>,10i) newspapers in the
United Stales support lug Parker and
Davis. Commissioned by many of
them, by letter or telegram, nearly
one-tenth of the whole number have
come in person t<> this democratic
Mecca to convey asurauees of earties',
and enthu.sia.stie support. 1 have
! the pleasure and distinguislfd honor
[ of presenting Charles \V. Kunpp. ot
The St. I.ouis Republic, who will voice
the sentiments oi the nitre independent
and dentocr.it ie press ot Vmcrlca."
Mr. Kuapp said in pari:
'Judge Parker: Wo bring you
greeting from the democratic and in-,
dependent press of the United States.
Sharing your ardent devotion to those
cl'-nial principles of rrutli and justice
which !j'o:is* the name democracy. wo
have come to touch hands with our
chosen iea>ie;\ and in his presence
r? gisti'i* our pledges of loyal feaUy
to itie y:r<'f*i work of governmental reform.
in which We expect to follow
him 10 u glorious victor} next November."
When Judge. Parker rose lo reply he
wa.s welcomed with hearty cheers. He
saui, nmon?; other things:
"II in indeed a pleasure to welcome
lo Rosonionni this body of representatives
of th<> great American pre**,
<?nc of the m'ghty forces in the upbuilding
ami strengthening of a sturdy
American citizenship. You liave
been Tn conference to the end that
your work in this campaign may be
as effective as possible. Organized
effort and concerted action always mcroase
tho effectiveness of the common
endeavor of many hands. The
great papors are those which anticipate
the careful juTTgment of the majority.
Just as long as the press can
discern and lead tho unhurried and
well considered judgment of the people.
so long will its power grow
mighty and so long will it hold its
piace in me irout rank or in** unraitering
and vigorous march of national
progress. TTiere aiv questions <>i
great import, to he passed upon by
the people in November, questions
that, will he your duty, and therefore.
I am sure, your pleasure as well. t<>
present honestly and so oleany that
the people will undt-rhUuid them."
In the course of his remarks, Judge
Parker dissected certain features or
the republican platform.
Oemantl Restoration ot Privileges jnd Kit- |
instdtement of Discharged Seniors.
The State Aerlcultnra! an.i M. i lui'i. !
icrtl C'ol* at Kaleigh, N. is ia
duugcr ot being disrupted l>y the
threatened departure of over ISo :mt
dents who have signed agreements to
leave the eollego unless privileges recently
taken away from the senior
class are restored and four seniors,
who woiM expelled, are reinstated.
Work lias stopped an,I both faculty
and stulent body are unyielding.
Persecutions Reported in Southwest Soclion
of the Czar's Domains,
A St. Petersburg npecial says: Per
aiatont report a are in circulation of serious
anti-Jewish disturbances in sevoral
of tho government# of southwcat
Russia, bu( up to tho present time no
particulars of (ho trouble are obtainable.
/ ;
Many at Chicago Hasten to Cinch
Their Old Places.
While Matter of Declaring Strike Off
Was Under Consideration, Over a
Thousand Resume Work.
A C li lea go special iiays: The b.?ginning
of the end of Ihe stock yards
strike i aiue early Tuesday morning, |
when, According to the packers, more
tlian l.yt.O strikers applied for their
old jobs and wi re taken back.
Many l;e|jan to seek work a few
hours b More the time wet f:>; i meeting
of tile Allied Trades (onierence,
which, represeinipjj twenty-two trades,
Involved in ihe t.iv.i <\ was, as seemed
1 to the L'( IK'i'.il Ini It <> I"
aider ill" qucMtlon of submitting to
the unions whether the strike should !
be railed oil' or not. TIk.t" was talk J
among the strikers it. tit" yards about |
"tonus of sotileniout." Ofllcials of j
tho i>ac';itt..x oomprmies, however, do- j
elated t'>i at 110 iritis of settlement
had been t( a< IkmI, ti'itt e.riiiors appearing
for their old plae ; would bo |
reinstated without disci'.initiation, but '
no agiv tin nt. would !.? made with i
tho union.
Mcttln ;s 01' all local unions ittvoiv- !
ed had 1 o-.n called lor !*. day to j
hear the result of tho decorations of j
tho allied trades hoard. Iltti many of ;
'.he men. who lmvn iw.i... !<!''? r.?..
*?.? .'.'I VlfellC I
weeks. i'< -a rod to await their action, i
1 So it was that a thousand applied for 1
work. Kxpeeting that .il! would ha
or.iercd l.y tluvr is 11 iiiii? to go hack
they went in ahead of time, to make
sure of 'heir places.
After a long session, 'he conference
board of the allied trades' council
voted to submit the proposition for a
settlement of the strike t.o the unions.
According to the statement of Cass
Smith, vice president, of the butchers'
tho proposition upon which the unions
are to pass provides for th<> calling i
off of 'he strike. The men to be re*
employed as soon as possible, tno
skilled li'imls to receive the former ,
scalo of wages an:! the abandonment
of the office of steward hy the unions.
SfriUevs in the other packing centers?
Mast St. Louis, Kansas City, St. j
Joseph, Mo.. Omaha, Fort Worth,
Sioux City and South St. I'aui?also
assembled during the day by order
of PresiJent Donueih for the purpo.-o
of taking a referendum vote 'to do?
| ciare the strike off.
Mob Cuts OH Nctjro's ftirs, Slashes Body
With Knive^ and l> it.iies lliin.
YVIl I. 1 nt I r..
...in .-win v.i.-s i iii Hum iii.s ucau,
| witli sl.nhes down hih back, his arui
almoJt s?-\ ored with huc-Us'm %, his
body rmitilan-u. thni hang to a tree
and rid lle.l with bullets?tins wis tho
fate oi Wa.-di BruUfy at Hrunaon,
Flu., the nesro who n:tirdore I Mrs.
N. B. Marrov., last Friday.
I lis ( upturt wa.; nnrie by Shed and
Waller Howard, t .0 negroes, at tho
| home of am;; hi r negro, Jim London,
two miles north of l.evyvllle, just at
I Bunsiot. Monday.
I He wont 1 i'.'Tc for (lie purpose of
trading a rhot'vm tor a revolver. When
[ rli< y overpowered '.I'm, th<*y disarm1
ed him and 1. d I'.im hand and foot
(I ml #l..ll ..I U : ' - >
. ....v. 'i in..i i > :< iii'i.ijiiuora
j of tho sett lemon;.
The Harrow family woro noiI!lod.
and tho news of h i ^ rapture spread
until a iarv.o mob trppnared. with tho
result mentioned. 1!ulloy confessed
Ills guilt, stating tint IT > wint. lo tho
Barrow residence >r tn^ purpose of
criminally asiauitiu^ their daughter.
At tlie time .V!r.i. Harrow was shot
she held a baby a? h< r breast, and its
escape seems miraculous.
f!?ny C?irry Ween Mountain Stole bv In?Apeotediy
Ltinyn f'lurulity.
It ft ti rti s indicate ilv.i'. ihe Vermont
republicans i'.i Tuesday'.-; state i>!<c
Lion olc .ed the hf.nl of their ticKut
by :i plurality equa! if not greater;
than thit returned for \\i!iam \V.
StleUtiey. when !i v. a.-i id* eted yovcrnor
in 1000. Stirkney, however, roreived
Mi" support of many gold democrats
oud the republicans generally
('Id net U ok for more than 2S.00U plurality.
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Commissary Trains of Kuropatkia arc !
Continuing on to Hirbiu and \
Army is Following.
There was a dearth of war uows
iioni ilio Orient Tuesday. It is admitted
by I ho Russian war olliee at St. '
Petersburg that no telegrams what- '
ever wcro roceived from General Knropatkiu
bearing Tuesday's date, the
last message to the emperor from the
general Lcmg date-.l Monday, Sept em |
i)er 3, and briefly telling that the army J
was advancing northward; that it
had extricated it sell l'rom a dftttgerous
position, and that there was constant
cannonaJing of the rear guard. L'p 'o
Tuesday night the situation may i>o
summed up as follows:
Tlio Russian forces are pushing on
to Mukden, greatly impeded !>y heavy ,
roads and Hoods, conducting an orderly
retreat, and followed step by .stop
by :ho Japanese. Details of the ilgtit- i
ing and of the exact position of Ui<i
opposing armies are lacking.
Tho report that. Kuropatkin's rear
guard 'ias been annihilated and that 1
the Russian forces are hi danger of
being surrounded is denied by tno
Russian general staff. The Russian
war office is entirely eonlldent that J
the retreat is slowly but surely being |
effected. From Tokio conies the otlicial
report that the hulk <>f tho Russian
forces Is still at. Yentai.
Tho Japanese field marshal in an
extended report of the tinhting Sunday.
September 4, says that the Russians
burned all the railroad bridges
over the Tait.se river, and predicts
that while the Japanese list, of casualties
is not jet. completed .the losses
will prove heavy.
The heads of Kuropatkin's long
commissary trains have ^ massed
through Mukden and aro continuing
The attack <>n I'ort Arthur continues.
The Chinese arriving at Cheloo
say tho Russian garrison expects a
general land and sea attack at nn>
live "Before Day Clubs" Brought to Light
in One Section of Morida.
A Tallahassee, Kla., dispatch of
Tuesday says: Sinco Saturday night's
trouble, it luia been learned tliat there
.arc five Before Hay Club^ in l.eon
county. While it in said these
were orjani/.cd last Christmas, there
art' a number of persons who will
make affidavit to the fact that these
clubs have been Known in I.eon county
for the past three years.
It is remembered that about, three
years ago a negro appeared in Richmond,
Va? many averring that no
came direct from Washington city,
while in Richmond this negro made
an incendiary speech, advising his
race to (Jo all manner of mean things.
He advised the organization of the
"Before Day Club." This organixn
ii-jii iu?j niuu' "> i)c national in its
charactcr, and the work of organizing
must have been first instituted
in Florida, if thoy have existed three
years in I.eon county.
Five elui)f; are known to exist in
the county?one at Tallahassee, Lake
Hall. Lake Jackson, Dawkitis l'ond
and the Meridian neighborhood. Theao
fivo clubs may not it umber one hundred
nvmbrrs a!! told, for ir is well
known that tlrM" are many good nogroo.s
throughout the county who are
not in sviniiiitli v wiiii ti>? ...
lion. They waul to live in peace anil
qriiet. and will h.ivo nothing Lo .lo
with it.
There can he no doubt but that. Mr.
JCpp a \v.is nntiii. r-'d by u member of
thin orgjnizalion. .rid the people of .
;iio northern section of t}*>* eonv.'y
ar<? greatly inetn > -I. ince it. has been i
given out by a morn her of the Before i
Day Club that many of ihe Ijr-.iL oiti- ;
'/ens of t .1 at. s Mod have been .'-.elect- I
ed as victim.-;. While some people nra
nervous an.I excited about the mat- ]
tnr. Ihe bravo j'.n<l determined hi d of
I.eon county. \vlii> are in t!n habit of |
settling such is.'ties when they come,
Suicide Prevented.
The startling announcement tha'
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tf j
Theatrical Managers Refuse Their Request
for nn Increase of Wages.
Tlio Musicians' Union, nc Washing
ton, have 'declared a general strike of
tho member# of the orcliefltras ??f tho
local theatres. Performances aro being
giveM with improvised orchestras.
Failure of the theatre manage to
comply with a demand for a 2n per
cent increase in pay was asBigned
an the cause of the strike.
Prisoner Forcibly Tnlcn Fmm An.
thorities and Swung to Limb.
Torch Applied to Jail and Its Defenders
are Smoked Out--Statesboro Affair
After ;* battle with "the militia iu
which the soldlei-s were defeated, a
mob took Horace Maples, a colored
man, charged with the murder of John
Waldroo, au aged white man, from
the jail at Hnntsvllle, Ala., Wednesday
night, and hanged him.
The negro was arrested Wednesdaj
morning and lodged iu jail. Feeling
rau nigii against him, ami Acting Governor
Cunningham ordered out troops
to prevent a lynching.
At nightfall a great crowd rv.shuU
on the s; mi tries, disarmed i hem au'l
then attacked the jail. 1 ;>mob
ceeded in breaking into the ground
lloor and tho troops and the ishorni'
retreate 1 to the upper Hon. where iho
negro w<is eonsine i.
Tho loader.; of the uioh tli-.:n pro
i?cui? k\> uuiiinji ui *.':y KitutKu oui tlio
sheriff t:i'l tin? .so I flit rs.
At 10:-J.", p. m.. lite Jail was fired in
the ba-U nurt, burning rtercely, ;i
dense muoIio treading through the
upper slori'V. and ci-ils of M; Imiiding.
Tho fire department was not allowed
to approach within block of tinscene
and wsu driven awav with 5 ?i: I lets.
Tie i ionil ou the outui
would no. allow any onu to enter or
come out until th<> person of Horace
Maples was sit: rendered to !lu> cr nvit.
The sluvift' and his gturd.s woul.l :i )l
givo in, but in some manner the negro
got through a window and jumped
into the crowd below. lie was
rhnco/J ^n\rn n w*rw? '* '
I., c* iu|/?; liM un u cll'JMlIlM
his neck and led back to the county
court house. There was an imnionsu
crowd on tins lawn.
While Maples was confessing his
crime and implicating a white man
aud two more negroes, John H. Wallace
and Solicitor Pettus delivered impassionat*
addresses trying to dissuade
'he moh. They were hooted
down in turn, put Jlnally, when Solicitor
Pettus called on all who were in
favor of the law taking its course to
hold up tiisir hands, about, half in the
big crowd of several thousand did so
There was cheering for a moment, but
the men with the rope pulled the iegro
away, put the end of the rope
over a limb and drew the victim up.
Death ensued in a few moments.
Tllininrr t I.? !? ? '" ' < *'
Ax.??a..0 UM.H.IV ^11 Lil\Z J it I I L III*
tod Slates District Judge Shelby issued
an order for United Stales deputy
marshals to protect United Stnies
prisoners in the burning building and
obtain names of all parties engaged 'n
endangering the prisoners' lives.
The grand jury specially empanel'd
to investigate the NValdrop murder
had reported a true bill against Horace
Maples, charging murder in th<*
first decree. The local militia company
wis in the jail and Governor
Cunningham had ordered more soldiers
from Birmingham, Scottsboro
and Decatur.
Judge Speak*1 had also called a .->pc- i
cial term of eourt to "try the negro, but .
the has'e made by the legal author!- j
ties did not allay ihe mob spirit
Tots Object to Teacher Heing Transferred
end Stand Out for Her Return.
A strike of upwards of 200 children
wax declared at Hie Ixmgfellow
school it Chicago Wednesday h.r.i'.Hc
tho principal had been transferred
since tho close of the last term. The
ohII Iron say they will jot go to school
until she comes back.
\ Correspondent ?t St. Petersburg Snvs
fiulit is R<uiinn <it Mukden.
The :5t. Petersburg correspondent
1.1 tl)o l.rlx) De Paris says in .. di>patch
"A Rival battle is going on hefo|
Milk.Ion. The First and Seventeenth j
(orpK are engaged against CJenonl Km;
roki. "ieneral Kuropatkin, with tno
hulk of his iroops, is moving toward.-'
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1 of T1 IS.? under tlmi of 1SJ02-03. of
| ti*!ft,30(i. under that of 1.9!) 1-02, aud of
, :;7-J,Ol8 bul< h under that of 190U-01.
He says that compared with las'
I year ,111 1. utiil figures, Texas, inclnd
in? liuli.sn T^rrtioiy, has increased
15.000 bales. The group known as
other gulf states, consisting of Ironistma,
Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee.
Oklahoma, Utah and Kansas has lost
.30,000 and the group of Atlantic
states, Alabama, Georgia, Florida.
North Carolina, South Carolina, KenI
lucky and Virginia, has fallen off
332,000 bales.
Mr. Hester's report on the cotton
crop of tbe different statos Is given an
! fdlOWH III thniiUQiwfa
Alabama, 1,000, against 1,050 la.-,t
Arkansas, 705, against 1,000.
Georgia, 1,325 against, 1,170.
Loulsiina, 5-2 1, against S21.
Mississippi, l,r!87, against l.ioi.
North Carolina, 503. against 575.
South Carolina. *2.">, against 950.
| Tennessee, <*tc., 451 against r><>0.
'Lcxas and Indian 'territory, l!.S7i
ag^ist 2,8."! 1.
Total crop, 10,011. against 10,72*.
He puts the aver * < cotnruereiat
vahio <>f iho crop tit $!>1.38, again:--'
$44.52 last, year, $51.01 the year before
and $47.(' ! in 1000-01, and the tota!
Taluo of ?til7,<501.543, against $430,770.282
but y?;ar and $43H,014,037 the year
In reference to the totnl value, Mr.
Hester says that, while tlio crop Is
smaller by seven hundred and odd
thousand bales than last year and is
less by t '263,000 bales than the cr-jji
of 1808-09, which was the largest ever
marketed, it has brought, a bettor return
1n money values than any over
produced in tho south.
Is Consumption Curable?
Yes! If Hydale's lOlixir is used in
lime; before too much of the luiu*
tissues is involved. This modern.
cienuiie medicine removes nil morbid
irritation and inflammation from the
lungs to the surface and expels them
from the system, li aids expectoration.
heals the ulcerated surfaces. i<
lieves the cough and makes breathing
easy. Hydale's Elixir does not. dry
the mucous surface and thus stop il:
cough. Its action is just the opposit
?it stimulates and soothes. K kills
the germs that cause chronic throat
and lung disease and thus aids natur"
to restore these organs to health. Tria!
size 25 cents. l,arge si -c o centThe
largo si/.c holds _ 1 J ,'ie.
trial size. ti'
Citizens of I eon County, Florida, Have
Vigilance Committee ot Work.
The public meeting held at the court
house in Tallahassee lias resulted 111
largely quieting ttte people of I .eon
<onnt>. The whole county Is now co\ered
by commissioners appointed by
Mayor Moore, chairman of the meotitiK.
and no trouble Is anticipated from
any quarter.
Man Kills Wile <ntd Suicides lo Kee;i I roni
[ vpending Seven Dollars Per Week.
Rather than pay his wife, from
whom if1 had been separated, $7 a
week as ordered by court, Josepli l?eg
IlUi, (I ,'"1 ?' I ' ill I'lWjr 111 III*" ? ii
t?al<; Hto~?? of Marshall Field & CI mipany,
at Chicago shot ami killed !i>t
aiul th'M c^inmltt'd suicide.

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