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Pinkts SflnfinnlJifflmal
Tho Sentinol-Journal Company.
Tl IO.M I'SON Si ltlOHBY, PltOl'B.
Subscription SI.00 Per Auunm.
Advertising llntes Reasonable.
Kniored ?t 1'lckenn I'ostofllce as Second Class
Mall Matter
I'ICKENS, S. ('.:
Wednesday. October, 5, 15)04.
There is <u>tifti<l?i'iililn iiit?r/uif
being token by many peoplo in illiss
county in tho Hovt Hayes case in
Oconee. In fact, the case is being
closely watched by the people of
the entire State. lie was sentenced
bv .Judge Dantzlev to be hanged on
October lith. Since thu sentence
was passed, his attorneys have been
very active in trying to get u commutation
to life sentence in tho penitentiary.
I hiring* tho prist week a paper whs
filed with the Governor containing
tho mimes of 500 or more Oconee
citizens asking tho Governor not to
interfere. .Since that time it is understood
that a much large r list has
heen tiled requesting the Governor to
commute tho sentence.
While tho testimony l^)oks very
F ... I 1 -
witiit iui tun yuuug IIIIII]| III U1C filllllf |
time it is purely circumstantial, ami
for t uat reason the request is inude
for the commutation. J
Circumstantial evidence, we are
told by the best criminal lawyers, is I
the most conclusive in murder cases,
whore the chain is complete, for
there can be 110 conflicting testimony
that oftentimes vendor murder eases
so complex and difficult of solution.
flU. - . .. . 1 1 T ? ?
xmi f^uvtunur wuuiu cio won lu
ponder over the testimony, an?l if
there i8 a llaw in the chain, the
doomed young uaan should have the
benefit of the doubt. All that tli? law
abiding people of the State desire, is
that justice he meted out in accordance
with the evidence.
It is a grave responsibility that is
upon the governor.
Pickens county can congratulate
itself on not having anv inuft'sts nvor
election results. Our neighbors,
Greenville and Oconee are sorely
troubled, and there are protests in
several other counties of the State
Tn Greenville county there was a
protest over the Supervisor's contest.
.1. W. Walker was declared the nominee
after the first primary, but when
Mr. Speegle entered protest, a few
days n^'o, t'ie County Executive Committee
met and reversed thoi r decision
and declared Mr. Spoe^lo elected.
In Ocouee there are protests over
the results of the election for SheriiT
and Treasurer. The Kxecutivo Commil
tee meets October '.i to consider
the protests.
These protests are becoming more
numerous with the yearn, and shows
conclusively that the primary Hybteni
in vogue in this State is falling into
bad repute. Tlio system is too lax, j
and will a five to have more restric j
Will "A Subscriber," writing from
Liberty, under date of October Is',
and giving tho inanngro . nt of this
pap* r a roust,^bo kind enough to ngn
bis name to ) . articles in tho future'/
I f ho will i innnliood enough to
let ns know wl.o liavo to bit buck,
wo will do our in ; to givu liirn hiiUhf
Teaclicr's Examination.
Editor Sentinel Journul, l'ickenH, H. ('.
Denr Sir: l'lcase announce in your
paper that the next regular teachers
examination will take place :?t I'ick
< 118, C. II., Friday, October 21. Ex
ami>i(iti>>n to commence promptly ni
o'clock. .Sincerely,
K. T. IfnllutT).
Co. Suj)t. Ed.
To the Public:
All who can noil boef it) Pilous,
bring it in. I Kill nil I enn, .1 do
t.ho sumo. I keep it nil the ti 1 ; vim
hftvo it somo timo T hoII. and you
sell. I liopo wo nil do well.
J. D. M0010 ,
From Rock. I
Dear Editor: I will take pleasure
in letting y?m hear from this
thriving vicinity.
The health of tho community is
j goori at itreson t.
I Fodder pulling is about over
! with and cotton picking is the orj
der of the day.
! Tho time to soil cotton is while it
is ten contB a pound.
Horn unto Mr. and Mrs. E, D.
i Hendricks on Sept. 25th, a girl.
Mips Leila Crenshaw of Table
Mountain, will leave for Saluda
N. C., to attend school there. Wo
hope for Leila much advance in
! l?... ?
j uui muuK'D.
Mrs. Nina Iloudricks visited lier
parents Sunday.
The Oolcnoy school closed last
Friday,23d. Miss May McClanalum
has boon teaching this school. Wo
like Misa May, and want her to
teach the winter term.
Mr. Uennott .Tones has been
making molasses lor the people in
huh section ana tney are well |
pleased with the wi\y lie make? them
It is about tune for cabbage and
apple haulers to start; I suppose
there are plenty of them, and chestnuts
Miss Janie Hendrieks dined with
Miss Leila Crenshaw last Sunday,
and reported a line time.
Rev. Marion Looper preached at
Oolenoy last Sunday.
Several pe ople were disappointed
at Mt. Tubor last Sunday evening,
as the mstor did not. p.nrr.e
Miss Lila Harris of Pickens, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. K. 1). lien- j
dricks, tli is week.
I think the singing at Oolenoy |
lid much good, for we civil meet
and sing every Sunday evening,
and it i? much better than staying
at home. I
> What lias become of all the correspondents
and especially IlomoVI
It this fails to share it fate in |
the w;isto basket you will hoar from
mo again. Mountain Girl.
Looper Dots.
I am afraid we will lose ono ef
our correspondents as lilno EyeB
has got married.
Tlio writer had the pleasure of
going to Cross roads to feh? baptising
last Sunday.
Mr. J. Lucian Ilendrickfl is making
sorghum at W. N. Hughes this
week and ho can sure make sweet
ones loo.
James Hughes ami sister and
visited at Mr. and Mrs. Klmer
Tripp's last second Saturday and
Married at Mr. M. K. Hester's
last second Sunday, Mr. Holbert
Jones to Miss Evio Hendricks, all
of Pickons county. We wigli the
VOllllfT cnll l)lc U luiur 1 i fi> fthil milch
j o ""i"" ~ v *'r> - - ~ """v* **' 4* * " J
M i?3 Malissie Looper of the Mica
soction visited Miss Anna Hughes
of the hooper section recently.
Rov. J. T. Singleton and wife
visited at Mrs. S. A. Friddle's tho
second Suturday night in Sept.
Kev, .1. T. Singleton was elected
ill Peter's Crook last second Saturday
ar pastor t<?r another year
Miss Ida Hendricks closed her
school at Carpenter's Creek Kri
day. iM Ida is sure a good
teacher, and as kind to her echol
aro as a toucher could bo.
Miss 1C in id a Smith vibitod Miss
Minnie Turner recently and reported
a good tune.
Miss Grace Jones of the Oak
Dale Inr 1.1 near Greenville has been
visiting relatives in this .section
As there in nothing to write
except visiting, J will dose with
host wishes to The Sentinel-Journal,
f remain, June Sweetner.
Road to Let.
1 will ho at I). Jj (Bud) Barker'?
Htore on Oct. 12tb, at 10 a. in., for
I ho purj >ho of letting tlm grading of
a piece of now road near bis store.
A. B. Talley, Jr.
Co. Coin.
Acid Iron Mineral cures tall Hkin
diseases. Huh cured cc/oina of 40
j'fnrft standing and is kin<^ of gt>rmi<
cidcH. Sold by dni^^iHlH.
IWr* thn /? Ihe Kind You Havn Always 8ou?ht
.fwhli You
I Count as Mi
m Come to
Sot OL()rJ
You sho
1-^\7 1 * - *
ij-j * eliminating the heavy (
extra clerk hire, we made a j
matter of lowering Clothing
the neatest Clothing 1 )eparti
to be found anywhere, and I:
us to sell you clothing at I he
all other lines handled by us.
It is no extra expense to c
clerk hire. 1 lence we don't
I# an exclusive clothing dealer.
j \Ve have a cloth
\ and will guarant
(L worth three to li
$ elusive clothing
| Hob
Fall Annou
The merchants have begun
tell you of the new noods which
we wish to tell you in a plain, sim
of fall and winter goods, and ex
to visit our store and let us ]
others, that we sell GOOD (">(
T s \ r 1 I ^ I m i* 1 ^
_? * >??- * v ' J C I Jl ^
We have not (i 11 *< 1 the ^t<?r# wil
in a nice lino of tlx;in at the ri^ht. i
moo them. They vary in price lioin $'J.
Hoy s Cloth
We have a bran now line of ]><>
We will not undertake to mention ou
etc, but call and gee for ymimolv<*s tha
Window SI
\ i.~ i: <
.\ nTOiiunil 111)(1 Ol U IIUlOW H
The Indies Iiko nice towels, doiliea nuti
col lent lino of these goods. Don't fail
Knamel wa t
Most anything in Knaniehvart
still anxioub for ehickons, )>?m
genseng, Wo Hell the colobruUd Interna
Ma ?
W One-1
1 VI A V\ / 1 "4
Licli as what
day and inspect 1
M I 1NG wo have
aid become a cq it
; of selling and li
expense of house rent and
ijrand stride forward in the
prices. We have one. of
nents on our second lloor
iy putting it there enables
; same small margin us in
:arry Clothing, and no extra
have to make the profit of
ing pro position f
:eo by accepting1 c
ve dollars more 1
niQ imi/^ > <?
I I LCI. II O [ M U | JUM l/.L
Busy B<
to fire their fall cannons anil;
tlu?y art: receiving daily, andj
pit: way of our nice new line J
tend to all a cordial welcome j
jrove to you, as we have tc j
i ..r .1 ?i - * 1
\' i! i iiik- in niiui.'ti i? nit; Mtriirni!
; ever cairied, ami wo want ovyliody
to n<>o them. \\V kr'do-|
K everything in our power to!
slier our lino oaeh year. if you i
lot :i liico chiMip ladies dre^s
Oo f<?r $1.00, we have it, <>r 1 i'>
iii want a bettor nIioo we Iwivu it.
Wo want yon to *-e<- our^'Mayj
ovv?*r" shoo f".ir 1 )vdii'K * > rut
v., I ' "* '
Puti iot H!km;8 Tor luon, !
A full 1 iMi*, of infant'n hlioen, in
ack, tan, pink, etc.
. |
Lli l.;idu*s' .Jnrki?tH, hut hnv?? put t
>rioes and urn anxious for you to'
. ?tt to $ I ' < l( ) .
in jr.
y'? ( Mothinj^ Irom $1.0(1 t o $1 j
r variotiH IuimIb of I )r('SH Groodh, 1
t WO haVC thelU HIGH mid nlwinn I
hudo? from "Jo < ? !11m to .'>() cents . 1
I tllhlc clot llH. Wo il.tVo Mil >X- 'j
to enll for then.
[ of (lid. rent (|tiaiiti.?H, Wo :ire
Hwiix, grub io(?t, st,<r ^r;?Ms and
tional Htock food. <Vmo to ?< ( us.
Price Cash Store.
Do Tomorro
you accompl
the Largest and Be
ever offered. at
am ted with our n
andling clot hi ng.
QUR stock for fall far surp:
shown before, and we guarai
Here are some points well to
comparing our Clothing with tl
Kvery coat we sell, from $5-<
graceiul lapels and a collar tin
the shoulders are broad, and
and properly worked the shape
ordinary good usage; all pant:
with French or continuous wai:
merchant tailors.
or every man in I?
hi r proposition we
han il you had ac
erson Co
ie Hive.
A Great Opportunity
s? AT A LO1
If You Don't take At
-77 a civs within > miles of Six 1
buhl)ice in original forest, Fino tin
plenty of wnlur. Terms to 6iiit pur
(',0 acres jrood farm land on Sou
known as the .John Knds place. I'ri
(>UI Snhnol llousn ami one Jld" ol
in town. Km* 11 Very small amount
luiiiht*. J'ric;?* .f 1,000.
Our sit;r?* !<>t, will) fjnoil roc
This 1-; a regular snap.
^ ta it.
j. i). hou:
ui:AI, F.SI ATI:
').Ilco ftt Dupot.
% We now have i
^ rrr~ "-"^Lino
)) i
\\ ?pie
)/ Fountai
\ Ingersoll
(( and Family
)) 4,000 LEAO PENCILS.
\\ Tlinf. \V? USll
^^^ickens^Dr u j
vv Doesn't |[
ish Today, I
)st line ft
,?t * f
lodei 11
isses any we have ever ^
itee prices unmatchable. yO
remember when you are vv
lat of other houses:
do suits up, is made with M
it hugs the neck snugly; Vi
the fronts being padded //
remains permanent with Yi
i sold by us are provided ^
it bands, same as used by 9
i. ulceus ( 'ountv '4
will make you \
copt.od the ex- (7
?s. I
^ ? ft
i f\ Rlttr -
IU HCdl JL/Slctlt?
Ivantage of it NOW
Mile church, 7() acroH in cultivation
ii)or. Kramo tenant dwellings anu
thwpst k'kIo of Six Mill) mountain,
ico *700.
l-iml. Best location for dwelling
this ttiin !?<; undo a good O-room
)in hoiiso on ICasloy stvoot, town of
Coint' ;it oiH-o before. Bomo <>ne elao
)ER & CO.
i>i:a i . i: its.
Pioki ns, H. C.
in Up=to=Date (j
n Pens \\
Syringes*. } p
nt to sell. 1\
X Company, ft

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