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pi;: .; / yf?. '
Entered April 28, 1903 nt Pickeua, S. O., hn rccouiI olnnB ranlttr, under net of Congren8 of Mureli Jl, 187'.).
J The B
v ed drhvi
(f Miilinei
f the Stat
t business
y1 biggest
of value
have pii
*y Opening <
Hughes will aqai
it will far excel n
ed from the nortl:
M a larJ Jktocfool all tile cor
^ they wl be priced as low
maxftm will permit.
K pjbress Goods
y/ jl li|is Department i 1
S wjbo/lj a targe assortment
\ sifnj'L* a,u' trimmings to :
ft Jp"?/e have arranged t<
^ a^Trc sale on our openii
1 1 BIG u
vn # pheat. sowing
J? vrr '111 n
jj'ice to Cotton Growers,
fiection Comments-Personals.
A iglomeration of Happenings of a
Pnrcnnnl nnrl fionoml Nn. I
ture Around the Thriving
Mill Town, Cateechee,
and Surrounding
i Country.
ittoi? 18 opening fust and will '
i short crop. If the cotton
* i
1 J-ulators are counting on a large
? this year, they art* going to
3hort of tlioir aim. We would
i iee ovory farmor that can to
|*l Iur cotton for a highor price.
t wm sure got it.
lie cjUon is not going to be
do that was taught for, and
t mills are forced to buy tho
* ,v matc"al or stand still to a dis-j
vantug? to tho stockholders.
The A kviso Uulor knows best,
- JSjia cutt Jg tbo cotton crop short
i I\i tho int re?t of the hirming class,
jjdwt they < nee iutliat way.
V-" is uiui CTTe
if *^'"(,'l- 'I ntinurd
rains lL?fl J?ly mid Augmt
B. were to the corn crops. \
B .; LetIff ^nncr endeavor (?|
B Mw jafv^ewt, plant ifere corn
A (l another year. We J
H' lillJI lj<vn to got self*Bust iin
I V fjmji the at llboiDhh
^UrC'1 ?un<^'
St... \ ^A-4 was expected, the music
The Big
ig' Store is already
i with Fall Goods,
y, Clothing, 11 ats.
o. The 4th day oi
s has been increasi
fall business in on
3S in all departmei
t on extra lorce sc
3ctober 7th and 8th.
in have charge of this departtiiv
former season. She lias
tern markets where: she bought
rect things in Millinery, and
as correct style and good
and Trimmings.
1 be larger than ever. You ;
: of the. proper weaves for this ]
i have a special embroidery
1154- days. One lot
O;F~ of SI
r time will soon ho
\vs, Etc.
twelvo years since wo worshiped ill I
that church, and it was like visiting
home to go back. In the years
1801-1)2 we worshipped at that
church regular.
Many laces that wo recognized
then aro now no more. A stone in
that <reniotary lolls their abode.
Souio were cut down, while in the
bloom nf life, some of whom it
had ol'ten been our pleasure to
spend many a pleasant hour with.
While wo looked over tho ceiiioi ery
our 111 i11?I was made to wander on
the days of yore, and wo tlmnked
God that Ho had saw lit to spare
our physical frame in order, we
hope, to prepare and lit us better
for that m*e?it day.
Everything looked natural
around tlw eh in ch. Tho c.Muetory
is fust filling up. Tho peoplo around
Kuhamah are in a prosperous
condition, and thoy certainly ku >\v
how to make a hungry man fool at
homo whin it coitaes timo to Hprond
the table cloth in tho grove.
Kev. Holland, or Greenville, has
just dosed a series of mt.elingn at
Ciiteeclioo, There were 15 accessions
to the church, three of win,m
are to bo baptized later on. The
membership of that ehurch was
greatly revived and much arid
lasting g<?od accomplished. Mr.
Holland in an earnest worker in
the vineyard of the Lord.
Married, on last 2nd Sunday,
Mr. Mauley Chapman to Miss.Joaie
Hoopei, Itev. W. (J. Mauldni oili-;
Murriud on last 3rd Sunday, Mr.
John Roobo to Mis? Li/.zio Tyaguo,
Rev. John Head olliciuiing.
Mr. narvoy vnapmaii Huh nOuRnt
out Dr. W. M. Long of this place
and will aoon bosomo a citi/en of
our town. Mr. Chapman is one
[ Store J
a Rir. n
r\ JL/IVJ i
r putting on a fa.lL
You will not fi n
, Shoes and all lcii
; October marks
I / \? r\ "Vr /"\ 1 ?~X T" TfA("i 1 ? C1 1 11/
i j u v c.i y y V..C.11 oun
r history, and to t
its, so you had be
i you will not hav
2,000 Yards of I
Put up six yards to the piece,
less than 7/1 c and the most of
at st- per yard or 30c per piece
One lot, 2,000 yards Torch
Will <40 at only 5c. per yard.
One lot Valenciennes Lace,
less than 8 J/jc, and some of it 111
ino- day at 5c. This sale will b<
until it is all gone;. Don't forget
Our stock of Hardw
A solid car of Star Leader
you want to buy a stove that w
il^I) OAI iS
3 hore, and. we Tia\
(The Leaders
anions* ()l"' host farmers, ;is well as
a j^ood citizen, and wo are sincentlv
glad lo welcome lain among us.
lie will bo an acquisition to our
Mr. Iv K. Wliitniiro, omj ol the
clerks in the company store at this
plaeo, is visiting relatives ;it Too( .on,
AN'. A. West, l>os.s weaver at this
pluCe, made a llyin^ ihit. to Kings
Mountain, N. ('.. lust Saturday.
Mr. J. A. Johnsou, of Charlotte |
is building a rock wall in front <>fj
the electrical dam of this place. i
Tho dam had begun to givo way in '
tlio centre and liad hncome dangerous.
Now that the election iH over let
lho defeatQd candidates bo acqui
osced with the verdict <?l thti people.
May he while you were not1
leeted >on have learned something (
that will 1)D advantageous to you J
in the future. Watch your sue- j
oesslul opponent very closely, and j
it* he makes any mistakes be pre-j
pared to tell him of them on the!
stump in the future. Let every;
citizen of the county strive to
mane me auminiHinuioii ot mo oe
fioors elect ns 8ucjce88t'iil us possible1
Wo havo, wo boliove, two ol us
worthy and nblo representatives
elected to the lower house of the
legislature us could ho found in tho
county. We bolievo tl?ev will endeavor
to look after the interest of
the county uh well as thoir eonHtit**
u >nta.
Mr. Labau Mauldin is u man of
experience and inlluenoe. llo has
been there before.
Mr. T. J. Mauldin is a rising
young attorney who knows when a!
bill it* conHtitiitional. ile m a J
foroeabla speaker and a brainy
man. When they got to Columbia
Setting ]
:AJUL Jftj
-Like appearance,
d a larger and botl
ids of Notions un<
oiir fourth an 11 i vc
:io we opened, and
hat end we are gx
tter keep m tbnci:
e to wait.
Embroidery a n
Nothing in the lot worth
it ioc to 15c. All to go |
Nothing cut. a
on Lacc. Cheap at 10c. 1 e
Nothing in the lot worth
uch more, will go on open2gin
at 10 o'clock and last yOU
tiie date October 7 and 8. (jra
I ?K1
are is Complete.
Stoves and Ranges. If cos,
ill give you satisfaction at it a*
to arkt\
re a 'fall line of Fe
in Low Prices.)
the low country members will
find out that Pickens county has;
sent men who will ask for what
they want, anil not onlv ask. hut
I work for it. B. '
P. S. Since writing Lho above,j
wo have been in for mud t hut littlo!
Cliftrlio, the fifteen months old hod
? ! Mr. and Mrs. (J. \V. Hallow, of,
thin place, died of pneumonia and
was buried at Six Mile. The parouts
have our sympathy. I>
As the ahove failed to appear in ,
U8t WM)k 8 ISSUH, IlKO we t'X ])(.'< t C< 1,
we will add a fow more djts.
The baptising was well attended
lust Sunday near the N orris brid^p.
After some 1.5 or l."> candidates had
been buried with Christ in bapti-m,!
the audience returned to the cluin li
(Camp Creek) where to thedidiuht
<.f many, we met the old bald
headed brother. Hev. T. F. Nelson.
under whoso preaching we have
shod many a tear at (irillin church
when we wore on thn mourners
bench. Yes, it was under his and
brethren M. L. .Jones and l?. Holder's
preaching that we were made
to .see our ungodly state and to
aeek Jesus Christ for our refuge.
Yes, we love these brethren, wo liku
to moot them, and when we hear,
them preach it brings new life into
I mil1 lHii I
To th<? delight of man}*, the pastor
of Camp Greek church requested
Bro. Nelson to prenoh on last
Sunday, which ho did, and suffice
to ?ay that ho proaobed a good
sermon. Bv request of tho pastor,
lvcv. J. B. Trammel I, Bro. Nelson
will till his appointment at Camp
r* i 1.1 IH t ? ?
ureeK on next iin ouixiay at 11 a.
in, ub the pastor will l>u absent
at that tituu.
Capt. Wood, who htta been ?up
in I rim
vm v (Io,i)m H nifiii
_ _ - - ^ ~ _i:
,er selection oi I )rc
:ler one roof in Hi
M'sary at Pickens,
we intend to male*
vLni2' to orive some
o . ~
l with the l>i^ SI
casonable price you had better e
A full line of STUDKIJAKK
A . l?UG(ill?S We have sold c:
the demand increases. "A littl
cheapest in the long run.
Vau/ 1 IA llio Cn
L 1 \J TT U T T I VI IW 111V VIJ
We want your trade. We are
r Tobacco, Sugar, Mour, Salt, C<
ckers, and anything in the groo
ber, and in many instances can
ri recently bought a large quantil
'i iwl itr i 11 I, ,..11
lilivi ?VIII OV.II J uu ClD il > ell
> you need it.
7e thisv
rt iLizers, (irain I)
orinUMidmg ho manufacturing Mitt
rests at tlio X >rris Cotton Mill
for three years, lias resigned his
posit inn and will leave Cateeoheo
in a few days. Ho has boon superceded
by Carl Thompson, Esq., of
1'olzor, who comes to this plicC|
very highly recommended.
Messrs. Smith <Ss Shook havei
8<>ld out their livery luisinnps to S.
M. Porry ami son of I ho Kooweo
side, who will continue tin? business (
at til.; same stand.
Wo liavo mUsed the genial (nee,
(iI tho Xorri.s coi r?>8pond?nt >. found :
iho depot at Nonis for a week or
so, as he and his family aro on an
?\tonded visit to relatives and
friends at Richland, S. 0. \W
hope he will giyw as something
spicy through the press 011 his return.
Our ay(>111 at NorrU, Mr. R. W.
A|.>Miiidt?r, iiriil hi? 1? 11er hull'vis )
ited at Toecou, (la. lust Sunday.
JVIr. Xorris, of Laurent*, brother
of Mr. T. M. Norris, See rotary of
Xorris Cot Ion Mill, is now the.
malinger of the company storo at
his piajo. Mr. Xorris is an alTal
k I < viiii I iir tniin ami iv i 11 Inml 111 '
trading public ?. k. B.
Acid Iron Mineral euros all dis<?iineH
involving intlaniation, by purifying
the blood and directly healing
tho irritated pai lh. Try it on an ex- j
ternal sore and watch ith magic healing.
It acts in exactly tho hiuiio way
on all interna! infUinntioiiu such an
dyspepsia, indigestion, lbeumfttistn,
kidney disease, stornnch and bowel
troubles. It h*i.s no e inul for din
enflfcH peculiar to women. Tones up
tho entire Rystotu. Tra?1o (A-I-M)
murk on ^vory bottlo. Sold oy <lru^fjihtH.
Aciti Iron* Mipotul Co., Columbia,
S. C.
it is loadjss
Goods, ^
is part of ((
and our //
3 this the ^
unheard \\
ore. "We
xamine the Star Leader. If
ir after car ol these vehicles, ))
" f
HA 1- v
nuiiry mercnani. ^
in a position to sell you
idee, Choc.se, Soap, Candy,
L'ry line as cheap as any ($
save you the freight. We V\
:y of R. J. Reynolds Tobac- *&
ii)' Jobber, and you can get a
VEEK. ~\
rills, I )isc Mar
T' J
Marriages?Visitors -Sickness?Land
Trades ?All go to Make up the
Busy Life of Liberty. ;
Miss Aileen Greer and Mr. Hood
Chaney wero united in marriage
Wednesday morning, Supt. l-lth,
it tlio home of the bride'u painnLs,
Mr. and Mrs. I). ,J. (Jroor. Rev.
Mr. Drennan performed the coreliony
in the prosence of a nnml>o.i
of friends Mr. and Mi*h. Chanev
left at 11 o'clock for < tii>? villo,
(la , where they will inak/j
their hoiiiu, Mr. Cheny i? connected
with the Southern railway,
lie is night operator at (Jninesvilh .
Mr. .1. 1<\ l>anistcr has 1 ought,
mi adjoining lot troin Mr. J. .1.
WaVelin. W'c now look for a fino
dwelling hou.se to i>c I>11 i 11 soon^c
Tlio Calumet mill is going .,p
vory rapidly.
Mry. J. T. ll"ggH litis returned
from u pleasant trip to Greenville
Col. T. II. I'aivons has hough!
half interest in W. S. Parson's
store. It is now \V. S. Parsons it
Uttie Paulino Brown, the baby
i?i11 of Mr. an<l Mr.<. .J. II. Brown,
has boon very hick with riiptheria,
but is some hottnr at this writing.
Marshall Parson* wan quite suk
Inst woek with a hi^li fevor ami
sore throat. lie is better and ablo
to begin his work 111 the stoie
Soro throat flooms to bo the
cause t>f nioknoss around hero.
T. G. Sholdon returned from Atlanta
Saturday, where ho has been
taking a course in book l<e- ping.
He will be book keeper I r the
Cain mot mill.
Cotton is coming in town light
along. Htanton,

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