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'' '' '' ' ' ; ' f X-/\ /.t 7 f \ / , ' 't,
' - :- 1/i 'lsl^V-dU-v.i V ' /' /.. ( X
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. v : * , f ?
1 /
I'jlitoml April '2:1, 1003 nt I'iekmiH, S. 0., rh Rooouil orasH matter, undor OouKross of Mnu-.li 0, 1870.
I .
r a
f # The I
\ * cci clow
(f Mil li no
z) the S t a
'L businen
\\ biggest
// n-f \"iin
#/f V.'.l \ (11.1 u
have pi
C Millinery Opening
{Miss I lushes will agr
ment, and it will far excel
just returned from the nort
a large stock of all the coi
iney win ue priced as lov
^ material will permit.
(( Dress Goods
1} This Department wi
w will find a large assortmen
season 'and trimmings to
u We havfe arranged I
)J and lace side on our openi
f li I < ; i
-$ Wheal: sow in j
a rows, Turn I
3 ' jj
^ i ffl
Mf ?
A New York Man 01 Money
invests in Pickens
Count,y Dirt.
Say He Has Hunted The United Sldtas
Over For What He Wanted Mid
Found it in Pickons County.
... ? i
H/C Will Move Here This Winter. 1
./?' r. ('. flhrml (if Vnu V..rlr I
' t several dins rocontly in '' ;-k- j
on- and vK-inity, looking a{ lliuj
Ian Is horn smial)Ii< lot liis ]>ur-:
. II" found .just what hoi
Wrtiilcd iii thu western part I tii j
county. \
Mr. Christ, wm induced to collie
to Viokcna by Mr. '1*. I). Hums,
with whom li>> had gotten ti communication.
lie was looking for a
location and lie found it at Mr.
Harris' (Jap Hill farm. Jle will
tnovo hor<? in the winter and ho^in
11ipreparations for farming. Mr
Christ is a handy man, hoing a
good machinist and buggy and
\V(i(/nn mnl'f i' n a ??o .? t*r\t\A
?r, > "" " " "" " ft"""
farmer, fruit, and stock and poultry
minor. He 1 iv 11 eloso to I ho
lnt<< Win, C. Whitney, lor whom
he did much satisfactory work.
Jin will run every tiling l>y
machinery, usiii^ a ram to force
s j water to hie house and barns, and |
gnsoline engine to do His e.hurn*
/ ^ng and other light work.
II in intention is to breed pure
'.lorotord Cattle, Poland Chum hogH
01 1 l'lyaiolh Rock chickens. lie
1, ' ?
irsr\ T"
>ig' Store is alread
11 with Fall Goods
ry, Clothing, 11 ate
le. The 4th day c
o ll O L' l\r\n v-1 "i n /-in/An <
i i a n i;doij 1i1u j. vjcti!"
fall business in 01
es in all departme
it on oxtra Jorce s?
October 7th and 8th.
iin have charge of this departi
f\\r cnocAn
ivuiiv/i ov>(inv;ii, ?, iicin
hern markets where she bought
rrect things in Millinery, and
v as correct style and good
and Trimmings.
11 be larger than ever. You
t <>4 the proper weaves for this
.<> have a special embroidery
itig days. ()ne lot
xrr of si
til vie will soon 1)
w s, Etc.
nil! start a line orchonl unl nurs?
i y, a11< 1 plant v^otables fur marki-t.
; Mr. Christ, is of that hanly (ler
man stook that Hon. Wyatt Aiken
j wants to induce to settle iti this
country, and% w 1111 ln> ia American
l?orn, yoi lie empanel will lx> the
tiit;ano of l>tiii^iiif{ lotn ?.(' (hut desiI'n')1(>
c ii'S (?| tx j>W* to th-'Soulh
that wo aro so anxious r.oi fte
They M ill !) ti vtilual 1 * a:.-ition
t<j tii.. South, for with r11 ir nd
vanced method*of cm ilied fana
ing, oui people \vi 1! gain valuable
lessons that wilt lie ol much a.id
!ax|ni<4 benefit to tin ia.
The locating of Mr. Christ in
I'lckiMi*. county is diif to the Hi nts
of our progressive fellow-tuwnytnan,
Mi. T. I). Harris, who l>r1
invert i:i prDfiiot.s and in the lutur
possibilities and n?ivanc.-inent <i
oar town and county, and who is
doing all ho can to further her intercKts,
and especially to got a
sturdy c ol thrifty people as j
fanners down hero to brin# out
and improve titih wonderful section
, t tl... ...r* 1.1 I ? I l >: 1 - * ? 1 .
'ji viiu >yui mriuiinju i hmimoni j">oit
Mr. Christ was very mueli pleased
with tho country as ho saw it,
and with Pickens county in particular,
ainl just before h<* left fur
Imh h<>mn, preparatory to packing
III> to coine aiuoius us a valued
citiznn, ho Raid that his people and
his wife's people were on tho look
out for new ho men and he will
guarantee that within three years
time not lees than fifteen families,
from Inn neighborhood, will become
land owiioih and citizens of
this county.
Mr Christ is the forerunner of
the colony that will locate Imrn
and to him, and till nuuh as ho, wo
extend the gl&d hand of welcome,
and nay how booh, hoforo they can
Iconio among ua,
I Store
a Rin i
y put ting on a fal
You will not lii
s, Shoes and all ki
?i October marks
>ing every year sin
i- - j. i
ir History, ana to
aits, so you had b<
o you will not ha^
2,000 Yards of
Put up six yards to the piece,
loss than 7^ c and the most o!
at 5c per yard or 30c per pieci
Ollf1 1 <"?t o r^r^r\ \roWlc
vy . . ^ iv/1, ^ ^U1 VIO 1. Ul LI
Will go at only 5c. per yard.
One lot Valenciennes Lace
less than S 1 ^ c, and some of it n
ing day at 5c. This sale will 1
until it is all gone. Don't forge 1
Our stock of Hardv
A solid car of Star Leade
you want to buy a stove that v
VI VI / V 7 JL V. 1
e here, and wo ha^
You r.s
(The Leaders
- - "
Delivered at the Closing of Catecchee
School, Sept. 2. 1904.
Nothing pertaining lo th<> wHi
fan; of this company interests nte
moic 111:?n tho oxoreinon of this
school. I am ofton oppressed with j
I !u? ic.^jionsibi it i? m itiid duties of i
,.tV t?Di? < . ?u.(l a! s"ibi'(! in the <le- j
tuiU making up tlie wholo business,
till I bear in mi ml that nnI
<1?*r tin* tutortipu of tho?? faithful
' teachers, anoth< r ami more important
work in ifointj on here, tin'
I |>ospi!>i!it it?M ot which none of uh
c.un e.-tim.ito. Who knows whoth- I
or n?>t :> genius tnay imt spring up!
from nnionjr tlm bovs ami jjfirln as1
Sfinbli'd hcic, wit h some irreat tact!
in literature, i'i philosophy, in j
Hcioncp, in mochunioa? Possible, of:
course; it in.
Heforo I nni through, I will show
you the high and honorahlo owl at- j
i tnined l?v moil, whoso oarly lift;!
was as discouraging and unproin-!
ising a* that of any ?>no present.
I want to show you that a hoy j
1IUIV bo <>l tho most imiiriiiniain<r
^ - 1* I
typo and Huccciid td great thing* I
-And 1 shall constantly refer to
111 oho of this uind, for it, is posnihil!
to elevate one from whence all
others, being of the higher order,
shall find it easier t<> riso.
Girls, would you like to he loved
and honored as Hannah Moore or
Clara Burton/ Then lay the foundation
now. Boys, would you moke I
a 111 mrk in tho world? Lot mo im
prt'SM upon you the absoluto ihjC !?sity
ot commencing now.
Little good has collie to u? by
olifiice. It w?h Bcienco tlmt has
given us the cure lor tlio worlddroudud
and heretofore incurable
1-lik e appearan co.
id a largel* and be1
nds of Notions ur
our fourth anniv
ice wo opened, and
that end we are p
3tter keep in tone
?e to wait.
Embroidery 1
Nothing in the lot worth
I it ioc to 15c. All to <^o
e. Nothing cut. an<
ion Lace. Cheap at ioc.
\r,^u:? .1.- 1- - '
nviiiiui^ in me ioi worm
inch more, will go on open>egin
at 10 o'clock and last y0l
t the date October 7 and 8. (jr;
/are is Complete.
r Stoves and Ranges. If cos
/ill give you satisfaction at it :
ro a IVi.ll line of Ft
rrow t
in Low Prices.)
hydrophobia. 1'ioni tiuio iinme-i
mo rial thtM'o was lying l>iiii..?
aivutid Cliarlt<8ton and at other
places undiscovered elements which
, in the hands of trained and learned
men, has lie^n conv^rtod into coin- j
mere/ml fertilizers, nmv Uoing used
us mo i>asi8 oi uiH ni?h and prosperous
farming throughout th
j State.
Compare a hunch <?i grapes
sprayod with < mm not *o tr?-s?t?*f!. j
Look at a '"razor hack" an?l thi n at
the rotund Berkshire hog, or it a
native with scarcely milk en< ugh
to roar her call and at a modern
COW. j
In every branch < I human nidus
uy, hciciu'i) ih ncinoving most wonderful
result*. Cotton ih treated
chnmieally hy a process called j
morcerizution, which j;iv??h a sheen
and shine equal to silk, and causes
every woinan'n honit to Mutter, hpcause
she can wear silk, at tin'
price of cotton goods.
Vou rend in the paper two weekw j
ago of tho old lady in PickeuB !
now ninety years old, who romcm- i
era very well when walking and
horsrhack riding were the only
mean* of travel. Next caime ''^i^s"
and the old cumhorHoine stage coach.
im. Tlu-.ii cnnit* Initios, and earling'
s, nteain and curs, and then
the hioyolea, and now tho automobile.
Think of tlio jirogrcan.
In 181W I saw in Chicago the
lirHt locomotive engine used on the
Now York Central Railroad. By'
itH nido Htood a modem engine.
The difference of them was not j
(Cromer in ad inai oetween the hand
canlrt and wooden spinning wheels
| used by our grandmothers and a j
j whole modern cotton mill.
Thews things did not just happen.;
Thoughtful men worked thorn out.
in Trin
a r\ r1
b] vciy depart nio
tter selection of J )\
ider one roof in 11
ersary at Pickens
T "A r rv *1 ? -v 4- ^ ? ^
. vvu i J i IUI1 U IU 11UIK
cing- to give sonu
h with the 13iir S
reasonable: nrir.c von li:nl
I J ..
A full line of STUDKHAKl
LL BUGGIES We have sold c
I the demand increases. "A lit
: chea|>est in the long run.
Now a Word to the Ci
We want your trade;. We an
ir Tobacco, Sugar, Hour, Salt, (
ackers, and anything in the; grot
)lx;r, and in many instances can
/e recently bought a large quanti
;, and will sell you as cheap as n
is you need it.
M'tilizoi's. drain I;
Compurn ;i railroad train with an i
ox ton 111: a sowing muchinn with!
tlio hand; u t.vpowritor witli th?>
pen. Sen tIk? oll'oCts with paris
<?1(3011 nil iinl iilri lnw?u !"??"? '
,, iviuvinttiir |
emnlaion 011 ^rnpo rot, or the of- \
fect? ot vaccination against arnall i
pox in the human family, and i
Texas fi'Vt'i' auion.y; cattle, or the j
marvelous knowledge <>l surgeons, :
\v!:o .istdiiinl us I.y tliuiHplant in |
uii'inl) ?r t'rom one of our bodies to
another. What of the achieve-!
UM-iitH of electricity and compress-j
cu hut r,?iisoi) tho "wizar.l" i
has s-> boguilt'tl us with his unbeliovnblu
inventions, until now wi-:
accept as a fa l any!lung which thcj
wuhfpt imaginations may enggost.
We havt iIih oloetrio cable ntwhr
tho ocoun, whicn transmits in ssages
from comment to continent i
in >iii instant. Wireless telegraphy,
whut shall I nay of it? Wo cmiverse
with persons a thoiinand miles
away over tho telephone Piul linton
with rapture to the inuHic of ti e
masters as it comes from the throat
of tho gi anhophone. whilo tl?f
phonograph proservos tho voice of
the dwad. Machinery drivon l>y
these fore ?s digs tunnels through'
monntaiiiH, constructs mighty
bridges aiid canals; lights houses,
and street <, turning night into day,
\v?'ttV( s c?rp??ts and clothing, makos
pondoroiu nmchines, tools and
slcndor camhrio ncCillog, bicycles'
and watches; it ploughs, roups and
threshes for tho farmer; it bakes
brontl and hatches og^n.
These roe 111 to nro each and all
of thorn the fruits of wisely applio
1 intt lligc nun and research by
mon devoted to the problems bofore
I have hold as a cardinal principle
that which has l)< on done can j
. A
lit is load- h
'ess Goods, \
lis part of (C
, and out j)
:e this the
5 unheard *A
tore. We //
examine the Star Leader. m
;ar alter car of these vehicles, ))
tie Higher in Price, But " U
ountry Merchant. \
: in a position to sell you t\
offee, Cheese, Soap, Candy, )]
:ery line as cheap as any la
tlw. f? : 1-* ??' 11
.. ) v> i. mi. 11 v; i i u. \ \ (i
it)' of R. ]. Reynolds lobar- U
my jobber, and you can <n-t H
: i i i v * *
m i i is, i use 11 ar- \\
y>_ _ j
he ill>no again, ami hy you if you
Shall 1 go on to enumerato tho
numberless instancon in every
branch of human >u'tivitv ni' ?iw.
rosults ??f applied soil-nee? Thcsii
gro.tt inventors camn, not always
from among tho*e who ar*5 consulore?l
fortnnnto in ih?jir cirrtuu*
stanct'H, l?uf sprang from poverty
and tlic ooinni n p > > plft.
Kichos and great honors arc
?vcn moru easily attained. Tli.
instances ar? so niinuirous 11?at. ji
small and humble beginning s. ointo
l>; the proper way to start.
Do you wish to know of any
particular instance? 1 peiso. ally
know a prin<Mly merchant in ( liarlost'>n
who diod a millionaire. In
his boyhood days on tho. rod hills
XT -.1 S*
>>i i>urui ueorgia lie curried water
in a liiiek-ut from tii*? ere >k, to revive
his withering corn oil the
hillside. Corn-dins Yanderhuilt,
who laid tin; foundation of thuyas;
wealth ol iluil family, commeiicoo
life as a boatman. Mr. Carnegie
tells us ho commnncod work n
$1.00 per week, while now his fortune
is euusing him more work t.>
judiciously givo it away that it
ditl to in-.ule it. Tho progenitor of
iho Astora, possibly the 1 idlest '
i I *
liiniiiy in America in roaiity, started
life in a hid a 11 way, dealing in
IniN. Proat. Washington was not
n collcgi! man. I'lvst. Jackson's
schooling amounlod to a Iil11
ni'H'H tlian reading, writing and
ciHting aecountfl. Pros. Filmorn
only attended tho primitive noigtihorhood
hcIiooIh. niul ir? .*r
ujjn whs attending cards and dresting
cloth. Pres. Lincoln was tin*
son ol' a most Hhiftlctm father ?.i'
the worth let** oIahh ol' th? poor
(Continued on jpiiyo K.)

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