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. Pickens Sentinel-Journal.1
Happenings ot a Local and Personal Nature. ,
?Hot, dry and dusty.
v ?James P. Carey returned from I
s ^lumbia Saturday night. ^
?Tho music of the 'pessum hun- ,
ter's horn is abroad in tho land. ^
r-Ralph Oliver, of Knoxville, paid
tjriof visit to Pickens Thursday.
?John 0. Valley, of Yorkvil'.e, has /
boon on a few days' viyit to Pickens,*"
?Tho Pickens ?Oil Mill cannot tun
on full time ou account of the lack ol
? Arbor Day will bo celebrated in
tho public schools of tho Statu on the
third Friday in November.
?Mrs. Rots En ton, of Centra),
spent Friday in Sickens with her I
duuglitor, Mrr. Ivy M. Mmildin.
?Dr. D. \V. Key, of tireonvnie,
preached on al>lo sermon at the liapliwt
church last Wednesday evening.
?Cadets A. Brandon Taylor and
Ernest Freeman, of Cleuison, eatue
over Saturday on a brief visit lioine.
? Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mill one, of
vicitn^l vAiulivfH in Pickens the
bint of the week, returning noniu Sat
? Misses Kuto llcstor nn 1 ftI!a
L'toper spent Saturday at tin* home i
*>f tlio tatter's father, Mr. Joseph
Loo per.
?Mm. II. Richardson and darigt tor,
Mi*& Peail, of Liberty, tit tended
N the IIeathJ?ruco Morrow Co. openiug
on Friday.
? Tlio friends of Mrs Pantim Gi'roath,
who has had a long siufjo of
typhoid fever, will he glad to learn
that she is able: to l?<? up now a few
hours each day.
?Tlio regular meeting of the L'iek
ens Chapter, U. 1). C., will be next
Friday at four o'clock fit tho home of
tho president. All members are ro
quested to bo present.
?Dr. BjU'h new home beyond tinschool
house, isj being rushed. Squirt
W. Ij. .Jenkins is the contractor. It
is expected that it will l?o ready foi
occupancy by the New Year.
? Mr. O In TTroonmn, who won lhi?
scholarship given by the South Carolina
College to l'ielvons County, h l'i
oil Septemb. r -G for Columbia, to
/w/iol l/ktit m 1 iwmi i#\ii i) | in.
HVtl.'ilU tlldl V AVjVU^ ill/ VMv<vuiit>iii?< in
^ stitution.
?Cotton picking is very rapidly
progressing, ami noun the crops will
ho fully gathered. Virtually there
is no top crop, owing to tlio drought,
and the harvest will he one of the
earliest in the history of the county.
?The seed from a 500 pound
1 >nlei of cotton ia worth nho.it $7.00
In ante-bellom days cotton gins for
tho most part were located on streams
and run l>y water power. The seed
were considered so valueless that
they were not worth hauling honw,
and consequently were thrown mtu
tho streams and floated away.
? -Tliere havo boon local showers
in portions of Pick'.;!!" nouniy tho
past week that have proven very ii<;l|
Jul. If there were no late crops to
hunelit, it would bo 11 blessing to l>o
rid of tho dust. Thoro can be no
doubt about the dcticicncv of rainfull.
Streams are lower than they have
ever been known before, and the wa
ter supply for domestic purpiaos is a
matter of grave concern with many.
?The K. of 1'. District Convention
hold in Anderson last week was quite
a success. Every lodge in tint dis?
?i ... \ . i ? / l ?
( I IU11 l ull) JJI iqiiij: /iiUKurwii, un UIJvi
1 If, IMckt mh and Ouoneo, wan repreHented.
When the time ouiuo for
selecting the place for the next mootin^
there was u warm hut friendly
content, between Seneca ami IvihIcv.
J<2-ib1<vv won by one vote -no protchl
waa tiled -mill tlio next convention
will be held with l'l lalev in February,
- The Annual meeting of the Moutli
Carolina I'twupernnce Ij ?\v and Ordei
liongnn will be held in the city <>
Columbia on Thornday, October 27
at ,8 o'clock, p. ni The purpose <]
<i.:, >i ...;n i?, I.. I,,i.
I.Jin ji.H.jn.-.i; ..... ... v
such an organization aw may bo etTce
tivo in stemming the ti i;xl tiilo <
lawlessness tlitit is sweeping over oui
noble and bolovcd State. In viev
of recent criminal happenings in tin
Stale, (lie League will evidently hav<
plenty of work on its lunula.
?The opening of Heiili Bmci
NMovt'ow Co. on Friday and Sa turd in
svaa tl 10 most successful in tho liir
loiy of Ihia mammoth conccrr
Tl oir cut price on embroidery cur
M viid ftwav about 10,()iH) yards ? (In
greatest hhIo of embroidery ever nuidi
in Piokeim county in a winkle d?y
The millinery display was much nd
suited by tlio large uuin'ner of ladie
whi thronged the store unci \vu
gei or ?ll)' coneecded to bo the huges
mi I b'-'Bt selected line ever dinplavei
I>y the "Big Store " Tlu? uuperio
tft'-te of Minn Tiiznh Hughes is ov
<1 nt throughout the beautiful linn (j
ti its and Well selected stock of dies
^ g o(1h iu the very latest weaves an
We Are Rea<
?? ?-??*
PHE Largest and most magni
upper South Carolina can b
jought these goods for CASH ai
trices on them. Below we give
rfm*ir goods.
100?3.50 Bods, live I
y 125?G.00 Bods, six
50?8.00 roll ft. C> 1-2
mo?in .no iii??b?>
- w \/ Wtf \f y.r IVRI. JL/ K V
150?D.00 Oak Dressers
125?8.50 W aslistaihls
The best No. ^ Stove oil ei
\ large No. S Stove, 28 pi
In lact we have nearly cveryl
Representative ju Congress ami Electors'
President tiiul Vice-President.
County of Pickens. i
Notice is hereby givcu that mi election
will l>f held at the several preoiucta
established by law in I'iokeii.s county, on
'.tuumliiy, November A. 1). 1001, for
\le.nl>er of Congress from Third Congressional
District mid for Presidential
Electors, pursuant to the (Constitution
I and the laws of the State of South Can |
i Polls at each voting pi ice will he
opened nt seven o'clock a. m.,and closed
at four o'clock |>. in.
Tno following named persons have
i l^soit appoint'd Man igers to conduct I
sa d el- ulion, to wit:
T'lash'y ?11. 11. Williams, T.-I. Bowen
and E. IS. Latheni.
Central?U. Johnson. It. C. Law
renoo and N. 15. Moore,
Liberty?Mart Hunt, K. 15. lliehard on
and W. M, Gantt.
Pickens Court House?J. T. Looper,
W. M. Murphioe and K. II. liakor.
Ducusvitif (at Loopor's (liti)? lleese
Niinmous, John I. William* and John
J ulian.
Pumpkiulown?J. 1) M. Keith, J. W.
Friddlo and 1*. 15. Martin.
Kastatoe?W. W. Aike.>, M, W. Cautrellt
and Daniel Winchester.
Cross Plains (at Willi ims ?<! '.'roeman's
store)?W. F. Piuv . J: ?L. 1j ihom
and O. T. J oner.
Cutetclico (within live huiulrod yards
of the Company's fitfore)?11. 11. Child,
I. N. took and J. K. (iriflin.
Peter's Croek (at Peter's Creek Aodeiuy)?J.
S. Wdliams, J. 11. Poster and
W. N. Hughes.
Milo Creek (at Mile Creek church) ?
J. li. Parsous, Ham 15. Dalt >11 and W.
Pi. Curtis.
Prater's (ut Prater's ('reek church)?
Philip ltoliertsou, lieu lioltlin and J.
M. Gillespie.
Six Miie (at Six Mile church)?S. M.
i/oiry, a. u. ivoiuieiiiori* iiiiu \>. lv.
Holly Springs (at Ilolly SpriugH
olnucli)- W. H. Lynch, K. T. Low is
nuil J. 1). Ellens.
Calhoun?J. T. Wnnoll, 15. li. Lawronoo
and C. W. Hoggs.
(lap Hill?\V. Alexander, T. K.
Craig ami \V. H, Mauhlin,
INI. W. Hester's Store (at olil store)I.
li. I'hilpot, Hon McDuniel anil Mail
CroHwoIl School 11oiih?? (1. N. Cox,
T. A. Williams and C. A. Davis.
Pleasant drove (in I'umpkintowii
t'lwnsinp) ? I), li. Barker, Hen Masters
iiii*i r runk 11o ward.
(/n the day of tlie election the Mun i
i gers must organize by tin* election of i
eliuinnivn; a clerk may lie numod if neecs
?ary. Tins chairman oh cted is empower
fil to mlmiiii.st) r oalltH to tin' other Alani
agcrs an I clerk.
Tlio Managers have the |> nver to til
l' any vacancy, ami it none of the inan.i
g? rs sittcml, 'lie c.tiz-ns cm uppoiul
' Muuiigein from among I he qualified vo
ters, who, after hehig nworn , can c >n
3 tluct the election.
At tlie close of llio election the Mann
I gOi'H must |>k*)('(!! <I publicly to open tlu
i ballot boxen ami count this h.dloti* t mry.
, in, itinl continue without ndjourmncnl
until the .same is complettsd, and nuke u
statement of tin; roan It thereof ami sigt
' tins Ha me.
Within 111Peis days thereafter, tlu
i'hairinau ol the board, or mime om
designated by the board, must deliver t;
tint Cominisshsiiers of Federal Klectiom
. the poll list, the boxes containing tin
boilols, and ftlgned statements of Ac. re
Hiilt of tin- election.
One of the managers of tin; election a
[! ouch of tins above named precincts ari
' > herotiy instructed to call at I'ickeiis
. 11., HaU'Hilay in November next, the 711
. day, for boxes, instructions, tickets am
H the registration books.
W. T. liowen,
.J. I;. Foster,
C. I'i. UobiiiHon,
/ ? . i.v..i .. . i I.ij .
v i) iiiMis.sioneiN l'uiiiiiui I'iiiirnou.
AsU fop AI Ion a KooI-Khm>, A l'owilor
if I'd .shake Into your shoex. II rests tin* foot
H Milkt's Walking easy Cure < corilH, lillnlnn*. il
Krowlntf nails, swollen ami sweating feel. \
,| nlI ilriiKK'Isis mid shoo-storo Don't aeoei
any mihstltuto. Sample KICKK. Aililre-s, A
lu? S. ulussteiKl, liCltoy, N, V *e|>l I vvI,
iy For You!'
ficent stock of Furniture in |
e found on our lloors and we
id have put IC N OCK-O U '1'
: the equality and price of some
fecftliiglii for $8.00. <
" ? 475. <
5 foot, high, for 5.75. M
rs, large glass, 8.50.
s, medium glass,7.00. I
for - - - - 2.75.
HIT FOll SI4.50.
tirtli for $10.50. 2N pieees.
eees, 815.00.
:hing that goes into the house.
i sram *=* d Greenville,
J 8118 ?5So. Car.
Petit Jurors.
A?ppoars Co indicate tnat urotn- Kt
Wolf Is holding Ills own, even as ua
matter of commercc. In many gj
irts of the Western eattlo range
< gray wolves are increasing rather jc,
an decreasing.?Field and Stream. j.
CIiIiui'k ^IimIIchI Srhool.
The I)ow;;gor Empress ol" China has
ivon a sum crt" money for the rstal>- :u
lllllinill Ill , > _ I, I .1 I . ,1. ?\?i. tnn?l,li,,, >'l
t??lic*Ino. tho luftimgemenl to bo coil- '
ile?l to tho missionaries.
11o\T*A Thin?
\\> offer On" iiui.il;- I Dollars Reward for
[iy case of Cutrirrli that cannot bo <-utod by
jail's Catairli (.'un?,
i\ J. t'HKXKY .V Co,, Toledo, ().
Wo, the midendgnnd, have knotvi. F. ,T.
Six Miic Musings.
Mies Lucy Mauldin, of Stewart,
1 was tho guost of Miss Sophia Maul!
din last Sunday.
Mrs. Eliza Trotter, who has I?o?'ii
i ill for Bomo time in not getting on
so well at this writing.
Miss Ruth Willimon and her
6ister Mnggio visited at tho home
of her sister, Mrs. M. C. Finloy, oi
f-stewart, lust Sunday.
Cotton picking is the order of
tlio day with your scribe.
Mrs. Robort Muuldiu is quite
W. 15. Noma inadj a brief visit
to Pickons Friday last.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Fiuley, of
Stewart, were tlie ^uctft of R. \V,
Willimon Sunday.
W. A. Jfendrix, of Liberty, was
in our midst one day ln?t week
Slock Stewart has purchased n
now wagon.
I{. W. Willimon lias the finest
turnip patch we have seen this year.
W. 1>. Norris an 1 M. Mauldin
have just linishod grinding cuno U:
lumiBh the molasses for our c.oin*
i Miss Sophia Mnuldin spent Friday
afternoon at Cateeohee.
Mr. C. Christ, of New York, haj<
hou,'lit the farm of Mr. '1'. 1). Har
ris. Wo will welcome Mr. Christ
to our community. <Jnr county in
certainly coming to the front when
New York men arc buying land
; h r.'. Tli'.u'o is room for more
like him.
1 1 will Host', wishing the SontinolJournal
and its largo list of subsi-ribors
much aUocos.s.
Ohl Riddle.
I , *
|p^jra.-<MaAt??B?armii>rwi?ini ?rTT.wraMM?
Mjanfry*w?i m ?w?PTi
Doctors flmt prescribed
Ayer'8 Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ag*. They use it
today more than ever. They
I rely upon it for colds, coughs,
i b pouchitis, consumption,
i They will tell you how it
healsinHamed lungs.
" t liail a very bail courIi for three years.
Tli .mi 1 triml A yer'i ('horry I'ertoral. My*oro
I u kiiiks wcfo soon healed ami ui; cough dropped
IE f?nny."
Miis. Vkaul 1IYDB, Uathrie Ontro. I?.
I ?.v\. .w.. pi.ik). o. ayrii CO..
I Old Coughs
' | One Ayer's Pill at bedtime Insure:
a natural action next morning
^jj vji tnci c i
For the past six weeks we h
ition, that we have by far the lan
liave ever placed betore the tradit
This department is complete in !
every detail. All te latot thing
in wiUHtinga and skirtings with
Ine s nnd trimmings to match. '
Don't fail to 1-0 our lino of white
(fiioilu mid Ifrnnnh I'Manitola t?> 1
waists. Casfitnerrs, Worsteds, ;
Flannels, Outings, Kerseys, Water
proofing, .Jeans, iilankets, 11?? k and
Art Squares.
Our line of .Jackets ramie in
price from ?2.00 to $7.00. JCv< rv
conci ivable color and style. i'? 4
^vt lino ever shown in Pick
;blurts from *1.00 $<1.00. All Unpopular
colors, fabrics and size.-.
< >V
: m ga bo">r.-te ?
~ J thoy
eunro ounira ol
on'ico, oriuuvj, <*r
"Battle Axe" shoes are the kind (1
or than any other mal<e. Turn' l.:n
Our Hales 011 Buttle Axo slioi-s aro tin
we expected them to be \Wni
you will always want the Ilatt'^ A
carry Selz Royal Bluo shoe at * "< >">(
the Stetson Shoe nt $o.00 i.s one <>l
moil's dross shoo on tho market.
JiiHt. received a solid car of Kuriiit
shipments of Chairs, hounds, IIa!
Hoards, Folding Bids, ole. If von
wo can ^ell you Furniture at 'hi- rij
i^ivo our line a look ln?t( r< yon hn
Bod 1 v >0111 Suites from to
Boils Irom $2.00 to i^S 00. Dressers
Shoes, 1 hits and Cicnis' Fi
, Strauss Bro.'s Clolhm<
' Bagwell, 111
Florence, mil
Thornhill, yjj
()ur prices arc al\
J can surely ploasc
R C Cj
1 m fj &
Mullet ! .Mullet! Mullet!
and all kinds of Fresh anil Silt Water)
drill ami oysti'is ll you are dealing in
Fit sh Fish or nit* nd to <I**ji 1 in them
write for prices and send your orders to
TKRItY FISH < '< > , ( hni lest on. S. < *, or
[COIAJMHIA FISH it 1CK < <).. Coluni
ill, S. We hl> p only fissli caught
fish an" our price h uro ?s low as they
can ha H ?ld at.
Write us. Try ua and he convinced.
8 | laeptWw
1 / *!-% -r ? * -
_ i i v i^i i i c I 1
ave been receiving train loads
K of every description. We cat
^est, most complete and best bo
ig public.
-v. S
,^< M\ tl .
M'JT/. :j !
^ II ; 1
_ \ . - si,
\ ' '-y ' * . lit
\ j 11'
j Vn-r ; 1 s:
/ \ ' M
/ s : \ M
|i^<g j |
ercoats and Mackintoshes for <
, We have all the latest styles
and colors. The very best i^ra
finish, and cloth, that money cai
is what YOU t^et il you bu
:oat of us. Any price you \v;i
-from ?3.50 t<> Si *.00. Don't
ig your overcoat. Come now 1
arc picked over. From $3.5010 S
iriF? \\ ui" < >
IWbiVl If ' " ?"> " v '
, \ j cry oho knows
U\t wear l<>ntf~ ;i|i J
proven ihi*. -A ?vi-ry one siould
i't'6 times what i| c.*i i' 111111111 >> nn<l
[ one pur ami if in pip?:ih;ips.
xe. AVo also I, lingers and 5>
lor mom find >1
the nol.bi-sL l\ l>n<V>"'U """
|| Don'l ijil I
S, STOVES. s^l<?c(tMi 11 n<
urn i..'*id(>8 i?i-4 s! I'irf iiros ami
I Racks, Side jj
'l-n't.Mievo js ( a!I in us \vl,(!
!,i?t prifi.-i |ust I
v K li.i Oak | "1"L0
.>*(?:? 0(). (),tl< \\ |?<nvi;r M? |MMM' ;
!!""!!! to $ IT), jj KcmiC.uIhT We
_ II
Yours trul\',
=? & THOf
mushing Goods a specialty. So
Stetson Shoe, Mitchell W'aj
: NOW 5
fi&Zx Z&2XHaZX.'VaX . at
viivs rimiv, and w
? i '
/ you. : : : : :
1 I*. , 1 1
i v j )ur-1 mil) ,
DR J.tt. BURQE55,
SKNK(JA, - S. ('.
' )i]|< <> nvor Nimni > 118 Stove, I < ) le
I our 'i n. in. to I p. in. - ? p. in. M<
ft p in. j
i cl i se>
of New Fall Goods, consistRE,
i safely say, without cxagvruglit
stock ol goods that we
This is our main linn and our
id.?. Buying, as wh do, trom
r t\f I I. . I.. ..?
? wi I" Kll^'-Ob V>l<?l.|J IIJJ^ 111)11111. turt'i's
in tho world enables us
uivr you lit, stylo, tin?l quality
in is nn^nrpass id. Sr.it* for
tin rr 'tn $:? 00 to $18.00. <\ni
iiiiv si/.<\ stout, lobular, or slim,
;) 111 11H)() | o 1S 00. VV c 11.111 (111
rnli-s A: Hro's. lli^h A" I <'loth;*
exclusively. 1} 1 ? bust 1 i 1.1 i I?JJC
Killing mud<*. Wo arc l.amlliun
i*s. .7 ji ?'?? 11 ()|?l; i i :s' make ut eloti <;
for cliihlrt'ii <i. d >??u11> -<.
' ii's suits from $1.00 t<> CO.
..talis l,-otn .$1'.')! io rs..">(). W 11 m
>u buy dotliiuir always l>uv 111?;
si. (Quality i w hut. you arc al'lor.
('W ZSn
!' "<l(?
ol j
/:: $ ?}*
17-??- '
W'a^niiK mid Hurn<ys, Kvwhut
tin* Milch"!! wag'n ih aiid
Imve die l>ost un^on. The lis;l>t*
most, midiiral)lc. A liltl<? l.i^hf'i*
, but, over s> iniK ii better in wear,
iurrcys in any stylo and at :111 v
o sec our largo and woll'
of Kuns. Art S(|U:iros.
M JhII r-tin.j t'? Pickfus.
your trade and will do all in our
> >11.
iriiii ran tee every trade we m
k; agents tor I Initio Axe Shoes.
ron. :::::::::
A:ji2.sm&Li tM&L'Ji .-lit: JSEWkJ
it h this lino wo
- . . . . Williamson
Female Collega
will open in its now buddings nt
Greenwood, s. C.,
Tnnmluy, So)i'. '27, 1001.
Our v.i'll kiKiv n ftdvnnlflROK willi Vrt'tmblo
nddit i<>np. Solid lor ttntcloguc t?>
Hev. John 0. Wilscn,
0?opw0 Willinnifttou, H. C,

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