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'..LLg ... . ... 1
RtV. A. B. SIMPSt-N.
Til? M n nl fo* tut I on of tlio ICIiic?
tt'ho Kncocntltoii?I,ur<l of tli? Tcnipln
?Tlin ClilMreii'a Kill"?Outm of tlio
'Klngj?The Kr?|>tro of thu Kingdom.
Kkw Youk City.?Tho following rcrmen
wat preached Sunday by the worldfamous
licad of tin- Christian mid MiHS-onarv
Alliance, the Itev. A. 15. Simpson. Ilis
fi:hjcot was "The Manifestation of tho
, Kin-*." ami his le::t tvn?: Toll yo the
\ daughter of Zion, T'ehold thy King cometh
,unto thee meek, and, nittinjt upon an abs,
IrnnP*if Hio *\f r*?>
? 4UUI Vi Ull IWI. -.uann^w
^' The time had now oome when the Liord
.Tosus was to he publicly manifested uk the
hod of David and the King of Israel. Hitherto
He had refused the demands of the
multitude, who, after Ilis Galilean mira eles,
had tried 'Ho lake Him by force and
make lliin n. Icing;" but now as the end
draws near it is proper that lie should lit errilly
fulfil the announcements of ancient
prophecy, and for a brief moment, at least,
appear as the heir to David's throne and
the answer to all tlio Messianic hopes of
Israel. *
I. The Hecognition of the King. It was
strancc that the firnt to recognize Him as
Israel's King fhould he two blind bep^arx.
Thnt which the rulers of Israel, with all
their wisdom, failed to comprehend, was
discovered by poor old Bartimens and his
Diin<l companion, (.'ailing Him by His Messianic
nomc, they cried, as th? procession
pressed by, "Jesus, TIioji Son of David,
nave mercy on lis!" When .Tcsu,r heard
that no me He instantly ordered the procession
to halt, ?tnd, calling them to llim,
granted their petition like a kinur. bidding
them receivc their sight und follow Ifirn
in the way.
So still it is over true, "Thou h?6t hid
these things from the wise and prudent and
revealed them unto babes." The wisdom
of the world and even t h?? culture of theological
science have blinded men to the
vision of God, and it is the lowly and often
illiterate to whom the Holy Ghost reveals
"the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven"
."uxl the blessed hopes' of the coming once
more of our g'oriouR Iving.
n??. -t.vi i -
miw win nv unilll llltlll hlllMY IHPl.
. Testis was tluj Son of Havid? Witli their
inner f-rnses they felt after Him until they
found llim. It in ho still that tin* hungry
heart finds the Saviour. Reaching out in
our darkness *cnso of need, i?rot>inc j
for One v.'ho we feel can meet and satisf; |
need, we pre*-* our way toward the !
lich!. even as the li'.ind man, who, while lit
cannot discern the oli.jcets before him. can
?oe vaguely at least the glare of the ligh:
and press closer to it. Kven s:o we can
.press toward G'od, and lfe %'ill meet the
.seeking sr.ul and reveal Himself in the visoon
of light and love even Ho did to
' Hhern.
Seeker for Christ, follow the light von
.have ;;nd He will give more as yon follow
on, mid you. loo. will hear Him ray, "Receive
thy tsight, thy faith huth made thee
If. Tlio Tdanifestation of the Kincr. An
ncnt propilccy had foretold the coming of
the King of meekness, truth and love, and
Hit? triumphal entry into .Jerusalem was a
striking fulfillment. Zechariah especially
had literally described the scene* portrayed
in this chapter. "Kojoice greatly.
O daughter of Zion. shout. <) daughter of
feruHHle-n. heboid thy King eoineth unto
tii?"c* 11.' is just and having salvation, lowly
and riiling upon an ass and upon a colt
thf fo.il of an nss." (Zechariah 9:0).
For the lirst time in llis earthly mini.*try.
our Lord permits Himself to he home
hy fho Vieast. ef burden, which had a i ways
been recognt^d as the hearer of kings.
Hiding upon n little- colt never ridden hefore,
drajiod <fvitli the garments of Hi-' disciples
;:a they walked hesidc. and accompanied
by {.ho mighty multitude surging
up from th<J city at vhis-, the I'ausover time,
whftn (he population of .Jerusalem was
Vmafltip'ied tenfold, He alowly descended
w ffoln- /icCii.anv toward tho city. At every
v' ",c enthusiasm of the crowd grew
higher. Cutting down branches from the
pa in tree.* they strewed them in the way,
artd even tneir garments thuv thiuii in h >mr-..t
...1:1.. '
Hi:, n L, wruu: III' if voices rosu in a
mifthty shout ?s they eviod in (ho lani'Has1-'
of an oid prophetic IV.ilm, "Jlo-tiiimah to
tfv Hon of David, Jlosain: ih in the h>gh??t."
Hut U's own demeanor wn* in sir in?,
contrast lo all tlie.?e 01 t irnidt nous
<'S,citcnte!:1. Truly, il<* is (he King
of in?vk:;c$K, lowliness .in 1 love. i>ernrue
Mi'l move apparent v/hen the city
eiui'lcri!'/ burst unon >c"ir view, and the
fight of it. drew from llini aii onthur-.t of
sorrow and companion. and :i:ni<l 11 that
pnpeaiit of popular and.i.nation lie r.?v?
\v,iy to hitter lo;?j m and hmun! itioni ovrr
1rSe e.e-tain iloo.'i wlr-'h lie .saw iiit|n.-nilri'.r
upon tin? sesnes that lay spread before Hint
in all their y.lorioui hiamy. l!'.st the procession
swep.'. o:i, and in a !it:!e while !!'
cm too iin- civ ari<l ?ii?? 'IVmnle
His triuinnhal entry i.it-j ?. ! lt.-aJem v.'a?
* 1??? f.>:. M),.(|nwin?,C of ilrit '.'lorioiu time
when l)f shall eome "jjaln ;> ? l-raol's Ion r
expected Messiah mid ::il: J!:s place U; oji
iho throne of David, iwvov t.? leave
It a>.'? tvpii al <-.i" Hi-; ml .usee upon
ihe throne of the incividii il Ij??aiT when
we iveftivc 11iin :is our J. ml ;t>><I King.
The liMl?? foal on wheni no man lirt<1 mt
Ixcfore -i the exquisite i>'}? * ot tlu; heart
ibrt' j(ivn l'i:u i* -? exclusive alieclion. lie
?n>nios l.i reign. not as tyran!. l>nt a* a
Km,: ot jjontlcnofis and love in all the r.ttractive
uUrihutoc h" finely wt fortli in
tlic uneivnt picture that we are consider*
in*-, lit* does not come to ropivs.-, hul to
satiifj*. tie docrt no! dominate us as a dtuj)ol,
hut He meet a all the needs and Ioiir*
nix* oft our iioing, and s?> oicnd.s with our
niHaie'.md our will that wo hoeo..-;e His
wiihii*.: MihjectH and the very partners of
lit) l,ii);idoni and lli.? throne. Have we
litis rct.ived lliru and known ffiin a* oui
J\ > i ?
!lf. 'IV: K!;: * of Zion and the f. : d of
ti, > Trn tiJe. Immediately upon entering
the 'ivy He passed thron-jli (he traits ?>:
lLo '>"<>. <le, and ic-j .it- I the nniaelc of
its i whi -h had formed I lie In st
? !? c.uOj' lud n ministry. The
itJli r<'fT'*trHn'Tlv.r.'ii 11. ^ ntir icl - md lite |
former ii tint tlna 11. f:i?'?l it j 1 is
< ? > fcouxo; now "My hoi*.-I!" \v:.. now
ia!< n;r ilio position oi licin.4 Ilimsdi tlsc
Lord of the Turjtlo ?ti\?l ' Ik- Inns (lien rv
ti>! IToail oi tin* l.irr,-! i . . A litl.V l.i'.rr
the pliiaso >va , rlr.Mijit'd .\ lit l> i.
tLfti Temple alter Hi;, rolenin
And ju'lxmwnU proiMinii >! a,::.ii-t the
fa'.^n nd<i?t and loadna <>t Israel, 11 ? ds1flared
'"Your hoiitu*," .Mine no longer,
''yon;' iiousft i? 1 **I"t unto you di-solf.!." and
jc. rl:a)J not sto Ale Jtfnin until lie -li.ii! f-:iy
id . *.?.d r> Jlo that <o:n<?Ui iu tiio name o:
'.)'f f.oid."
Jl'!v ".cansinjr oi lii*1 Temple v.is oeca-I
si-j.-.c:! Iiy tho anuse which tv..- in.'do of its
r<itivU ') , a claws nf money i>rf*k?.T.? : nd
hc.iii traders, who took advantage of tho
ycopl"'rt deairo for silver change in order t<?
imy tho half shekel offerim; which was r<ijuired
of cve.y 0110 entering the Temple,
and out of this there grew up a regular
hu&inetni and a large class of uien who, at
exorbitant rates of usury, supplied tho silver
exchange to the wonhipcrri n? they
^ <ro~>tdted into tlie court* without having
~ provjled themselves wiili lb'! requisite
Another class of tradesmen i* ilke man*
rfcjillcd up another part of the . ourt. with
dBtr iilthy stalls for the supply of doves
and other animals for the sin offerings and
burnt offerimio of the doily sacrifices.
? wv? win- mmi ui. i ..ormunii [)nci'f ;
far the convenient the worshiper*, but I
iTAlly for the i<.iin of tJic de.ilcrs.
Tbtf mime high p!ac? lie atill claims in
ill* OUoick of God and (he individual .
f I
henrt. Tho abuse of tlic Temple court* of
old h*ve, aln*), Wen more than paralleled
in the 'listory of Christendom. It was tin
sale of indu'eence/) in the lime of laitlier
for the enrichment of the ecclesiastical parties
that brought about the 'Reformation.
The kind of sin here described i* not secn'ar
businr.Mj in it-s own place, but tho
doinn of thiwro in the name of religion
which ore nrompt"d by mercenary tiiofivea.
Tli"! preachinc of the gospel for the sake of
Tain, wronst financial methods in supporting
tbc church, the desecrating of th?*
house of G'otl by social and secular entertainments
and method* of minim; money
which anneal to the selfishness and frivolity
of man, and the nsincc of Christianity
in anv wav as a cloak of covetousnews. M
an advertisement ot' business, as a meant*
of gonial preferment or secular gain?lhe*e
are things which .ire no common on every
side of us that ,no hearts of many of Cod's
chi'dren have been filled with humiliation
and sorrow, and moved to earnest prayer
tor the cr>mi??r of tho Kin^ once more to
e'cansc His Temrde nnd nurro from His
church these shameful profanations.
The second cleansdiig of the Terrnle
wouM seem to MK'trcst (hat before th"
Turd's eominsr there io to he n profound
work of snneti'ieation amonn the peonle
of Clod answering to thnfc first cleans:njj
of which v.-<> read so t'ully in the er.rly
chnntera of the Act* of the Anost'e*.
Still moiv fully does it annly to the individual
experience of the Christ'-m
Here. too, there is a second eleam iMi?
"hich M>a Lord comes to bring when He
Rimt-elI* enters the consecrated heart, not
only savin", but sanctifying and separating
us unto Himself in a deeper sense than
we can pos?ib'y know. <w.cn in the early
joy or conversion. Have we received this
second cleansing?
TV T?,? - TM.:_
nn ordinary crowd, where the children
alwayfl love to he in front., but it was (i
genuine outburst of heaven inspired love
and loyally that mode them crv, "Tlosani
* nil in the biphest." T'or the T/ord .losus
Himself bore testimony to the genuineness
of their praise and indeed Rave it the hi"hckt
nlaee over all others ns He poted the
ancient Hcriotnre,/'Out of the mouth* of
babes and sucklings Tliou lifts ncrl'eeted
praise." Others might join in the acclamations
bccaus* of th'> eootagrious influence
of an excited multitude, hut theirs
was "perfect praise." As usual tin' Pharisees
were ready to scorn their juvenile en-,
thusiasm, but the Lore! .leses was a'so
readv to vindicate thcin .\b lie had onoc
Let us never forget that .Vsur is the
children's Kin-.'. 15y and hv. when we we!,
11;... i 11: . i... i 1.. U
find (hat a vast proportion of lint ranflchncd
orowd will consist of little ehil(!ivn.
Lot n- train our little ones to know
llim and crown llim as tlir-ii- lvinp;. The
word used here ii: their childish praise is
llie Hebrew word "llosamiab." It i.s not
?iuiJ?* tliu name as llaljchtjah. tiie u-'iial expression
for worshio and ptaifo. J>it? tally
it meatus '"Lord aav<> ji.i." Our llal'ehtjulis
must begin in lfo*annahs. Kvcn the
children. too, must learn that they are |
sinful children, and that, thov also rei-ire j
11,h eleansinp hlood, and only ;'s tliey aeccpt
it and honor it will their llosannah* |
become Hallelujahs, and the Lord pro- j
nounce their homage "perfect praise."
Tlif 1 Vnokii nif r\ T < 1?/"? K in.* 1 ??-.?> * f\ A
ately after Christ'u triumphal cnuy into !
Jerusalem and Ilia cleansing of the '1cm- |
p'e, we read these f.iprnilicant words, "and ,
tho blindj\nd (lie lame oarne (o liim in the ,
Temple and Jl" hcaWt them." l'urirtcation
ftlxvavs lends on to jiower. The cleans* j
ins of the 'IVmnle was followed by the j
healing of the sick and t!:e revelation of !
the ficat. and pood l'hysieian. >So, f?lill. it j
will he found in om- personal experience. !
Thin was not a momentary gleain of divine j
beneficence over n dark and Buffering j
world, but Jesus Christ. i? the some yt*- j
terilay, to-day and forever.
"And warm, sweet. tender even y? i . j
A present help is lie
And love has ft ill i t-? O'.ivet * i
And faith its (laliiee.
The healine 'if llis . ariiUvs robe
i - . win iinio <>i j?a;u. |
Wo touch llin 'mid life's pain an<] strifo
And wc arc who.e again."
Hut, n? oour.-\ ail thi-> awaits its per foot
fulfilment in lii.it hannior time when the
King shall ronic lo His own aniin "'and
tlit- ivn-oim-'i of ihe Lord shall r( mhi and
come to Zion with son;.'* and everlasting
joy upon t^' jr heads; they slutll obtain
joy and pladm ami .sorr ow and ? rolling
ihall Ike away."
Then, wh: :: ilii--. oarfli is nursed of all
iniouity, w ill it ho also true the inhabitant
fhall no nioiv nay. "1 am nit-!;. and tho
people that dwell therria vlinll be forgiven
their iniouity."
VI. Th" t{ ' (ho Kir. jr. Hut t.hfi
Kinc has not onlv b!>- ia-.;. hut also iuclj;nwnl
J.. IN. I *ri
... ... -. ..... i.., : i < I : u i . XI.I* <?ll.y HIT.; ;?
of judputcu; *<!? <! in ?!1 the li e o(
(')ui t j!:n. followed Ibese
iividentx. i ! was i In- cur hk of tee barren
<i? trre, t . v. ]i.. 11 i'i cave seeking
fruit and cnei.ur.if cd to exnct it l>y the
' ivuri.inl 1 ? " - <>\ -red Is branches;
but In! tliov.f \\ nv.- '"iiotnill;; but leave?,
inti II?r jiroiiiitu-.i i .1 upon it tin- withering
vrtirii.i t it If!' i; Icaflos arrl <!'?:; !.
This >; ri?:r ;'. a type ??f the fruit!<-s
iia(i(!i I hit, il" had .iln.Mdv referred
to under tin; j. rib'e of ti.:: IJarren Kit*
Tree, and ; ! > .isi tin1 voleinn judgment
that nivaius cm i v ;rofcs?cd follower ' {
i'lirint who shall ir.i'c-. Mini at I., t with
eniuty hand find .'Yiiif.les; 1 i( .
Bui there ip a bviieiicent aspect, even in
the curse of the isinp. it tells u.s <>f One
that has tie' power to consume and destroy
the tilings which wn ;>rc iin'tbio to east out
of our live*. There are litj trc.'s of sinljl
i.i'iit ai:<l .1 'J..- which our human
st!c:i;''h cannot throw nil <!or;c. Oh,
how Kind w are -di. . times to have a C!od
\v!in iu M i t t!^.. '' a?.I ...1.
.. iii< . uitw ii <MII n nu?v
presence Satan, sin a.id si, hne.ss awav.
Jlo I oils* ?:s we may enter into His destructive
ji-.wcr against, tlieae things ami
hand over to 21 in darning nword ndver*
saii.M an'l ol .!:u'> ; too great fo;' lis to
OV iiCOli.O.
"I am > > . \ul," fii'1 a lit' Ic child on no,
"that. I have a (lost that ran shake tii
\/or!''." Oi.i" (iiv. i-< not all soft and
< >>' bcr.cvoVnee. ot' His ^ent'ene .
i . in arm >>i mijht ird i holiness
ino\oia'ulc iii>? iI?> ? s of tin: . !<y.
(hi! *.nn whatever e!se you dare, beware
of "the wrath of iho f>aivib."
VII. The Hceptro of the Kingdom. In
t!r.< cloainu vci':..:s of our ]<.. ? ; a, e'rs\pt.-r
21, vcises :0 to the I.or.l reveals the
s-.iv.t 01 Hi? own jt-'.wcr .ad tells t!:<
df'cipx-s how they may aharo it also
Tho SCCfOt of It is faith. "If ye hitvi
f.ua and doubt, not, ye shall r.ot. only d
this which is done to t!;.': !ig tree, hn
ul>o, if ye shall say mi!j this mountain
lio thou ventoved and bo tho'i cnat isit
the soa, it Hhall ho done; aiiJ all thiajr.
whatsoever ye shall an): in prayer, bclicvi.iX.
ye hiia'.l receive." And so lie pa^s'.over
to us !!: .~ccptir, ami tells us tiir.
we may e?;crci-.o tin- i.amo oinni.'ioten>
oi faith through which He wrought 11
miirhtv works. I. \.m? foiii? ? !.?? ''
overcame and bccane for us "the A\ith<
and Finisher of our faith." But we nia
cxcrcise the panic faitli, too. Some tinin
that coming kingdom we shall be 1 1
llim and exercise a i>owor over the nil.
verso of (Jod, of which, could we 1 nl
realize it now. we would be amazed an.
appalled. But,IIe is training in now in l!i
tiKi; of this r.iyAlie nci'fttre, and teaching
iifi the leHsoii ! of that faitli of whieli If<(
nee said, ' All tilings are possible wi.li
God, all thinpi are posnik.c unto him
that believetli.
We have but touched i{? borderland,
beloved. There are great continents ol
i'alth and power and inayer for us yet to
explore. "Lord, teach us to pray," help
our unbelief and give an "the l'aith ?J
? ..??
A Vrmmitnwwrt Ollcur of (tin R*k?c??i
Writwi t*? ffkitnh Donn'o Kldnfj rim
Vet It.
MfB. v. ii. Btimtjnrrtner. a local officer
?f th? Robee<j??, of
T#p?kn, Kims., Room jdttSL
10, 812 Kansas nvcnee,
writes: "1 used {Ptw <
Doan'u Kidney rills
during tbe past. year, j
Cor kidney trouble ami
kindred ailments. I j
waa suffering from | t ;V 1
pains la the back t.i:d J J
headaches, but found ]? {$*?(
after tbo ns? o" one iiVM
hos of tbe ronody $?IkI [
tbat the troubles UW!
gradually disappeared, jliBW0v^lA '
so Vnat before I Iiad ]
flnialied a '"oeonil 1
package I wiim well.
i, therefore, heartily
endor*e Tour reniTlv."
(SiKiitHli'.MUS. K. ifCMdAKDNRR.
A KItKR TK1 1/ - Address FosterMilhorn
(Jo., Ki.nr.-Ilo, N. Y. For silo
by nil dealers. Price. r.o T~ts.
Advertising as a '-"ire Art.
As an Illustration of the Japanese
advance In th? art of advertising can
anything be more complete thati this?
"Our wrapping paper If a-, stro:> ;
aa the hide of an eiep'ia-u. (Jo. its
forwarded with the ?p?;.l of a cannon
ball. Our silks nnrl <t??mu
an ?t>ft as the checks of a pretty
woman, a? beautiful a* a rainbow.
Our parcels arc paolteil vltn r.v much
care as a young marriri woman (al:ca
of her husband."
i At39 04)
Sweating, Biisrering Itching, Tir?,i Feet
Upiiiiivf odors <>f tf-ot. arm jiiis. < (< si?|iclintlm'.
?.*io at <lrtitrivi-''p<-.sl|?ivt>l from
EATON lllEDO CO.. Atlanta, fisi. Mom,
Imck it not Wntr lot A
Iviiilo will lw> for l(lr to iny one
nnrivs of flvn jicrsuna n < hIm>\
, //// / / / WHEN nr.
OS &. E D
v/iuu k&r.vvoy dry
... saU& -VCV IN THF.
cai ?vOCUKa raic
Having faiI t to t?cL piv. ; .<i rv.>'?<iLs
:i p;*ot!i:? !::g i.iir.fu'.l 1>> i:so :.f c>:p!o
sJv h, ti.o same Frcnch . xp rimi nlors
:r now trying l<> ward <>IT hailstorms
by exploding bombs in advaaco of
approaching storms, with result*' so far
n ouraging, th . Massachusetts
1*5 .v.'.ghmnu f.tatcr. A sti< ccssful de*
ico of thi3 kind w-mld bo a tr< awire
for tho tobaciv growers.
liOuiMTllle ami NauMvllle Ballronil.
If you are going to World s Fn!r yon
want th* befit route. Tho L. A V. I.* tho
Bhortost, qnlokrst awl b<!*t Ii?io. Throo
trains dully. Through Pnllnian 8!ec|>!n#
Oars ami Pining Cur*. Low Hat* TIckHs
sold daily. Get rnle.?. from your local agoni
and ha It for ticKvia I,. A M. Stopover
ali.owp.d at MAMMOTH cavb.
All kind* of Information fn-iishod on application
to .1. O. HOI-I.ENUKCK,
DIM. Pm*. Agent, Atlanta, Oa.
"How lonjf has tlio mlnisfer ! ( -n
preaching?" vvhi pci'd Hn- strung. 1
who had wandered into the church mui
8ftt down away bavk.
"About thirty year?, I beiloTO," ve
piled fcbs oMier occupant of 1.ho ye v.-.
"That bflnK fho cane," rejoisiert tlir
Htranper. "I'll stuy. Tfo irn?;t bv
ucnrly dorifV' Tit-Hit*.
fitove Wearers.
"It iw a peculiar fact that the
Southerner* havo small hands. I
raivly sell a kIzc over 10, and the
nverugo nre from 7 to 9. In the
*Jorth tin* nv?ras?a size Is from 10
to 12. Another peculiar fact In that
j cast of tho Mississippi I sell tho
' dresf-od kirlu, whiln west of the river,
! <even in St. Louis tho demand is for
mochas. I very seldom Bell a smoothly
dressed glove west of the Mississippi.
Stylos have changed, cities
have changed, Milwaukee has chang j
' ?d and men have changed during tne 1
22 years I have been selling glovcn. I
I have travelled out of Milwaukee
fourteen years and never before was
interviewed about the business.
Among the cowboys the gaunlet formerly
reigned supreme, and nothing
coiibl be *o)d them but a finely dressed
gauntlet of the best buckskin,
whb;h is plain, but as carefully made
as tho lineal imported kid rroro
I France. Tho cowman are extremely
' particular about, their gloves, and
| wear cut. a uoori many pairs. They i
J are as particular about their gloves '
! as thu Northerner Is about his white j
fchlv'. or Ktnnrl np collar."?Milwaukee i
I FlTh permanent lyeuovl. NofUaornwvou*- i
aftor f!r>rt day's nfift of Dr. Klino'a Great j
NervoHeBtorcr.l'Utriftl liottlc.Mid treatise fr^e
Dv. H. Kum,Ltd., 0.11 Afh3t.,PhiU., I'n. I
Tb? present population of Peru ?!oeu not
; exceed 3,000,000.
i Plso'aCnrafor Conmimption Iftsui infallible
?D?illoin? for eou^hs und oold? x w i
' tj^MDEL, 0'.'#un (Irore, N. J., t>b. 17, 1*V)?. ,
! Manila girls carry water in bamboo j
| cylinders.
Mow It Differs From the Constitutions
cf Occidental Nations.
i i
There is an lmportr.ru difference >
between the constitutions of Western
natiouu and that cf Japan. The '
former are 'ho outcome of popular
uprising's against the tyranny t.f nil- !
ers?!n other wonls, of a demand, as i
nf natural right, by the people. Con:
i quentiy, even In monarchical Europe,
constitutions ate drawn in such
urava as to lay the greatest stresr;
upon popular rltrhts, while at the
same time curtailing the power of the
The Japanese constitution, on tho
olher hand, emanated from (lie Emperor,
the fountainhc-ad of all pownr. |
lioforo tho people dreamod of popu- |
lar rifriits or of a Parliament, the i
Emperor had already marked out the I
grand policy of establishing eoustltu
icnal government In the future, j
because of hiH evident desire and
purpose to elevate the country to an
equal place among tho civilized na- |
'.ions of the world, not only because j
lie wished it, but also because that j
course was in strict accordance with j
the national policy bequeathed by |
bin ancestors.
Following that policy, jiir constitu- 1
tion war, drawn up with close adhev- |
once to and careful preservation of
tne lunuamontai principle or the imperial
Government l'rt>m tlmo imtne
In form, however, it is similar to |
Western constitution?, wllh this tlifi
forence, that tho text of our con^ti- 1
: tution.* contains oniy the fundamental
principles of state?-naiv.ciy, :lv
prerogatives of tho L'mperor; the:
rights and duties of the people; th" ;
;; >wers of Pariianicr : Mv.-> power-;
r.nd duties of niiui-vor.; c' state and
judiciary and finance.
Thor.e : :*? &W omhodi^d in seventy
six articles. Matters of dotal!, such,
for er.ampln, as provisions relating
to tho rules and proc">ed!nirK of I?ar j
lkinicr.t. the laws for iho election of ,
] numbers, tho nation:;! budget, t..
aro separated from articles enur.cia
in;: fundamental principles, and aiv?
emb died in laws supplementary to
iht! constitution and enact'1 >! at the
sntne Mwvo.?The Century.
Famous for Catchy Titlts.
Tho 1'all Mall <!azet'<? usco b.>
famous for the eateliy titles of ita [
leaders. J. Nicol Dur.u, editor of the
Morning Post, who us d to bo connected
with tlio Pall Mall Gazette, i
lias recently let the secret out as to
I bow these titles wrre found. Every !
morning tbore was an assembling of j
, th?" staff, and each member would
! write on n slip cf paper his suggvs1
lion for the day's leader. The slip*
: wore collected in the offlio top ha',
nnd nfier a dismusion fh<? most strik- '
iiig was selected. Ono day, as Mr
Dunn tells, the aelected Blip contain
pd the words: "Can't think of u title j
today," which ingenious title duly
appeared at fh^ head of the kadfiw
\\-t;y i? moenllKbt so coudiicire U.
r usance?" said : )* sentimental yomis
\\<n, nnsv/rrwi the praeti n!
f.iil. "for o:-.r thin;.. M^fn you tire
tistoff th* tuoonJiRhi you nrn't Inter
: r 11 *j! fx] by rrmcmbranc'H of parental
; worry about gas find olortrlc Hjjht
-WosM'.iKtnn P'a
i .000 ricn and Women to 'I ry $6.00
Worth of Samples Free,
Send no money. Only iv?ml your name i<>
W. C. HUGHEN, Atlanta, Ga,
oney refunded by your mc
fly A prominent club wo
forth, of St. Joseph, M
was cured of falling c
its accompanying pain
Lydia E* PiiiMianVs Vc
"Dear Miw. Pink mam: ? Lifo loofc
focls that her sU'fiijjth is Jading r.w.ty
being rcatinxjd. Such \v;is my hnvkij.;
advised that my poor lieahh was caused
womb. Tlid words sounded liko a km*
sot; bah Liyc.ia 11. Pinkham's Vegetal
an elixir of Jilo; it v< stored the I'o
good health. returned to nie. For i'oui
claily und each dose adde d health and
the help 1 obtained through its use."
1007 Miles Ave., fSL Joseph, .Mich.
A medieino that, has restored so
ran produce proof of the fact must. l.n
is the record of Lydia. JO. PiaUiiasn's
cannot bo equal Jed !>y any other met
duccd. Here is another case: ?
7 J0y&y' women."
' Center St., .Mari
"FltEK KIKniCAIi A1>V1
Women would mivo time and n
write to Mrs. Phikhant for Hdviee as
tonis appear. It is free, und has put
right road to recovery.
Mrs. JPinkliam newt* violates ? he
her, aii(f althou&n she publishes th<
women who liavo Iiccu benefited I
never In all her experience 1ms she p:
the full consent, aiul often l>y npeeia
(5^^ FORFAIT if wo cai'iint fortliv.' .!> ; <
iniHll! ?o tcsiiinouuU, ?I.), ii V, '1 ! !' i t
riio or :?r. \ .
Cor. Mui ivff i am! i'tii vs tli
r6<b C'chton-g s/I M K
? Ut: wV&UlltVA.' ACfiKfilOn W
8))?7(lihDil Oept., K. C. Crlelitoo. )lookkee|pine (
l> 1{. XhumAfcrr. '"'alslogiip fr<p.
1'. O. Orlib'on, 1'rop., Ki??-r . AtUal?., (it.
w r i.:;iri ullfgc, l.nui iv IK'. Ky.iC i ihcwfi J
y^tr. dtudrntNL-r.n eii'tirany tin:*- frcf I*
/orrtver nine vrart I ftvAVivvJ wltb chronl* < onAilpAiion
nr.^ cirli.f t)i)4 tiwo I 1*1 t?? ink* an
iu)i<*t!oa of vrurm wntrr ,i\cv ?jv??ry i4 hot: rt bcforo i
I < i il h.'ftvo h'I Action v ) ri'.y ? ?w??, . Happily 1 ^ j 1
('uHf*:cr, Mvi t'?vl*v 1 mu n well ?.an.
I<V f , % *,hr nlr:?# > I'M k hoforo I u*-?t OsCAr Ma 4
mi ft* "<1 unt?'l?l nil*# nr .r.th .ntornal pll"?. Th:i::V?
t?? jrcol I ain fr?* ;r<? :i n'.i tl?M t V tis <rnii'|f. You
cat* ill* t n in i?f ? IT- rluvr ! "inMnin " Hri
li. K. Fisher. K? ai?oVe J11.
The bowels j*.
1MOXSMm, i
Plcvin'it. P'ltMit.'( *?tr lloori, D'> Oo'.d. N'?)j
Novof til?l nr., Woakrn or <?i Ir-<. 19 . Sic, ".do. Nivr
o!'i in bulk. ?li? eaonln* tnblM iiimiMil U(!U>
iluttKDtAu l ( > euro or yonr n...iiey back. gj
Sterling Kemedy Co., CliKepo or N.Y. f y\
W??JeV^?T?l? Thompson's Eye Water HI
man, Mrs.
[ich., tells how she
A the womb and
s and miser}/ by
^getable Compounds
s dark indeed when a woman
and fiho has no hopes of evor
a few months ago v/hen I was
by i>rolapsu3 or 1'ivHingr of th?
II to in?, I foil; tli. ? :r.y sun had
;>lo Compound camo to me a.^
rcefi and built me up until my
months I took the mcdicino
trength. T nm so thankful for
? -lr.h. fi.ohenck jjanfop.th,
many women to lsonlth and
> regarded with renpoet. Thin
Vegetable ('(Kiipoum!, which
licino the world lic.s ever proits.
Pink ham : ? For years I was
falling of the womb, irregular
?n.??t rual ion, leucorrha a, hearir.gjaekaelie,
headache, dizzy and
?, and stomach trouble.
od for about iivo years but did
uprovc. ( began the use of your
have laki n seven bottles of
klinm'8 "Vegetable Compound,
d Puriller, and abo used thfr
1 and Liver Pills, and am now
health, and have gained in liosh.
you very much i'or what you
iu ior me, :iml heartily rerom:?ur
medieino to all suffering
? Miss EMMA SNYUEK, 21b ?aat
on, Ohio.
in: to tvomk;.w
[iiicli sickuoss if th<>y "would
soon as nny <!istr^n:iit?rr synipof
women on tho
i eoiifidoneo thus fnlriv-itcd to
:>usam!s of testimonials from
>y hor advice and mediHisfi.
nblislied i'fUch :i Jester without
1 request of ) h". writer.
? r.cr i iio ofipina . U'r^rsai:'. j . ." natures >r
( \" Jj'voluto nun m.cs.n.
Vii Uliti*-! .'u. iilc .nc i>o., Z-.yi.Ji, M !!?:/<.
I'i11 (itMi't i<;t> i- :i jwc.ty
?< m' i J <iii ! )ii r, U
Peculiar to Menmill
K\imiiiUltIon ! run.
r) > tr?"i' '1 oojifSii'-.'j'I.Tl.
SI si., MIiiiiIh. (til,
4j Soulb Fowib ik., Ai!anu,(ia.
x tTrrv?
I'nrtnbto and Sc*1lonnry
Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills
iit ai.i. Ki.vns or machinery
C\)ui}?I<'i' {i.i-* ifrii't (ft it* <tk f\>r
ii Mti'Mi.r ?. I rv a?; I'i?r<l
Write n.s for calalo^ue, prices,
befoiv 1>u
. , CUiHEO
?' >* y.f ?r ".'.i llirvr in Slow
y-~ : p i'?c * !?<-*J???
'k. \s> i r>>>) l: 'it went
k^T zN, . . !! t n?.i 'v.iu oaii fairer
V . Or.H. tiree^V. Sr.nt.
< .'.V c iiti i. JJox B AilanlJ. '?#.
H fi ttin \ ov <lruttyHfc9
Price 50o.

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