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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, September 28, 1904, Image 5

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Pickens Scntmcl-JournaL
Uapuenings ol a Local and Personal Nature.
?Mrs. W. H. JAjfomovo is indisposed
thia week
?Jtiko Wakelin, of Liberty, wiir
in town Friday.
? Will linin.fiKrnbflrtnrl Thiiradiw.
last, from St.
-T-Wayno F. MnuUlin \urtR ^- visitor
^ jgm Vt'loy the first of tli^iWok.
B. Anthony, agent for Tho
^ftlavollere, wan in town the last of
tho week.
?Miss BensioX Aahruore returned
Tuesday evening lr<jhi a brief trip to
Atlanta. /
?Since cotton has begun to come
ill right freely, trade Iiuh become
moro brisk.
?i?r. u. wnsic jriiiuiinit emtio in
from Washington T-fiynday '>n a .short
visit homo.
?The ladioa of (he Baptist o.liuroli
held mi interesting missionary moot
ing Monday afternoon.
? Cadets Lelloi and Brum l>oggs
and Edgar Merr a, of (Jicmson,
?pont riunlay in l'leuens.
?Cotton picking is in full blast
Vkv.v Pir'lfotiu ()il Mill iritninrv iu
kept very busy these days.
? Ambler Oilrunth, of Groenvilie,
pjiriit .Sunday in L'irkens with his j
/nother, who is gradually recovering |
from fever.
? llov. (). M. Abney preached ai. j
interesting and uplifting sermon l.
an unusually large congregat ion [
Sunday afternoon.
7 > / \ 4 1.. I. II 1
?jviiv. yj. j\i. j\.iiiif'v ii(*j<i u ?j<mu
mooting at Bethlehem the past .vecU.
JLe was ably assisted by liuv. A. \V
Butts, of Piedmont.
?Sue insurance ad of \Y. 11. John
sou in" another column. Don't wait
till you get flick to see him lie i.-.
writing all kinds of insurance.
?Improved guidon ohail' scud i
wheat and seed no, also wheat j^r<?woi'
and guano for sale at 11 (i (launn
& Gassaway Bros , Central, S. C.
? FOR SALK -House mid lot in
Calhoun, one half mile from depoi.
'Well located. Apply lo l)r. -J. II.
.Burgess, Hencon, S. (J. It.
? IVIrs. Jjjiuka Lathem, who Iiuk rc
ceutly hc<3JAm1 a pdsitiort in tin:
Groonville (Trailed riehoola, 8 pent
Sunday with the (fiumjy of her father,
H. A. Riohey.
? FOR SATjI'V (> h. p. engine, ill
good condition for sale cheap. Cash :
or good papers. W. T. ii:it?;H,
U\v. l'lekeiiH, S. C.
~ ---A. W. I'\)l;?i!r ami family left
Molality fur Whittier, California.
Their I'iokenB friends wish Ilium
abunditnt success in their far away
Western home.
--See the? big ad ?>f tho Little Bee i
Ilivo in another column. This store,
is properly mimed, for it, is busy as h
bee hivo every day. Call on them |
when in Greenville.
?1{. T. Jaynes, one of tho
editors of the Iveowee Courier, ami j
one of tho lending nttorneys at the
Walhalhi Bar. was in town 'I'm s.l
* ~ mt
ou profoesionul business.
? Mnrriod on Wodnus^lUy, Sept li',
nl tlie resilience of ^lio ofiicniSin^!
minister, K.v. i{ IjuMt-r, Miss Myr-'
tio (?. Turner to/?fir Kitjnli AlcCol
In hi; nil of Pieliefm county.
? All members of I'ickens Lixli/c,
K. of I1. ?i'(! l< (|(K'hlcil tt< meet I
promptly in t licit (Jnsllo Hull next !
Momlny i I lu re will !>< some
tiling doin^' "I tin* I'ahk <>i I'lifjc. I
--Motsrn. W. 1<\ McFnll mid -J. I,. !
Holt will liloiy attend tin* district I
meeting of tlic KnifjjhtH of Pythias
t, i lie hold in A nd< i>mi. They will
10J)M)K? llt I'ickollH liOdj^O N< . l'JIi.
? lOili>< (?, ilii- three V!U' <ilil dmi(*lilor
of M r. and M r.s,-'D.<ek Pace, died
Sunday nt'lor/i??on'i)f dijitlicrin. The
child had [yrfn unwell for several
dftyp, I>i11 it wan not thought to he
Hdioiiftly ill until Sunday.
?See Craig J3ron." big ml in this
insuc. They are hustlers and huv?i
the largciHt steel, iii their lii?toiv
from which t<? ncled. Cull on Ilium i
when in l'ick?!iiH; if you cull once, you '
are Kuru to call uguin.
?T. Jj. liivenA M rapidly clearing
nvrny the timiioV on his recently }mit- !
chnscd Jot. au(l id delivering lumber
to be^in \vo11< at an euily dale. He
will build u well appointed 8-rooiu
house, which will he a decided addi r
tion lo 11n- cant end of the town.
?A vory plonanut MOc.itil event
anion# t.ho little; folks, was a birtli?lay
party ^ivon by Mtlo Aiisa Mary
Mornx Inst Saturday afternoon, rele
hratin# liar <>lb birthday. About
thirty little bovn and #irln were prow
??nt, un?l after playing garnet* am)
bovin^ia (.(ood time in genera1, were
TT invilMinpito the tastefully decorated
<linin{/ room, whom dainty refreshiiU'i'Ah
wno Horved. Kach child re
coivcn a blue or yellow Back of candy
fiod with red ribbon iih a Houvcnir 'if
H innul (Illii.wnlil.. nflni'(wu?.i
? ? " " J J "v |
II?Mill?II f
?Fflirview Stock Show in Greenville
county on last Friday lmd ouo
of tUo greatest diiVH in its history.,
Tl?o exhibits were excollont, and
more than (5,000 people wore present.
LMiis wn;? tho eighteenth year of IIi ?
show, ami it is a remarkable fact
that there has not been a rainy day
for the show sinco its organization.
? W. Leslie Muthem?y and family
luft Tuesday ul'ternp6n for Mexico, j
Missouri, then* l>uuro homo. Mr. j
Matheney hatJb<<on at tho ho ad of |
the mechaniUrfl department of this j
paper for soino time, and is a practi I
cal printer. Ho and his family carry j
with them tho l>ost wishes .of a largo '
circle of frionds for success in their i
now home.
?D T. Curetoo, a promisingyoung
man of H-isley, died last Saturday. '
lie had for the past year boon in the ,
i? n f \ i .....
iv. r. it. oervioo, and it. m thought
the exposure during the severe weather
of last winter hastened his death.
The deeea-<d was a son of the lute i
Puck (Juroton, and ti nephew of Dr
J. P. C'nrelon.
Miss I.'llie Iio?^v?B returner! homo]
fr.iin i'iot !?; l ist wink to celebrate
her hirlliili\ with her parents at
their home i!n; 21th. She hud a n'ce
dinner and a magnificent time. The
r.ilw.. f.- , r i i* - l. 1
^.11 in IUJI 111 MM llll'l*
pi'i'sonts ns lilting tokens of tmir chu-(
i:i for ho*- uinl the occasion, all < f
wli eh she IikMh in fonil remombranco ,
? Tho many warm friends of Rev.
K A Sniilctt in this county will I??j
rejoiced t<> hear of the ?*loiious meet
n<; Ik- recently hold after leaving
l'lekens. The ineetioj* was held at ;
Tjohauon, in Anderson county. Ono \
hundred and three conversions rosuited
and the most, wonderful revival-over
known in that community
whs the glorious result.
A preliminary trial of |
who hroko into Kolgor iSr Thornlev's
store last wbli was held Tuesday
hel'oro Magi?|trato /<Tohn l'\ Harris.
One ot tlut dftrkie/ turned state's e\ideiu
e against I lib other lour which
will came tlxji'ixt to ha?o to air tlloir
troubles in /the lnghor court 111
October. S'm evidence appearing
against him, I'ute Cannon was dismissed.
V* I ... 11 ... r i
? .io\\, nun iiit liirmer.S, von WHO
hnvn run considerable accounts,
wlicn you hrin^ \our cotton to town, ,
don't forget tin* merchant, who lias
tided von ovi r the sprint; 1 sumim
r. It doesn't io tie well to carry j
your cotton olsew'nere :tml ^et the j
cash for it ami sj.end it with the
oilier lol'ow to whom \ou are under |
no obligations. Ju.st apply the j^olden
rule and your conscience will bo I
at ease.
i?. ... l\ t\' u: u i ? '
my. I'. lllOLl pi'llUCIICtl I WO
St'IMIIOIIS ill tllll Ulptist
church Snmiiiy. At. tho moi'iiin??- setvloo
l!i(s subject wih: "GotI our Fa
t'li'i-, ami lloavon our H jiiiw.' Tinlirst,
pa11 of iho subject. whs tnuiod
uuoer 11??i toxf, "As a father pitioth
his child ret), so the. I. iid pitioth them
that f?'ir Him:" I ho latter portion
was < x< ^ctcil from tho toxl, ' In mv
I'alhorV hoiiso r.ro many mansions,
if it woro not. so, 1 would havo told
you." At th? conclusion of tin; sorvioo
thoro was olio accession to tho
church. In Urn afternoon at. Ihllb,
ion converts were hopnzed at the
now pool recently constructed on 11u-;
bold spring, not far from tins residence
of Mr. l'\ A. Lewis. At tho j
evening service tho newly baptized
converts \v< re formally received into
the foil fellowship of the church.
An Inccndiarv Firo.
Last. fSut.ir?Inv nielli ahold one
o'clock the lar^o harn and contents
hclon{?in^ Id Dispenser 15. ('. 1 * a U < i
were hurned. The haVn wiui on .Mr.
Baker's farm, it I >< >t 11 t\\ <? i it i I oh fioin
I'ickons. I litj tenants in charge of
the fiinn did uot i?i>tifv \ir. liukcr of
liis losn unlil OarlV next nioininj,', an<l
there was then >?111 liuli; chance ot
salisl'iii-lorv ifijW'sti^'Ui >n. There is
11itiilly ii rea^nahlc douht hut tli.it
!h" (ire was of incendiary < i,ir>'in.
.Mr Baker's loss was hulweeu
and $(500. 1,00(1 hmidlcH of fi'dder,
511 hiisht ls of i ats mid ahout l.U.O'M)
feet of 'tiinhei* were destroyed.
Mr. I5aker is at a loss t<> know \vh\
.. ... .. i ? :. j? A t
<ui> him' wuiiiii iiiiih:: such niauei
upon 11itit, iiiid will ulVcr u IiI>01*111
reward for the apprehension of the
guilty. _ ^
Blockndc Still Captured.
OlliceiH .i. T. McKiiincv, I*'.. P.
MeCravey, I* 1' McJMnicl inn! (Sim '
Chapman cultured on last I'Yiday,
two largo lh ^alMn stills, one ot
winch was in pperyiioii. The olVicers
destroyed iib(*ut tfflO bullous of l>per,
mid foil lit I ahou/livi! (plai'lH of liqiloi ,
four ot which) /ere snugly ensconced ;
in a sul)sta:iljnil valise. i'ne enptun j
is one of the most mysterious for |
y ai'H. I lie liinl w11h !i i*re??t .surprise I
lo Hit: entire community, un<l its ox ;
istouc'u a revolution. It Hot'int- t
I uve I )ce11 u frouk in the cuursu of I
imiii in event", for the existence of i
which no mortal will over iitt< nipt an
After trivin 1/ the outfit time to coo'
of), the ofliefira brought it to Pickens
u? <1 shipped it to Columbia Friilui
Tlio capture wis made in the community
in which Mr. .1, L. ritunne)l
liven, something like ninety yards
from li'h promisor.
AjjeFs I
For coughs, colds, bronchitis, [
astnma, weaK tnroats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of it in
the house. We have been
saying this for C50 years, and
[j so have the doctors.
I "T liuvo uaoil Avoi'.t Cliorry Ivotoral In my
family for 4ii vt >r<. It 19 11 npst modicino
in tlu> world, i know, for itll llno.it ami Iutiy;
Mits. J. K. NoitfilOSS, W'altliam. Muss.
2S?\. 50c.. #1.00. .!.< . AVUIiCO..
A11 (Iriii'UlM*. jr l.owoil. Mass.
?woa?nni [() J ?m?m n mi 1 uwmli??
il lie JL,ting?sl
wwi?aw ) IIIW *a
Dnily action of tho bowels i? ncccs*
oary. Aid nature with Ayor's Pills.
Death of "Aunt" Betsy Ferguson. ColDied
on ttiiturdiiy morning, Sept.
-1, Aunt Uelsy Ferguson, (col ) who
liu.? lived in I'ichen^ from its earliest
history. All tlie old citizens of the
town worn l^er fiends und win; wuh
theirs. Kvervl/dy wimted Aunt
l>etsy to <; ?ok/ind wash for them ns
long u> she lived. She was hhiek in
color, hill white in iicini'inli' uml ?? <
believe she is jjoiio when* tin: jjood |
pnople #?
SIk' was l>iiri(*<l nt t.liu colon.I
KiMvc.yunI <>n .M M. Holder's place. |
The limei i! nciviceK were c.onducteil 1
by ltev. )li!cv Sutherland. 1?. II.
Reward Offered.
AioVfll'tior Hevwuril ln?u >
i <Jpr1u\\ of one hundred dollnrs for the
arrest. iiimI conviction of the party
who burned the burn of 15. I". linker,
in this county, on the night of the
twentv-thinl of September between I
iiiid 2 o'clock. 1 nuve supplemented
this olVor with mi additional oiler of
one hundred dollars, making u total
reward of two hundred dollars for
tli(! arrest and convict ion of the party.
1>. ('. linker.
This September 27lh, 11)0-1.
Rew. Subictt Coming to Easlcy.
Since I?e v. 11. A. Sublett and I'rcf.
J. 1 )nI'liuin left here they have held
S UCCfHS fill IllCCtiugS 111 ] j('l)!l IIOI) 1111*1
Hopewell in Anderson county. At
Lebanon lor' joined the church, 815
by baptism. Mr. Sublett has gone
to his homo where he has a large
farm and a loving family. Mr. Sublett
a family consists of w devoted
wife, two sous and one daughter.
After rusting a few days, Mr. Subictt
will coine to Kasley at the joint, re<tf
11'luf.vlM / M?.% .. ' 1 1 41 ^
j j.nnnfio a liUJMIIilll i 11J * 1 I L Mil I |
to hold a meeting. L'rof. Durham
will also la* in the mooting. Prof.
Durham is a graduate of the college
at. Dayton, Va , and is said to l>u the
licst singer they have trv??i- sent out
Hi- has hud many Mattering oilers ! >
Hin;,' for "opera troupes," and while
llo was here singing in our meeting,
he was olVcre.l a position in connection
with colloge and normal work,
which would have brought him tlie
neat little sum of :?!>,()()() per annum,
but. ho prefeis to sing the gospel of
Christ, in the hope that ho may lead
Home one to the ble.-sed saviour. He
is willing to make sacrifices for
Christ's ?al\e.
t, ., Vinrl V-., ...I
nenr3i.no /P 1 w nine DUU^IIl
Williamston Female College
will open in its now I uiMiii^s at
Greenwood, s. C.,
Thus la.v, .Sept. SI, I'.HW.
Our \v??! 1-knov'ii u'lv uitii^fs witli valuable
iidilili ii?. Send lor iMliiio^io t<>
Rev. John 0. Wilson,
isi'pwl W i 11 iii i u.Mt < >ti, S. ('.
\ sk lor A I lull 'h I ooI-I um', A l'o\\<lor
T?? ^llflkc illl" \u||| *||nr? It MMs (he ItH'l
Misk? wnkniK ciis) * iiri*> t ii-' bullions, hi'
k'Tou hlK iiMiis. -wmIIi' i uii'l - n f\/
mm i -inn- hiin'i niTC|it
mi) Mitisitiiilu Siuiiplc I'l.'i i .\js
lulu s olniMteml. Iidttny, N'i S so|> 11 - \v I,
Special Attention Given to Watch and
Jewelry Repairing.
filVF mf a c. A I I
Old Posloffice Building,)
EASl.EY, S. C.
Handles a lull line of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry. Repair
work receives prompt attention.*.
\V. W.
Acid Iron Mineral euros nil <lis?
eases involving inflamation, l?y purifying
the blood and direotly healing
the irritated parts. Try it on no external
Horn and watch its inagiu heal
ing It aelB in exnetly the mi mo way
loll 111! illlcrniil inll,mini !.< >" I
(lvH|)H|>eia, indigenti'm. ihonmiitiam,
kidney disease, stomach and bowel
troubles. It has no equal for diseases
peculiar to women. Ton oh op
the 011 tiro Hy?tein. Trade (A-I-M)
mark on every bottle. Sold by drn^k.
Aoiii Iron Mineral Co , Col
nmbin, S. (\
'I'llIn Will Int?>r?Ht Mutlior*.
Mother (iuiy'x Sweet I'owilers for t hil<!ten,
I'lire feverMmesN. tm?l xtoiimeh. slimmer Imuei
troubles, teething 'IiMtnleieleatise mi'l itjmiInte
the ImiwuN iiml iltn>lrnv worms. '1'itn ni:v.
... ..ill .nr.inr ICM I UK III III! S .M III! <llll|{
nist>. Sn111111 ? I'UKI. Allen S
Oliiistii'l, lii'liuj. N V si-|ill l\v,
SKNKCA, - S. (J.
Oflirc ov? i NitHiiions Store, I.Vn V
)n h*j* ! ;t in. to 1 p. in. ?2 p. m, lo
<5 p.m.
Mullet! 3! ill lot ! Mullet !
and :ilI kinds of Fresh and Salt Water
lisli anil oysters. If you an* dealing in
Fresh Fish or intend to deal in thuni
write for prices and send your orders to
'I KRIIY FISH (.'().,('Iiarleston. S. or
COLUM1UA FISH & 1UE CO.. (ioluni
bia, S. C". We sbi|> only frsslt caught
an" our prioi s are as low as tbey
ciiii hs sold at.
Write ns. Tr\ us and b<* eonvinced.
Columbia, S. f.
A New ScUuliflc Ill.scovcr)
for the '
II pin;' < * tin' I>1'mhI'I>v p I w i : i t i a t i n ;!h
.i ill' r 111 I nMn : i: 111 mi i! ii-- ;i t it I 1 ?.
ig-l loving tlw fi.i* III lllll I tllll\> tli.il
inl'-si i!u- i'lii.iil. !( l?u:l 1> up lln IiIihmI
Ii\ ri i <r?i< Iiii;^':':i?l in' iilii . iii"^ 111 * i <i
H jiiis. I<?. iii.iKui' ilif ! 1 > ><! . 'ii:i>i>t r> 1.
It i.ii liinl siiinoiu!i'> m i . i -..,
Musii. i lu!l fri-i* i'iia *ii i.i i > i- l<iiii
lirmi 'n ml I in- i iili'.' i. ?\ ?\ -1 on 11
i? ill \ i . . - 1111s11 i .' i i. 11 -: \ * hi-.
m rivotiH |>rostr:t(stiu! !! uiIi?.t|
llMMv s III ill' ll>-l\i|ll !-\ I" ..I
k \ I ?.\ I I-'S i1)N11' i m>!iI ii11.lor i jmi- iir.
> j." . .nit " .
1 r'al *.i /1 *;!)?-.:nls. I aniil* si/c.M.Ou
M AN I \ I ruiil) !'.Y
The tfndica! Remedy Company,
When You Wear
- V | *
"Sfcs. "SSswww* Ste?w? <&3
Star - Five - Star
| $2.50 Shoe]
| 15 |
I ySD^fJ I
!. cS-J |
?A;?**?>5??>??> ?>'
/ou will find (h<- fIt, finish nm|
wc.iung qualities uitcquali^
Jl for the pricc.
R. C. C>
And Still A
os* TunsR
'I I IKY A I t 10 T1
Because: Mitchell. Lewis Co* are I
United States and for over sixty-live \
cont imionsly in the hands o| the .same
lie.'uiisc: The factory is located tie
timber for vehicle building in the world
from time t<> time hy agents ol the eon
expert limliHi' men. marked and cut
(when the s;tp is down) the stuff
i..- ......
.ui.i'-u ,ii ivmi miiimim .? in .? years,
N OT K I L X I) R I K I).
Because: Kvery stick of timber,
steel and every pound of paint oil
certain tests and measure up to ce.i
adopted l?v the company as nearest pi
coming np to the standard is at ?jn<
Keineinlair: There's something 1??
hind the M itelndl \\ agon: Tlnne's lain
llOnestV <>I miriinHt-*
-j , j f II J I 1 l" 111
and eusp * a*>iLnI t<? ctirry "(it 11< ho pu
ii r.'?pe< I ivt- of im>ro d )ll;irs ami c.imi
ways remain, '',1/O.V. 11,'('II <)/ ' Till! I
Watch For Our Kail
We aro making ov<m\\ eii.?i
customers and friends iIt
I est selected stock of Gene
Itl'OUgllt t?) I' I <-k? ! IH.
r ~ Dealers in K
m . i
uouunii,, Mioes, I lats ai
(roods a Sp
W'Wt1 can sell mhi I'uiiiiluic, si
solid car.
A. K. 1
You can buy any Sumim
tor less than cost. S<>in?
MKNS SIllRTS rcdncci
Closing out our Straw 1 1
You can m't 25 per cent
:mhI Children's ()xlords
hold as lout; as tin: l*<><
ili tcrinined t<> close then
A. K. P
Dry (}oo(1m Stoic, Wont lOuil
l > i' (; (; i i'\s. \v \(u
IIA K LOS, ST( )\* 1
"Hi Farming I
TO (10 i
I'or Cash or <
Shoes, .
()ur la 11 st ock of SI
ei 1. I f you want a I
it. I I' you waul si
wo giiai an loo it.
We ha vo a largo 1 i i
Fal! Men
arriving daily, in
<4'oo(Is bfiloro you I)
aro always ri<>'ht.
!\K I L.K,
ibcr At Brown Build
n other Car
Ii<< oldest manufacturers in the
cm s their business lias remained
t :i*ii i Iv and ori^'i natoi'H.
ir ili- '^matest supply of tlm 1 L
, lursje i'0.l!"?i of which are bought
11 lit v, mii i .???!? trees selected l?y
ai ili.? proper >. :n in of the year,
>t tun, shipped <i . til') yards anil
and thoroughly Air Seasoned?
cvi-iy liar of iron, every piece of
ilii.' Mitchell Wagons most .stand
t am si midairs wliicli have heen
lic'f.tion, and nity material not
rejected not bought at any
sides "pint! i'omiiH-roialiHm" l>eiIv
pride and reputation; there's
ii" ?>| expei ielico; there's at., pie
irnos^s. an<l a determination that
ts, tin* Milchell Watjon shall altn,\nr
V nvwn?w4,nw,d!
t 1 > place before our
e most Cdinplott! ami
nil Merchandise ovor
Yours truly,
' I'/T III ll 1 III/ V
k! (icill's l;urnishini?
il it to yon ri^lit. -Inst, received u
\ /
,E, S. C.
t'l* n'oods we have
bier bargains in
I trom 50c tf? 40c
lav- at 1 price.
disc ount on Latlir
lies. l'lu: | irice.'s
xls last. \\ c arc
1 out.
(i rnenv i Ho, S. 0.
>NS, MO W 1'] IiS.
;s. 1 i A NTUvS,
>u 1 ime.
iocs have arrivl)?ir^ain
\vro have
vie and quality
10 of
5 Sll l'0 1() S00 Oil 1.'
uy. The prices
in g.

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