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SuUlfft : Tlio IiOvn of <3oil?Tlifl Ctirtuflnn
k 4 Church In IMucntl in Trust t?y iloil
m~~ Will* tlio Oaipnl-Lct U* Try to Give
* It t? tlwi World.
BllOOKr.YN, N. Y. ? The Rev. W. S.
Raincford, D. T)., rector .sof St. <?eorge'B P.
TO. Church, ^Manhattan, preached at St,
Peter's Church, State anil Homl etrceta,
in this borough, at the evening scrvicc Sunday.
ilia subject was "Tiie Love of God,"
and lie said:
People are flaying to day that the church
does not occupy aa important * place in
the thoughts of men?that it has not as inilucntial
a place in our nation or in society
as it used to have, i ?pcak, of course, of
the \vlio!e Christian church, and one thing
is sure and that is that the church cannot
hold her own by Jsimpl.v asserting, however
loudly or persistently, the ({rcatncss of her
deeds in Che past. Whatever success or
Hhoricotnings there mav have been in anuient
times, one tiling is certain, and that
is that we live in an aue when men almo.st
violently are Reeking the truth: when the
keenest sort of light is turned in oil directions
in search o? the truth. When thoso
who have got anything to do can do it;
when those who have got anything to say
worth saying can say it, and when those
who have got anything to he can be it, hut
there is no mercy for the sham. When, in
the future, they come to criticisc our time ;
it will evident)# he criticised as an age of j
truth, and it? spirit will be spoken of as
the spirit, of truth; it will be criticised
-from all other agOH as a time when men
rrronh rt/tiMlinnu < lio It nth nnil
when great gi<?ry was gained in discovering
and obeying the truth. There is no
argument anions thinkers whatsoever about
From this it JoIIowb that if we Christiana
have not get something real to give
to the world, to soeiely, to the United
States, at# this time we are really going to
lose our hold and position; nnd>*he -cpiestion
th.it we Want to auk ourselves, individually
and collectively, is this. What
have 1 got to ^ive to the world? What is
it the church has got to give to the world?
f am inclined to think, if I were allowed
to see you, one by one, nnd ask you to put
dowi: what it is on paper: What you as an
individu d and as a Christian have got to
l?ivi? /* I l)i? wnr!<l 'tiu{ flio olinrnK nu a
community? there might lie a great deal of ;
uncertainty. Tnat this question is one tliafc !
deserves i\ vory clear answer there is no I
<Iqubt, and everybody ought to know what
that answer isliould he. riiero is no manner
of doubt what the church has got to
give to the world; what the individual
Christian hes got to give to tiie worid. I
want to talk about that to-night.
Wo, the Christian Church, arc placed in
trust by Cod with the gospel. That is
what we have got to give to the world. If
'we art: Christians we believe the world
oannot get on without that gosncl. Wo
*nsc the word goapol in a very slipshod way
If we are Christians we believe that not
-only can not the world do without the gospel,
but that business and politics and the
'United States democracy in this Western
Hemisphere cannot do without the gospel.
A great many people believe that, but
when we ask them to put it into practice,
not only by going to church, not by putting
/t trifle in the plate, not by repeating a
creed or two, but to go bac?c to their work
and fs-t; if they cannot take the gospel
^ with them there. Tlicy'say, "Itusiriess is
iaAk one thing, and religion is another." Mm
that talk that wav have Kot to strn nsi.lr:
they ore no liclp cither to (he church or the
world. They are misleading; tlicy am tho
people tint tend to make the whole 11.mii};
a pham, hceausc '.lie world won't tolerate,
and right y ?nr n religion thut can confine
itself to certain times and seasons and that
can satisfy itself by obedience to certain
consciences on Suud iv, and perhaps once
a week thrown in. We hive not a defm-.i.e
charge lor the wovld, and that is thi.- gospel
of testis Christ.
That bi nif; so, lot me lor I you !o another
question, and as 1 pu! iv 1 shall -I; to
answer it: What i* the goapei oi .lesti*
(Jliript? A,-a n I think \ >u will "giie vith
me, and perhaps more than b: lore. I' 1
were to be allowed to ml. t!i <|U05tii>n i'i?
dividuaily, What, is the ;.Ocpel' and a.-U
for a dotinile reply, what a g ",f variety
of answers would he given; and ... .ny
would lic--.il.'to. As < 'hr;-' iai>s u<- cMlatuly
ought to be able to s-.iy wliit t::? i-int?
is we Htand for, or wo stand for itolliiugv
to mv what wo iu< in l>v \iio . < * i-. :
wor'il v.iiii t he'.Kv ;i: all. In .1 cl*ui'<'1. ?>
we !?.j\ o 1 11" '.li i".; i.t < . .1 1:1 w 'r . 1 ,
i\<: all I: not 1; 1 v . :r vi:ii
node, hiit l).'.'.: .'so w .'if I !i; I .II<. j
Invo not to f.iul out wjrit th.i' l'i< . .1 !
thins I
f);i<> ? !' iii>> grcdl .Vr - oriii chief
<lilUriiil\ -ii t!ii : T! I n , f: nn t'.i"
Lord'rt <). .!> <liy w> pr - nt, I'm
V luiv i?. shin/.. i'.ii l'lli. i' p.* 1:1 i> 1
jro -ic". ! (ii tin r 11 . ; oi?\ \s<- .11
Klt'taO thai vo imtot 1. ?v? |?%r? 1
I ; 'I' c.'Vn ' :i r I u
|!cl, It is ri^iit tlinl e.vci'y hi'lii'vinjr mar
?!io.iU 'i.: >v 'i.i '.> thni;'. . li'l the* >
i'? to tin* v. iij', ii l;:. how, nr<! Uie v. Ii
(if the '/ . < .. Jltlt niy .'i'M oi v/iiy tlic
, e! v. - .t, my idi' > s to how (he
j.! it. s . '! . and my .1 .. t lo when 11 s
; . ): ! u i1': '?? 1 ' i-i ? ' riylll. I shi>...il
!?;\e l! i. ! > t 1!::!; 1.iv own Ihon^hin I
ftiioul 1 i.?> 0 \ b.u ii I ai:i try ins I
1o Ii 1 fI ' !I:. y wri be nnpro'itnli'e, ;i .
i'. w.>;iM i." 1 s->lo to m iik! in the ii . I
light anil not ijuwer the (HUiU'jns li>> !
why n:i'l v.i;rii. Jhit my hov.-, why mi j
v. !r n. I'voij if L w< .0 the most 1. irneil
holy 01 ipcn 1 1 the city of New > < . . .
v.'ont i j <> lire ,-n v or liio l i
.Jest. ;. 'I ! point for us to agree upon . '
no', the It ' nnd hy and when, hut. \\ 'i I
in the t jtvl* \\ hat i-: it wo haw d
ly i i for men and have got lo ;a<'
ir.j .1, I . >( at. w'licii it is legitimate t i*. <
we sli v.ild ay, how, why and when. A I
imj'i the tcnoeney is rather to lack on ovji
pr.i *r-.::, 1 (!iat i.i where the diflit u!t..'s
conic in, i r in tin: ase in which wo ii. <
pe.iple rather given lo finding out win
is >.; >. I . 'id what it pro;'r:in. IOiii>'cop.-.?
lians (In nn!, l . iicvi' i i the k '?pd witlimr
1 isliop; t! l'i? -!>y 1?t:us do not holirw !
in the i-I' i without the Presbytery; tin .
I ?;.i . : > not ,i?:.cvc ) I the with '
ru- i' . .. iii, c\v i i'i tii.- middle ot winter ]
ii (.( i t'.ir .'ihod.sl.ti do not \
I !!( \ c witliont Methodism, r.rd so on.
, ".'I. re i ; st m.ic'i piv rer-i that you e...i
scarcely the go*po:. M n say": "I d i
) ;it k:n)i.' v.hirli is co'--pei and w i i i< > i is I
| rosrstti." } ' is absolutely essential t'. s J
,\w .'ir.1 > ;-'*e soj u thing lo the world o t
I ?? ,. ,'i i . ....ii.:- i I
?. ? .1 " * J. . ' ? t* V V # n i J i 11 ) r | UOO I FI *
world uiil push in r.siilf. We mii' l !.
men r.r 1 wnir.fii proclaiming and trying i .
live by tl> 5 Rospol.
What i tho rr.spcl? T Am ivinj; I/) rcpei.t
fv t!jat sccma Id embody thn spin: o
Jjuun' "i!od so lovr.d the world liial. lie
kBu Hi-- only t u S ->n, that who*
cwr believetn j:i llim should not perish i
l/ut have everlasting life." The man who
^Arote rno poi;ppi ot ?it. .lorin (wo rto not
^Prtow who no was) knew the very es#eneo
of the goapc!. and I think every ho ly agreed
^villi him?the Presbyterian, tb?> iiaptist,
tho Methodist, the Enisopalian?everybody
1 believes that it is tiie very heart of tho
K??pel nf .JesuH That in the very csaenee
of ihe dear fjord'n love and life and teach- |
nig. ii m ivn,it nc utfgan 10 preach, wont
on to prcnoh, (Jicil to prcoch and rose
again to preach.
Th.it verse si ys three tilings. First,
? "God loved tlie world." You ?nv: "1 knowit."
No, vosi don't know it. It is a trc
Incndons thing to know. Yon 6ay: "I believe
it." I hope so, hut it is a very hard
thing lo believe. "(Jod loved the wor d.'
That does not mean, (Sod love* me; (I > : 1
laves the United States (we Americans i
na if that was what we profoundly belie
veil). "God loved the world" dues not
mean the elect, "??<! and inv wife, mv pon
John and Iiis wife; wo four, no m.?rc,
iiinen." Not the people; we like, but tho
heathen Chinee. It does not mean .vj^et y
that f!od made this wor.d- thnt i? wonder
ful?hui tli<* gospel says the world is not
simply a 'aw world, but it is a love wor'd.
If any man pays it is easy to believe, ho
doea not know much about it. 1( you 'oge
one" whom you love better than yourself
it is not easy to believe it is a love
world. When some bitter trouble comes,
when paiti racks your body, when the one
tiling you lived for is taken away, in the
hour of trouble ami toil and pain it is not
easy to get up and say: "f will be a man
cftcr the heart of Jesu? Christ, for I believe
that CJod loves the world; it is a love
I do not believe there i.? one mother or
father that has hail experience, who does
not know it is not easy to believe at times
that (!od loves the world. Hut it is the
gos'n-1, thi? vireat no.snel of .lesus Christ.
The second thing is (his: "Cod so loved
the world that He gave"--what is the message
of e.sus Christ aiiouf. <!? I civitijt? It
siinnly means that Ood d<< ? not KiiperinI.,,.,
It... at , ilSdfniM , III-., llw. ..',1
( reek idea of trod-! set up there in Olympus.
wl,ere tho waters .ire root and the air
sweet, and there is shade from tin; burning
snn and ill! th.it the world need-- to irratify
tlie senses. That is the ("Jvceian idea of
( 'oil. It is not my idea of (<od at all. We
"till think of <-'od on His throne. )?ot
(i'\cl!ing down here. As Tennyson says:
"'A jjotl into whose nostrils the strain of
life hnrdly comes." <Iod >s riot away above,
the vm'.d; not superintending the world
somewhere ontsMe the world, but the :dra
is. <}o'l in right there where llis children
arc. Where they suffer, (?od is; where
i hev rejoice, (lod i?; where life is sivee'/.
Cod is: where love i?. (lod is. "(lod so
k.ved ;he world that lie gave." Nothing
costs like giving. A mother gives her babe
life, but it easts her much. We cive our
children the best we have. We cive them
our piin, th<> result of hours of toil; we
vivo and ar..- giad to give because we love
then*. 1 sny: "What will you >?ivc for your
son?" Sou say: "I am not talking al;out.
those thij!?'; i-1 is .sacrilege; I will mve all
for )! ',' son." There is not. a mother in
this, church who would not nive her life for
her daughter. There is not a decent tnan
iii tliis ehureh w'io wotild not give Ir.a I lat
dollar tu save iii.s itov's life or honor?Tie
would c;iv. Ii!s hand. his 1 i.. to make tin'
hoy vliat In; ounrlv1. to he. "f!<?? 1 so !ovr<'.
the world < hat He y.ivc" - How did C.id
pive? I <l.i kno,v. lfi>\v could tin! feel
pain? 1 <"(? not I now. llo,>- t ,)iil<' Iii1 eudure?
1 di> not know. T'nt it v. ilie gospel
o' .Ic.mis * iiriwl : "(led ?> 1' . ??<I 11? pave."
Then I < .1 ;a \ y out in! > the wotld, and it is
not so hard to -live. I ilo not want to -nrk
the wor'd like an orange. I knov every
now and then UMiptaiion m\s: "t'et tli-it
S'.veet Ihin^. Hut life is divine. not takifit;."
That means |>iiin toil. dianpouitn.cut?
it may he, death "(oi l > i loved ?
lhat lie nave." Then I he/in to understand.
Ii i he flod and I- 11In r of Jesus
Christ is pi villi;, eatmoh I pive? Cannot
that iioy. who is thinking ? n y .if a pood
lime, begin lo .jive'.' I remember. lonp ago,
in the old stud\ a: h'une making ui? mv
mind what mv life was coin*.; lo be. I
longed to be a soldier and follow in the
footsteps of my forbears, but it Hashed
upon mc that I only wanti <i just to have a
good time, and I praved (.Jod for praee to
lead a useful life. We have pot to make j
I'lioirv neiween viviiic mi' iii<i t;t i mm ni<? j
one is the worldly life and the other is l^iio |
Christian life, The wlio'e nurnosc of CJod |
conies out. irt i\ i< <><I llim-'lf i< a |
giver: "<!o.1 to loved the world t!i.\t il<* |
i;a\ a."'
The third Ihoupht: Kirs?. the world i.j a
love world; second, low is not dimply
p imc.hint; loohini* down. but (something in*
il'Vi'IJinj: here with ii-. tri*'i tl? llis ?:.!> he
,"u Son. What i< lliitd'.' f.ew sic tor* j
ions. The love 01 (!od is n >t simp'y :i heau> j
liftil. patient nain, a universal thing, hut j
in aim:-lily thing. f'.u l, of the lovo of |
( k! at! m! lily. 11 wisdom. all resource, 1
<' id tlii! i idt' the w orld i- the t!.-d that j
s.i> !, "Shall not peri-.li." He s iy: who-'o- :
? \ < r heiifivlh fh.dl not perish. N<. the j
h. to, iii" ' i .ii. tli-1 w i?? , I he jdrou::, l>??t ;
{!:> whole worlil >{ men. If there is any- j
ihi'lg in li"1 tli.'1 .? worth living, 'lod will |
1 ee i j::v 'i ; i.ot'. I do tint want to j
he Uont olive, f < m jo on work in:, trying j
( i !ovo. tr\ line i lie |i.i iciit and true, mid '
.it last T om\ go <" fl't'op, for "Cjnii ko loved !
i'i \vo''<! thai ili> "iivo ll -i nnlv h'-K<?itoi) !
thnt w'lmsocver helicvclli in Hint i
<ii 'it nc! jxvi-'i. 1)11 r Ij.tvo t'vi'i'.(slinn i
Universal life. Now,ilmtyon linvo !
Ii i-* llic rliitrcli'rf 1:< i it it?.' t?ir t)m |
v >?M. I.ct tis try i > pivr for (lie world I
v. it ; i <' iv id-i :is li.idly an it did nine*
ttttll hlUldrr.l v*'ir:i .r.ii.
<;<III<1 Hulll I" ^(irwlii'1 *lc.;- .
A good fctory was ("'I a- tic; Hili'ii i
f i; i-1 i < ??i! ?? : rv it: S.i- i. ' .it
(' hi. \ >.*!\ : .N; n'.v ' . tj? ,i j
, i 't>. \ ! . v !!. .i ; 1 i.
" A1 ' 1 O'l O ' '' 1 I Ii. ill) II ' ft!
\i< you ?.' / it ( > : m ; v -:i !i !
! ' n:i ' I -
' ( l'i, I ' 11 i "I . i 11 i
f. > i it: ; iIs , - i :i" I
'(i*' ( lii \ i. I ill; !.
\Vc\), . ! I: V.( toj.-no?|; 1
*'I liU'J niy druiii ' >?ti ;i stfiiis l<? Hi) I
ii-.' '> H' i)< (?' . -It '?. 11*fcii ,
V ; II..!. ' . ! li... - ,
in .in f. t. ' I !! : ; !. I. . hi.. . : !
Cm!'* Wi.rli (t.'ii'K On.
T -, (hi' n < 11- .It i.i?- iif liip
< i i si '.in' (a
s,ivert U>oun> I. i? : . tvliO have not
l> ..<t-il tin- hrict! lo Mil! .Minifitviii : >:iy
li.:vc In'i'ti ii- . ornint; i'li-i< ith' liavc
h< .'ii in:V?'t? ?! v. i ,i mill-?Iy 11:?v. ;i: t ii?
iioii nwl (In' iiMi'iicd nihy liaVii !i<n tttinu*
iiiiot;.- 'i t! i' !< jinm i m" rv.M yi lini\; ox<
.'t (lie mevi* Hiiperfici.'i'ilicii o| r<*'igionj
nml ,v?Jl it will lie i->m ' thai CJort, who i
v.x" jj i), 11' >.-.i .if 11 i". i.. 1 >:.i? to.) i
lii'.'liiy ti> lf?l ii ri-nruii mi. r.\?\ li.m j
raided His nltar in iinlivifl'.i;tl lu'url:< Iti j
till! <1\\ I'lilll-l ? <1| ||l(! ('.'Hi". HI ^.-.i ...
|('iii!C3f in (lie ruccHHfH <?l vail ya .it i >ni>iin?
lAhifi. iii* lifts written II napic ii| ?ti rc?
r-t'i ii i|ijrw!> in i I in! >! (lu-ir
.1 > ! >i 1, ?. :n >1 c linl.: 1.1: ? i.r u ?11< ?. ii.ih
*r>?i -j'tly it, ' i T. i 1 ttitn,
,Sp< Tf't nl IIC I- i'ou. r.
Wh.t w.i-t I ho sritr.*! ' ! - . . hp'*
! ; vei\\ !i..t 2i.it -!i" .(.tic ' 'i .y
uoiliin^. t/i.v.? I'iiu'h II >rn )h:' i ? i' lit
smilpj), liritnlinK i,l Iniiuor, tli1 tit?;l >../
iliviiiiii'* what <!VPiy mil i< .! . i. ono
wante.'l, tol'l that nho I I t *elf
and learned to think of . ii i it
mi" (imp it xh'nvi.! il -e!i y >
ir. another by snio'ith n.; in i.i IV ) ?'.rtW,
at anrt'.lii r by noothiiiu? i (.o'jbiii i oliihl,
Xoiio but ilio tnw thosd ti None but
a lot ii)? heart eon'.i! ilnin. I it 1 .i.i
the .secret of her heavenly jriv.it
I.nvtsi mi liiiwurlliy Aim.
un.y uy gciiing umivt: wm n-mn (
we make tin* progresa we ou^iit. The* man
w I hi jnercly maintains tin? level to which
Itn life has hitherto risen i*. at tlio boat,
ft tan ding still ami Mint means falling hehind,
fiaya the rftmday-Sehool Times. "I
did my level host," is not high enough.
Our average ought to lie ecnaidctabl) high<
r, and an average it never rawed by being
merely equalled. Only hy heating our avera^e
can we raise our average. "He Iter
i lian my beat" y .? worthier standard than
I 'my level Ivmt.'
Trim IfHf>|)liK!An.
' HappincM increase* on 1 lie path of life
if it ia alv.aya advancing toward the perfect
blisa.?Arkansas Methodist.
liiwt of Duck) Out Uti<l?r<lie Hiudon
of l>i?Hy Toll.
Lieutenant George G. Warren, of No.
3 Chemical. Washington, D. C.. says:
nil f:ipf thnt Hnnn'c fv l/l
cri noy I^ilis did nit'
n great lot of
good, and if it
m &- wore not true 1
/ ^MgBr^ would not ro<.'oin,non<^
them. It
was the strain ot'
brought on Kld\[
ney trouble and
weakened in y
back, but ulneo using Doan'o Kidney
l'ills 1 have lifted (Hi() pounds and felt
..</ uuvt vuwia 1 IIJIVI* IJOl ICIl IUO
trouble come bm-U sinco, although 1
bad suffered for live or six j'i'ars, and
other remedies had not helped in? at
For *.nU* by all dealers. Price HO
cents. Foeter-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
A Valuable Fan.
A fan on which are written tho
nauio.j of all tho members of tho Berlin
Congress belongs to the Baroness
von I?angen (n'ee Von Prilllvtx). The
possessor obtained the signatures at
several soirees given in honor of tho
tuiikirsH ai uio imu;usii emoassy and
live Austrian embassy.
N o M o r? B11 n d H o r s 0 s m?' .Kf.KVhM
Bora Xjili, bairy Co., Iowa Cltjr. ia..bevc a ?ur* cut*
Forthcoming Dictionary Compiled b>
Berlin Academy of Science.
A briof dispatch from H rlin con- 1
veya Intelligence which will thrill tho :
heart of every scholar. It. announo.es i
tbo near completion of Professor Hrmnn'a
monumental "Dictionary of tho I
Ancient Egyptian J,ariguagc?." a work j
nnHnmn.l ? I. .> l/ol.n.. K?. !
VUUV ? \7U t'<VJ IV?I. VI , UJ I
tho Berlin Academy of Sciences and
aided in 110 small degree by <(h<? best i
American erudition. Professor Kir- j
man, tho editor, is easily the fore- i
most ;jtolo^>i-sL of the world, [
though lie has tolh'd in a fl'. l?i where- !
!n thc-ro lias b -*7i friendly contention !
for many years Rr.u ig t'u > cbolam of
France, Kuglund, (' < i .uai.y Italy un.I
Anieri :a.
The field ha-; i;^<n so fertil-: thf.
tlio forthcoming dictionary is credited j
with containing DVfi.OOO v oids or sub- j
Jects. We ijrewdly s ;n . . that tho
r:?bh-grnm eohfu?. ' v' ! ,rypt::.n
word with t' > l-: "( ?.;.>( , v.-!. it Js
only a pi -' :r?; <;: a pi .oral rymbol. ,
t'ho olde ' i . nb; < i' the Kj?\ :?tiafi
last da?o i1" to about P.. C..
Hi, r,-j I it ('i>i ti- t dio o it a
t i' : mii' . I about !. n > c nhirit? j
ego. 1'- tv-.-or Ionian's great book !
will, c,' r,w . . in' ? It.; long '.'istory
anl t'ue many < ;. <; it umh.vr- |
won i.
In out* of Viis own publis'iri tnono*
r.r.i; Vn on wv how ;
tlio lang of tin; old Egyptian ?mipii
< was no in or > in tc legible to an
Egyptian of tlio 1'Jt'i dy.iu- y, for example,
tlian Ixitin would bo t? the
a\erugo Italian tlio p.- sent day.
lxmg after old Egyptian, tlio classical
tongue ??f t!;? old empire, had :
ceased to bo spoken. it led an nrti- |
fi. ial lif* as u learned language, playing
much the Bantu part as Latin ;
played in medieval Europe, and was :
regularly hmployfl for religious and i
monumental purpo..os down to the
Roman period. '!*!:? n followed tlio !
middle Egyptian riprosvntlng an In-;
tcrmofiiato st.i^o bitw?en thn laugu- j
?;>?' \ti tut' urn a 11 (I tn;w * III ill'.
In it most of the oKl forms ami infit-1
iioni arc retained, 'cit. n</.io of tlio
peculiarity s of (ho lat? : *pt: eh make
their appearance, ties t leg tho N'co*
Kgyptian ov pop; ::i.- language about.
11 c. 1G00-10G0. It !h rept* -?;iited by:
a number of papyri containing talcs,,
lotteiK and legal ?!'?. :m<-'its. From
about V,. 0. 70'j to tlio <Ihrlst'rjn era ,
tho language ?if the Kjryptian people j
wcfi tin1 demotic, about which com- '
parativoly little ia known: and it was!
auccoeded by tl; language of (."?irls
tian Kgypt, or Coplie, written in a
modification of the (Jreek alphabet
with the addition of characters derived
from th? demotic. As a xpoken
language it prrlabed about ?.00 years
go, but Is fit ill employed in tho ritual
of tho Coptic, church.?Philadeln)i
in \a> flair.
To cure, or mo
Tree Distillery.
On tho Canary Islands pro r;n a
I fm n?*o {?? A
i.wn u tc, u ireo most neodeil
In some parts of the islands. It Is
said that tho leaves oonstantly distill
a quantity of water that is suflieient
to furnish drink to every living
creature in Micro, nature having provided
this remedy for the drought of
the inland. Every morning near this
part of tho island a cloud of mist
arises from the sea, which tho winds
force against the :-tecp cliiT on which
this tree grow;, and it is from uio
| mist that tho tree distills the water.
China, too, claims her remarkable
j tree. This is known as the tallow
I treo, so called from the fact of it
j producing a substance like tallow,
and which serves the same purpose,
I I~ ?v. _ -
in vi i-iiv tiijiui; toiisr.siency, color and
smell. On the island of Lewchew
grows a trei? about the size of a common
cherry tree, which possesses the
peculiarity of changing the color
| 'A its blossom.';. At one time the flowj
^r assumes tho ti:it of the lily, and
again shortly takes the color of tlio
In Thibet there Is a most curious
tree, known as the tree of the thousand
images. Its leaves aro covered
with.well defined characters of fho
Thibotair* alphabet. It Is of great
age and the only one of Its kind
known there.
Rats as Poison Inimunes.
In destroying rats by poison a paradoxical
susceptibility has been noted.
When you want to kill a man by poitfon
you give him a big dose, while
if you Rive him a small quantity
dally the whole may be eliminated
without fatal effects. On the other
hand it has been determined that rats
have a peculiar resistance to arsenical
poisoning wlrn given in largo
doses, while frequently they were destroyed
by small deses before the total
quantity had readied it) amount
equal to single dosea that w?ro successfully
Net tile Same Bird.
Seeking for argument to support
on attack cn woman, a correspondent
of a contemporary found what
lie thought was a suitabls one in the
Book of Job, and produced it In triumph.
Next day another correspondent
pointed out that, owing to a flight
technical error, the argument was not
so convincing as It might otherwise
have been. It seems that the proiiivet's
remark was not nhmit urnmnn
at all, but abcnit ostriches. Those
mistakes will occur.
rn>; pormnnont! y on red. No fl'.'- or nervousness
after fln-t (lav's nsoof )>r. Kliuo'a Gro-.it
N<-rv'?l>st ori-r.t'it rial lioUleand tioatiac fro>
hi. II. II. l.i.iNK.Lt'l : i 1 A roll >t.. l'iiila., l'a.
Corrupt ion Is <lcc!ui''jti t > bo uukuowu in
Japanese politics.
Tito's Gurrt !.-> tll'-bi'st mo.li.-ilif: WO sVCri;?U"l
lor nil affections <-! ihr.> it mul !*:is^ m.
O. 1-..N 1 si.v.v. N all'-.11 On . Irnl.. It!. lO.V'Oj.
Australia ha* more c'.iurclics ;:cr cnjula
thau any Ucv country.
/f ^ dlb
m >* ,
1/ Vf:
si Miss Rose Petersen, Secre* w*
tsry Parkdafc Tennis Club, Ciiicago,
from cxp^riei.csadvises ail
young girls who have pains and
sickness peculiar to their sex, to
use Lydia hi. Pinkham's Vegetable
How lnanv boantii'ii! vr.nntr crirln <1?
velop iuto worn, lisllosA and hopeless
women, simply bci nusc sufficient attention
has not been paid to their physical
development. No woman Is exempt
from physical weakness and periodic
pain, and yonnjf pirls just budding into
womanhood should b? carefully guided
physically a;; well ila morally. Another
3Ii?s Huntmh 13. Mersli on, ColliiiKswood,
"I thought 1 would write anil tell
you that, by follow .11/ your hind advice,
1 feel like a m*\v person. 1 vrfi'i
always thin and delicate, and :?o weak
that I could hurdly do anything Menstruation
was irregular.
" ! tried a b ittleof yo;: r
Compound and 1 :i : > fe. 1 better
rigut, away, i <v i:tinned its uro, ami
ain now null ; 'ron^f, itiul iv.onstrnatc
regularly. I or.nnot nay enough
for wlia.t your niedifinf <1 id for me."
- if,000 forfeit I) original of c.liva tatter proving
[/*riuineri"sii canrc t fct> pruduevd.
Lydia K. Pink ham's VojfcJablo
Compound will ciirp nny woman
in the land wlio suffers* from
womb (roubles, inflammation of
the ovaries, and kidney troubles.
CJ5v3?VpO" 9 Railroad Far* PaiJ. 500
^ 7 KltKli Ccur3es Offered.
MMBflHHSBHUIHfl I>-<riI JtCoit. Write Quick
OF.ORnu aiVuVm* mi<?iMF<;c:rr>llFrtB Macori.Oi.
iney refunded bv your mi
Rear Admiral Hichfzorn
Recommends Pe-ru-na
: -4<
! i 11111> Mieliliorn. K<-ar .'Vimii.il I'mWd I
I States Navy, writ' from W.j^hinjjion, J). I
I C., as follows::
" A/'tft'f.ic iihc ttf /Vi'inid for ti short I
I pcri-tti, 1 Ciin now clicrr/ iitlif Vt'r- i
ontmcinl i/ok/ i ?f a<tbl<- ri nirtli/ tit |
i a in/ inter who Ik in nvi'il of it n invtn- i
] orii tin a Ion Ic. - I'll i I ?'/> I11 rli Int rn.
No remedy ever yet ?? vi--? ! ii.'i receive.| 1
such unsiinti l eulogy f'om many re- !
nowiicd statesmen and military .m a as '
Our army ;?!i?l n.ivy a/?? the nrirt! pro- \
tcet'.on of om < o 11111 r y. l'cruiri i~ i i??* nal.- >
lira I ion of ihe army .mi i.: i v y in ,
tli?' vicissitudes of climate and exposiiri'.
li yon do noi d?r:\<; prompt and - it ivi"
tory ie-n'.t;s fi'uni the u>.<' oi I'eruna, write
at onee to Dr. llartm in. a lull vtueinent
ol your ca?", and In* will be pleased
to Klvt" yotl his valuable <iv ieo praiif.
Address l)r. Ilartn,.in. l'r< -ident of The
Ilartiiun Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
'"1 have iricd all kinds, of waterproof
clolhir.R and l-jve never found anything
At anv ori.-P ?n romnir*? v*.iiU v..
-V "T"'v ;..Mi . .3.1
Brand for protection from all kiridi of
(TT-.r name .w) fcdJreu of ih'VMUrr
of ?hit inwsliciltd Ici'rr
r.i?y kx- had upon 4pplicAlioi )
A.J TOWER CO. The SiRn of the Fi-.h
Bom vi. 'J S A
Toronto C(.iidi '5// ^v |
i Miinr.'a o/ Ynirtaated iVtt H't.i:hvi ( 'o'hln.j I
AM j
jssss^ flfopsy j
ilftt'ovs all swfllir.f? in S t > ; " '
I cfTrcts a I'Ciinaneiit visit
, > *? yA ITI C to C> i" . ys. Tl in 111'. :m -nt
y-'g >'. ?,i i1 ir - t.r f. iret
. ?'/ ft'r'.i" f>r H M. tircc'J Sona.
I _ ' S"?t? .lis.s. fcf-< B AlinMn
tom watch \
A LMew Revets
W< . r : sojl a:.li r r li?HU*r
in tM- . !? y
Ti. i' - : n< , . l'".v r . u! 111'. *, ir
\Vi? "i > a 1 i i ii . < i hi. v. t\ ! I,.
t'.i " i : 'i,! ' infill.
\> ;: , \ . i : . ?it d1"1''!'!. i \.r.
of 1. , 'U r ... t i I. i
Doctor;. ?-eniiier
It (ill's " :i : ; . P,;, p,
h i ,* ... i 1 ; i . i.'.^.lC
** vf, r/.
r ? vc^-?j/'
a . . ijnio.v
r'tt^"' \ v / (v* a 'j.
VMM - }>
| J W Ji" ',>,- ' V& \ In >:ho .
' : > ' v
,c;/ i - < 7r, i
/ ~.r~ ?
i f? v- ?? wlj$k
8 , k/itnik.-si
b \ / \ W-kH, - /'
lv0?!.0'i"^.5s-c-on^ v**$sll)
or<}'arf:.i shoe maker ^ss'
jfw| ees'
N?^J>- "l<" J 1
I OOAKANT KKI> CURE for all bo?,*?1 troubu
I Mood, wind on tho atomarti. bloated bowrlt, I
rj pain* after ratine, llvrr trouble, nallovv nkin bi
B rsgul^rly you arr sick. Cor.atipatlon kill* mo
B atnrts chronic ailment* and lone yrara of an/lr
I CASC.ARK'l 8 today, for you will nfvet crt w
1 right Take our advice, atari with Ca?cai-et<
I rton'-y r-fundrJ. Thtij;emine^t?iblet atamjx
IOOCKICX irec. /\ncire?j oiernnc nemeay mmp
aiiMBwwu iimwvmmmmmaaMmmmmmmwm* PI
5rchant, so why not try It'
The Watkins "Boy" Hay Press
Ii wo ooya can ojirrnte it it <> i>t?i?;r power needtvlt
aiut l>nl" lh*- crop r?? !? i?i .In1 '1??i?1 at, 1p?*
than post i>f him lint? t? > hlir pri'*?. It <loo? lot#
| of oilier tlilne* :iml i'o*t? utilj' 8 :5. Writ*
us itl OMcr fur I'ircuiur No. "2~.
; E. E. LOWE CO., Atlanta, Georgia.
C&-WK 1IU V AND 8EI L I UMBt It -^Kl
Avery & Company
6ircci:sbOUs to
AVT-lvY A Mc/VllLI.AN,
fSl-fWi South loinyth St., A Hunt.*, Oa
?AM, K IN 1).S OK?
A. -? ?i
Rolloble Frlck Engines. Bollera, alt
Size* Wheat Separators.
Large Engines and Boilers supplied
promptly. Shing!e Mills, Corn Mill*,
Circular Saws.Saw Teeth,Patent Dogs
Steam Governors, Full lino Engines A
Mill Supplies. Send ffr*.. Cata'oauek.
TH E ti
CsAal \ i- v? r v lovo.
VjSk rf* -m nven'r But?.n
? o;v
"-5k- Ihixu, ?tr?cr
Mill 41, "a Ail. 1:0X i?.t :nid '< fwill
i-rl.-f M. K.
lli'Mlirl'ii., I'.O.IInv It ( I:{, <lu!ini?c. N. Y.
i.ooo Hen and Women to Try $6.o<s
Worth of Samples l-rce,
SprM no iriojiry. Oiilv ut vuur ran:* I*
W. C, HUG HEN. Atlanta, Ga.
/7*~7S} CRICHTOK'S >^7
" - La:l r.'kjUlLtYAP AC(t!CrfK/i K '
Shorthand JVyt., E. C. Crichton. Hoohktfjlns
1). R. KlnnniiVrr. Catalogue fiw.
K. O. Crlctiton, l'ro?>., ! 'fr lu if.. Ai!>ni*a, (!\
mm fil?ATTt| i
itson for itfien.
;i!;> oilier ?[ i . : r .1! ;i, U ? tl .
; 'I' < it- . i i rf,. : n:: . tit 'it.
W" tr< A | ri ?. [ i . :.t .iort
l.Itu-' . i i' !
" > . .! : : .1 . . . , f:on
i f:vi*; :;i
yj ?2 5 it1.] - v,
;tta ?i j S' G',
? OKTa! HP'3 .n?
rr: \ S? i " c* ron
' ?- -v.. 1. v. y i. 1 x .? 'j" t, 4*V L r?ir. n.
ni .-'ifls sc//'j h: mcn'a
tors than a.:y oifirzr r-r. att4rcf
iw;?frf, ' r , , V. * I: ... - ? . n 1 ro (!.?*
; .. - . 1 ; MviN
I h \< t! ll |l ? .. *\0
..it i r . < 'i in. -. t id :. iidory i\inl
< ' i'Iut H.1,,1'* H'i.1 t!,.' 1 , ' t' iiS' .1, 5 '*U
4 1. * V ' I I1 i i *> - ..MM VI?M lllOl?*
ll u.iy ).V. I 'I . . t . . w.:i; i rwfr.
u!i? of k - jii . 'Hii', \ it ; \ ?i *r..ro
ii* iiuih! t.? i.?3, : whj il. i; * , rmilufl
1. l'Jrt, I'li'
1 J? ^ii.i'ar 'iv ?' .:! * , J * rinr*
l?ron il?? !? "< ?m I H l 11 t i*? t?tlUU<V
? lilt u.-.w ... \ , . < . -.'f ?ti ujfj$
rt V
Superin?' In ! it, i ;m?l Wtur.
<?! / Ui-'U II iiOHoU' ' I ' '
U 'il'.u lutt /./< . - < ? r ? <r< /if, ;n\jr>fi
d i - nr fo , '\rt f ci . ? . ? / * >.
J/rpf. . .. -.s ' . , lU-htn
I . OonpfliH nyi?s < oroiiii < >IM(iii itrhift B3.50
w* <\>roim i*4 ro)i(T'ln). l-i !m- tin- Inioni
'utont l.inU IHM- IIIUII'1,
|IO\. . <? i Kl?V ft M >1 All..
fcV, IJO JCL.\a, Zirovkton. Maam,
the earns ^
CAfc'flY yfr
A v I If}- -. x'.j r!?K ,.^lVii-ju
r. oiawaa&MHMr.wtt-aynn?Mii???! ? MUHIM
?, uppendlcltl*. bilfousorsH, bad breath, bad
roul mouth, hendache, indigestion, pimples,
iri rfiysinen*. When your- bowelf. don't mova
re people than fall other dliseaaej together. It
ring. Wo mutter what ai'.s you, etart tiklng
ell and May well until you get your bowel#
> today uni1-r absolute guHranten to euro or
?<! C C C. Ni>vrr nold ir> bulk. Kampln ?n4
lany, Chicago or New YorV. y?
? Price 50c.

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