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" ' ' !"",l W"".'"""^ 'r m , . . _1 '.**
Krgaius rewinds.
;es ami mt't'or I
llio Brock, itnecft, spent
\. LV^r*. oflorty, spent
I H|| Friday in Vickons. 1 ;
?Easloy bought first. bale ofl
cotton InBt Friday.
I ^ l ' ' "
1, . ,
ie^ftor. spending most ciftbe 8inn
naoln Pipfcona, returned to Clinton
%W "M aoflao
E4, B, jPool and v% ife. of Ander*
f ?pjriLve been on a visit to I be famL/
fly <fc)r. Bolt. Mr. Pool is ft broth.
?r oilra. Bolt's.
?liss Lilft Poller, of Central,
t who las boon spending several days
in Ifeens, left Sunday for a visit to
relufcL in Easley.
t" ' I
? tv. C. L. McCain will conduct
a pi<ractod meeting ftt New Hope
ou Setembor the '21st, and em brae
in a tllfollowiue Sunday. '*
?Sfcio marked improvement are
bain# lade on tho old Hagood home,
which lid much to the appearance
and attctivoneKH of the place.
?TlWe was a good attendance at
the La<lpa' Missionary Society at tlio
Bftptiatphurch Monday afternoon,
and thaxerciKes were interesting. t
BS -
II .
? A Bevou typo of diptheria lm?
been r.oporl ?1 in the /ion section
fibuut two jilofl holow Faeley. A
few de&tba have ul ready resulted
from it.
?Tho hi 'era for It. 0. Curler's
fltore are mw in New York buying
hie fali ato<t of dry goodu and motioiiH.
Don' fail to aeo them when
they arrive.
?Jeff Gtbsaway and family, of
Central. ua4ed throucrh l*iflkann Hut.
urday ob th^iv return from a visit to I
relatives of Mrs. GasBaway in TranJ3yivR.ua
couity, N. 0.
? U. K. liruco returned from the
Northern auekets Wednesday. Ho
lias purohasfd an unusually large
and select Jitook of inorchandne
which is arriving daily.
?Mrs. Amanda E. Freeman has
* purchased thrt house and lot of Dr. J.
l<. Bolt and will occupy it al>out Jan.
I. Dr. Dolt will build, but has not
yet docided upon a nite.
?Rev. D, W- Hiott preached a
1 *> ? ' -
jwnrmii ni'l IIIUU Ut 1110 J>f?|)UHi.
church Sunday evening and wae
elosefy listened to by a larga congre
gation of interested hearers.
?The little nix teen inonthu old
dattfrhier of John Porter died of com LritnioAtioijiH
at his home in the Kiat
ithifik aeetion on Sunday. The re
imiufl were interred at Mountain
IHSlKlSvY * - '' ^Taniw(' ,/
for t <""1 cbichouti al
Carter's, Liberty. v\V
Biih. Elizabeth Lay, of Qreouib
on 11 visit to her daughter,
A. Hosier. A-.
lias Emma Fiunoy returnwl
Wodnosday from a pleasant visit to
relatives at Tjftlni tlitit K f
?The St. Stephens nchool for colored,
taught by 0. T. Miller, will
havo its closing exercises on Sopt. 20.
?Tho baptizing nt Griffin church
Sunday was largely attended. Thirty-Huven
converts were baptised by
Kev. Mr. Howard.
--Married ou Sunday, August 28,
Bud Kirksey to Hatfcie Miles, p. c,
G.. R. Hendricks, N. P." officiating.
AM of lJickeiis county.
? u-7 luooitc i m)tU(J
anonymous communications, sumo of
which would have appeared in our
columns but for the fact that they
were anonymous. It in agrinet nil
newspaper 'ethic3 to pnut. anything
without the editor at least knowing
the name of the author.
? llev. O. M. Abney preached au
excellent sermon to a large and in
teresteit congregation at the Motho
diet church Sunday morning. At
the conclusion o! the sermon two
dear little girls, on profession of
faith, wore admitted into full fellow
ship in the Methodist church.
?The Cold Spring school for colored
closed on the Oth. A successfill
u/iauion u/oci +aiv<vl%t !%*? VJ.?
v., wxyuwaww MWU UJ
Miller. Feuturea of tl?? closing exorcises
woro ait interesting address
by O. 'S. Miller in the morning, and
gamo of ball in the afternoon between
Pickem: and Cold Springs. Pickeua
"eat em up" to the tune of 32 to 2.
?Rev. J. P. Attaway and family
have removed to Pickens, and are occupying
the Cox cottage on Johnson
street. The nrimarv obiunt in n?m
ing to Pickens is to obtain better educational
a?!vniitnry*.R. Mr. Attn way
entered four pupils in the Pickens
Graded School on the opening day.
Mr. Xttawny and bin excellent family
are warmly welcomed to Piokens.
?Prof John E. Hood, of Vinelarfd,
was in town Saturday, lio linn jiiht
closed the Hummer term of the Vineland
school and has had the largest
enrollment in the history of thwnohool.
The enrollment reached 15ft. The
school will open again the iirst Monday
in Novell ber. Prof. Hood is one
of the best teacher* in the county,
and tho Vitielsnd people are appro
ciaiivo of his good work.
Sinno the liitr i-nina f.lio Inwn
council has been doing pome e*cellent
work on the HtreeU and sidowtdkn.
Nothing adds morn to the
appearance of a to vn than good
ulreets and siduwnlks neatly k?| t.
Fortunately Pickene has for a Main
street a uniformly broad stroBt, 100
feet in widtb, and no matter how
large the town grows, the crowded
aond<ti"U tnat exists in many oitic?
can never exist in Pickens.
OA0 VOR X Jk. I ~
th? si ^ KM Von Have Always Bought
ttcattin . y/^CST
* I
j, W: 8|j
v-The yoto tie gathered from ft
senu-ofileial nouroe, shows that Loep|er
locoived 1,2G5, Jennings; 1,815;
Stephens 1178, Lyuoli 1558; Smith
1555. Bnwen 1538, Fields 730, Tnlley
1603; Boo 971, Parrott 13G7.
I ? ... ? - ^ - ? -
-jonmngrt ipr AtU'Vllt; ljyncli Tor Supervisor;
Parrott for Coroner, and TaU
loy and Smith for Commissioners in
tho way tho Executive Committeo
will declare tho oleotion Thursday,
when they meet for this purpose.
In Loving Remembrance.
In loving remembrance of Mrs.
Sarah Ann iVutson, who departed
this -life August 21st, aged 80 years.
8he was a loving mother, grandmother
and a faitbfal friond, and
leaves behind four sons and four
daughters, besides a host of relatives
and friendu. She was a member of
drifjin Baptist church, and her remains
were laid to rest at that place.
Ob where is now our crninHmnflior dnni'V
Oont) home to mansions brightjiuid fair.
No more idie'U Hhed tlie bitter tear;
She's happy in her mansion there.
No more she'll meet us here below.
Her toil und sacrifice is o'er,
And by the river's gentle flow
She's standing upon the golden shore.
But tho' she'll visit us no more.
Yet we may go to her at last.
And there we'll sing; our troubles o'er,
When all life's labors hero are past.
Farowoll, dear grand mot her, till we meet
Before the throne of God above,
And enst our crown at Jesus'feet,
And sing tho triumphs of Mia love.
M. C.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to thuulc tho peoplo for
the support given ine on tho 30 th ult.
With tho opposition aguinst mo, before
I (,'uvc my consent to bo in the
race, X could not oxpect more; but
some of iny friends would not be satipfiwrt
otherwise. I feel that defeat,
(and by this to be relieved of the
abuso that is connected with the office
when properly executed) and thus
to remain at home, is more pleasant
and equally as profitable to me, and I
hope it will bo us well for tho people.
Matthew Hendricks.
Singing AssociationTho
Liberty Township Hinging Association
will meet, with Rlmhamah
church on Sunday. Sent, 100.1 ?*
10 o'clock, u in. Every l*>dy is cor
dially invited to come and bring nil
of their song bi>okn and something
good to cut. W. F. Evatt, Sec.
Diseases Peculiar to Women.
If Acid Tron Mineral i? u?ed according
t<? directions* n? an internal remedy,
or ftfl "A wash," uud no benefit follow*,
after using one 50c bottle write uh and
wo will refund your money, Hold by
druggist*. Acid Iron Mineral Co,
Columbia, H. C,
By.l, B. Newbery Esquire Probate
WHEREAS, J. O. Rrrok made unit
to me to Kraut him Letters of Airiminin.
tvutiou of the Efitato of and effects of
J. H. Brook, deceased.
Those mo therefore to oito and admonish
nil mid singular the kimlrod and
creditors of the said J. H. Brock, deceaa
ed, that tliey bo and apprar before me
i? tho Court of ProbaWi, to bo hold at
Pickens Court Houso, S. C., on tho 27th
dny of Sept. 1904, after publication hereof,
at 11 o'clock ii? the forenoon, to sh^w
cause if any they liavo, why the said Administration
should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal, this
15th day of Sept. 1004, in the 120th year
of our Independence.
T. P. P. C.
Acid Iron Mineral is not a putout
medicine, but a wonderful combination
oi neauii uiviug faotors, mined from
iiio tui'fc't, aud compounded in-the Lribratory
of Nut lire, ft it* of suoh great
strength tlmt it only takes a "little to do
the work." It euro# such a largo per
ceutage of chrome diseases after nil olse
lias failed, that it has won for itself
groat fame, the patient commencing to
improve almost from the that dose
Nothing will build up tho broken down
system so quickly and permanently as
A. I. M. Why complain aud suffer bo
cause of some disease which undermines
your health and robs life of ite charm
eausiug you to lose hop* and succumb
to despair aud ilnnlly premature death.
Clot A. J. M. at oiieo. It may suit your
case cxactlv. It bus miitiwl llimmm./ln
of othoi-H. Trade A. I. M. markou every
bottle. Sold by Druggists.
Acid Iron Mineral Co.
Columbia, H. C.
, MuiiKKer Wmitrri,
Trustworthy lady or gentleman to
munigo busint'se in IhiH comity and adjoining
territory for well and favorably
known Iioiiho of Holid iinnnoiiil standing.
8*20.00 straight easli salary and expenses
paid enoli Monday by check direct from
Lie idqunrteiH. Kxponso money advanced.
Position permanent. Address Manager,
810 Como Hlook, Chicago, Illinois.
15)t -sejll 1
A?k for Allen'* fool'Eai#, A I'owilur
To xlmkt! Into your shoe*. It rest* (lie fuel.
Muk01 whIIcIiik easy. Curex corns, liuolons, InKrowlliK
imiIU, nwiIIoii nn<l sweating foot. At
hII driikkuth hikI shoe Mtorex, #>0, Don't NOaept
Huy hiit)KtItuto, Si?iii|>le KHKK. AtldreiH, Aliens.
OlniMtetKl, l.oKoy, N, Y. xe|>ll-w4,
Williainston Female Colleg
will open in it? now butliliugH nt
Greenwood, s. C.,
TuHfuliiy, Sept. 27, 190A.
Our wfll-known mlvHutnge* with va'nablo
Udilitionp. Bond for oitologue to
r> i.L- tin*
m. donn [). wmsod,
GsepwO WilliainatoD, 8. Cf
O A. 10 T ^*> jp^ j; _
B??r( tk? lap I be Kind You Haw Aiways Bought
Sometimes the hair is not |j
properly nourished. It suffers I
for food, starves. Then it |
falls out, turns prematurely g
gray. Ayer's Hair Vigor is a 0
Hair Vigor
hair food. It feeds, nourishes. B
I The hair stops falling, grows 1
I long and heavy, and all dan- |
druff disappears. |
" Mjr li?lr coming out lorrlbl*. I =
allium nfrftlil to coinh It. Hut Aver'* Hair
f'o fftllliiK.aud alio
restored the iihIuih) oolur.
Mks. Ji. ?|. K. Waiid, landing. N. J.
tM Ij0}1'*' o. aykii co,
Poor Hair
A New SctciillJIc. Di.scovery
' for the
It purifies the blood by eliminating th<
waste matter and other impurities and by
destroying the germs or microbes that
infest the blood. It builds up the blood i
by reconstructing cmd mu.Miplying the red
corpuscles, making the blood rich and red.
It restores and stimulates the nerves,
causing a full free flow of nerve force
throughout the entiv nerve system. It
speedily cures unstrung nerve.*, nervousness,
nervous prostr.itio'i, and all other
diseases of tin" nervous sy.'tein.
. RVI")AI.KS TONIC is sold under a positive
Trial .*Ue 50 CCnts. rnrnlly sl/e $1.00
M AMir Al l [ICI.'1-I IIV
The Radical Remedy Company,
hickory, n. c.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
Columbia, S. C.
Would that we conld
with the strength 0f a million volue* (j
Dr. King's
fl OlinCO ConRh?, Collin, Coij?iini|iUon, d
5 uUnCO HrouchltU,ANtl,n.n.lMo||rl..y. Jp
n H 11 mi m l*iieinn<>iila,Uil|>, No IT l'liroitt g
A Price 60c and $1.00. Trial Bott'e Frc?;. Jj
Notice to Debtor* xiul Cruilitorx.
All persons having claims against til
mutate of John L. Williams ami Elizateth
Williams, ducoas <! will i>nnjnt, the
sanif duly Jotteated f<?r pnyment by the
1st day of Octolwr, next. TIiohh indebted
to t-aid eH'ate must make paymoot
to IV II. Williams.
J. M. Williams.
. \dmiUMtrntorf,
Aur.11, 11)04. With will annexed.
To County Boards of Education.
Oentlemen; Tho State Board of
Education lias appointed tho regular
fall examination of teachers for Friday.
October 21 at. At tho mooting
of the State Board of Education on
May Gth, it was decided to base this
examination on "Hughes' Mistakes in
reaoMDg. i'etermans Civil Gover*
men I, Sih>H Warner*, Enoch Ardon
and Current History, in addition
to regular aijbjeetH, Please have
all applicants for teuobora certilicntes
in nmple time ho that there
will ho no misunderstanding as to
the date. Sincerely yours,
C). B Martin,
Sec State Board and Supt Ed.
Teaches please taUo notice ot
above and govorn your Bel von accordingly
It. T. Ilullum,
C<>. Supt. of Ed.
MSlot! Mullet! Mullet I
Knd all Linda of Fresh and Salt Water
fluh and oysters. If you are dealing in
Fresh Fifth or intend to deal in them
write for prices and send vour orders to
TKRKY FISH CO., Charleston. 8. or
Ma, S. J. We ship only /rush euiiRlit
(lull aim our piices are a* low as they
on" hs s ild at. I
Write ox Try u? and be o>nvhioed.
Because: Mitchell. Lewis Co- are
United States and for ovor aixty-five
continuously in the hands of the snmi
Beuuiue: The faotory in looatud h
timber for vehicle building in the w<>rl
from time to time by agonls of tho co
expert timber, men, marked and on
(when the sap is down) the stuff
carried under open shedH 3 to 5 year
w *
juv,^?unr. jlliVUI Jf BUCK Ol llOlDCr,
steel and every pound of paint (.11
certoin tests and measure up to c<
adopted by the company as nearest j
eoming up to the standard is at or
Remember: There's something 1
hind the Mitchell Wagon: There's fai
honesty of purpose; there's a life t
and easp capital to carry out tlieso \
irrespective of mure dollars and ct
ways remain, ' "MONARCH OF THE
Watch For Our Fai
We aro making evory efi'<
customers uuil friendw t
best selected stock of <?eii
brought to Pickens.
Tima Dealers in J
Clothing, Shoes, Hats a
Goods a S
County of Pickens.
Office of County Treasurer,
Pickens, S. (
DECEMBER, 31st, 1904,
The Rate of State, County, Scho
r\ i-\.n n.11 1 ^
wne t/oii'ir ron 1 ax ana i)
In nooordanoe with an Act to raise nuj
Jauuury 1, 1908, notice is hereby givet
Pic.konH (bounty will open for the t???!'?
THURSDAY, OOTOISEn lorn, until Tit
per ceut. of taxation are as follows:
Levy For State Tnx "
" Ordinary (Jouuty I
" " Constitution 11 Scl
" " Past Indebtedness
" " Support and Hire
" " Siuking Fund
" " For Rebuilding hi
? ? l?'or Purchasing It
Total levy for State and County Taxi
Levy for interact 011 Pickens R. R. hoi
Jjevy for iuterest on Putkens R. R. boi
Levy for interest on Pickens R. R. boi
Speo'id Levy For School Dis
? ?l II II II
II I* it II II
<4 IC It II ll
(I Ii II II (I
II II it II ( t
II l? II 14 *1
A Poll Tax of One Dollar per oapite <>t
21 ami f>0 years, except such as are exempt
A commutation Komi Tax of One Doll
other taxes from all male eiti/.om< be* ween t
as nro exempted by law. Unless said tux i
days work upon the public highway? will I
Taxes are payable only in gold and nilv
t ioillll Itunll Nntnli mill (I.iinimiu H
vear 11)01,
Parties tit-siring information by mail in
tho locution of their property, mul include |
tiivos by check ninst include the olmrgeH fo
Sept. lfi, 1903.M.
A. K. P
You can buy any Sumn
lor loss than cost. Son
Closing out our Straw 1
You can get 25 per cen
end Children's Oxfords
hold as long as the go
determined to close the
A. K. F
Dry Oo..<l8 Ht.oro, Wont Knd
'' . y'
i ho oldest manufacturers io the
yu?ra their business Las remained t
^ family and originators.
c?r tli- p-fiiteut supply of the best
d. large htnii-'H of which are bought
inpunv, huitrees selected by
l at, I ho proper f ason of the year,
got out, shipped on the yards and
8, and thoroughly Air Soasoned?
evpry bar of iron, every piece of
i the Mitclioll Wagons mast stand
Brt.ain Man.lards which have been
perfection, and any material not
ice rejected and not bought Ht any
jesideB "pure onmineroialiem" beinily
pride and reputation; there'n
line of experience; there's ar.?ple
>urpo8P8, and a determination that
ints, the Milchell Wagon shall ulROAD
l Announcement!
?rt to pi nee before our
he most complete and
iGrnl Merchandise ever
Youth truly,
nd Gent's Furnishing
'8 Notice.
\ta, )
Pickens County, S. C.
J., September 14th, 1904.
:e will be open from
ol and Special Tax, Including
ne Dollar Commutation Road
iplins for tlirt year commencing
i tlmt tliH offlon of County Treanuror of
ction of tnx.e.M f<>r gmd fiscal your from
- . - 5 Mills.
tax - - "
i ?ol tax . 3 '*
i - - 1{. ?
of Oouvinta 1} '
1J ?
ridges 1 "
avonol'n Bridge 1 "
Ew - - 17j Mills.
iidt?, Pickoii9 O. H. Towuship, mills.
iid?, Hurricane Township, 2\ mills.
uile, Eaatfttoo Township, :U mills.
trict No. 8 2 Mills.
5) 4 "
?' 10 1J "
11 ??
13 4
10 2
19 2 "
" 23 2 "
31 4 "
" 4'2 2 "
1!) 2 "
' . 55 3 "
l nil mnl? citi/.nns betwdou the agos i f
by Inw, will bo collected.
r will ho col looted >U the aaino tim? ? *
:he ages of 18 und 50 year?, except huoIi
s paid by the illst of Deo. P.Kii, eight
) ! required under h contractor.
er coin, Unitbd StatoH currency. NnduiIh
which become payable during the
t regard to their tax&i will plaice s'ato
poetage for a reply, nnd those paving
r collecting.
Trc- afliirerer of PickoiiR County.
LE, S. C.
ner goods we have
big bargains in
xl from 50c to 40c
Hats at j/2 price.
it discount on Ladies
ties. The prices
_ .1 _ it r
>uus nisr. we are
m out.

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