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< j/^J / l?L i-1>~ Zu a y
Entered April '23, 1903 nt PickeuK, S. C., m hccoikI oIurh mutter, under net. of CotigreaH of Maroli 8, 1870.
. J The 1
C ocl dowi
/7 Mi] line
2) the Stat
hriQi n ny
jp f ' v.l k '.I 1 i V7? Jl
of valri<
have pu
Millinery Opening <
\A Miss Hughes will ajra
JJ nu'.nt, and it will far cxcc;l ;
// iusl returned from the nortl
V\ a large stock of all the cor
g they will be priced as low
material will permit.
(( Dress Goods
I) This Department vi
will fine I a large as sortme.ni
^ season and trimmings to
J We have arranged t
and lace sale on our openi
'Wheal sow in<
rows. Turn l'lo
As to the Value of Birds to the
Human Family.
Tlio I'nited States (.iovernmont
is looking in almost all fjuartora
lor information, Among other!
tilings the birds arc closely stud-,
iod. It had Hume I'ortv to nixty
quail, (wo nrroiiooiibly call thorn
partridges) a bird of I^u^land, from
the variouH Stat-n, opened th?ir
craws or crops to ascertain what
their principle food whs, which
waa almost entirely vegetable,
isoi'dH of ^riirtg, weed?, et<\ It was
wonderful to know tiio thousands
of grsuiB need thoy contained. Thoy 1
reckoned ;i dram to the eraw, and
supposed they filled them three
times a day, and it there wero tour
birds to the n|unro mile in the
State of Virginia, they would consume
sixty.*five tons ?>t" seed within
the year. Just think of the imllirvviu
r\ f \mv\T um-.i I I In i fhnl llil \'M
Ibeen wantonly killed for nport l?y
tlio boys, mid evon mon, in their
midnight trampn with the torch
and thorn bruBh. It is now a pun-i
iehablo crime by tho law, and no
very light onoeilljor. Many hundred
of young birds and eggs are
tv^fo destroyed by boys. I onee
a very intelligent man if ho
Irojprir auuuu 11 tx lm mi ill/ m i uugu im<i
neBtluctive disposition in man that
would promi>t him to frequently
traiup, even in the ruin until ono
or two o'clock in the morning after
game that was both perfectly
harmles and worthier to hitr;
Dark, rainy nights are tlm favor-1
Iito tiniuH, as it is dark and tinbirds
aro much loss easily scarccd
arjT to take the rain. A? I expected,
? got, what I tliink, a very Bonsi>lo
alienor; IIo ?uid ho had alwayH
The Bit
jl vf
lig Store is alread;
1 with ITall Goods,
ry, Clothing, 11 ats
;e. - The Ith day o
s has boon innrftas
fall business in on
3s in all departme:
it on. extra lorce s(
October 7th and 8th.
in have charge ol this depart\ny
former season. She has
lern markets where she bought
rect things in Millinery, and
as correct style and j^ood
and Trimmings.
11 be larger than ever. Yon
l ol the proper weaves tor this
o have a special embroidery
i \.... \..t.
S 1 ) ** win: HJL
"()T OF SI
* \ imo will soon In
w's, .Etc.
thought it was tho heathon instinct
that still clings to man.
I?y tho way, I wiM ''all attention
to a word thjtt in, you may soy,
u ii i vorsally misused, as 1 never
heard the proper one. Ii is albino
lor fi white ncgto, a while crow,
snow bird, etc. Albino means the
piet'ir-naturallv white man, etc.
Leucothiop is tlie word tor tho unnaturally
white of the black man,
bird or annual. This is built up
ol Greek words, Loucoh, white, and
thf; othor roots, black.
Agi icjlist.
| Left over from last week |
We havo hud some tfood lnectin<;H.
I lev. O. W. Hupsey came up
I'roin Pcl/t-r and done sonic fino
preaching at Flat IV>ck, There
were 1S uapti/.' <1, and four united
l>v letter. Othur churches have
hud good revivals.
Mr. Som >hody visited Somebody
for I H?i\v thom paw the road, hut
I am not hunting visitors. I want
t-> givt? tli > news and I suppOHO all
go wopio whero sometime.
Married on Sept. 14, I'JOI, at
the rnsidoiioo of the bride's mother,
Mrs. l/uc.indu Wilborn, Miss Liz/.ie
Welhorn to Mr. .Iool Molton. Af
tor t ho marriugo wo surrounded the
taI> 1m Hpi'iuiil with good things to
oat, and it pleased iih so woll we
wont and spout (Iih d.\y witli them
at Ins father's and I don't know
when I have enjoyed myself so well.
What I any unto ono I sny unto
all: how could we do without The
. . ?f - -- M' 1,1 \T
wtmtinei'.jourir.u. i. r. i>.
OA ?3 T <T? H X A .
,k. >?lho Kind Yen Have Always Bought
[ Store i
; A L5IU h
y putting on a fall
You will not tin
, Shoes and all kii
t October marks
i ng* every year si n<
i.r history, and to t
n f C tr /-"v i i r\ T\ r\
ii. uo, ov; ^ wu. i lcia i
> you will not hav
2,000 Yards of
Put up six yards to the piece,
less than J}4c and the most of
at 5c per yard or 30c per piece
One lot, 2,000 yards Torch
Will go at only 5c. per yard.
One lot Valenciennes Lace,
less than 8 '3c, and some ol itm
inir dav at =;c. This sale, will b<
until it is all gone. Don't forget
Our stock of Hardw
A solid car of Star Leader
you want to buy a stove that \v
Li hove, and wo lia\
(The Leaders i
"Work Day" Offering for Epworth
\\'e have t?? have si
"Work Day" offering in favor of
tho Kpworili Orphanage. on Oct JO,
1901. Wh ilosiro to havo
many p?M?plc a>* will to 'lonato their ,
miii'iiin<!'> of tlmt day to the support
of il)o Orphanage.
') Imi't) urn thousands ot iiihii and
women, 1-oya and who oould
wmII a (Void to give t he earnings "f j
one day to tho support of ;i cans*!
so worthy and dosorv:ng as that <f
providing lor more I inn one hundrnd
futherloM littlo onus placed
undor iIid cnro of the Methodist
( lunch in Sontl) Carolina, for support
and training. It will ho a
sujiill matter to the individual to'
mince 11)1- com rimiuon, out ttie
fjitts of many will aggregate ? help,
tu! Hinn for t lm cure of the orphans
Let sooi'i one ho appointed in every
community to take churgc of the
oll'orir n<l remit to up, but if
prelomble the individual may send
his own olVoring. We hope tho
children throughout the State,will
be encouraged to take an active
p.irt in thix matter, and that all
the 1'iiends of tho orphans will co
operate with iih hi making the day
\\f l> VUtwiH*
;i kuc.cfmh. >v . i>. n iiui ton, .tuiju.
Columbia, S. C.
v Acid Iron Mineral cureH nil diamines
involving iullumatiyii, by puri- I
fyitig tlx; Mood and directly healing'
tin* ifrilalud part*. Try it on un ox i
tornal Horn and watch itftvfnagic heal j
ing It nets hi exactly the hhiiio way {
on all intcrnui inthunntiona anch aa
dvapepaH, indignation. rheumatiam,
kidney <li?eane, atonn c i and bowel
J troubles. It h ih no equal for dm-1
1 ohhoh peculiar to women. Touch up
tlio entire HyHtem. Trado (A-I-M)
iinuk on im ry bottle. Hold by drugxiutB.
Aeiu It on Mineral Co., Col*
11mbia, S. ('.
A W ?
-like appearance,
d a larger and bet
ids of Notions un
our fourth annivi
ce we opened, and
ll O f nv* /I 11) rv ri ii/-v 'vi,
xict.l/ uilv.1 v> 13 cllc?
>tter keep in toucl
c to wait.
Embroidery a 1
Nothing in the lot worth
it ioc to 15c. All to go * j
Nothing cut. a.n
on Lace. Cheap at ioc. t'lc
Nothing in the lot worth
ucli more, will go oil opensgin
at 10 o'clock and last yon
tiie date October 7 and S. (jril
are is Complete. i?,v
Stoves and Ranges. If cos
ill give you satisfaction at it a
re a full line of Ft
rrow C
in Low Prices.)
The Baby of 21.
The dnepest emotions of the soul
may easily be masked by - words
that, on tlio 6Uila.ee, ?t>em unieeling.
Pathos may picture itself,
sometimes in expression's* apparently
trival. Under the jingling
of the bell* tho clown's heart may'
l.o exceedingly Horn.
Fathers who have passed through
tht* trial that on mo to i h * editor of
tlii! Britt (Iowa) Tribune will see
liit; touching moaning that lion he-j
tivecn the following linns:
"Twenty-ono years ago yesterday
a little U'd haby was lelt nt
our house, rod, wrinkled and homely;
hut mother decided to keep
her, because at that time ?he had
only one other girl. The various
troubles incident to childhood
came?whooping ?;ougli, measles, I
scarlet fever in succession. \V?< j
lougnt mem on ana saved tier.1
Hut about a year ago a dentist!
came, and the attack wae hood '
known to he s<>rious. It was a severe
case from the lirat. She had
always been a good girl and always
Heciiifd to rally I'rom every attack i
but this one. We augmented all the |
remedies wo could to .save her, hut,
she didn't appear to want to he]
waved. Last night the dentist car*
ried her away to Illinois to introduce
heP to his people iih his wife,
MH. J I 1 I. I I. ! /
i iwy win r>H duck in a lew woeKa (
to begin life it) a home ?1 tben ,
own, but tlio girl that was a baby
21 year* ago, that has boon tho life
ami light of our home tever wince,
fiaH gone. It she makes another
home iih bright as Mhe has ours, we
know u don lint who has won a
prize." t
' A M -X' O JML X A ,
B??ra tho /)1118 Kind You Have Always Bought
in Trim
a nc
Every depart inci
tor selection of I )r
der one roof in tl
ersary at Pickens
we intend to niak
?:ing- to give some
1 TA7" i X11 flin I \ \ i >'
x it li/ai. ull v .1 / i k j
easonable price you hail better <
A full lino of STUDKBAK1
JL BUGGIES Wohavo sold c
i tho demand increases. "A lilt
cheapest in the: lony; run.
Now a Word to the C(
We want your trade. We arc
ir T #'\1 \o r*r*r\ i i / vr? 1? 1 C.?\ /
II 1 vJUS^tll, I 1U1II, Dtlll, V_
ickers, and anything in the grot
ber, and in many instances can
e recently bought a large quanti
, and will sell you as cheap as a
s you need it.
7k this \
utilizers,' Grain I
Will You
When the firstC(
On will yon it n(!(!068nry
i to hitsMtj around?hit or !
mi8H?and buy your cool
weather suit, lifter every one
else has picked out tile choicest
Don't make (his inistako.
Select Fall Clotlu s early.
Your eoininoii s?n.?0 tolls yon
it is the wiser plan. You K?t
the host your moony will buy, !
and ymi iret the lull limit of
M'lKon'rf wear for no greater
eop.1. He.xidnn I hi*, you fortify
you wo If x^uiiiHt midden
chanty's in weather that come
in the I'a'l. We soli tin?
11 a n d-T a i I o r c (I Clothing
Hatle by Scliloss Hro?. A Co., Ilultlmore
There'H nothing h e t t e r?
univs nothing as good. I
When ii innij puts on a SchioSH
Suit he fVela and knowH that |
every detail of the cut, ruuke : |
and (iriihli in correct.
ars mm
l . I
The pieturo Hlutwrt ? imrtiiMilHrly styll
ctiHiit tnfior" xmiuIiI ctuirKt' ?<Wi lor a xiiii of
I'tin lit you bettor, with more NWrtttKiT, sn
Kfiiilcx look c<|unll\ tw well?
To County Boards of Education.
(jentk'iiion; Tlio tttito Board of
Kducution lina appointed t\<o m^ular
lull examination of teacliora for Fri<la;.
October 2Ut. At tlio mooting
of th<> StiitH Honrd of Jlduoation on
Miiy Gil>f it was deouled to I hho this
examination ??n "Hu^hca' Mn taken in
Teaching l'etonnans Civil Govermont,
.Sili'h .Murnorn, Kiioi h *t(len
and Cur lout History, u addi
ut is load- p
oss (.foods, \
l is part of - <f
, and oui' S
o this the V
s unheard ft
tore. Wo //
examine tlu; Star Leader.
nr al ter car of these vehicles, Jl
" I
juntry Merchant. \
in a position to sell you ?i
oftee, Cheese, Soap, Candy, yl
H-ry line as cheap as any ft
save you the freight. We V\
ty of R. J. Reynolds Tobac- V
iiiy Jobber, and you can get 0
\ KKK. \
)rills, 1 )isc i I ar- K
V, }
Be Keady
)ld Snap Comes? I
, n?4 \Vmuh Vv' ' N\\\
Tint Clolh?? M*KrMjvb d f^Kf- 'O'- iS ^
frM. HIV ''KgA'if (p* ' f
ill suit fur u|> lu iltitc youiiK tnon. A "uioi
like <| 11 Al11>. I'lwirtiriHi ami iipitonraiioc Wn
It|>|rici I'lotlliM lit Wciilso Intvi* lowi'l
? I JO W. M A1N MT?
^ ^ (iKHUNVIM-M, S. C.
lion to rwgnlur 8iil?jo?tH, L'lmniu liavn
nil a| i)lii'?i.tH fur teitcliern cert.fi
ontt'8 iu ikciplo tnuu ho that lluro
wit) l>o it) iniMunriurtttaiulinj ah to
tlio tint-). Sincerely your#,
(). 11. Martin,
Ne<! Sinttt Bo;ird and fSupt Ed.
Te.ic.liO a pleiUfO take notice of
a ,d *nv*rii V'Mir aalvea accordingly.
if. j.. II ilium,
(Jo. ti ipt. of ? I.
4 \ 4

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