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Me.ts Sentinel-.! numl.
i i?n?n* ninguivi ii?inwii
punzaaueii kvkhy "\vkdnrkday mcunino.
Tho Sentinel-Journal Company.
Thompson & IUcjiky, Props.
l1- . . ??
j. l. o. thompson, kditdii.
Subscription $1.00 Per Anumu.
Aclvovtimug I?titen lieimoimble.
Entered at Pickens 1'OHtoMce as Sccond Class
Mall Matter
PICK I:NS, S. (\ :
I Wednesday, October 10,1004.
We are a day late because of the I
resolution?, which aro to lie voted
ou^ui the appioachiug olection, not I
^-Teaching us sCfonor, and from (ho
fact that the County Supervisor
has not published tho quarterly i mport
each quarter this year, and:
sending it in to us at the last min-j
ute. However, here we are, late, |
hut full of news,
r *
The interview with Congressman
Aiken, published in today's pnper, in
which ho so strongly condoms the
use of money in the primaries, will
surely moot with general and hearty
s endorsement.
/ > i
/ As Mr. Aiken snys, the use ofj
money?the wrongful uso of it ? in
the primary elections is a growing
evil. It was an evil in Anderson
county during the last campaign, and
it was an evil throughout the JState
That something must bo done to
check it all good citizens w ill agree.
J,n JUichlnml county the various
candidates aro required ti? lilo an
itemized statement of their c.impaign
expenses with the county executive
committee. If the plan accomplishes
its purposes wo would like to ^eo it
adopted iu efery county in the State.
We will favor anything that will put
a stop to a very great evil and one
that seems to he growing.
Wo think, though, that a belter
plan would be to adopt the Australian
ballot system, with sonio moditiculions.
The ballot should be secret
v as nearly as possibio. This can be
\ilnrin l\*? ?</i. -"1' - *- '
??v/ui; KSJ KJ21UI1 VULUL' l*> J_! >
" 'to ft room and prepare Li-h ballot
Pa^/Jp^ intoforonce or suggestion
ffiin cities 'v-n anybody. Exception could be
?e?, (ho made for persons who cannot read
and write, and the managers could
prepare their ballots for tliem >U their
request and according to their wishes.
But tbo voter who can read) and
write should not only be allowed but
should be required to prepare bi^
own ballot in secret. This would
guarantee pure elections anil a free
and untramineled expression of the
will of the neonlc.? Diiilv Mnil I 111.
? o
IV Little for I'rogressivn
I Funucrs?A Condensed Premium
j List of tho State h'.iir.
) Tn the field erop department tlirre
'prizes arc offered for nil the iirinctpil
products of the form. Th" first pi >
'is $:{.<)0; second. $12.no; tiiii < 1. ? I ""
the products tn hi- shown In V>.i:
quantities. The list ui< h?o- i : %
varieties, which makes $300 t I
for the sample bushels; besid't
iiire offered in two prizes for the laiw I
yields of corn on live aires. and S?'>0 in
two prizes for the; largest yields of
cotton on five aeres.
y The prizes in the horse department
are large, most ot them heiiw; $iit? for
the first prize, $10 for th>- second. nd
$5 for tho third. 'Pin- classes n11>r;n
thoroughbred, standard hied, South
v Carolina raised, liKht draft, poni <
double and single h; i ne.s.-. and saddle
prizes for entries by ladies l>eii!>: of
fered in the last four classes. I'riz> .:
are offered l'or mules of ill ai?? s. halter
led-and in harness.
in the thoroughbred cattle department
the pri/.es are ;is follows: Hull,
three years and over, $::o. <lo, and fii;
bull, two to three years $12, hitil
$ '5; bull, one to two years, $7, and
$U; bull calf, under one yi it ?,
and ?3; cows and heifers of urn- i;;e
,receive same prizes as the Im T11?
breeds included are Devoid 1 .
or Short Horns, K(?d Polled. 11 fords,
Ayrshlres, .itaseys, On n
and Holstein-Friesia iim.
The grades include the name br I .
( hut no prizes are offered for inale
grades. The prizes for i males ire i
follows: Cow, three years and over,
?12, $8, nnd $f>; heifer, two to three
years, same as for cow; heifer, one to
two years, $7. $5. and ?.'t: heifer calf,
under one year. $t*>. $4. and
Sixty-seven dollars for each breed
ri rtf f<.r -ill iho ot.n.i ? -1 1 '
of shoep. &
One hundred and twenty dollnrs :irr?
offered for each of the following
breeds of swine: Kssex. Herkshlre,
Poland China. Jersey lmroc, o. i. <\,
Victoria; and $45 in three prl/.e" for
the he.iviost ho? raised in thin Stale,
under on? year old.
Nine dollars in prizes are offered for
eneh of the 148 principal breeds of
poultry, and ;nost liberal prizes nre
v Kiven In household, fancy work, line
43^. art. and Moral department*. Medals
i n,u* diplomas are given In the
a, cultural implement, vehicle, niechnnlit.'
\^cnl, chemical, and manufacturer's de1
* ,'^artinents. '
" ii vaii oxmimors smyum romemnor
mna " ^ frelgtit oli.'iykor ire ftntil on
? j. .NJioro oxhThltn, fri/e space or htn11 s
1 S|he<J, < nd .ftvony accommodation
il 1 ftl'k, f'1 Klven. Tbv money value of
ound, tvi V-*/.< is often iho lonnt consider-it
uitAnnrir \ <?xhibVt3or. The ndvortinel
r., y V hiB P*frfUPl. tho pi. muto Of
s or tII0 n . *Ah? l>est Iri th?? ^tnte of its kind,
(1 men; JSlsuffli of a friendly oompomion
loll^lf/nnd Injfcb'*1'* W| ther fnrm<*r, ?lII outvalue
IT/ " ., r"Wione)- /'ontrtdoratlon. At the name
in fif** money pays m ire than
require# '/ xhlMtlny. nml n wortk'n
BfPMl ODlv om> ?r ?' ?
^^U"' ?'u> ste i;:;i and u?k jh many
|Be niIJiUlC8 ftt von wiflti. Mccretary Love,
HL ^U! (dioerfnlly^comply
aiSwi^saS%^| t *>
jNOTICI: OF election
Ofiicevs, Circuit.
Solicitor.' 31 embers of
i_ ? i A _ _ I
11115 liCIK'j'HI ASSUlllUiy
and County Oillwrs.
tttuto of South Car<>liiui, /
Couuty of I'ic-kon*. \
Notice in hcrcliy tiivon Hint nil olcclioti 1
will lir held at the sovcial luocinotn e.s j
tablishcd by Saw i l'ickoiiii county, on !
TuoHil-iy, Novi'iul)- i S, A. 1"). l'.tiii. f >r |
i tio fnllii' -ilirr i illii'i ! . !.'? wit
fSjvcM'iior, 1 .it'iit.'i anf Covi-nior, S?c- i
rotary of St.)!"', Atto uov-di'iuirnl, Stale
Troasuivr, (/omplroHt r (iotx iul, Super- j
inn mini of 1) hunti;ii>( Adjut nt-iiml l
Inspector General, l)m l?iilrmi:l Com j
missium r, <'oinit.v Superintendent of
IMuention, 1 r a'mrr", S eritV, Clerk of |
Court, Coroner, S??'iei:ov, Auditor, and
two IteprosiMiiativ <>s.
Pursuant t<> llio < otv i tut ion of Sonfli
Carolina au el'dum will l>o lidd u' i ,
same time and ph.ee I'm amendments t > I
the Constitution of Sonlli ( aroln a. pursuant
to tin* ternm of .j? int ltosolntions |
Now. :is:it m and ;tM"? I A<<ix of South ,
Carolina, pp. <>71, Ii7"?, a <1 (JT'i), au fol- j
A .JOINT H.I TION Proposing to
amend fseotion 'I. of Artio'e J11, of the
Stale (.'oust till :on, s to provide for
I ienniiil S< -1 oj I In* Ceiierul As-i
hi tnbly.
Section 1. I? if ItORoi ved l>y tho j
(ii'i.i tit 1 Assruii Iv 111" the State of South ,
Carolina. That l! 10 following amend !
moil I to tho Con-titution of the Sfato of '
South Carolina In- sul-nntted to the j
qualified elect or. of tho St to at the next j
general election for l?cprcnenlative8, and |
if a majority ot tin* electors qualified to \
vole for incmhcis ? f ilio (ienei.il Assembly,
voiing tiii rc?n, shall vote in favor oH
such amendment and umajority of eae.li
branc'i of tile (.h-nornl mbly, shall
after sne.ii t l?*i ti? >11, and before another,
ratify tiic same aim mlnient by yens and
nays, Section 'j, of Article ill, of the
i Constitution, icatint' to the Itiy-.*
Department In* iiUiiii.tloil by addin;/ ft tit
tin! word "plane" in 11no lull of s.,ul Hi at
ion, tin' voids "tiiiii! 11iti end of the
session oocurriug in J!)UG, id'tor whioli
till) saiil .sessions shall In' held at tin:
Kami! timu aiiil plaito bii.'iini .Jlyso tliat
<aid soi'lion us ainendivl shall rem I as
The annual srHMio:i il t lie (ionoral Assembly
heretofore I leeit il, lixcil by the
Constitution ot tiic year fifflitiii'ii hundred
ami si.vty eight, to eonvi'iie on the
fourth Tuesday of No\\ml??T, in tlusyear
of i ighteen hundred ami ninety-live, is
hereby postpone I, ami tlie suae shall be
iv livened ami I:<'-* I in flic city of Coluin
bia on the see itiil Tuesday oi January i.i
tho year eigiiUen litimbed aud nine'vI
'I'lii: tii.l session of luo (ii'iioiai As!
MiMiibly elected umler tins C' nstiiutioii
shall convene in Columbia oil tin .s? coml
; Tm day in January, in the jear eighteen
hundred sii.il ninety se en, anil
I tliorruftor annually at the siiiim tinio anil
' plae nuti 1 the end of tin* s.^won on *nr
! iiif; in i ."'u, ?11 (? i which i iiia i >4*>Ni??nr>
shad be held :i( tin; :t:i?? time ami place
Should tlie m i! i!!ie; of war or oonta};i.
lis <li:-i i's i( mli - it ui.safe, to meet
at tin' seat of govern n id, llu n the < iovernor
may, l\y prod;,1 iai ion, appoint a
more tseeure ami convenient. plaeo of
meeting. .Wt-mher.H (,f t: e (; uei.<! As
senibly filial! i.'it reeriv . fliy 'omponsa
lion l?>r more than forty days ( 1' any one
session: 1'ioviileil, That this limitation
::!iall not affeet t'.ielir>t loin sessions < f
Hie, (ienernt Assembly under tin Constitution.
See. 2. That the <]u<sfionol' adopt
ing the amendment pivfan d in the fort
going Section shall he submit! d to the
electors as follows; Those in favor of
the Mnendruei t shall d jiosil i ballot
with tho following word-, plainly writ
ten or print rd I her. on: "to;, titiifoi -d
a in i . Iment in Set : io.i It of A i tide II! oi
tl. >St:.1 e Constitution, adding atlei t..
word "phiet " in line ten oi said ejection
, till' WOldS 'IHiti! till' <1)1 <>l tin* scission
f :>t J'.Mlii, ;?11< which lliu said
t -sjolit- II. I I- lr lit III 11;I HstlllC (ill.
Ill I |||)U!I I 111: i! I V. V| CM. '
. iicsi? < ; ] ? -? '! in ! i nnioiiiimcii
r- I :i II"! will: follow lilf:
w<u il> pla 11! v )i)'iii! .1 ,r writ leu Un-l <' >ii
"Coll.' Ill ill ioi a! iiM.u.i i. : t (<? JS- .'* it n
I of Avticlc I f.I of tiiM 'Hlitlo (JoiiHt.it lit ion
' lidding .if{ i t \\i il '| !.,( ( ' in Iiin I i
: i>t' f?ni<l >ii tlic words 'until I lie mm
of tin! ( inn <'.'i;iTn,g in l'JIXi, itllri
j which (ill! > :li(l < sioii^ Mli'ill I n held ?il
the sanio tiiii< : *n| I'lnce hicinii lis-.
Appi''V 1 ilni 11*:. (I.iv nl Fi biiiji %
A. i>. nmi.
, A JOIN r liilSOLI' l 1 . niiM'tnl tin
C 'oustitutiou M> ll>( it tin* ( if n
nl'lll Vhk?'iii11 \ I i ! .ii.
S) I /?\\ Oil 11 n 1,1".
in .!, < >|> ni Allei I < l<
in (Is iiild 111 r11w;t\ . I i
til** A: '1 ill which < 1i/. Chilli Ix
Subject to ii ;m1 or Oilier I'ulilie Only,
Hoot ion i. lie it ItcHolveil 1tin
General Assembly of 111?* St I> <?f S n'
('arolinn, I liat 'lie loilowiii jih i iIiim:.
to slir Million lie ?uriri| In, a ,
tint tlii two (pies!ions invoiv- <1 in i
;t'; etui inn it be submit leil ?ej iarat i \ n1
t he iioxl ffoln lill oj( <jlio? lo 11'?^ rift ! '
<I i >111i< 11 io vole for ineiiil)< r* of tlx
lion ? *)! I ; pi i -iciit itivcs, vi/: tiint 1 iiv i
ahull be : *l?le.l to 111< Constitution tin
following iidi'.ilionul Article, to bo mini
liored {>roperl> in the eonm e.ul.ive <>i'? l- i
(if it.-; ; i . I . I k f \ I , i : kit I wi leilii I 11 \ (
| I" v" " ' " ' <" ' i* 1 *
I 111 * I < * 1)1 Ann ntlllK'llt-M I.) t-llO ( Oil
j Htitutioi)," wliioli :?lnill ft-inl sns follow?:
"Article uf Aiih!1I(Iiik;ich t<
, thn Constitution."
Hoclion I. Tim (it'nofiil ARfmmMy "
this Slut" may nrmc' local or npoeia
laws ?oij<;--min I t lii,ying out, op<;iit>
altering or workin;- iomIh or liiidnva.y
, in it I (joiii'iii? :>ifjf lli- pr'ovifiin : for tin
! af<o at wliiuli r li/cn i >;l In* .ud>j' I
1 road duty, mnl <*oi.(!? nin <; i naj? .
Sec. 2. Tliat StU diviuioi, f I and S< l>
division t X. of 8<i it ion '1, of Arliclo II)
of tin) ( onstitul ion, nro lirro!>y repealed
Approved blid fMill day of J'Vbruarv
A. D. 1904.
A JOINT 1M.S( )l .1 I l()\ ^rininniiin (.
I Amend Hociion 7, Article "i I1 f, of tli]
<'oiistitutiun, lloinfiiig J^> Munioip:?
Bonded liuicbtoUnoftH. /
S< etion 1. li'.? it m;oI*Vd l?y tlm Gen
t rnl ABHemblj of tlin&tnto of Houtl
i nrolitm, That Ut6 fo!!<?tv<n>? luncndmcu
to Section 7, ArHcln VtlJ, of tin' CJon
j rtitntion, bo ogroed to; Add a? tlio cm
thereof tho following wojula: Provided
I 'Si <J
\ I
" ' -v.-.rrS
i<si. vfl ^ 2
IC <X>' i ,
mtc *r a* rr*c*A < r ?x.a mwir/iv iw jiib mtaracra:jt*t
Do yon Use your thin, rough, &
short hair? Of course you g
don't. Do you like thick, g
heavy, smooth hair? Of ]
| course you do. Thish why |
I not be pleased? Ayer's Hair I
Vigor makes beautiful heads |
of hair, that's the whole (J
story. Sold for CO years.
" 1 liavo ??? : Ayer's )V??Ir Vlvor Tor a lone Q
+ t'.nt'j H i? !**? ?!. :i vwiuUtrful hair lont?\
K } ' k i in-*. Imm' i t(i t Ik* hair ami s?mIp. and, at Q
I)I'- W. TaTI m. Mmlill, liul. T. 3
5 0:5 !> l>oltln .i.e. A VI'.II CO., 5
A I . r.: I . r !.,.? .|l. M M;. I
yrte -kvici JO" ra-wrn.y.w.?m?n H
\\ <3 ys Y ,:j w w B
| %'%' ea,k. Jrlairf
furlliei*, Tl.at tho Limitations imposed
i>v I his Section and by Seel ion 5, Artiolo
X, of this Constitution. shall not apply
to bondod i'n! btodnoss inourrol by tho
oily of (i re iiviil.', bi.t said oily of Greenvi
1 niav in< ioaso i's bonded indebtedness
in tho maimer provided in said See.
lion of s.-.id Ar'ielo to : u amount not ex
eroding fifteen per ootP. of the value of
the taxable property therein, where the
proeoods of si iil bonds are applied solely
to the pnymeiit of p ist indobb'uoss, to
expenses ami liabdituw incurred or to bo
it.i*livr? il in t:n? ? . P ?il ?
mil siilewilks, uuil lor providing sewerago
tor s.iitl > i'y, or any part thereof.
1'iT ptii-ohasing, estahliHiiiug, owning or
operating wu'or works or electric light
pi *nts.
See. 'J. Hal tl c question of adopting
this amendment sh;ill ho submitted at
I!.o next general election to the elector*
as follows: Those in fmor of the amendment
shall deposit a ballot with the I'ollowir.g'words
plainly printed or written
\ t hereon : "Cuusjl itutional amendment of
Section sevnu, of Article eight, of the
| Constitute n, relating to municipal oor!
porationii and polio regllhil ions, Yes."
1'hone opposed to waid amendment ahull
I oast a Iaiilot with the following words
i plainly printed 01 written thereon:
; 'H-onMitutimad amendment of ttcutton I
S' veil, Article eight, of the ('onstitntion.
relatii g to municipal corporations and
police legulati lis, No."
Approved th<- I8'di day of February.
i A. I). 15)0-1.
Polls i.t onuli voting p 111 CO will Ik*
; opened at 'cv( ii o'clock :t. 111ami closed
j at four o'clock ]>. in.
The following n unrd persons Imvo
| lu i n appoint d Managers to coiuiuct.
said oleotioi), to wit;
Kunicy (! T Martin, .T 1J Ellison
and Win 1-llis.
Central- (3 l? Smith, J I'. lindgos and
I N Morgan.
ijiboit.v David A Clminblin, M T
i Smith and (! T lfiilehii'H.
I'icKi-iis <*< nrt House? \V P> A llgoml,
J I' IIon ami M \l lfoldcr.
I >,icu ?vi!le (at hooper's nin) ?.Tno M
Williams, T W Hill and Joseph ]j
Pumpkiutown A 1j I'dens, Uobort
Tom's, I'll.Min < h>i?h.
I istat" :i<? \V Thomas, A 'J' Win
hi ter, t M i it P Chapman.
<1. Piains (at Williams I V email's
itor.-i I I' Findloy, Forest I'omlcr,
Grady W illiams.
ehec (within fiOO yards of Co.
t' n i l 'rai{J Howard, .1 Aloir/.o I iron ii
Thos o.iil.
IVte|' >' I Pi K (si! Peter's ("l'l'ik AcDfl
Mn.V) <> W liriliin, J K Singleton, S I'
!;< unison.
. 1 ( re k lal INIilo ( rock climcli ?
I) 'I' Alov i.1 S 11 I'rict', 11 ( ' llnd.
I'i:111*i-'~ '..t I'raltir's ('rock htirolij
.) K (iilU'Kpio, (i (' liCWiM, Will I or Sra
| I torn.
Sis; Mi'?i (al Six M l<i oliunr.) T 1!
.Merck, M A I i vm, 1' .M Mm limn.
('aMiowti -A' A I> *(! Kvuiih,
i < !co I {(>n !ri\.
llnliy Spr^'frs (at llnlly Spiings
eh i'r!>' -F .1 t'li.isl tin, 15 < I tJnn
; Ij (?iii\ " V.
,p i.i ! -W'r : K ! i. s, i! I; Maui
I din, .1 I' AI'-Niifiii'T.
\I \V llts'i"';. St ii' i ll ?.!.! ???.!. > ?
I Win Koslcr, I I' Juliet, i \\ JlofjfMt'd,
sx.'ll iS'llO'll | foiiso - tV l> ( iilll i
.1)1), \ I' All nlows, II!' i? ?i Willi..IDS.
i I'iciSi < ;< '.? 'Ill i'lllillillltoUli loWll-'iij
i V- .11 !' ./ |; Ijytl' ii, A! ui/.ii
Fort in'.'.
j i ):i tin- 11 v I I III? filed! it ill lie Milll
| g' l'H must i I>\ tin- cicctionol ;i
c.liairnmr; a c :k ii. in . < u n> 'ilmcc
( Hiry. I In1 < ii i'ijinii c|i cloti jiKwiT
I'd lo ndlllM '.i )' i alli.H to IlK' oilier mm
,if;i i s mal cli'. .
I'll.1 Ala: -'o i'.h I 11v I < |n w?t I i till
any Vacancy, 1! i * I it ii i i ol tin' Miiiiu
< nttei <!. tin1 cilr/.cm <mii |i|iiiiiit
\! iiiilgcm Ii" il lUrioi.;; I In- 11mi ilii' | vo
Ioi s, who, ill.ci Lii ii.^ swoi ii, can coii
ill 't lllfl ulc 'tlOl! .
Al llic ci" l* "I tin* < ll'l't Oil 111? T Mllllll
is nni>l I'loi'd .I |> 111 > i I to open tic
! I alio'. Ik>\i s niiil count t Ii'! 11 illols Ilici'i
in, <' > 'ill >c vv 111 < >: 11 < 1 ;oii I'll tic 11
intil tin's m<* coini>li*1 'iI, iiiul make a
| ta'ciiicut ! 111?J re.-- .11 I1 civoi' n1111
!lie same.
W.thin tli ?' (l.tvM thereafter. th
j (Mniiimili of tic.) I>".it'll, or some oni
! Icsi^iinti il ' > Hie Imiifil, irmsl deliver to
i , ihr Oommifl ioi ci-H of St it'* Lilccliou tin
. |i i! li-r. th I)o\im ('"iituuiiii^ the I> 11
i j In! Him ^i>' cd stidc i chtM o| the result
I i ,.f II.,..
of Hi at ??ncilt of tlx
IriVt" iuiuk t pp'rinrlrt ujo lice by i:i
t! .I -t <I to c.lil 11^ Ml'1 Court lloiiso on
;i\ >1 y 111- /ill ? 1* November nott, for
b >.v , iiiHirn- iionn; tickets and rt^infiM
r (ion hooks.
\V II Johnson,
W I, J< IIKihh,
John l-Yrtflison,
> Coiiriiissionuhi HUilc ftloction,
SlicriIV's Sale.
' ; S I'A'IV. of- SUI T I (WKOIJN'A, )
< u ty <1 I'.cki'iiH, |
Ca.o.V Pi'kcn*, al, Plaintiff*
Alice Smilli, iMoiidenl.
i 1 Hi 1581'A NT to irti order for k-?Io in flu
' : I iibovo Htnted eanr?, made by Hon. .1
Iv nv.li. presiding judge, on the '2.{<
1 Mnioli, IKOl, I will no 11 lo tho htghViM
' bidder, rtt Piekens (5. i(M on Hrtle*diiy ii
\')veml?ort 100J, tlio following doaeribei
I real OHtftle, to w d ;
All that pi to, pared <?v trnet of lam
in ri< kdilw juiity, on Oieflory'rt CJro >k
1 adjoining hnuia of J. E. Gillespie, V. H
1 Medlin, .f. 15. Jirowu, mid otliora o >n
- tafni'.tg thirty (;)0> acres, moro or 1 hh
' Terms?CakIi. J. H. O. MeDauiel,
A' litliOct. ilHU. bherillPiAkenH (jp,
s . ' ' ' h
. -.uJLiLti. k A
| WW' Yon
V i.i*
I Count as M
? Coin? t<
\ o.t OLO
U Vmi
JU \s V I. / .X JL
(( ' method
(( Bv eliminating the heav)
& extra clerk hire, we made ;
matter of lowering Clothin
($ the neatest Clothing Depa
?r to be ton in i anywhere, ami
11 us to sell you clothing at i
U all other lines handled by i
\\ 11 is no extra expense t<
^ clerk hire. 1 lence we don
an exclusive clothing deale
3 We have a clot
\ and willguara]
(( worth three to
X elusive elotli.ii)
( Ho
(itutioii Noti<*r.
County of I'inkoiiK. \
I'.y .T. 11. N?\Tl?otvy Kstiuiv, I'r.o'ute
J lltltfO.
Wiikkiias, !, K. Ijiilhim unit 15. A.
Morgan in <l< mi.I to tiio to '(ran) tlu*m
I .titters iit Ail ; nistiati >n ol' i|m Kstnln
nf uml < It--ft- <il Mis. .N. 10. Morgan. ?
{ I'UHI'll .
Pur. i: Aim Tiir.iti'i'our. to (tile nml ml
ii osiisii ;iil tind Mii^uiar tlm kin Ire I >i> 1
ditois ol t!i?' Hill11 Mrs. N. J'j. Morga i,
<t'$Vist?il, that thev l?i uiul appear Ixil'ore
nit*, hi Urn Court ol' Probate, to lie held
at i'lukt/lis Court Ile\ist>, S ('., on t lie
li t day of Nov., 1001. nftev publication
i. .. t ,.i i i . .i ii... i..
I.I i? in, ill I i ?? i.Hiim 111 iii? I'm IIWI/H, IN
^1 io\v oaufo, it nny tlicsy linvo, wliy tin*
.sintl A(I:iiit>i '.ration ulionhl not he grantoil.
(iiVKN !!ih1< r my linnd nnd H"al, this
lNtli il-iy ( f <> <., 11)01. in Huv 12'.>tli \car
i>! our IikK'IxmuIoi.i'c. !. It. a'cwImmv,
.1. !\ 1'. C.
Kxcciilor's Sale.
St silo of S.-inli Carolina, i
IMoU^tis County. \
I5y vir11?? of authority no:i|rrr< <1 wlicn
the ox outor ol' tlir. la-t will ami to.-.(
iniMiti 1 Anainiia li. Koniioniiir ??, ?! ?;<I
I will ,s' It to tlto iijghoKl Imltlor at
riekciiH, C. II., S. C. ilniing tho li^; i
h mm f.ir salf on ~ r??s lav in Novmli. r,
l'IKl, 1||.- follow ll),' ili so .'.if I li'aI < >.( it.-,
t > wit:
Ml that certain lot <>I luinl i t!:. < nu:
tv a11 I S'alo nl MfMiii'l, mid in i11? town
<>f I'icI'.'mim, it i>? i 14 a ctiiifi of I'cil.ir
Honk Illl'l t ath'T!no struts, .t III i'iiii
taming ir< pm* (IitiN, fine li It i ) in*i*?*.
ii >r?? or loss, ami on which 111? i** is ;i
dwelling house.
Ti'i'ini -Ca^h; pu'c'-'iasiT to p \ i'oi
executing till'. M. Stf.vai t,
:;t This I It.i Oo\, I'.MM. !''.\i'i-utor.
kksns Railroad Company
Ti m i; r.\ 1:1.1: :so 1
si||n'i seiii- 'l iiac I'n*?U* Ni> n
Kil t i tivi- \iik. I" I'-"'
Itva <1 IIijh a Uemlji 1
N<1 r: Nil III S I' \TK)N'S No II Nil ;
Mlxiil MI.<611 Mtxoil SIIm
10 inn 1 iiiauitv I'lckciiN HI ; 1 <' .P? I>.
. ... ... I . I.I. II ...I. I .1 . ,.1
I .1 |l|ll lll.'i.'l It III Sllll >' - Ml)|l III '1 l.i I?11
" ji ill ! I ' in * \ lini! > : |i!!l *" 10 (ill
"i>iii II iChiiii 'MnulUin '.' .'i|.iii il o.'i |,n
! > I'm II l.i urn Hf Dudley lv in il:iKi (in
i iitu s'lillons
i \ i Irni' In!:> except sihhIiijNo.
1". inneet \\ ;:li Si > 11 (! i >> r 11 Rn"\t n\ No
Nii ii cdiiiici iv u j|ii-.(,,11 t|4.rii |{iill\vn\ No r
\>i r: ciiinit' -ts wlili imllii iii UiilhMiy Nn n
v-<> II c<iiine<M* willi Southern Uiillw ti y ,\ u ji
iff I or niiy iiiforiniilioii tipply t??
I T r.w u>u, (ion >! n 'IT|
- u
t] tNciwri, noitrm. ginmino maohin'
my, KWONCO u?ic?
ft (olumbLi, S. C.
i J
w / ' )?,
i Intend to
ncli as what
Delay and inspect 1
TILING we have
ould become accju
s of sell in g and h
r expense- ol house rent and
a <u'nnd stride forward in the f
ig prices. We have one of jj
rtments on our second floor
by putting it there enables |
he same small margin as in
is. [
? carry Clothing, and no extra 3
't have to make the profit of J
, , 1 ti | m ||M 1
hi ng -proposit ion 1"
itoo by accepti ng <
Ii ve clo.l lavs 11i.orc 1
g man's propositi
Busy B
| !;(* fl t- -2 . *. . \. >J I t'.
, f A "> ^ ?: r .1 ? ;
&LO&K ViIT;*T$,
i i -1.t; 11i' . 1 ! ' . ' i ... 111
, . ii i > ' i \ " ' ' I 1 '
! iu'A
I I ; !i I.' ' V. ' ' I 11; '
- .i ?-. ii' I Itl'i -. ' ' ' ^ !l 1 '.'Oil
I ' I
I ':>i .! : I I In* if i v??ii (oin
!:\ |v\l I > i' " . : i.i?! uinier
! . !' '
Tr'i.i '.i ' ;) 'M.I .. I ;ii ;Ily si/ti Sl.()t>
!: i!M> : V
! ir; Padicr-; ..'cwcdy Company,
mcs-'.i -n*r. i. c.
| Special Attention Given to Watch ant
Jewelry Repairing.
Oid Postofficc Building.
I l.mdlrs a full lim^ol Watches
(locks aiul IcU'ciiA . Rim >:iii
J J ' I
work receives prompt ;ittentioh;'.,
Pickens Shaving Parlors
E. T. HUNTER. Proprietor.
....Kvi k\ i iiim; First Ci..\s>...
(Over Pickens IJru^ Store.
Givo ni) ;i call, I will l>o unro If
plfiiH') yon.
I M ^
Anynno moihIImr n *ketrh nnd rioHprlntfoti mny
Oiilckly iiforlnln our opinion fro? nliot.hor nil
Invention is probably piitoiilHlilo. ConininnlrnllannMrtctly
dnnfldontlft). HANDBOOK f>"
(cnt fron. Olilnnt Mirenoy tor micnriiiK piitonln.
I'atontB titkmi tlirputMi Muiin A Co. rocolVA
tprrtnl notice, wltlu flt churfln, In ttio
Scientific American.
A hantftAm^lf llln?trnf?fl weekly. I,nrs??*t nr.ni.itIon
of nny notoiiiitln kinrrwi Tcrtna, f;t u
yn.tr: (nnr montlia, f(. by nil iiAwa<l?-Hl?ri.
MUNN & Co.30""""1*" Hew York
Br?n?b on CO. fitt V MtA Wwhlnulon. I>. C.
' y ; - v;
Do Tomorrow
you accompl
;he Largest and Be
ever offered.
ainted with our 11
a mi ling cloth nig.
QUR stock for fall far surpr
shown bclore, and we ouarai
Merc arc some points well to
comparing our Clothing wiih tl
Kvery coat wc sell, from $5?<
grace lul lapels and a collar tin
the shoulders are broad, and
and properly worked the shape
ordinary ooocl usa^e; all pant:
with French or continuous wai:
merchant tailors.
or every man in P
)u:r proposition we
han it you. had ac
lerson Co
Ok 411 ?~l 1* *
i 1 X VC0
Thn merchants have taegi
J tf 11 you ol itu: new goods' whl
I wc wish to tell you in a plain, s
ioi fall and winter goods, and
to visit our store, and let us
others, that we sell GOOD
jmmmM gF mm?%
.-l*A r.i fri i A-1 -yy
Ite' i IJ ?S .$ &$!
|fel ^
Nil/ ' ;, :H . , :'i
Baal f & .
;M -j\i: : j:*f- ;s fell
il *r;^!-'3
' .* v1 ? | *? V* .* 4 ? *?
?*%S: >/. :#
il ?1
?t" W;-t /*?? SVfti?
&'j S-. ? P
: SW 8'
, S i'MF
1 UadlelTjaci
\\ ' III \ <* II**' Ii 11 t ho Ht< M'tl
mi :i lii'"" iiiiii I t iii? u( lli** ri<-1
1lh>in. i lii-v v.ti'j in nri(f'n Iioiii
' ! >< >v"w CloU
\\'i' huv m I r;11> now lino ol
' W'.t will i mi n in l"i : :i to mention
trie, hul c.ifl uii'l ?r vouisn|ve8
jWindow H
A I t*:ilit ifill linn W'imloi
T|w> liidiu-i li'<t> jii< iMwciu, ?|r>i|
I | ?v-l Jr nt I i11if o| l!ii->(' (ii'uiN. |).>1,'I
I ^
Ivn< i \ i iel \vr
Mm-L any I hinu in 1** nn m?'l y
still ;in.\ on- 14?; ?'li o, i
1 IIHt'llg. W'l! SO) I (It M'( 11 IXiltl-d I file]
Wiiliaiustoii Female Collcgo;
will open in its now Itiiililin^s at
Greciiwoodj 5, C.,
m..-.,. i .. cj... J ht i<?A i
x , oPjm. ZT, 1UWJ.
Our Woll-knovn a<1,v rilngft^with vftinnMo
iidditionM, Bouil for cutalogno to
Rev. Jobn 0. Wilson, /
Gsopttfi WillifiQiftlon, 8, Cj!
ff Doesn't $,
ish Today. (
st line.
j* (
Lodei 11 8
v.^5 <^Sr Jb
isses any we have ever j
ltee nrices iinm.itrhnliln
remember when you are Yw
Kit of other houses: C
x> suits up, is made with jf
it hii^s the neck snugly; \j
the fronts being padded //
remains permanent with Yj
s sold l>v us arc orovidnd
st bands, same as used by M
i.ekens ('ounty \\
will make you V
ieoptecl the ex- (?
GL &
' T\
in to fire their fall cannons aiiu y ' ^
ch they arc receiving daily, ami
imple way of our nice new line
extend to all a cordial welcome
; prove to you, as we have tc
j Shoes.
i Our line of shoes is tho latest
j wo ov?r carried, nnd wo want (\jeryhody
lo S"0 them. We ;ir<? dn?
ju>t? nvurythii>^ it) our power to
jUmk r our line each year. If nou y ' '**'*
J .van', a nice cheap Indies dress
P-hoe for 1 .(H), w(! have it, or if
t ymi want a better shoe we have it.
' \V<< \v:int you to t-(;e our "May
j! l<shoe lor la-dit-s, $'2.f>().
t Patriot Shot's for men, $.'5.50.
f A full 1 iin? ot infant's bhoos, in
, black, lan, pink, etc. I
with I adies' I.ul liiiVfi put I
lit pri- t's and nr.) mixions lor y<?n to J
S'_J Til) I > i }) i . )0 ,
Hoy H ( '| I.t I) i I ,f/% r>''?m *1.00 to $ I ' ') I
i out vntioiis Lindri of 1 >r?;ss Goods,J
tluii wo imvc tliern men mid chcnp.jw
>1 uk lew. f '
x shsid-'H from -0 c,(?i)ts to 50 rentH.
,ii.<I t n 1)H' clo| Iih. Wo liaVn all t'X- '
fail lo rail lor then.
I re.
.arc < f ?lill rent qualities*. We fir?
hccHWiix, ju'rnW root, htar grnag and
national ?t<>(.k food. Comn to ?co uh.
? Bros.
>Price Cash
Mauldin 4 Projitt,
Jl?i<kcii?. S. V.
Blnoksmithing and Woodwork, !
Hepnintft<l And striped same i|
as now.

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