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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, September 28, 1904, Image 6

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President ol the Unl
i >r. Wil\' n A. Aldorninn lias boon
elected President of the University of
Virginia, uim-u institution has up to
IlliS time boon ruled l?v n svstnm <">f
faculty government. With the election
<?f l>r. Alderman (he university reTHE
By Watn* L. Beas'?y.
O ' o
ly))\ mvT FTKU considerable diffl^
Na- cully, Professor Frank M. !
A Chapman, of the Depart- 1
nient of Ornithology of the
^ (/fc American Museum of Nat- !
lira I History, lias secured
the lirst flamingo nests ever brought
to this country.
There are about seven species of
flamingoes, three of which are in
America, frequenting the Iinhamas,
Florida and Cuhn. In height the
flamingo averages about five feet, it'
Tiir. HAIIASfA I'" I. AMI n go,
.'us curved neck were stretched to its
full length the bird would tower above
ili'> bend of an ordinary man. During
May and June. the breeding time, tin?
i: ?! brr'lii co! >rof! - ! fn.li'il.
but reassiimes its most radiant linos 1
1d winter. When first hutched (ho.
young have a straight hill, which, after !
a time develops into otic of l?rnt shape. !
The first plumage is grayish white and
passes through various tints of |)ink,
rose, carmine, or vermilion to the full
scarlet of the adult, which iv;iches its
deepest shade on the w 'u;y. Several
years are necessary for '! :r?S to a'tain
its full growth.
After n pie; ant and uneventful journey
\\ c r? II'.;.1 heart of Andros
without u: itlh-ulfy. Our schooner
w f! left 1.V111LT fit-T b hind ;!h>
;|fe;--f,:-; I,- ' :# />:
% ' : ' jJfc
* . f r of cix? outlying i'c( fs, aiitl ii
nil part of !lir> \ Wltn Jtii'll ill
Tlio loralily i; only m few* im li
abovi" II.o xi'n love!, ami i- f!i:uiif(< .
inctl |>y ii t' iit'S of la
; .,
-$t " i
^ ^ ' ''' '' ^
verriity of Virsfinitt.
linquishos the democratic form ot' government
impressed upon it by its
founder seventy-nine years ago, and
accepts tile form irenernllv nnnroved
poons bordered hy red manprove trees,
with occasionally bare bars of pray
marl and by outcrops of coral line rock
so eroded and \vaterworn into bladelike
(Mines and sharp, japped pinnacles
that walking is attended by much
(lunger. Our tents wore piteuea on n
.sand bar, and preparations were maile
to visit Hie flamingo colonies known
to e\lat In the vicinity.
Subsequent research showed that
the colony was regularly frequented
by these birds as a breeding resort,
but that apparently a different spot
was chosen each year. Eight groups
or villages of nests were found within
si v.idiii.s of n mile, enih having evidently
broil occupied only one yoar.
The largest of these, placed on a
inuil bar only an inch or two above the
level of the surrounding water, was a
hundred yards in length, and averaged
about thirty yards in width. An estimate,
based on an actual count ot a
portion of this colony, gave a total of
"JO!)o nests for an area of approximately
only "T.coO square feet. This rookery
we judge to have been occupied the
previous year. ,Nt a distance of a mile
we found nests scattered about in a
dense growth of iuan:.;rov< s. Ilere the
birds were found at work upon their
rusts- for the mvs"iit venr.
A (lock whs soon winch was estimated
to contain about 700 birds a
ight of surpassing beauty. Although
r.o .-hut was tired and a retreat was
promptly n.ade, the birds were disturbed
by our intrusion, and either
discontinued operations or removed to
nmnc other locality, nm! eventually
we were forced to leave without seeing
fresh nests. Those in process of
building, however, told somewhat the
| manner of their construction. Those
| built among the mangrove.; were in
an e\cell.,nt state of preservation, a
few even containing 'ggs. The task
if getting tl'i -e nests into tlie hold of
in' s.-ii '(hit was oiif <11 ;;rcnt di'li.
euity. larp xt secured measured
eighteen inches in diameter at (he
i i..: liirteen Inches at Hie top, ami
nine iu lieiirlit, mil weighed upwards
i id' loo pounds.
I'lie 'iii'ile uost here figured, however,
has I.e. n ".veavaled to a greater
iw im .w?i pn ni n irr;
I ': "
?l",'i!li limn (in- o.'i^in.'il in or.lir to
H 'hlcn i for tr.u, i>(?rl I'. '-a purpo , s.
:v'c ntiCc Apjorlfnn.
Gunnery practice ?' Newport haa
! f.' .;!: < .id away th? fi.ih.
TC ART i T 1 T*T
Old Trouble in Breathitt Couniy,
Kentucky, Starts Afresh.
Friends of Britton, Accused of Cockrel/s
Murder, Make Move to
Release Hun F/om Custody.
A Jackson, Ky.( apodal says: OH1cer.s
from Fayette county have arrosted
Krlt.ton and started for Lexington
with him.
Deputy Sheriff Terry and Coroner
Bailey, of Fayette county, who were
given a bench warrant from that county
for Hritton, effected the arreat
without trouble. Britton was taken
completely by surpriso at his home.
Mra. Britton quickly sont word to
County Judge Harris, wno la a cousin
of Britton, saying that her husband
I had been arrested and asking that the
! judge scud men to release him.
A posse of Britton's friends left
' Jackson to meet. Deputy Terry, but
the latter, hearing of this, started with
his prisoner In a buggy for Torrent,
in Wolf county, intending U> take the
: train there for Lexington.
The hearing of the feudal troubles
1 ha.s hcen transferred from Jackson,
Breathitt county, to Lexington by the
indictment of William Hritton fr-r killing
,/ inies Coekrcll, a town marshal of
, Jackson, two years a so.
Alter Cofkrel! was shot ciowu In
the street from the court, house it
Jackson, lie was removed to Lexington.
whero he died.
The indictment was secured under
the statute provJ ling "that in any
rase which has its origin in one conn- j
ty. and its culmination in another, ;
either county shall have jurisdiction !
After Prose-cutor Hyrd state.l tliit
ho had tried In vnin to got this casd
beforo Breathitt county juries, the j
I grand jury of Fayette county heard 1
; the witnesses, and tho warrant was sI
nued for Brit ton and tho posse started
in tho night, gathering recruits along i
tho way, an I especially at. Winchester,
where Woodson McChord, sheriff of
Park county who arrested Jett. and
i others, joined the posse. Tlioy left
tho railroad at Torrent, marching j
across tho county for Compton, Wolf j
county, where Hritton was eaptured. |
j This fend broke out with the killing !
of Henjmiln Tin roc!^ by Thomas Co?'k- '
rell, brother of the late town mar- '
shal. While Thomas Cockreb was In !
Jail. Dr. Cox, t.he guardian of tho
(Joekroll heirs, was killed from ambush.
and soon afterward James Cockri-'I
was sho:? and the lighting continued
until Attorney James Marcum
was killed in thi? court house. Curtia
Jett was tried and sentenced to death
in another county for killing Jomos
Cockrell, and that case is now pending
before the court of appeals.
If iu ?!.> - ?
.v ... 111 ii ,h%l iiiin i?riiion
acted together in killing Cockreil and
Jett aiiil White in killing M ircuin.
The posse with thoir prisoner arrived
in Lexington late Thursday night.
Curtis Jett, who is serving a !ifo j
sentence fur killing J. B. Marer.m, is
under sentence to he hanged ns the
principal in the murder of Cockreil.
Britton is a cousin of Judg" .fames
Margin, of Breathitt county. The shots
which killed Cockreil came from the
top story of the Flreathiu court house.
Brit ton say? he was on the ground
floor at. the time Co( krell wau shot.
Among the witnesses was Riley Coldiron,
who swore positively : hat ho saw
Brit ton on the second floor of tho
court house at the time Coc|;reli was
Fro Minw lor tin Pre icltfr't.
The Louisiana Purchase Imposition
Company has adopted a resolution |
providing for free admission to the j
world's filr for all fic.KyiruMi pre.-out* .
InR liiolr credentials .iurlnif N'ovcnv j
Suicide Prevented.
The. startling announcement that a '
pivventivo of r.uleido had boon (lis- j
covered will interest inanv. A run '
down system, oi despondency invaria- j
hly precede suicide and something has !
l;f li found Hint will mv.iw.ni n>m .......
- I' * ? ? " * ??!? * *'?Jdition
which makes suicide likely. At i
the first thought of n< lf destruction,
tal.e lileclric Hitters. It being a prosit
tonic anil nervine, will strengthen the
nerves and Itnild up the system, it's
a I su a great Stomach, Liver and Kidney
regulator. Only f>Oe. Satisfaction
guaranteed by l'icken; Drug Co.
OlOtSI CONffOIRAlt VIURAS ! ! vl>.
(ieorqe Washington Rr<idl<*y Pfls*:P*. I nun
f <irt!i \*hiv V s-lWifj t. I on'-t I ii
I floorRo Washington Ilradlcy, :i 07,
said to lia\(> i> n the oido ' < <.n ''?d<,rvetoran,
died in St. l.oi:i?; W< !n< *
| (lay while on a visit to the World's
' Fair. Air. IlradU y lived in If -ton,
j Tox? anil served in tlio Mi aonri infary
regiment durinj, ti.< < ivil ?var.
Financial Backer of Wanr Southern
Cott6n Mills Bankrupt With
1* T I-Ltlui .
mavy lmdiuhcs.
A special from Boston. Mass., states
that owing over a mill lion dollars and
with assets of $1,200, William D. Smith
Whaloy, the financial supporter of several
cotton manufacturing onterprisos
in the south, llied a voluntary petition
in bankruptcy in tho United
States district court in that city Wednesday.
Mr. Whaley was the senior
member of the William B. Smith
Whaloy Company.
For some time ho has been interftuhid
In roiulni* f 11 i ?
v.ivv\? tu numo JVM U'AlIIt! IN*
dustries in tho southern slates, particularly
in South Carolina, which
have not resulted favorably. Mr.
NVhaley's tota.1 liabilities are $1,114,125.
The secured claims amount 10
$1,087,951, and I ho unsecured to
In his petition Mr. Whaloy states
that, his only assets are personal property
valued at $1,100, real estate worth
$100 and household goods. Thero are
ninety-one creditors. The individual
claims range from $500, tke lowest
ivi f Liii,vuv, 111(3 /milling U1U
principal socurod creditors arc Merchants
national bank, New York, $l7r>,<>!)4;
The Draper Company, Iloperiale,
Mass., 9107,000; Fales & Jenk, Marhino
manufacturers, I'awtuc.ket, R. I.,
5107,000; IJaltimoro Trust and Deposit
Company, Baltimore, ?4.">,000; J. C.
Sheehan, Baltimore, S25.00U; Carol ina
national bank, Columbia, S. C'.,
?c:;0,000; Carey, Hay no & Smith Company,
Baltimore, $20,000; Bank of Columbla,
Columbia, f?. C., $17,000; Merchants
national bank, Camden, S. C.,
?in,000; Peoples national hank, Char
Iri'.Min S? C filO.niM: Mpi'flsanls nsi.
lional bank, Italtimoro, $10,000: Orv.ngeburg
Manufacturing; Company, Orrangeburg,
S. C., $10,000.
The largest unsecured claim, $'0,000,
Is for money advanced by the
Olympic cotton mills, Columbia, S. C.
F. L. Norton, Mr. Whaley's counsel,
states In regard to the petition:
"While nominally it appears to bo
a large failure it ia not nearly ro bad
aa it looks. The obligations are distributed
from New York to South Carolina.
Mr. Whaley was interested iu
financiering the^e southern mills, and
In a measure, they have fallen down.'
Vice Presidential Candidate of Populists
Issues His formal Letter,
At. Lincoln, Nob., Tuesday, Thomas
II. Tibbies, nominee of the people's
party for vice president, mailed nis
lettor of a^coptanco to the Hon. S. S.
Williams, chairman of the notification
committee. The lettor was In part
as follows:
"Wo look forward with confidence
to the comin.; of tho tlnio not far in
the distance when the principles of
the people's party r.hall guide tho rulers
of the nation. The adherents of
t >i I.nnnla'i! norlo nnm/. ..II ?..r.
iiij 11 j/J* i i I'wuti; i ? ?/I?I (All uuioo"
i\s, wherever a man is found, where
liver, mankind arid where governmentc
are institute.! anion;; men, not for the
purpose of enabling a few to gather
gold and pile it up mountain high,
but for the pui po. o of advancing tlio
human race, bringing gladness to l ho
hearts of all the people, enabling them
throughout the development of the
mind to enjoy the delighta of the intellectual
world and lay up treasures
that all the cycles of time cannot corrode.
To this work more than a million
men have consecrated themselves.
i hey nr.- found among r;..?
wealthy and in the rauks of the pro
letariai, anion;; tho professional
< lassoii an 1 anions tho wage ,earn* : >>.
wherever a heart yearns to see our
mount aim; imhI valleys, our cities and
plains* inhabits 1 by a people whose
heads am clear, wlio .c hearts arc loving
and whoso lunula aru adept fit ail
bin;;; useful. They seek not. tbo lidvnfnKo
of one class, but of all classes.
They believe that the principles
enunciated iti our platform will furnish
a foundation fur the building up
of such k nation and such a ocou'e."
Symptoms of Liver Discaoc.
J5ick headache, eons ti pat Ion, bilious
ness, melancholia, dizziness, dullness
and drowsiness, routed tongue, slimy
li "lli, bad 1 :eath. Kydale's Liver
Tablets will relieve any of those symptoms
in a lew hours and speedily correct
tin trouble. They act Upon the
liver, bile, bladder and duct, intestines
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic.
Those who use these tablets find their
action perfect and results satisfactory.
Fifty chocolate coated table's in one?
box. Price, 25 cents, tf
'Jiisinrss Men r?t Brooklyn, N. Y,, form o
(ii'/ n's Protccl vn I cflfjup.
Sworn to put an end to the existence
dI' : -f ;;t reef hoodlums,
i:i'A Ic: organizations oS' foreigners.
m(>I) tlu carrj i>i' of conc-oalcd wonl
>n?s. and lo prot'ci wonum from in
?: 11 and (innoyanoo by vowdioa, sov
nty-for.r Imi: inc.-> hi on of Brooklyn
N. Y., have booomo incorporated
ho C'ld/.nnH' Protect!vo League for
aw i order.
-V . t.r ">* ?" ' 3^$
| |
XVfcgctable Preparation lor As - |JR
simttatinglheFoodamtRegula- raj .
5 tin# the Sloauichs arat Bowels of rcl
Promotes Digpation.Cheerfutmess
flivi Rest.Conta'ms neither M
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral. 43
KOT NAiiC OTIC . i >5
i -Vent' ?
sf/.r -fansur. * I , Tj i
RxlMlLr .W* - J
siniv.Sr.it - I
fta^. i a
ffarrt'ffftl <yart
lied Mi far
HSaArryrmvi /Item: / Sfln i
Apcrfecl Hcmedy I'orConslipo- 'A S
Hon, Sour Stomactv, Diarrhoea \v |
Worms .Convulsions.Feverish- ?>] *
i ncss nnd Loss of Sleeb* ,vj}j ^
I Facsimile Signature oT
Sick Headaehr*.
"For several years my wife was
Iron bled with what physicians called
sk ii headache of a very severe character.
Slip doctored with several eminent
physicians and at a groat expense,
only to grow worse until she
was unable to do any kind of work.
About, a year ago she began taking
Chamberlain's Stomach and Uvei
Tablets and today weighs more than
I she ever did before and is real woll,
I says Mr. George R. Wright, of New
' Ixmdon, New York. For sale by l'ickens
Drug Co. tf
Document Containing 314 Pages and it
Ready lor Oittr biitinn.
The democratic campaign textbook
has been completed and is about to
be issued, it makes a volumn of :n I
pages, discusses the issues of the two
parties and reprints a number of
speeches by leading democrats. A
tynopsis of the book has been prepared
by the campaign committee for the
The Death Penalty.
A little thins sometimes results in
death. Thus a mere scratch, insiRni(leant
cuts or puny boils: have paid tlie
death penalty. It is wise to have
Ihieklon's Arniea Salve over handy.
It's tho best Salv?> on earth and will
prevent fatality, when Burns, Sores,
Ulcers and Piles threaten. Only li ."Slut
Plc.ceiis l)riif) Oo. tf
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and 1
Diarrhoea Remedy and Perhaps a [
Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken with j
a violent attack of diarrhoea and be- ,
tiovo i would have died if I had not
Kitten relief,' .says .John J. Patton, a i
. udiiiK citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
friend recommended Chamberlain's '
Colic, ( hob ra and Diarrhoea Remedy.
11 bought a twenty-Hvo cent bottlo and
after taking three doses of it was entin
ly cured. I consider it the best
remedy in tho world for bowel complaints.
For sale by Pickens Drug
Store, ISarlc's Drug Store, T. N'. Hunter,
Warii your moustache or heard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
^^MBaBBuanaaK/ri MMMnNOn rim. ^
C.i T thh ftMl I 10 II . .f. f? cf !l irf y Ur -I r.c
lim ' ' ' 'A'.ttili h m ' 1 iy < f ,r ivir 1 I .)< o n .'/r mad* <>'
lijj2 fiitJt..*- <iJwUlv>^n ? i f ? ! .n <* I h< movtrr.rr.f it vi < c ' t?i
I Dliken* Chain. Due Intajio C!ur<iv, One Pair !.* !et \c H
I Pearl ItoCollar Puttor** (Me Vopai Olamor, I .?fu?l 1 . ! :T.
Hjj T??(?dvr!?. Ail the above ?*!>t I'fN prcv. \ l ? ? illov/ lo ?
Ifl *4 ?>s \V^ are fo
Is r> >t H'e I* , v 1.1 bargiU you ever I . I i. >y f the >
H cent
jgl Preieni ? vv 04 of Ona ttollov/(ir<*j:iil l.tira f in* $2 AO K c
MB an Olitff l?IniioJvKe H.-. ( i-?ar >, w?)J icmr.nbtr if ycu arc not j
LM Incorpa/'Capi'af. 5,000 GO. CL!CK*lltl?
5: ":"s
m u' m mi uju l *.
UHO s unin
For Infanta and Children.
he Kind You Have
Always Bough?
n. - - ji f
Dears tne w *
Signature /
(\ iP' !n
For Over
Thirty Years
vny i vitin
8 fc.S'll u5 EL^Vjlie.i&??
o0"* y x>* ?<J.
I inTr. /\I'.v.'.vs r?'lc?hk '*h. n*f>r fni
'JiK'IIIMTIiR :';< !> ,??:<!
(iietalUc wif :i ?!' r t-oon
Vs?!i?% no oOirr. '.CrSw c tl:i
u(ii>ii<<iiii?] I'ltKitiivniv IJMvii >..? ;
?" ViMi(I !? . in st'jinp n?' r.lar.. IcHh
iior.ialn it:t?i * i*?J* !<?? S<?n5iv-?.** in a'tlt
> return .lliiki. 'i ?*stli!ion: i!>. |>V
ill &. MI j;v. <*(:?.
'|UO HH)(aare, I'fVII, I . V* A,
V"iiti'!ri f 'il
1 and b'ftutitlot tlio
'flffl&fcr * ** MMl'roinotn r luxuri*nt ptowtli.
? WflNovtr Falln to Bestoro Uray
~uati llnlr to lu> Youthful Color.
iU-CtfStl Cuxco sf nip <1. J 4 tinir Ullwj.
.iV-V ' fflL:OXMUwl ?'l ?'? Dtii^i'.UU
1 v/IT"ir., Kind's
I Disceveiry |
i r?n /^ONSUmPTIOM A
Fun 8 0UGR5 and 60s 2. ?> 1.00 1V0LDS
Fran Trial. J
Bui-eat nnd QmciUiiit Gv. , ftsr all $
] L.E3, or MONEY UAO:.\ 0
C^vmracmmaBummurvcvK ttaiew -jrs^rr i
* G3NNS2?0 j'j
r;-i:~r;-T I
tj 1 v2 ? ?" *.*L ?'H |J
'A . _ - ^ - - M
j F^cle: L>y L:ddcll
P??4 up ivitfa tJKo /
j.j titr?o?, i>v.t yoin'.'i [
j nhontti ii' oliior j
f| iro modern.
- - unci - ~
Got Parlls'ilar* iron (
|j ?? j? ? *? 13 ? ]?? *? j
*X t'lvasa mnnllon this paper. L
The great rule of health ? |
Sis.ccp the Dowels regular.
And the great medicine ?
Ayer's Pills. i?0W&:
Vint crjf or ort'cjourrs or u. p. iiaia* co.. iushia, s. h
ovirr??#./iwAv??^rw?n**. vw*.w* vowwl]
' U"X H Mi
i? i v# <?.< vciifJ<V.*J ru'w aa
ulUlllf <'"4- 1 'all i. p Coif ?r fiilftfl }*, (trie NttlfM# II >!?! *. T>?\ BB
t . I 14k C"?wM f*kte>l) AK? '?i?f .*?ri of 6 TrlfU 511 v?r Kjtc?i\ Bj
( n1 you In ifflo f ^ r jth;U( , Vi < Clfais vjiucJ il JRq
rnrni?.vu J % J . 1 j. ! ; J r.? j (Jr.:..J littfJ Cfl
n CutllniL Hurt r ,\ , < tl. 'f/n r. if.? wmM tvtr mjJe Ml
Altil, we stirrt reJ.ly t > t^fur : yt a: moriry

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