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nnLi; liadle.
Creditors of Defunct Macon Bank
/' ^ Must Be Paid.
Comptroller of the Currency, Ridgcley,
r? .1. n : t
of frocecd.ngs.
Hecelver W. J. Butler, of tho First
National Bank, at Macon, tla., received
instructions from Comptroller
Ridgeley, at Washington, Wednesday-,
directing him to stand ilrm us to Ms
demand on tho stockholders of tue
hank for $200,000, the amount foi
which it la claimed they are liable under
the national bank law.
Tho instructions came in reply to
an inquiry lrom the receiver as t<)
wiiiti uuuracj m ii'in-'w, in viuw ui uic
fact that ^overal cf the stockholder*
are resisting tho assessment, on tuo
ground that it is too higu.
In tho letter received by Receiver
W. J. Butler, tho law on tho question
of tho assoHsmont of stockholders is
cited by Comptroller of the Currency
% itldgely.
"Tho assessment is not subject to
tlio control of the courts when the as
?eK?ment la legally made," bo quotes.
The trouble between tlio stockholders
of the insolvent bank and Receiver
Lhitlor grow out of tho assessment
made by tha receiver for the full
amount of ntock involved, or 100 per
oout. demanding of those stockholders
(who woro able to pay) more than
their pro rata to cover tho deficit
mado by those who wcro unaiilr t >
pay. In a petition filed a abort. wh.' j
ago one of tho stockholders claims
tliat the creditors cf tho defunct institution
should not ho made to boar tn->
Joss involved in the failure of certain
of tho stockholders to pay up. thus
making each stockholder stand tor
hte pro rata or about 50 per cent., an :
not the 100 per cent, assessed by the
recoiver. Ah socn as ho heard of this
notltion, Uecoivor Butler wrote to
Comptroller Rldtfoly for tho lav.- on the !
It seems that tlie assessments are '
naado by tho comptroller of the eui |
reney and (hat Reeolvor Sutler's dutv i
the mat tor 1h their collection.
/k Bat whctlw r there has beeu a inlslako
made in tlie assessment, or not
Receiver Butler stands by bis original
assessment of 100 pur cent, and ii. i;> '
naid that if any litigation follows as |
iho result of his stand, tlio <oals will i
he tiUcen out of the ast.t Is. thus throw- '
tns a part of the burden of court proceedings
on tbo stockholders.
An application for per mission to soil
certain property at. ono time in the !
pojsesslon of the vie timet l'irst National
bank was filed Wednesday morn- '
tng by the attorneys of Receiver W. J.
Ha tier of Ujo insolvent institution, ir |
the offleo '-i" Clerk Cecil Morgan, of 1
the United States <ourt. It. is est'-'
mated Hint the property to bo sold
will not bring over
l ondon \ewspnper Scores liufjli Gurney for
His tscrtprtdn <it Lee, Moss.
Tlio Westminster Gazetto (London)
accurately sums up the ofiicial opinion
on tlio incident <?f the lining by .Fu;sttce
Phelps, of Leo, Mass., of Hugh
Curaoy, third secretary of the Tlritisn
embassy at Washington, for violating
tno supposed law relating to automobiles
and for contempt of court, ss*.y"It
seems desirable that gcntlcm<"?i
connected with tho legations should
ncep on tho safe nido of local law
when they use motor cars, but if perchance
they transgress, tho simplest
and quietest plan is perhaps to wnivo i
their prlvilego and pay tho tine. No
llttlo annoyanco is exhibited in ofTlchii
quarters here at tho claim made by
Mr. Onrnoy for diplomatic exemption,
with the consequent publicity over o
trifling affair."
Cholera Infantum.
This difloARo haB lont Its torror.'i
Hinco Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy carao into general
use. The uniform success which attends*
the uso of this remedy in all
casesi of bownl wimnlftinta in #?htl?liv.M
has marie it a favorite wherever Its
value has become known. For sale by
Pickens Drug Store, ISarle's Drug
Htpro, T N. Hunter, Liberty. tt'
iJ Suffering With Cod, Symptoms of H?iirl
1 wltl Ir^htn lliivn Oevnlop *d.
nd bo A WaWWngton Bpoelal says: PostMi
nol waster General Honry C. Payne Is
ton, d norlously ill at hia apartments at Hotel
.Arlington. Marked symptons of heart
n*? troublo have developed, and his courildy.
tion becarno so serious during tho clay,
Ind Thursday, aa to causo grave coneorn.
J Tfto abaencQ of tho emporor, who
Y' ban gone to Odessa, is causing an *wu
K'V (reiter dearth III St. Poteraburf of
Mr Vjftfflcial news from the front thnn fiaj
Wn experienced heretofore.
State Department Takes Up Case
Wherein Member of the British
Embassy Was Fined.
A Washington apodal say a: The
state department lrns called on ttao department
of justice to ?uke action iu
case of Hugh Gurnoy, third secretary
of tlie British embassy, who was fined
by Justice Phelps, of I,ee, Mass., for
contempt of court and for speeding
his automobile.
It Is expectcd Attorney General
Moody will send a special district at
torney to I^ee to investigate the mutter.
A dispatch from Boston say a: A
telegram from Washington bearing on
the lining of Third Secretary Gurncy,
of the British embassy, by Judge
Phelps, at Leo, Mass., was received at
tho executive department at the state
house Tuesday. Tho dispatch was received
by Lieutenant Governor Guild,
who, in the absence of Governor Bales,
at onco conferred with Assistant Attorney
General Nash.
When tho conference was concluded
the lieutenant governor at once sent
dispatches to Acting Secretary of'
Stain A<lf.n of Wtiuhlnrfl/in w V,
00 the telegram from the stale departinent
sent Judge Phelps at I^eo. The
i to! eg ram from I he state department
was as follows:
"Hon. John Ij. Bates, Governor of
Massachusetts, Boston: British embassy
Informs 1110 that Mr. Gurnoy,
I third secretary of that embassy, charged
with driving automobile at excessive
speed, was arrested by deputy
sheriff and taken, after entering protest,
under threats of force, to the
court at Lee, when, in spite of the protests,
he was sentenced by H. vj.
Phelps, special justice of tins Lee police
court, to pay a tin" of ?.2f>, and on
his declaring that he could not admit
tile right of the court to sentence him
another fine of $25 for contempt of
court and to go to prison if he diJ j
not pay.
"Section 40Gft. revised statutes of
the United States, declares that any
writ or process issued out or prosecuted
by any person in any state court
or judge or justice whereby the person
of any public minister of a foreign
state is nrresteil or Imprisoned, shall
)u deemed ?oid.
"Section '1UU4 declares that any per- |
son obtaining or prosecuting such I
writ or process, and every ofilccr con- i
corned in executing it, shall be deem* !
od violator of the law of nations and
subject to Imprisonment and fine. 1
have to request that you take sued
action as may be proper in this case.
"Acting Secretary of State."
Tho telegram from Acting Governor
Guild was as follows:
"If. 0. S. IMu lps, Special Justice, I
Leo, Mass.: The following telegram is
received from tho state department at i
Washington: (Here Is given tho dis- !
patch of Acting Secretary Adoe).
"Tho assistant attorney g >oeiai In- '
forma me tliat if the facts are as stat- j
ed al)ovo, you have, in your endeavor 1
to enforce the laws yf Massachusetts
for tho security of life upon our htgnways,
committed in this particular
case a grave breach of international
law. May I ask you to tclcer.mti mr>
nt. onco If Mr. Carney was arrested
and 11 tied in spite of protests.
"Oilier channels of redress aro open
in of Ihe violation of Mnssachu- |
sot hi' laws by the diplomatic represeiv I
tativos of oilier nations. Therefore, if
a line was imposed and collected, tne
commonwealth must apologize. The
flno must ho remitted, and I nood not
suggest to one so respected as you
the personal amende that >ou wiM of
course, desiro t<> make to Mr. Ourney
for tin; error In method adopted oy
your court In this unusual case. Kindly
forward me affidavit, of tlie ev i.ienf>/?
of any broach c.f Massachusetts lawn."
Justice Phelps was averse to dls- ,
cussing tho Ouruey case.
"If I (lnd that I have made a mis- '
take I will gladly apologize," he said.
"I did only what I believed to bo
right." !
Their Perindir.nl Uorisinn Planned to
on October !7iri, Ne<t.
lloporta received In Shanghai, China,
from tho northwestern part of
tho province of Shantung, say that
the Shamming Boxers aro distributing
piospectUHHcsf, couched in tho same
language as those circulated bofore
tlio uprising of 1000. Those prospect*
uses order precisely similar observances
and fix October 17th, next, as
tho dato for the extermination of *ul
Ctiu90 of J.jps Upheld by Member*, of
American Bar Association.
Tuesday's session of the American
I?:>r Association at St. Louis was called
to order by President James Hagerm
an, of that city.
Tho report of tho commlttoo on international
law doolaro;! that tho .Tap*
nneao claim In tho present war was
of a character that affords j I3t giouud
for medltlon.
An Attempt Being Made to Isolate
Kuropatkin's Left.
Mikado is Assembling Larger Army in
Vicinity of Mukden and Something
Will Soon "Be Doing."
- J -1 1- Cli
Tvar> u.i;uivuu iu ot. l uiursuui#
Monday from General Kuropatkin that
tho Japanese are preparing an extensive
turning movement east of Mukden.
A large force is advancing from
Liao-Ynug, by way of Taieho, to Tslanschan.
Skirmishes have occurred in
the valley of the Hun river, and at
Inpu, between Hentnlaputzo u?d th?
There wore many casualties at Inpu.
General Sakharoff, in a dispatch
dated Sunday, telegraphed that tha
Japanese guard during the laat few
days attempted to occupy Kuropatu
pass, on the road to Fushun, but were
repulsed by .1 detachment of Russian
advance guard.
On the smith front all in quiot,
though shots are exchanged daily aud
skirmishes occur between the advance
Advices from Mukden Ktate that
doubts arc* beginning 10 be fell, as '.o
whether it will he possible to continue
the campaign through the winter,
which begins in November.
The Japanese !<? not appear to be
mu> iii(S> 1/1. t i *r? sjv11 v**(l Ulllt l lll'X
will begin a general advance within a
day or two. Tiuy arc continually re- ]
coiving reinrorcrmenls. Knssian |
scouts who pcnc! rated beyond Bent- |
slapitze), riw l:;rj:e encampmonts of
Japanese and a strong column i>) roparted
to be forming northwest of 1
Llao-Yang. A thousand Japanese ar<?
daily crossing the Taitso river over
tliree bridges which have been built
above the railroad.
General Kuroki i;< supposed to do- !
sign crossing the Hun river a?^ a point
considerably east of Mukden, from I
which .''e is cxpected to move down
that stream and co-operate with an
Hi-rr>t' in Ci..n^t.n? ...1.11.. /1~.. I
j ?m.i- uvmuuo
Oko and Kndzu Isold Clonoral lvuropat* 1
kin south of Mukden. Japanese attacks
on I)a pas-; and San Inns 1<m aro
regarded as confirmation of lhis thoo? .
rv. Outposts of Generals Oku and :
Nodzu have her-ii tn conflict with Cor,- 1
sacks between lUnt?iaputzo and tho
N'o news was rect ivo ] Monday from
Port Arthur.
The reorganization of Russian forces
In the Par East hy tho appointment of
General Crippenbor;;er t<> command
tho second army, has been received
with much satisfaction by tho St. i'otersbuig
press. 12v< u inc Novoo-Ororaya,
which hun been undi-K the promotion
of (ieiieral Kuropilkln to tno
rank of commander in chiof, recognizes
tho impossibility of confiding
tho vast hos now to be assembled to
the commander of tho forces actually
in tho field. Other piperx wnrtnly endorse
the motives for the formation
of the second army md the evident
determination to pro .1 cute the war
with increased vigor.
NNfiito Mrsi on<1 Nrqnu*? f nqaije in Rio'
Which ftivsuSIs in f ?t<ilitios.
Two m.'groeu w to killed and Hi rod
were fatally wounded in a moo ri >'
near Lynchburg, M'.-o., Monday.
The shoot ing took placo on I lie
plantation of J. J. Johnson, who, with
his two sons and two helpers, went
into a field to gather u load of corn.
Tho field was worked on shares hy a
negro family named Kt nnedy.
As tho white men were driving their
wagon from tho field a fusflade was
11 r 1 fit tbpni Tim f 1 wnu r.-?nr?nH
v.'lth tho result tliat two negroes wero
killed outright and three wore fatally
With Cramps.
Win. Kirmse, a member of the
bridge gang working near Littloport
was taken suddenly ill Thursday night
with cramps and a kind of cholera
His ease was so severe that l.o had
to have the members of tho orew wait
upon him, and Mr. (Jifford was enlied
and consulted. Ho told theni ho bad
a medicine in tho form of ChamberIain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy that lie thought would help
him out, and accordingly several doses
were administered with the result that
the fellow was able to bo around next
day. The incident speaks quito high- i
ly of Mr. Gilford's medicines.?Elka- j
iler, Iowa, Argus.
This remedy never fails. Keep It
In your homo, it may save life. For j
sale by Pickens Drug Store, Mario's
Drug Htore, T. N. Huntor, Liberty, tf
Contracts Given Out (or Cnn.il P po.
Tho Isthmian canal commission ai
Washington has awardo.1 tho control
for furnishing east. Iron pipe and specials
for tlio wnlcr supply of Pant;m i
t'> the Unite.) States Cast Iron I'lpo
and Foundry Company, of Now Yor><
Clvirks WUiiston Charged by Wynne
With Being Implicated in Counterfeiting
Charlon A. Mans ton, foreman of the
ouuiuvru I'jitgraviug uonipany, in A
lanta, was arrested Thursday morning
by Caplain J. M. Wright ,of the United
States secret service, charged with being
implicated with Will L. Wynne in
the making of plates for counterfeit
The arrest was made on tbo suggestion
of tho district attorney. Shortly
before 10 o'clock Secret Service Ofllcor
Wright entered tbo shop of the Soutuera
Engraving; Company, located in
i no constitution building, and requested
Manston to walk over to tho United
State's building with him.
The sensational commitment trials
of P. S. Coffeo, J. N. Little, Clarence
Rebb, O. L. McMIchaol and W.
Wynne,occuvred a few weeks ago and
all five of these r^n chargod wltn
connection in the same ease are now
In Fulton county jail, having failed so
l'ar to make bonds. The arrest of Will
Wynne took place In St. Louis after
tho commitment of tho other four.
The arrest of Charles Manston
makes six arrests that have been mads
by the United States secret service
HMm in connection with the mulling
of plates and printing of counterfeit
money in Atlanta.
After Manston had boon arrested ho
was taken before Commissioner O. ('.
Fuller and placed under a $1,000 bond
for his appearance before Commissioner
Colquitt. His bond was promptly
The arrest of Manston is said to
have been made upon representations
made by Wynne. A peculiar feature
of the case, therefore, is the correspondence
between Manston and
Wynne, in which the latter informed
him of practically the time of bis ar- j
Mansion had receive*! :-overnl loiters
from Wynne* p\n:aYdiuvc I ho arrest
of the latter and llnally th's on<> 'vn:>
handed hini by th mother of Wvnti :
"Mr. Mpyton: As ! Iiaw no mui'.i y
for an attorney and yon don't want
to help me any I will have to i oil nil
I know abont the biz, .so It will lalie ,
a few years off of me.
"You had better ?<; your tbln^^ I
straightened up by Mombi>
Capture Da Pass, a Strategic Point. !
ar.a begin move on ljcner.il
Kuropatkui's FLmk.
News was received in St. Peters burp,
Thursday from Mill..Icu id the effect
tl:at the Japnncso have at 1 i:.i begun
the offensive. They have eapttirod )>a
puss nnii are pressing on lo <i??nor.i!
Ivuropatkin's Hank. The war u!*l .
unable to confirm rrireport > . an.
Kuropitkiii's dispatches arc followrr..; i
tlio emperor. bit1 the A?so< i.tted Vi. s. 1
i.; informed by the general s: n" ilia'
all indications toint to the ucv.s b< in
Several other passes of the I);
range easl. of Beiits'ai ut'/.e. mile-,
southeast, of Mukden, are a'. > in tiiv
hnnds of tin.- Japanese. Kurnpatkin Cevidently
drawing in hi?. forces m the
less mountainous country ' hwurd.
where bo may decide to give battb .
I , the meanwhile sharp Ugh !n;r i , iyarded
as iu.miixnl s.mt'.icu:.* of Mu!
den, whence the Japan se ::r. e.-q-Oi ied
to deliver their main at'.iek, t!
flank movement from ti:.' v.e ...
of secondary iinpottr.ac':*.
I)a pass, or Ta t\i 111'-ai: 1 ?i >
.w.r... I.. I.N I ..I... . I. ...I.
southeast of Mukden. mi l is tli-- . : .
distance northeast ??f Mao-Yang. 1'
{about 2.". mil. ; .south of I! 10 Hun ri
or. 'I'hfr Japano'< attn< l.o.l !i;t p i- .
which \V!IS occupied Ijthe Iroep! .! '
General Milsciienlto and Samr.oeot'i, on
September 21, b;ii a.tord!ng rr? <.
patches from II irbin were twice
pulsed, before nnccoss v .- arhiewd.
I'rlvato ropoi.s from Vor: Ai'flit:
stale that the garrison there i.;*<??nfi
(lent of being able In bold out "ntii
the beginning of next year.
The report is confirmed of ihit?.
of three Japineso torpedo boats an 1
thy damaging of a Japanese c.-ni r L>
coming in contr.ot with Hufaiat. mines ;
Symptoms of Liver Disease.
Sick headache, constipation, biliousness,
melancholia, dizziness, (Inline
and drowsiness, coated tonirno, slimy
teeth, bad breath. llydalc's Livei
Tablets will relievo any of these symp
loms in a few hours and speedily correct
the trouble. They act upon the
liver, bile, bladder and duct, intestines
and bowels as a stimulant and tonic.
Those who use theso tablets find their
action perfect and results satisfactory.
Fifty chocolate coated (ablets in enejt ;
I'D*, Prlco, L':"? conta tt '
Irul I nn. Irlli.n <il llli. UIimI Pn/-m lllift in I
AldlMimi Court Proceedings.
In tbo second <tivision o!" tlio crtiainiiI
court of Birmingham, Ala., Tuesday,
Mrs. Jennie KngUsh, t>? ? ifo of
n miner residing at Littleton, whb convicted
on the charge of carrying con
cealed weapons, and ft fine of and
costs was assessed against her.
This is probably the first Instni"v |
>n Alabama that a white woman has j
b??on convicted on the charge of carry '
In a concealed weapons.
Noted Statesman Joins Host of
Silent Majority
His Passing Removes Notable Figure
From Arena of National Lejisla
l k ? i
nvt ctuw i uuuiiii iviiairo.
George Frlsbie Hour, senior United
States senator from Massachusetts,
.lied at hi? homo in Worcester at 1:T.O
o'clock Friday morning.
Tho end followed a period of unconsciousness
that had continued sinci
early Tuesday and came so gently that
only fhe attending physicians were
aware of the exact moment of dissoiu
Tile physicians despaired of the sen
a tor's life six weeks ago, but such vva.i
the vitality exhibited by their distinguished
patient that even they wore
surprised and the public was at time-* j
led to cherish a faith in an ultimate recovery.
On Sunday, however, ali hope was
abandoned nftor a las? unsuccessful a'- j
tempt, to administer medicine an.i i
nouiifhrnent. lJrief lucid intervals
wi re followed by ioiwr <"ur ilions oi i
uncom ciom-neKs ut'.til Tut May mora-|
in? when tb- venerali!' jitale.sman j
sank into a M.-ilo nt' conn from which !
a)! efforts to aioui " him imovpI futile I
ami in which condition ho remained j
until i' at'i intervene*;.
tiourpe i'ri.si " }i i u1 \va- born at j
Concord. .Mast-.., in 11? unvluaieat
Harvard in 1 s11 i: .I law in ilie
Dane law i-ch<,.>l. i!arv:iv<i. and then
opened an Ofl. < in \V'ore? r. K"
v. as an ardont !i;c:ah> of ! i r
party, :*nd later of iii<- r< j> is Ii 11 jn;
ty, almost from ;'? uine of i;s orj;,u.i /at
ion; and in as < '??ct <*
or its roproseniaiiv.- in 'it At... r
chusolts legislature. T!a?t'i;h 1;- :
hition at this time >v;;s i r a !i ^ >i,
rather than a political can .it, i".- \\
indnccd to accept other nominations,1
which resulted in hi - solving in both
branches of the state lonislat.uro and
In the United States house of rep:o- !
sontatlves, of which he was a mem- |
bor from lf.Gf* until 1ST", when ho wai
cnoi oii senator by Ills state.
During Ills last years in this house
h" \\M:? a member of the electoral coin
mission, chosen in lSTtl, which decided
that Hayes had boon elected president
over Tildou. He presided over the republican
national convention in 1 <80.
which nominated UarHeld, an.! thud
ended (lio hitter contest between Gran' j
and IMaine. lie v::\s nlwa\.i a consist-i
cnt opponent, of imperialism from ttie
days when lie aided Snnitu r in ills opposition
to the annexation of Saul >
Domingo; ami, though iio supported
President. MeKiulry for re-election, lie !
strongly opposed his policy in the i'lii!- '
ipplncs. which he considered suhvei- |
sivo m' American Ideals.
During his service !n the house, Mr. i
Hoar was one of the malingers of tin*
Rcikuap impeachment ti l ll, and after
Ills election to the .?? nuto lie was chair !
rr.an of the committee on Mm judiciary
and on piiviletj".-; and elections, and
:i member of (lie committees on engineering
bills, civil service and retrench- j
m tit. library claims, Nicaragua claims '
and .-ities, as well as chairman of tn ;
select committee on woman suffrage, !
nr. I relations with Canada.
MvSS MM l.'VG 01 HI V.rtCRMS
Slated .it Madison Square Garden With
flevcltind to I'rosidi*.
A X w York Dispatch soys: A democratic
mass meeting will lie held In
Madison Square Garden about the middle
of October, ?? wldcii it is the Intentlcu
to have an speakers former President
(Jrover Cleveland ami a number
of I iif foremost democrats of the country.
' Th.'s date lifts not been llxed,definitely
beyond afireelnn; ti:at the meetIniX
hall he nume lime between Oeto- 1
ber l."?ih and UOtli. J his health will
permit, (lie former pioaident will presldc.
''o''ce Court I riot of Weslbruok Terminates
in n Most tin cjiic V"rd r!.
t r.?< ;nai or Chief of 1*01100 II. N.
W? it brook, at Albany, (Sr.., was eoneluded
Tuesday afternoon.
Ther war. a finding of guilty of
the e!iar,"c of renting :i disturbaneo
and conduct unlK.coiiting an odlcor in
attacking Kev. Ken (!. nroughton, but
> penalty wa.' imposed under thin
.Midi!:!', and tho following J, igr.'(leant
in'emcnt was added by tlio eonnnls-'
011 to the announcement of a verdie
of guilty:
"Wo (itid Chief Wer.tbrook guilty of
this ehar"o, but in our opinion the
peculiar circum: tanees justified hi 111
is a man in pit ratting the course ho
Puts an End to it All.
X tr * ' f\\rr\* * ?.? mttrtil / ?# "" *
X*. f,ii? ?v/Mo nail "i uint:^ vuilius **t
.1 result of unbearable pain from overtaxed
organs. Dizziness, backacho,
l,iver Complaint and Constipation.
Out thanks to Dr. King's New Life
Pills, they put. an end to It all. They
aro Rmtlo, but thorough. Try them.
Only 25c. Ouarantoed by Pickens
Drug Co. tf
4 \
Twenty-One Men, Connected With the
Duncan-Altman Trouble, Arraigned
(or P/eliminary Trial.
Undor guard of the Jacksonville
Light infantry those who are nccused
of murder and other lawless acts in
connection witii tno Aiunan-Ounean
feud in Baker county, Fia., were taken
from tho Jacksonville jail Monday
to Macclcnny, tho county seat of Haker
county, lor a preliminary trial.
The prisoners are: W. Hardy Altman,
J. W. Eddy, Andrew Hardy, I>ou
nie Dowling, CJ. J. Johns, W. H. Dowling,
Charles A. Altaian, Hilary 'Altman,
Iver Harvey, Cauley Johns, Wil?
lie Dowiing, A. D. Dowling, Ambler
Cowling, George Johns, Josse Aitnian,
\V. II. Johns, F. IJ. Crows, A. H. Crews,
i t<. Y. Illioden, Riley Rlioden and Jesso
8 a pp.
The prisoners, under military guard,
arrived at 11:15 o'clock, the train was
stopped a half inilo below the depot
and the prisoners and military guards*
were marched into town, much to the
disappointment ot' the people who had
gathered nt the depot.
\V. 11. Kills, attorney general of the
state ,is present to watch the conduct
of the ease. Governor Jennings will
grant the requisition ot' Governor Terrell
for Hillary and Charles Altaian
I tl.r tl?.> nnmn.lll,,,!
. v,1Vj ,.tui m< i .? Willillil tUU V/ll C11V7
i traiu in Charlton county, (Seorgia, if
tho rnoii an; not held for complicify in
| tho murder committed by tho mob.
Tho first cast; brought before County
Judge Ilorry wan that of assault
with intent to murder \V. M ' ncan
from tho pontofflce at Baxter. j?? (itember
12. Fifteen men aro involved in
this charge.
Is Consumption Curable?
Ye:?! If Kydalo'n Elixir is used in
time; before too much of the lung
tissues is involved. This modern,
scientific int'dieine removes all morbid
irritation and inilnmmution from the
lungs to t!. surface and expels them
l'rom the system. It aids expeetora
iii'ii. iicaIs the ulcerated surfaces. relieves
the cough and makes breathing
i Ilydale't hJlijdr dues nut uiy
.lit: mueom- sm face and thus slop Lho
cough. Its action is Just Liu- opposite
--it stimulates and soothes. It kills
the L'cnns that cause chronic throat
and lung disease and thus aids nature
to restore these organs to health. Trial
size 'Jo cents. Large sir.e 50 cents
The large holds 2 1 -1! times' the
trial size. U*
Large Delegation of 'Trackers" Swoop
Down tpon the I xp jsilion.
A St. Louis dispatch say;;: A largo
derogation of Georgians, including
Governor J. M. Terrell and his stall
of fifty, together with the lire department
drum rorps of Atlanta, parlirlpated
Wednesday in the Georgia Da.,
celebration at the xposition.
KxtTclses were hvl.l in tho hall of
congresses, whe; ?.' I hi Georgians were
T.'c!<omeil by President Francis. Dud
ly M. Hughes, th?> at;ue commissioner
at the world's fair, responded. Adili..<s?'s
weir nr.Vili 1> Hon. Clement
R. Dunbar, of Xugusta, and John T.
Hoifeulllet, of .\!nr>>n.
'('lie concluding function < f tho da\'
?<1* nil.- i mil iif nij^m to (iovcrnor
Torroll in Hip Ct-orgiu : :iU' buildtD
! *'.
SO I Vil>I NC't 01 H I! I.
M.wi ( fiiirqcri With 5i.s!ir,rttinr| Hcrnimj of
Neqroos is t rood 1?\ Court.
Tbo trial nf Indlinoln, Miss., of ('.
iv'istlniiil for th< r.i::' k-r of Luther
Uiillxrt and hi- wifo by causing thorn
;<> lie burned fit ih<? ital.e, was suddenly
o;nl"<J when, after Uio evidence
vas ni! lit, :-?< !iilor Mcf.atirin made :t
million fdr peninpt ir>- ins:ructions i?>
Im jury for the dh-chnrf-vo of the pri*
on? r on Hit' ground that not a scintilla
if evidence tending to |irovc that
i?C is I laud had br'-n i". any v.ay a on it >
w> Mm lyiu liluk or li:i<1 in any w v
aided or ah. MM tin* i uriiln had b< n
' II' I'Od 11 o?*i I.
Fi?ud(| Inqliih \V'o<n?M Oi?chos I r?j?r.y tit
Pop Call tpnn American Shore.
A young English woman giving hfir
n:uno as Florence (Iray, Iran oro8sc<i
tho ocean, remained a few days at
tho Kills Island Immigrant station, at
New York, and returned to England
in order to fulfil the terms of an uncle's
will which provided that. Bho
must visit Amerieu.
The undo is said to Imvo aeeumuiatod
ii fortune Hi tho west and in order
?o assure himself that his nieco would
4c<< this country stipulated that, she
should receive none of his estate until
sho had made tho trip.
?a?a |
SCOTT'S EMULSION serve* at a
'\j bridge to carry the weakened and
ftl ?tar\'ed system alone, until It can find
j 1 ";crA !upt>or( in ordinary food.
.Send for (rep rarapla.
M SCOT I' & COW NIC, Chen Uj?,
14 ^o>4ij 1'e.ul Si.iet, Ntw York.
)V) 50c. an'l ?1.00; all druggUtH.

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