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i?V .> ; ' ,t','?. '.' * v::.:.-.viC;-.iv?v>v.7,V{;
9 '
Miss M. Cartlcclge
aaviee to young girls,
of thousands which f
so helpful to young
arriving* at the perioi
Lydia E* Pinkharn's
"Dear Mns. prnknam: ? I ca
Vegetable Compound too highly,
tried which cured me. 1 suffered nn
1 felt so weak and dizzy at times 1
the usual interest. My thoughts 1
backaches and sinking spells, also \
In fact, I was sick all over.
"finally, alter many other rem
vised to get Ijydia E. Pinkhani'a
pleased to say that after talcing it 01
lor the better took place, aiid in a ah
felt buoyant, full of life, and found
glad to tell my experience with ]
Compound, for it made a differei
Alias M. C.vnTLKnoE, 633 "Whitehall
At such a time, tlio grandest
barn's Vegetable Compound. It i
the necessary changes, and is th<
for woman's Ills of every nati
j'ounjj women who are ill to wrlti
.bath. 1'inKnam, L*ynn, Mass.
Hi's. Estes, of New York <
" Dka.r Mrs. I'inkham : ? I write t<
ought to know how much pood your
making for yours before L was married,
PlnkhaniVs Vegetable Compound
the strain. There is no other work tin
how my baelc used to ache from the b<I
would have to scream out. from the v
terribly tired and weak, and my head tl
eat after work, I was so worn out.. 1
frightful cramps every month they won
1 would have to give up working and
ham's Vegetable Compound ohan
Yours very truly, Mrs. Mahtiia Kates, 1
No other female m?dli?in? In i
spread and unqualified emlorscm<
a record of female troubles cured
Refuse all substitutions. Re mem
vited to write to Mrs. Pink ham,
symptoms ahe does not umlerstu
I/vnn, Mass.
tftrnnn forfeit** \ro cannot forthwll
VnlllJll above testimonials, vctioh will prov
Writing Colltffe, I 1H v l i I'r!' K y. 11 tllO wjlO
jrcar. Students can enter any time. Catalog free
firfj Cough syrup. Tastea 4ioo<l. Ueo |f*j|
Si". I In tlnio. Hold h/(lrugkjlHts. ' JM
WOltliD'H I A1H ST. l.<>1 l->.
I.ouiHvlllo atxl Xaohvillr Kuili<>:i<l.
If you &ro going to tho World'* Fair ..??? ?
want tho bout route. TI10 J,. .V \. i-. tin*
horteat, quickest and best lino. Tlin'n ;
trains daily. Through Pullmnn f 11 < j. i 11 ^r
Curs and Dining Cars. Low Itat> 'llcl .'t,
aold dally. Clot rates from your b? al a;<>'iit |
ad ask for ticket* via L. A N. Stopover
jlli.owkd at MAMMOTH CAVJJ.
All kinds of Information tiirntehod on np- [
plJoaMoD to J. O. HOjj.ENIilJOK, |
plat. Pass, Agont, Atlanta, (<a. )
^ wll
/ V * %*X* &
... ?^i?. " ?-.. **<VvvS?i&,v* /
??. v-'
??v/.v'A'u vJ.'v.ji-W< ' .? "' .'.'I -*
gives some helpful
Her letter is but one
)rove that nothing is
girls who are just
d of womanhood as
Vegetable Compound*
nnot praise Lij'dla K. Pinlcam's
for it is the only medie.ine 1 ever
ich from my first menstrual ]>eriod,
could not pursuo mv studies with
leeaine .sluggish. 1 had headaches,
>ains ill the back and lower limbs.
ledies had been tried, we were adVcgotftblo
Compound, and I am j
lly two weeks, a wonderful change
ort time I was in perfect health. I
all work a pastime. I am indeed
Lytllii IS. Pinkham's Vegetable
it girl of me. Yours very truly,
St., Atlanta, Ga."
nia to nature is Lydia E. Pink>repares
the young system for
o surest and most reliable euro
ire. Mrs. Pinkliam invites all
b her for fret? advice. Address,
City, says:
3 you because I believe all'young girls
medicine will do them. I did dresn,
and if it had not been for Liyd'la E.
, I do not believe I could have blood
, f Je C,u.h ? -v- *1 *
... ... ?? on ci i ii wu in*.: ftvoieiu. V/Il,
tiding over I I would feel as though
nin, and the sitting still made me so
irobbed like, an engine. I never could
L'hen I was irregular, and had such
Id simply double me up with pain, niul
1 lie down. Hut Lydla K. Pilikged
me into a strong, well woman.
.11 West 125th St., N. Y. City."
bo world has rccelvoil such wldeuut.
No other medicine lias such
. Sold by drugffis.s everywhere,
ilmr every woman u. cordially inif
there Is anytliius about her
ind. Mrs. Plnkham s address is
;li produce tlir original Iett?rn and signatures of
a t.iiilr a!?ohtt<> Konulnnnnr.t.
I.yillu K. I'liililiuin 51<ul. Co., Lynn, Mimi.
T|ANVILLE Military Institute,
'Dant)ille. Virginia.
lort. Terms, etc, ddreu during Summer,
\v".?l'Vv^ri!? Thompson's Eye Watar
Reflections of a "Oachelor.
Most pooplo who bot out to roform ,
the public forget to <1o It to them- '
solves llr?t.
It takes a man to look for baking
powder in the water cooler and the ;
butter in the kltrhfn oven.
in*- cuur; u v>viiiuu to \ i nr./ iu |
into business Is when she adds a
column of figures four limns and acta i
only throe results.
It malcoa a woman proud of her husband,
In a kind of aahamnd way, to
havo hor husband know how to 'jutton j
th? children up the back- I
! . l*'ll 111 igllt (lt? 1'Iulltn.
TMants contluod within doors nre very
linbio to become infested with insects
and their csks. Fumigation with tobacco
smoke will clean plants of all
1 iinlilitnK mill nll?/\r Imsnsttu lint l>nu nn
1 ?>fifeot mi their eggs. To fumigate u
plant or plants. coutlne them in a box.
mult'i* ii barrel or in some other way;
put a pai> of coals with some tobacco
leaves on the coals in with the plant,
not too near, or the plant will get too
hoi; give a good siuoke. This will destroy
all living insects. In two or
three days give another and you will
be rid of insects for some weeks.
Shmlc For Jim Swine.
Shade for swine is quite as necessary
as for oilier animals, and when one has
a 4ree or two in the pasture the question
of shade is readily settled. If
there sire no trees plant three or four,
and while they sire growing use portable
houses l'or shade, making tiien'i
with si sill set on runners suul with si
ling sot in the front sill so that si horse
may he attached and the house moved
when necessary. These houses tnsiy he
made of any ehesip material, and the
roof arranged so that si portion of it
may consist of tree liinl s laid over
boards set fur sipart. The cost need
not he groat and the results will pay
for the time and labor spent.
C'otton-St%o<l For Cowf,
Dairymen tir.d it dillicnlt to carry tho
cows alonj.r properly during tlit* drougtit.v
days of summer ?>ti pasture alone,
anil all proper grains <avo boon tried
.with varying results. One of the liesl
Slimmer grains is cotiousocd meal. for
while feeding i! will nol materially increase
the milk How. it will keep it
nearly to the standard and will keep
up Its quality, which is quito as important.
The feeding of ;i also makes
hotter hutter at all times, and particularly
duri'ig the summer. While the
quantity foil varies accrling to circHinstaneev.
from two to four iiouiuls
per cow daily is about a fair ration
and will give results which will warrant
the expense at any season.
To Frencrvo Kflii'i- rosin.
In some sections of tin* country the
division of Holds by femes is some
thing no longer done, l?nt the majority
of farmers still f?vl that they should
divide llieir llclds. The work involved
in fence building is so great (lint oni'
docs not cure to do it very often, h-.'iic"
it will pay to go to some trouble to preserve
tIn* |ii'<ls. those being the purls
of the fence which need renewing first.
Wliil" there arc many preservatives
rccomniendcd. ail of them doubtless
more or less valuable. the ol<l plan of
smearing the end of tin- post with gas
tar is about ns good as any. Of late
years a strong solution of copper sul
phale has been used this pnriiose
.with consideralde Mieress. Jt takes
1 i n<<> and 1roiibb> to m't?it:iri> lbe I'i-i
posts with eilhor preservative. put on
as it .should he. lull it pays |o do it, for
tli:' posts will hist double the lit;ih'.u.r
of .VIMi'S.
a. ?
SlililtoiT ;?I1<1 I'loiring.
T! sooms almost noedless to 11 ; shallow
cultivation for the "laying I y" of
tin* corn crop, yet there arc sonic who
still insist upon do; p cultivation ami
lid^inir for the last time u>in;; over
corn. Tin' folly of .such procedure,
however, is very evident tr .my lliiukin*;,
well posted num. The lir.st cultivation
should ho drop to stir Iho subsoil
and make room for the roots of the
yotinj; plants. Th" second and possibly
the third cullivations may be fairly
deep, iiioim11 nut -ii deep as the lirsi.
The last two, it is ;i settled fact by experiment
IliroiiKlioiir tii?* corn belt,
should he shallow, ::ot ir.ore tlian two
an?l a half In throe inches deep. Ami
a! thi-> tini" tin- ground must !>: left as
level as n<i>-;ibl<> al l. r each cu'ii\ai!on
The obj. i-- a mulch for ill pre*->rvuti<tii
<>!' inoi.vtrr< , ami why any lliinkin;,
fanm r should i i J^? up his corn. brt al;
lie/ the rails ami c>:po-iii.!i a thii'd to a
hall' more surface to ili?- sun, is a ?|Hrstion
yi't I ) ! miIm',1, 'I huituli the
sia'. that "cirr. will take e.ire of
if-. !r after Iu-ii ii" laid by" i^ in a ineasiir!'
li ne, ii i-oiiMani watch mi'-t i
kept ; > break tin* mist forn.inu: after
nny heav\ rain ?<? kr'.'p th>? wc:mI> from
s?t < ! !i*r anil In keep the iVliees if- itooil
repair, pr.-vcniin^ damage by cattle.
This in i.rder (o have a uoo.I crop at
imi* c:i; - "M. iiurni >><>; ? ?.
Hurly Plotting l or Wheat.
While all w hen I urmvi'ii ual'/A
thf iiim easily I'll* !: 111 sowing o, \\lll\lt
t<? avoid. ;;> far sis possible t!i rav
:1X''S of ill' lu-.-sisiu lly, all il.? not sre
tin- in i -.-ity for turly |?rei>sii.iiion of
tin* >oil l; i> :r?*iii'i'M 1!\ in'iifviMl thai
miicii ?<T iln- !o.-.> from wiliii'r iff '/in;' !
niiulit l?' avoided l?y llif "sui; | lowiin; 1
of llie yroutid for winter \v|i -at.
Marly pivpa ration of I In* seed bed
Is ousi: r tlisiii liili*plowing: is give.*
one si in*;? to ;:et rid of 111< weeds
more effectively, tIn? seed |?i'd may
have one or more eytni 11 a > rowings
>.! I-.^I 1....,-. I ..I.,..
... . fif*.-. | 11 L 111
iniii'h Iftti-r i-< < I i I it'll than when the
plow .irir is done la c. Then, too.
should the ground i> ? not in Hie best
condition ill seeding time tlx- thorough
preparation previous will count for a
fin al ileal, enabling one :o catch "the
ground for the linal lini re wing aud
rolling whenever it clian.c's to be right
for Mirli working.
The question of varieties should also
receive more consideration than it dors
and an excellent way it to look tip the
best wheat fields in your county on
ftimilar soil and ascertain what varii*
tics arc grown. In addition to this
very when I grower, largo or small,
should liavt* a l<?st ground lor now
world. II will pay for its cost iu giv
i?? 0110 accurate knowledge ul sorts i
on tholr own grounds.
Poultry unil Women.
Kaeli year sees many women a (Idea
I<> thi' ranks of those who raise poultry
Co.* market and there is little doubt
but what (lie industry offers many opportunities
for women who have the
necessary ground and Hit; determination
to gain their experience slowly.
The writer recently spent a week with
a friend at a popular summer resort
along the sea coast of New Jersey aud
profoundly wished he had his poultry
with him. Chickens of the size for
roasters sold for Ho cents a pound lu
tlii\ in.'ii'kntR wlilli* finiiv'infiuw! froah
eggs were in demand beyond the sapply
ut 40 eonts a dozen. While these
prices are exceptional there is no doubt
but what, there is a profitable demand
for both eggs and poultry in nearly
every section of the country.
Women can bring to the work of !
poultry raising that care for the small
details s<> necessary to success in the j
work and a characteristic lacking in !
the majority of men. It is a well- j
known fuel, and every honest tanner ;
will admit it, that two hens set at the ,
- ,i I,,,, Hi. .. Mlln I..- ..,,,1 t Iwi All,/,., !
........ ...... . ..... .... .. .... ,
by ;i woman, will show a decided dif- ;
feronco iti the number of chicks
hatched, and it will always bo in favor
of the lion sot an<l oared for by the
woman. The man forgets to give the
hen water or food or some other attention
she needs (luring I he period of
incubation. Women Willi a rural
(raining should do .sonic close stuilyiug (
of the poultry business this summer
and make a start in the winter or next
I'll Khoilr Inlrtiitl !?r?l.
A pair of these useful, ail-purpose
mi'm\ ii 11ami ui"!1 ;;tmioral
npiJonraiH'i* ;:iv<w us s?mu* itlou of
their prominent rliatacteristies.
They arc l'lill-bt'oasti'il and s.oekily
built. anil :M ail ajros. from tin* brollor
i" I ho roasicr, produce ;i ^onerous
amomil of llio I'lioico.st 11?11.
Tlioy arc mi'ilium ItoiiiK aliout
ill.' same as ilio Plymouth Rock; iu
l';wi. tlioy have boon nsotl extoiisi voly
111 crosses id prounee tln> I lull Uncles
ami Wyandoi tes. They originated in
lilinde Island. from \s li-ncc they talus
their name, ami arc found there on
a!iji>>st every farm.
They are good layers ami splendid
mothers, and when they have heroine
heller known, will he anions our nn?>t
popular new breeds.
Prive Jowly Ihe llrst honi af. r a
I.ighi and <!\ destroy fungus
Thorough urocruin^ cleanse.* ihe hide
as \,ell as the hair.
S >res or hrnises <>n hordes should In)
Ilea l iitt as soon as p<?s<lh!a.
I>r:ii!?*11 l"s:ni;!iij? when pri<*t>? ::11* r.iHitli
< .i ucr illy Hi - ilii> farm tlif
I?; I!. f 1 Si ? < tilli\!ion ami t!:(* yri'MltT
(In- pii.lit fur Uii* ?'\pr!iilliin *.
Th" dirt mill ^weiii wlii.li {iccir.nulato
on till- nor>i's tlnrin-.; ill;* ?lay
should never lie allowed | _? remain on
over iilulit.
IMinils I :ivc i;n>aiei- invil fur tl'.oir
leaves jiml can Im? n.u:i' easily Uiiird
i:i I Ik* ^ruwiiij? M'a.-.?:i than when par- |
lially lorimilit.
11 (lie i'iivv lia - to tr ivl over a 1i:^i?
piTaee and l iK" a _.it?.! ileal uf linn*
iu ill In*! stoma.h. tiif till) > and ont?r?y
cxpi jiWi't! will i ar.-c i' t;?*ti?>n in tlio
iluw uf ftiiP:.
As tin- leaves of (lie tulip and ?tli"r
*-l?riicj: siou iiti{ minis r.u u anil die,
ill - he* I practice is to take" them uj>,
and. after drying then in ihr? shade
fur a lew days put them in a paper
a.!, and put t'iou? away until in tile
The dairy cow should not l>c nlilisjod
to travel a Ion:; distance for wafer. !f
she tloos she will jjn without until she
<cts very thirsty and feverisli, and
then drink until she is painfully un<>
> in!'?ir t a I >1lioth conditions are uu?
. ivoruhle for milk secrelion.
As a rule wounds made l?y pruning
in September or a little earlier somewhat,
although they do not heal quick*
iy. never decay. The wood, owing,
J douhllftf-s, to its condition of ripeness,
I become* hard :is Imne. nntt ;i!thom,'h
' the healing process inny proceed slowI
|y. the tree does not aecui to suffer ia
; any wny. ? 1
'). >s> " w:-K *^$8 -W^'
I *'
| .' >li"i'
i fCWMniMSi I
" ^ I...I ,
/Vegetable Preparation for As similating
live Food andRegula- '|n
UngUieStowachs and Bowels of ^
j Promotes Digc3lion.Choerfu[I
ness and Rest.Contains neither H!
II Omum.Morplime nor>lincral. I!
til* * ...
Not to ItQtcrn to (.hint?.
riix Mol.ean county, ill., mlssiona
ties who have boon spending their va
ttt iwuo 111 i: a > t: i ' ? \ i'U
arders not to go '<> <'l?lun, us .uiolher
Boxer uprising # . on in the dKstn.it
territory where liny wore aKsi|;ned >o.
Their headquar! were burned un:i
Jie personal properly il'ey hail nequirid
and left before ^oin ; away for the
tuinnier, had boon stolen or de .! r.iyod.
Puts an End to it All.
\ grievous wail oftimea conies as
n result of unbearable pain from over......
I 1.
oyrnpicmio vii wt v\* _ .
.Sick headnche, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, di/.'/.inoss, dullness
and drowsiness, coated tongue, slimy
i. 'Hi, had breath. llydale's ldvi i
Tabids will relieve any (if these symp
loins in a few hours and speedily coi
reel 11:i> t rouble. They act upon tii
li.i r, bile*, bladder and duct, intestine;
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic.
Tl.o. e who use those tablets find their
ii p rfect anil results satisfactory.
Fifty < hocolate coated tablets in eaci
box. I'rice, cents, tf
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
Cut this out ml return to ut Inside of thirty day * and nil
?n,1 Set W.it?.h hjiids?#mrly en/rav?.f fhr (iwt ir? midr ol
QB guarantee anJ will *r.?r j lifrlin.e The movement is one of ih
Clo^k Affair, hot msifji I will towpjrc with any $rf CO watch.
HH whetNrt you ik ihr duM proof or I il.rs' or (?rnis' |funtir??
H l>U Vans Chain, On* Intaglio Charm. On* Pair I *v cr Sire vt f)
I I'earl lUck Collar Hutloni On* Topa/ Olansond &tdd. (all the
Taaapovna. All the above sent Trt* j rovlded you allow o*. to
H t\'A Wr are willing to ship the entire outfit ai desvU'vd t . (
' IH U no! the biggest bargain you e? er received from any firm, the \
cent It you will remit f 4 <><; with order wc wdl forward all tn<
Preirnt consisting of Om follow C)roun<J lintra I'lna 52 SO Ke?
I a.n offer l> IntroJo.e their Clears, in J ra/neaiber If you are not |
I Inco'oo/< tod Capital. $26,000.00. CLICK-RIE
ttw?? >11 mn 0 II I I ' I I Ml
For Infaimd Children.
The KinYois Have
Aiwa; Bought
Bears A/&
SigiahJ /J\f
' 1
awo CURE the LUHfll
WITH Dr. Ki^'s Tl
New Dssc??gs( 1
FUR 8 OUGHCaild 50c & fiPO S
ISOLDS { rso T)l. jj
Surest and Quickeub Cure foall ?
XiES, or MONEY BACi?. |
I'N^XR r Y~t: VER"Y "FAHer
H '!: application. I
w. u. c:i>3ts a co.. |
Botlors, Saw Milt, Cotton
iiIiik Machinery, i:ic. 1
The 6it?bc% Portable Shi 'jir Machine |
Keep them in t/ie house.
S Take one when yt>u feci bil- i
ious or dizzy. Tkey act directly
on the liver,
?irn cn. or oh a. r. iialli oo., niuhi a. m. u
io^^^SEE| '\
... , -v* v-v J ~% V ill >rrvj you i r?? on? ^if m Wina MB
I4K (ji)'d 00 liv o'jlfilr .uhJ 1 ;.m.V ?cr< irs; 1.1M by 4 .1) Vv'if
? bekl ^ je?vf!fj ()iikk Iriln l rvt;imi<kin Amtiui, It * n# tti
Tl?e O.V1 jfv- 'itew<*\ 1% and du?t proof. Sla*t?
1l?e rtlicr 0 Pf#? jn.rlM jr.* vl/ One WolUj Oold Pin It<J
uttettt. Ont Itail fop CotUr HtitfO*. One Nocktte ttoliUr. T?? MB
b*\t I4K ( W.I Pl#? J| Alv>On? 5el of 6 TiIj?Wi Silver
end you M jrn?- p?.W,*?>e, jo Ml#h Cirjdr lOf. Clear* vntued at H
>. I) to my t *rrr,, of/^e an I illo* full e < J ruin alio A. U sen#*'
joodican te rrtu'nrd At our fjrpenie and you will not b* out ont
good* mentis; ? thb Ad. ml pjt (.? IVm a GrioJ I ,
n Cutting Cirr , ? other firm in the world ever rrijL^f H
pleasfd, w- 5tin/ / ly (> ie!vr?1 you' money I BB'
IM |
/ /

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