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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, September 28, 1904, Image 2

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| Bloodless
-K =
I I rn O ~r ? 1?.W>1.. ..ti I
J/m iu?a i o o CIUCIV, ui u I'MOJ Hiftui ]
^ in midsummer, in one of
Atlio upper roomaof the principal
hotel nt Mt. Desert,
^ ^ stood a girl of varo and
wonderful beauty, donning
Mr armor for the coming fray?an
armor whose breastplate was invisible,
whose weapons were hidden, but none
the less impenetrable and keen for
Hor maid had put the finishing
touches to a toilet of most artistic
loveliness, ller deep blue eyes were
black with excitement and triumph.
Three nights bcfoie she had received
a challenge?not ail openly-worded
challenge, but fully understood for all
that. Of course she had accepted,
though her acceptance was tactic, too;
but she and Jack Raymond understood
It, and each other. No more was necessary.
They required 110 witnesses
among the wor??\
Sho h M mot him only a week before.
She h not known him ten minutes
before she felt ho was one of the few
whoso friendship sh \>u!d be glad to
possess?nay, more, *.v :n she would
fee) pride in bringing within the scope
of her power.
Of course she would escape herself;
of that si)** had no passing doubt. Shelind
played with lire too long to fear its
scorching now. She was already in
her twenty-second year, and numberless
as were her victims, no one of
them possessed a single trophy of even
a momentary triumph. Why, then,
need she fear to add a fresh name to
the list?
"You have a heart? I should like to
make il stir!-'
This had been the challenge, spoken
In low, earnest tones, heard only by
herself and the listening moon sailing
in its awakening beauty in tin? ether
?it)ove their heads.
"Is it in your sight so poor n thins
you wish to make of it a toy?" she had
answered, Hashing one bewildering
jjlanec into his down bent face.
"(live it to nie lint for an hour aiul
see the use that I would put it to. You
will not willingly, I know, but I mean
to make the struggle for its possession."
"You would glory in my defeat,
.. ,?wn > innn, n? i.iu n uy in:n
uante. Most women would <-.ill it victory,
since for nil ^o ;rrudi;iiiKiy iriven
T return to yon .enfold."
It was a fitraniro n novel way of
w?oimr, ami ii hold .1 fas.ina'ion of its
own. Most men h:vl apH-oarhe.l her .is
supplia'nts, carefully hiding their mode
of attack upon th > citadel of hor affection.
ii-st she should see and fortify
it. This man h ddly asserted not only
his method, but laughed ( > scorn her
defense, in bis proud conJulence that
lb" colors which *0 r>ri? had lloaled to
tho free breey.es of heaven would lower
thonisehvs in .ji)oisjinco bofoiv him.
I! was nonsoii.^o, of <onr.-o. It was
audacity unparalleled >ii hi.< |>urt; hit!
It was audacity mast iharmin;,*, fin I
Ethel M uviH I'd? a little premonitory
Khivor run lhrou;;h her veins. which
would hsive waiM'.d her already of
danger, had she known or recognized
it. A hi s! her great est: danger was in
lit?r perfect security.
She losfcil a liitle triumphant anile
nl her own reflection in tIio mirror, nt'il
willi it still ling< ring ahonl the perfect
rose rod lips, ran lightly down the
Ktnirs. At the foot ho awaited hor
<iondng. I low sure hIic had hcen that
xho would Und him I hero!
"Do yon know that our wait*/, is half- j
imisiictlV lit? a-deed, in low tones oi'
ropronrli. 'Do you know th.it [ luivo
lu'tfrudgcil every inomont of which
you*have robbed mo?"
"I liavo robbed myself equally." wii>
1ho low-murmured reply. * ran not. that
plead my p.utlon
"Kor what could yon sue ai my liandy
f would not piniiitV" lie answered.
"IJcmember those? words," .she sal.1.
''Some d(iy 1 may remind you of them."
The next moment they Avere in the
merry maz.? of dancers. Bui thrice
iind they Hon ted through the room, t
wlion lln? ccij.'iod. Drawing Iter !
Iinwl within ids arm, th.\v stopped mil ;
upon tlio
Tim moan win a linos I at n? ful!. li \
HiuUi'd njMin th?>m most jo\u?ious Wc.'l1
Hi! spoke ir? word, bill sho ouicl fef-l
llio twrncid *. r/.c of bis il.u k ??.v- * fixnd i
upon fim\ compelling her mvn ;it !
Ifiurlli )<> inert tlH'ni.
What wond oyful tli?*y :
Mow ful! ?>!' Miv.'.gill. : nd I i>nd<: Kin s?\
jin<1 loving purpose!
She li lt hot blood rusli to hcl' ? b -ks
- n commingled s mim? t?f nhasinv find j
?.< .. .? ?- - '
'>i < i tin- liiiicr . 1111J ?s I sWOI'lPl'
Uirtii the former. A faint gliinni'Tinu '
of possible /lunger in thi> inst.inee "l
Kllonce dawned upon Jut: a t'.'inl I
hrealli from a lire with wlih-Ji die |
might not play. A little shiver passed ]
over her.
. Tlie null! aw it and spoke,
"Are yc*.) e d IV" lie queKtioinM.
"No," She sail!. "J am afraid It
was a little tremor of cowardice. 1
fenr, as a duelist, you are .<>.* strong
for m^." u '!?J|
"I wish I might be. Suppose you lay
down your weapons. Mien, and ti ii-.; |
my generosity
"I piviVr to trust to that nml sny j
no ml tiled. too. How liki* a man, tf.
v r\ r\ r\ r*
I *
Conflict J
? 1
wish tno glory of conquest without
tlio :unt ol' batlle!"
"? J?you mistake me; it is because 1
kr r tho battle will bo so Heree and
long that I wish to saVo us buftk tho
scars of many wounds."
"Ah," sho replied, with a little, low
trilling laugh. "Us?* this most wonderful
consideration, 1 pray, for yourself.
Look at me!" upraising her face, the
moonlight falling full upon its almost
flawless beauty. "Can you soe any
Kii?r>K nf formm* senraV
"None!" In; answered; 'iuil, l?y (lie
heaven above us, you shall yet acknowledge
one wound, which, if it
leave no soar, is only because it refuses
to heal!"
Again she shuddered, and again n
pain, which yet was keenest pleasure,
smote her heart.
The days glided 011. The moon fulled
and waned. A month had passed since
Jack Hnymond had tluug down the
gauntlet, and she, with fearless fingers,
had stooped and picked it up. A
month! but what hail it brought to
them both? No longer they jested as
before?no longer they spoke of triumph
or defeat; yet each knew their
blades were crossed, and they them
solves in Mio Hottest of tlie light".
August was Hearing its closo. The
pleasant summer was almost at :m
"The winter soon will be here," sr.hi
Kihol, as they sauntered together, late
one afternoon, upon the el iff.-;, with the
sea lashing itself lav holov?* them into
white, impotent foam. "Are you
sorry V"
' I have not thought of i 1 ,*' lie refilled.
The next moment the girl clapped her
"Oh, look!" she exclaimed. "The now
moon. Let us wish!"
An instant thoy stood silent, regarding
till' lialo fi-csPi-nl f:iv nlinv..
"Wliat vas .Your wish?"' she questioned.
"That you would ordain that for mo
there should he no winter, but an eternal,
glorious summer,'' he answered,
earnestly, turning and taking both her
It had come, then. She had soon It
from afar; yet iH eoming found her all
unprepared to meet. it. Her very : oul
was in c haos. She had losi the power
to think or reason.
"I?what have I to do will) changing
Ihe seasonsV" slu' stammer 1. at last,
with a little, cmnarrassed hi ugh.
' Kthel, <lo not trille! Musi 1 toll the
\vimkkm'im lascmaiion you navo c\<
oisod ovi-r mi' from 1 ii?? firs: moment
of our mooting? Is the road to your
heart so lon.?, so hard a on.', Hint, nfior
ill my stru.^qle, 1 have mis i-..I my
way V"
How subtly sv.vi'l wore- !?'-- words!
< mio moment slu> was tompu-d l<> i:j>
lift the lovely cyr-4 and !< ! him ; : 1
liis; answer; tlm m<Nt, she s!i> -led herself
asialust it.
Il.? had boldly proph.vied IY-- way not
thus should his prnph: y no fullillid.
Were hi; oMrne.-t, li. future
would 'nil it; w.;v Jm ilu> jest
rdtouhl not hi- .'it l;. r oxptfl'.s .
"Has the play jatowu n: !! .!o:u
that you would ring ill - .i i do.vu
-i> nuuii ; mil' ?i?m.
"What do you me :?V* lie- . 1
"I? I liavo onjoyod i( inu'v liiM I
almost hato to have il cud." >ii" a;iswitciI.
"Von arc a c:i;>it:iI : .?:*. .Mr.
Ilis ^rasp tightened on ii? r -inn
lii? face grow very white.
"1 )aro you tell mo you l..,v?* ?s< m
only acting, Ktliel? 1 ns.i.v thoso
\v<>i?U! J love you, tlarliiu;! Have
you tio return lor mo?"
Apain sln? he:dtated. ("ouM '! I.o
love which \s.is 1 nuking -'it h< r h.-artstrings
love which tempted her l<? ! i.v
down hoi* weapons, and'deeimv ?l<-l"?-:it
sweeter (hail any victory? Not yet I
t\i \'j\t 1
Sin* looked uj> in his fine; s'.i.- f uvjoil
??io ilrteoteil u little ^rl jiiiii't in his
eyes. 8}<s':i .mil (lurk though \
' Ho you know what 1 \vi ilV"
?nl?l, in jinswrr to his <|iii -lion. r.ml
pointing to tli.? moon. "I v. :- 'i <! my
new drcvses. on 111.-:f \V:..\ !': :n '
might lie a wlwi'ss. Worth : -<>
Jo make blunders, now.if': y . 1-iM
r,'o in. M \ Ihiyinond. Iv :i|ini' l
toil lime, anil 1 .Mill ?To\v!i'.;; liuiVii * "
"('( rliiInly!" h?* nnswci <1. 'in :;iii|y.
liili] in rtlleuce iliey rolnnt <i to Hie
1 tili? Hi .t evening, I'll; i ! 1. 1 l.ir
Iter I ri (Mm I in via In. On v> h"r
room, lie round on In r . i' , n?: ,
11astii.v (oaring il open, s . . ! .!
"It is ritflil llial yon should i r , .hpnliu
of victory. I'roclj I < ! . h
you. I linked nil. and i > <. Voo
^ t.?K? <! nothing, and won! I iocd
lionvflosH, soulless lyon are
I loved you in 1 lir? llrsl hour wo mot.
CikIv known I would luvc -'Irivrsi to
pr <v<> it lo you, ovi ii .r. i shall now
tvive to wrench il irons my heart.
S'ero you .'i! my foci an 1 a few hours
was al yours, I would turn your
pr.iyer i uioekory. ;>k yon turned mine.
My one onnicst wi.-li for your future
hiippMK's.a i> Hint <?11r Pj\risi.iu toilets
nlwsi.vs in.i.v prove :i HUt'ocs
"J'liis. iiiul tlie signature, wore nil.
Onrc, twice, tliriee, Killed rend and rerend
flu* fold, ( lilting words.
"Were you at my feet, I won'm hirn
yo : prayer to mockery, as you turned
mine!" So soon, thej), he had ceased t#
love lier, and she?all, in this moment
her punishment had commcnoed.
Sho had but meant to try a little
luiigvr. r>nu uuu ivrKUUfii u ujiius.rujfnily,
a man's lovo, are not always to be
valued at a woman's weak caprice.
Slio hail thrust her bare, unprotected
hands into the llainc, and "willed that
It should not burn. Now that it had
en ton its cruel way Into the ilesh, she
could not wring them in impotent anguish,
knowing llnyf slip herself had
thrust aside the cool, healing balm
which would have brought oblivion of
any pain.
All night she lay with wide-open
eyes, fully dressed as she had thrown
herself upon her couch, and the loiter
?the first and only letter Jack had ever
written her?tightly clasped in her tin
Now and then a sob forced its way
upward through 1 lie* quivering frame.
But no tears camc! her eyes wero dry
and burning.
Strange! strange! In all lior life she
had known no want, no void. Now
the future seemed filled with emptiness.
Where were her weapons? Shattered
and useless! Where her :iru. >r?
Rent asunder, so that, look where she
would, she saw but her linked, pa intossed
soul. She realized now the
depth and earnestness of words which
fih;> already answered by a moekintf
??r?. Ait, already liis wounds were healing
bill hers? ho had said rlghU.v, she
would wear no scar, only because hcrS
would not heal.
At last tlx* day dawned. She
waUJunl it break. wondering if any
other heart i \ all the wide world was
as leaden-weighted as lav." own. Mow
should she moot him? Pride must now
bo lior reliance. What he had thoaelit
of her, let him think to the end. Had
bo not spurned tho unspoken prayer
for pardon? Ho had anticipated, indeed!
She and her own sonl could
keep tlieir secret -aye, and would! Hut
for the present a meeting was spared
her. V
".Mr. Raymond went out at daybreak
with tho fishermen." some one volun
leered. "it is a bud day, too, gray and
She felt a sudden fear oppress her,
as tliey added this: but nonsense! no
accident had haopened all the summer
on the c iast. l?.v 11! o'clock ho fiurely
would have returned.
She tool; a seat on '.lie piazza, where
she could watch his anproach; but tho
long, slow hours wore on, and sho
watt-hed in vain.
At 4 o'clock* some one came to her
and said:
'"There has been an accident. Miss
Marcus. Have you heard? One of
the fishing-smacks was overturned, and
two fishermen and a gentleman
drowned. We fear it may be Mr. Raymond."
A momentary blackness swept over
her. hut she conquered it.
i.oii eoniii iroi !>.' ?o cruel:" sue saiM
lull she did not know that kIio had
She heard nliout her the lur/x ??f ir- |
MUiry, tho bust 1:> of < xciSoniont, l.:it
she sat s(ill and "\vJiito. as thnnuli
carvod from marhlo. Thi>" -this <vns
the end! Until this moment w!i n luipo
had died, she had not known all that
had lived and p >rished with it.
The day v.oro on. Th" uivhl foil.
R'iil site i i..;ionle-?. v/aP-li'mr th?
II <-i; .! ?#f ?'?.? pi.r/.'.'.a was hpHe,led.
A hntu; over tln? hotel.
The yoni:;: m i shed its faint r;.ys
upon js though i; alono gucustxl
he'.' secret an 1 v:iv.? her its pity.
"Aloiv* iii'jiie.'" sh murmured, "forovermere:
Oh. my i??\. -my lov< '
Had her cry enn.iur. -1 tip his u i. ith?
From v.hf'U1 had he >p:ut An
instant iief.ro n.> v as in IIOW
lie .-ton 1 < ! >- > t her. Silo dirt
not pa t< thin.:. Sic ro>.f, a?l
with one wild sid> throw her.'-'i' upon
| i:is l>:va
I .l:!(k! l'ovc;ivi> i. " ^ho
J'.nt if w.is - v.itie-l
i :\vu,v li* ; 1> nrs ;ii li'i.-ln ?l lei
| willi his ki.-sc.i.
1 NVIii'ii lln.v w<w '-rilr.K'r. li t >! i !ior
of li is > -cap". One I'.'i.)' -j ?w. ; !,
lip.il hern ?lsown-.mi; bin l,r. ?\ 1;ai :he
other.-, 'i.'fl hoen i.ivc.! !?;, rs
< nifl. wliot.1' <1 ^. jjlion liiiil
siiue little <Ii1ai: -v* <;.>* n the i'n:i:i!'.
Hut Ktlul only realised 11.at h? was
Willi liftf; for tin* vest -lie raivvl nothing.
'"I I shall never \ve>ir Another one of
Worth".-' iiri???es!" she j-.i.M, a', last,
penitent ly.
"Jin*!?. No v.'. ;!; vows," ln>
nnf-wercd, once more kissing 'ho
I sweet llpn !<? sllorvo. ' Vu.i shall nimmI
I??? more onlcr, :it many
(iiiyn him- sp.-d. atiiI that. my lo.e. )'<>,
| llu* ?livs? in \-liloli >*??:: si\?? lo m<> :at>
I)?; ici'i'ss </ift of your 'i,\n > "if."
iin <v Nljrhl.
v, w Wi'liliiiK M;i<<riiit.
1 V\" - IiUsivC *i broken vhiifi. <>: i'vi'ii tiro
; ,nl< df rails on trol!i\y lliu , is rn!;>-n'?
| ei 'i' (if .'(lificji! !mpurii?t<> ri?;t:ir<?
: i ji> rIs :ii iho lu'jul of the work, lint if
i. v. welding material, .])t.*riitit
. itllfiMs ; 111 t Mil t i* J ir? i: .1 i S;??1. Illlski'.lo-l
ni rUinen may lio iloinjj this work in
i car futuiv. 'I'll - tin rinite r-ilj
U'hliii/ i?r ? < .-v li.i . .slr<ut'.v ht>cn ae)
f. jit<'il blond, and -<M)iX) joiai/. Iinvo
i t. ,'ii unit' I Ivy litis .system I'nriw
KniopiMii ciiif*. The rail ends must
in- cliiiii'd from dust ami rust by a wire
brush and then slightly wanned. A
inuld is then fitted around ilir ends and
the thermite is heated in a crucible
directly above the entrance to the
mold, inio which it. Hows aa soon
tin? t-inpvraturo rises t/i the melting
point. Tho wHdw k is done automat)
ally by the thermite itself, and thus
tin supervision of an expert welder 1.1
not required. In welding a heavy
| -li.it't the mold is built p a round it
| .iii.I ih<; ticut applied to (ho cruciblo as
ucforo, a proccKS wkieb miglit sa-?o
valuable timo ou board abjps.
icvMsarvi rs?evJCsjNrsjcv?I
Charleston Fisherman Lost.
Jteports from the surrounding country
show that while the recent storm
was severe, wnd iu nomo sections
wrought considerable damage to rice
1 crops, it was not of a serious character,
and there wa,s no loss of life, cxeept
from the ilshiug fleet off Charleston.
No trace has been found of the
fishing boats reported missing off (he
I port.
? <<
Sheriff Called for Troops.
A few days ago Sam Marks, a ue
;ro, struck on the head and seriousiy
.Djured Hill Langston, a white man of
iv- the lyceum to speak in the city
ud will accordingly stop over iu Sparanhurg
this fall on his way to Wasnngton
from his homo in Mississippi,
la adds that his subject will bo one
j leariug on public (Jncstlons of tho
! lay.
o ' *
Was Formerly of Spartanburg.
A telegram has been received in
Spartanburg announcing that rr. K.
j Craighead lias been elected presl- j
lent of Tulanc University to succeeJ |
I Dr. JCdwnrd A. Alderman/ who was
Jhouen president el' the University ef
Dr. Craighead was once member of
'ho faculty of Wofford College in j
Spartanburg. I,ater he became head j
>f Cl< mson College. After leavlpg
;here he went to the Missouri Nor
mal College, with which institution lie
i is now connected.
t & o
Life Sentence for Ccan.
Harry Dean, n member 01 a level- j
ng family in Spartanburg county, wus j
ound guilty of murder, with a rev
ammonia!ion to mercy, the jury being
out only 40 minutes. Judge I-)rne.vt
Gary pronounced the usual sentence,
life iniprlsonment, and shortly alter- '
<iiuiih tir.iunci I'Jl I m'illl gUVe riOT! |
of appeal.
Dean war. charged with killing Miller
MeKinney, about !i year ago. The
I.ydia, 'I" irlinglon county. lie was
chased with bloodhounds and captured
and landed in the Duilinglon jail.
Fearing lynching. Sheriff Scarborough
telcgraphe-l Governor Hoyward askin;;
htm to order out the Darling!. >
Guards to protect tii*? prisoner. The
| Guards were j-.oon assembled in their
arriory, ready for any emergency.
* ?
! William3 to SpcaU in Spnrtanburg. !
j John Sharp Williams, one of the j
; leading deimx rat-, in tho eountry ami j
i t? mporary chairman of tin- democratic t
j national convention, hold in S?. Louis '
[ lia:< written a letter to Congressman j
j Johnson, in .v!!:.h he states that he !
: sccopis th" ir.vi'ation ?11-::'loil to him
1 fiict filnl ...I - '
. Oi.i.ru : i l i; UllCMr?2:it a 11(1
i :)!o case was t;c( ithe preaent term j
i of c it:ri oL Spartan bur;;. Ex-Govern- 1
j .ir John Qai'.v 12van^ aSHlBtoil ihd noJirv j
i ' i;)i* in 1he pr^ecu'lon.
I ? *
Discrimination Charged.
j .\ Vv AfhlnKttMi <11 patch s iys: ('hn.'g- .
j '-s of unrcasuna.b|e. and discriminative
j rales on freight ar<> mado in a eonii
plaint liicd with < 11'* interstate coinrnerro*
(ommb'.don by .lames ]/. Qnhiby.
VV. i. I'latl .? ami a lni}*o j
nunib.T o!" oilier merehaniK in Aiken. !
(Jrnnhevi !io ami lilac kvillc, S. C..
against 'ie OIyd:% an : Old Dominion j
Steamship linen, iho Merchants ami
M'.ih.tk' T:>'nfiportation Company, Mi-: j
Baltimore Steam J'aeke! Company, the
Southern Hallway, the Seaboard A;:- j
Lino nnrl I ho r1,... * i : ? ?
... ....... . v. Itiiiuivao Vywaov J Jiiil/ <1/1(1
i the Charleston and \V stern enroll!);*
The complaint alleges that tlie rate* j
between the points 11 annul and Boston. ;
Now York, Providence, Philadelphia
and Haltimore nr.- mm. 1. onahlo as
coin pared with the rate.n to Augusta,
C5a.; that prior to .fnno 2, 180*>, theu
South Carolina points, ? \o< Iilack*
vlllf, were allowed 'ho s:nne rates
! from the northeastern cities as An
' KUsta, and alleges violation of t'no html
i clause.
The complaint a-:;; reparation >:
thousands of dollars of lo.-s alleged
to have lieen sustalne.l end other :<
fir- : ? ^ ? -'4 - ' ~
ri.c v^?i|JIIOI tJUIKJinfJ.
j At an early hour !H?t -Monday fire
j was discovered in ihc> offlor of the hoc ,
! rotary of stato in the statu capitoi at
Columbia. The flames woro eonflncd
lo the ono offlco, and woro quickly
extinguish d. Nono of tho records
were entirely destroyed, but a goo.1 ,
many will have to bo reeopierd. The j
total loss ip estimated at about $2, 1
? ' ?
Bennett Violated Pardon Condition, j
A Savannah, Oa., dispatch nays: i
James IJ. Bennett was arrested here
and in to ho taken hack to Hrunson,
I S. C., by Sheriff John If. Lightaey, pro
,V,V^L .gWt ' v . .. .<' ' |%v*. ?
vidod a requisition Is granted. Bennett
was convicted some yoars ago of bof
n or on nrmuianrv fn fhn mnrHor /if
John Mgbtsey, at Brunson, and was
given a life sentence. Eventually ?ie
was pardoned by tho governor, but th'o
pardon was conditioned upon bis nevifireturning
to South Carollua. As ho violated
this condition, the sheriff thinks
he can get Dennett and have him
servo out his life sentence in the penitentiary.
Tho other charge against Bennett
Is one of murder. Ho is charged with
having murdered his wife several
weeks ago at Brunson. Bennett do
clared it was an accident, and tho
Coroner's tury accepted his version of
tho killing und discharged him.
Since his discharge, Dennett hns
been to Charleston, to North Carolina
and finally landed in Savannah day
before yesterday. He then enlisted in
the United States army ,and was to
have left for Port Caswell, N. C.
Dennett emphatically declares thr.t
he shot his wife accidentally; thxt she
had got up in the night without bis :
knowledge, and that as sho was re- j
entering the room he had fired, thinkin"
hr??> in i'ltriiiloi' Il?? ?.V<nt hnv I
?? ?V. ,
through the h?^art. i
Sheriff Ughtsey s'jys Bennett's
little girl now nays that Bennett and
his wife had quarreled before retiring
the night of the killing. Thia evidence
was not brought out before the
coroner's jury.
Bennett, who ia about thirty-two I
years old, 1k?s employed eounaol, and
will fight against retnov.il to South J
* *
Storm Oamagc in Horry.
A .".pecial from Conway, Horry!
county. Kays that great damage has ;
been wrought in that county by the '
recenl Kiorm. which na?s<vl over iho '
lower .-.eetion of the state. Communication
from Conway wag temporarily
out of}' in every direction, hut reports
ho far received indicate that liie dam
age done in Horry county will np- j
proximate $500,000. The great area of
do ''nidion was from l.oris, the la.st j
stiuieu on the Chadhuurn and Convey ;
railroad, tlu- first In North Carolina, j
1-1' re crops appear t>? have heen wipe.I !
on entirely. At Myrtle lleaeh and Pine |
Island a miinluT of houses were blown j
(low II.
Oflicuit*. o\ Anniston, Alfb.rm^, Soak Jht? j
Mtirdprrr <>} Miss Roivrt*..
fofiti I j a v i? bcfji j
offered for ll:?* avr?of t;?? :?urdtr?r
of M Knli. lt>,. Willi v.-.l" :
bru'.srtl uitconKCiou.s i.li'ii-V :i \;i- j
cant 1ioum> ii \nni>:i>n, .Ma., and \sbo
died X)ik VT day witiiow. IVgllinllXtJ !
conecioiifiu>s. Of this unr.i 1 lio st:\te
often $il."50 1 \v;ir?l. Tito police ntv
after a straimo white man win j
BO.cn Willi Miss Uo'c-rttf ih<? hi. ; time
pho was K<>cn nllvo mid who f. shieo '
coi.ormo ?i.mo::rats iak* a( nov.
f i?r <(;: fh>d lime {fit* Hoi. A. A. Adiins
is Nominated (or t!;e Govornoi *5iip.
Alva A. Adams, of Puohlo, was for
a ihir.l time nominated for povornor ;
Wcm1ii?- day-by i.'olorudo democrat >; 'it
convention a' l)?nvoi\
T1; platform adopted afllriiis m11(??'!<
(In- national platform adopted
a* t-',. lyuiis ami to 1 linmin... <>.*
that convention. Thi republican itr
administration is acon-ii-d of vio!i*tlnj?
nvcrv . aicKuard rjunranletx'. to tho in i
di\iu.nl by ibo t?'!l of riyhiy. and in<*
platfor;.i yay.s:
"Wo declare the right of every man j
to earn his living unrestricted and untrRinellcd."
On the eight-hour Wv. Uu? piatf< riu
"The demand for an eight-hour law |
ho* bo."n incorporated into our eonsli
1111ion. H is iTi?*rpfojV! boyond dlBcns-:
nioi and the K?Mir*rr.l assembly ni'ist
cod with the )>\iblic mandate."
r.onvfniios1 or mr iiiivkiks.
timt/ress Awnibivs i?i Knnir. Italy, Willi
Five Ihoti'Miftd l)eleq<ttef? Present.
The (outfrcss of J-Yco Thinkers us
sembled in Home, Italv. Tuesday :tt
v.. .. ?
uiv ivuiiiuij r-iiiu'j,'!! erected "Jiy }"*op?"* j
Orogory Xlll. Tho event a<mini<?d i
special iinjjoriane:-. Uiis holng flie an j
nivernury of the fit!] of Hie (? m;?ural '
power of the jvtpes and ah'o on >;e !
count of tht nee. I'runeo vMltean
eonflit (
There wero more lluu r>,0itO dele ;
Kates present. tho Kr^nohineu alone
numbering nbe-i l.oo<? including oftl-I
elal deletion irorn Paria, Dijon and j
I,yons. Spain had ;i0o. ehl>-fly r??pui). i
.Him in .11 > i uKiMia: ton dci'^utoa j
from Ann ilea, inr-It'iUiiA Or. .Vfoncuro
I). Conway, at New York, represent ins
the ; fiilur society of tin- United
Staler,; Dr. .1. R. Wilson, of Cincinnati,
and Proffsriur M&ngOMar M. ManKacrfan,
of Chicago.
Profoasor Bergla presided and delivered
?ui address which was warmly applauded,
glorifying Uig frlnmpha of
sclcnee ov<r auix-nstSMon. Ilo hailed
the loll of temporal power, condemned
Catholiciom us pre-hlstorle und protented
against war, ending with advocating
an indissoluble ullegiauce of
nations and tho universal UrotliarhQOd
of tbe peoplee. j
There wu* onco ;i pair of young beaux
Who sjwteil the lomlcut of clcnu):,
Anil the noise that tliev niaiic
1'ul the rca in tho nh.vlo,
r?y the fouml of tin: -htijc, I sappenux',
?IVnnayivftuiu Hunch Bowl.
liy Way of Variety.
Ilclpne?"Ho tliey uro lin?l!y i4'l~ ^
voroeil. How about the elilklV" * C
lVrey?"Oh, the child got tlie custody
of the mother, I bplieve."? Puck.
A (Innil Authority.
The Literary Lady--"Hnnii?}). that
enki* you made was positively unpalatable.
I never tasted such a mess."
Hannah?"Yes, ma'am, 1 was quit? *
sure it would be, ma'am. 1 made iv
from the recipe in that cook book you
wrote, ma'am."-Cleveland Plain IVr.i.
Not iti llli 7.1 u<t.
"They have a bright elerk down hc-ru
at the drug stint/'
"Why, what'* the mutter'r"
"I went in and asked for ten cents'
worth of ?*nl I i f I iixt tr* mi hit ?thitifrli>ei
vrith. '.Madam,' lie said, 'wo don't
keep hourjc paints hero.' Brooklyn
I.iv?tl!< l'|i to It.
Mrs. ?!o?.<ipp?"Do you think tfcat
rouny man who culls on Agatha thr??'
Minos a wool: has Morions intentions?"
Mik. 1*1 nkt?*ii "lit' ought ty have,
judging t'rom his occupation. lie ed.U;
a column o.iI1?m1 'Sometiling D>?ujr/
(Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
lt;nl J>lR>rtmt flousoil*.
"I'm ulr.tid vou can't .'jrad.ate M,i?v.mv.
at;i?r ?!l." said the high schawl
.. oi'i a- to :i\r- .Sweet Young Thint.
wli.i wit- / .v in (it'ook or soiueihing
"N'u " siio r - Mil * ! cin'l !"!-.i?
Ires.si : ikr;* -.j.:;.. jinM ?et my dv?><?
inishcd hi vi:<;: it 1c<? 1?nrt!" ?
.'!"wl:tn i I.::;
:i V'M wiPlly.
"Work." mttrimd Tired Tiniftfhy,
"i>; ?!< Iu-.Ui-k; . 11:wot is.!:
".Since wlien di<! ,vous?r fall in To\ ^
vvlil work?" Hungry JI?nr.T
"I idlers lovixt i-." replied T. T. ?
"Why. < !' it wasn't i<?r rcork, liow'd d<*
hv marks uir lyom-y (<>d ;;ivo us /
works 'cin, liiiii^"?Oiiieago-Nevrs.
<:< nun 11'mini i on.
' J>o yon Huskin ?'i grcni a >
"So." : cswrii'ci! Mr. Slonnin^ton
"II?? speaks vorj :u1;uSiiugl.T of yo.ir
performances." ?
"liuskin is no! a uooil i.-io!, but bo i?
a rcnmrkab!) fin critic." Wasbfyv-:io?i
? oiKi?<* Tuformatioi .
1 M
% !
&)' % bp
If .
>i. J?
4 Jl')W . rtll ! .. .11 I. Ii ."'.-I -v
5-ln. >, s(i;niy?''
"Why, i;o ihiwu past .lijrm.i 11:?"! .' =
linvn. turn arurail the r-ornei i?f Itcririy
.Tollll.SOIl'rt 'II. Vr til) ' S\V|)V<
MuliiK.in's com crib, ilotvn <lc alley u.M
Toiv.iny lives on. cross ?le slrivt
whore Dir.iny < V lloucki?'** Jioaio is.
(iowi a l>l)ck. an' yor liylU i
New York .loin-':.".!.
V T IttUi-riii .? Ciiinittiiii'iii.
"So you thi'iK yn\i arc iiojrl.' .
"I'll SUl'c rf ;t." .-"iii l liic 'Oi* :ini citivt.cn.
i-eni:!ps yon i.. \ : 1111<.. v. y- ni" li.-U;
Ptidov a hu.slift?"
"No, it isn't thai. l'til y-.m i) ;:s! hrav
ill !>lilld that III'4 t ':11" At r. iii'iJK Which
Is really many ti!ii?'.*? as hu'fio . !*> mist,!).
docs n:>t a.- rniK-h '-f
public iiiipvcr.Kiou ax . bhyclo lr.ni'
W'n liiuLrion Star.
\? li o lie II tIap]>Aii?
"Yob," kdUI tin- ti;?ifjfi'.v !?. ?k-i?M
"I'm willing in <! ? anything."
.' (ivv ?1o<m a !i: ;.)>c11 tlint Jul uto
out ot a job a sijcli ? tinio <??' pi'iuv.
plenty and pr<?<peiiiy a; ibis':"
"Well yotl Uuao was :i <!' Ur."
"('Ii. And you lo.st'{"
"No. v.v won all iglii < lily II. \
gradually dl??.Iihrjjr*d nil )? i>iio\v<
w ho'd gono out."
"I m I lie operation w.),: -.in ?
ful, l?ui I lie patient difd." '> .
Herord-l lerald.
In Meinorbuh
"Itathev handsome young widow,
isn't she?"
"She's more than rather handsome.
1 think she's one of tlio handsomest
women in (own." ' <
"Too bad she has sueh poor laste." r
"I can't agree with you if you think
she has poor taste."
' Kvory one of her diamonds is w?th- /
imr nwiro limn miRln " I
"Oh, that may be bo. She probahljj
weara ihem in memory of her hu?-/
hand. Ho was a bill poster."?St. i'auf
itf ayvjl

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