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Pickets Sentinel-Journal.
The Sentinel-Journal Company.
Thompson & Ricuky, Pnors.
.j. ii. o. thompson, kditoh.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising 11 ites lleasouable
Kutered at Pickens l'ostofllcc as Second GIbm
Mail Matter
Wednesday, October 12,1904.
Rending matter is somewhat senret
this \v< ek, ou account of our adver
tiscis taking ndvanlngo of a good
tiling when they s?e it Ncyt weelwi
11 iiml this paper enlarged to
Bcvf ii column quarto and chock foil of
good rending. Let the correspon
dents wnko up and j^et their com
nunicalious to us as early an possibW
so wo cm print them wliilo it if
news. It is our aim to givo the beet
paper we can for tho amount of mon
ey wo receive.
The eilitov (if The Stato in an edi
torinl iu tho ifHuo of Oct. 10, gener
ously blisters tho editor of this paje>
and the Sheriff of Pickens county
mid nil tbo sheriff's of the State inci
dentally. Tho Stato made nearly h
one column effusiou on tho editorial
from Ibis paper and only clipped
what, few lines from this*paper b(
ehoso to 8)>iel from. Now if the editor
of tho Stato wants to do th(
graceful thing, tho right thing, lei
mm print our editorial m full. W?
deem this a reasonable riqnest, and
believe it will be complied with.
Is the Republican Party "Clean?"
Discussing an article from the
pen of President Roosevelt's intimate
friend William Allen While,
ill Mnf lllirn'o ah ???'!
. # I 11 X V. \;n jtvrjnrvuil) <11111
the Postal Frauds, tho N. Y. Times
in its issue of August '28th, quotes
therol'roni the statement that Congressmen
and Senators went storming
the White House in 1 x'lia 11' of
Machan and Green.
Commenting upon tho particular
statement of fact the Times very
pointedly remarks:
"W? do not nee where, except at
the White House, it was learned
that 'Congressman and Senators
came storming' there in behalf ol
one boodlor, or that tho two na
ioi-h iroiii incw i orK and overv
prominent Republican in the State
begged for mercy,' ami then 'threatened
President Roosevelt' for allowing
the indictment, of another
Wo should like to know what Senator
Piatt, Senator Di-pew, and
Chairman Odell have to sny to such
a degrading accusation, made with
the inevitable implication of an
thority from the President himself.
"If this is a correct picture of
the demoralization of the Republi
>;iinr> ) I) 111^" piiiues, WOUIU 11 1101 lit
well to change the party in power,
nnd to place in the white house <
President to whom the Senator*
and Congressmen ft' that pnrh
would not venture to ad dross either
supplications or thioatH in behalf
of public thieves."
My ii Pinkons Association.
jjirl in white, wlm loninu'liariv simony
tlio Cushions ;ii.(I laughed, in i.'viii in t!n? ? n)
enjoyment of the silu.'itien. pluietoi
At llw si-,'lil ol' (lie ttirl lloyi;-ids force y
drow liai'k, with :i lin' "i-y of nsimi- tnnco li
isliiupiit, undfi' his i. Then lie "I pr<
ran forward, liftin. lint. home ii
"W'iv. Mis> I'orr.v ! I n? i ondo is. In fill(i
)y > to ilit<l you- :t 111 ayrd in "1'ut
11)1 .ay. What is |ln> i i r.'V Can perfrHl
1 ln> of any nssisttinc*?" roiild <1
Tlio pleasure which exuded from tho i1
limn a iin i- 11111 ri'iiiM.'iL'd 11! i coi
that of tho {,'IvI'h. science.
"flow do you do. Mr. Reynolds!1' >ho aeriden
snhl. "I'd no idea you were in His Miss r
part of tho country. So, so far as I will It:
am concerned you ran be of no assist* ''irons
Once. I think. If the train people "If y
want to try any experiiponts, of course, rid, 111
I hey are welcome to do It for tho sake lioniof
tfottlnjr tho train in motion. Aunt tlio >?
Mllly," she added, turning to lior com- I'm'
pniiion, "you have heard me speak of fdlonej
.Mr. Reynolds? My aunt. Miss ItllthO from
?'Mr. Reynolds." had u ,
.Miss MUly grasped liis hand vvilli a J lively
wni'inUi Wliielt *? > ? ? run* I "I'lf \
Acid Iron Mineral hits limbic powor J
to quickly lieal cutn, wounds, burns
and old .sol-en. Stops blood flow in-Htantly.
For man or beaut. Hold by
Governor, Lieut-Govern i
or, Ntiite Officers, Circuit
I Solicitor, Members of I
the General Assembly
and County Officers.
Stato of Honth Curoliua, (
County of Pickens. S
Notice is hereby given that an olection
will ho hold at the several precincts established
by law iu Pickens county, on
Tuesday, November 8. A. D. 15)04. for'
Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, State
officers, Circuit Solicitor, Members of
the Gen oral Assembly aud County officers,
pursuant to tho Constitution mid
the laws of the State of South Carolina.
Polls ut each voting place will bo
opened at seven o'clock a. inand closed
at four o'clock p. m.
The following named persons havo
beeu appointed Managers to ^conduct
said election, to wit :
E sley?C T Martin, J 13 Ellison
and Win Ellis.
Central?C 15 Smith, J E Bridges and
T N Morgan.
Libarty?David A Chanibliu, M T
Smith and C T Ilutchins.
Pickens Court House?W H Allgood,
T 11 T ... -.i --- 1 * * TT I 1
.? x uMiigMioii Muu iu iu noiuur.
Daensville (at Looper'n gin)?Jro M
Williams, T W Hill and Joseph L
Punipkiutown?A L Edeus, liobeit
Jones, Thomas Keith.
J'iiistntoe?.Tno W Tboinup, A T Winchester,
Philip Chapiuau.
(-rons Plains (at Williams & Freeman V
store)?J 1' Fiudley, Forest Pomler,
Grady Williams.
Cateeehoo (within 500 yards of Co.
stoie)?J Craig Howard, J Alonzo Brown
Thos Wood.
Peter's Creek (at Peter's Creek Aead
emy)?(1 W Grillin, J K Singleton, 8 F
Mile Creek (at Mile Croek church)?
D T Alexander, .1 8 H Price, 11 F Herd
Prater's (at Prater's Creek ohuroh)?
J E (lillespio, (i C Lewis, Walter Sen
Six Mile <ut. Ki* Mil.. _'P if
Mcrok, M A Krviu, I' M Durham.
Calhoun?W A Boggs, Ben Evans,
Geo ilendrix.
llolly Springs (at Holly Springs |
church)?J J Chastam, B C Ligon, Jno
L Gravley.
Gap Hill?Wuj E Junes, B I) Maul
din, J 1' Alexander.
M W Heater's Stove (at old store)?
Win I lent or, I P Jones, F \V Ilogsed.
Croswell Sohosl House?W I) Garri
sou, Y D Meadows, Elliot Williams.
Pleasant Grovo (iti Pumkiutown township)
-Wiu D Cox, J H Eigdon, Alouzo
I Portner.
On the day of the election the Mautig?rs
must organize by the election of a
chairman; a clerk may be named if neces sary.
The chairman elected is empower
ed to administer oaths to the other man
, agers anil olerk.
The Managers have the power to till
any vacancy, ami if none of the Mana
gers attend, the citizens can appoint
Managers from among the qualified vo ters,
who, utter being sworn. oau eon i
iluot tho election.
At tlio close of tho flection the Maun
govs muat proceed publicly to open tinballot
boxes ami count the ballots then
in, ami continue without adjournment
until the same is completed, ami make a
statement of the result thereof ami sign
tho same.
Within three days thereafter, the
Chrirman of the hoard, or some one
designated by the board, must deliver to
tho Commissioners of State Klection tin
poll list, the boxtjH continuing tho billots;
mnl signed statements ol the result
of tho election.
One of llif managers at ejich of the
above named precincts are hereby in
strncted to call at the Court House 011
Salesda.y the Ytli of November next, for
boxes; instructions; tickets aud regiatration
W 11 JobiiHon,
W Ij Jenkins,
.1 t?li u L'Yrgusoii,
Commissioners Btatc Election,
Sheriffs Sale.
('.unity of Pickens, )
Cutoy l'iekous, el. a I, i'laintiii's
Alice Smith, Defendent.
i |>UI?SCANT to an order for s'?!c in the
* above stated ca.se, mndo I?y lion. J.
C. Ktugli, presiding judge, on the '2'hl
March, J.HUl, I will sell to the bights!
bidder, ut Pickens C. li., on salesday i >
November, 1004, tho following described
roal estate, to w it:
All that puce, parcel or tract of lain)
in Piekens county, on Gregory's Creek,
ladjoiuing lands of J. E, Gillespie, V. S.
Medlin, J. 15. Brown, and others con
tatning thirty (:{(); acres, more or less.
Terms Ciis.ii, .1. 11. G. Me,Daniel,
12th Oct, 1001. SboriiV l'iekous Co.
* Nollco ol' bl ii it I Settlement.
1 will apply to J, li. Nmvtiery, Pro
bate Judge, on tiie loth day of November
1001, for a final settleiiii'iit of the
liuhlfi. /vt' lldll^V !?' HufiMU
" ?..v. ..X.I.J . tKiiiin, \?f 11(111
nsk to l>u (liMinisHcd an Adminix! tutrix,
Ad<ii?- K. Ansol,
Oct. 13-W'i. AdminiHtrntnx.
Till* Will Intwrent Motherx.
Mother (irny'H Sweet rowilcr? lor I'Mldrcn,
iir?? rcvori^liiu'vh, l>ml .stomach. miiiiiiht howel
Irouhlc*, trcihliiK disorder*. demise nn?l rt'Ku
lute i he howels mid destroy worms Tutv nkvmi
t \ii. over Jttl.iiO'l tCMtiinoululs At nil <1 riix'J.V
Siimjde I Hi:i:. Address, Al!cn ii.
Dlmstetl l.tKoy, N V. seplliw
w Early RRsers
The famous little pfll*
I vv nta 101
| (Jount as 1
# Come 1
I of CLC
I You si
met hoc
gY elim^Jft^g the heav
extra clerk hire, we made
matter of lowering Clothi
the neatest Clothing I )epi
to be lound anywhere, ani
us to sell you clothing at
U all other lines handled by
M It is no extra expense ti
^ clcrk hire. I lence we doi
an exclusive clothing dealt
J \Vre have a clot
^ <A t\ \xr i 1 1 rvn a i?a
b m;xxv* rv .txi. ^ utui cn.
(( worth three to
$ elusive cloth in
I Ho
Fall Anno
The merchants have begi
tell you of the new goods whi
we wish to teli you in a plain, s
of fall and winter goods, and
to visit our store and let us
others, that we sell GOOD
I^aclies Jacl
We hnve not filled the utorn
in :i nice Iinm r>i Hiimii at llu> rigl
sen tlioni. y vary in price lioni
Hoy.'w Clot I
We havo a bran now line of
Wh will not nixlortakn to mention
etc, but call and aee tor youiHolVea t
Window S
A beautiful linn <>f Wimlm
The liulioH liko ui(5? towols, doilicn :
rollout line ol thope goods. Don't I
Most anything in ICnMinel**
still anxiouh lor cliiokfiiH, 'tfgH,
goUBong, Wh 8o11 tlu> colohriited Intor
i Intend to
Inch as what
:oday and inspect
)T1I I NG we have
lould become acqt
:1s of selling and 1:
\r cvnciKP n! linnt-n o.wl
J J/V..WV. v/? *?vy UOVi l V> I I L
a grand stride forward in the
ng prices. We have one of
irtments on our second floor
1 by putting it there enables
the same small margin as in
:> carry Clothing, and no extra
l't have to make the profit of
liing proposition 1
nteo by accepting <
I i \T C\ f\ r\ 1 1 o v>c? ^ /-vu/.
ii v w V-iV7X l.cn O JILUI U
g man's propositi
Busy 13'
in to fire their fall cannons ancl
ch they arc receiving daily, and
imple way of our nice new lino,
extend to all a cordial welcome
s prove to you, as we have tc
Our lino of shoos ih the lurgcttt
vro over eairiod, and wo want overyhody
to hoc them. \\'?j ar? doin^
ovorytiling in our power to
hotter our line each ynnr. 11 you
want, a nici- oho?|> indioH dro.su
felion for $1.00, \vc have it, <?r if
von want ;i ln-ttcr nhoe wo have
Wo want yon t<? hoc our "May
Flower' ?hoe lor Indies, $'J..r)0.
Patriot Shoes tor inoti,
A full li'M? of infant's hlioeg, in
black, tan, pink, ? !< .
with Ladies' .lacknis, (ml have put
it prices and urn anxious for you to
$'J.50 t<> ij*V ">().
lioy'h ('li)thinj; Iroin $I.(K> tn$| .'?().
our varioiin k n<ln of Dress Goods,
hat wo have thoiii men and u!iu?]>.
v shadow from -<> cents to 00 cents. j
md t.ahlc cloths. Wo havo an oxHi
I to call for I hen.
are of r?'ht, Wo are
beeswax, jrruh loot, ular grana and
national Htouk food. Com? l'? 8<;0 lis j
? Bros, i
-Price Cash Store.
Ti. rn
jjo " tomorrow
you accompli s
the Largest and Best
ever 'offered. *? vj
lain ted with our mo<
landling clothing. *i
qur stock for fall far surpasse
shown before, aiul we guarantee
11 ere are some points well to rem
comparing' our Clothing with that <
livery coat we sell, from $5.00 s
gracelul lapels and a collar that hi
1 the .shoulders are broad, and the
and properly worked the shape rei
ordinary good usage;; all pants so
with French or continuous waist b;
merchant tailors.
or every man in Pioi
ou r pro posit ion we w
than it you had accc
lerson Co';
ee Hive.
MBffll Ill I III II I I'i ii in im
A n ^ '
n. ?rcai upportunity to
If You Don't take Advs
! w .
'277 acres within 3 miles of Six Mile
balance in original forest. Fine tnnher
plenty <>( water. Terms to suit piiiclias
(JO acres good faun land on Sollthwf
known an 1 lie John Euds place, Price $
Old School Mouse and one aero of lan
in town. For a voiy pinall amount thin
house. I'riee $ 1,000.
One aero lot with guod ."> room I:
Pickens. This is a regular snap. Coin
^Ot8 it.
J. 1). HOLDE
lltiAL EKTATK l>K<
ut Depot.
% We now have an
i ^ ~--7? -~z Line o
t\ ?
)/ Fountain
u Ingersol W;
(( and Family ?
)) 4.000 LEAD PENCILS. 2,00(
(( That wo vant to
<|^JPickens Drug C
- - x/.r r
Doesn't I
\h Today, |*|
i line I
e C
dein $
t ?? J
s any we have ever J '
: prices unmatchable. y)
ember when you are Vv
of other houses: C i
uits up, is made with ?
iifl's the neck snugly; 11
fronts being padded //
nains permanent with \\
ui t>y us arc provided *ik
nncls, same as used by M
kens County n\
i ll make you \
spied the ex- ft
s. f
JR. ? V V
Buy Real Estate
mtage of it NOW
church, 70 acres in cultivation
. Frame tenant dwellings ana
>nt Hide of Six Mile mountain,
-i?< I
i \jyj?
il. Best location for dwelling
can 1-c inado a good 6-room
ioiihm on Kasloy street, town of
ic at onco before somo one elso
R & CO.
I'iokciiH, H, O,
Up?to?Date 1'
Pens jL
atches %
jyrinses. ft i
'Om party,

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