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' HH Entered April '28, 1908 at Pickens, S. C., hh second o!?rh matter, under net of Congress of March 8, 1879.
life f
! T
\ ed (
f . the
| II big
k ot *
iu ( ixa\
| itill lery Ope
V\\ jiss Hughes
)) Vnt *nd it will fa
id r 1 :urne<^ fr?m
im V ' stoc^
v 0 I 'ill be pricec
? ^ \ al will permi
?& Dress G
ve li liis Departn
*ift ft l a ^arSe as:
i Hand trim in i
ti01 vV r ve arn
de* // aV sa^e <>n ?
filUl 1 ^
tion.^w Aeat sc
?[udo th#
that sucfi
to hp ?c .j f
? V KSttl
' <>'o(! OAw
when t3
tench in,
<iiiivrra? "
lla own
which ft,? v
world ?
Scripture _ n
"/issniaii Aiken S
the in a\
Only t
compi'aj '?
nn<i inor ,
Woiwlorf I Kf<
niinds o I
tho?nsoi<)'<B8inan Aikou li
ftn<| hoj> i , ,
thinking11* several fifty8, in
aftnlVn?L tii-e friends :
( ?HPI hQff' s
not tinnjr some matters i
Only tjftJtuentB are mtere
quired maH been v eatertlav
??*? nuiafcfctive ot' tho Daily ~y
Desi^iil it there was unythii
ihlo orfothinix of important
or IH al " 1
nn.I KraAjke?, "but as you a
tion. <ct, there waa one pht
4i._*Jlnntiary upon which I <
w?cre nr.
preheiuU out} oponly and in
bcc nnv i ii
out nbij' language, nn? thai
Sl nr^yg teudenoy to us
?"?. wono'purpoao of corrun
' n ato n rf *
thing*, mr> i ,
helc"n ?fty at tho OM1
|lou(.rs lo I,. I V
\ \^"i ??
\ dom.,WTJk- ar?P}c^d C
. .ml 5^uS'.'te? ?4
.voimen nns disclosed ao* I
M ages, while even greater t$ (jVHtilS
r\ explored. What will be
\ future no one can tell. WftVlD?
\yj lieve that more remains ..nac
has been discovered. "O 1 Pror,Hi
3 fold are Thy works." Hah if
' The vegetable kingdc,e ;1 l>0 I
From the smallest plan ^
are varieties innumerahy tpL) lllip1
field in which investig
wanting. (Jreat iiumbltOf
era and herbs of all k
; I covered. The massive c
ff i ever greater iliicovtg
llfcve that every coming f*T?Tury wil
',cw foi'm of life. "O Lord
/lkwit# are Thy works." r* %
'.ITTv nimal Kingdom / O.iscsseifc-J
'W, r;,:
CVrtai^ forms have
re pmsinff away. U T* ,? 1 t|?r.
evolution has mnde ^
triderf and met its mo?fi>Bvj ^ ._ ,./
feats. Involution ia nWfiRr
without due coriBidrrnti^Hh, P?
position in the minds of i^trtloat
cannot, be ignored wit.WMAP^*' '
Hut it is only ae ev?l"t?'tiT(.tyovH tl'.O
lliii ehniucter and work's?
any light to a doctrine *u(gp||toyon>n
Lord how manifold are TlffiTyg;- i
There in still another
the kingdom of God, ft!)l
heaven. It Is one in narfl^PF^tliv .
f more t*rritoir?
ine'ijjwfr kin#l
pombineit. It include* all tne rcdcoriw ,
\>rtl< and multitude of aaved in hr.V
Nor the varioty 1cm than in other kl1
<lom?, for within It are young and old, r
black and white, peasant n
kinfc, educated and ignorant. Vantly d
hrent in t indition of life, but one in chi
- Jr?7vftru. All tinner* by n?tii
V i*1J ?xpo*ed tft temntation. i
I <
The I
'he Big Store is al
down with Fall G
11 in cry, Clotliing,
State. The 4th d
n nP.RQ j-is; inr
" est fall business
values in all depai
ra put on extra I oi
:ning October 7th and
will again have charge of this (
r excel any former season. SI
the northern markets where she 1
I the correct things in Milliner
I as low as correct style and
ioods and Trimmings.
nent will be larger than ever,
sortment of the proper weaves I
ings to match.
mged to have a special embi
nr opening clays. One lot
-V T / \MA /^\ ? >
jr ) I K
wing time will so
1 Plows, Etc.
trongly Condemns a Crowing
this State.
Jtn the Anderaon Dally Ainii.j
ins bnen j interests suiter. They ha
the city ing to expect except from
iind look ! their servants as sue choj
11 which honest ballot.
sted. ; "This practice of vote I
by a rep-J growing in thn State. Th
liiil uiul date* of Richland county,
lg doing the clanger of the situation
themselves to publish an
;e,'' Maid statement <;t their oxpei
re on the Home such htepw are n<
iso of the generally over tho state
lesire to will coino when poor n
Unequi- cease to aspire to tio
t in, the Ability, integrity mul fid
e money bo .set sit naught, for tho
ting til" will sell hia vote or inihii
do ko without regard to
not, that ehaser'8 qualifications or
koui(i not. character.
this siib- "Of courno those who
uId have bought are not even a lurj
/, nn the but in a closely contei
tudidnlo. they easily hold th
t I Iihvh power.
either by ''Our sober minded poo|
ivonts or i stamp thin practice with
touching, their disapproval. Ho
3oinbated ' that candidate 'vho are
i, 11 fact morcendary methods can
denial is thorn. It \vc would uv
my duty, conditions nH now dis^ra
olitie, to northern status we must I
ly bofoi'H nriuttor in hand at once ai
?t of Huy'
Jiff, 'l 0' Claims Filed From Jam
, ! October 1st, 1904
mfidinm.M N Alexander constable
Jj II Abercrombie constable
rrn]>t ami jj Abercrombie constable
irta com- j) f Alexander fodder
s of the II Abercrombie'constable
only safe. J* F Alexander molasses
. J T Anthony pign
T O Allgood BdJ3q
Kiys a po-1 j j Aijcrcrombio constable
11 i? ' Iw H H Ariuil lnmhftr
, .t is J T Anthony bridge
If, is WH HA riti i 1 lumber
sor'th, hla H A Al?x?i,der brWgo
i : imlor bridge
Eig Store
~>R A Bin
ready putting on a
cods. You will no1
I Iats, Slioes and all
ay of October mar
creasing every year
in our history, and
L'tments, so you ha<
ce so you will not
8th. 2,000 Yards
tap art- Put l,P SIX yards to the i
le has than yjAc and the 11
bought at 5c per yard or 30c pei
y and One lot, 2,000 yards
1 Will (rn n f n i1\r C n noi* i
One lot Valenciennes
less than 8^c, and some
in^ day at 5c. This sale
You until it is all jjone. Don't
"lh,s Our stock of H<
roidery A solid car of Star 1
you want to buy a stove
on bo here, and we
(The Lea<
11 j W F A nail lumber
A A Alcxitiwlnr r1 wlr
.1 li Ambler road w'k
II Abercrombie constable
Min .1 It J Anthony bridge
.J T A111liony road work
I) T Alexander road wk
Aaron Boggs intcruBt
N A Bane bridge
A J Bog^H fuel &e
vc noth- ,| MoD Bruce jy and wit tk.s
such ot ) Mcl> Bruce jv and wit tks
en 1)v an W It Burgess road wk
CJ W Bowen road wk
(} \V Bowpii bridge
lUymg is ,|ui)|, Hra/ealc c >rn
n I v(,.ii i> t
uu, i ' 111 uv.i; i ij i
realizing 10 C Bowie magistrate
i nUd-rpfl 1' I' Ballentine lumber
3 Dr.J I- Bolt med services
itemized , ,
(i \\ l>>wen load wk
isea. If ^ .1 1 i->|4}4h eiilaty Arc
;j1 taken 4\J A Boggs blasting
the time VV .1 Bogga I'd eq
inn must ' S
, , ... A G 1> iwen bridge
hi oll.CH. w jj liurKess ,,|'llsjtil)K
ehty will j S Bowen l.d eq
mail who Dr.J 1/ Bolt exam lunatic
Mich will Mains Blake road \\k
the j>ur- (i NV ?"P
. T L Bivina lumber
nil h o j(, (, j>oWje mn^ijjtrato
I lenry Bowie blasting
i can he H B Bowen. lumber,
?0 minor w Jioweu, :li gaiitf supt
sted cum- ^ Bowbii, scrape overseei
, , W II Burgees, road work,
e btilaiicB L ,(ivHnh8 1(iInt>cr
II II Bakor, bridge
>lo should J K BurgesH, road work,
tlio b^al W M Bogg.-t, mail work,
decidedly J'; J; ??w'e. road work,
. I u Bowie, bIiib1111{4
gneu to ^jar|jn Brown, aid pauper,
not I ice \ Ho^i?n, Halary, ote.,
oid such John Buurdvii, road work,
Co many ^ M Ho!(iiiif rond work,
A . * I . .. I > 1- . - ... -I
Lake this rr;vy ,,,,K"r' V,B" worK'
W J 1> >\Vi#ii. road work,
1(1 vl^,r" John I >e;i I'd fit,
S (J Hoggs, lurnln.*r,
- W A Hogg-?, road work,
3RT W M Iti'MK"4? bridges,
H C Huwn?, i.iagin!rate,
iarv 1st to ^ " l>'owr,i lumbar,
Dr .1 1/ Holt, ox lunatic,
\V T Hryant, road work,
% 7 00 Dr. J I< Holt, ??x lunatic,
! i; Hf) 8 11 Cooper road work
BO W T Chapman constable
5J0 40 W II Chustain magifttiate
u AA r v* nuiu
o 1/u iu v/imuiuos iji
9 2() J B Craig bd eq
5 00 J H Craig bd eq,
2 :W) J I) Chappcll road work
25 301 W V Clayton l?ridgo
7 5(?; M Cantrell fodder
4 00 : F C Couch road work
1 (58 .1 L Olardy*road work
? 05 Ned O' anon liuiae small po:
2 1, C, rroad work' ^
'y* ' I HJj*'
? Getting
fall-11 ke appearance.
: find a larger and bet
kinds of Notions un
ks our fourth anniv
since we opened, and
to that end we are g:1
better keep in touc]
have to wait.
> of Embroidery ja 1
)iece. Nothing1 in the lot worth
lost of it ioc to 15c. All to go *
r piece. Nothing cut. an(
Torchon Lace. Cheap at ioc. llu'
Lace. Nothing in the lot worth
of it much more, will go on openwill
begin at 10 o'clock and last y0,
forget the date October 7 and 8. (^r
irdware is Complete.
^eader Stoves and Ranges. If co<
that will give you satisfaction at it i
s to arh r
have a full line of F<
airs truly,
orrow C
jers in Low Prices.)
1)01 0 A Caraou damage 15 00
12 101 \V II Chustaiu Magistrate 10 00
S 70 I A Cntiuon bridize 1? *'0
2 00 ! Craig bd eq 2 00
U 00 N A Christ ophur bridge 10 00
2 00 .1 H Craig bd eq 2 00
18 25 C 10 Coleman bridge '{ 50
102 J II Clayton pi^s and wood 12 50
117 50 W IS Cmtis road work 7 20
0 50 Clwrlie Childress coffin 2 00
!M8 15 j VV N Cochran constable <> 70
5IJS MO F \' Cloyion corn a id foddor 1.'? !>1
75 ] N A Christopher road wk ;> 00
75 I li C Carter, supplies. 4 75
5 00 | J M Chapman, road work, 4 50
14 00 j C E Coleniun, bridge, 4 50
115 05 j M M Christopher, bridge, ' > 50
1,0 00 j W 11 Chautaiiit magistrate, 10 00
5 00 j l)r L C) Clavton, post mortem 80 00
10 40 j'John Chapman, road work, 8 85
7 80: lidie Cannon, work poor Tin, 2<> 00
101 75^1 T Chaatain, road work, 0 20
75 o0 I A Cannon, road work, 12 20
5 (>01 ?I A Couch, road work, 7 50
001 John Craig, countable, 2 05
2 001.1 li Conmdly, road work, 0 00
15 SO [ T 10 Craig, road work, 10 10
00 ! VV 10 Curtis), ibdder, 4 00
5 50 C li Coleman, lumber, 1 Hi
12 15 S K Curtis, fodder, 10 0)
25? 52 X A Christopher, road work 10 8)
:-J5 17 .1 M Cbaptnun, blasting, .'{ 75
10 001 H Ii Clayton, damage, 4') 0')
;> 00 j C Childr^HB, road work, o 3 J
27 H51 T li Craig, road work, 118)
5 25 ; T C Couch, bridge, 1 50
r 50 08 ft K Cooper, bridge, f? 75
5 00 J 1) Chapel, road work, 4 00
10 06 J I) Chapel, road work, 0 00
2 00 W N Cochran, road work, 00
I (K) \V M Cni'.hrRn niiiiainhln n IO
2 50 A 10 Ci'lnnian, brid^o, 1 50
lJl 00 VV W I ).ivih oonstuble 4 00
7 60 \V VV Davis constable 4 70
1 60 (J W Davidson rd Ux rtfuud 1 00
(>() ()0 VV VV Dhvis constable 5 90
2 50 .J A Durham Wood 2 00
2?> 25 J T DobsOn road work li! 50
5 00 <4 L Dacus rd h?x refunded 1 (>0
7 (MM'V VV Davis ooustablc MOO
I 50 W T Day ioad wk 4 60
5 40 W VV Davis constable 8 05
4 00 VV 1 Duncan bridge 2 00
5 00 D II Davis bridgo 1 50
10 00 C A Davis road wk 4 80
42 | (J A Davis rotid w k 4 NO
6 00 It H Diividaon bridgn 4 50
4 25 i VV T D iy road w,?rk ? 50
0 00 NV T Day font! wk 8 25
1 00 W VV Davis constable 0 10
5 50 W G Davis bridge 100
10 001 J II Durham roud wk 1 50
92 03 j K \V Duuwoody road wk 24 75
4 00: J C Duckworth bridge J? 00
1 00 L It Durham ronti work 15 00
15 00 Thoa Duke digging grave 100
(>0 00 S G Dorr road wk 1 ov;
u rr
o? Tfo ho continued n< xl week ]
}{.? 2o
13 40 J-'tiHl. y Progrea? plon^o copy.
X 12 00 >' ? -? -r rJT,
^ ^ ? FOR SALE?Houbo and lot ir
155 05
in Trim A j
. livery department is load- u
,ter selection oi Dress Goods, j
Lder one roof in this part of <f
ersary at Pickens, and our 1'
we intend to make this the \
oing to give some unheard VS
li with the Big Store. "We //
reasonable price yon had better examine the Star Leader.
A full line of STUDliBAKKR WAGONS and ROCK ?
LL BUGGIES?We have sold car after car of these vehicles, yj
I the demand increases. "A little Higher in Price, But " if
: cheapest in the long run. IV
Now a Word to the Country Merchant. C.
We want your trade. We are in a position to sell you u
ir Tobacco, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Coffee, Cheese, Soap, Candy, \)
ackers, and anything in the grocery line as cheap as any (/
II W>l* 111/1 111
n..v. i.i nitiiiy iiiaitiiict s can save you the freight. We VV
/e recently bought a large quantity of R. J. Reynolds Tobac- b.
and will sell you as cheap as any Jobber, and \ou can get $)
is you need it. M
3rtilizers, Grain Drills, Disc 11 ar-\\
,ompany, . |
^ g0Kj^ - _ _ll^ll _
Will You Be Keady
|When the first Cold Snap Comes?
Ok will you lintl it ncc?68ary
I to hust.lo around?hit or
jm'hs?and buy your cool
j weather suit after every one Jr.
| elm liiis |?ick? d out the choicDon't
iniiko Ilii<i mistake. x* 7-.
i Select Fall Clot In h early. vv; * u^wk' i * 'vJj
Voui coininon s-iiho t"ll.m y< u
it is the wi.-cr plan. Von i;? t - ^"r J':'U fr fty'V;/:'
the lu'Mt your moony will hnv. ' \ V ' ! !
(-oiisoh'h wear for no greater pj ' 1 j 1 pjtyi> 1 | I
cost. He.-iih-s i bin, von for- I 1'WsL \
tify yourself Hgainst midden -fTJ? V': vlfSV"*?9
chiini?fH in WGHther t hat 6<iiiio _ ' " __ -5wxt?t%u sj^jc .
io (he Vull We sell the r if ^~U\m\\'y
H a n d?T a i I e r c d Clothing . ;!i, ^ V\ '
fludc by Schio** tiros. & Co., Baltimore . \j a ?. v- Yin'' 1
There's nothing l? e t I c r? t< , ' <' '/a^j\y ' I
there's nothing <i8 good. - ^\\%li\V\w2l'^\\\\
i p nil ' co^oichtio r.o^ .viV^UW YiottlP vN\
W lion H ni*in piit? on a SohlnftH SCHL05S BRCkSSCWwImi . '
Suit he I. elc and known that ^VV01'"1
ev?ry detail id the cut, make / V !
and finish i* correct. 1W^
ar:: $"2- msa j?, ' .;
t'h? pii'iinp xhown t* nnrtlculnrlv stv Ulisult fur iiti uwlni# vonnu m?h a "?">' '
I'linnt titllor" wonM cIuukp #<WI for a milt >! IKp i|iiiility i liamclcr iiihI iiii|ic'iirrth<c Wo
cim lit )<m Iiuttcr, with more kwhkkct, siii?;>[?lor clothes til t?\. WimiImu have lower
crude* look e<|iinlly nst well I
<] TV1 I ? <! f' ^ Si IVM> KMAIN KTM-A
1 .&! W MJJ M__J q (SMKKNVII.I.H, S. C.
Dry Goods 5 Shoes
Ami when you conic, be sure to come to
A. K. Park's Store.
WK have the largest stock of goods we have
ever shown. These floods were BOUGl IT
RIGHT and will he sold right. We do not
want big profits. We have anything you will
want in fine or cheap Dress Goods, Flannels,
wool or cotton, Cassimeres and leans. Cloaks
and Capes, Blankats, Quilts, Sheeting, Sea
' Island, Men's, Women's and Children's .Underwear
from 250 a garment to $1.50 a garment.
Men's and Boy's shirts, drawers; collars, cravats.
Don't forget that we carry a l)ig and good stock of Shoes.
What we sell you must be as we tell you, or your^ money baqk
Two Excellent Ladies
(ieneral News Items Tersely Told Bv
Our Fair Correspondent. * >
( L< ft over from last week.] tBhH
miih. eliza watkins.
Tlio sustaining and sanctifying influence
of vita! piety was ho illun11*<?ted
and exemplified in the character
and life of the lady whose name
appears above, as to warrant the
tributo which her huart-hroken children
new pay* to her memory.
She departed this life on October
3d, in the seventieth year of her ago.
In early life she j lined tho Baptist
church. She loaves behind four
children and a large circle of friends
to mourn their, loss. She was a
woman of no ordinary character, ondowed
with strong powers of mind,
ond DOHKeHsml of 11
t v. .. 4 . .iiuinuwia i unity
and retentive memory, her nature
whs one in which was united energy
and gentlenens. She camo up so
fully to tho standard of her duty .
that those who know her intimately
regarded her with the highest admiration.
Economical in lior habits,
moderate in her desiros and constant
in all her domestic duties, she added
to a naturally unliable disposition tho
hallowing inilucnco of a genuine and
deep piety, Benevolence was a
prominent feature) of her heart and
on her tongue was the Jaw of kind.
noes. The sick ami destitute ever
fon in I in hor a warm and consistent
friend. She was naturally of a lively
utid sociable disposition ; delighted
in the society of her numerous
friends; and endeavored to mitlte &11 .
\ il,
around her happv. She was faithful"^
in the diseharge ??f all her duties in Ills,
the various relations in which the *98,
1 'fovidence of (iod culled her to aet : ^
and particularly in her religious obli? _
gations, m humility and meekness.
p.h * endeavored 11 follow the Saviour ' . v
as her bright example. His name,
His word and His worship were
treasured up in her heart's hohost
affections; His people were her com- '
panio.is. She lotud lint e.hurcli and ^
the ordinances of the church, and in -0 r
her house tho ministers of Christ, T
were always welcomo. Her funeral .
sermon was preached in Mt. Tabor
Baptist chinch (of which she was a
member) bv the Ilov. \V. (5
Died, oil September 21, Miss linttie
Stephens, daughter of John 13.
and .'tlurtha Stevens This fair young
girl was just emerging from bright
jirlho-il to woinmiH ebtutc, with
inany glowing anticipations of fut;\ro
iistfulnefiS and happiness. But, uIiih!
tlio iiisatinto trviint, who is ever on
tlm wing, upending his uneoring
[larls to the b >:?>m of frail humanity,
had maiked her for his victim, und
?he has gono to that untried world
to which wo aro all hast(nin<r. Her
mortul r niuiiis wero Hid to roat in
Ibe \It. Z'.oi) comutery tlie day following
lier dentil. rf:
Tlit-lutis is you m, hors i* the tftiin; . I
lor now mi lingers robe ?li? wears:
a Saviour h soft and IovIiik hand
I'roin her blue eyOH tins \vl|ic<l the tear*.
That IiaiiiI lias placed the Jewelled crown
I'pon llie new born seraph's brow.
And Irudelh her in iIiumi fair bowers
Whete dwells the youiiK iimnoitHl now.
W oil i n 1 have written about tl o
?oir <ws of our community, I will try
tiid reluto Homo of tbo pleasures.
A mono- tlio mnny happy events
wuh tbo nmrriii^e of Mr. Charlie
Law retiee and Mis-i Leila JJoggp, oi
September 21. Kev. L. O. Clayton
perfo'-mod tbo ceremony.
Mr. Norman litis pnrchaaod
Iih bouse mid lot of Mr. John Fun- 4F4
nol in Calhoun.
Mr. K. (). Bonn, of Atlanta, visited
the ftuiiiiy <>f Mr. E. II. Lawrence
lust week.
Mchhi-h Loo and \VnIter Cochran
Imvo returned from St. Louis and
report n dolightful time,
Missos Muy and Lizzie Ifosft Law- ,
reuce Imvu gone on an extended vinit
to ruintivfM near Charleston. '
Acid Iron Mineral euros all skin '
diseases. Han curcd eczema of 40 >
years standing and is king of germi- ffSfroP
eidoa. Sold by druggists.
Notice or Klnnl Settlement. jifca1
1 will nnnlv to .T. It. NnwhAi*^flW?>iA _ 8
eabil* of'Utfnry K. I hum, ^ I
nftk to bo disroiM-1 .1 i > |^,r( >v^rj>

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