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i mmmm ? V ? ? ? ? ? 'W * A
Nine People Hurled to Death and
Oihcrs Cannot Survive.
Deadly Explosive Was Accidentally
v Dropped From Passing Express
, Wagon on ihs Track.
At Melrose, Mass., early Wednesday
night an outward bound Boston electric
car was blown to pieces and nine
persona wero killed outright, several
fatally injured and at least fifteen severely
hurt. It Is thought that the
<^ar struck a charge of dynamite left
tin the track. The front dashboard of
ihe car was hurled more than fifty
The following dead have boen ldoutl* '
fied: Dr. Malcolm K. McQlennon !3. j
)j. Haynes, Winfleld Dowo, motormau;
R Stowo, Frederick D. Marshall.
The unidentified dead were three
women and a 3-year-old girl.
ICdward A. Watcrhouse had a foot
amputated and was otherwise badly
injured; Dr. Perry had hoth less broken;
Mrs. John Conway had both lega
nroken; ueorgo II. Andrew* received J
;? compound fracturo of the loft ies
and his foot whs also amputated. Al! !
of theso are likely to die.
The immediate vicinity presented a
foarful spectacle. The ground wa*
strewn with legs, arms und other porvions
of human bodies.
So great was the force of the ex- |
pioaion that two men standing in the
vioor of a store 50 feet ;nvay wore -c- j
vorely injured by flying pieces of wood !
nuvi nun, .vniie (.'vury window wir.inn a j
cadiu.s of a quarter of a mile was It-i- I
ken. |
Tho ear cont.iinod mostly people on j
;iiolr way to their homo in Meiro-o.
Tho accident occurred at 8 o'clock,
;ind at 9 o'clock but a few of tho dead
bad been identified, while in tho eoni
ision It. was impossible a! tho time
r > obtain a ii:3t <>i' the injured. Wi.vn !
: scuct3 roacht d the ac enc of the ae
t ident. tho sight was appalling. Ttie
- round was covered with toru and j
i.i.mjiitju i;uiiK;:; oi U10 and i
writhing forms of the injure .).
The police announce that the cnhsc. J
of the wreck was the striking; of ;
.*0-pound box of dynamite, which had i
l.Ulen from an express wngon je-.'t i
ahead of the car. The otpvc.v wac? i
on was driven by Hoy Fanlou. who
liacovered that the box had droop ?d j
'ff and rushed back to tnke It off tinruck,
but before he got within i bun- j
>ired yards of tho box the car roTne
along and was blown u;>. Fcnton
wan taken Into custody. s
The force of the explosion \va:< ter- !
~iflc and the report was heard many j
lum-s. lurecuy opposite tho scene I
"was tho Masonic building, overy win- j
low of which was slratterod, and i
through one ol' the windows a human i
r'oot was blown. A wore of persona j
, within a hundred yards of tho car ]
v.oro knocked down and rendered deaf ;
v the concussion.
DtrncuLi 10 sFr.uitt juky.
Many Talesmen fit Ituntsvillc Indicate Ilioir '
Approval .if I vncliinn,
The first trial of the alleged parti ,
I'inanU iti tlw? 1 1 '
...... . I?.U IIIUJJ!'/ I.VHUIliug
of September 7th was commenced
a the circuit court at Huntsvlllo, Ala..
Wednesday before Judge Speakc*. i
Thomas II. Riggins, prcprietor of the \
Htegall hotel and restaurant being tho !
defendant. i
Tho court room was filled when 'lie
prisoner wna brought into court under
^uard of Sheriff 1 and a posse of
uoputies. Tho militia still guards tho
ail, but was not present in the court
After examining (JO special Jurors the
auk of forming a jury was finished,
very one called was asked if h" would
mow a man puUty of murder for i>cng
a member of a mob that commit tod
murder. Many of them replied "no."
Acid Dyspepsia a Very dommon Din- i
It is indicated by sour stomach, !
heartburn, tongue coated and flabby, j
-tomr.ch tender and bowels sometimes '
>ose, sometimes constipated. Porsons
ufforinij from Aoid Dyspepsia are
uilly thin and bloodless. Some tinier:
?ho sufferer is fleshy, but the flesh is '<
<;ini>y and uuncnimy. a naninu cure
of this disease can ho effected in a
liort timo by taking one or two lly'lalc
Stomach Tablets after each
and whenever the stomach is out of
order. Thev are harmless and cm !><>
taken at any timo a^d as often as is
necessary to relieve tho stoMach. j
Trial size 25c. Family size, 50c. tf j
Nebr<isk?in H<as Another Suit Pending
Orient the ilonnntt Will Coso.
1 A ditfDfltCh fIWll MOw f-Tnvr.n fnnn
\ saya: Mr. llryari now hnn suit pond^
Inp nKnlnKt. Mrs. llopnoH, in which ho
nooks to get possession of $':o,ono,
which lio unys i.< hold by her in trust
tor him, and also f;?0,0l)'), in thre e* allogod
frusta for cduoationnl purposes,
to bo distributor by himself and wlfo.
Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate
Opens Campaign at Wheeling,
West Virginia.
i*no democratic campaign in Wont
Virginia was oponod at Wheeling ny
Hon.. Henry G. Davis, tho vlco presidential
candidate. Mr. Davla arrival
from hla home at Eikins Wednesday
night, accompanied by Hon. Charles
A. Towne, of New York; Hon. (Jeor^o
T. McGraw and Hon. William P.
Campbell, who are loaders of tho Wost
Virginia democracy, nad other prominent
democrats of the state. There
I was a Keneral ^athsrlne of i1omnp.pa.tM
from all sectiona of tho state Thurs- !
day for an informal conference.
Mr. Davis announced that, it watt not
his intention to make many speeches
while on his tour over the country
campaigning. "I am not much of a
speaker and rather vIIhIiko the* fas'-;,
.said Mr. Davis. "My intention is to
get around among the people and meet
them with as little public apeechmakI
ing a* possible. We have with u.s
here Senator Charles A. Towno, wno
is one of tho moat able orators I know
| of. He will be with me for a abort
I time. He will ito th? i..
talking, and it will he u\y aim to moot
ns many voters personally as is
possible. I make more friends in that
way than by getting up l>cfore an audience
and making a spceen."
Following arc extracts from Mr. Davis'
npeech. In comparing the two
I great partiea, lu: K:iid:
"The democratic party always administered
th<> government with prudence
and economy. The republican
party is a party of extremists ami has
been wasteful and extravagant in its
i expenditure o! government iiuxis.
More money Is being collected in the
form cf taxes th in is necessary P.: ? !
an economical mannfier.i< lit. o;' tnc
government, both national uul state,
and if the republican pari1;,* is continued
in power Mill larRr,r taxo > and
!,roster expousen will follow, aa their
loaders tell u? they propose to puvtoio
the came policy in the future they
have in the past."
After citing the tat Iff en coal a:; evidence
against, a protective taritv, 110
"That the tariff, as a wh ile, neods
revisiou is plainly manifest. Combined
ax it is at. present with trusts, il p>tr
niits ot" too large- a profit on many articles
of production, stifles individual
enterprise, brings on strikes and disturbs
generally the business interests
of t!?o eountry. Manuy munufaeturers
under present conditions .it ll their
goods cheaper abroad than sit. home.'
Ho regretted that, the national platform
of the republican party raised
iho race >*%ue. and continued:
"The southern people, who have to
bear the burden of this question, were
dealing with it in moderation and fairness;
but its unfortunate agitation by
republican leaders has made Its solution
much more difficult smit himiop-wi
the efforts of tho.v who ware hone.uly
striving to iiiti the colored people 'ti
uplifting thoir race. A large majority,
over a million, of the white voters of
this country ar<> democrats. McKiriioy
received SG4.0C0 more votes than dry
an and this was the largest majority
ever gi\en a presidential candidate
There are, however, as shown by the
last census, two million male negroe1
in the United States of a voting a^o."
Paroled Honker Acting lh;> Honest Port Ijy
i ormer licposilnf*.
Frank C. Andrews, former vice pro j
idont of the defunct City Saving I
bank, of 'Cetroit, whose overdrafts |
eau'r.ed tlio failure ol' tho hank, anil I
who is now located in Now York,
whore ho went after his release from
Jackson prison on parolo by (lover
nor Bliss, has inserted in the Petroit
papers an advertisement annountini;
that he will i>ay the claims oV 250
positoi'3 wnoso names are Riven.
Andrews says that ho will eentinno
to pay other depositors as fast as he
Oil TRlJSf Will. APP. M CAttl.
L'ccision of Tennessee Court Goes Hard '
Aqoicst Standard Cumptiny.
At Gallatin, Tenn., the jury in tho
ease of tho slate th Standard
Oil Company, Agenf Molt, of Na-?h
i Mir. om.l #> ! ? it ' ' ' '
...... ...ill \J I ",N. Ill', i IV.Ml' IOP'.,
of (Jallatin, ftjr a 1 !c?;;c*<! violation of i !.
anti-tmst laws, has bronxM :u a vi r
diet arquiltinK Uuthorford ami a ; tinp:
u lino of $6,000 against Me iSandaid
Oil Company aii;l a fine of
against Holt. Tho case will bo appealed.
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Two Strategic Points Gained ty
Mikado's Intrepid Forces.
Final Efforts Being Midc to Qp'ure
Russian Strongno.d-*Army A.so
Bu^y at Mukden.
Port Arthur in again the center of
i;it?r?st as regards the? war In tho
Fur Bast. A general attacK by in ml
nad sea is regarded as likely to tuiiuw
the Japanese assault, upon tho redoubt
protecting the wafer supply of
tho fortress and town, and pctruui*
pation of tho ileet under Admiral
Tofle is looked for. In this latter
event it is expected that tho remnants
of tlu> liusiaa squadron in tno
port will sally forth to engage the
Japanese snips. Eight and possibly
nine Japanese divisions aro reported
to be advancing on Mukden nnd another
tattle between 1.1:0 urntios under
General Kuroki and Karopatkin
is imminent. St. l,ole;v.l?ur{i hua
heard that tho Russian isaltir: squadron
lias heon reinforced by four war
ships purchased from Argentina.
A special from Shanghai says:
The general attack on Port Arthur,
which boynn Tuesday and in which
the Japanese fleet is co-operating,
was resumed Wednesday morning.
The Japanese captured two important
forts on either side of Sulosoying,
north of Port Arthur.
Authoritative information has been
received in Che Koo cf a general at
tuck upon Port Arthur by tbo .Japs. J
This la the attack for which tho
mikado's force:? imv been preparing
for the last nineteen days with slight !
hope of success. As forecasted in
these flispatchcs, the Jape ;ese attack
on Port Arthur is directed
mainly again, t the northeast front.
The main object is to capture the fortifications
on Kikwan mountain. Ripling
mountain and the intermediate
The foregoing comes from a Russian
oT standing whose previous information
has been correct. He adds '
that the attack at tho end of Au- |
gust, which was reported as I wo separate
assaults, really constituted a
ton days' batvlo. Although tho Japaneso
retreated August :>1 along tho
lower part of the line, thoy remained
in four supplementary l'ort:< on the
northwestern front, w..ich tliuy had
captured from the Russians. ....a
Include!* four forts, 50 yards from
Ripling mountain, and two others {it
a somewhat greater rii3tunc?. Since
August 31st tho Japanese have bombarded
very slightly, while tho Russians
have been throwing approximately
one tlmunand abulia daily,
r>hlcvflir ncrnlnot I !..> T .? ?
~p>"it", n'ui
aitions mentioned. Small sorties, as;
referred to in Nov: Krai of Port. Arthur
in tlj?> efforts to rceapttiro the j
forts have been of almost nitfiitly oc- j
eurronee and have b< en uniformly |
The .7apane?o have b'en taught
wholesome respect for ti??* rexistin;;
power of the fort re. s, according to every
Jap-ine : > who Ins recent lv arrived
at, OheFou from Port Dalny.
RUSSIA KM rr? <m? 1REA1Y.
Denounces Fngliind lor Aliened Duplicity in '
(rerttiofi Wi'li ?Jc> MiclPtK
With the arrival in St. Petersburg
of the full text of the British treaty j
with Tibet, the irritation of the R;.s*|
sian press at. it.; sweeping character
is inoro pronounced.
The lluss, which i* now considered
especially to reflect Uie views of the!
foreign office, bit. rly complains that'
Great 1 iiLai 11 lias gone beyond her
promises concerning the expedition, i>y
acquiring a virtual protectorate over
Tibet, whereas oho had pledged her*
sell' merely to regulate trade rolarelatlons
between India and Tibet.
Cholera Infantum.
This disease lias lost, its terror.; '
since Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and |
Diarrhoea Ilomedy came into general j
use. The uniform success which at- j
tends the use of this remedy in all I
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first Alleged lyncher Before JJimtsviJIe
Court Promptly Aquittcd.
At Hunlsvillo, Ala., Thursday ni?ht
j nomas uiggins was acquitted of the
charge of murder in connection with
the lynching of Homer Mnplea, col )ted.
The cii.-o ns made out. by the prosecution
was very weak und there was
no convincing evidenco connecting tho
defendant with the mob.
Judge Spoke dolivorol a general
ehnrgo in favor of the defendant, Instructing
the jury if iliey believed tho
evidence, to return a verdict of not
guilty. There was mi demonstration.
New York Democrats Sclcct Candidate
for Governor at State Coirention
in Saratoga.
The New York state democratic coavention
in session a*. Saratoga Wed*
neuday nominated tho following sta'e
For Governor?1). Cady Herrick, of
Albany, at present a justice of tho
supreme court.
Lieutenant Governor?Francis Ii' rton
Harrison, Now Yorsc now a repl-OiPTlIaHuA
. ?, v; ,u tuutiuaa H UIU II'.U
Thirteenth district.
Comptroller-j-Georgo Hail, of St.
State Treasurer?William Muencn,
of Owondaga.
Judge of the Court of Appeals?Edgar
M. Culler, Kings (democratic).
For Associate Judge of the Court o?
Appeals?William E. Werner. Monr'io
(republican), now of that heuch by
designation by Governor Orie'.l ami th<j
republican nominee.
Out of a situation which at times
seemed almost impossible of amicable
eolation, the leaders of (he party
found a way to unanimous action, and j
at i.'Z'.i o'clock Weduendav ufiornonn
the* state convention adjourned aft' is
hiving nominated unanimously the
above ticket.
Former United States Senator !):? J
vi I 15. Hill presented to the convention '
the name of Supreme Court. Justice
Drmiel Cady Herrick, of Albany. J mi no
Merrick's name was received v;ith!
great enthusiasm and indorsed with
cordial speeches of support by r
sentatives of three of (lie elements
whose attitude had been an important
factor iti the serious situation which
Ind formed the subject of the confercnce
Incidentally Senator Iiil! wa.
accorded a reception which was iiltlo
l 1 - ?
llirlll an UVilLIUIl.
A notable feature ?>( I'm convention j
wis the disappearance of i>! 1 open evi- j
denee of the fuctional %varfare betwc:'' j
iho Kings county organization ne'Hl"' i
by State Senator AleCarren and Tain- i
many hall under the leadership or j
Charles R Murphy.
The platform adopted includes a <!: !
root persona! attack upon Governor ,
O.lell as well as a denunciation of tb; I
republican administration, an indorso- 1
mont of the democratic national ticket,
platform and reso'utions mul a strong
lv worded discussion of stat * and national
issues from the democratic
point of view.
CI 1 (ZENS Of 'AL or AHOUSLtt.
Shooting of Inaaceut Colored People Rrinijs
Storm of <n
Tho shooting of two negroes believed
to be entirely innocant by a party
of white men, said to havo been intox- |
icated. lias caused great indignation j
in Talbot county, (?a. A meeting of
citizens was held in Talbotton Wed- j
nesday at which resolutions oere pans j
ed favorable to law and ordor, 11
spirit of common fairnesj of humanity, j
and calling and requesting all tho citi-J
y.ens of the county to moot ai. the court 1
house in Talbotton Saturday for taking
such action aa may bo doomed
proper and right.
Tiio negroes recently dismissed by
the court in Talbotton on tho charge
of belonging to a "Before Day club."
were followed! on thofr departure by
a hack carrying four or five white
/mjuiil u iimu irc> nuown ui< iiikm; |
party mot a negro l>oy named .Faj
Troy. In passing soaie one in I he hnci;
shot hitn wounding hint o seriously
that, he is not expected to live.
Six miles from town tho hack parly
called Kd Martin, a negro, on I!. ('.
Truosnl's plantation, from his house
and made him get into thi- hack, when
one of the party shot tho n iro i
eye out and lit; is alr.o not expected
to live. Tho negroes wore not chart;
with being members of a "Before Day
All Svri.iris Most If v * -l.'iti.
The Ilaytian government, has accord* I
oil the Syrian residents ot' 11 ay t i a
last delay of sin months to cnahlri
them to liquidato their affairs and
leave tho country.
JT.l v RfPOril is HOM SiUVG.'IU,
I'ussiiifi Ship i Pl/in D.ish for I il>ort\ Cwimj
t > Hrvr.<' J <o fliiioni.
A Chines* who lol't Port Arthur Monday
reports that owing to iho incessant
Iomlmrdment Iho harbor by
Japanese*, Die Hunsian lleel is d"tor
mined to break out at the lir-1
opportunity find en !, avor to reach
Tsinglau, the German port on Iho HlvanUniii
f i?l| ?J ' now ?(? tti<? Ar)irnnd/ick'>i
A dispatch from Piattsharg, N'. Y.,
savs: Snow fell Wednesday at Baranae
lake and other Adirondack points
SIX Kit lit) tumi I lull I M.M? Rftl I
Won Working on Oil look Sri>t lu lheir
Doom by I riqhlhil J \plosion.
During an olecirical storm Wo inn
day morning, lightning struck an oh
tank of an oil refinery at Port Arthur
Texas, on which nix mon were ivoi
Tho oil ignited, and in the explo.;:
c.'hioh foli'iu 1 five of the worUn.
Were Instantly killed, and tho *>'h
fatally injured.
Coronation of Servian Ruler Takes
PiAcr at R<?1 lin C*f*ro n(
? ? ? ?? vijjiumv M f vitaw u i
Pi tii? Subjects.
Poter Karageorgovitcli waa crowned
king; of Servia at Belgrade Wedneo
There was no hostile dcmonstra
lions and no attempt to carry out the
numerous threats against the ni'A
king's life. In the solemn ritual o.
'.he Greek church and in the elaborate
state precession which preceded am.
followed the coronation the tragedy oi
tfcivla's previous ruler found no echo
Amid tho thunder of the saluting gu'us
from the royal palaco and the garrison
the sensational murder of King Alex
ander and Queen Draga was at leasi
outwardly torgotten.
lr. was nearly three hours before
tho service wan concluded and the rli
nal of tho church complied with. Kin{
Peter afterward signed the coronation
document, which was witnessed by tin
metropolitan, the premier the cabin'
ministers and tho other heads of siate.
Tbore were representatives of tho loi
olgn powers present.
Wearing a sheet iron trown on ni*
head and fully robed, the king left tr>.
cathedral, remounted his horse a!1
rodo through tho street to the palace
as i!. crown or on the arrangement f(
l'etor received the congratulations '
tho diplomatic corps and others, as
tended the royal throne and one*
more took llie scepter and orb in nb
Hands. The ceremony of rendering
homage was then performed.
King Peter hud been under the lm
pressioti that ho would be crowns,
with the crown which King l'cter A1
oxanvler wore, but it transpired thai
this symbol of regal uithority had
iioen smashed to bits by the rebel ofli
cers on the fatal night of .June 11
i'J03. King Peter had also bet :i uni-i
the impression that the Servian legss I
lators would vol? the iuri..;s.v,v sum t 1
cover the cost of the coronation, mm i
In; was given to understand in term |
morn forpllilo tli#'i innv i??< i
-- I
and polite that tl:<> ele;ed reproi-'n |
Uitives of the people had no intention j
whatever of squandering uP.Monal mon j
oy on t!u' purchase of suoh p. bauble
day morning, lightning struck the oil!
costly fetes in honor of his majesty s ]
A more ludicrous situation never existed
in all history.
Jiipy .Secure Immense Quantities of Rus- I
sion Guns, Stores ?md Horses.
Marquis Oyania, commander in chief
of the Japanese forces in the field, tel
egraphed Tokio that General Oku had
reportod having captured thirteen pris
oners at the battle of Mao-Yang. He I
Ul;50 Rare a detaiUv! ii*? nf t?ho I
fciau mores which General Oku captured,
including thirty horses, 2,2ss rities
and 127 ammunition wagons, 5,892
round* of artillery, (509,930 small arm
cut ridges, grea' quantities of timber, j
ilour, rice, forage, engineering implements,
clothing and acoutrements.
Marquis Oyama, in addition, re
oils that the armies under Generals j
rCuroki and Xod/u made no prisoners I
1:1 the fighting hefoie Idao-Y?ug. G"in- !
f-ral Kuroki captured forty horses, S00
titles. 300 rounds of artillery and ('>00,[ 00
rounds of rifle ammunition, tele- |
rrsiph apparatus and various raised.me.his
General Nodzu captured -190 ritlos,
i.ltit rounds of artillery and 37.KS0
round.-: of riflo ammunition, throe hellographs,
telephones, tools and large
quant it leu of foodstuffs and timber.
(JenoraI Oku captured sufficient tiui
her to construct railroad depots.
O.ily Sc?vfnt>-Two Cents on Hcnd Bol Crs'i
isfxooctai! from Kon<1 Sule.
A dispatch from Jackson. Miss.,
says: When tho state treasury c!ok
o?l Wednesday afternoon there was exactly
72 cents in the vaults.
Tho state treasurer is expecting to
receive tho $500,000 from the bond
sale this week, when the situation
will ho relieved.
"Two physicians had a long and
stubborn light with an abscess on my
ri ',ii* 'rung," writes J. l\ Hughes, of
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Discovery for Consumption. The benefit
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Complications Resultinq t rom Itrccnt t nnliormont
M.n Result f.it.siy.
A bulletin Issued In l<ondon Th'.rr.'*
day morning by i physbinu a:-. i.iin ,
Dady Curzon, oi Kedlo on ti.>rn?criy
Ml 8s Loll or, of ( hi< ft o). \ it'e of ?'ie
viceroy Of In<'.i i. * Inn* . ;i." i.'.o'.i ii
Khn is ?;?:T<" t iti:, froia < -nr; . :,. :
consequrr.' kvj-. >>1 : from
which b!io In.; r. ; > r. -ny-i <
Sho pavo birth 1.1 a (hi .*;;itev In London
March l^otb laot.
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find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When v/riting mention reading this generous
offer in this paper and fyN** l
send your address to
regular fifty ccnt and itomeot Rwninj>-noot
doliar size:; arc sold by al! good druggists.
Don't males any mistake, but remember
tin name, Sv/amo-Root, Dr. Kilmer':.
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y.. on every bo'.tlc.
Is Consumption Curable?
lis: 11 iiyuaios Klixir Is used iit
time; before too much of the lung
tissues is involved. This modern,
scientific medicine removes nil morbid
irritation and inflammation from the
lungs to the surface and expels them
from the system, it aids expectoration.
heals tlio ulcerated surfaces. r<
lieves the cough and mak< s breathing
ea y. Kydnlo's Elixir does not <2?.v
the mucous surface and thus stop t.h"
cough. Its action is just the opposite
- it stimulated and soothes, it kills
the gf-nns that enuee chronic throatarid
lung disease and thus aids nature
to restore these: organs to health. Trial
size 25 cents, harge size 50 ce:U<*
Tin: large si,:e holds 2 1-2 times the
tpinl u!v/>
Archbishop of Canterbury Denies Praising
liishop Potter's "Model" Hum Shop.
Replying to an open letter rooently
sent, to the archbishop of Canterbury
by an American Young People's ChviB.ian
Temperance Union, taking him to
task l'o rhi? wUegeil indorsement of tHt?
subway tavorn, New York, Chaplain
I Glcison, in behalf of the archbishop,
writes that "hiB grace has expressed
10 opinion whatever with regard to
.lie subway tavern initiated by Bishop
Taken With Crampa.
Wm. Kirmse, a member of th?>
b-idge gang working near Littlenort
was taken suddenly ill Thursday nlirhl
with cramps and a Kind of cholera
Ilia case was so severe that l.e had
to have the members of the *!re\v wjiii
upon him, and Mr. Gifford was called
and consulted. He told tlier.i he had
a medicine in the form of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Dirv.vhoea
Remedy that lie thought wouid help
him out, and accordingly several doses
were administered with tho result th.i'
the fellow was able to be around ne::t
day. The incident speaks quite highly
of Mr. Clifford's medicines.?Clkader,
Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never fails. Ke< p ii
in your home, it may save life. For
salo by Pickens Drug Store, Marie's
Drug Store. T. N. Hunter, Liberty, tf
Puts an End to it All.
A grievous wail of times comes as
a result of unbearable pain from over
taxed organs. Dizziness, bnckacbLiver
Complaint and Constipati"
Bur thanks to Dr. King's New Lit
Pills. I.hcy put an end to it all. The.\
are gi title, but thorough. Try them
Only 2.r>c. Guaranteed by Pickens
Drug Co.
Color line Drawn b> IVesbylerinns. to
The St. Louis presbytery, by a vote
that was nnnnimou< but for one negative
from a (oliMvd deiegat . adopted
an overture front t!ie grncrtl assenti.lv
< ..
..... ...I.in [Jim miu?r u;r I'.siiiDll.-'nfiiciil
of separate pri'si.yU'i for tlie?
I (>L,ro('.-i.
i\ussiii Soi ks Jo St> I Miuicliid tr.n K?vlvvity.
The I.ondoii Morning Port's Shungiiat
correspondsi I lo thai native
newspaper:; sort ii. i' Paul Lessar,
llussian iMiiiL.ter : r I'okin, <le
mand3 thai Ciiiiia shall purchase tfie
A a n eh u r ian r,(iiro>ul.
i.i- w 'SJ' a ID vajy a (i M
SCOTT'S EMULSION serve* as a
"j {. to carry tiu weflke.wd er.d
>j . srvcd systora &lon? until it. can find
' i :r.-i ruppofi in ordinary food.
; i Sc'id tor free Kainplo.
onil^i.oo; all tirugxUtt. I
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