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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, September 14, 1904, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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DM CiThAiiri,*- ?
nn i-vjvxutiN i UlijUUUHSh BY THE
i>nliJocl : 1'lie Anli-Cnn Ulhlr?Hlttnr.r <tl
M Volume of Holy Writ Timt l?
in Cliuii'li AimihIb?Warning Against h
! Coiunioii T;|in ul (''wmlly I>ol?-rlnr?l Ion
Xkvv Youk t'lTY.-The foi.'ou in;: xploii<li<l
sermon wiw pnin-hcri Sunday inornm;;
liy Utft Ucv. John liuleoni Sliaw. li is on1
i?!?*<s "Tlic Ash-Can Uifolc." iIi < test
vas: Tlic wos'l of (Jo I win? h livoth ami
uhiihtli forever1-i lVter
Tlli< liri/?K- ullw" ? ! ? ' 1 1
v.?, ......vi tuiiii cm* wui'uh i nave
rcail lYout it, h my IrxL Not thr Bible in
genera! a? ? ilicme U> he discussed, but this
particular Bibic coiinistiitK oi paper, printing
.\inl binding, as an object lesson t6 lie
fc I in* Hi'ole lias a history. It was a gift
P> tho cimreh under tin; nniqnest condi*
tiotin. Indeed 1 doubt if there is another
church in the whole world that v.tmv by
"ite |>ill|)it Mrlilo in the same or in anythiit;;
like a cimihit- way.
This is il ? liiafnrv
-.r ' '""K ?? >v'.jit'inv:
a woman. a pcwhu'dcr, but not a
member o: tl'i< i-htuvh. came into tHe minister's
ofilee, \\|>ci?> I was keeping the pastoral
hour, anil handing iik? a package
ncftiiy wrapped and tied, asked mc it' I
o-oulii make use or its contents in any way.
OnemiijjC the package and finding this beautifully
no??i(! liib'.e inside. I. ut course, anmverc*
nttinnaiivoly, and suggested that 1
hand ii on to Rome mission church or
poor, sirii^.n'iiiiR congregation, for us e .is a
pulpit Jtible.
Slii- then toil mc its story. That morning
upon coming out ol the apai uncut
where she lived -.he spied an elegantly
bound hod. <m the top ol' the a<h-e.m that
IntooH rivalling the coming ol the a.'il'liiU'.e
can. Veviins it. was a slmmc to\u)lo\\ wo
fiuo h book l" In' <!i>ii?vc<l o: in tS.it- vmv,
hIic M i iii i 1 iic ;i *h-<-ati .mi! vm iit'll ils tilV
round Imva' i In-v. Wliai \vn her ama/.imen!',
I<< : . Iter >vik*c >!' di'*i-rrat :<??,
to f;.iiil it ?i.? a copy ol tin Holy fhblo!
t>lif opnn-d i' . loiind lliat i.i','.'i'ii 1 leave*
))l'l TV I Ml' Oai 'IV ' ! itniODl ilU'! I lit? Ne?V
hait been i hi >mi, iii'd I i\<\ expluital'oii
to ln'r ii; ojico, ai i .\;>li'mil ion wliiili
the jMi:loi" aili rikai il i'liliy lonl'inicd.
It sfftiis .' !.!t ii ,".>i!i)':\, a|>jmr.'iil)v renin
i.'itlc .tilt! well <li-j>us<?il. hiii! moved
Inwuv Iroin I hi- : ;.:-i?moot ln>u-< (lie day
)>* io <. ;iih! <lr?iritli; to throw ii way i?vny*
llunjj !'??; v.ltM? i I icy l?;ul ?;o iim- iitiil wltic-li
iiu:i i": I !?< hulk tlli'ir olfoi'tr', ilild
Heil'.i d iljmn llif laniily It;)'!*' \vhi"li tin I
In on in ill' .i lot us .t tiling
that I.iil'ii !.' as Oasih .lloilt; without ]
ii> iinyiiiinjr had <u. our ;h<* family 1
l-rcoiii i|i!" :| might not if lo.-!. ur.tl .-'ill
I'm I.. <*;, ?In-..n to ti?/? i'l'iii or ,i? rul>oi.-li lo
be i.iMi'.vu auay. I 1p. < i:t r !)ri-..u?o !??
had inili'il I cognizi; it or bo-aiisc lit
had a l??\v (Miniate .>? tin- l?i))l<''s valui.'.
had ili'j!it>itoii it in the ash-ran, am) was
h.-ol.ii:/ tor ilsc city's cart lo r-inii1 at any
moment anil ;. !;? it away.
\ iiin,immediately ?ita -hod it
i-cl' 10 t lie I j?:i it into Lite minis- i
tee's toitiii in it wait: some providential op* 1
limiiinitv to liisposc of it. '1'h.r. opportu!
11 itv xv,,;- long in coming. When this
new |?nl|)it #el in pluet* ti|ion my return
it: \\;i- found that not one ol tin'
thr<c pulpit Hiiiies iliiit. had been previously
pieseined to the eluu'eh would lit it-*
book hoard. I then went, to the nrini.-?tei\louii)
and lr.,'ttj;ltl out tliii a>>h-ean Hihlc.
It wits j;t-' tin- thing;. Hesiile* being ol
I the riwlit si/' its gold edtfes and richly embraced
coven niiitle ii ticculiarlv suitable
to ii:mmt tiii plllpit, autl here it will .stuiul
as a ni'tiioviii1 the pulpit a memorial
to it J.uuily uho loved t!ie Bihlc, guided
their l:\i- iii' iii'ty \car.s in tit;- columnnitv
h\ it.- cuun*e|p, and s.ent forth into it
?<lrcai)i? m < ln-i<tian influence that will
iievt t mi <ii,i ilic liihle which ro.st* upon
iiir> )jiii|iu ii.in;; i<> us </i a latniiy ivJw
Hitl^d into iicichbovW'ioil, and aitpr a
lis' lr-> ?)i a lew inonlli>. more
)>i ;iii i!i!\ (! i.i AiA)'(; lliaii a irw weeks,
J." ?I n i v'.ii:" fi'itliont liavit:;: .iijvtlinm
ki le'o/ii. |itrl vvIki lItotighl so little
o! <>i?il una i, H)jric.t><. ?I^iiI m> laintly,
*?? 1 only t4i |r,iil/tlu* m..i| It ivc.iwiird for
ollifrs/ l.iil Hu v.five it iiulilol t'ov tiiestith.it
':i"V threw awny tin'ii lainily
h'k! tr.nvml 011 to drug ilowu (lie re^
ll'ioiK. t< 111 < ..;ul tf.111 [if - .t:\: 1'? ..1 -.m:< "!mt ;
f< !,?i;iiini(>.
Robcri itinpr. In lii-' i: t |?irm, .
" I !?< I! :\x .imiI t!? Jiool " ii tli.- 1 iry
o; liinli.'i!.' 1..11 I null; a6 ' II in 1)?'
h'quaiv me, aitd. .mor 1 ip.irting ils
foi'trnls. lit- : us niii o iiis poet a.- in':-inu
tipnn tii - lite. ?l: ir.tt u-r .tod liisi<>j \*
01 1 tie |.< . >:i limn . t>? w .t in 11 t! < nan a! iv ,
plKti lI'll 11':; \\ itll fliatK" ol I'N'ipii-It'MtriMiLth
aii'l l'-.:iit\ .In- '> - ris o tin if '
t:. .
?v'- . , , . , I
ill'.- i ?i.r .y ill- .n. cm ii; iio
jmtiii :.'iii> wi111i.*i )iu I li ?v no mi Ii
nU'in<:- i > \ilti':11! hut ii lint's > ! my -"ill
t?i lin.-iaj I llio-i* liU|si,rr'> -ri':n (a niu
l<> t.'il tin* | i Ii r,' !ik??ii.' ' .unl ;inili.
T:ir\ i-iiliy i.;i' biii'ls O; i i' : in* tU'. liOr Ii.tory
i/, ihi- IhiuI; I; iii.i . h.ivr Iki".. :l
iloiilille.s w.iw. ii wt ililiiij. prr-cnl, ;i\ i
pro'iiali;. by a |>! >ns ''athrv in! iimlln\
ioni{ -.11. i* omonvc tin' saintoil ilcail. I
Lan Iwii in iii<- liutoc lliroiigu . I! tin* yt-.uin'
Hiru* I'ninily hislun. ami ? :i11 hccuci" .is
familiar an ultjiici .1- Sin' silx. on t'icir
< iliii1 i>r li t |>ii-1ill' 1111.t.i i licit* walls.
Au?'it' ami n^i.in ilif\ linl jx<uir l.i it,
llii'f.n^li '.lie iia<--.in^ yea:1.- t<? iiit-> vibe \ i I If
' in i.? Mini imk<v? 1 lit* uvoril* ol lllrii
bomi'. Willi tin il.iintHw. touch ilu-y lia<! ,
pur in men' own naini wnile lie lioi:ey
moon wa.i ?ti!l on. I.iiici* when th tt lit ,
tie lift; ,i'ii?* to litem, tin"" iilM Iioiii. iltnl .
<lt> glow ot |ia?-!* ?Iln?o:l (lllxiiod tli -ii >il!? i
<i < with .i hiptism I'l'tiiii la.i'.cn, ll|ev '
clipped lilt! licit .is u into fOinc !(i\<; Ihiiil '
t ninl wrote on t w it it pritlc tilt- ileal liith
. ' one'y iipvIv i Iioaod name.
A lew M.n-i anil t!ie angel i.nn
I mid tooU tin -..vecl xoul away. Tlio inn mhI
over. i In* lather one evening \\?ipii
they \ I'll' ii!o:ie antl the house iv.is silent
wiii. i'iiioii^!i into the parlor, unknown t<
hi* wife, initl put til tin* record. )cAni:ii*
over i in* ojen book till the tears began to i
1.1 I lie poyf. .Hid tlien tut ti inn over a IV u 1
page* into tin* houk that adjoined the rc< |
?>vd. lie ri'.'il over ;md rtvov r.aain tlio>?~ '
ilrHf Mini III?;> v.oi'U. ''SuflV-r little elii! i
ill en to ( (Hue unto Me. and l'oi bid them I
not, jor o: siie'i v* tin* kingdom ol heaven." !
iitid thoHc nlin r >vov(l.< "i inseparably ai?Mi. ;
viaieu ?ill? inf ill, I no11* ant(Cl* do I
a In ax? iu-imM the i'hci ?"> M\ I'at.her '' It
wa? lIn* Dibit*, too, ont. <?1 w iiii'ti iho minis- |
, li v had n.nl ?L lIn: little one's funeral, \
Ami in tills and a hundred oilier wa\> it i
had taken on .1 lia)lowedn<?-> mill buill it- .
*e|f nitii tin- whole lite of tin' home.
Hill h\r \.'ar> ago the family moved into
} orl, .mil the decay of their brnoe
. life began. Sentiment. ntnofi.ilion. memovy,
though H.icird ,md teudtiy could not
| run ft vara with the evanem el*', migralmy
j life of ilie metropolis. They had moved
often, aiiiI every Mint; they moved tliey
IikiI ieil lOiiu'thiDK of their home life InI
hind them. A|? ceased to ?ive. anything
J its value; it wan the ease with which it
could 1>p tramnoited iviiie.h determined
that.. Th'ir religious life Jiad declined.
and they never opened the ISihle of laic
They had even neglected to record the la*l
death that had taken place i? tin* family.
'Phe.y had been weaned from the church
through frequent removal*, end leligiou*
1 thought mid feeling lmd IwoinC strangers
\ to their heart*.
Their consciences hud been dulled, and
\ "what hf><! once seemed impossible to them
.wjjK now eecond nnf.ure. Thoy n*ed to
^PL<%htnk thfer con Id never allow the Sunday
l^xooper in ylieir home, but now they icatl ii
Hhrmi<e)v^ ami allowed their children to
H?ra<l it without the least qua ho of eou*
^EHpienrn. To stay away from church onto
^HHKag u?\v yen re ago an net 01 buekslid Ha,
^HHybui VP had not lung been in New York
f ??!??? 'uuikiif j ?i 'vjiikhii iricii l
tbc tacrcd tlireflhold, and yet it
Rave them no compunction whatever. Tirru
was, nnd not lonp since, wtien they wen '
most punctilious about sending their ehil !
dren to 8nnday-tK'hool. The wildest winr j
and (he foulest weather would not j?as* j
with them as an excuse for allowin-i Che i
I boys and girls to stay nt homo. Then.' v.-.ss j
no such strictness these last vein*, but
weeks of Sabbat lis went- bv and failed t<? |
rcoord a #jin>?Je present mark for any <>i tin? j
children on the rolls of the Sunday ?,boo!. .
, Therefore, sentiment gone, as-ooiation J
I and memory havinc loosened llicir i
j their religion* life having become :i thing !
o/" the past, ami their consciences having I
prown s]iit;^i.?li. tlicy had no more u-sc for j
(lie Old Hook. T< ?ai too bulky to mov: j
they would keep the family record, but li?'? .
I wnred pape* and covers which had given 1
it its inclosure and setting. they would i
inrow awnv.
i Were there ever a madder story? Ik
: makes one ween to think of it. Ami yet if.
is tlie story fit a thousand home- in thU
, community, of a hundred thousand 'homes j
in (his city. It is what some of you are ,
! coming to. dear friends, unless- yon take |
! warning. I^et this Hih'e i.ive you such .1 .
! warning to-ninlii. May it over he a warn- .
inc- lo every family of this chureh.
As often as the eyes of those v-orshipiog j
' here shall rest ujion it. mav :< siieak to i
tlfem its solemn message with ;i voiec th.it 1
| cannot he drowned let n>>t. the lire Innii '
j low on your hearthstone, lint keep up the |
I (1 reside >tlow. Sec that yon- home w io j
touch with the church. SulV< r nov your j
j family altar to become a ruin. Have a j
I family llihle mid use it. Take eair that. j
i mildew snots, like those which \ find her* (
I IT.~/ -. ? ' * '
...... .mvjjs Mgns oi iiisuso. are not al- ;
; lowed to mar it. Kead the Old Rook to |
1 voiii children. Head ll to your ov.'n soul. !
; Without, it your homo life will grow hoi- j
; low atid unholy, your children will dote- j
; iorato. your own soul shrivel up and dio.
I Thus this Ilible shall ftaud a.* a inrmo;
rial to a typically deteriorated Xcw York
I hoi no. arid an a warning to the families
I that have not. likewise deteriorated, l>ut?
[ shall it not also Ik? at the same time a
j. mrmop.il to something high* r and more
inspiring- to the glorum* oharaetei and
ministiy #1 the word of Hod ,ij an abiding
and over expanding power aiaong men?
Here is a fountain that was long sealed,
but if. h.ix begun to (low. and it< streams
i shrill water not one home but a thousand. :
Thit* hook so seldom used before viinll he
i ouenod with evi.i v n-onrr !??? c-wi. .. ? It!.;.. 1
tJiis liotw of inayir, to In* iv..d. i xiniiiiii)
rd anil fijijilio! In llio lnuKipiviui: luni- |
drcdn tJiar shall v.ovsliiji ln-ic. Tit* !Ii!>)> ? j
was (ii-n.vnrd. doei laixri, ?, >! nut a.? fill- |
bUlr 1111't the p'.ITC . <r.|!y I ,i 1p IWnvrit''!,
honored. net in a iiiyii plait*. elevated in .1 |
ptthlic throne jioni wliii'it it wiit is-ue a ]
X'l'i'iIiei. ot cnmieimiatj;i.i uj'- 'i iio;ni'
i ami every Incur '.n iliiv .-ii \* 11 .?* li. - j
nit ii< <1 (Iitil iroai i'* do<?;. i??l v. i i |ieal: I
oniioit. lioiM- ami .streny.th t<> tho-e v.-jiltin
w hieh lii" word n <i-ul dwvli- .mil < s> i
i--i'.s it* honvpniy dominion. While 11 >i-? '
Ijori'; slirtll nt:? i it- admonition, then. 1< ! '
it aspoaU forth its word em oiu aye- ;
inont and ;?iun\|i!i. trliiiivc ;'il who -hall I
hi'sicfforth hchohl it thai t!;? word > 'Ind
Iivol It and i.ltidelii fni'over: in.it ":uv. e> er ,
mm-!, men niny attack it am' > ?-k to or- j
Ktroy it, ii -hall conic out i t ?'\'i >y ' *.:'.? ,
s thousand fold >lro??:er Jlian l-efori'. a'id
light, a cirolr that extend* far boyond its ;
former nprimi*Mr ni' intliin?..<i
glory j?ilds the sacred page,
Majcstic as tlie sun:
It gives a light to every age;
It. givcth, but borrows none."
Alone AV111> Goil.
Thin i? the quiet. hour in which I sit
alone with C.od. writes Charles I'M ward I
Mart in, in the New York Observer, lie
hears >ny whispered plaints and listens to
my love. He innketlt me happy in niv lov<\
which ever goeih oul lo Him as quietly
and eonstantly as the river Mows or the I
star shines.
This is the hour lh.it I talk with the lov- j
itig Father about myself. 01 vietories won i
in the oiien tield, wlien He was niv deliverer
and n>y .-tre:iRth, and o) the sorry ,
tailiires and defeats which were mims
when I sought safety within nnstrength- i
ened ramparts of my own construelion. I (
at Kiiuw-irugt: ius marvelous sirtngtli innl
own my own wavering woaknt-s.
I w tun iin|>ctmm-, ion ini|iatio 1 i
Would rilidl h'adlon;; and hoi'illt."-. l illuv '
lit); 111\ own plans to my own .-diaim .1111!
dishonor. Ir would scorn thai 1 0011I I n.i!
wait. J>ut I will in.a' loam (he 01
tinio -1l?o wisdom of tst!; 11:lime tu do : !i
tilings iu obcdicnco In II.> plan . and Miio
ilirm well.
I': I his iji.ir! hour I ? i.l toll lion il. j
I'.nt. I will not .ijicak o 1 my nl.ins. A' >
for mi'! I Itrvc loo many plans! ! \ ill
imply ii'nl hiliphly avk lor t!i- lovi- and '
^uidamo j?i-l for to-day. To-inori ow* I
in*.\ ho with linn in pmadiso. I will >:?\ : |
" \llwi.-o Uno, iill-loviiu; line Thou
makcNt and warmest. tin* ;;fYoo. on- ? . :
hum.ih In'art, I '.hnul my-i !i to 'I lie*
I >3 Th\ ;I.IH' 1 1 i. and ||\ I'liy I i\ Il
ions qtiioKviiltiK will I j|l> n<y 11 1 vvilli
iovill^ failhi'llhit>>; a id r.uN I. -. I i..
Io\o. and it o i.e. I'h\ approval. In- nn v
wind. <). liMoh 11!" lo 1,11.let land I . a
1i)\< ' Ma!.1 11 ? lo l.ivo Tlioo 1 r?"v 4|
mm0. Mako nio .1- 11 1.111 w.?:i' 11.; ;.\o
in*-, il'.'.ir I'allii'i. and I iliall i,i?.nv! :
'L*11y n.ij.s nli.ill In- my \\ .i>. Wiilf. r v ;
narrow thought. I'miiiin I hi* ?> ii 'nadu
IWtir.i that < i.ttii|i and in i, if hrari. !
Tracli rn<- thai luif ninl !i>tin^ li:i| (>im--^
I'OliK'tll Only >\"!ill lIlOM1 win. .1 a,.: I
ntrasin^ unto "I litro. J.?la?l nn in llin-t1
holy lootslojis that I war tiio |.ni n. ilic t
Wti'iC tSi? liilil,- In.
-nli;C x\ I I . ; \ i I ire ' !! ? . J 11. \ .
;Ik* "Itook <>: Iwuliif," the Hi' v. :
I', i- .1 linni, <i. !;-\\ t.i -,i I i. r 14' 11
ll'tllll ill'
11 i? i took ? . I'?in. iSjtM makes : Ik> j
i <>(>>>- i w i>o.
I< i? . in.nl. ii i.i. i> i i . I |
human en mi -.
ti i.. . Iinol. a.n! * i.<i? - to |
. \ i i 11 i", I l i:: :ilj; il l' .
I' iv (ho liiotl aiitliriiti' atni < : n- j
iiiv; hi-Mor* i\rr puhlivicil.
It 'iitllllill' ijlf nio.-'i II.'I 'ii' . t i. 11 ..: * .
Ilit'illO"! n tri..vK?i !i!r i . rii.? i: ' on>lei .">
i?-< m i. net >.
I > i? . <<in|?l?ui oil-' .)' ' < .
II IS .1 JKTlVvi i'Oiij ??l .1 . I. \
I: i* .111 iinriiiinlc)! ii J-rtt iv.i j
11 i? ii I look 41 * ')ii> . .I|l)l\ .
I: i? .1 Imok OI tl.lM'Ic.
I i* iin- liivt i.'ov^nnii \r. in.; !? , tin
lit' ihi'll V V.I' 1 \. liiW.l.
I' j- the lies I is'iil ?-\m <" ii. 1. l.rrt '
U Mt.iiiu'iit cvor si?i.oi|. *
I ttr- Icnrui'il man- m.i ? |?i' ?*.
Ii i< tin- young itifinV IirM innj,ai.ioii.
I; ii? I'?? .si-linolhuy'?> lu'-t in?trui!U>:.
I. i> the i?:n<>i.on in.in - iliH>,i.ii\ 4ml
Jvi'i v mniv-< ilirootoi .
I: pronmf .1 I rli'lr.ll l.-v. til 10 I i f
'? i Inv>l .mil li"lic\ iu^t.
Hut ihut which irruw.i'- .ill i- : Anil.or.
Ho i- ilium: p.n triiil v ami v ;h<isn h>
u-imL-v, with whom ihere i< no \.:rijli.fH'-'s.
neither shallow of 1 ivniiK. Heli^oni*
mrmgrTK'n .
A Scotch Auction.
At an auction sal<* in a Scottish
village tlx' auctioneer was trying t?
sell a number of domestic utensils,
including a porridr.e pot. As usual,
ho was rnal:iiv; a Ki'f at fuss. Finishing,
hi? U-'cn < y. caught a well known
worthy, the beadle, standing at tho
hack of the < : wd, and he shouted
out: "Maistw .McTaviah, make an offer
for LhlH pot! Why. i'. would make
a splendid )<ir.< boll!" "Aye," replied
the hpadk*. "If your tongue \va?
in It!"
The Red Men of Northern Canada i
Have a High Code of Honor.
The honesty of I be w oods Indian - !
that Is. I he Indian of Northern Can i
ada? is of a verv hltih order. ti>o i
son bo of mine and thine is strongly j
forced by the exigencies of tlie North j
Woods life. A man is always on the !
move. It li? impossible for him to j
transport all his goodr. The i:ti'*t.- (
mints of winter are a burden in sumuier.
The return journey from dis- j
!a;it shores must be providt-d f11 l>' j
food station*. The solution of the.^o
needs is the cache.
And the cache ie not a literal term :
nt all. It conceals nothing. Rather j
dofR it hold aloft in long-logged prominence.
for the in*p!ction o; all who j
pass, what the owner lias seen flt to ;
leave behind. A heavy platform higli j
enough from the ground to frustrate |
the investigations of unituala i, ail I
that Is required. Visual ?oncvalment
id unnecessary, because in tin* North
country a cache is Sco-re'l. On it may
depend the life of a man. )! who
leavot* provisions mii<! find tiiem on |
his return, for he may reach taem
starving, and Lue WuRth of his out- j
journey may depend on his certainty
of relief at thin point on his in jour- |
ney. 80 men passing touch not. on t
It is hoard, for some ciay tliey may be
iu the same ?as". and a precedent
is a had ihinKThus
in parts of the wildest conn- |
triea of Northern Canada I have tin- j
exyoctedlv come upon a birch canoehanging
upside down between two 1
trees. f>r h whnU i>im.? 'h ..r 1
(Unending beneat'u the fans <?f a ;
spruce. or a tangle or Mn 1 traps i
thrust mho th? crevice of a trc* root. !
or a supply of pork ami flour <?wnthed
dike an Egyptian mummy lying tn j
tate on b tiifrh bier. These tilings j
we have parsed by reverently as symbols
of a peop'e's trust In its kind.
Tlio caino sort of hone-tv holds in <
regard to smaller tilings. 1 have ;
never hesitated to leave in my camp
d rearms, fifth) tig rods, utensils vain
able from a wood." point o1" view, even
a watch or money. Not only liavu I j
never lout anything in that manner, i
but onee an Indian lad followed me
*01110 miles after Hie morning's start
fo restore to nm u im r
mi?. k ?iv?/.cii i rum 1
lined I had accidentally left behind.
Mr. McDonald, of "Brunswick House, J
once diacuviRod with me the system of |
ciredits carried on by the Hudson Bay j
Compaay with tin trappers. Kach i
family re.fives an advance oi' goods
lo the val:ie ?>f $200. with flic under tanrtiuf;
(hat the debt is to be paid ]
from fl>" .sni.-vtin'K catch.
"T kAh.uIu think you would lo.se a
good d*al,'' I aald. "Nothlug could b<
easier tlian for an Indian to tal;e hi.s
$*00 worth and disappear in the !
? '""in. 1 oil <i llFVff be aide (tiul :
Mr. Mat Donald's roji'j str11< k ni?*.
for the man >,h?] tw< iu\ v<a!i" trading
I have never," ka;ri h? . 1.: a !ong
woods life, known i>.it one imlinn
Mar."-?Stewart Kuwnnl Wisiie. in mo !
O itlofik.
Eye Strain and III Health.
Is "eye s-lran" iK< eh'.- f pliy.-ieul
foe cf g< ni;: V
in his H'-v. vi Mil if "!'.:oj;i'??l?h!R .
I'llnic.s" 1 (> .1 > III! Ilf. ! ill- (
quirits iiii* ;l:e '-1- oi uieii ol
genius. ll?- t- ii;ur>- iIijiii ?.'\er e??uvineed
mat CiirlyH. It:;.\ie>. harwiu
and othv.;' glit m<: c>'.V< . thoir iilhealth
i'' l.v c o\\- .strain.
T, this ). htJrimii s 'migraine"
and "brain lag and nil lie disordered
dige-tIons and huge <. !>ri - .on -
aiui r mors s ?.r tl.f ; p rial rhi'.ilieii
of gcniu>.
".M'Plnm iwly. and <i i?a'r
i): o confr s?s< d 11 a? of "in.y.aine.'"
In fourteen paii? n'
of the gn.nl !:.<ra:\ lij;.. s of
th? nlnv'f r-nf li e> itrurj lit ftn'l*
"hrndai:!.v. in- n.r.l.i. iKlinn^ius-,
headache, ncrvoiiMif . iiiiU-scribaM"
suffering, .nab:l!<> to <i<> literary work
without jirotlU' those symptoms.
Dr. p'emis lot >f.> ntili< spectacles
as t.tie onl.\ n.-invilv for an verstrung
c.\Iliv.ailou. "< n. - of t li?;
g rente?' of Kuropenu hi* 11 with a
splendid equipnx i;:, physical ami in
tc iu rtiia. .\wi/.aci f, lie say?, wii-.
finally driv.n into imanity simply I"'caiiKc
lit' had not ^ iririuiQe pair ??X
pc( laclCK."
A Use for Reindeer Hair.
The alUT.iUui of u.\: ' inaiuifacti'.r.
rs ha> ktn 41 iti?*?i 1?> a recent
repirt of I ho lulled Slates Comsnl
(i< a' vai at 1*" 1 ankfori, tjerniany, sei
tiim forth tht adaptability of reindeer
hair or wool for Un- manufacturi- of
. Mile fabrics. ! tit Laj)!ur>d>>r.s have .
witt** 1 \ u i\ !! f.ir m. it'm 11 ;i f f j: . nf '
a coarse blanket, Inn ita peculiar properties
arc, l( is tlioiixut, especially ,
suitable ff r list- in bathing suiis.
The hair of the r -indeer is nut hollow
throughout like tliHt of most
other animal*, but is partitlon-n oft '
into innumerable >ub?I1 cumpai ;menia ,
tilled with compressed air. Tne walls
<f thevtt compaifioeuis atv so imicli
that, they are not broken up in Hie
proceR* of manufacture, so that a
cloth of reindeer wool oiivisis of
millions of little, pockets of txindcused
air surround*d l?y an impervious coloring.
Tbia doth if. practically watei
proof, as well at. exceeding!) huoynut.
?Philadelphia Record.
To cure, or n
Grandmother at Thirty-four.
"The wife of a Brooklyn Alderman
has just hart (he rare experience of
becoming a grandmother at thirty
The above paragraph, which appear- '
ed in The Express recently, has pro- 1
vided an instant challenge froru a
lady who lives near Brighton.
"Is this unusual?" sho asks. "I was i
married at fifteen. i had a daughtt r !
at sixteen. She married .'it seventeen
and she had a chfhl nearly a your
"Therefore I was a grandmother at |
thirty-four. I bad four children be- j
fore I way twenty-one, and have had j
none sinci*. Now 1 am forty-two. My !
girls are all grown up, so we are like
live Nhters. ami as happy as Qneenv.
"Three of my daughters ar.s mar
i iru, Aim i niivi [vvu grandsons.
"I roil id not r?>! ist the clialleniro
implied in your paragraph, weeing that
1 could sf> distinctly x<> one better
than the American grandmother."
Our correspondent's achievement is
heroic. But she will probably not be
astonished to find, in *pit<? of the oovions
surprise of hvr question, that
she ha* very few competitors in lingland.
Th? lady was married at flfteou. i
Now, in all Eugittnd at the time of
the last census there were only thirty 1
wives of ihat agt. This is not conciu- 1
sive. of course. If tli?- oaimus ? ?? > I
taken annually, it might. ^how thirty ;
wives at the of fifteen every !
Against that, however, is to bo set
th?? extreme improbability of juveaile
marnage "extending to th? second generation.
It no more follows that the
daughter of a girl of serenteen will
herself be a mother at. seventeen
rI.an it follows that the first born of
a woman of fort> will not be a mother i
n'ltil she is forty h< rs?lf.
Such records :is that of the lady
in the vieintu of Brighton are more i
common in count rios like Australia,
where young jrfris mature Into women
while still very young. In India a
woman who was not a grand mother
uiiiii sue was tniriy.-six would Ve regarded
as an *e.cent.vic;ly. '! wo in
every five of I lie female population J
of India are niarrlvd before they aiu
fifteen. London Express.
"I ean't tell whether I'll get au> '
vacation this summer. I've been IIk- j
uring on a railroad acojdent. lately.'" j
"You m?an figured 'In' a railroad
accident ?"
"No, 'on'; 1 "\? l.cm figuring on that |
railroad slock of mine paying a dlvi- |
dpnd." Philadelphia Press.
decorating the den.
Mii"gar?M I'm a\vfu!*y tirni of this :
?1<I 10 cent ji!av!?*r l>nst nf lhal iJlns- ;
tvioiis pod ul ai's 'his nanir?
Cat limine- 'io am I; 1H*.< pul.it him :
rfii. (.MnHnnati Commercial Triliitiic. I
JTl s | er-iiHiieitUv i-nr'd. i.; *
lies*, fei'pr <inv > I.* r 11' i>r. i\ !t.i- i; i
NfvoltnM nror.'iJl rin I .>11 | : .
l)r. K. II. Ki.r.t i 1.. !K?J ?.. . IMiiiu, !>;. [
Am mi"'.i v : i ? . k.-P.?,
I .i.i :\i> l.i';!?:v? ! . .i - i : i i ,ii
lion l:fts alii. lo; . .?'(! ..
I . I So v kii . I'rin it y S|.rii,<j?. I ji ?:. i . l.
I I iI .:I>11 I I
si:ri:i:r is err.
'IVa.'hi1!1 - "Noiv 'iiti > t i tfll riHv\h\
i!i? Puritan" v1:?11.?? to I; cotmtiy?"
MiKil! Memlirr <>' M ? \ <".a.cs "I
can t' aclwr. Th?-y c;;ir.?- to |> iril'y
J/lnoi!. Cii. imiati (Visiitir i
TT'ver Mass.. Mi.i V?? ' '> i:<
| > i 111 as lh< r. ill f nf t hi"
j?r'>?lii<Tion p in* rloiiis in ilii*
rountHl'huuf/ii '?< ' I1"" '' I
li\ ViTrtl i' 'Upi ' '??I III ' ' X( ?l ! il
; u I in si.i Soi'li.
AS II I I ]! ? ' /A 1 M I v?. . V
21 'I nr (irtatTc&i'<i Kem? fy for '.J<~ sji?fOy ^
ig .?..?! pe: i].2l.c::t .ir < : Kit rum.4
Afl ttMfl, ( uluirh. llcr. . K? /r..u, Suf^, l.i", ^
4^8 li \\ fal.iif s, Nc.'ViiU li .? /, ??:ti {>
I*. i\ by f?i! t l> v I 1? uj? ! .? ! J
T1 I'lJiififr r\?i ohrrvil t<J tl?r u r??i I: X
Y| . 4*k r% nr-.v, i - !i i.nyurt t rc.r. v *u \ J
li ' A.lt V. itl'l lllila' !,l U N ^
To p-opc.tf'- Writo for Book ot Woo
7| dfiiiil Cures, sent frt* vu aophcittan. T
XJ h i ot ktot l v !? . a. i:' s, t. i<mw
*11 BLOOD TiAI.M CO., Atlanta, Oa. J
/ >, run rkDir.ikiAi
^SH BR*#5
MACK on Vf:l !.OW
Aioauf * run
A.J. TOWm CO., ?o*T*N. MAi?? U.S.A.
? (At37-04)
nonoy refunded by your rr
A Fromlnrnt Oltib Woman of Hann?? ritr
Wrllci t? Thmilc Doin'i Ivl.lnrj l'ill*
I'or h Quick Cvrie.
Miss Nellie Dnvls. of 1210 Michigan
n venue, Kansas City, Mo., society
1 was snfT i:
from kbino.v troubles brought on by
a fold. I lirul severe pains in the b;i<;k
and sick headaehos, ami IHt miserable
all ovpi\ A few boxes of I>oan's Kid- ;
nor IMlls made mo n well woman. |
wiinom mi Hoiiu or ,?alii. and 1 feel ;
compelled lo recommend t'.iis rellatde
Sigurd) N KM.I h 1>AVIS.
A Till AT/ KKKK-Address l'ost.-rMillmrn
Co.. 'Juffalo, N. V. I\?r Kale
)\v all dealers. Price, f?<> cents.
"Hut." llie pulilishr-r ronvpiained. j
"ihe ehic-r ( Imrai (ers in your flnry are j
h man and a woman who ?i> on mak- !
Irvi. 1?.to 1.. ?n-.? -
...... ,,, . ai ii imiiwi iui" yparF anti ;
year.- after the* are married."
"\N< Ji." the young novelist replied, j
"you must remember this b :i worl; j
of ftoUoii." Christian 1! c raid.
For Your Sr.rapbcok.
l)cl>U(<*k with elui>\ i?f otlicv eilirs '
by jiieans of the phonograph wilt rmi
ititute the novel e>:p -rins? til to be
;ried by ih. Amateur I're.s t'luli o'
.'hieano. in which tn< plan \\?> :;knnted
mid adopted. 15\ th< list n;
he phonograph ih? plan is to carry
jn a debate with either th? IMulad< '
phia or St. l/'.?ui'-> (.'bib at so;i!< (i:.
In the near future.
PunriTARi v kmpi nvwrwr
I ?\\M 1 1 L,IU1 IAMIULIU .
$1,000 TO *10,000 A YT.AR
k. I-. Manager,
Atlanta College of Pharmacy.
' rpjit" - flcii.r-iil t*rM I' ist* ? thK - ?i<
( All mpf'1 ' ililr<'?H. I?l(. CKII. K. I'A> NK,
)>e*u, 4.1 NVIiiirtiu'i Mil t. At!wjr.n. <;.t,
V?I AT* -.mlii 11 f I IVA'J C S Ut^
flunrUmnfl Popt., K. C. Orichtoa. Bookkeeping
I>. Ii. KhtiruaVer. Catalogue froo.
K. Crifhtou, l'rn|>., Killer lild?.. Atlanta. '!?.
A New Revels
\\> ?. it r ( oir.i-thtn^ different, l>?:tt?-r t linii
in lhis oifv.
'I lieri* is in- jui:.? -?; nlxmt <?>;: n'. r
We ij<> not tri'iil nli iliy< H''.'".: hiil w'? Uic I':
Mir?* I'wrf in alt j-tlor t n*nin;"?t.
Write if von orinnnt nit iir.ri <li's<Til>c ><?:,
of liiii jff < i.r ?i:ayiiosis MunV. < oti-u I: .\i i<>
Doctors Leather
li. .irs s n. i. . to H ir. p M ;
i? In 1 j . in. ulllj IV. 0! I
gr*^6 W 1 N
8 p "L!?ADLrR" AND "P1
cause th^y shoot $
Good shots shoot
*cr re-'u^3> shoot ;
^ *w ai'-d arc more rci
5 t /jj| ALWAYS specify \s
ViP u? 6\3 C > '. 3 W \ In *<?
jPK^flj '?^t?'? .7 v'. f11 *-? ' ** - ft*. 1 hand
b??&l (* * j, cfis rw! ".\ /\ cjm*?*u at
H? t^llS
fell EN OR M O
E Hi ^ *'* ''?r0, 0"?
fcSlll % THIS BODX Will Be Sf-NT ; MJJJ a Y
g>?J? ! ""? TOAfif ABCRfcMfMl <1 ?f J SI A I
L^l' VIKC1UJ. HA:?ut?H -t k ??. or if ,t.?v
Wf-K nm.?$ ?V?Tn?mV?'r,';
HHh .WaSflwu CH?#JjtJ LI * i fru?lne?a
it-W3J^-IJggLPq3U .'S vift nB'.WrfW-lVX' ? you. a i ill 1
* x ft II :.??. , tn i
tfKl.r. OJf THE wia nanx TNI? aa*#- T..?- -
YOUMS, n#t OURS; Th maat ilooral ft?rev?rr htartf
rrant* fcyaantf!n| ! ua far ftttft. I/. * fi?n run mik'
*?r ir*li?MW V\i?r * f.? a*nd to vi. A t>U chinci far
M?r* / rriaklrg mafa+? i> '*r OYiryini. Tha ira-t4*a?
lnaafa. An aftpartunuy ih?t >??? ?? *?: til?f thai h?iaMf
#bi|w^ai.i N?r(h. taat an* Weil, wrrm ?bii>.v<
urn-it <ju(tMc#r fthfta riir vMi*. h >i*a ? >ur
in, noair.Ui'f hf ??nt liva. v??n v?.U your
f?vv day*, iiaifitlv I#??? ii'tii in#>!taSf tha t*ima It takaa tag
frftni ?th#r hauata. ami eiAi'Mi. many {<><><14 ?ouofi
vf * ou wiil ha t? l*a* Iran ana h?'J tft? 1 tight charfaayc
ha ? i o pa ii' f o i or<t* ad f .. ?? ihhhi?? \( je?n,
* a?#h*?i?t aaar}?a. ?? will atrip f? aat ilia ?%r*kaa? a aa?M?t y<
IuNir, quailtr ?? murk Mii.if, wbr ** . ?u '?!'
l.ooL will go 'o You or rft?i?- ma)) }i fraa; all am
i? tr o*rrr br? >r? k u >wti afl ?lft * t* yau *<- / ralur
a<* !< . Ill Citi'*|B?. fall t??r atltkVtri I* antlli
TIMIS A* MUCH TO YOU ? *ll <Mbti m*. Inn
f I?U ??r thl? rwre ?\m Ni I I 4 r.at>i*fu?. >i?n
In votjr Itittr wr pn tat itoiiti imrJ |lv? ttt Mi* ntnit tf
%# w r* % u | rwbUVV/n
lerchant, so why not try
Money for the Farmet Who Uses a
Woodruff Ha}' Press,
J'.'itltor Mounted or l.'muounted Fill) Circle
1>i ti'iU Bnolie^irrl'llntdloii. A Btro?g<Iur?jirov
!ir n luedliini prfro. Str your dealer
H'lil huy al>rcM. if )><> hHndlf-, tlio WOODItUJ' V
PKF.8.H I? not, vfHlo <11 ret u> faotovy ur.<l
K< 1
Malsby <& Co.
i i r -l r At #*.- '? ' "
41 jouid rorsyin s?., Auenia, uil
Portuble and filntlonarj
Engines. Boilers.
Saw Mills
' Complete line carried in ilork for
IU\f EI>1 A 'I'E
Baat MnoMia- j, I owom I'i loet and Beat T?ra?a
Write us for catalogue, price*,
etc.. before buying"t
havft tmed ronr valuable Cnmr?rct? nntl find
then* perfect. Couldn't do without thrin. I hnv?
r. m I for nolo** tiiuo for ; tnl ijj?"*tion ati<1 l??I i
and aid liow completely vurimi. Kecom*
impml ttictn to everyone. one* lrN?J. you will
tii!tvnrd A. Marx. N. Y,
The Bowels ^
Pleasant Pof*?it TaMc Ono^. OoOftod,
K?*vor SioUun, NVenk'Mi or <irlr*' 10v%, &k*v&Cc. ? ? v??r
mil) in hulk. ittmun* tahkt ktnmpod C C C.
Gnarkiilreri to euro or your niouv) back.
Sterling Remcdv Co., Cbicngo or N.Y. Oon
AKNUAL Sfil F. TF? Mil I irtM Rnyrs
WmSTV- f Kfmovfj all swrlliiigr ?n Htoio
I day*; clTccts a jx'tnimienl cure
in joto f*> <lnv*?. Triollifato"nt
jgra jV_.^/<C7ciy tlvr;1 froe. NMhiiiKcan In-fmi'-i
UKXfto&l:''?y Wr>?c Dr. M. li. Creon's Sons.
i . tw Socialists, Cox B Atlanta. ?a.
7 AITF4 TIT1 I T mn ?
ition for Men.
ur y >| "r li !lwi
i-nI. Til" ft:: t i? j.<*rfr<-t m)i| |.<-r!ii?iii<,tit.
<i?l* \v<' Sr -nt. \ |-r<- IIIpf . I'lTHiilli'Tif III)it
m >!!:!? ,' I "I i-iiniiili- hum1* n.-c*i j>l* ?!
i p t roil Jill's ?uil ri'ciMVc I \ ri'tiiri n ir. fie*
l.' ff .'.
'man & lientle}'.
til? and fcisfth Sis., AILANTft, Ef?
rfi ft ? i ? m
shell is its shooting. Be- c
?o well, Winchester Factory
and " Repeater " Smoke- ?
;un Shells have won almost w
prize shot for in years. ftJ
:hcnt because they give bet- ?t
stronger and more uniformly $
iable than any other make EE
.NTS. WwVth id?.00. Now KliKE tonn% onr f fin */i
.. .. r * ?, ?! %,r "ii n pi'MHi mto. MI * mi ym.i
11? toy lit* f rt tn:(\ v ill to Vti?i 1>V return a* all trr?. |w.? <f aitf
0 ^ucl*tipi?. #vfr I 0.000 illiiitretloni. ('iir i <>u< n?^r
pri. v i ..J!. \ full* r*plained, N. aM iijrr*' nr.'Jim- d*
j; * >?*|i ? ?r: (r<! in Ii liii^nr ttifti t r i \ *?fove j pr ?ihm*1?
*'% New and lov er proea * i >-?*t5tt>in?r
i* lar?<*?t atore In trie world, Mukf 1 Mb*r Afnl'.tfue*
1 owr ?!<
O, We aell and ehlp mere feecfe then ell ethar matr
f- ?reer hanaea In the I'nltrc? Ata'e* comblncc
te e*- other 1.mi! onler houaep are infra aide (Imwn
" w ??ornii*rcd with our?. If eeervo&ti i-a!vknewimw ,
m * * wren gr aater value# w? flee on * 15 kind* of irn
* moi'O * ciiaiidUe lUtn unvothfr Boum.no oltjf r n.?il cu
J oe?" hotiit would ever again ? ! eif^ !?gie? in.
ezkeert* that e*>na er cent'rela vaet numoer ?f factoe?
mer- ri#t |ac*t?d nertH. eeuth. eaat an# weal
rhauava ed 10 tbal we ?.*an ehlp ma u\ yo<id? / on. ??i?r
no*drar* f* rorv or waiehnnrtt nrareM riakltif
>u ?'>od? <;ot.*k dellvtcy end *erv low freight cbe?ire%
order IO SautHaro Ime .aria* "
i n juat ft 0m peapla. Haftharn facttr>M an 4 arara- J
*\ f*4% kiuhi f?r r.arii.arn paapf# ale.
i*. trftiu 1
?u waiild
? ?i* ool*!nn/ooilt w# can aMj. from on* of Mir ?r
?a, bi U> ? ?* It A v?r? fr*f|M rat*.
. AA||? axptalria why, ?*napar?ft with any athar
1 11() 111? hftvftt. wft ?ftn maM #r?~*aaa much lawer. ahiaa
hyllUla ? much aaMrfcar fr*4#M afcargaa aa mtHrfc
* ?'D#toi0rr a Mg wf>u#j making ot)pcrl?>ntiv.
hAllf Cut litia *0-?>'>l ftn>t at 21? ft* u?. or cr> ft poMai ?^t<t
ilUUbi ?ft>. "Hiid ? tour So 1)1 CatfcJogua " amlthatofg:
na*v affara. ?ur na? manay mailing rrapaaitfa*, an o)>po>fcjn
mail. P*?'i hay. ftajikiflp **>wfcara Mill i#o |?i
lag *i * *? ' alttnkfr* aatll fba? m4tft for atr Wa. I I 4 faUl*^.
nj .aa S. Jt or 16 cauta for ratAtOguft. wboo y?o ? an gft4 ?t*r
0OOK far nalhing. r*C? f4)ft THtf A3KIN0. WOKTrtl^Q
j:*a.-a:alM9uacprl?lftf. **ITK rOR IT TODAY. Da H ftft^
ri our i?!?t ratatogua (If Vou bav? ODft} Tft Rftma friend mfi
tha parijr tft wh?m ran hm#ft* ftftf ftH catatagua. Addroajf
> & CO., Chicago, III*.
ft? Price 50c.

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