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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, October 05, 1904, Image 2

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jJ y mechanic, a young, honest
O I o until, whose highest anthill
/ Jt tion was to gain p com
lonauie Jiomc lor uiinselt
and wife, and to be
thought well of by bis neighbors. He
had built himself a house, and there
still remained upon it a mortgage of
$500; but this sum ho hoped to pay in
a few years, if lie only had his health,
lie had calculated exactly how long
it would take him to cienr olT this incumbrance,
and he went to work with
his eyes open.
One evening James en me home to bis
supper more thoughtful tlum usual.
His young wife noticed liis manner,
und she inquired its cause.
"What is it, James'/" ulie kindly
asked. "Why, 1 never saw you look so
sober before."
"Well, I'll tell you, Hannah," "returned
the young man, with a slight
hesitation in his manner. "I have just
been thinking that 1 would buy a lottery
Hannah Lanning did *:ot answer immediately.
She looked down and
smoothed the silken hnir of her babe,
which was chirping like a little robin
in her arms, and the shades of her
handsome features showed that she
was taking time to think.
"How much will it cost?" she asked,
nt length, looking half timidly up. in to
Lor husband's face.
"Twenty dollars," returned .?.tines, |
Trying to assume :i confidence which
lie did not foci.
"Ami have you made up your mind
to buy It?"
"Well. I think I shall. Wbat do you
think about It?"
"If you should ask my advice, I
should say do not buy it."
"But why so?"
"For many reasons," returned, his
.wife, in n trcmhiimr tono.
She would not offend her husband,
and she shrank from giving him advice
which ho might not follow.
"In the first place/' she said, "I think
the whole science of lotteries is a had
one; and then you have no money to
"But just look at the prizes," said
James, drawing a "scheme" from his
pocket. 'Tlere is one prize of $20,000,
(mother of ?10,000, Another J?r>000, and
ho on. Something tells nio that If I
liny a ticket I shall draw a large prize.
'And then just think, Hannah, how wis
aiy i coma pay nil up for my house,
ami perhaps have a good linnilsouie
flum left."
The young man spoke \vu!t raueli
earnestness .im! ; ?airanc?\ hut he saw
Hint there was a cloud ui on liis wile's
"It seems to nic that tli<? ehrmre of
?1rawin,','a prize i>- \v:y <io htt i!," said
Hannah, - she U tin* v ii
"Ilrre are many thousand 11< I; : :o he
noli! "
The babe 1i'l >d hard to sn"! h the,
paper, and Ilann !i !.s;<! a de.
"I think I : iiJl! run tin- re- j
maucd Jam- - .in iiv; oiko more ov. : ;
file paper, atul r :: . with n i. 'r ou: .
jvwii* ir^ 11 j;> i 11: i. ^u - \v - 1
uonicd the higher i?s'Utp.s. "Th !
Bnrnpy; iir drew iibbith f,'S'JO a year
"Yes, I know it," r.ai'T Ham all, "Willi
tnoiv warmth than he had before
ma id fes t cd, \\ 1)r>I has lnvr.nv < I
*ho money? Vovi know lift has
squandered it :i 11 nway. All, Jame.s,
money i : of no use unless we com"
Sionestly liy it.
"1I:>i:estiyreppated the young mnn.
"Surely, there is nothing dishonest in
dl'nwing a prize iti a lottery."
"I II.ink there is," kimliy, but cmphfltleally,
replied tho wife. "AH
panics of hfl/.ard, whore money is at
?take, are dishonest. Were yon to
draw n prize of $20,000, you would
rob a thousand men of .S'JO each; or
?t least, j'on would take from then;
money for which you returned tiiein no
(equivalent. Is it not gambling in every
Bcnse of the word?"
"Oh, no! Von look up the matter
in mi; Nironp a ii^nt.
"Perhaps ) <!< but yet so it look? <o
me. Wlin mny draw some 0110
else must . , :i11 I -rhaps It may l?o
somo 0110 who fford the loss no
Iwttor than yt... < I wouldn't buy
the ticket, .fan:' i.et tis live on the
products nf our i .n-'st .Minx, and we
ehall bo happier."
.fames Limning was uneasy. Tic had
no answer for his wife's arguments;
?t least, no niiMvcr that could spring
from his moral convictions, and lie lot
the matter drop. Hut the young man
could not drop the nron from his
heart. All the next day his head was
full of "prizes," and while lie was at
Ills work he kept muttering to himself,
"Twenty thousand dollars," "Ten thou
n.ni'j iiwnain, v IV lUOll -IUlU dOliarS,"
and so on.
When ho wont homo the noxf night
fie w.'is almost iinhnppy with tho nor,TOU3
anxiety Into which ho l"id thrown
Ohlmself. Tho tempter had grasped
ttiini firmly, and whenever ho thought,
of tho lottery, ho unw nothing hut piles
of gold and Hi Ivor. In short, .fames
l.iiiming had made up his inind that ho
."would buy tho ticket. He wont to tho
little lox whore ho had alrondy Sl'JO
laid up toward paying off tho mortgage
from his house. The lock ollckod
with * startling sound, and when he
tfeiew ha el- the cover he hesitated, lie
I ' ?
1 l_
K. ? A Hr&K, 1. j
tt? fit
1 I
looked nt bis wife, and lie saw tlitt she
was sad.
"Ob, I'm .sure I sliall draw a prize I"
lie said ,with a faint, fading smile.
llo took four liiilf-caglos from tho
box, and put tlieni in Ills poekot. Ills
wife said nothing. Mio played with her
baby to iiido iior sadness, for siie did
not wish to say more on Hie subject.
She had* scon that liltie pile of gold
gradually accumulating, and both she
and lier husband had boon happy in anticipating
the day when tlio pretty
cottage would 1)?? all tlierr own. lint
when she saw those four pieces of gold
taken away from tlie store, she felt a
foreshadowing of evil. She might have
spoken again against the movement,
but she saw that her husband v/as
sorely tender upon the subject, and
she let the affair go to the hands of
A week elapsed from the time that
James bought his ticket to the drawing
of tiie lottery, and during that, time
the young man had not a moment of
n-iii i-iijuj iiu-iii. ne wns p iiomaiing
between hope and fear, and therefore
liis mind was constantly 011 the
stretch, ,
At length the day arrived. James
went to the otilee, and found that tli0
drawing had takeu place, and that the
list of prizes had been made out. lie
seized the list and turned away, so
*L.?t those who stood around should
not see his face, lie read the list
through, but he searched for his number
in vain! It was not there. lie had
drawn a blank! lie left the olllee an
imllfinnt/ !?>nn n'l?ne.? .?^??
,,.l .j ........ j. iiuni; in viii; niiliill'3
which lio had lost hail been tho savings
of two months of hard labor, and
ho felt their loss most keenly.
When he returned homo that night
ho told his wife that he had lost. She
found no fault with him. She only
kissed him and told him that the lesson
was a good one, even though it had
been dearly bought.
lint James Launing was not satisfied,
lie brooded over his loss with a bitter
spirit, and at length the thought eame
to him that lie might yet draw a prize,
lie wished that he had not bought the
lira* licL-ol ii ml l<* l." - '?
tn.u u uv u)uiu uuiy
hack his $20 he would buy 110 inoiv;
hut ho would not rest umlor his loss.
Ho was determined to make one more
t^al, and I10 did so. This time he purchased
tlie ticket without Ills wife's
knowledge. The result was the same
as I).'fore. lie drew : blank!
"Forty dollars!" was :i sentence that j
dwelt fearfully upon the mechanic
lips. i
"Oh, 1 must draw a prise!" ho s:ii;l to ,
hii.i^i'l"i HI !> ( > > '< ? '1 1 ' - '
lost. J,rt mo oiko do lliui, and I'll
buy no moro 11 !:s."
Another S??0 w;;s i ?Ut>n from 1' y 1??llo
' nk, nno!her ticket was 1 rlit, an
i Miit blank was drawn. At tho ond
ol' tluvo months the ittlo bank wik j
empty, and .lanrns 1 : : ,:r.j had ;h? !. t !
lii i.c! iii his poi-Uct. All, how ^aviitfstly
lie praye I tb-.t that ! t tie!; : mi-kt \
draw a priv. ! lie had hoc; n > pa!''
and rern, nr. hi . wife 1
!l ii. r k >111! 'i i ! ii <<:i y r .< \
baenuso li" had !>> * J l(). When she*
would try and < I n, 1 v. , M
l:it It, and try to msii tho i. .
K.'.ill h'"- V :i" - to nr. >
day It w.'.h lie ?' v 1 . f t!?: ? :?
u<%i? tho lottery \\ > :o 1?" drawn In
which Iio l):ul tin- ;\IIi ticl ; "Mr.
Uowso has ln . :? Jioro to-day alior ih
'Miii iiiimml in i-n t. 1 tulii I:i 111 that
you would sec him to-morrow."
"Yes, t will,'' siiid Jiimoi', in n faint
volco. "Yes, to-morrow i sh.ill
Young T.mining thought '?f tho lot(^ r>
and of the* pi'zo. This was Ids - :;(!?
trial, and lie fo'.t sure that ho should
Tho morrow oaino, and when .Tamos
r.aiming returned to his homo nt 115111 ^
ho was penniless! A11 his goldon vis- |
mm 11:i11 union nway, ami lie was |
loft In darknos.4 nn<l misery.
"James, have you i>:iId .Mr. Ttowno
his interest yet?" asked Ilamiril).
The young man loaned his head upon J
Ids hands and groaned aloud.
"For heaven'?. pake, James, what lias
happened V" erlod the htartl. d wife. J
springing t > the aide of he-' Inu l ind, j
and twining her arm about Ids nook.
The young man looked uj> with n
wild, haggard expression. Ills lips
were bloodless, and bis feature.* wi re
'.It ...ill. - .I-."- ?
.... .it. i< in ii i. mi 11 u</ii lll-llin*.
"What is i 1V Oil, what?" murmured
the wife.
"Co look In our bo:r our little bank!"
groaned tlio poor man.
Hannah luistoned away, and when
she returned, she lioro au Cmni?<y h.>x
in her hand.
"Kobbed!" she gasped, and sho flnnk
lrcnil)lint{ly down beside her hie I:-ndY.
"Yes, Hannah," whispered tlio husband,
"I liavo robbed you."
The strleken v\ ifo ga-/<>d upon her
husband with ? vacant look, for at first
she did not comprehend: Inn she rr>.
mombeml hi* behavior for woeks
back; slie remembered bow bo Jiad
murmured In bis .sloop of lotteries :tnd
tickets, of blanks and prizes, and Kradually
the truth broke In upon her.
"I have done it ail, Hannah," hoarsely
whispered the condemned man,
when he saw that bis wife bad guessed
Ibo truth. "All, all'has ?one for lottery
tickets. The dowoQ tcmytor lured
me: lie licld up glittering gold lu im
liand, but be gave mo none of It. Oil,
do not chide me! You. know not what
1 linvo suffered?wluit hours of agony
I have passed?and you know how cold
my heart is now. Oh, my wife, would
to God I had listened to you!"
"Ah!" calmly whispered the fnltlifu)
wife, as she dilew her linnet ncrosti b*>r
husband's lionteil brow. "Mount no4
for what Is lost. I will not ehtdo you.
It is hard thus for you to lose yom
scanty earnings, but thero might br
many worse calamities than that. Courage,
James; wo wilt soon forgot it."
"Arul Mr. Kowso will foreclose tt;?
mortgage. You will bo homines.;,"
murmured young La lining in broker
"No; I will sen that nil is safe in that
quarter," added Hannah.
At that mpinent the baby awoke, ?nfl
the gentle mother was called to car#'
for it. On the next day, at noon, Hannah
I,aiming gave her liusbaud n v
ceipt for $15 from Mr. ltowse.
"llera," said she, "Interest paid
Now let us forget all that lias passed
ami eommeneo again."
"But liow?what liiis paid this'.'"
asked .Tames, gnxing lir.st npn-.i the reeeipt
and then upon his wife.
"Never mind."
"All, Lull I must mind. '1' 1! inc. It u> i
"Well. I have .sold my c- :.1 vatrj:." j
"Sold it!"
"liut 1 c;in buy it hack i.-viSn. I'he I
man will not part willi ' t, if 1 v.-aid it.
l>ut 1 don't want it, .lanx , (ill we are
able. Perhaps 1 sii.tI< n- vcr wait !t.
YOU -Uli < !>!.Ir. I. .. ?. ! '! i
I derive one th;> n!c;j.<uiv from |
itn posv>s?don that I no'.v feel in ! 1 s; I
result of !{.; disposal."
.1 nines Liunion Happed li!s wife to hio !
bosom, niul lie murmured a prayer, and
in that prater there was a pledge.
?*? #?*
Two years passed away, and during
lliat time James Lanning lost not a single
day from liis work, lie was a?
punelual as the sun, and the result 1
was as sure.
It was laie on Saturday evening j
when ho eame homo. After supper, ho \
drew a paper from his pocket, and laid j
it litmn !!'<> toliln
"There, llannah," said ho, while ft
noble pride beamed in every feature,
"Ibere is my morfifnge. I've paid it-every
cent. This house is ours; it is
our o" r> bouse. I've bought it with
: dollars, every one of which has been
honestly earned by the sweat of my
brow. I mil happy now."
j Hannah Lamiing saw that her husband
had opened his arms, and she sat
down upon his knee and laid her head
upon his shoulder.
"Oh, blessed moment!" she murmured.
"Yes. it is n blessed moment," re- ;
sponded her hudiand. "Do you re mem- j
her, Hannah, the hour of bitterness j
ttint wo s^w two years ni;oV"
Tlio wife Kii'tiJilorcd, but i>i:nl no j
"All," oo'itinnod lli<? yr.'i ^ u):i*n. "1
hrivo novor frr.'io! it n !!: ;t bitto. It son;
:iih1 oven i 'i\v 1 tl'iviil , 1 think |
how fntiiliy 1 v, :s ?I< ( !\ <*i 1 I y 111?*
, (Piuplor liia" h.is hired so m::ny 111 isnn^s
to dolnn-tlou."
| "i'.ul ii.i l,Is !>!'t ir. tl s happy
moment," Frii<{ ll.munh, lo>kns no
with :i :!iil
"Its t . >v r I': <1 v I r; :t
1 . ' '
.i. mi in,i jc- ]> .n : i ; i vt r lie ;
forgotten. .Mi. !! .? ' ; ; y tie!; t 1
li;is* u ? :. .! few wo
until tluy : -I i1."
"Ard '.III.' ;:!! ii > Kliios fioftlST
I risked (!" Wife. !; i!> " rt y Iti-iuli! I
; itlri"1 i i - t t: rn of !lie
f:: i'jn " iv. .. .-it c.,.j oi.Jy !
; le<ir? I!:" S y\var<l t Va vol ; jiiilo dniigor j
:i!'?l ?li< ?."
"Von !i;. <! r v ,,V?. Y u
1 \vr?vo i-1 ''11 i ' > ' iwi i i
:ir dr. !': ';,nl *i??"i itj^ro '
. 1 , ; -!y to ' . ' . . -i! -xi !s
wonIrl of: - >r < ? t r <ll?" i ( .<
<>' !?::? Iff. i ; v . I! v Mil<l I"1 frtr
i-.' ; ii.i>. i". i i (!. v < llif
now. ? V . v? ;! V .
Arc AincilrntH I'm llli r in I
As a lllttitr:' of : n't, i-> Klljrilsll poll- (
I li'Iitn cm UtinUs 111 ioi'.llijf till'
I niltvl Slsiti in 1 i> . :?; < 'i willlOUt
; Homo ' tin!'. :i!'-:i . :y ; ... ?*tIvo, :mi! tli<?
Ii.*iti><i . wl.i i 1 Ms s l
to I.,- tin- most sloli.J puliiie in lSurope, J
ami l)(>eoni<; i:.:l, thanks to cheap ;
reading, oim of ill" most hysterical and 1
scntiiiKMil.'i), always flu'ers heartily i
any allusion (<? "our cousins beyond
tlio sea," and :i*^r? rapturously with
111o speaker thai "Mood is thicker than
water." An American who trios to
porsimde hints. If tluit his. country has
a political foe in England had better
may In America if l:c wants to keep j
his faith whole. It. would hardly sur*
vive a fortnight in England itself, j
KnKllidnucn hear no unulyeH. They |
are as proi.d of Wa: liin^lon .*:s Amer- i
(/ . no 4 1......^ ' ' I - * 1
..I iii.hiii , hit . hi mem itre not :
even awmv '.luii. (li"ro was such a I
tiling sis tlio War ?:f IM'J; while tlioy
quite cheerfully admit ;kat nil through
tho Civil War nrid 'he Alabama busi- j
uoss they v.rro 111 tho wrong, mid wore 1
rightly Jiiado to pay for it. In tir? visHo
rs' ro'ii.i at tho I Inform Club on
I'll 11 .Mai! you will I'ml over tho mantlepiece
a :ni!( of tl.e Declaration of
Indepeinlenc.', ;i:t?i above it medallions
I of Washington, Lincoln ami linmt.
There is something rather fine in a people
that can thus candidly publish a id
acknowledge two of the gieau.t blunders
In their history, lint tiie Tritl^'i
have grown into a big habit of always
exempting Americans from the ordinary
divisions of nationality. Cecil
Rhodes was far from being the only
Englishman whose patriotism went bei
yond the empire, and included tho I
raee. Tho least Imaginative Londoner |
feels himself and his country in ft very i
special degree united to America. It
Is the nation of nil others he would I
most like his own to be on friendly nnd |
even intimate terms with.?Sydnej i
Iirookti, in Harper's Weekly.
t%jrsirsi fNjf
Negro Held in New York.
A New York dispatch says: At tho
request of the authorities of Florence,
S. C., a negro who gave his name as
Jim J'rown, and who is charged with
incendiarism and felonious assault,was
arrested on the schooner Salisbury, *?t
Port Royal, S. which arrived Monday.
? *
Constables Make a Raid.
K i.f -Ucw.
j'ui iy wi ui->iK.un?i(y *;unni?ui**?5
in the Spartanburg district rceentlv
destroyed over 15 000 gallons of boor ,
in twenty largo fermentera, nnct also
broke up a still. Tliis is one of the
largest, seizures ever made in tbe dist
r:<-t. 'I'lie still was abandoned be
fore the constables readied it, and accordingly
no arrests wore made.
? ?
Painter Slays Carpenter.
A homicide occurred liirqj' miles
iVoni Columbia a day or two ago. Percy
Crews, a carpenter, engaged !n
buil'liug a cottage on the Kpvorlh Orphanage
property, was shot in the j
back of tlio bead and killed i> va nnint- '
or named Hurley McDonald.
There had been .some dispute nwr j
a ma Iter of ?r?. There wen; 15 or 20 j
men working on the premises and I
they did not try to stop McDonald,
who went to Columbia, notified His
wife and made his escape. Crews is
little more than a hoy.
* A
Banks and Mills Hav? Security.
The statement sent out from Boston
concerning voluntary petition iu
bankruptcy by \V. 15. Smith-Whaley
has caused South Carolina bankers
and mill men to explain that all of
?>lr. Whalny'rt obligations held in this
section are fully securel. Manv >f
the liabilities listed are notes endorsed
by Mr. vVhaley and others and are
perfectly good without his name. The
bankruptcy proceedings wcro not. unexpected,
as they are the logical outcome
of embarrassment of mills lu
this state, which was fully aired last
winter in the courts and in the press.
Bride in Roic of College Girl.
When Miss Annie I.it inter Law, of
AihiumLi. <~5n.. entered Converse Col
k \ ;it Spart vuburg, the past week,
if was little dreamed that sho was
1.. i .!.? 1. .11 1- --
ii. >.< . i .?iii.u'di i i i :i ny un? riji]iv<;
authorities, however, that such
was Mi ' case.
Mis:; l.uw'f. marriaRu leaked out hv
mean; of a t kv*ram from her hus*
hand, Mr. lie j. >. of AusiiftLii. President
i'tfll refused to aiiow the younk lady
to comply with her husband's teles:
raphic rc<fuest t<? eoino home and
lcejit Mism T.:;w lit the rolloRO until
!k r* u Mian arrived. In I he company
of iIm' 1 utior Kite It'll i mined! ilely for
Au?ii- trr. j
Entire Family Wiped Out.
\ trle^r t'.n v. r< ; ivt :I :>t 0i?<. - j
11 . " I'lcin i -to ;>.( It nl' Mr. I. ?
Hill . !. Jtiliicf. r'"> mi., wlio wns Idllf I I
: - !>???>. ) I:- ;i ; :w(1 niiM.
Ttl? < < ip v. a . c\;iv !( i u( <*"i !
' i :oi>(i:iy ii !ii, but in. ' -(I 1
leU U'Rin w; r<" ' 'v .! Htating tivit
* , nrn.irnpanic l I y Mr j-Icd' ' !
lliil. hi: frithfcr; I,i;o Hill'.* wlfo a fid
t i : ''iii: hi .1 and A : ii:i* 1 i' Mor, * <
on tii Ill-fated XfiuMv-rn train, win
v. : . r< "U<-r in T : n;v- . o and ll.it
all l!ii> parties were! kilif.l.
Tin" cnrpHOS of all Hov.?n of II'*'
family won1 W:< :* s.-nl w> fluff iipv.
* ' t
S?'tfe Crackers Make Nc.it Hall.
IJxpert s:if?i craekr r entered tbe
postoffice at Kiu^strco, one nijrbt tlie
pant, week, and, alier a short aiif>Ii? a
(ion <?f blacksmith tools, rtolen from
ji nenrby shop. extruc(ed a package of
$1,000 addressed to tin- Hank of Kin^'ftree,
$350 in iiostoffleo funds, abou(
?tr>0 worth of stamps and jewelry t)"longing
to Postmaster Jacobi valued
Jit $."?00. The bit/glnr* (hen departed.
le*ivinrc no elite. The money lor v!:e
bank bad been sent from Charleston
on wired ordern, and it was- puppoxe.l
no one !;in w oi the Or<'."r except bann
officer fivl Hi'- to], graph opt rato'-.
Tiir? losa w: disfov;ivd Iho ney.t
inornli;/. As Hie money had Iccn inr.urod
tin hank will not lose anything.
Lynchcrf for the Usual Crime.
A young negro hoy named Hatm
nrown war, lynched hy tin* citizens of
Laurens county for ftUeinpte.l criminal
assault on the 14-year-old daugh/?<
i. i wi mi.: 11iikim.'h, u mmier at waterloo
tow null I p.
Tho girl and her sister wore alone
in tho yard and the negro assaulted
the younger one. The older girl canio
to the aid of her sister and the negro
released the younger, telling both he
would kill them if they ever told, lie
then went hack !o his work picking
cotton in a nearby field.
Tho girls told their father when he
came home. The news spread to th*
neighborhood. The negro wan taken
from tho field. Some wanted hirn car
riod to tho Laurens Jail, but others Insisted
ton lynching lilra.
The lynching sentiment prevailed,
and, at night, tho negro was carriod
across the Saluda river Into Greenwood
county and hanged.
* ?
nepcruing at leisure.
A ease of love at Urst signt, a hasty
marriago and a husband now in Jail,
charged wLth bigamy and obtaining
goods under falso pretenses, is tho
pitiful (ale that cornea from Anderson,
regarding Mrs. Susan Owens,
who recently left tho Excelsior Knitting
Mills, at Union, to take a position
in Hrogon Mills, Anderson.
Mrs. Owens is an attractive young
woman about 2<? years old, with four
little children. On the 20th of last
June her husband, George Owens, died,
and a short while ago she decided to
go with friends to Anderson. At JonesVlllQ
she wne Inlnoil !?, ' * 1
.. uj uiiniiv; ivuir
nedy, a man about 3."> years of age
from Hickory, N. C., whom she had
met Just a few days before.
While en route ho wooed and won.
and on arriving at Anderson they
were made man and wife by a magis
irate; but evidently the marriage did
not carry with it all the bliss that
was expected, for Kennedy was arrested,
charged with higamv, his first
wife, now living in Greenville, and also
wish having sold all the earthly possessions
of Virs. Kennedy No. 2, lor
merly Mi's. Owens. She, as "a result,
vras stranded in Anderson with ner
four little one*.
O *
Bennett Extradited.
Governor Terrell, of Georgia, granted
the extradition warrant in favor
of Governor Hey wood for J. 1?. Honnett,
now confined in Jail in Savannah,
ljnt wanted at Hampton, both on
the charge of hrinir an escaped eon
viet and for lb'1 murder of his wife.
Attorney General Gunter went to
Georgia to represent the state ?n J;io>
supposition that Uennott proposed to
flsht his extradition. Rut Governor
Terrell received a letter from It. L.
Cohling. of Savannah, who has been
representing Hennett, stating that ho
would niaho no further rontention.
It sccMs that Ilonnett, who had boon
serving a term in the state penitentiary
for murder, was pardoned on condition
that he would never return to
the state. He did return , and, it is
said, while liere, killed his wife. The
extradition papers were made out on j
mt; ii, i riitirpp, n ik'uik claimed Hint |
lio \vi. 11 escaped convict, because no
hail returned to tlio state in violation
of.his pledge. it wps aflorwards learned
tli.ii if : h?. extradition papers wore
not. honored mi t.liut ground, ano'lier
warrant would ft<> s-'ut charging Hen
nett witli murder. It was then thai
(' >! onel loiinir deride 1 to uive up the
flight an ! ro wrote (1ov? rnov Torre1!.
tjoniwvillo ai.it Nashville [tuilroatt.
If you are going to tlio World's I'oSr you J
want tlio hi'st rout*. Tlio Ii. ?fc N. is tho |
shortest, 'iui<?kciit und host lino. Throo
trains daily. Through Pullman Mb ophift
Ciir<iui<! 1)iriIn ; C.urs. Low Halo TI<-l?ot?
sold daily. <>' t rulf from )c:ir |o<:;l
!tr.<l ftjik f< r ti<*i: via I,. \ N. SroiovRn
ai.r.owfi) at MAMMOTH CWV..
All klri?!:- >-i' information furi I-'. >1 ori apl
li ati< n to .).(!. HOI.iiKNJil CK,
J)ist. l a. s. A^'nt, Atlnniii,
Acid DySpepsin a Very Common Disease.
It Is indicated by sour stomach,
, In ii!.'.".ini, tongue coated and flnVoy,
[stomach tender and bowels Home Union
,loo i , sometimes constipated. Persons
?uiTerin;r from Acid Dy.vuensia aro n<
lually thin and bloodless. Sometimes
the siuffeivr in fleshy, hut the flesh is
|f!iibhy and unhealthy. A Radical cure
|of thht disease can ho effected in a
short time hy taking one or two Hyjdale
Stomach Tablets aftc r each mo.al
jand whom v? r the stomach Is out of
order. Thev are harmless and can ho
taken at any time and as often as i*
necessary to relieve the stomach.
iTrial size 2'ic. Family sire, flUc. If
lo Receivr P?vOiirinrt Wort tf<w<rc.
An order was issued at the navy department
Thursday providing 'hut all
employees of navy yards and stations
in tIn; United States shall be paid during
working hours. The labor unions
have long objected to ?!.? !r members
reeoivlng pay after working hours.
Home lor Priinkitrds' Wives,
Twenty thousand dollars to establish
a homo for drunkard's ttives in Iowa
is one of tho bequests of the late .James
Callahan, (ho eccentric philanthropist
mil'ionalre of Des Moines. Tho beque.it
Was made known Thursday
Suicide Prevented.
Th<- startling announcement that a
preventive of suicide had been dlscovered
will interest many. A run
idown system, 01 despondency invariably
precede suicide and something lias
been found that will prevent that condition
wjiic!. makes suicide likely. At
the first thought of self destruction,
tako Electric Hitters. It being a great
tonic and nervine, will strengthen the
nerves and build un the Rvsttm ! '?
aiso a great Stomach, Liver and Kidney
regulator. Only 60c. Sat infliction
guaranteed by Plckenw Drug Co.
I tf
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney tr< jblc preys upon the mind, discourages
an< lessens ambition; beauty, vlgorO
icttt- i *. anc* cheerfulness sooW(
MMI disappear v/hen tho kld
neys arc out of order
-mMj ir ^or diseased.
_7 Kidney trouble has
' IT bccomc so prevalent
" 1) that it Is not uncommon
l\ H for a child to be born
/V\a^"c,c^ with weak hid'J
|i neyc. If the child urinatcs
too often, if the
urine scalds he flesh or if, when tho child
reaches an ic when it should be able to
control the ir.sagc, it is yet afflicted with
bcd-wettlng,iepend upon it. tnc cause of
the difficulty^ kidney trouble, and the first
step should fc towards the treatment of
these Importit organs. This unpleasant
trouble Is du4o a diseased condition cf the
kidneys and ladder and not to a habit as
mort DCODle
Women arlvcll as man are made miserable
'with ilucy ar.d bladder trouble,
and both ncl the ofmc great remedy.
The mild ani the immediate effect of
Swamp'RoJi3 aooi|-eali?cd. It is sold
ires, also pamalet tell nomo of nr-iuim-Root.
ng a'.l about 1, inciting many of the
houjands of istimwil letters received
rom sufferers &red. tt writing Dr. Kilmer
k Co.. Binghatjon, 1 Y., be sure and
mention this pajer. 1
Don't make Iny rrftke, but remember
the n.ime, Siamp-?t, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, aid the Brcss. Binghamton,
N. Y.. on evervVottlafc
Columbus Judqo CatnTpon to Derid?
Question of Stofttockings.
A Columbus, G?|k patch says:
To bo strictly ace;!, Justice En
gene Kay, of this clftinnot exclaim
"l am from .Mlssouaiow mo," hocnuso
of the fact tl|o is a Georgian,
bat at Hid Humlo bo endeavors
to live tip to tAotto that I?
making the ir.ulo HtAmous.
Monday u rather B ease eanio
up in his court, a y<?t?hito woman
ami her husband appelas prosecutors
of Dlna Willtanslgro washor
woman. who wan chat with stealing
a number of artiilf clothing.
Among other tilings #a alleged I
that the woman stole V- of stock
ingK. She denied her ??ery stren I
i:OIIKIV M nH th?* nPr?a?>Mil - '
... - ? -wvas equal /
t.v insistent thill. she hal returnedi
the hosiery. In this iaa Jud^jf/
Ituy, who was Eonnnvhii^]^^ aiy/
who was anxious to I at. tllfc^,
truth of the matter, toi wo*^J|
t i hold up Iter drena "low
court the stockings she Ij. 'i'no
woinau elevated 1?<t drc:L point
jtifit above the knot"', atul j ao
th<- prosecutrix cxclnlra'qpitedly
l i>at >he negro had on *??cliin>r?
Sh< remarked that '.he r,(, ;lCr.
I self wore was. the sanH:.3 JUi
ti:e pair stolen hy dofen<i Oo.
corning ginnowhat excited bit
nation, mid being Imbued i commendable
de.'Hro to vcrll state
menta. exhibited her owi Jnga.
Judge Ray took a ?tr* j?UoinI
view of the two pair of 8t 3 tjul<,
exhibited and decided thi Woro
of the r.ame Ktylo of h?isl< s sue
i tainlng tho prosecutrix's ion.
j "Two physicians had nn<i
I iThllOrn rtirllt with (in n?
, - in* my
I light. Iuuk," writes J. MVS< 0f
tnil'onl, C.a., "and gavj j?tY.
, ryhoily thought my ^U-me
A:; :i last resort J trlcrl|^*A^ow
Discovery for Conauml j)t)n
cfit 1 received was st lectio wan
on my foot in a few I l*vo
or. 11 rely regained my 1 p^n
quers all Coughs, ('o.glomr()Ilf
and Lung troubles. ,ca| F t>y
Wiekens Drug Co. i'ricj ^urj.00.
Trial hottU-H free.
Braco of Wildcat Compjl x?otj|olU
lorth in Jflcksfl ]
At Jacksonville, KB* j'ui
ted Slates special nl-ulatd
I) Anderson, represA thijtallle
rtoftltv nnrniio"'!
the Consolidate . Up
ly Company of Dos 'b0 ?'
The arrest was n Ll h'lBl<vr
from th? poatofflce ( wlu dCJ,
claims that tho tw ,, ( re
wild cat schemes, ai 1
hr.v" boon swindled r? l%.
United States. fc mil
Thorn nre a minify mat jn
Jacksonville of thel . ,h
colls from the sulr^1' aljr
month with a proifl ^
end of two years IU|H CUV
lean of Sl.OCO. [|he iq
Violent Attack of Df*if Sji ?t
Chamberlain's ColXftujd?ap?\ iJw-ifc
Diarrhoea Remedy an^^H^m3\K
Life Saved. I
"A short timn asrn I
lUivo I would 1iavo died \j 'SBjjLui no(

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